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The Written Word & The Spoken Word

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June 20, 2020 1:17 pm

The Written Word & The Spoken Word

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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June 20, 2020 1:17 pm

Just so special of a listen.  Author, Bruce Bruinsma - "Retirement Reformation"  and Christian spoken word artist, Traci Neal create such a wonderful encouraging and uplifting episode.  Share this one with dad!

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This is same for the masking journey podcasting or go with the podcast is help you to try to find your way in this difficult world you chosen Truth Network podcast is starting just seconds to enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network kingdom pursuits here from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into the kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore wow did we have a exciting kingdom pursuits for you today is Father's Day.

Eve gets really different things, but as my wife and today I often make mistakes and made one. I was supposed to talk about Amy show today in the Christian card I sent since I forgot to do that.

I'm in a highlighter right now and say wow if you would listen at 1 o'clock is when Amy, the cure she has Alex McFarlane.

Yes, Alex McFarland and his view on what all is going on in the culture right, Nancy don't want to miss that. You can call in with all of what you want to express to them and it the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884. So yes, 1 o'clock, the cure with Amy Cabo and Alex McFarlane. She's can become an inherent one minute 12 at 1130 today as well. But first up today on today's show we have Bruce Brian smile and he is the author of retirement reformation. What a neat one in the title. Welcome Bruce.

Good to be with you in North Carolina yes yes we're on in Richmond as well. And there's got my listeners in South Carolina because the Charlotte station bleeds over and over into the air and then there's a few stations that carry it off of the Salem satellite feed so you never know who work as we've gotten some calls from interesting places over the years, but we got a lot of people at the Durham North Carolina so I really glad to be with you will thank you and so the retirement reformation is more than just a book to you right it's is not kinda your life and when I went when you talk about extraordinary passion.

I think you got it nailed far as I'm concerned, the retirement reformation. The book is simply a reflection of of the passion that is built for any number of years and continue will continue as we attempt to really impact the 30 million Christians that are approaching retirement oriented and and really have not found their meaning and purpose.

That's beautiful so you get to find out about that and we got Tracy meal with us and Tracy called me. Actually this week if I'm not mistaken, and she you live in South Carolina right Tracy there you go and you are a spoken word artist which I first spoken word artist I've ever talk to me you tell me talking so explain our listeners know your passion for 31 now back I claim Christian because I don't deny my faith even if I go on my open night, but if there are not ocarina is a lot of us.

We don't know what a spoken word artist associate with planets simple, very holy and I die or I'll read one have written that the basic that have to happen, make it clear I am not a rapper like that is rude, and I doubt lanky, where directed, I definitely do not like a rapper like my one side and I have both Tracy and Bruce and you can see. Actually, she's a beautiful young lady and so you're gonna see that she looks nothing like a rapper. I can assure you, but it is Father's Day Eve and so you knew that Robbie would at some point time have to get this and so that then you can love this. Speaking of Father's Day twins twins to our double the fun today. Tracy and Bruce so I don't know if you knew this but Ringo Starr being the amazing drummer that he is, few people know this. Actually Batman but he secretly wanted twin girls. He did you know I think a name them and a one and one Tracy a good laugh.

You know, spoken laughing yeah so it all while they were there mom stomachs. You thought about this, but there kinda were roommates when you got twin roommates. Yeah. And have they been boys right they could've been either by sons or perhaps sunset. I got only what you really love this one.

I think this had these twins been really sweet and creamy inside. Naturally they would been born to the key family because you guessed it, they been Twinkies. Anything you however after all these twins were born their older sister needed medication for paranoia. Tara and Dracula twins. Everyone thought they be strange, but they were paranormal laugh at the end of all that you knew we would in fact have a little which we do today: when which twin in the Bible, tricked his brother which twin in the Bible. Quick trip to his brother because he was well healed twin in the Bible, tricked his brother because he was well healed.

866-34-TRUTH 87884. I guess that nothing, that with great pride pursuits is calling about this twin 866-34-TRUTH 878-848-6634 truth so Tracy winter we can absolutely will we would be delighted.

So there you go. Not only do you get something from the kingdom pursuits truck prize closet you get Bruce's book reformation, retirement reformation, where you have listeners: and so I want to forget that in the second but wow we are doing that. Tracy I know everybody's sitting here waiting on you know like man we need to hear some spoken word. So if you got some you want to share my story okay, God the current line will wait judgment so bad in my mind all of my dad believed I had caught no rain even though I would lean my heart being Going to drop you a note which you use the night girl.

They didn't want to get done day that came home and cried and I wish I had died while not thinking there will be no question got my figure being not only because I couldn't take it out. Jack became infected with wishing I would never have to keep taking.

I wonder when I worry not. When I found my finally grown on the clock like a willful. I did not know how to show my heartbreak not to grow but I need on my street.

Then one day God show me the way and on a straight got control and fill me up: I knew I had to reach my goal for it going.

A fleet that matter. Laugh aloud.

Thank you Vicki. When we come back thank you Tracy. When we come back we got Vicki Bruce so everybody here since the welcome back to kingdom pursuits where we hear how God takes your passion and build the kingdom today where having a lot of fun on Father's Day Eve with Bruce Grimes about. He wrote the book retirement reformation and Tracy meal whose is you would've just heard. If you list last segment amazing spoken word poet, so we also have this rental that is yet to be riddled and so we have Vicki is in Winston-Salem Carolina Vicki are on kingdom pursuits good morning. I'm so glad you called. And you know which twin in the Bible, tricked his brother because he was well healed. You are exactly right. I would've accepted Israel but as it was, I what you know, Jacobs got a perfect so what about that story grabs your attention, Vicki, did you get the grant of their God.

And this is a fascinating fascinating story, but like you said that Jacob is grabbing Esau's heel because he was wanting his birthright instead of his own. Even before he got out he was wrestling with his brother but it turned out he got to wrestle with God and not just a beautiful thing that Jacob clearly wasn't was a hug or do you think that you Vicki appreciate you call it in today. God bless thank you all appreciate our rights getting back to Bruce and we barely touch the surface of retirement reformation. Some really curious. Bruce from a standpoint of retirement at that. That's just doesn't sound like something I used to have this I do it devotion at a retirement home and I had this lady. She was 100 in forming this back and I used it. She is to go out and get everybody together for the for the devotion time or she would get people out to vote. The mother and also to things that she would do it.

I would say Miss back you not what point in time. Do you slow down at what point time the put up the brakes on and she says to me right now and I please yet and she could quote the Scripture. I could tell you, you know that once you're conscripted you don't get out of the war until a oh when I think about the idea of retirement reformation.

I'm going wow yeah we got it we gotta be engage well were you knowing retirement right matter and recognize that not in the Bible anywhere so sorry would from the Bible about retirement. However, we know that when the full context of Scripture that we are to be faithful for a lifetime thing that changed Rob for your audience to that change.

Now that that actually makes the whole topic and issues related to relevant that we are living whole much longer know when I was growing up in your wondering on 79 and when I was growing up you working 65 and guided me you were really old loan out for many started in special I certainly got that in my life and so I'm hoping for a lifetime and longevity of change off a lot of things that we don't have any incense time for reformation only a matter fact that we do the letter Bible. One of the one of the first reserve familiar with certainly no Romans 12 to do not conform to the pattern of the world, but be transformed by the reading your mind and told the transforming of our minds on this topic.

I would impact our lives really speaks to the heart of the message of the return information really doesn't sing about that this morning.

You know, to the Jews.

It's a water mains Torah, so it's a fascinating story that Rashi there no break commentator says about the pit that Joseph was thrown in. He said that there was a scorpion in the and there were snakes down in there because if there was no water there was poison in the point that he was making is that with water comes life and Torah is water.

So as we study the Scriptures like you're talking about. Since Jesus is living water.

They didn't get that part of it, but I do is that oh my goodness, there's all this life at the age of 78 or at the age of 88 right or and so as you studied those from a financial standpoint, what are you seeing what it what are some key insights that that you would share with our listeners. You know we want to keep them hungry for the book, though, by all means go to kingdom pursuits get that. But what were some things that you share retirement reformation. We really talk about all that having to do with what you like and money. When most people think your word retirement that typically the first thing that comes to mind is will I have enough money and background.

I spent 30 years in the services industry and all that experience with hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of client when I came to realize is that the reason why so many people don't pay attention to the financial is because there why isn't big enough to take that action goes here.

Prepare whether it be financially, spiritually, emotionally, and relationally, and our research shows that majority of individuals in their contemplating approaching retirement, you have to what you do in retirement. Their answer is this some version of plow whether they are prepared financially prepared not prepared at all.

That same answer comes out of nothing and so well often equate to a version of leisure and then delete the other night at 1015 years trying to convince themselves that leisure has meaning and leisure has purpose.

I think leisure have value, but probably not meaning and purpose.

From the point of how God calls us to build the kingdom. That's how that's helpful in some trace even here in all this and I'm curious if you got a poem, or some even think about. Along these lines on I can read a short one that would be wonderful. People believe the universe is surrounded by out of all creation. No human being to call nation I should be like without you I didn't I wanted work out-practicum*family find our inner happiness likely, we may get a better date of life on their way back trying to look back with my being strictly? Joy I'm dang I found out about that linger without doubt I will do or enter confine your nation back to me. I'm hoping at the gate reveal about eight right shape and change and rearrange what that while we need to connect you that clearly sticks into the issues of the retirement reformation beautiful and appropriate way. Thank you for that jumped out at me as I was listing Tracy's. This is to some cost in working with me lightly on the idea of identity is said and I was think about that with you Bruce that what is my identity if it is leisure and which is a lot different than the rest you know you know I your ear. 70 sometimes 664 soon-to-be 65 and rest just become a bigger part of my life that used to be, but it doesn't change the fact that that that that in my identity and and fascinatingly is inside of the word identity you're gonna find baptisms in their and you're gonna find play is in there and you're going to find hugs are in their and and and son is in there and father is in their and you have all these things that, but I was watching maleficent to last night and at the poignant moment in the movie, you know are her daughter looks at her and says I know who you are and like oh my goodness that's what you're speaking to write their Tracy like God knows who you are and he wants to bring Matt that beautiful young lady that or the beautiful young man that's their birthright.

Beautiful old man. Thank you so glad you said that I can't tell you but in that I love that line is just absolutely like I know who you are and you know I teach special needs and they love it when we see who they are. People love to be seen amazing we got so much more coming up with Bruce and Tracy.

Stay tuned or maybe have another answer for, or if you want to call and ask Bruce or Tracy so maybe you're thinking I want to know about how to become his spoken word artists call is 866-3487 number six where we hear how God your passion and uses it to build the kingdom and speaking of you have. Next up as promised, Amy, with the cure and if you want to treat him just cannot tell you if if you go to the website and I got a you can see that Amy streams her podcast live so you can see Amy and and and it's a treat to listen or show, but you want to watch her dancing to her music when you know that she loves her music so much to see the life and the playfulness and the joy that she has and that music is just like wow it it will make your day.

But even better than that today is got a great guest on Amy Alex McFarlane. What a great catch model binding return all the only guy I know people and hope that we can all come together. I can now sit with his kids play well together and so he's got this wonderful just Alex McFarlane. Here's an opportunity because this is a live show so you're feeling things and you want to express them. What a great opportunity in the Christian format to be able to do that today at 1 o'clock on the cure. So thank you Amy for doing this and for having such great I Will Be Looking for the Listening.

So Wonderful, Wonderful, Well, Last Segment We Let Bruce Go First and Then We Let Amy, and Now This Time, Let Amy I'm Excuse Me Tracy Let Bruce Go First and Tracy Got a Chance to Provide Spoken Word. So Now Tracy, When You Knew You Got Well That God Blessed Us to Have You on Here and Suggest Today Was Their Particular Word That You Failed Him, Pressing on You like This Is the One You Gotta Use This the One You Got a Say so, Can You Show That One with Us. Tracy Are You with Us. Tracy Okay I Know It's Okay You More about Now. This Is Here. This Is like What Is Got Put on Your Heart That You Wanted You to Share in Today Show. I Pointed Speaking I'm Taking Back Backing off of the Levy Said the Latter Hate Going on in the World and for Me. Nowadays I Use Poetry and a Way to Break That Gap Know and Inspire People. Remember to Love Us so Beautiful Tracy. And This Fascinates Me about Last August John Eldridge in His Weekly Podcast Started Talking about That He Had Felt That Somehow Another Satan Had Released Out Of Hell. These Two Horrible Spirits on the Earth in a Way They Had Never Been Released before and They Were the Spirits of Hate in the Spirit of Death, Any and This Was Back Last August and He Asked Almost Listing to That Podcast Begin to Pray against the Spirit of Hate against This.

That's One of the Cool Ways That He Said to Pray for, against the Spirit of Death, Which Clearly We Sing That Conduct Is to Pray the River of Life. You Know That That That That That Something That You Can Pray That the River of Life Would Come in, but This This Hate Again.

I Love What You Said There's Only One Cure for Heat and That Is Love. Love Those Who Hate You, Whatever That Looks like Yesterday. I Had Never Seen This Because Somebody Had Sent Me This YouTube Video of This.

Apparently There Was a Shooting in Texas of of a Young Black Man and His Brother Had a Chance to Speak at the Trial of the of the Officer That Shot Her Brother by the State Officer Was a Young Lady and She Brought Shot His Brother, but That Boy Sat There and Forgave like You've Never Seen Anybody Forgiving Your Life and Then While You Sit on the Stand. He Says, Is It Alright If I Hug You to the to the Officer and Then He Got down and This Young Man. I Mean If You Are in in Tears Watching This Young Man Hug This Officer Have You Seen a Tracy and and It Was like the Most Beautiful Picture of Love and Somebody Who Clearly Had Every Reason in the World to Hate. I Mean Clearly Did Because This This Young Officer Made a Mistake and Shot Her Is Her Shot the Young Man's Brother but Man What What Love He Had and IIII Think That's a Beautiful Word.

What a Way That Only God Can Do That Don't Realize How You Know Human Strength Everything That Why We Need God Will Complete You Know, I Just Remembered What I Saw Was on the 700 Club and That Was Exactly What the Young Man Said in His Statement.

Only God Could Do This. Only God Could Make That Happen and That Is so True and like Wow We Got Chances to Practice That All the Time and and We Got to Chances to Practice That When We Get in Our 70s and 80s That We Bruce Continues to Challenge. It Continues to Take Different Format. One of the Things That We Know As We Grow Older We We Go Downhill Thickly over Time Fully over Time, but As a Replacement for Those Replacements Are That Were Able to Grow Closer to Him Were Able to Grow Spiritually and That Would Mean with a Greater by Re-Re-Encouraged Perspective of Love and Secondly, to Be Able to Grow in Our Emotional Maturity People to Deal with Those Really Unbelievable Issues of Life Grow Spiritually and Grow Emotionally Got to the Apartment Holy Spirit Can Work with in Order to Be Able to Bond the Way Should I Carry Human Way, but in God's Power. So What a Beautiful and I Think about What You Had Said Earlier about Wasn't the Last Generation That They Were Dying in Their 60s and Sometimes in Their 50s and in a Goddess Allowed Us to Have a Longer Lifespan and You Know What a Precious Resource That Can Be Used To Further the Kingdom through You Know Pressing in on Love Because Bitterness Can Happen All Too Much.

The Worst Way.

You Know, As People Get Older and so Is There Something in the Retirement Reformation That Pushes against Bitterness Will Be Negative Emotion.

We Could Go We Could Talk about Those Really Get Mad If I Will Become Smaller and We Focus Those Negative Emotions Rolling over Become More Powerful and so When You Follow the Admonition in Tracy Talk about It.

Love One Another, We Turn Our Focus from Word to Word Word and Able to Follow Christ Command to Love One Another and Spread the Word and to Encourage Others in Those Negative Feelings and Thing That Can Control and Will Then Tend to Be Minimized Because We Also Are More Open to the Power of the Holy Spirit As He Moves Us Forward during the Last Three like Wow Tracy I'm Giving You an Opportunity. Forgive Me Because I Asked Him If That's Awesome, Thank You for Being Patient with Me and When We Come Back Here Another One of Tracy's Homes.

We Hope to Hear More from Bruce.

I Got One More Segment of Kingdom Pursuits, and I've Stay Tuned. Tracy, Are You Still with Us. She Will Welcome Back to Kingdom Pursuits Where We Hear How God Takes Your Passion and Then Uses It to Build the Kingdom and Today We Have Poster Children for That. No Doubt We Have Bruce Brian's Mom Help Him Get That Right Bruce and His Wonderful Book the Retirement Reformation Which You Know This Is Really Good for Such a Time As This. I Can Really Really Tell Hardly Wait to Share This with My Good Friend Hans without Finishing Well Which Is Run along These Lines, so We Get Bruce on Their Soon and We Got Tracy Neil Who Is Our Spoken Word Poet Just Beautiful and Absolutely Tracy, I Hope You Got Some Else to Share with Us in Your That You from Your Poetry That You'd like to Share.

I Really Appreciate People African-American Black.

We May Not like Where Welcome on You Know Show in Our Own Rate so Back on You. You Know Me a Text That You Know Change Is Coming and Having Conversation I Felt Powerful Dotted Line, That Much I Appreciate That. I Can't Tell You How Much I Monitor That You Would Even Call and Ask to Come on.

I Was Really like. Oh, Absolutely. How Wonderful I Am Couldn't Be More Excited and You Know I Have Not Met You, but I Can Tell by the Pictures You Got.

Kingdom and You Can Link to Her Website and See Her Resources like the Joy That's in Her Face. Oh My Goodness, I Was Those Pictures on Your Wedding Day. They Look like They Might've Been Pictures the I Have a Picture with You. :-) Was One with Your Husband and and Then Euro in the Same Dress and Then You Just Had the Most Delightful Smile and I Just Thought It Was Really Cool Anyway so Share Share Share What You Got Force in Relation Yesterday, June 20 Child Gone across the Mouth and Felt like My Situation Will Last More Than A While Out Of the Real Clay No I Did Not Have a Mac the Work You Have To Get Beat and I Told Him Believe That with the Guy Who Wanted Me to Bring Blankets Sharing Lunch You Felt the Lash on My Back That My Life with the Rest Ride People up My Own Color Had Kind Away Line Cry Courts Because I Wanted Better. Beginning in Black Cried, It Would Be a Reason Why Direct yet Acceptably Having to Travel among Road. Then One Day When I Reached the Bottom Know of Boycott at Let It Go. Let Go of the Pain Every Year Trajectory. Any Relief That I Want to Bring Every Act and Make It Just by Being Me. Not All Determination.

I Made a New Examination. I Allowed That Renee Had Been Directed so I Finally Lack. I Knew I Would Have To Change That Back. I Just Walked Away from the Brain. I Landed on Freedom.

Once I Hit Rock Bottom.

I Will Not Let Anyone Someone Everyone Anybody Somebody Everybody Time Me Back to a Hurtful Hearty Free Man. I Am Free and I Am Glad. Most Importantly, I Am Free to Arrive.

Yes I Would Agree That This Wonderful It Is It's Fascinating Tracy That Just This Morning I I Was Online and Rescue Talking to These Guys Who Freed the Slaves for Making Bricks in Pakistan or I Can Remit Time One of Those Places and They Use These Fractional Children That Had Been Enslaved to Make Bricks Because They Are Christians, Not Because of Any Race Situation, but Because of Their Religion and What They Shared Was Similar to Your Poem on How They Had Been Freed from the Bitterness of That and and Were Were Given a Sense of Love and You Know That's like That so Clearly of God. You Couldn't You Couldn't of Said It Any Better and Interestingly Bruce Those People That Are Looking at Doing Nothing in Retirement. They've Got a Wicked Slave Masters Well Done Today. Really Picking up on What He Was Talking about God's Divine Appointment Show That Black Woman Who Approximately 830 Old White Guy 79 When I When I Called Tracy Website Right underneath Her Name. It Has the Word Go to and Become Goal to Become a Month Ago Retirement Reformation Challenge That Read like This More Than Honorable for Nothing More Than More Than Nothing and so the Divide of a Divide of Great Divide. In Fact, Tracy's Goal Doing to Come and Be More Than Vulnerable. More Than Nothing.

Firing Call Now Person Is so Amazing I Hate the Shift over We Should Go for A Lot Longer Is Back to Truth, That You Think You Tracy Thank You Bruce.

You Guys Are Amazing. Guess What a Great Father's Day. This Is the Truth Network

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