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Jesus Crucified - Part 2 of 2

Baptist Bible Hour / Lasserre Bradley, Jr.
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July 22, 2020 12:00 am

Jesus Crucified - Part 2 of 2

Baptist Bible Hour / Lasserre Bradley, Jr.

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July 22, 2020 12:00 am

“And he bearing his cross went forth into a place called the place of a skull, which is called in the Hebrew Golgotha: Where they crucified him, and two other with him, on either side one, and Jesus in the midst” (John 19:17-18).

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Will the fire, additional share.

Maybe Junior welcoming you to another broadcast of the Baptist Bible and will be so he why he followed the he created be in the 2008 and why hello. He gave me a little mention often during the summer months.

Leaves are always challenging times for sure keeping up with the expense of the program is just tradition has been that way during the summer months. So if you want us to remain on your local station.

We would certainly appreciate your help. At present, you can write us at Baptist Bible Auerbach 17 oh 37, Cincinnati, OH 45217, or you can go to our website to make a donation at Baptist Bible Auerbach for we continue today with the message entitled, Jesus crucified with looking at three things.

Grace sovereignty and love. Second thing we see in this passage is sovereignty from verses 19 to 24 we see God's sovereign rule and what was transpiring. Pilot wrote an inscription of this was not uncommon.

It was a general rule that if someone was crucified there was some explanation over the cross as to their offense.

Pilot wrote he is King of the Jews did it in three languages Hebrew, which had been recognized as the language of the religious Greek which was the language of the philosophers and Latin which it up in the language of law. The passage of just Randy said that many people saw it because he was just outside the city.

So many people that they saw this man suffering, dying also so in their own language, King of the Jews that the Jews protested that they were serious that he should be so identified. We want to change that inscription and put he said he's King of the deep was an embarrassment to them think that this man in such a terrible plight would be at five as their violence and what I have written that first plant. You might think about finally did something right and might've done it with the right building and obviously did something right, but I doubt it was with the right motive pilot hated the Jews. He was tired of all of the goings-on that it occurred in their constant complaint and objection about how he was handling the matter and certainly didn't appreciate their threat that they would be going to the authorities if they let this man go free.

So, basically because he despises these people and was in the back to accommodate me just say what I have written, but in fact we can say divine sovereignty.

It was God's purpose to have the title over the cross of his the king of the Jews pilot never realized that he was fulfilling what was God's desire for his glory and honor of his son is wonderful to know that the sovereign God of heaven moves and reigns and accomplishes his purpose and many times through individuals who don't even realize they're fitting into God's plan.

It may be people who have no regard for God no love for him. No desire to honor him, but God nevertheless makes the wrath of man price. That's the kind we worship God who is in charge.

Then it said that they cast lots for his garment. This also was customary when the soldiers before that were appointed to supervise a crucifixion, then an additional one as the man in charge with authority. I divided the close of the man being crucified, but they came to this inner garment belong to Jesus and there was no scene in it. It was woven throughout. Obviously it was a valuable use of clothing and I recognize it would've been not to their advantage to cutting the parked so they said we will cast lots for and these soldiers had no idea they were fulfilling prophecy long before Jesus came the Psalms, David recorded these words in Psalm 22 and the 18th verse. They parked my garments among them, and cast lots upon my vesture. Everything was unfolding. According to God's design and purpose. I hope you can see impact the comfort and consolation that we ought to gain to know that those who may be in fierce opposition against God and his truth, despising his gospel and hating his church may yet in their very efforts.

Sometimes fit in to what God plans for the good of his people and the glory of his many things come our way, which are disheartening and discouraging, particularly in this day in which we live. But we have no reason for fear alarm discouragement, because our God reigns our hope and trust our confidence must be in him, knowing that he is working his will so many hundreds of years before David had written these words and Jesus came in that lineage through that covenant mine now these words are fulfilled and then we see sovereignty again when he says I first and in conjunction with it. After this, Jesus knowing that all things were now accomplished, that the scripture might be fulfilled sent by first Jesus was the God man can this really be on dark grass to fully understand we have a tendency to think either about his divinity or his humanity and struggled to understand that he was fully God and fully man is a man while he was yet he grew in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man. We read of him growing weary as any man would grow weary after a busy day.

Jesus was tired, we read that he was very it was a man until he Huppert we read that he slapped, we read that he grown that he laughed Chartist verse of the Bible when Jesus is there at the grave of Lazarus, Jesus went so you have a human emotion, he was a man and think about his divinity has gotten hot. He turned the water into wine. He had the power to provide for his own first. Even as he was on the cross but Jesus was obedient in every detail any set forth at the scripture might be fulfilled. I thirst. One thing that is obviously confirmed here. Jesus had complete confidence in the Old Testament Scriptures recognize them as being inspired the word of God authoritative. If Jesus then had such confidence and respect for the Scriptures. Even using the Scriptures when he was tempted of Satan in the web should not we highly esteemed God's word make it a part of our life. Make it something that we feed upon regularly that we turn to consistently we seek to apply in our lives and pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit that we can effectively when he said at first it's one of those seven sayings or seven words, seven of the cries that Jesus made from all of them significant, but the fact that he speaks's work saying I thirst demonstrates the fact that God's sovereign purposes were coming to pass. The third thing that we would note here in this portion is love in verse 25 now there stood with the cross of Jesus and his mother and his mother's sister and Mary Magaly Jesus showed great love for his mother, his disciples, with the exception of John had the sickening John was there is no record that the other disciples were present to observe crucifixion friends had deserted him. He was hated by his own countrymen. It was the Jews themselves. The nation of which he was born of a client crucified course of time, but his mother is there. She wasn't falling into a swoon.

She wasn't shrieking out in agony she wasn't running away and saying I can't witness this terrible scene. She was there at the cross and even here the scripture was being fulfilled prophecy that have been made given to her early on to say, the time will come pick you will be struck through your heart will be pierced and it was pierced in the deepest of sorrow to see the trick Jesus was receiving at the cross but Jesus, in spite of the fact he was suffering excruciating pain in spite of the fact he was being ridiculed, and there had to be mental as well as physical torture, but is thinking about his mother. He demonstrates great love and concern for her. Even in these dying moments. He called her woman and sometimes people say that didn't sound fully respectful, but it was the term in the Greek language actually was a term of endearment when he says woman is showing her the utmost respect and the deepest affection he loved her and he says to John what you take my mother to come home with you.

Take care of it says to his mother. John he's not going to be yourself.

At this point earthly ties were being suffered and when it comes to that time that we departed this life. Earthly ties are severed and something of stronger duration is ours on the distant shore they need some lessons that are taught us we see Jesus speaking these words to his mother and to John. He set an example for children to honor their parents. He was not so consumed with his own situation his own pain. His own agony that he forgot about his mother.

The law itself says honor my father and thy mother. Sometimes young people today become critical of their parents. They decide that the rules are too strict. Their parents are out of step behind the time. They don't show them the honor and respect that is due them. God expects you children to honor your parents to obey them to speak well of them and respectfully to and then it furthermore shows that the Lord is the provider for his people.

Jesus didn't just die at Calvary without any preparation being made without any consideration of what would transpire in the life of his mother.

He was seeing to it that she would be provided for, and makes us think about the fact that he occupied that role throughout his ministry.

He was the one that was providing food when 5000 needed to be fed. He was along with providing healing on the sick to he was on the providing deliverance when there were those that part full of evil spirits and he's our provider. Aren't you glad to know that the same one that blasts the loaves and fishes sufficiently that the multitude was fanned is the one to whom we look to provide for us. Jesus said in the sermon on the mount that we must not be given to worry and fret ourselves because your heavenly father know the things that you have me.he is provider that we can trust him and also demonstrates that many times the way the Lord provides for his people is through the ministration of other believers.

He didn't just say to his mother everything going to be all right. You'll be cared for. He specifically points out John is the one that I'm appointing John you take her to your home generally owner pray for those that are in need, whether it's a physical need, the financial media spiritual need. Whatever it might be what is not enough just to pray that the Lord who is a great provider will care for all of those in need. Let us also be ready to be the instrument which that blessing, we are to care for one another over and over again that expression is used throughout the New Testament, not just loving one another but caring for one another in a variety of ways. Christianity is not a life to be lived in isolation with focusing on yourself and your problems and your difficulties but to be thinking about how can I serve others. How can I minister to them. How can I help them. It is also evident here that Mary was never meant to be worshiped. It was never the intention of God. Though Mary was obviously an honorable woman was never intended that she was to be prayed to she needed care she needed the protection of another. There is but one intercessor between God and man. And that is the man Christ Jesus never would be appropriate for God's children to pray to the Virgin Mary, we thank God for her faithful testimony.

Some of the words that she had spoken early on about her faith in God and the great joy that she found but never destined that she is one to whom our prayers should be directed and then as we talk about the love that was clear displayed great love that Jesus had for his mother. The deep concern to see that she was cared for him that he would speak kindly to her, even while on the cross we see the great love also that he had for fallen center.

The question is asked in Romans chapter 8 who shall separate us from the love of Christ, who shall separate us. You may have had some dark days of down disappointment for you could not sense the Lord's presence tried to pray, and it seemed that your prayer was shut out. You saw yourself for such a failure and full of so much seeing you there is no way he could love me when he says that he loves having loved his disciples, he loved them to the end. And so when the question is asked in Romans eight who can separate us life path principalities and powers numerous things are laid out as those things that might particularly seem to separators, but the conclusion is think, present, future separators from his love what what amazing love that he died not for the right, just not for the word but for sinners. In fact, he died for those that were his face bold reasons in the Roman letter that some might die for an individual who had some words for merit but going to die for a guilty center for one of the nature every one of us were an enemy against our God our Savior Jesus Christ. We will born with the following rebellious sinful nature and we have acted in sin greatly, and yet he love what love. We can't even fathom about you have you like that thief who was at the side of Jesus then made to see your self as a center say there was a time I thought too highly of myself. I might've been like the Pharisees who pray. I thank you that I'm not as others not public to know what your thoughts might support is best times of change. Now the spirit of God has moved upon you. Please use the hammer of his word to break your proud heart and to show you. You are the center of you been made to believe that when Jesus was crucified. He accomplished the greatest work of all the ages, those that putting to death did so with the idea. We got to get rid of them for destroying, never dreaming that the greatest work of all was accomplished at Calvary's cross and that he would after being laid in the grave for three days and three nights would get the two would arise would live the lives today. You believe that you believe that he truly was the king when that inscription was over the cross king of the Jews and was there in three languages. He not only was king of the duties king of the Gentiles is King of Kings and Lord of lords. Do you see him as King Jesus today you trusted to believe on him as your Savior. He that believe on the son everlasting life. We brought to the concluding portion of the message entitled, Jesus crucified the apostle Paul said, I'm determined to know nothing among you Savior Jesus Christ and him crucified. That always to be the theme of our hope that you will take time to write and love the snow that you listen to the program I regress the Baptist Bible box 17 old 37 Cincinnati, OH 45217 32 next time to sit with Sarah Bradley Junior pitting you goodbye and we accomplish and I love a nice and I will be in all

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