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Leaps of Faith

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue
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June 23, 2020 12:27 pm

Leaps of Faith

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue

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June 23, 2020 12:27 pm

TC and his wife, Lynn, discuss family life, their joint mission of working against human trafficking, and TC's time in law enforcement.

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Lantern Rescue

Hello this is Matt slick from the match looked like a podcast ready from the Christian faith and lay out our foundational truths of God's word for chosen Truth Network podcasts of starting in just a few seconds.

Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network welcome to lantern risk. A ministry program dedicated to bringing light into the darkness of human trafficking. It's time to light the way to freedom. This is lantern risk. We tell the stories we talk about rest and we empower you to do something about it was once said, let it not be said I was silent when they need this welcome to lantern rescue and where like that up today I'll tell you with lantern, as we've had this group in the studio we got to know the families that make up the team of lantern rescue. They go in and and do they is a tactical aspects of that and actually I know there's one of these, that if you're the host and you had a chance to spend time with all these different families that you like.

I'm wondering about this guy, you know, because everybody else seems quite vocal, but in and in and but then there's always the guy that you like. I wonder what's going on behind the scenes there somewhere. We got TC and his wife Landon, and yet if you list the previous episode of the wives. Oh my goodness. The story that Lynn told about her own in an opportunity to minister to people involved in sex trafficking and Thailand presently and what a story, so we may get into that a little bit more that we today we get to find out what's behind TC so welcome TC hello and so and I'm definitely curious of you what's what goes in the background of how God was taking TC and and and and maybe in your own salvation story or maybe in your occupation story where you think that that that training really say for long time so part of part of my makeup I think is just never really liked the boy never really liked people who could not fend for themselves to be taken advantage of.

Even when I was young I eventually going to law enforcement and actually the organization I worked for. I was a sister organization to Allen's organization so he was on the penal side. I was actually feeding people into his system so we didn't know that until later section of my me asking it even where my father hated the bully to say that he aided the bully would almost be an understatement. And it was something I was brought up with, because there was something in his story. The reason he hated a bully and so I can't help but be curious. Is there something in your own life, but that that you experience that nationally actually know I really wasn't the bullying type just exist in even my DNA regards given so that I might have mean when you wrote.

Can you imagine when you're 10 or 11 years old you saw somebody being bullied and you jumped in and I can say that. Sorry, that's okay. I'm just curious. I my I grew up from and I you know the American Christian would sometimes that's a sometimes that's a great thing.

Sometimes it's a little bit on silver Spanish by maybe the world's standards, but I grew up great had a great home didn't know abuse snowballing none of that, but it really that kind of environment where directing the launchpad to do things that Anna, my dad used to say a couple things and was doing the same thing redundantly said that he said be sure you're right. Go ahead, or it's always right to do the right thing and so for me that was the baseline to do things that really are scary or dangerous or out there by some people standing so I always move forward with that. And so as a as a Christian and with those that was my launchpad to do more so Lynn how old are you guys when you met so is our first year and Bible college. I would have been next 17 years to get a story. They know how to what is now. We met on the basketball court. I was boxing him now and he kinda thought I was legal sees Jango and I thought about how you are you yeah you are you out there reinventing people. When I first darted dating him. They really are you dating him. He looks so mean as a Gdansk network data does any sleaze teddy bear and I think this is. He has a heart for people.

And you would never know that just looking at him and to get to know him that in our family. He's the easy-going teddy bear and I'm not. I'm not the nice one now that he is that you know as I was saying. He is the one I was gonna wonder what's going on behind the you know the headlights there that you knows if your car guy under the hood and I what's going on. He's attending, so it but interestingly even heard people time by their testimonies and and at some point time, your faith became real to you. It was no longer father's and and and and so can you take us back to what that felt like for you in your life. So I was saved super young like five if you can remember being five actually think about that sometimes I really so and being young like that. I got saved." I got saved about thousand times more and I really really really really want to get saved really mean at this time. So I did a lot of that. But I never really had a falling away per se got to get you guys going to Bible school that is in the a pastor for about couple years and I'm like an African-American youth cop thing.

Sally jumped in the law enforcement. From there, how much is a righteous kind of inner direction to go in. So when you were in your career that is similar to what you're talking about with Alan digit did you see God's involvement at that point in the opinion that the I'm never my my legs is neither Christian or secular. I don't have that I don't have a dichotomy that mine is it's it's a Christian life and and surely I do this all do II sang and have many weakness and things like that but my job but my career was just my life. My Christian life.

It's it's what I did. I loved it on seismic parole and so the actual helmet prepare me for what I'm doing now is I was more of a street rat where Allen's crew is highly trained in synchronizing things like that. I have the training we do. Building clearing but I wrote a four or five guys we dress like smocks and limited houses and chase fugitives and run the streets and running the bars, which is a lot of what we do now side. I chase kids all over certain city and the rest of them to go to jail and set a Lynn Wallace is going on where you similar to Tammy that your thinking and I got God made my husband for more than this or where you think he was rightness call, I think he is writing is calling you and only first heard about trafficking. Like you said we knew we are going to do it. Somehow, someway some day and were just waiting for the right time to to pull the pin and he was struggling to continue with a full-time job and be able to have enough time off to go out of country and rescue so he was working constantly to get enough hours and to be able to take time off and it was just hard on everyone because he was working so many hours so he stopped his full-time job as of January 1 of this year and while accident that led to greatness move. I imagine for your family. I'll yeah I'm a planner and I like I am the budget person and so yeah I was like scared to death in a way that God's grow in my faith in ways I can't, I would have never learned. I think and is teaching me all kinds of stuff that his essence RTC you saw your wife when she came home from her time it was a Taiwan, Thailand, Thailand will start with tie. Finally, I'm sorry but so she came home from Thailand and like my goodness you saw what this did for heart that that play into your where you felt God was leaving you essentially what you saw your wife's apartment we have as a family taking this on. We've adopted a couple girls and so it's it's really the family's way she with the Thailand highly encourage that. But she also she volunteers her to organizations here in the states where she does things and help them raise money in a supportive of antitrafficking efforts right here in the state so when is doing a ton of things even just the stability of the home for family members told kids in the house so the stability of all that sometimes doesn't seem as glamorous as jumping on a plane, but the stability of the work that she does is nonstop so so wow I was nowhere.

You have tell us about those children. So we have two adult kids that are grown and married and have children and we have two adopted girls from Ethiopia, so we've had them for nine years and I don't know I guess we feel like we they were in a failed adoption and needed a home right away and so we feel like it was a rescue through adoption and we met them on a Sunday and Wednesday.

They were living with us. I hardly had time to get the room painted and figure out my life and in I had curly hair and all kinds of stuff coming into the house and I had no idea how to deal with and it was quite a thing is quite a thing. But we love and we love our girls and their awesome and so can you describe a little bit about your role now with these other organizations so I volunteer in advance. I sell the jewelry and homemade goods that women out of the country make to earn a living, so they don't have to go back into that industry. So I do, parties, dinners, benefit dinners, whatever I can do. I'm on the list to they can call me.

I take gifts to some of the girls at work in the local clubs like you did and what you did in Thailand where you cannot hear You can do here.

You can do that here and so is there an organization you do that with. I do things with peace, promise. I do things when she's somebody's daughter and women at risk international those three cell piece, promise, and she's somebody's daughter, both local to where we live, and they have different events that go on throughout the year at that's wonderful, that's just amazing what I have a lady that I interviewed what used to be a madam and and she ended up going to Turkey and get involved. This huge drug deal and she ends up in Turkish prison. Somebody smuggles in the Bible. She gets converted and then she now does that work where she goes into nightclubs because she understands of the level that you know I know of of of what really all the evil that's involved in that. And interestingly, there's evil on both sides that I was aware of until I talked to her that you have the evil of the man that are obviously taken advantage of the women but the women are taken advantage of the men, often introducing them to drugs and stuff to get the hook so they just keep coming back for the and and so then we talked about the women trafficking to see if you guys run into where men were getting trafficked in some way or other logged into five countries to do the work for those interested in the first one the first hundred been to a couple times Pakistan and so that was more labor trafficking. We saw little bit more than that, but basically, in effect, those there were families there were men there who were being trafficked today released a part of a massive concerted effort to keep them enslaved.

So in that sense, yes, we cannot simply be just one little boy another country events if it was was in the public the sex slave industry audit (Morland and rescue #some lights with TC and Lynn faith-based organization that conducts international rescue operations for people suffering from human trafficking lantern specializes in sending former US special operations law enforcement and intelligence personnel department with host nations and assist them in reading specialized units combat ongoing security, genocide, terrorism and human track is a nonprofit charity.

They offer services free of charge. Human trafficking is thrown into the second largest elective in the world reaching an estimated $50 billion in annual activity lantern rescue was developed rapidly to combat track and operates through a train international network in order to rescue women and children, sex and labor slavery and facilitates ballistic aftercare service are gearing up for operations right now and you can go to lantern with a large see how you can support welcome back to lantern rescue.

Today we are blessed to have the whole team with us in the studio but specifically PC it is wife Lynn and insight foundation of what got Heather in his heart human track and so you know the stories it is very intriguing to me that you referred the first segment is TC reach this tipping point of him to quit my job like what and what I find fascinating is I'm listening to both sides of the story. If you're me you like will lens the one who said that this friend came over and gave her this advice, but then she can you kinda take us to that point Lynn that we had. We had friends that live in New York City and work with the homeless people there and they had done something similar and just just went and did it and he can't he send us you guys have been standing on the edge of the table for years now, but you're not jumping off.

And yeah it that's not faith. So you need to jump off the table and start doing what you know God wants you to do and so that's I sanded TC I'm finally jumping off the table, but can we just know that you have a part-time job away for for your full-time job.

Can you just please have something and he didn't.

He jumped often. I went with them in so here we are so TC obviously you have a side to that story you were reading a book.

There was is reading a book that was recommended to me by my brother called all the places you go by John or bird and it's about open doors. I'm actually my Christian life. I've always struggled with the open-door theology because you can turn a door and an open or closed them all kinds of cool things but really brought it back to Scripture and how you know Jesus talking to churches in the beginning of Revelation and I said, but here's things you do here is and it is these opportunities in so was very very clear to me to get my behind going in rescuing and starting to friend the other day you look men you've always been a restless soul because of that guy is always something around an expander on the next corner, which sometimes drives Lynn crazy but is true and so I know part of that restlessness is a God-given thing that I stopped worrying about the guy don't bow and I want to and out.

They say that when you burn the ships behind you, like you know you have landed that that there you go.

Now your values done it at at and I host another Circle K number suits in which is housed out take your passion and used to build the kingdom of and so may times I see somebody this partnerships and said okay now this is what I feel like you put on my heart to go to, you know, here we go. And so here we are were six months for five months into this adventure so as to where we got really Lynn, where, when, I can give you examples because I started keeping a notebook and I is I just never my faith has never had to be tested like we've always had a paycheck coming into the bank account and so I started painting and cleaning to make money and I enjoy painting, enjoy cleaning. You don't have to be super smart to do it, but there's a lot of people who don't laugh, painting, or cleaning so I've been shocked at his own word-of-mouth and I just keep getting calls and I quote a job and I I start to like people. The men I talked to them and so that I don't quote them when I'm supposed to quote them, and I quote, and way under and they know that and so when I'm done with the job. They say you know here's an extra thousand because you really should have charged us 1400 and you only charges 400 and that kind of stuff happens all the time like I think I'm going to make 200 and I make seven I and that's just got this just died. Doing that for us about you to say what have you seen financially in hours and as a result, this is due no jumped in our soot was served on one of the earlier shows that just because God causes something, doesn't mean it will be easy and simple. And it is not, nor is it supposed to be. I'm unfortunately I think it's a bit of an American Christian idea that you know which it should make sense and should be a straight line in a clear path. This is not the case is not supposed to be the case. And so it hasn't been, you know we we got going early on had were actually quite busy for a while and then the new world error codes pandemic that we find ourselves and has change things and I at times have been at least massively frustrated with what I'm able to do. I'm like okay God did you not only to do this in I come supposed to get some kind of a special flyer to go around the world to stop so I've had to.

I've had to rest in Jesus's control and land so yeah I'm landscaping again by word-of-mouth and doing work and it's been great and I can come and go as I please.

With those organizations which is hard to find.

To do so. God has really and in one of the things God has said is what are you willing to do to rescue. Are you willing to give up the badge and pick up a shovel and willing to do that in order to help people and bad places and so I have a zillion ton of ego regards trimming off so it's continuing to get trimmed yet is FF and by having experienced his handiwork with the scissors fit yeah you know the beauty of it, though obviously if if you could see their eyes, which I can as you can see in of that they've seen something God has shown them something you know in in the hearts of the people and in you now can you go back to that, but the scene in the in the bar with the pole dancers and there's the madam and can you come to take us back in their Lynn in and share with us what you saw what I thought the madam would be angry at us for having the girls come down and not working but she was actually right over there with us and wanted her gift bag as well and we put lotion on her hands and feet as well. She was just older and past her prime. So she couldn't. That's not how she earned money anymore so I just feel like no matter how old you are worried then in life you just somebody they just want someone to love them, so she just she wanted hugs as well and we we buy drinks for everybody coaxing whatever and spend money so that she wouldn't get in trouble and you shall not that's that's what we did again in order for a battle is not against flesh and blood in it so hard just to keep that in mind that that it these people are deceived and semi-different prisons.

That we can get ourselves into. And like Mark said in that one episode that you know only by the grace of God I find myself in and trapped in some of the stuff that these people have fit up.

You know you only you have your stories to, as some wondering because it is love asking questions like this if when you're on the street going after parolees to remember a time that like God clearly said this one's for me to see my story that actually made me famous or infamous, depending on which side of the community. The remora worked a buddy and I were out one night looking for and absconded. He was sound out and he was is all strapped in a gun strapped up as we would say we rolled up. He was actually on the corner talking disseminate and my partner and I got out and, having cornered will heat he got in a car is doing driveway so I stepped in front of the car to keep him from leaving the put it in drive inserted bump on my knees and he was gonna run me over so I jumped on the head of the car and he took me three blocks about 50 miles an hour before I get off so that was that. I made the news there and that was the thing for a while. I've seen that on Starsky and Hutch, I'm pretty sure this is interestingly enough, my partner and I were actually called that in the place right works and so I just picture this scene right here your hold on for dear life and he's obviously you know did he get apprehended on me. We gotta know what happened while I honestly this probably isn't good for Christmas. I was going to shoot him.

Actually, I remember our ticket every listener can see why at the time I was appendix during my guns is actually laying on my pistol and every time I would go to reach where he would shake the will and were literally like okay literally face-to-face. He finally stopped, let me off in the week we caught we actually caught in later years she spit my face right before the arrest.

On the every gun he still in federal penitentiary to let me get this stuff and see all my goodness he stops and let you off. What is that feel like like okay you get off now him and what what you mean.

He stopped and let you off the literally stop through four blocks later, my partner and commandeered a car he was trying to catch since he was yelling at me and also to do something once a month but anyways we were asked to try to track and we had reconvened got more law enforcement are going to get me actually showed up. We we did we do after that. And then he spits in your face lacked. And so what if God had for you at them handcuffs.

As you get this vital truth. Here are my interest is interestingly enough, so that the twisting that story resist his family, but usually being prejudice because of all of that which I thought was incredulous that you got investigated because of those claims to my employer which I guns are exonerated and things like that but you as has been said just because you're doing the right thing doesn't mean that simple reason exist. It's not supposed to be that way. And it isn't so when he comes home at night and hunting and I believe what you remember that night I I remember all of that happening and I was, I think I thought was pretty cool. I mean I kid I was picturing the whole thing in my head I was guiding get run over. So he had to jump on our yeah yeah what he and I do what he can do and I can hold on. I don't so if you listen you. You can save it. There is a certain amount of bravery that comes with faith like wow if you get a step off and in and in take this on for real, it's gonna take courage and you can hear how God made is been well met up in the team of lantern rescue and so you know what, what does that look like in my inner goblet will what what you want me to know. Step off the table as Lynn put it in a lap. How is it that I can engage clearly we know we can be an engaging in prayer for TC Lynn and Ian on the entire lantern rescue team.

But what is rest of that look like it's it's an amazing thing to go on these adventures with God and it won't be used by fan, I can assure you the exciting is if you know it brings life brings life and so remember what lantern are so grateful for listed today and let us take us all the ventures to see without thickness to rescue those who need our help. This is the Truth Network

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