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July 2, 2020 9:30 pm

Matt Slick Live

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July 2, 2020 9:30 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- There are no reformed churches in our area. Should we go to a non-reformed church here or travel further to find a church---2- How would you respond to a gnostic today---3- What is the gulf between the rich man and Lazarus- And what determines to which side one goes---4- My father claimed to see someone while he was dying. What do you think that was---5- How would you respond to the -Jesus Only- movement and their criticism of the Trinity---6- What does the book of Job mean when it talks about the departed spirits-

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A previously recorded Netflix show Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of apologetics and research ministry found when you have questions in our Bible doctrine serves a max Y glances today. I got to witness and to speak the truth about God's sovereign grace and the people enjoyed that picture and video.

But hey look good if you want to be called five lines going to do 772072276 and if you're a newbie. This is a Christian show where we have questions on difficult topics and talk about all kinds of stuff so will you know I'm a consumer, unusual, and other apologists to do the same thing. Well tell you sure have a high view of Scripture really do stick with the word of God. I believe it is completely sufficient and anything the critics is automatically wrong. If you disagree to call me if we can talk about it tonight evolution as a means of how we got here and I don't believe life exist any place else in the universe. I believe Jesus Christ is God and flushed on the cross rose from the dead, and that there is no other way to get saved and to get to heaven other than the person and work of Jesus Christ.

And if you don't accept him. Then the day of judgment you would be lost and you need Jesus Christ. This is what I teach us what Christianity teaches and I hope that something that you would affirm as well that look thought you may call all you do is dial 877-207-2276 we can talk.

I get that right there you go and see little bit of an adjustment something here we go all ecstatic things got to do and is God's. We got we have the almost 60 people watching the show as quickly. That's good you questions in the chat room you want asked me go ahead and if you want to give me call the number again five lines 877-207-2276 the last four numbers spell CAR M on your dial website Christian apologetics research and we are developing a new website and let me just say that the amount of work the amount of work we gotta go through you guys could I have 6000 articles to go through and do stuff so helpers don't we be content. I will be contacting them pretty soon we have a couple things in place before we could ask a few of the volunteers to do anything but you could call some tonight. We can figure things out that them and things like that talking any rate be a lot of work and also on the card website. We have three schools if you want to learn your theology. You will learn apologetics to defend the Christian faith. And if you want to learn so my methods of critical thinking. You can go to the schools and we have thought was cool theology or school of apologetics in the school critical thinking on the home homepage. There will you do do is just go to and on the homepage and find schools on any page in the right hand side of any page you will also see the link for the schools. Sign up and please give 24 hour support normally takes just one minute, but somehow you have a glitch and under the systems old to be revamping that next year. Later this year or next year, depending on a few things and with new schools knew everything and got a new system. The whole thing solo if you've already signed up, you will lose your your room replace with seductive snap and let's see what else the people seems kinda hard to hear. You know everything here on the on the net trying to get it to work and I could have an idea. Now I can ideally try something and see if this works, but let's see the law all work under the break, but what is up with people call and usually we have people stacked up right now so you may call five lines 877-207-2276 let's see what we do stand nearby your support. So if you'd be so kind as to consider supporting us all to go to Duke go to Carmine page on the right-hand side to send only thing we ask 510 $15,000 a month. I can think it does help if you were to support us helping to expand the kingdom of God expand the ministry. Things like that. We have a lot to offer thousands of articles on the site already long schools knew the radial talk like that and use the divisions to help us keep on the air and pay the bills and the missionaries would have fought have a missionary in Turkey. We have one in Brazil.

We have one and Columbia.

We have one in Africa for four missionaries and doing stuff with apologetics with things like it might have to figure out a way is this guy reckless coming.

It's a good, but we have a we have just her and adjuster lives in Malawi and Africa and he's a great guy loves the Lord and he is training couple hundred pastors in Christian theology, they don't even really have Internet out there. They have phones. That's about it so they don't really know about Internet stuff on how good it works out. There and done, he says that the positive confession movement. The heresy is so is doing well there is because I have so much money that is dumped into two areas, but he's training pastors and he needs to have some of the materials that we have we have some books and things like that want to get there we gotta figure out how to raise the funds and get stuff printed and shipped over there and be a beautiful job.

This is one of the things you pray about. If you're interested in and supporting us prayerfully would certainly appreciate that all right again for the lines 877-207-2276. Let's get on the line near here with Thomas from Florida.

I welcome your on their Michael Sherman problem me my life are recently formed about a year ago and so we started looking for churches in our area that like to believe that we've adopted, but there's really no solid reformed churches in our area that we've been able to find we find one that leans more towards the report but there really stated clearly in the old really fast Bible churches that are a little bit but don't want to be too offensive to any document distinctions within the pulpit.

Watch what should me and my wife usually try to make changes, then a church go farther out really just really fell hour ago.

Well, it's a tough one to answer because I have a similar situation and I attend Calvary Chapel and the Boise Idaho area source reformed churches.they either do hymns which my wife and I just don't appreciate knocking thing and live the stuffiness that goes along with it.

And so we can't prosper spiritually and in that environment, and at the churches that don't have that kind of a restricted form of worship that they don't they have more loose worship with food like freedom of worship stuff like that without hymns reformed theology. So what we do what we ended up going to college Because that's where we come in, grew up in Southern California and we just endure some of the things that are there, but I I'm with you when you do you pray and you ask God to raise up the size of the S. Gotta raise up a good church that is friendly to reformed theology or lease is not anti-reformed and doesn't try and cater the message to suit unbelievers, which I find this is appalling that that happens because the job of the church pastors not to deliver still comfortable is to equip Christians the work of ministry. That's the job pastors purpose. The church so to tough it is a company that may be so full of laughter because I know someone and I tease him every now and that he loved just Lujan's reformed theology he said is so freeing in such a blessing. You just can't get enough of it. I said to start a church at that I was joking and he goes all Joe, please do so. I don't tell you many may have to just go out further dry further, I do not find a home fellowship where you have reformed believers.

Yeah, you know, we really want okay about we do believe strongly that church membership that we have used union and submit herself to leadership in the local community.

But you know it.

Are your throat is so passionate that I can relate to your friend that you talk about. Let me know I've discovered it so you can read the Bible to same anymore you see on everything okay he says you glared at you and so please's cabin. I spent about four hours last night talking to some people about reformed theology and they were very very very very resistant to it and they said it was in a cut chuckled. They said it was put God in a box denied free will made God unfair. All these things with some think it'll because you hear all these misrepresentations and stuff but it's the exact opposite the master question sets a mechanic on my interest. He said he feels strongly church membership when he by church membership in order to make an impact in a local body that my wife was to teach the Bible should ask you Bible teachers that want wanted to go to Revelation talk about their and you know anyway that we can help at all in church just as a mentally like we love the water project determined that every time before it through a dramatic little log and not every guy get plugged into local body and not answer your question is that the issue was to think that when it was by church membership.

Church membership is not in the Bible there is no formal thing in Scripture. Any place with the sign on the dotted line in order to become a church member but said I just tell people that's not in Scripture.

But on the other hand, it does make sense in some contexts to be able to sign up, so to speak, vendor, church leadership in an official context for your free either way on people just don't know done.

Also the issue of your wife. Teaching in the church context, teaching that she should not be teaching should be teaching women poets or meet my wife agree that hundred percent… Different role that God provided for, and I believe it is a leader among women out the lady to grow stronger. But it would be inappropriate for that overnight men should be met. Distinction is made in and I believe that when women start teaching, then we can Smith break yonder. I have a different right back folks after these messages. Lines 8777 Van Slyke why call 77077 charismatic slave back of the shoulder to open line 772072276 Thomas from Florida again? Sure I have a self-proclaimed Gnostic friend, you're familiar with modern-day but there really a hard guy try to with the youth biblical language without the old really trying to get into the Bible like today, I want to know if you can perhaps give me an effective way. Given his worldview to help you. The truth of personal monotheism and no right the one true Lord polytheist comparative religion always traditions like Carl Yoon with John Young. He was in the cult like Gordon Peterson day of the people do comparative religion they view the Bible is really weak and will present because there are things I talked to Gnostic to first find out what kind of a Gnostic. They are for believe in many gods that I got him by the jugular speak if they teach you have to have certain knowledge in order to do stuff. I've got it just depends on which which one you want to go with and thus which was they focus on so I'll give you sort of a dual kind of adores always on my door so I couldn't bear versus Matt, yet bear versus Matt 623. Besides the lamp of the body. So your eye out for your whole body will be full of light drive bad all by department and the lighted. You start out great. Like the old battle yeah yeah in the context of something.

He ignored because it's different than that but let me just to tell you that when people hold some polytheistic ideas, it's ultimately a self refuting view and the reason it is is because it serves many gods any more than one God, then you cannot lay the foundations for rationality or universal ethics. The reason is because, for example, my trying to get too technical, but there are these abstractions called the laws of logic lot identity something is what it is not what it is not the law of non-contradiction statement can be both true and false at same time same sentencing law excluded middle statements are either true or false, and outlaw proper inference. If a lesbian vehicle.

Season agencies are just basic things that we use will discuss whenever anybody like a Gnostic is dealing with the issues of what Gnosticism teaches than what he's gonna have to do is and argue with you, I mean that in a nice way he's going to have to demonstrate sector okay do something here say it's okay there we go to justify the idea that these laws of logic can exist in his worldview he cannot. If you have say let's say 10 gods horrors.

Gnosticism is teaching one main one. Lesser gods and things like that and some gnostics hold similar views of God and this is an ethereal stance really can't have any knowledge of them only knowledge of the lesser beings within meeting to the higher ones, which means you can't know who the ultimate higher being is, but you can't know that.

How can you justify the universality the laws of logic. The laws of logic are extractions of non-contradiction and so these things are universal and not end up on my mind or your mind so you ask him this little do with not how you justify the universality in the absolute nature.

The laws of logic and they do with this kind of stuff because it's a very difficult question that for them to answer and I'll explain the laws of logic are today are of the mind, you'll find among the rocks. You take pictures of them and if you can't label them like that.

Find them and see them in a physical way. They are properties of the mind exits are everywhere. It has to be an absolute, universal mind because her universal draft with themselves so how do you know that your view your in contact with her universal mind. Given these kind of questions and this really causes them to put the guard up and back up because they don't have a to think like this into difficulty and when he gets into the issue of light and dark. You can also contrast good and evil and ask him how do you know what good is what is evil is now that's this is up more an easier way for you to say what's good and what's bad and what is his standard for judging what is good and bad. If he's gonna say anything other than what it will say things like, possibly like let's your own opinion you get into the divine consciousness you get to with with knowledge you eat or whatever these ethereal kinds of things that just kind of come and then you have asked diagnostic questions about that, and you undermine his view of the absolutes of fun right and wrong. If he says there are no absolutes of right and wrong, then would all do it all say also come in your house robbed at gunpoint is and he said no, it's wrong. Only six wrong by nature. How's it wrong by nature has an action wrong but nature.

How do you convince me that it's wrong what sort of information you have, which is a universal source by which you can then say I'm I'm in contact with universal sources telling me this.

If you're just a Gnostic you can't find the personal source. So how do you know what's right and wrong. So it's these kinds of approaches with very quickly. There is these kind of approaches that you can use to undermine his his worldview just destroyed in the text of the time of the practice so it'll if it helps or not answer my question.

Is this an issue called grounding and so for example if someone were to say to me and responsible net. How does next look good because God himself. The Trinitarian being has revealed himself in the word of God into the person of Jesus and since he knows all things. He then reveals to us what is right and what is wrong.

That's the answer now if you can say will how do you know it's true because God is revealed to us in his word into the work of Christ. We know it's true there because what Jesus did. He rose from the dead and all and and you just keep going back to the fact of what it is. A presupposition is you presuppose the validity of God's existence in the Trinitarian sense and only that I get into this more the one in the many particular instances of actualities and principles things like that can only be demonstrated only be grounded when the Trinitarian being, and that the eternal fellowship and things like that which the other hand talk about their ways to do this and what takes expense of the radial gasket with his God is a single being, and if it's eternal. If you believe the one eternal being is not Trinitarian, then, does that God had the capacity of fellowship, because if it of being like the Islamic God. For example, in the Jehovah's Witness God is a single person without a plural plurality then can have fellowship not as fellowship this the idea. All right. What a call back all that you want to come right back Matt Flynn why call 77077 charismatic slave back in the show. Let's get to you.

We lost him. Let's just jump right over to Ron from rural North Carolina. Ron welcome here after 19 being 19 go looking when we let go have paranoid versus talking about Luke chapter what I mean. 16 verse 20 verse 20 yes okay and letter letter. You owe the golf club they would do bad people want good people on the other will allow you take the go cougar.

Love you right this is what you don't like this is the apparent view that the Jews held and Jesus I ought before his crucifixion and resurrection. It looks like the people who work good and I'll use that term very generically good and understood who God was, etc. when they died in faithfulness to the true Lord, the would go to the holding place called Abraham's bosom and they were not ready to go to heaven because the blood of Christ had not yet been shed and so we say in Ephesians 48 through 12.

That area says Jesus laid captive a host of Disease led them up and so they think that what happened was at the crucifixion, Jesus went into paradise proclaimed the truth of what he had done on the cross that took them into heaven because the blood of Christ have been offered and what we were able to go so the view is that the bad place bad place is not ultimately the bad place at the end of the ages of the bad light note in our you.well, he'll talk about another three heavens okay the heck the third heaven is where God dwells. The second heaven is the start moon things like that. The first heaven is that the clouds and things like that.

The air so is either in heaven. Well, in that sense, yet you say what.

But which one has an outer darkness. So it looks like was going on there we go. Was it was going on is the bad people went to this Bad Pl., Hades, and they suffer and on the day of judgment of the cast into hell and into outer darkness and in the meantime there. Good night before the crucifixion of Christ went to Abraham's bosom and then that now go to heaven because Christ's blood has been shed about quality God radically look, but you also might tell he felt about opening who was that my dad your dad about my dad's leg out on you absolute, but now all I will not vote Malan model relative what you think it will be well.

I don't know what one call but I do know that a lot of people have similar experiences, particularly Christians that right with the moment before their death. They often set up smile. They look like they're looking at something in the parish so it's pretty common for data that we had a good a good friend who passed away and she was incapacitated to last half a minute, she sat up smiling.

I and then was gone and so Voltaire was Voltaire. He was an anti-Christian and he said that with an hundred years Christianity would be extinct in them with an hundred years, there were actually putting Bibles in his home, but nevertheless I Christian nurse took care of him and he was one who denied God and she said she would never take care about unbeliever at his deathbed again because what he was doing was the last minutes of his life he was screaming and yelling and in terror seeing flames and that they were coming to get and he died and she likely got to him and why wouldn't you when Mayor Mary Martin Bala so they have predate right now. He went to the Paradise you had to go to paradise was resurrected, not a glorified body resurrected and then died. What about you and letter that would talk about that article. I could hear him back for like you who knows okay so I don't think the people on the altar God Lynn when altar early. You don't talk about will under the earth will I don't know the altar and while we are really ready come out loud.

I look at but it just is a vision and its it's describing the frustration of those whose not been justified theologically, but who are wanting the consummation of the age without waiting with the consummation of the age and things to to be done right ultimately when God is going to take care of the good and the bad which rightly say how long Lord, how long for this will really like you don't like to put a group of 814. They follow the candidate they want to write in the fall. Yesterday the Angels fell through the stars right. I thank you sir. Okay right will talk to but arguably I okay with him before we get to the next caller. I had a friend stuff that people dying and seeing things for the die. It's very common and I don't have had less contact with John and a friend who works at San Diego. She worked in dialysis and he told me a story and he said there was this elderly lady and her you can other believers and nonbelievers, but this goes and he was doing dialysis will come often and do the kind of stuff and one that she was there many, many times over months and months telling the story that she was in her chair looking at a wall and was was 20 of the wall saying it's on fire. The walls on fire, so everybody went and checked on her and check wall looking up in the room behind the wall. There was no fire. It's okay. And within minutes on fire there's a fire. Again, there's the fire again in my feet was telling me this night, and I said and she died there didn't see the ghost yeah she died it in the church. A few minutes later real all right hope that doesn't make you lose too much sleep. Let's get to any from North Carolina and welcome your are you there I did hit the button. Sometimes I miss it I got it and he will give it a few seconds or put you back on hold. Are you there any I don't hear you are on hold and come back to work. All right, let's get to Abram from North Carolina Abram welcome your earlier problem.

This happens I am on the air right now.

This happened every now and then this will happen and stuff so we'll see. Okay, check right guys see looking see anything to hear anything. Charlie, you hear me right you know I'm on the aerial know I am not hearing anything so those going on. Let's try this again.

Abram, are you there hello Abram well were having some problems here so I don't know what to do with the issue is I do. I think with the city break Bambrick Summit, another a matter reboot the system. Okay okay so the closer to citizenry with the system so he just talking to my ear settled on the summer on a break anyway so there you go else can you fill it filled the time a little bit to look back on so phone directing up. Yeah it happens every now and it's not every often though it does so we'll see. I'm there and redo the systems good so let's see question on CS Lewis. We got a question on the rapture on Job Job.

I guess the question in a Trinity question. Good stuff.

Matt's leg why call 770727 charismatic slave all right welcome back everybody. We had a check problem and it's resolved now. We lost all the callers. Five. If you want to give me a call.

Call back okay 87720722765 open lines. Right now we have got a call back. Now this issue of people seeing things when they guy about right before they die correctly.

My dad said the same thing that that was having my mom was on her deathbed, and I wasn't there, the time work and I was there in the evenings she's in two weeks. In the hospice and in past like what he's told me that she does, but he was there. She said to him who is that and she's pointing to someone by the wall at the foot of her bed and you know we don't know if that was real or just a hallucination or something that does happen but you know it's very is free, it's very common to supporting evidence is, I think for the support of the Christian God and the truth of Christianity. All right list on the air with Rick from Iowa hey Rick, welcome back.

The first one in line we got. I have heard of drug use only. They believe that people believe in the Trinity 11 got and I was getting hands that are not yet. It's called oneness theology, Jesus only stuff and that's heretical it's it's a cult movement. They say that the Trinity's three gods, but by definition, the Trinity is not three. God is one God in three distinct simultaneous persons.

So oneness Pentecostal United apostolic hold to the idea of one person, the Godhead, as does the cults of Christian science and Jehovah's Witnesses and Krista Delphine is him so they they hold that position because that's where this is God's only one person, but recently practicing saying this I can get it articulated better recently I've been having discussions with some some of the guys on why does God's and the guys means at some the people I know that we have is highfalutin discussions with off-line and stuff like that and chat rooms. Why is God Trinitarian Sicily have been wrestling with for months and this time the zombie figure on the morning of the more one of the things that I think is interesting is… Use the idea of the oneness of God with God is one person and that he's existed forever in the past.

Well then we have to ask questions about such a God like Islamic gods the same thing.

How does such a God. How was he personal because to be personal means self-awareness and as we understand personhood to have the awareness of yourself and others and the idea fellowship. The idea of of otherness is is an issue fellowship is part of the Trinitarian community. God the father, God the son God the Holy Spirit can have eternal fellowship with each other and so the fellowship is part and parcel to their nature, but of God is only one person will ship cannot be part of the nature because there is no one to have fellowship with the personhood in that sense, the plurality of person.

So there can be no essence of of fellowship that would exist within a single person being if there's no aspect of fellowship.

How can we have an aspect of love as well because love is other centered and love is something that is expressed as the nature of it. So if God is to be loving. How can he be loving if there's no one to love eternally. And if you still got a fellowship can he be a got a fellowship of his don't have fellowship eternally. So would have to say then that the eternal nature of a single person, God lacks the ability or lacks the deep natural inherent characteristic of fellowship and love and that will be a problem because then you're denying the true personhood of what such a thing would be that access the practicing hundred articulated better and better. But this is a problem that I'm seeing with the idea of the non-Trinitarian being and stuff that helps any oneness as is one person in which has major problems with the incarnation as well. It's called voltage. Thank you arrive and God bless. All right, let's get to Annie from North Carolina, Annie, are you there all right now. We got you going to cloak like a helix, I'm sorry about that happens in China, land that they really think that I lack and certain number might look like the kind 23rd at designated the water and day inhabiting Dan and getting hit on CL and on a referring speaking. Bill Bill dad so remember, you know this but Job is rooted in poetic form in the original Hebrew so it's and so when you write poetry you say things that carry meaning, but there often not to be taken extremely little really because many are not to be either but just because it's poetry that's part of the issue here, so the departed spirits all some apparently thought that the spirits went to places under the water, which is consistent with the idea of Scholl which people said was under the earth, so the water the earth. You know, underneath soap, just another version of the same thing as a dead goat down into Scholl and so under the water. Even as people would die in the oceans and go down under the water. Their bodies would sink so they would use these illustrations as where the dead were really where they are backing on a person called not laughed that right before that technical difficulty's that make a lot of interpretation and toilet. I assume so grateful for that call my wife appear at the office and tell her that that she's listening more that she had to go anywhere this and asked her do enjoy. Listen your husband and see what she says. I enjoy hearing about her and hearing her progress are getting better and you and her Ali in my prayers.

Thank you so much. You know I just have to give glory to God and thank everyone for praying for my wife who's got one of the rarest connective tissue disorders in the world and his magistrate. Yes it is. And there still some issues. Of course, but she's made great progress and the she can even do things on her own now pretty well, so we rely Lily walks you hold onto my arm and stuff that she has we think to open and carry them around for as a crutch and open things and carry things.

That's what I'm here for sure yet to be.

She's stuck with me to the world okay.

Take care, Matt arrived last all right was gone. The phones with Ryan from Utah or some call it Utah welcoming on the right iPod lack like offers. I like that they kind of annoying people like you like maybe with what he called Glenda on earth is it a comet, get a week. Talk about elected we got into it by topic and I made the comment that I thought there was a Scripture that that you're got an embryo is, of course you knew that there was not a Scripture that was the talk that thinking of that they think but I would let that not all core of our conversation. Did you know that James Talmage close that referenced in his book Jesus the Christ in bottom of page 501 yet and yet really yet to properly analyze is at its imprecatory Psalms of condemnation because the next verse and somebody to success. Nevertheless, you will die like men and that's what Jesus is referencing to the false teachers in John 1032, 34 so yet I get what whatever what I call that would talk about elected think after I read your suggested with Roman 921 we started to talk by the limited time is up, and I wanted that I believe actually it only if you're correct, I think I'm correct well let me explain. I'm obviously enough, I look at the Scripture. I'm totally make. That's why a lot of people might be to buy that it correct that the number of people that are elected are no and were known by God and that numbers never to change. However, we don't know in the world right now who is elected that I get the benefit people to action than as they step right in your opinion about what I believe that you believe that, but people who are elected can become stuck like we don't know who is and who is intellect but could be manifest as they accept this ad move along in the life and and and follow him. Therefore, they are elected, they don't fall away, but but I agree that the number of people who have been or known as elected were counted by the Savior, God get a chain felt when I said anyone can elect you well know, through that makes sense and that the number of people who are elected are kind of known but in some way that good. Anyone could be elected if they were willing to change and that's when you stub you know we stuck to the last that they don't become a lacks because they're willing to do something. The election of God is not based upon anything in the person is looking to the future to see who's in a do what he doesn't decide that I would choose this person for salvation because what I can do with that person or can't do that person whatever it is, God shows no favoritism. We talk about God knowing people understand that God only knows. Believers never knows unbelievers and we know that he knows all you have to do a word study and you find out that he says the argument. I never knew you. Get away from me and show Jeremiah 15 is that I know you know before they stop talking about Mormon preexistence talking but a salvation relationship that God's as I know you in this and I just you can just really want. I think I got Beverly do it before admitted that Scripture in the belly I knew the book out of the loop I think might be a prophet in the nation yes yeah I know I Mormons will say that what that is is that you had a preexistence, but this is the Dragon talk to you I can show you I can prove to you logically, biblically, that Mormonism is not possible to be true.

One of the ways is to go back I disagree no I can. One of the ways is nonserious because you have this incident regret, but I like that by giving your your understanding and your your doctrine that you not use the Bible to prove what kind of now look at, but you about different related units in the same the very basis of the organism is is self refuting. It says never run out of time here it says in a run that will run a talk about the modern talk about it because I got it eternal intelligences right, that right there is impossible is logically impossible to occur.

Is it possible will call back tomorrow will tell you why I was more me. I got something right. The Lord bless you. Sorry kid from Virginia and Eric tomorrow the Lord bless you by get back on your tomorrow

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