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From Crushing Opponents to Saving Souls

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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August 1, 2020 5:00 am

From Crushing Opponents to Saving Souls

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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August 1, 2020 5:00 am

A combination of two recent interviews where Stu talked to the Russian Nightmare himself, 1980's wrestling legend Nikita Koloff!

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Hey this is Mike Swick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned in a hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network grab your seat. It's the center stage event of a nightly interview with the Russian circle or some know him as the Russian nightmare. He was the most hated man in the world at one time or the Rosita Roessler Nikita call off and this is a podcast that we've mesh together two recent broadcast interviews we've done with the cuticle off. What a mighty man of God wait to hear his testimony from winning the world championship to winning souls for Christ the cuticle off on today's truth talk podcast.

Please share this and make sure you regularly subscribe to this and all of her awesome truth network podcast. Here's the program here's interview that I did with Nikita coal off the Russian nightmare from crushing opponents in the ring at the highest level of professional wrestling to putting on the armor of God and going after in the spiritual warfare. This man a God with me is this guy is a double hero of mine. Both visit when I was a kid watching pro wrestling and as a man of God is brought some into Christ Nikita coal off. I can't believe I'm I'm around this guy and I'm still living to tell about it. Also known as the Russian monster in all kinds of other little little things that you know what the Russian ambassador to the Russian nightmare. Now the devil's worst nightmare I once was a nightmare. The right wrestling ring on the devil's worst nightmare is awesome and so were here little bit about your testimony and I said so that having on the verge of speaking, you got a great you know you get a book.

I believe it's this side it is either come out is coming out to get some good things happen in your ministry.

I do eventually written three books of revising want to write a brand-new one lot lot lot going on in that in that space, and then you know that once we get past all of this kind of weird, crazy stuff. I'll be back on the road and in the airwaves travel in the traveling the world and in preaching the gospel of Jesus a man and you have a thing called man camp. Your your encouraging men to wake up you travel with your other new legendary wrestling man Lex Luther by today what you guys together scary for you alone is a formidable thing, but will you know Lex Luger to put what in the world can God really change and transform a rough toss rugged hardened body slamming piledriving Russian circle close lining pro wrestler Kigali do that.

Is this possible. Talk to me man off ticket if he could say the VA could save anybody up thinking you know I it's interesting even in your introduction as they can let you know a champion of the written exit. Once a champion in the ring, now a champion for Jesus and and actually now wrestling for the. The ultimate sees the ultimate champion right to be.

The belt really belongs around his waist for what he did on the cross right when he substituted himself or for all of us and so yeah I just feel fortunate you know after I left the wrestling world back in the tail end of 1992 and made a decision early 93 to bronze the boot, so to speak and walk away from wrestling found myself about 11 months later, at an altar surrendering my life on my knees to the Lord Jesus life's never been the same sense that something up. So what what was it that the got your heart you here you lived. You have a really of you had a prodigious career in wrestling you just got a blessed you. You'd been at the very top of your game and you'd faced opponents like Ric flair like sting like Lex Luger like the road warriors Dusty Rhodes don't even get me started telling Lester the four horsemen you thought our knickers and oleanders and partner with with with that that the other feared Russian cousin of yours Ivan coal off a bit but so what was it did that turn your heart to Christ. Obviously God saves us in that sort, you know, we know that, but what was it that that with all of that in your life. Was it the intersection. You came to my stories, not likes some of the other guys and that unite I didn't come out of the world of drugs you know it it wouldn't wouldn't delivered and set free from drug addiction. I've never messed with drugs never smoked pot my life. I'm just I just that never appealed to me. I did what an alcoholic. My dad was a 25 year alcoholic before he grabbed the old rugged Cross got set free of alcoholism. That wasn't an issue for me.

I wasn't what I would consider to be a real womanizer.

I mail what I just, that wasn't my world that was more for me coming from the pinnacle of success if you will write it in the wrestling world is a world champion in wrestling and just come to the realization that I'm successful but I'm unfulfilled like this. Is it me. I climbed the ladder success to become travel the world and name recognition around the world. You not like Michael Jordan might say or know was Presley but I still had worldwide name recognition. Yet something was still missing and silver is really kind of a journey for me. Looking back on the Lord really was III feel working on me even when I wasn't living for him and it just I met a Christian couple through business after leaving wrestling. They invited me to the church I grew up in church, but I wasn't ignorant to church either. I mean, I frequented a few times, all for the wrong reasons. No time to get nap today.

All that to say that invited me and add it was a day that week that I just felt prompted to call this a help either Sunday and I've never been to that church before Concorde North Carolina.

They met me there and that was just it was my day was the day that I was set free was the day at a divine appointment for me to meet Jesus at the altar. 17. October 1993 while and then fast forward now you know you go to show up at a campsite ratio but a big men's event, like we've done that our friend, your brother Roy put together know this is awesome what you men's group in the Curzon North Carolina but all over the control of the world and you have this big strapping still strapping pro wrestling former pro wrestler champion your challenging men tell us about that in the man How God's now put you in a place where you're leveraging all of that your background to bring men up in Christ. Yeah, I appreciate that you use it. Wake up in your you with wake med up I think is how you buy a bike that we want to wake him up but will we want to wake up but we also want to man up and got really just put men on my heart and I know I can speak for Lex as well. The total package Lex Luger and guys like Roy gotchas put men in my heart. Now I see that to say obvious.

There's a lot of men is not a women wrestling fans as well. I realize that effect. Negative women go they hope to be a go to camper women like welders and God is it called me to ever live it, but it does all considered what and so much and I got this vision 2015 to do these one day man up conferences just challenging men to be healthy spiritually, mentally, mostly physically taking all of our combined years of experience in in and sharing that with other men. That's an appetizer that they want more than they can come to a five-day catalyst called man camp and man will.will deep dive Google will go deep into what it looks like what the Bible says about being healthy as men are so cool and so you'll hear this program. This is a program you will hear but you want to go to Nikita cholos website for the most the upcoming it's all your website a guess of the upcoming camp. The details how how men can sign up for that women.

This could be a great Father's Day gift for your husband. Say what you not to be the same after going this thing where they get challenging courage blessed by dialing and partner life will discipleship pastors come you men's ministry succumbed anyone to come.

I guess right as his eyes are many want to their open they bring us a 18 years and up of all backgrounds and all from all of the country are flying in the drive-in bill come and and they just have a hunger for God mental pastors encompass are hungrier for God. I mean you men out the marketplace will come young men elderly men we have this upcoming camp in June. Men in their 70s are common to men in their 20s are common and gathering together unique groups we we keep it to a small intimate group 24 is kind of the max that will take. There is still some space a specific website for that is just man man and my personal my personal side, of course, is the cuticle and if you if you forget it. Just drive by Nikita on the rodeo. See his license plate was estimated Which is conical as I am a Christian radio station.

My license plate so either way were point people some good Nikita cholos former world champion pro wrestler just really a prolific career there and he loves Jesus and he is really in the war against flesh and blood Nadia/Ludwig's principalities, as is bringing the gospel to so many people in so many ways you include this interview in order to make this a podcast cuticle off to take us home with your challenge to men out there. What's your challenge. You know there's a struggle there's there's lack of commitment is lack of leadership is lack of serving there is men like me with daughters and you know figure out being a parent for not being a grandparent. Give us a challenge. Maybe from the word or from some got downloaded to you that you can take us home with writer appreciates do not appreciate you having me on today to it as well and to speak. Men can I just challenging this it's all about relationship right it's it's not about religion is not about your background, your your your the label on your shirt or or the banner outside on the church sign out outfront. It's about Jesus living on the inside and then exemplifying that to everyone I want around us, whether it's a spouse or its children or those you work with in the marketplace. Those you you minister alongside with its developing a deeper root is gotta be an ongoing daily dive into into it it in your love for the Lord your passion for him and then living that not so much dumping some you over the head with a Scripture or Bible as much as it is living it, letting others see Christ in and through you and then if they asked the question the proverbial question. What makes you different, you are than equipped and prepared to give an answer and that's what I challenge you with today, a man that is a voice of wrestling great Nikita cholos and I'm so glad it. I am going to walk away from this interview is very rare that anyone encounters the cuticle offer to delay in the ring, but now you're walking away closer to Christ. As I have been erased and I hope you have to thank you Nikita gives your website over time for you, for your website and also for the management personal website Nikita and for the camp of your man out there and we still have space come on man I and F old man and as I closed most of my my interviews in wrestling. I'll just say gentle and I love it, but were not done because for those of you who are still in a live demo of the park as is his bonus coverage.

Okay Nikita without compromising any trade secrets tell us one of the most cool weird fun trivial things about progressing that no one listing those that did that you would say that this inside information, but it's this is fascinating that that did one of things that always you here, maybe even a note. One of these things a legend that are true or not true why that you know wrestling today. Stu is really. I mean, it is been an exposé over the years and so everyone at this point I think realizes now it's it's entertainment right there was a time and I was raised up by old school wrestlers Ivan Cole, often doctrinal that you protected the business you delete. Let let out any trade secret. But that's sad. I think one of the most fascinating things is one of the questions I get all the time now on different interviews and etc. when I'm out doing autograph signings and those sorts of things hopefully will get back to those but it is you can Nikita compare them between now and in back in your day.

Well, it's pretty well known. Now there's there's there's script writers write as writers write in all their interviews all their matches the kind of thing. They write it all out and then and then taking nothing away from the athlete they have to go and then deliver right well bit different in our day in our day there was an outcome that was predetermined but the match itself about Russ and Rick flair for an hour. Basically 55 minutes that that matches spontaneous improv like there's no there's no really, you go to the ring and and you tell the story live and in color in the ring that would lead into the into the outcome. So the outcome was predetermined, but we still had to improvise and spontaneity in the ring that was called psychology of wrestling.

That's course lost in today's world because they don't have to think about going to think on the fly.

They kept going in and perform a mansion that's quite unique in today's world versus a in the world. I wrestled and one other side note to that that is if you watch an interview with the American dream to throw to help how to sweep to be college if you feel the fun of the plumber from Austin with the baby if you be off Nikita Polo but out of… But all maybe a little bigger than my belly a little smaller than when you saw his interview that was spontaneous that was that was in probably knows better the dusty road to talk and it interview that was improv in the here's the point.

We had zero writers for interviews any of us Lisa.

I know for him not know nobody wrote our interviewees to wounded dad's spontaneous I would write Rose going after Harley race when you invade your response to be in the ring and enter him and you got clipper behind all the sudden, well it is no there there are some things that again. You kinda know what's going to happen in but nevertheless even though you know it's going to happen this evolved. It's a very physical business.

When I got slammed on the concrete floor. I assure you my body even today feels the effects of that concrete floor. Okay, one of my favorite stories is the guy who really mentored you.

This is a great story. By the way, you know, Kobe Bryant said Michael Jordan was my big brother, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant's memorial service. I just didn't you comment on this.

He said this he said Kobe was my little brother and Bryant ghetto Georgia said he nuzzled upstart ball hog kid force every shot you know this and that, when, for you know, take into deficit away 40 from the I'm I can for them I could but Jordan took at Jordan he was number you call anytime anything you do for me and they became friends in Georgia really big brother Tim Ionesco have a really cool yesterday has been a big last dance feature of that final Bulls chairmanship run and that is come up quite a bit because a dedicated area that one is absurd to Kobe but there there really wouldn't of been Kobe's and then for Jordan in there and I don't know that there would've been a Nikita cholos of work for your your shorter but but you know you know bigger than life. Cousin Ivan Cole off to talk about that relation quickly and how God did something after he did something you and in the heart of that man. Yeah, I saw IV. I give Ivan in and and Duncan known as well. I just talk to the other day just celebrated his 70th birthday. By the way down little and he brought it up again. He talked about the day I broke in and how I broke in, and if it wasn't for really the two of those guys.

See especially in the and others that were part of my success, but as I walked into its do with with no amateur wrestling background.

No professional training like none, zip, zero, the data walked into Jim Crockett's office. Big football player pretty athletic, but this is a whole other sport is a whole different deal right and and Crockett's instructions. When we finished interviews was be in Raleigh, North Carolina Monica Russell on television I never even been in a ring and his instructions and Raleigh were Ivan to be trips on the road cc he's history, God himself, but my illegals don't trip on the rope to the Rick public market epic at one of you ever been a progressive rail at I write out harder than you think. All that said, though. 11 seconds later, in my debut at my first when a professional wrestling and to Ivan's credit and Don's for the next 2 to 3 months we would get to the town's to three months to three hours early and they would bump all over the ring teach me the mechanics of wrestling and then I have a short mansion and on the drive home that night. This was old school. Then we talked about the psychology of rest why they did what they did when they did it, and timing and and and and all of that and that's how I learned the business crash course trial by fire. If you will. And then last but not least two years about what buddy you have two years after I gave my life to Jesus admitted advances of South Africa. He was doing revivals in North Carolina. I invited Ivan on a Monday. I'll never forget it is in Hades here all week while lo and behold, I didn't know he was there two nights later and tell the in the invitation and what we know as an altar call was given and there stood Ivan at the front of the church at the altar making a decision to give his life to Jesus and the crazy part of the amazing part of the testimony is on that night and this Is different for everybody right. But here's what happened for Ivan on that night he went from from drug addiction, alcohol addiction, tobacco addiction, cussing like a sailor to doing none of that overnight he was set free from all of that. He never said another cuss word never had another dip of tobacco. He never had another drink of liquor. He never had another drug and went on to become an ordained minister and live the rest of his life for Jesus and carry Bible with him everywhere he went crazy's Mesa well and in he's passed away. Since he has E. Walking St. to go with Jesus waving at us right now and praying for us leaders for his tagteam partner to yes your absolute gusto usually done here that's Nikita cholos.

What a great man of God Nikita, or you go to man Man camped on info. I believe this I know for his amazing men's retreat in North Carolina, but people guys find all the country. The single thing that they do they do with me that guys have guys register from from past Catherine from Texas from Nebraska from Wisconsin from Minnesota from Virginia from Ohio from yeah from all just all over know drive into the drive-in fly in from all over.

She may not have been a pro wrestler but whatever you have been whatever you are doing guys got you, and that she could point people to Jesus and bring men and women, children to him. While we still have time sees every moment like this brother Nikita Karloff is been an inspiration to me and so many devilish brother God bless you think you have me still. God bless all of you out there as well is almost always a special thank you to a wonderful partner helping us advance the message of this program of the gospel in the thank you goes out to my Mike Lindell, the inventor and CEO has now open his heart to say thank you as well. He wants to give you the opportunity to do what I've done I've slept on his pillow. I love my pillow. I sleep better. What would you give her good night sleep right now for the first time you get deep discounts on all the my pillow products. I'm talking about my pillows.

The mattress toppers the bedsheets and the body pillow all the products were now I gotta do is go to my and click on the new radio listener specials my Click on the new radio listener specials and you'll save big you will believe the savings just enter promo code truth when you get there, always promised with a 60 day moneyback guarantee and a 10 year warranty.

You can also call this toll-free number 800-944-5396 thank you my pillow for partnering with us to advance the good news the gospel and thinking all you guys that have checked about supported our sponsors, our nation cities have been on fire. Minneapolis, the site of this egregious rule please cruelty murder this officer with his knee on this. This man's neck and the eight minutes of video that no one wants to watch that this is traumatized so many and is led to peaceful protesters lead to violent protest time Stu Epperson and I want to welcome you all and I'm my heart is been heavy all week and that you get a course of anyone at the scene or listen to Christian radio like so many people listen to this program was a hate all of her brand-new AFR listeners and stations across the country across the world and listing all of her great affiliates of this program but I really was tickled to death when I had a chance to meet in a non-combative non-wrestling Lake is this guy is the Russian nightmare of former world champion wrestler who is now on fire for Christ, is battling in the Army of God in leading people to Christ. Also launching a new show himself Nikita cholos and Nikita your hearts heavy because you got some roots. My friend in that part of the world, Minneapolis, Minnesota. So when you saw the streets the street signs and heard the good news it.

It really hit you little different than it stupid to be with you and yeah it it it nap. I posted something recently about being a native of Minneapolis, Minnesota grew up in the in the projects of Minneapolis and what I said them.

And while say now is that's where I really learned the love people of all color and and then raise my children to love people of all color. I mean, some of my all-time favorite music is is Motown.

Some of my best friends are our blackened and so I grieve along with with with all of them, and with all those out there who are in work curtain with his anger and yeah close to home Minneapolis right right right where I grew up on Nikita. We share your testimony you being in wrestling being in a culture come to Christ you know some work for the end of your wrestling run, but you know you also start a lot of racism you know you know you and and Royce you guys get together do these awesome conferences you have your man up you man camped all you getting a new program it's it's Debbie awesome but you talk about bringing black and white together.

What is the message that you see. Bring healing when you see a black man in the white man embracing each other praying together on their knees tell us about how we get there and tells about how if you have a megaphone to the country right now what you can do this. This national program what your message will and not what you just described that I have done and will continue to do you know it embracing in the hug, a brother of another color get on my knees together, pray, pray together with with that brother and it really I think at the corner of Somerset posted recently on social media is that at the core, really. It's an it's and it's an issue of the hearts may we can look at the color of someone's skin and a known fact and reminded of the Bible where it says you know God talked about man looking at the outward appearance, but but God, looking at the heart of a man in the challenge for all. All of us is to get past you know that the color of somebody's scanning and in their outward appearance and get to know somebody at the heart level and that's the key. I feel to any sort of reconciliation.

Weathersby black-and-white brown yellow or people of any color now is something so getting to the heart and you're from Minneapolis but this thing is spiraled out. Now there's so there's people out there protesting peacefully that are literally even praying I watched on YouTube. A buddy of mine on my Instagram page number will go to Mr. rampage and you like to do with that.

That black-and-white hand in a hole in locked together with the Scripture above it. You know how world called love our neighbor. If you love your neighbor get out of God and so you see you see Christians even Christians that are marching peacefully singing praise versus Isaac Atlanta video I saw but just recently with art of God that are burning turndown windows, having lunch, you know, literally destroying and lambasting the stores and taken stuff is not theirs and in shooting people for cops killed in St. Louis you know it was with us. Not really harmful things others there's no we don't want to turn a blind eye to that but also there is is is heartbreaking to see that that in her last days men will grow evil, know that you have this.

A lot of those guys have no idea who George Floyd was there and see the picture of him hold the Bible with his bashful guys, dammit they know nothing about his brother who spoke of in impassioned message this week who to pull all the looters to go home and quit doing this this garbage and he said what he said these were decent were God-fearing family what your message to the people out there about dealing with at such a painful thing to watch all that evil.

Well, I think, again, just an illustration of the times and in which we live and I think it's pretty clear that that there's there's two sides is good, and there's evil. We live in a fallen world we live in a very broken world.

And so were just visibly seeing really. I was say the manifestation of that fallenness that brokenness by people who were doing those sorts of things and I be hard-pressed to believe that they have a relationship with with Jesus and that if they did, and I would like to think they would not be doing those sorts of things that have adverse encryptions were Paul he comes Harding is people who are immoral because a hard and frustrated 60s.

People who were idolatrous, immoral, abuse their bodies and comes out but he says, but such were some of you energy. You know, so the Christians in our center thing all man I would never be like that I would never lose know there is a cipher so you can we talk about Nikita cholos before Christ in the cuticle of Africa after Christ and use as a way to invite people to to really that the that the endgame of everything you do that though the ultimate recount that we all have to take would Bauer need him yeah and I don't know BC before Christ in my life I wouldn't have considered myself a horrible guy, but at the same time I couldn't envision myself even without Jesus in my life crashing you know bricks through windows and a hand and and stealing stuff that wasn't my you know destroying property. That was my since coming to Christ, you know it's been a transition for me to go from from not knowing him to coming to know him in a personal way, inviting them into my heart going. If you will. From the dark side which my wrestling career might've even illustrated a bit of that right there petted me of evil of the Russian bear of the rusted nightmare to to be of evil. Seeing the light if you will, and coming in partnering with dusty rose as the superpowers the American dream math and reading the BU editing you like that doesn't and it actually illustrates my own personal journey of of once born into iniquity as I was birthed from the canal of my mother into iniquity, and then 17, October 1993. Seeing the light L and given my life to Jesus and since that time.

Now on a crusade to spread the gospel far and wide to as many people as I possibly can and hopefully see reconciliation, not just between black-and-white, but the reconciliation of of our lost hearts to the heart of God is great and you know this guy's in all the world preaching the gospel, even how many countries currently 30 different countries so far okay in the cuticle loft ministries what your website Nikita keep it simple call left out or like it went awesome. It was cool as you eat you you Google him or you watch the videos and I and I put some things up and the beauty of that is you have videos of you wrestling and leaned in and by the way, just from his personal this this teenager when I was a teenager.

You don't know who was there's never been a happier day in my life other than coming to Christ eyes you meet my sweet wife and have my kids all those things but in terms of just distant entertainment.

You know monument dad probably know exactly where I was, you know eating the pizza and sit and you know our shoes and watching you guys the day that you turn from running in league in tandem with the bad guys you turn your back on the flares in the in the Blanchard's in the in the Andersons and the four Horsemen and then in those rest of your tracking with the MNU it over with dusty roads and you have the book he would demand in the junkyard dog. The good guys that was is like a epic moment, so we are so glad you did that, but even more importantly, turning people from darkness to light and you said you set out your second career as an evangelist, how guys use that firsters a platform will champion wrestler on you. You are the highest highest of high up you are mad at you for retiring as you are just your body slamming innovator 490 pounds, you know, I end up all these things cage match is world championship all that stuff. The most hated man at one time but Nikita cloth was our guest.

He came to Christ and now you're turning people back to him and I guess in this time we want to be gracious with our black friends were beginning and you know the Bible says bear each other's burdens are really prayerful but gracious and speaking to the injustice of land, but bring up Jesus early and often. In this conversation is so critical like you're doing your ministry right Nikita, one, 100% at the end of the day. I think the only thing is going to bring again to reconciliation, peace and unity is that personal relationship with Jesus among among men, and that as we advocate that and spread that word. That message then perhaps we'll see a greater sense of peace and unity in our nation and and around the world that I honed and I was watching leaders and God broke my heart for one guy one guy who was doing horrible things and I was angry like somebody's gratitude and put them in handcuffs and the Lord told Brooke Larson pray for us. I pray the Lord would say that kid is that kid to get saved that kid could be like you preaching the gospel all the worldly people to Christ who is more for the grace of God there go I. So I think that that's what were praying in, and that we see what people can be and that's not to stop the wheels of justice nest not to their due. No actions have consequences.

But during this time.

Tough time we all agree on one thing we need Jesus and he's only can help us and that is in and we can pray were going to have conversations within the you know address the elephant in the room and and at the same time. Yes, it all comes down to that personal relationship and – what more than anything with what I intend to promote that from here on out with the remainder of of breath and life that I have left left or have a podcast is available if you if you go to to art to art tree talk we can download the podcast and were working on.

Maybe change the name to show the whole show to experience truth working on it to look you post on that but follow me on Instagram, you'll see a quick Google video of me and Nikita on Instagram Instagram is what I call it Facebook and other social media and thinking it all Rawson radio stations for care. This program all of our partners nationwide worldwide and thinking to cuticle off for bringing people to Christ in the in the real battle for souls which is now what you're involved in worksite here. Your new program is a lordly Jeanette comes I think your interview Lex Luther here soon for voyeur segments to write the total package who was known as the total package in my world. He's now the complete package because he he surrendered his life to Jesus and the Lord reconnected us after many years of of separation from the wrestling circles is now brought us back together to to do attitude to minister together and in and tagteam together and when souls make devilish men. Thank you

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