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When We Say Father | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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July 20, 2020 8:00 am

When We Say Father | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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July 20, 2020 8:00 am

There is nothing more important than knowing how to pray. Jesus teaches us how to pray in Matthew 6, beginning with a very specific instruction to call God, “Father.” In this message, Adrian Rogers explains the power of prayer, and what it means when we say “Father.”

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Is God our creator or listen to Adrian Rogers. God created all human beings. And if God created all human beings would not make God the father of all human being makes God the creator of all human beings. God becomes our father, not by creation, but my conception #3 profound yet practical message. Beloved pastor and Bible teacher Adrian Rogers.

Jesus teaches us how to pray, begins with a specific instruction to call God father. Think about that because we call him father we could find great comfort in knowing we have his care and his loving correction. What else can we expect when we address God as our loving father. If you have a Bible handy will be in Hebrews chapter 12 and come back to Matthew chapter 6 once again here's pastor Adrian Rogers with when we say father. If your child of God. God loves you too much to let you get by with sin. Sometimes people join the church. They get baptized they continue to live in sin and nothing ever happens. I say well, God surely must love me. God lets me get by with sin. God doesn't love you, like he loves his own children for whom the Lord loves a chase.

Had you been his child.

God would've carried you to the woodshed. Is that why doesn't God chastise me when I live in sin because you never been saved this passage in Hebrews 12 goes on to say, but if you be without chastisement wherever all are partakers baskets and not some is a pastor strong language. What does that mean just simply means this God is saying if you were my child, I would've chasing you. But since I didn't chasing you here. Not truly my child, you may appear as my child. But I did not legitimately father you you not truly born in my family. I'm not your father, somebody else is your father. If I were your father. I would've carried you to the woodshed. If you without chastisement is just simply assigned it.

I never really father do value for mother goes to the front yard of missing children out there fussing and squabble that mother calls her own children in a sheet chastens them of the father chastens them, but you don't whip and punish the neighbor's children, you better not miss day and age you get in serious trouble, then modules, you chastise your own and so it is with God the father. The difference between how God deals with a child of God and the child of the devil. God deals with his own children on a cash basis, and God deals with the devil's children on the credit basis. God deals with us as a father.

He deals with them as a judge. God deals with us now. God deals with them at the judgment Romans chapter 2 verse five speaks of the unsaved Mrs. like this but after thy hardness and impenitent heart you treasure up wrath against the day of wrath that is your putting judgment in the bank. You just treasuring it up against the day of wrath and the perdition of ungodly men.

Romans 251 of these days. God says I am going to be with you. Not as a father, I want to be with you as a judge at the final judgment, but now he deals with his children.

He deals with them on credit. They just putting it in the bank but he deals with us day by day as soon as you same as a child of God the father steps in the chastise. I've said many times in this pulpit would God save your feet on the picture for you can't send any more, but he sure does fix you up or you can't sin, and enjoyed anymore. You know the difference between cash and credit.

I learned that as a youngster I guess I was about five.

I went with my dad in West Palm Beach, Florida to the community grocery store on Georgia Avenue up on the hill. My brother and I were in the store that day I saw something that astounded me. My dad went into that store and bought some groceries and he walked out. He said to the man behind the counter charge never heard that word charge that man wrote something down in a book and my dad just waved and walked out about. That's the most amazing thing I've ever heard that word before charge. I went again and I watched my dad walked in there, bought some groceries and said to that man who knew my dad very well charge. My dad didn't sign his name.

That's the kind of business they had in those days I said ha I told my brother I said I think we have something your wonderful.

We have discovered a very special word, so we thought we give it a trial run with put some money in our pocket just in case it did not work and bought some soft drinks stay around the store for a while and all the way out.

We look to the land and we said charge.

He nodded his head and we walked back we thought we found the key to Fort Knox for about two weeks we would visit the community grocery store and buy what we want. Walk out and say they all require charges but one day my dad called us in that some things in front of him and right there in a very special way. I learned two things I learned. Number one on the difference between cash and credit and I learned this when the father loves the chastens.

I learned that right then my friend, God loves us to get by with sin is a chastens and so when we say our father friend. We can expect his care. Indeed, we can and we can expect, is correction. If you forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your heavenly father forgive you and so forth, whom the Lord loves the chastens because he is father not only can we expect that we can expect his companionship. Did you know he loves to be with us what kind of relationship with the father and son relationship is wonderful relationship father daughter relationship is a wonderful relationship I'm called by many things. I have many names I'm called Pastor, I am called Adrian as someone who calls me honey and where those who call me Betty, and some call me Paul. I can just tell you folks that their days when I get very busy and I'm pressed.

I have certain deadlines.

For example, I preach about six times a week, at least. And when I get ready to preach. I mean I got to be ready pretty just like taking off an airplane pine trees at the end of that room where you are to the ground and it's time to reach out to face a lot of deadlines. Sometimes the phone will ring and I don't want to answer the phone but I know I must not pick it up not knowing what I will face on the other hand, in what I hear somebody say something like hello daddy braided makes all the difference in the world. I mean, then I won't answer that phone if they say pop it makes a double difference. I just want to I want to talk because these are mind that my children is speaking when we come to him when talking about the moon mover when talking about the unknown, absolute, we are talking about our dear father in the Bible says God has said his spirit into our hearts, crying father knew what that means. Romans eight father is an Aramaic diminutive means daddy thought maybe ever thought about God is a daddy you say that's irreverent no matter fact when Jesus taught us to pray our father in Matthew chapter 6 and verse nine, Jesus spoke scholars tell us in the Aramaic and so the word Jesus would have you that is translated father. Here is the word about father now. Today our children say Dad but in the Middle East. They say bomb bomb. That's just the most basic syllables that a child can list Jesus says that we can call the great God of the universe.

I have a father father father had his office at home.

He was a bookkeeper. He was so proud of his ledger so proud of his journals that every entry was just right. He told the children stay out of the office, one that is working. He was sitting at his desk making an entry in his journal when his little four-year-old boy into a room across the room, gave a leap jumped up into his daddy's arms while his dad was in that swivel chair that came with right across the page made up like Marco across the plate the father through his pin down/Journal shot six months.

Look what you did daddy tell you to stay out of ill son look like to bill you messed up everything little boy just started to cry.

He said daddy I'm sorry I'm sorry except I just wanted to sit in your lap and hug you and rub your beard at broke the daddy's heart for global M said no son daddy sorry I'm sorry I fussed at you. I'm so glad you wanted to see me and gave that little boy hug and left the office and I went around the walk and talk about things that boys and dad's all talk about friend listen. I'm so glad that our heavenly father never get so busy putting out the sun, moon and the stars and running this universe and commanding the Angels that he don't have time just to close his ledger and talk to you like there's no one else on earth and nothing else for him to do. You can come to him anytime any day and had called a friend you can jump up in his lap, but your spiritual lives around his neck. Bill on Corrie 10 boom said she said don't wrestle nestle.

He is father father and because of that you have his companionship.

Not only do you have his care and not only is correction not only his companionship with Fred. You have his compassion is compassion. The psalmist said like his father. His children, so the Lord.

Flynn that fear is compassion's. They fail when our first child was born.

I talked to my pastor that time and he said something to me. I never forgot manager so prove before you have children you always think of the love that Jesus the son had when he died for our sin, but after you have children of your own you think of the great love that the father had when he gave his son did not prove fathers are compassionate I true father would die for his children gladly fling down his life for his children.

And that's exactly what God the father did in this great compassion. A man had a massive heart attack was taken to the hospital emergency room. They came in and saw that the man was in critical condition. A nurse was there. He said nurse, would you please do something for me. He said I have no family except one daughter. She lives in the city that I have not seen her for year.

Would you please call this number and tell her that I am here in this hospital and I really want to see her. The nurse that I'll do it and she called her daughter. When the daughter heard what happened. She began to cry.

She said oh no no you cannot let him die not see my dad for almost a year. Last time I saw my daddy. We had a terrible argument, and I told my daddy.

I hated him. I don't really hating Biden hating them, but I was so full of prime. I was so hurt, please don't let my daddy die.

I'll be there in 30 minutes. I want to see my daddy alive.

Please don't let them die be there in 30 minutes but in code 99 was sounded in that man's heart began to give its dying all of the personnel came in and began to frantically work over him in the pound on infanta Shockey me to do all those things to get that heart beating again, but they were just pulling the sheet over him. When the girl burst through the door. She was to let nurse stood aside and she been praying God to let him die.

She gets here and the nurse watched as the doctors were talking to this girl and how she put her face in her hands and began to weep last word she said third daddy on this earth were by the you now is being a nurse, not knowing what to do, said maybe God can use me. The nurse went put arms around this girl and let her cry for a while and said would you like to go in where he is. Girl said yes girl said I never really hated him.

I never really hated him. I was so full of pride. I can went into the room. This girl just buried her face in the sheet and went.

The nurse looked older on the nightstand and there was a note there on the nightstand.

The note said this dear Susan, I want you to know that I love you and I forgive you and I want you to forgive me and Susie I know you love me that I read that I was someplace because I thought you know no matter what happens, even in earthly father and earthly mother Babylon that is stronger than any other loving yet the Bible says when my father and my mother cast meal then will the Lord take me old friend, his compassions, they fail not.

What a loving heavenly father, and if an earthly father loves his daughter that way.

How much more does God, your father, you and what do we do when we pray for God and say our father. Well, we express his nature is a father we expect is nurture is a father who cares he is a compassionate father. He is a companionate father. He my dear friend is correcting for. Think of your great God as a father not only do we express his nature, and not only do we expect is nurture, but old friend. We exalt his name. Listen to what it says our father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name how be thy name. When you pray this way you exalt his name now in order to do that. Listen first of all first of all, you must know what the name is what the name is you must recognize the name, hallowed be thy name.

What name is what name is the name above all names that we hallow when we pray this way as you know in Jesus Christ 10. Eric said this to the father. Father, I have manifested your name did you know that in Isaiah chapter 9 verse six the Bible says concerning Jesus. His name is wonderful. Did you know that in Philippians chapter 2 verse nine. I believe the Bible says that God has given Jesus Christ. Are you ready for this on name which is above all names, a name which is above every name there is one name that is above every name, and what it is Jesus you like to say she's saved again.

Jesus, that my friend is the name above all names God has given every name Jesus said father I have manifested your name now, you recognize the name and then you reference the name Howell would be missing when we say that God is our father. Intimacy does not mean a reference. All were to give him praise and honor and glory and majesty. As we've gone this morning, hallowed be thy name never speak disrespectfully. Just because you can sit in his lap. Put your arms around his neck spiritually. But not only do you recognize the name and reference the main old frame rely upon the name Jesus said in John chapter 14 hated to be asked nothing in my name. Ask and ye shall receive the ask anything in my name in my name I will do it. That's so wonderful when we pray, right on the front door of this prayer to come in the name that is above every name in the name of Jesus. And when we pray in the name of Jesus, but that is above every name when we name when we recognize that name.

When we worship that name.

We have great power in prayer. Two boys graduated from high school is not seen each other for a long long time and I met on the street. One of the boys was a respected lawyer met city would made a lot of money. The other boy had become a beggar. A prime they met unexpectedly. They recognize one another, the beggar and the tramp looked at the successful lawyer said it's wonderful what's happened to you you in one way I want another way, look at me. I have nothing. They talked for a while and the lawyer said to his friend.

I hope you will not embarrass you.

I hope you not think that I'm trying to patronize you but I like to write you a check.

I can do it well Francis I would like to make a gift to you.

Here's a check. I want you to take and buy some things that you might need. The man took the check and looked at it always said that's a generous gift. Your wonderful friend.

I don't want to do with this Shift is sick. When I go into the bank looking like this dressed in these rags. Do you think they would give me any money in the lawyer said my friend is not the way you look at counts. It's my name on the check.

That's where our Lord taught us to pray we don't bring our sharpness to God whole frame what we pray. We pray in the name of Jesus ask anything in my name I will do it, but the father may be glorified in the son of our father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, middle, wonderful prayer that we can just begin with these words, our fall we express his nature we expect is nurture. We exalt his name. When we pray that way is your father today. He can be today. You can step into the family of God. Today you can receive eternal life.

Today you can become a partaker of the divine nature. If you would pray a prayer like this. Oh God, I'm a sinner and I'm lost and I need to be saved and I want to be saved. Jesus you died to save me and you promise to save me if I would trust I trust you will.

Jesus come into my heart, forgive Mike's save me Jesus save me today again now to make what you want me to be. Thank you for saying your name I pray.

If you trusted Jesus with your heart and life.

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