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The Great Mask Controversy

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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June 25, 2020 1:21 pm

The Great Mask Controversy

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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June 25, 2020 1:21 pm

The Great Mask Controversy

Through all of the protests, COVID-19 has persisted and it remains an issue.  On June 25, 2020, NC Governor Roy Cooper released an executive order stating that masks would be essential everywhere in the state.  Today, Steve talks about this

Great Mask Controversy and whether or not we should wear them. His answer may surprise you.


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Everyone is time for this noble show where the entity meets the everyday issues of life, your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true but no sacred 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve and now here's your host Steve Noble okay today following through today on math tuition which is spreading around the country like Tobit. 19 itself we have the math situation that spreading around the country. So what do you do about it. If you wear one for all you mask wears out there.

You wear a mask. Obviously you're afraid your fearful your follower government controlled you your lemming your ignorant and your week writes about exec Primus Coverdell okay if you don't wear one, all you rebellious non-mask wears out there there unloving your foolish your obstinate, you violate Romans 13. Obviously your ignorant your dangerous your selfish and you call yourself a Christian who supposed to love your neighbor. Have you guys as anybody else have those conversations anyone anyone anyone I tell you I am just all my cards on the table and if you tuned in today because you're expecting me to tell you exactly what you should do and why you're going to be disappointed because that's not my job.

I will offer all kinds of things to you today I will go through a lot of different angles here today hopefully will have the time to open up the phones because I want to hear from you today as well. On the whole mass situation, but now are dealing with here in the state of North Carolina and this is another places by the way, if you just think it's Gov. Cooper Gov. Abbott in Texas is moving in this direction as well, suggesting he hasn't put it into an executive order yet, but in a recent quote he was and yeah you know what people need that we should probably be beware mask I whenever we got in the public Gov. Abbott in Texas is no liberal right.

You know that so what are we doing what is going on here.

What should we do what should we not do and and I had a great conversation a little while ago with one of my ethics professors here at Southeastern talking about Romans 13 and and he he and I are in the same place you got your desire versus your will, his desire, he said. Listen, I I went into a grocery store earlier today and I put on a like a bandanna, cloth, masking, and everything inside of me didn't want to do it.

My desire was this is stupid. This is fear mongering. This is overreaching government and my desire was to blow it off but my will, which was to try to love my neighbor to try to honor authority to try to honor the that the general impression from Romans 13 to give the benefit of the doubt that our governor and other agencies are acting in what they think is the best interest of the people, and of the state then is will one out over his desire and he put on his bandanna or cloth mask or whatever and he went into the store and he came out and I'm in. It would appear that he was agitated and upset the entire time and that's exactly how I feel.

That's exactly every everything in me is kicking back against this because we've got, you know some people hey you have to wear mass to buy and sell well aware of. I heard that story before I get a sound like the mark of the beast and in we just go along with this stuff and we got the coping 19 thing the shutdowns and economic destruction is resolved and we have the protests and we have looting and way of writing all these different things and that all this stuff is is that overreaching government. And what about my rights. What about my rights well to start. This is where you're going to start to have some problems with Christianity and Western civilization. In this case, the United States of America is the nine states of America. We are all about our rights. We have God-given rights, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, governments are instituted not to establish those but to protect those but really think biblically, think theologically, get into the Scripture and show me your list of rights in the Bible. Go ahead, give me a give it a shot going to the Bible and show me your list of rights because that kind of language is incongruent with the gospel, where we dined ourselves we sacrifice. We prefer others over ourselves.

As a matter fact wheat we tend to give up our rights.

We deny ourselves as Christians so there's that call. Then there's the American call. There's the independence call. There's the overreaching government call and in some people want to act like Romans 13 means you obey the government into everything, all of it so why if that's true, and Paul wrote Romans 13 submit to the governing authorities right if that's true then why did Nero kill Paul if Nero said and I'm sure he did. Hey Paul, knock it off just like John and Peter brought before the Sanhedrin and they said quit preaching and that guys name and they said sorry we can't help but speak about that which we have seen and heard. Essentially, you do what you gotta do is working to do it we have to do that was with respect to the gospel now and the government says Romans 13 they say to a doctor they say to a pharmacist you supply RU-486 used by the day after pill hey Dr. you sent sonographer you help the abortionist at your job. That's part of the deal. The government says it's legal and you do it you can obey that law. Of course not.

So Romans 13 is not a blanket statement that you follow everything the government says because Scripture doesn't make that testimony. Scripture interprets Scripture so you can't look at Romans 13 ago okay.

That means whatever government tells you to do. You need to do. Nope, that's not it. But then he got a deal. Other passages of Scripture. And that's why this should be a challenge for us as Christians to deal with this now here North Carolina mandated by Gov. Roy crew Cooper under the emergency powers act that he continues to stretch out if your not a Star Wars fan you will get this, please like Emperor about the teams I will you know it's emergency powers and when emergencies overall set them down, but it a North Carolina emergency powers generally always was the last about 30 days. Well, not three months not four months and by the way some people have been like hey what's the Lieut. Gov. Dan Forest is running for governor.

What's he doing about all this. Well this just came out literally just came out Lieut. Gov. Dan for says he will sue Gov. Cooper over executive orders announces the intentions to sue Gov. Cooper for failing to uphold the law. Under the emergency management act.

Today I notified Gov. Cooper that is a member of the Council estate. I will be suing his administration for violating the emergency management act, governors repeatedly ignore the law enacting mandates that selectively target businesses and citizens of North Carolina without concurrence from a majority of the Council estate force is so there's that to what about the facemasks. Given that we come back, show pods on the theology folds and theology in here to talk about Romans 13 were to talk about neighbor lover going to talk about not causing others to stumble were to talk about our witness versus our rights and our Americanism and gosh darn it. For a lot of people. I don't want the government telling me what to do. Listen I we homeschool and I am my own business.

I've always been self-employed for the most part since I was about.

I don't know 26 eight so I don't like people telling me what to do on the last of four kids. I just don't you want you want me to go eat that the smartest place in the world is to go right down that road right there. Steve, my natural inclination is to go. I'm not good on that road, because you told me to go down that route. So there's a part of me that's I got a rebel nature man totally beyond just typical human rebellion. I have a rebel nature do not like to be told what to do. Ask anybody that's in my family as my wife as my kids is people that know me well yeah I'm just not easily compliance person and then there's that other thing that Christianity thing and then that gets in the way so working to try to unpack as much of that today is possible.

As I was mentioning we got to Gov. Cooper.

This is Executive Order 147 Danforth just came out just not that long ago this afternoon saying he suing the governor violating the emergency management act because is not using the Council estate. He's gonna run in loosey-goosey hair which I would agree with from a constitutional perspective, emergency powers for any governors only supposed to last generally about 30 days. I don't know if that's actually in the North Carolina Constitution but on and on and on and you say hey now there's this new cortical law.

Show me the law showed somebody show me the face but facemask law, North Carolina one you want to not don't don't waste your time. There isn't one day there is a one there's a law. Laws are passed by the legislature with a majority vote in and signed or vetoed by the governor. This is that's not so. Is this a law that you can disobey.

It is not. It's an executive order an executive order is questionable. Okay so there's constitutional legal issues.

There then there are health issues so I mention this on the break for Facebook live that you've got to get somebody everybody sending me videos and stuff. And for those of you that do that.

I appreciate that I don't look at all of them and I get a lot of the same ones like this guy. That's an OSHA training person that an oxygen level test without so OSHA says got have 19.5% oxygen, and the work area to be safe. Anything below. That's not a safe work area OSHA okay so he does the testing you to stand in their room somewhere not exerting himself anything he does a little test it right by his mouth comes out of 20.5%. Okay, say great. Then he puts the surgical facemask on he does the same exact test puts the nozzle in the exact same place and it drops down to 17 per import .4%. Remember, OSHA says 19.5% is the minimum to have a safe work area. The thing he's using start sleeping by my my my me me me in as I go. That's the alarm because now you got an unsafe environment because your surgical master structure oxygen level from 20.5 down to 17.4, 15% drop which OSHA would say is hazardous okay okay so you got that stuff going on and then I'm I've looked so many doctors so many epidemiologists of the stuff for the last three months, now my ears are right. I hope I never have to deal with the subject again once you get past the season if we actually do before Jesus comes back and there's not really an overall consensus because where there's upsides to it.

There's downsides to it in the whole mass situation almost hundred percent is about.

If you have it, especially if you haven't don't know it you're protecting other people because it's blocking your spit. Let your droplets from going out okay surgical master and protect you from getting it because they're not look the loosefitting okay doesn't protect and a 95 mass protect you can bring it in, but it doesn't do anything for you sending it out because in an and 95 mass doesn't filter what's going your exhale does not filter that filters what covenants lets the Mack daddy PPE okay most people are run around one of those. But if he is a classmate covering or surgical master depleting yourself of oxygen, which is bad and you're not keeping yourself from getting but if you have it pretty good case can be made that you are disrupting that droplet pattern in your helping other people. Okay so there's that. But it's not clear cut anywhere across the board.

Okay, I looked at Mayo Clinic.

I'm looking OSHA stuffing like a setting at the stuff coming year. Right then, you've gone's the threat of the doctors but so things are going up that's true, they don't just start yelling fake news that's true daily state-by-state is going up.

We are doing more testing. But the question is, is the testing staying about the same rate of positives or is it going up in some places going up north going is not coming down yes were doing more testing, but the positive results are not coming down so people will say all there's more task is like for example, yesterday, June 24 38,386 new cases in the United States, which is the highest level we've ever seen except for April 24 when there were 39,000 cases. So we came down it was downed on June 14 the 20,000 new cases days before that 19,000 cases and it shot back up. As you lease appreciate out in LA with the Los Angeles County public health director saying is highly likely that the George Floyd protest because the coronavirus bike up there. Of course all the governors including Cooper here North Carolina rely Kate.

We supported a bunch of doctors and on what they are doctors and scientists.

Liberals obviously came out and said hey you know what these anti-stay-at-home of protests was a dangerous but the George Floyd protest the racism protests.

Those things are actually good for public health. So were knocking to apply our concerns about facemask wearing to those protests. Those are okay, but those ones that you reopen people you're dangerous and that's a problem in their mostly white supremacist that was actually what they set a bunch of doctors and scientists I know in the came out on about a month ago so that's insanity is out there.

So now there's the concern stated North Carolina.

This is in Gov. Cooper's Executive Order 147.

I read through this thing which is one of watch paint dry would be better use of your time anyway. All concerned about ICU beds, North Carolina so friend of mine who happens to be with the truth radio network.

Smart guy. Thank you, Mike. There's 3512 ICU beds in North Carolina, 35% of the hospitalized COBIT patients go to ICU. So even if all of them, all the COBIT patients. We had only 35% of them asked to go to the ICU 3512 ICU beds, North Carolina's only 10% of all ICU beds, North Carolina would cover all the COBIT people that I should go to ICU 11 ICU emergency when people say that our hospitals are being overrun. Go find me an article in the last 30 days, that shows any hospital in America is being overrun right now there isn't one.

Okay I looks pretty good on the computer. There isn't one. So what's the deal here and end up in the $64,000 question is what we do as Christians writes on coming up on a break, I want to give you a chance to sound off because I know you want to say something that would open up the phones and I just want you to to call in and share will you or will you not follow the governor's mandate of wearing a facemask and why or why not okay and I'm knocking to get into it with you. I'm knocking to beat you up. I'm knocking a debate with you. I just want to see what you think will you will you not why or why not 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH 7884 866-34-TRUTH will you follow the governors orders or will you defy him yes or no.

Why or why not.

866348 788-448-6634 truth will be right back in. You often ask, is this the hill you want to die on my got a guy and every hill I encounter is that the hill to die on the hill of where facemask don't wear face messes that Hilda Diane you one of this your moment.

Is this your I just watch the patriot the other day for like the umpteenth time is just for Mel Gibson moment. Everybody's retreating all the cowards are retreating there putting on your facemask you rip off your facemask. He grabbed the American flag charge right into Gov. Cooper's office to say I will not yield to this tyranny is that your moment that's out that's that's what I want to do. That's my desire is to say, you know, go pound sand, Gov. Cooper, I'm knocking to be controlled by the government. Are you kidding me you guys the government is getting bigger and better all the time and this is just another step in that direction but is it really that simple. Is it really that black-and-white. That's the challenge for all of us. If you tuned in the day expecting your buddy Steve if you're Christian your brother in Christ need to tell you exactly what to do. That's not can happen through a bunch of stuff that you were to contemplate some things but I'm knocking a table to do okay I'll tell you what I'm doing and what I'm doing is evolving. I hate that word. Let's jump on the phones and see what's going on to where or not to wear. That is the question why or why not. As I think most of us are struggling with this.

Let's go to Tracy's call in and for Raleigh, Tracy los Tracy let's go to Camas, and from Kerry Kim, thanks for calling.

Go ahead and call and you are to hear from you Kim. I want all I wanted to know what I wanted to believe I had tried all the where I first started I was not wearing a Mac and I walked into an Asian shoe repair shop and no greeting me with all my gear away, walked out and picked out rail that you want to die back you're going to bring people of your debt where your ear here by money and by displaying walk back in there and I owe you an apology. I'm better than I that is more important that I died wherever I go.

I am very careful with the way I want people to me my drink, but I went in my bed I went and you respectfully and I'm very careful with taking off my hearing or putting on when I don't respect people will my right here my heart when I'm trying share the love of God with them. More important than winning off such a great point Kim what your website can call awesome. Thanks for calling and says I appreciated great points are welcome is always cool talk to you later. Thanks much.

Can God bless you and see now there's something you just boiling you like, I'll never vote for her. Are you kidding me again. This is the conflict between walking your your Christian life out and walking your American life out they aren't always in the same pot okay there's problems here and by the way, that's the deal in the world not of the world.

This isn't your home.

If you're a follower of Christ.

If you're born again, this is your home. This should not feel super comfortable to you ever again remember that and in and Kim made great points and I really appreciate gospel above personal rights. My witness to somebody about personal rights and my conscience and is is that Hilda Diane stuff, but these are tough days and there only get tougher survive good at keep having these conversations, let's jump to our dairy call in and from North Carolina dear your honesty.

Go ahead. Yeah I don't think anything wrong with but I do believe that I don't like about our talk about the grip you never hear about the hospital being overrun for heel dial I'm perfect that Blackley conflict when it comes to electing the best one out, but right now I'm going why my ass because I think the right thing to do. I think they know they know not to wear one think. Growth of art here. Anything but it's not what it thinks is the media trying right.

It is not quite as bad as the major would lack of public yeah that's that's the challenging thing about it dairy. Appreciate your call and ensure that those are great points is that you got again. I said this before. Steve Day said this a few weeks ago and is on the show, you got the coronavirus and he got the coronavirus agenda you have science in the knee of scientism which is politics and philosophy. Okay, so all the stuffs and play, which is why we need to be praying for wisdom and discernment all the time. These are very crazy, dark, disturbing days, misinformation, disinformation, lack of information.

Boy do we have to we have to be really careful here right to be very careful here is what's more important your rights as an American citizen or your role as a follower of Jesus Christ. Let's go to George's call in and from North Carolina, George honesty, thanks for call go right ahead.

Yeah, you're on George, thanks, go ahead and you will wonder where Matt going to. I don't believe it. I don't believe it should be mandatory. You know, there are uncomfortable and I don't think it stopping anything good about don't completely believe the media so that, and that's one of those points and George appreciate you calling in is is that you know you got the media thing in there okay and you do some study you do some research to find out like my buddy Jay McMichael is on Facebook like today sky like a diaper you know diaper keeps poop in you know that's that's really the point of the mass. If you haven't don't know it, meaning ~19 it will help keep you from spreading it because it's blocking your droplets okay now we'll talk about droplets now so that's one thing that generally I agree with that make sense to me. It does not protect you from getting okay loosefitting ass your bandanna your T-shirt whatever cute thing you bought on at sea. That's not effective for protecting you okay and then for people that I now go through this in the last segment. All these exceptions get a headache, which can happen because you depleting your oxygen exit below the levels that the OSHA that OSHA says is even healthy. Okay so I got a stewardship issue there because you're not. You're not a good steward of your veil of your body. Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit rights you're supposed to take care yourself and putting a mask on and wearing it for extended period time depletes the amount of oxygen you're getting.

It also has some other problems with bacteria gathering inside the mask and Allison your not take good care yourself and you can make a case that that's a violation of Scripture. See that easy go to Tracy's gone and Tracy call back. I think Tracy or honesty. Thanks for calling. Go ahead. Thank you. I am not where okay like what we build are not an adult way that we great, but need to wear back the wanderer unit compromised or or and high risk category.

I think the rest never go about open yeah and that's a whole that's a whole thing. Tracy appreciate you taking the time to call in and share that today if you want to jump in on this 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH I know a lot more about immunology now than I did five months ago and that's a good thing and that's are another one of our problems to shelter at home stuff you see keep everybody at home which compromises your immune system is your body the way God designed it.

You know he's pretty smart the way God designed it is working to deal with bacteria in all kinds of things coming at us and then your body receives the threat and then build up an immunity to it and you don't worry about it again.

That's the way it works. And so if you hide shelter at home and hide your immune system gets weaker and then when you come back out, especially in the fall or in the winter you come out with a weakened immune system. Guess what, you get sick and there's a whole Lotta people, now you know again and I can take the time to do this, would you look at the death rates 43% of the deaths nationwide 43% have been in rest homes, rest communities, elderly care, 43% in like 75% of all deaths nationwide have been 65 and above, yet were not letting our kids go anywhere and do anything which is not good for their immune system to by the way, this is there's so much going on here and it's hard to find a clear way through. So there's the health side there's the governmental side there's the overreaching governmental side there's the Christian side which is trying to render unto Caesar what is Caesar trying to submit to the governing authorities trying to maintain a good witness trying to love your neighbor well it's all in play. All the same time, we've never I've never experienced. Like with all the other stuff that were not talk about greater wisdom and discernment with Steve Noble will be right back where man or don't wear a mask. Your loving your foolish or obstinate. You violate Romans 13 are ignorant or dangerous or selfish and will care about anybody. You call yourself a Christian looking witnesses that in a damned if you do and damned if you don't that's what's going on here.

Thanks so were working through it as the governor comes out. Here's exemptions.

By the way that him to get to our two callers are quick, here's the exceptions. This is all done on this is actually says this is all done on kind of that's beyond it's okay the honor system actually says that the governor's order here North Carolina exceptions medical or behavioral condition or disability, including but not limited to, any person who has trouble breathing or is unconscious or incapacitated is otherwise unable to put on and remove the basement okay okay is under 11 years of age is actively eating or drinking, so obviously restaurant is strenuously exercising. That's an exception you don't want to do that is seeking to communicate with someone who is hearing impaired in a way that requires amount to be visible is giving a speech for a broadcaster to an audience. That's what I'm doing right now is working at home or is in a personal vehicle.

So if you're wearing a mask when you're driving on this that the city and I see you out there. I'm always like what I literally do in my car.

I yell what you are asking your own car for is temporarily removing his or her face covering to secure government or medical services. Services are for identification purposes course would be at risk from wearing a face covering at work, as determined by local, state or federal regulations or workplace safety guidelines number 10 has found his or her face covering is impeding visibility to operate equipment or vehicle or 11 is a child whose parent guardian, a responsible person has been unable to place the face covering safely on the child's face anyone who declines to wear face covering for these reasons should be required to produce documentation or any other proof of condition. Yeah so the wrong way should not be required if you walk into a store, here's a test for you Christian. If you choose, you can lie about this, and you walk in a store and say I'm sorry up Debbie mask on and just say actually under the governor's executive order. If you really want to play hardball.

Tell him under the governor's executive order executive order 147 section 2 items see the exceptions I fall underneath the exemptions on the governor's order so I actually don't have to wear a mask and they have to take you at your word and then if you're lying.

Well, that's between you and the Lord under this executive order, all North Carolinians will be on the honor system about whether or not there's a reason why they cannot wear face covering enforcement citations under this section shall be written only to businesses, organizations that fail to enforce the requirement to wear face coverings that's for their employees as well as their customers. Lesson quest customer you claim they can't do it if you fit under these exceptions to law enforcement personnel are not authorized to criminally enforce the face covering requirements of this executive order against individual workers, customers or patrons of a cop stops you anywhere and says why don't you have your mascot and you say that I fall under the exceptions. They can't do anything. Okay they can't do that. However, part three of section F section 2. However, of a business organization does not allow entry to a worker customer or patron because that person refuses to wear face covering that worker customer patron enters the premises or refuses to leave the premises.

Law enforcement personnel may enforce the trespassing laws and any other laws applicable. If you walk in there and say I'm not wearing it and I don't claim an exception go pound sand, and they can call the police and the police combust you for trespass fund doesn't go over to Greensboro, North Carolina.

Think you so much for calling him and I can't see your name what's your name I like a lot of you.

Oh I love it fail. Thanks for calling it go right ahead. Now all that I am going worker Matt number one offered a person that is often been ordained by God, and really don't understand everything that God is up to what we all required to be governed by the law law that the word of God go you every individual was probably $1000 where they where they could not agree that they did not help before you go where it please give me a break just to gratefully feel. I appreciate you calling in and share your wagon that thousand dollars a lot there you go, and I think we would find pretty much across the board complacent are not complacency, but people I think would go along with the field think so much for calling and appreciate that interesting test. If I were to pick if you're like I am not wearing a mask.

I'll give you thousand dollars monthly wear window no okay that we go up. Don't be surprised fail that's really funny and maybe not at they come up with a stimulus package. Remarkable.

Let's go. Paul is calling from north Carolina. Paula, thanks for calling. Sorry to keep you on hold for a while. Go ahead okay okay I have not been wearing a map of the wait that I've been home and out of work. I don't wear it now if I walk into an establishment that requires it.

I haven't found one yet.

I would, I would put one on and off guard because you like the lady that called earlier if I called fear and someone else and they I would see then I would gladly do it for them because I'm not out to call here for somebody else a personal way.

I think you know I'm one of people I met 67 on that risk supposedly of dying it out every year I get that correct about the flu and I'm not seeing much difference. I can't say really. I know people are dying but did they did but nobody talking about it and every year that's going to calm that we can't we can't just shut down like the call that we can't, and not now. I have up my standard valued by Anders. You have cleanly washed and you that I'm cognizant in a white now that I was so I'm thinking that when the plot so and the other thing about being find you know what the scary thing about that is government can keep finding us for everything they are likely walk down our sidewalk and then you know when do we as Christians draw the line that the other topic. Yeah, that's a legitimate concern. Paula, thank you so much for calling an share in that. God bless you. I'm sorry that you lost your job and I pray that the Lord is comforting you and this time please Lord, do that for Paula and help her get her job back your new job yes in Jesus name, amen. So that again this comes back to let me land this play, or at least try to. It comes back to okay here's here's Ram and this is from a conversation I had earlier today with one of my senior ethics professors out here at the seminary. He went into a store earlier today. He and I are on the same exact nature everything in him wanted to just government overreach fear-based crazy no scientific consensus Bubba Bubba blah and take a hike. I'm not I'm not kowtowing to governor Cooper. I'm not kowtowing to any government official telling me how I should live my life.

Okay, forget it.

So his desire was no mask government overreach, but his will. One out and he put on his bandanna, which was not really protecting him at all and perhaps is protecting other people. If he has it doesn't know okay, because you're trying to deal its middle management right droplet management so his will, which was to deny himself, which was to not cause others to stumble, which is trying to trying to honor the heart of Romans 13, Romans 13, by the way, does not tell you to obey every little single thing that the government tells you to do because those things sometimes are clearly in conflict and in Romans 13. Look at Paul himself, who was killed by Nero, so obviously Paul didn't comply with what they wanted him to do same thing with John and Peter in front of the Sanhedrin and the good and the Romans 13 thing isn't all encompassing. Okay you wisdom and discernment. There what you want to try to follow that reserve render unto Caesar what is Caesar's you want to try to follow that you want to try to honor that this is a in in in general honoring authority over you. Okay, in general, same thing but honor your father, mother, that's what that flows out and then you don't want to cause other people to stumble.

You don't want to.

If you're Christian could harm your witness with all the non-Christians that you know are people around you because you're like you're claiming your rights as American citizen to heck with this covert government overreach. I'm knocking a cow towel and knocking about the knee.

Bubba Bubba blah all that kind of stuff and connect. And that harm a witness and you not even know it. Yes, it can that on the other person will that's where my flesh would go what you're thinking less of me as a Christian because I will wear a face mask. What kind of idiot are you show me where Jesus handled anybody other than the Pharisees that way to deep pretty hammer hammer the religious bigmouth of the day the self-righteous hammer anybody else. He was very direct, told the truth is truth got harder. The crowds got smaller okay to get a deal that right to try to grab one more call here, I don't have much time, about a minute.

Christie, thanks for calling and I'll have about a minutes ago. Go read holding one at the end of the show, but you could try to call back tomorrow if you would like. I wanted down there okay Chrissy I'll send me a note on Facebook.

I appreciate that semi-note on Facebook and but I certainly appreciate so there's a challenge right to make you sick freaks you out. You can't do it don't do it go.

Following the exceptions within the other decision not to make that II want to blow the whole thing off. I want to serve my independence.

I want to tell the governor and the government most likely making the world

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