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Breaking the Chain of Darkness

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue
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July 18, 2020 3:00 pm

Breaking the Chain of Darkness

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue

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July 18, 2020 3:00 pm

The Lantern Rescue team shares the particulars of an island extraction and all that goes into such an operation - from the raid, to the justice process, to the aftercare of victims.

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Swim from messenger to podcast. Her goal with the podcast was. Hope you try to find your way in this difficult world.

Your chosen treatment would podcast was starting just seconds. Enjoy it shirt but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network welcome to lantern risk a ministry program dedicated to bringing light into the darkness of human trafficking. It's time to light the way to freedom.

This is lantern rest we tell the stories we talk about rest. As we empower you to do something about it was once said that it not be said I was silent when the welcome to lantern rescue today that we have had such a wonderful time with the team in the studio here from last few weeks and we've been light my lantern around the world, feel like what it's like to going to different places into extractions and I hope you listened last week. If you didn't go back get the podcast and listen to what we had Sabine from the island of Haiti. So we thought it might be interesting to to Canada go to another island and what's it like to do an extraction there and what's involved in it it it because clearly we talked about Pakistan. If you would scout managing with that episode don't get that one amino my goodness what was going on there with the making of the bricks and all the stuff was completely different in the islands and so organic go on this island extraction Mark and and kind at Leah's and how did you find out about it in and you know the government or what have you mean I'll start off a little bit with a comment about infrastructure countries and then we really want to express in this show how much our hearts break for the victims in in and what why keeps is doing what we do, but for us all in that you know in this country.

Some islands and some parts of the world. Infrastructures are pretty weak even though we're working with the government's is just not a lot of resources that and from the raid side to the justice to the aftercare side we are currently weaving in and out of those to put a network together and that's really hard but in this because I will say this. This is one of the more put together places we work in. And there's a great amount of resources and ability to use law enforcement agencies and get strong intelligence I can say about this island is that this is a God thing for sure when we first decided we were silent and and try to get a program established I can talk to the stealing and sucking rest the team. Mandy's doors just flew up and we talk about jiggling the handles of foreign women have to jiggle and they were shaken and these doors are sloping in the amount of blessings that we had setting up this network as just silt out of my mind today probably by the third time into the country.

We were sitting at the table with different ministers and that within the government, you, Mr. Justice Atty. Gen., the vice president of the table mean that quickening that is God. God's blessing and when he when he does that for us in the country and he brings people together doesn't matter. Our skill set in all our training to make this happen is the Lord to make this happen when he does this. My heart gets excited because I know there is a girl he wants rescued. Like all that comes together because there is somebody whose life has to be changed so can you kinda take us into that Allen in a year. I can imagine that you can get this word you guys are going to fly out to this country and and kinda prepare us for what's going through your mind. Yeah, we like they said there's those doors flew open and went through through those doors, but what we talked about previously. Was this operation and we kept it very good. The we went to the tactical side of that operation, and in some of things that we did tactically, but just to keep people in perspective, we we are just like the listeners out there.

We are human beings and you know you hear some of the things we do and have seen and they actually impact us to is not any different than what you can imagine saying so, we see the same things we have the same emotions so I just kind of take into some of things we saw during that operation on the first got there.

You know we we got the briefing from the joint task force will call it and we we understood with the objective was the objective was these two small children, then I say small I think mom was 18 months near them was just a few years old five years old to as an individual going into that EEE you kinda distance yourself emotionally is almost a job.

But when it's right in your face and you see those kids that have imagine how you can't one of the things that radio I can see what's actually going on is it yet you can imagine, you know, an 18 month old baby and some of the stuff that's that's being done to this, you can ask for more innocence and just you know we weren't designed to see that kind evil yeah and and and everything I know that the team really hard on this one and I don't know if we really discussed. It is who was really the foundation of this trafficking was the mother of these children she was.

He was perpetuating this trafficking in and selling her two little girls two men to abuse them so and I know that hits the team especially hard for beautiful children mean they all are beautiful but your memory entering after the breach the door and went over in the home there and evidence is being gathered and there's moments where you just stop need to stare the kids in because you just so overtaken that. Why would they do this and if you have your own children. You then place your children in that environment you think what this was my child in your grateful that it's not in your thinking of all the accommodations and comfort that your own daughters receive in America and what's lacking in for these children that they've not received and then on top of that they've been abused and they have been, you know, exploited, and they've been molested and they've been in all extremes so your heart breaks for than the thing I never forget about any of the victims in its this is so many now that we've been able to rescue, but what I don't forget of their eyes. You know the eyes of each child. Each victim they sometimes are very hollow. Sometimes they're hurt. Sometimes they are excited now. Sometimes they are confused but those eyes will just tell you a lot about those girls plowing in of the power of of what you actually see them so that Allen can you take us back to where you are you are to. With that said, when you go into the situations you see a multitude of things you actually see a family is dysfunctional as it may be, it is a family and you're looking at mothers you're looking at Sunday looking at daughter children. The children and then this particular case near the children with the victims but you can almost see the they don't know the victim. They're just doing what they're being led to do by the people they trust and love so as as an individual into the situation.

Those things you can negate is going through your mind, so you've gotta be able to keep it in perspective. You know you have the anger motion going on which I try not to get into, but hungers my main thing but that hunger emotion is overwhelmed by all those other emotions you have the AES loves the child and the you have the anger at the mother put putting them in that position and you have anger for the other family members that obviously no or have an idea of what's going on and you can't let that overtake you and take you away from your true objective which is to get those individuals as children out of that position. Knowing another in really, and once they are brought from that position. You can actually see that light that Mark talks about their eyes start to light at the hollowness they're actually realizing there is true love and it's not with a been seen or given up to this point Canada and I think about in a God saw all. What's worse than what you guys saw I and he was right there for those eyes and you know when you say wonder how all these doors you know God's heart broke and and he was like sentence going to happen and you know I'm a do something about this, but at the same time you guys were deftly in harms way too because all the intelligence wasn't there is intelligence is what it is there's certain facts that the get a lot of times is factually into other things so you don't get the whole package. Sometimes it enfolds is your and engaged in the operation of this particular case we mentioned before that it did open up more as we start doing interviews and speaking with the family members not it revealed the fact that there was more than just that household involved in this exploitation of these children actually reached further out and what initially across the street and then it went across the country to others in the world that were engaged in this particular exploitation of these children so as I was thinking it may not just perspective on that is beyond me and I'm seeing myself today or I just naturally would picture it and my heart is breaking in all these things are gone out and I would lose focus on the fact that oh my goodness there's people that are willing to kill you for what it is that you're in the middle of trying to do there and so you know that's where all the training it that you not I hurt your wife had to go through all the steps you know that that God you know prepared you for such a time as this Mark and you know if you took my pulse right now. I just dropped from its 16 about 150 because one of the motions I had that day and I like TC to come into an almost is just straight up anger and I mean I'm be completely confessing. This, in his heart because I'm rambling here. I cannot stand it when a perpetrator smirks at me and I see that all the time we arrest people we engage people and we get a smirk from them or you get a they're overly kind. Now that they're rested there trying to act like they're your buddy and you're like you're not my buddy you know if there was if there was, you know, if I was God your life within right now you know and and that is that all of those emotions, you're having your because you're looking at the victims you're looking at the children and now you're engaging with somebody who's smirking at you, you know, even though he's been caught. What's wrong in it and I note in the states and law enforcement. Using this retro career TC counseling but here we see it as a team to encourage that work in. I think the anger in and of itself for us as Christians is is not soon anger's action emotion that moves us to action. Right.

So's compassion and so we have the sins mixed and we don't do anything perfectly as a team as humans but to then go and as we move with that. It's is under control and never seen the team out of control, but to let that let that anger move us to an action that is correct and to honestly two in my mind put the fear of God in perpetrators to wipe the smirk off on a lot of big smirk like her to have asked never know what is satisfying.

It's fascinating that you know when somebody proffers when you really think about it that that hottie. I and you and I like and you know when you said that immediately just flashed in my mind two or three confrontations I've had in my life where this person just in the way the world out of line and I go to straighten that situation out and and they give you that smirk and like it at that. There's something that just comes over like I'm on now. We had a smoker that day. In this in this particular rate we had relatives this month it was.

You go ahead and react that you there was a couple but there was deftly the one that what we had in handcuffs. There yet. As I said the kind of all this intelligence was gathered and let us across the street to an individual that was depicted in some of the photograph has a abusing the children and not the show clear. I envision him right here is a perfect time when you come back working to find out who the smirk was more than that we can find out some updates on what family is. Today, and some things that God is doing around the world. We go, I will plan and rescue, stating he was a faith-based organization that conducts international rescue operations for people suffering from human trafficking lantern specializes in sending former US special operations law enforcement and intelligence personnel department with host nations and assist them in reading specialized units combat ongoing security, genocide, terrorism and human track is a nonprofit charity.

They offer services free of charge. Their host nation. Human trafficking is thrown into the second largest elective in the world reaching an estimated $50 billion in annual activity lantern rescue was developed rapidly to combat trafficking and operates through a train international network in order to rescue women and children, sex and labor slavery and facilitates holistic aftercare service gearing up for operations right now and you can go to lantern and see how you can support welcome back to the van and rescue us as we lightened up some things that unsure your hearts or touch, like my, so give us an idea of a little more how beautiful God's light is sometimes antsy about things are and so we left our hero Alan and I like to think of Santa Claus is rise of the guardians of anyway is over there. It is trying to find a smoker so you gotta take Sarah out. So Liggett said that the pictures and clearly identified that the face are there some features that you can see within the photographs of the deftly identified visual so that individual lived across the street and the intelligence we gathered in the residence.

Let us there so I want was issued almost immediately to facilitate an entry into his place and to gather more intelligence. But what better place and we're able to come out and all the sudden this individual that was abusing which is a very loose term like Herman regarding these children is now trying to act like our friend, our buddy or take the that the truth which was, he was a perpetrator off off the focus and put on so I found myself at one point in this individual's house and I was standing about 6 inches roaming and others' emotions that we talked about were there so like market, said you know you want to wait that smirk off and that is probably one of the hardest things a fight when you break there you have the ability and you know you can seek vengeance and to hold back from doing that.

That was probably one of the more difficult times to do that and not dying on my team during the break why you have so much emotion in this is that you and I use the word molasses we say abuse but I guess for listeners. We try to sugarcoat it. The reality is this man was being paid to write these children take pictures of it provided through the Internet to another country to an American and known their enemy. This is this is on a level of abuse in a like Alice is a loose term. This is the extremist form an extreme form of it yet because you got 18-month-old Mia baby and obviously you guys have seen these pictures right so you recognize the man, and then discuss marks on Main and aunt I'm picturing mad and I'm feeling it but the cool thing behind it is God rightly got half-hour and and and and and there will be just to try one of the one of the things we talked about the breaker creek is the is market talked about before, and Randy talked about God opening doors in the to me a look and so there's a chain of darkness from mom only to the states by way of another country is a chain of darkness that gets these kids abused, but but on the other side of that is a chain of light of righteousness and justice in my mind where from Mark and ran, putting his team together to God getting is here to call from the states to another country to this country to wear that that chain was broken.

I think it's important for the victims to have hope that the darkness for them, the abuses going to end, but I think it's hugely important for the listeners to know that as they support.

As they pray as they understand these things that there is hope that there are people in the chain of light who are ending the darkness that they can be a part of you know, part of the chain of darkness is there is a demand somewhere to see these kids abused like and sometimes the people that are just taking this in the pornography and the abuse they don't think of the victims is thinking this is a victimless whatever whatever it isn't like that so anywhere that our listeners can be a part of breaking that chain. What is supporting us directly or ending it somewhere was something they know. Whatever you have to have the compassion to do something wherever you are. Think that's usually important understand that there is hope to break the chain of darkness. Ask Alan so I want to bring this full circle than soup. There we stood in the room with this individual and and and and the thoughts run through your mind and just so everyone knows it's not our power. It keeps us from acting or enabling us to act. It was God, I mean that is if I have my way, the individual with evil to see the next day and I was refrained from doing that which is good because in the end, the best picture I saw was the child the best picture. He's he saw was the child being carried away by her caregiver, Saul taken away from Alan that while he composed himself so one of the things I think that drives Alan we know we joke about it signing his hunger and that David is hunger for justice and he does have that one emotion that sometimes that mission expresses itself through different means and we can update you on where the kids are now and that's what he was trying to do is in it didn't. The children were carried away that day, and they where they were taken to safety and because the team was able to refrain themselves through God's strength we were able to see justice for the traffickers and not arrest. While it would have been more satisfying in the moment to send is his hetero wall that arrest is what enables us and gives us the power in those governments to keep doing our work and to show that this is wrong. Not only is it illegal, but we are to prosecute now, and that man is behind bars, and he will be for a long time so I said was the mother. The mother has been arrested and and she will be behind bars, and shall not have contact with their children again. So those children were processed through social services, something that were huge on here lantern rescue is working with the government and making sure that the children are provided for and that they are not just waste away to some unknown aftercare organization where there is no oversight, so the children are processed through the government given a caseworker given all that resources possible and they were held with the government in a very well vetted aftercare agency. While the government look for the fathers and investigate the fathers heavily. The children did have two different fathers there half-sisters that that is a matter to them if they were heavily bad, heavily investigated, as were anyone close to them. Anyone living in them their jobs and employers their parents. Anyone and the children have been reunited with their fathers.

The girls will be seeing each other on a regular basis. The fathers are working together to make sure that the sponsor never broken and all of the traffickers from this have been arrested and will be in jail for a very very long time. If Josh justice doesn't get him there so but ran the one person you didn't mention specifically that I'm curious that the guy was paying for the whole deal begin right he was out of the country America and so without disclosing anything on the American side of things.

He was also arrested to everyone involved in the ring. Everyone from the beginning to end and every IP address that does products were sent to those were investigated and as people were also brought up on charges because you know you think about it we sent you three people. Basically we have the mother and the person with abusing and that person with parts think that he was the only purchaser in others does pictures those videos everything can be sent many many many times. Many people and they can discontinue to get that profit.

So every IP address that was able to be found was secured in that case*and on its a beautiful thing to see God do what he does he make things right.

It's interesting as I think about spiritual applications particular story.

I learned this week. If you look where in Exodus become brick making where they were told make the altar foursquare and five cubits by five cubits if you're in the Cubist but anyway when I started studying that word in Hebrew foursquare is actually the head of the corner and I and I took my drill across and I went oh my goodness there's four squares and so at the altar is where you guys put those emotions right, you can have to give that to God I want to take this guy out that I would give that to you because you've got me here to make a rescue and and this is what you gonna do and the point is, Jesus makes everything he made it right on the cross and when we put things down on the altar. It's the head of the corner. I mean he he's gonna make it right in that you know that's what the lantern destitute brings to mind and I was just thinking fastest absolutely beautiful. The whole story because like we talked about before we met one of an outfit upon Jesus like TC but it was Jesus who set up the whole deal right and then he found like-minded people in the country to open the door for Landon rescue and you can see who came to the rescue right now absolutely so you know I'm I'm kind of picture you guys are around these people up. I know that TC God gave you handcuffs right and I'm assuming you're using those messages did Atlanta.Eddie gives Alan hunger which you know Blessed are those who hunger. I've heard that all my life. You know, as you guys are coming back in a can you give us of it. The listers kind of a sense of what that feels like I have been impressed with the different countries event to their good people trying to do good things and they get connected in what we know is what God has given Landon to be faithful to you and I have seen in the states senior planning I've seen in the different countries now. The good people in that chain of life trying to do and doing good things.

Now to see justice and righteousness. The rights I think this be a good point to point out I ran that website where people can go because we gotta get these crazy videos off the immuno Internet and so the good news is lantern has resources yet, so if you got her Instagram page which is just rescue you'll see a post that says trafficking had in big letters. If you read in that post. You can read about how to sign petition to shut down porn have insights like that in the actual website for that you want us directly go to the website.

It's trafficking and you know that's not the only way people are getting a hold of this type of material, so another way that you can help prevent that is just to express your distaste for that and really live a life where people don't believe that that's something they can be doing it's it's it's unbelievable but then all is going on so we are so grateful that you listen today as you think about you know God you touch my heart with this you know where can I put feet to that faith can put feet by in a plan for Brandon for Alan and TC and Mark but also their families that you know these operations as we heard from previous episodes in their way from their families for a long time and there's a lot of can imagine the amount with without my wife are in a six-week family whenever the time takes in order for these things to happen so you can be praying for the families there's Tammy and Lynn and Jamie that we can be praying for by name and Kayla at and of course if your feet take you to know your wallet. You can turn to page 20 and have an incident something there to Landon down a thinker listener so far. You know it's been a test of our faith and just following the Lord to to come onto the radio and to begin to share these things and is from the graciousness of Truth Network and a donor that even in a provides us the possibility of doing this and now we in our main goal is to to see God glorified into create an atmosphere where people realize this is a problem or crisis. And they need to be involved in so far. I gotta think this is such a great response people and people of listen.

They have given they have email they say in their praying is just been such an encouragement that sometimes we feel like is not a lot of people in the space or doing, and this gives us a foundation of encouragement that means a lot. Side effects have listed so much that they this is the Truth Network

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