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The Moses Principle | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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June 22, 2020 8:00 am

The Moses Principle | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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June 22, 2020 8:00 am

There is a spiritual battle for the minds of our children. They are being systematically seduced by the enemy, who wants to destroy our homes. In this message, Adrian Rogers analyzes the “Moses Principle” in Hebrews 11, to reveal how we can guard our hearts and protect our homes.

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What's the difference between lust and love.

Listen to Adrian Rogers nothing more harmful to the ability to love them, you say God wants you to live.

Pornography is not based it destroys love is based on last. What's the difference last once again. Well, once again, welcome to Leavenworth findings featuring profound truth. Simply stated, pastor, teacher and author Adrian Rogers is a spiritual battle going on the minds of our children who are being systematically seduced by the end he wants to destroy our homes.

That's why it's crucial to instill the word of God in the hearts of her children. That's what Moses did in the book of Hebrews we learn that Moses shows purity even though he lived in a depraved society. How was he able to make that choice and maintain it.

If you have your Bible turn out Hebrews chapter 11 will begin in verse 24.

As we hear part two of the Moses principal again. Here's Adrian Rogers I want I want to do is to show you that there can be no victory. First of all, make a personal choice and teacher children to make a personal choice where talk tonight about the choice that Moses made that I want to give you tonight what I call the Moses principal down here in Hebrews chapter 11. I want you to begin reading with me in verse 24 by faith Moses when he was company is refused to be called the son of Pharaoh's daughter choosing_that word choosing to suffer affliction with the people of God than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for season is steaming the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures in Egypt, for he had respect unto the recompense of reward, by faith he forsook Egypt, not fearing the wrath of the king, for he endured as seeing him who is in visible.

Now Moses chose by faith you have faith yet to hear from God. The Bible tells us in the book of Romans that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Romans 10 verse 17. Make no mistake about Moses had heard from God and once Moses heard from God. Then Moses was able to make a choice now I'm taste something parents.

Satan's strategy is to keep your children away from hearing from God that your children do not hear from God. They cannot make a faith choice. Have you children do not make a faith choice. They're going to go down. They are going to fail because it is the word of God that gets in your heart that enables you to overcome Satan's chief weapon is to steal away the word of God from the hearts and minds of young people.

If you do not have a word from God. You will never in my estimation.

If you're normally on person overcome pornography never.

If you're a grown man.

You will not do now.

The devil has substituted all kinds of sources of authority.

For example, there is relativism everything is relative is no fixed standard of right and wrong, everything is moving. There is no fixed solid state you want your children to live right.

You want your children to do right parents, you had better inculcate in their hearts and in their minds. There is a fixed standard of truth and is the word of God and today's society is not enough for you to put your hands on your hips and say that is wrong why daddy don't ask me why just because I said so that will work.

You need to say son it is wrong to steal because God says so. It is wrong to commit adultery because God says so you have a claim life because God says so you put some rock rib convictions in the heart of your children. Now what are three treasures that I want to ride upon my children's part three treasures.

Three things I want them to evaluate. I want them to see from the word of God. First of all the treasure of a clean heart, your children need to understand how great it is to have a clean heart. Jesus said in Matthew chapter 5 verse six. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. When the heart is pure God is real and we can have that incredible fellowship with God. I thought about this. I can tell you that a clean heart a pure heart is the only combo heart they can have fellowship with God and no pornography on his worth forfeiting fellowship with God. That's a treasure Fellowship with God. If you're into pornography your fellowship with God is broken you are in darkness and you have no joy.

Now what is the evaluation. First of all we need to teach our children the treasure of a clean heart. I clean heart is its own reward. But second we need to teach them not only treasure of a clean heart, but we need to teach them the treasure of true love that is coming on only only a clean heart can truly love. There's nothing more debilitating. Nothing more stultifying. Nothing more harmful to the ability to love them photographer you see, God wants you to love pornography is not based on what it destroys love is based on last.

Go to first John chapter 2 verses 15 and 16 love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the father is not in him for all that is in the world. The last of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life is not of the fall is of the world.

Now, the highest good is to live the great joy is to but we have a generation today to talk about making love, but they don't know the difference between love and lust. What's the difference last once again love again. I'm telling you. Pornography is based on last. It looks at people as though people are objects to be use to gratify one's selfishness. When a person a feed zone pornography. He has no respect for himself and it follows as night follows day that he can have no respect for other people person, put some garbage in his mind in his body has any respect for himself a person has no respect for himself or herself.

How do you expect them at respect for the people you see, the Bible says way to love others as we live our selves doing is wrong to love yourself no is right and proper. Love yourself, how can I love you as I love me unless I love me, talk about them from the mirror and saying how great thou Art do that your sick I'm saying that you will have some self-respect you want to have some love yourself and when you have love for yourself, then you have love for others because you're going to want others to be treated as you would want your own self created your own self-respect.

People who are in the pornography. Look at other people especially if they man look upon women as if they are objects for their own personal gratification, and they have no absolute love for them they cannot have love for them because they don't have fellowship with God. How can they have fellowship with one another, put it down.

Big brother downplaying put it down straight people who treat sex lightly. Treat sex lightly, because they treat other people lightly. They have no respect for the people. It is a disdainful, trivial and selfish attitude toward other people don't tell me that pornography is a private act, don't tell me that pornography is a personal choice. Don't tell me that pornography is a victimless crime.

Don't tell me that pornography is harmless entertainment. Put your daughter your granddaughter out there as the object of some man's lust. I'm tenuous to that is somebody's daughter that is somebody made in the image of Almighty God. Now what all the treasures. What are the treasures that we wouldn't trade for anything number one clean how wonderful have a clean heart to walk in the light that fellowship with God is any fill any dirt any pornography worth not having a clean heart, number two availability to love.

Don't you want to be able to love people. Don't you want other people to love you I'm telling you that pornography is the enemy of his.

The third treasury need to write in the hearts of the children, the treasure of a godly family because you see fellowship with God gives us the ability to love have the ability to love enables us to have a family. God made the family before he made the government before he made education reform a picture. The family is the only part of the garden of Eden that we have laughed a monogamous family. That's the reason the devil has leveled all of the artillery of Janelle against the family is more devastating to the family than pornography. A loving physical bond between husband and wife is God's great gift. You think God is opposed to the idea of sex God created sex is God's idea when God says not to look upon a woman to lust after her when God says flee fornication when God says now so not commit adultery. God is not trying to keep sex from us is keeping sex for this is God's great gift. I feel so sorry for young people today young people today talk about going all the way friend that is the one thing they do know do you go all the way. When you give yourself to somebody heart body and soul in a happy marriage that is going all the way young people today don't know the difference between love and lust and they been saturated as I say, by slime time television for a tidal wave of slides. The sad thing is they missed last young people save yourself the one you're going to marry. Look forward to happening monogamous marriage. You need to see what the treasures are what the treasures Moses chose, he chose my faith to refuse the pleasures of sin. He saw the reproach of Christ greater treasure than all the treasures of Egypt.

What are they there so simple the treasure of a clean home.

I would take anything the treasure for of the ability to love the treasure of a godly home. Can you write that on the hearts of your children. Can you teach your children the value of a pure heart. Such a value that fellowship with God. Don't walk in the light say nothing between my soul and the Savior. The first point is, there must be a proper evaluation that proper evaluation is going to come from the word of God and you accepted by faith, number two, there must be a clear choice. We must teach our children to choose Hebrews 11 versus 24, 25, by faith, when Moses was come to years refused to be called the son of Pharaoh's daughter choosing our to suffer affliction with the people of God than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season. Pornography has a tremendous pool and a person has to come to the place where he or she makes a clear decision. The Bible speaks of the pleasures of sin, don't you be so foolish as to save young people is no pleasure in sin, you going as the Bible, the pleasures of sin that was too smart to go fishing without any bait on his book, there are pleasures and the treasures and your good have to choose between the two. It was not easy for Moses. They won't be easy for your kids. Mr. it will not be easy for you and that's the reason you have to make a radical dramatic clear choice, because if you don't choose your going down. Now Moses had been doing some figuring like if you will, in verse 23 of the same chapter, the Bible says he is. He esteems some things.

He is staying the riches of Christ greater treasure than the pleasures and agent. He's been thinking about some things is looking at. He says well here the pleasures of each year, the pleasures of sin, I can satisfy my physical last within the look to me seems riches's.

He sees the glory of God PC satisfaction. Casey's jaw says I'm going that way. I am going that way every man in this room, every woman, every boy, every girl needs to make a clear cut chives and if you don't choose you going down. Nobody is going to drift into purity in these days you're going to have to choose about what I'm trying to say is number one. There must be a proper evaluation you do that by faith. Number two, there must be a clear choice number three there must be a determined refusal a determined refusal go back again to Hebrews chapter 11, I noticed that Moses not only chose, but he also refuse. That is what is says in verse 24 by faith Moses when he was come to years refused to be call the son of Pharaoh's daughter. That means he refuse all the pleasures of Egypt.

Now listen to me carefully and I want to get the order Moses refused in verse 24 because he chose verse 25 because he had a steam some things and he made an evaluation that's always the order no one will refuse pornography until he first chooses righteousness and no one would choose righteousness until he makes a proper evaluation and sees what really Now trying to tell you child don't look at that. Don't go to this film, don't do this thing don't don't don't don't don't sound like you like to do that, you can go why mom I know you can go to you fighting a losing battle to try to take a nasty bone away from a dog's a good way to get bit, but they had to get a bone away from it all spake on the ground but a state down there and that dog will look at that state and think about what is got in his mouth and what he will do. He'll go through a process step number one evaluation step number two choosing step number three, refusing I want this. That's it. Even a dog is got that much sense first-tier valuations. Then he chooses and then he refuses, you are not going to lead your children enter you take the same steps. They make a proper evaluation then they make a clear choice and then they make a refusal to say no that's not for me.

Have you made a refusal you can fuel but is going to have to be depending upon God. Satan wants to destroy families what Satan wants to do is to defy God to file the mind of value your children and destroy your family young man listen to me. God is not a cosmic killjoy.

God loves you. God is not trying to keep you from true pleasure. He wants you to have true pleasure. God is a good to give you some verses Psalm 37 verse four. Delight yourself also in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 84's 11 for the Lord thy God is a sun and the shield the Lord will give grace and glory no good thing will he withhold from them that walk up rightly don't get an idea that when God sees and about having fun. He moves in to break up the party.

I've served them long enough to know it pays to serve Jesus. I would not take anything. My relationship with Jesus Christ. I would not take anything from my relationship to my darling wife Joyce. I will not take anything for those things that God wants for me. Hearts crashes and trash. Now this is the first message.

Teaching your children to choose and then refuse after making a proper evaluation you're going to have to get in our hearts and in their minds that a clean heart is its own reward that the ability to love is the greatest gift that God gives in pornography kills that and the future hope of a wonderful home is the best thing they can have it is God's highest good.

Apart from heaven itself, and the devil wars against the if your father is your major responsibility to guard your heart and protect your have you made a wise evaluation clear choice and a determined refusal toward the pleasures of this world.

You can only protect your family if you first. Guard your heart. If you have questions about who Jesus is about what he means to you.

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Be sure to tune in next time for more real truth never changes on love was so honored recently to receive a message from one of our countries veterans and we want to share with you what he said I tune into your program every chance I get your messages in response have been extremely helpful and call me as I try to rationalize the state of our great country. You have helped me in so many ways I can't explain.

Thank you for preaching the word.

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