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When the Godless Play God

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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June 20, 2020 8:00 am

When the Godless Play God

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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June 20, 2020 8:00 am

Jan Markell talks to Pastor Billy Crone for the hour. Godless people are playing God in stunning ways. They visit the issue of vaccines as they can alter the human genome and sometimes create more evil than good. Jesus must return before the aberrations run rampant. Find his DVD set on the genetic apocalypse set in our online store.

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Days of Noah are returning and that is not a good sign if Jesus is not your Lord and Savior a lot of pineapple and tender. Also, if you will resurrect the animal which we bring them back. In fact, the term that they have Wharton industries: D taken extinct animals and bring him back with technology welcome to understanding the times radio with Jim Markel brought to you by all of three ministries.

Today we continue with pastor Billy Crone from Sunrise Bible Church in Las Vegas and founder of dental like media.

What happens when man tries to be like God and tries to re-create God's entire creation. There are serious consequences. Yet that is happening with genetic manipulation.

Today, just as in the days of Noah, here is today's program. Here's the other big one vaccines. They admit that vaccines can be used as a mechanism to alter the human genome. In fact, we know this virus is gonna pop out right when were working on this research right but it is now and will he call for right now, not just a vaccine.

But what global vaccine and arch is a global vaccine, but I know we need to let people choose that are not. I think we need to mandate this vaccine and in the example here that we gave this is from think tanks behind the vaccine industry they say they listen and they even used the example I kid you not of a global pandemic will become the perfect excuse for us to call for a global vaccine that we can purposely used to alter the human genome and some of the effects that they said would be positive on people was, we can genetically make them more domicile. Welcome back to program number two talking about hybrid super soldiers in the coming genetic apocalypse and we started that last weekend.

Let me reset the stage real briefly because the Bible says that the days of Noah are going to return that can have many applications as that soundbite has revealed the various angles to the days of Noah Genesis 6 how they're coming back again. We even talked last week about the rioting in the enter key in the lawlessness and was a part of Noah's day as well and we've heard about genetic modification. We talked about that last week extensively. We talked about cloning last week. How about cloning human beings.

How about creating human animal hybrids. This is just one reason the Bible calls the last days perilous times mankind trying to play God, and that has serious consequences. We talked about even cloning Dolly the sheep goes back to the late 1990s.

And that's all because I've been introduced to actually have the privilege of having a small role in pastor Billy Crone's newest production and it is and I say that in a very respectful way because he's done such a professional job with 16 DVDs and over 30 teachings on hybrid super soldiers and the coming genetic apocalypse, by the way if you missed last week find it on my website. Olive trees olive tree find finding our YouTube channel 10 Markel olive tree ministries, where you'll see the dozen or so film clips that we insert into our radio presentation of last weekend and this weekend or you can watch it on his and you can see all the film clips that are a part of the 16 DVDs set that way we make it a little more educational little more visual so that you can actually see what were talking about here, for they are pastor Billy Crone get a life get a life welcome back Jim is always great to be just throw in here the issue of Hollywood on I was talking off here with you, and I indicated that one of my all-time favorite movies is Jurassic Park, which quite frankly and I love it because I love the animals. I love the dinosaurs and the creativity of how they've made those dinosaurs made them so real, but at the heart of Jurassic Park. Of course every animal and for that matter. Some of the people I cloned.

Hollywood has prepared the way for us heaven thing a massive scale for years, and the multitude of different angle. What were talking about here today Hollywood to me isn't just about entertainment propaganda machine, an educational tool and all he would've been use of that tool to prepare us. We were not for the future that these people are trying to build for us for their various reasons.

Something as simple as Jurassic Park at all, but can never happen. Folks, we document this is not just happening. It's been happening for quite some time. Believe it or not they're doing three different things with this technology to animals, just animals there modifying the animals there. Cloning animals in there. Also, if you will, resurrecting the animals literally bringing them back from did affect the term that they have Wharton industries: D extinction were taken, extinct animals and bring them back with this technology. The first one that they're already doing with. We expose this and you can see with your own eyes is the woolly mammoth. The woolly mammoth.

Of course they find DNA samples all over the place.

Certainly in places like Siberia and there getting some good DNA samples or what they're doing right now is your listener. This they are bringing it back and are using the elephant as the host animal so that it will combine with the elephants and elephants whom have the open give birth to a woolly mammoth and bring back the stress apart. One thing that we want Jim with our interview with the geneticist was in this industry if she blew me away with how far this technology is gone. They're not just bringing back the woolly mammoth.

As I speak. They're bringing back sabertooth cats. The river Gulf and the woolly rhinoceros passenger pigeons, Tasmanian Tiger, the mole of the dodo bird believer not things that went extinct D extinction and bring them back. But what she said was if you can dream it, we can do it. I after the questions. His best school for the woolly mammoth use a host animal that's close to it which we would have on the planet right now called the elephant I said what if you wanted to do the Jurassic Park say I want to bring back a T Rex is no host animal. There's nothing that looks like if you read from the plant. You could use what about that she says that's what people don't understand the genetic modification industry is changing rapidly.

Where were at.

Now she says we don't even need the host animal all you literally need is a sample of that organism's DNA and they're already the stages whether creating artificial wounds.

Basically, the host animal we don't need it, we can create animal in artificial womb with a sample of their DNA in the laboratory that is full on Jurassic Park. Yes, it's not a movie. It's happening right now. Give some other illustrations of how Hollywood has prepared the way for us. I haven't seen so many of the films that were referenced but love my listeners to be very familiar.

Sorry to say it. Some of my listeners were ponds. They didn't know they had no idea. Hollywood was conditioning them exactly enough.

The elusiveness Hollywood we think is just entertainment know it's propaganda there getting you condition for the future that they're building a term. The shoes is called soft sell if they came out and said you know what, in the next decade. There won't be any true humans left in order to radically altered humanity in animals and plants all people would freak out. So what you do you piecemeal it to them little by little so that when it arrives, is not too much of a psychological shock, but that's what's going on. In fact, I'm glad you brought that up with the Hollywood angle.

I didn't plan on this in the research in this documentary, but there's over 250 video clips of evidence military think tanks, scientists, news interviews around the world including the United States, Europe, you name it. China, South Korea, showing that this is really going on. As crazy as it is, however, as I was researching this myself. I'm going through them go like a second. That's just like the dress properly. I get into the super soldier section with the military want to do and modifying soldiers around the plan on going like we second just like the iron men that's like the whole movie.

Hey, wait a second. That's exactly the same premise they exposed in the Capt. America and on and on it goes. In the course. We share those clips so the people reliance you relight excellent you have been prepared for this video clips you have in your presentation. The total documentary of 16 DVDs 32 hours total. But as far as video clips of evidence, not counting the articles in the biblical basis.

Of course, that this is a repeat of Noah's day, but just the video clips of evidence is over 250 and the stunning folks is why I am encouraging you to watch this program and last weekend on our YouTube channel or his or light source on one place that comes you can see what were showing. You will play some more here this hour, we played a lot of video clips last weekend. They're all from I think all the ones from pastor Crohn's 16 DVDs set hybrid super soldiers and the coming genetic apocalypse, but what I want to do is I want to hit him because I promised it coming into this program with a little sound bites of you and Gary Stearman there and that is this issue of vaccines. I want to talk about it for a few minutes, Billy Crone your listing to understanding the times radio Jan Markel here was with Philly crown last weekend and this and when I do that thoughts it's because the subject matter is so significant and extensive that to give you just little teaser bites, it's not really fair to a product and sunny fair to a guest who is just invested over 30 hours of teaching into a production that's very educational and then the point is its biblical Jesus says in Matthew 24 that the days of Noah are going to return. He's really referring to the tribulation which the church is not a part of.

But that's not the point. Because we see tribulation events casting a shadow on the church age. Of course the days of Noah. We talked about it last week. All the aberrations going on, including violence, including mayhem, including anarchy, including just all the various science things which they didn't have the sophistication of science but they had the mind that wanted to be aberrant when it came to creating things and creating mankind. But, let's head to vaccines Billy and you talk about it were vaccine conscience right now. This is a couple weeks ago now with my guest, Jackie absent Mark Henry. I quoted Alan Dershowitz saying that now because of covert, 19, the government can take us to our local clinic and force a needle in our arm to get a cove it vaccine. It seems like thanks to the efforts of Bill Gates.

Quite frankly, Anthony Fouts is well and others we've become extremely vaccine conscious and there are very few pushing back. Robert Kennedy is pushing back. I know some of these vaccines have some horrific things in them, but talk to me about how this applies to what were talking about Jim, so glad you brought it up because it certainly is a current topic that we didn't plan on when we initially start researching this documentary, but it's here now, most people don't realize that there's more than one way that even humans are just plants and animals can be genetically modified last program.

We focus primarily on the one method, the new invention called crisper where you can slice and dice the DNA and mix-and-match and that and that certainly is what's been popular today but there's another field in the genetic industry and this was a learning curve for me to it's called epigenetic's and basically that is the ability to turn genes on and turn genes off the concrete. Hopefully good things, and unfortunately it creates bad things and I say that because that's important because of some people.

They only were the first pocket school. That's exactly what I'm going to do longer stay away from any laboratory there never been a crisper me to modify me. So I turn into a nonhuman. Don't ever get me. Well, this is what you need to pay attention to this other method called epigenetic some basic what is is you can be exposed externally to certain things chemicals and things that nature and you could ingest them, which includes a vaccination with certain things that will eventually will change your Gmail most of you have no idea this is going on now.

Maybe couple examples that we uncovered in our studies of things that you can be exposed to, without ever going to a crisper laboratory and your actually be in genetically modified.

One example is there starting to admit that certain additives in plastics been exposed to that can actually genetically modified and begin to produce diseases and you even something going through the trauma of growing up with her be like starvation Weatherby child abuse and things that nature these things actually begin to have an effect on you genetically. You know what are now coming out with their saying that marijuana not only actually alters the person's genome but it will alter that person's genome for the next several generations said myself well aren't you glad that they're legalizing marijuana over the place we haven't seen the long-term effects of that decision as well, but another one. You could be exposed to certain chemicals externally and that can have an effect on you and your genome.

You can also be altered genetically with vaccines. In fact, the geneticist that we interviewed. She is geneticist was very, very concerned.

For instance, big Pharma is forced by law, that they have to put a disclaimer out that when you take this pill what you doing your ingesting internally the chemical they have to say. Here's all the potential dangerous side effects right it might help you to stop smoking but it could create liver disease. You could have thoughts of suicide that could create all kinds of horrible negative side effects.

She says when it comes to vaccines. They don't have to do that. She says you can't tell me that with you in just a pill that contains various chemicals that could produce negative side effects doesn't happen also with vaccines. She said the only thing I'll say is typically if you get a flu shot. Well you might have some mild complications that it but she said as a geneticist you can't tell me that that too can be utilized to produce negative effects and literally change a person's genome. In fact, we quote throughout there that these people who want to alter the human genome who want to change humanity which they think is for good. They want to use the excuse of a global vaccine to get the job done with the people wanted or not some terrible things contained in some of these vaccines in the aborted fetal cells. Cancer-causing type cells. The vaccine industries seems to want to cover the setup. Of course some reason they been immune to any kind of pushback I'm talking about from for instance, the FDA or an outfit like that that was her concerns on tape. She says for the life of me I don't know why these people get away with this because he forgot forced big Pharma who gives us feel that we ingest on the inside to give a disclaimer, then how come were not forcing the vaccine industry to do the same when were ingesting something via a needle on the inside and you know it has to have harmful effects are getting away with it which coming out is the reason why you're getting harmful effects is because these chemicals in the concoction of chemicals has an actual effect on the human body to alter the human genome and often times it's for the negative one to play one more clip we dealt with this last week we covered so much last week get it on my website.

Olive trees or on our YouTube channel where you can actually view portions of the program. His

Same thing that one play, one more clip here. I'm not quite ready to leave designer babies because what potential new parent would like to and design their potentially new baby year and a new one tall you want. I'm sure hair color you could pick all that out Wetherington advancements in genetic engineering at the reality of creating your ideal baby is closer than ever before US while controversial technology could help prevent a baby at having certain genetic defects. Critics are saying the applications could have a far worse effect on society party trays out as friends, is the story potential.

Not having a baby you might be able to use genetic testing to choose your child and what some are calling designer baby, but as technology advances might even be able to choose embryos based on what sort of hair color or eye color. They want their child to have sparking both moral and ethical concerns. Prospective parents already's DNA testing to check for potential genetic abnormalities that could lead to serious conditions. While critics say the manipulation of DNA poses huge ethical and moral concerns. The method is garnering the support of lawmakers and medical expert.

In July, the UK ethics counsel calling the practice morally permissible as long as it's in the best interest of the child, but as technology advances.

Others worry that we may be able to also learn about characteristics that have the last bearing on the future health of the child and more on the physical and intellectual trait issues like is it ethical to wants to live below two pods, a girl of roadway. Is it ethical to what somebody taller versus somebody shorter than some of the going online. So where do you draw that line the late Stephen Hawking believed that the advances in genetic science could lead to an elite class that physically and intellectually powerful people and French people chose to add their DNA and manipulate their children's makeup to Billy Crone when I came away with after perusing your various DVDs, like other things, friends, and socialism. They try to make this sound like this would so improve society that surely you want to do this, don't you Pollyanna's utopian society that they want. But that doesn't fit reality not even scientific reality. When you give just one example of this designer baby mentality which is being pushed.

You could certainly see our society would fall for it. Who wouldn't want this right you going to the store you got options. What kind of color close. You want what size, what style one undo that your kid, but it won't work on a given example. This was brought out by the geneticist that we interviewed again. She said was that you get the husband-and-wife they come together for the baby but they wanted design it was specific attributes will if you left alone. The baby was going to come out with brown hair and brown eyes. You can genetically and she admitted we have a technology you can genetically alter that baby and you could force it to come out with blonde hair and blue eyes.

You can do it.

She said the problem is the DNA code that God designed is so complex that yes you forced it and altered the DNA to create the blue eyes and blonde hair, but it's so complex you just messed up. 13 other things. The baby needs for a healthy life but you altered it for good. And you can't reverse it.

It doesn't work as great as they say it is in this dangerous heading on this route now speak of danger.

What is a start to sound like designer babies.

This is eugenics. Folks exactly what it is and that's what Jim we were so glad that you had agreed to come on because we want to get your expertise in that area. Certainly talk about Nelly history repeating itself with Noah's day. And this is what were doing this from about prophecy point of view, but its history repeat itself in Hitler's day. Hitler's day even the church in Germany had little trouble heading down this path. In fact, we had a whole section with your interview and all the awesome information that you were able to share with your experience and knowledge, but we also trace the trail.

I didn't realize this but this was a bombshell for me that Hitler got his information on eugenics from the eugenics movement in the United States.

Now that's not a excuse for Hitler and what he and the Nazi regime did their responsible for that but I didn't realize how far the eugenics program was already in play in our own country, even to the point were the Supreme Court of her own country. Back in that day in the 20s and 30s had already ruled that it was okay to forcefully sterilize certain people. In fact, this came up in the Nuremberg trials when they're put in the Nazis on trial for the eugenics experiments and things were doing to the Jewish people that the Nazi warriors used at as a basis for their argument. They said hey, wait a second.

How could you charge us with an international crime of doing eugenics and what we did with the Jewish people.

When your own country the United States said it was perfectly fine to sterilize people. Yes, yes, excellent film clips and other items that you still in that segment. Because were talking about all sorts of things hybrids and super soldiers were heading to super soldiers next in the coming genetic apocalypse.

It all ties together. The point is, as we've said, now few times that Jesus in Matthew 24 says that the days of Noah Genesis 6 burner return someday in the be a comparison between the days of Noah, and a very last generation. Now we believe that that last generation is actually the tribulation generation, but were seeing a precursor to a lot of things in the tribulation were seeing serve a foretaste of them cast a shadow on the church age.

The church is not a part of the tribulation. I think Billy Crone. The point you're making and that I keep making week after week is if we see the tribulations on the horizon. I like to put it if we can almost hear the hoofbeats of the four horsemen of the apocalypse right over a ridge, obviously were very very close to that tribulation from which the church is absent. Please get right with the Lord SO that's what we don't know the date of the our Bibles were clear about your own.

If you are with a calculator, how much math you know he knows you could certainly seek God's wisdom that to because if you told us as Christians exactly the rapture. Unfortunately, what would we do Republic goof up to the very for the non-Christian, why doesn't he tell my opinion it's because they would do the same thing 05 more minutes of rapture to get right with God. We don't know the day nor the hour but all these included the following, which is based on again. Matthew 24 Jesus said, as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be the coming Son of Man to see a repeat of Noah's day. We see that with general wickedness and malice genetic modification wickedness be repeated but it's all a sign again from God that is getting close. As Christians is not a time be fearful.

It's a time to be faithful. Get rid of procrastination, get busy, share the gospel. That's what were still here. Absolutely. I recently saw something I want you to comment on and I may have you come into disclosing segment here of the program recently saw something very intriguing and that is a mouse that had a human ear. I'll find a picture of that and will insert it's in the YouTube and his channel version of the programming here so folks can see the picture of this mouse with a human ear growing on its back, not wearing ear is, but on its back and Billy Crone go ahead, take a minute to explain this and left a hold of the realm of what they're doing. Mixing humans with animals and things that nature and again here why human ear quotes body parts death rationale that they want to get us to go along with his. This is why we need to create basically chimeric is a mixture of streams and animals because will be able to not only grow organs but just about any kind of thing you could think of. If we just make this combination with animals. In fact, you mentioned a picture in the documentary Jim, we have the actual video clips of the scientist doing this and you'll actually see with your own eyes. This mouse walk around man with a human you're on its back. It's crazy but this is the stuff that's really going on what they want to do not just create human organs by combining humans with animals. They literally want to grow human body parts. Some of this technology is gone advance that now they don't even need the mouse anymore.

This is a hold of the realm that we expose and is basically 3D bio printing is what it's called an industry they been doing 3D printing for quite some time now, you could 3D print even a gun or shoes or candy certain food products which sound like Star Trek but they're able to do that. Close all kinds of things that you can do with 3D printer will now they're doing it biologically there taken basically cell structures and they could literally print human body parts which would include lucky ear examples were given what knows a face is rules working on the able to print the human heart and all the stuff is wild and crazy folks, but I believe there's a biblical basis for meaning that just like you see the rise of earthquakes and wars and famines and pestilence and certainly what's going on in the Middle East and Israel. Those are all classic signs that we don't know the day nor the hour of the rapture but it's getting close. Guess what this kind of genetic modification behavior. I am convinced is a repeat of the days of Noah, and that's what Jesus also said you can expect on top of the other stuff when he's getting ready to come back let's move into my second of the program here I'm going to take a short timeout when we come back still want to talk for a few minutes anyway about trans-humanism. I know you interviewed Carl tie crib in this $0.16 DVD presentation, one of the most intriguing angles that you present and there are so many intriguing angles that the minute I said that I knew I probably shouldn't have would be the super soldiers while what if you created a soldier who could not only eat grass, but thrive on grass because he's a super soldier have to have ready-to-eat meals for a million soldiers just have a meets implants by the side of the road and he would thrive with that will that's happening that's in the works. So we are to talk about some of those things as we wind down our two weeks with pastor Billy Crone. You can find a lot more and get a life get a life pastor Crone speak at understanding the times 2018.

You can find that online on YouTube and on our website.

Olive tree will also find the DVD set were talking or you can call my office. Best to do so, Monday through Friday back in just a minute. We love friendly feedback write to us through our website. All of three all of three follow simple time at 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 or mail when you write to all three ministries of John Markel Fox 1452 Maple Grove, MN 55311, Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311. All gifts are tax-deductible to find the product in our online store along with two dozen other cutting-edge items more in the moment with pastor Billy Crone and Jim Jesus prophesied during the tribulation would be returned to the days of Noah.

Noah's generation saw genetic manipulation and we're seeing that place to even before the onset of the time of Jacob's trouble, or the tribulation, the depravity of such genetic tampering. During that dispensation, which the church is absent is staggering.

Learn more and pastor Billy Crone's new 16 DVD 32 teaching sex hybrids super soldiers in the coming genetic apocalypse found in our online store, and print magazine. John Markel is a featured guest in this extensive presentation mankind is trying to re-create all life forms on our planet, including re-creating humans not in the image of God.

This is indeed a genetic apocalypse. This is one study you can afford to ignore you want to understand the times to be watchmen on the wall. Visit our online all of Treeview' or call us on time at 76355944 763-559-4444. The antichrist is even yes is fine selling that same shift in your hand or your head could unlock all kinds of abilities 40 that's being pitched today.

Soldiers of people that to me would just get another excuse for people to fall for going for who would want to get the market to get to know his wife so he could have all the superhero is crazy. That sound is being promoted as we we don't present information such as today's programming to scare you but to prepare you to fight and end time battle for truth and for biblical values of society tries to tear down God in his image in these last days there is John Markel and pastor Billy Crone of Sunrise Bible Church in Las Vegas wrap up the only heard of taking ginkgo to improve your memory or specialty games that will help train your brain that enough for you brain chip right then people at the Defense advanced research projects agency, better known as DARPA along with researchers at UCLA and the University of Pennsylvania joined together to build the ultimate USB stick. If the being of course was for brain is all part of Pres. Obama's brain initiative one third developing is implantable closed-loop systems able to deliver targeted neural stimulation that may ultimately help restore memory function selling plain English. DARPA is working on creating a memory enhancing microchip that would be implanted directly into your brain. Sounds pretty creepy and welcome back, and we've still be a little time in this week's programming left please been spending two weeks with pastor Billy Crone on his new presentation and I'll give info on how to order that in a moment or two here. Learn get a life what are some primary methods. The militaries around the world are using to actually create live super soldiers. What are some examples of the militaries external enhancement of soldiers. What are some examples of the militaries internal enhancement of soldiers. What are some examples of the militaries genetic enhancement of soldiers is the military really looking at putting brain chips into soldiers are militaries really serious about creating remote controlled soldiers and what is the term brain hacking mean pastor Billy Crone are militaries really serious about creating remote controlled soldiers know it sure is about you and I've actually been additional for quite some time. In fact, about 10 years ago.

Some of the research we came across the United States military was warned by these top scientific think tanks.

They basically said United States, you better get cracking on developing your own super soldiers because if you don't you are going to be left behind. The other countries around the world that are already engaged in it. They don't have a Judeo-Christian ethic like we do, and they are running at this on massive scale and fact speaking of the non-Judeo-Christian culture. Russia blood report and on record.

He said that the super soldier program is not only happening.

He said it's more dangerous than nuclear warfare. But on top of everything we discussed jam as crazy as it sounds Hollywood again is prepared is for the your Capt. America scenario your Ironman scenario your Batman scenario. Pick a superhero including the mutated one from X-Men Wolverine, you name it, that actual stuff that's going on right now with militaries and then begin Russia. Many people may not know this and this is their words not mine.

They recently completed the world's first DNA data bank of all living things in order. Call it a type of Noah's Ark, what is that, then this is all repeated the days of Noah. Again that is happening in our lifetime.

But the super soldier program is already in high gear. Our country countries around the world and they're doing it in three different ways.

As you mentioned in the first 20 external enhancements.

That's basically pick a superhero and they're working on it who is behind it all for our military. It's an entity called DARPA. DARPA is an acronym that stands for Defense advanced research projects agency basically for years. These guys have been coming up with the military candy for own country, but there also behind and have been behind for years and super soldier program.

Externally they been working on your soldier to be like Spider-Man that's being done right now my DARPA scope is the man project. You want your soldier to fly around like a Rocketeer room like Ironman that's also being done as well.

DARPA project for him him you want your soldier to be able to have superstrength like okra something leader not to have this exoskeleton is called the project, making it up will give him superstrength and things of that nature. They admit that's just the first step is to expertly enhance your soldiers make them like a superhero soldier that Hollywood prepares for but they said we want to move into the next phase in the next phase is to know and internally enhance them and that's where you'd mentioned Jan about brain chips. I wish that was make-believe.

Unfortunately that's happening as well what they're doing is let's take these machine technology that we been putting on the outside of soldiers. Let's now combine it with the soldier doing that with bionics right now.

People recall the bionic man the bionic woman we thought why would it be great if we can have those skills while they're doing it right now soldiers would be bionic legs or ankles or knees got bionic audio bionic nose hand long. That's big. They want to go even beyond that and are pushing these things that you do not start back in the Obama administration and that is friendships and we take some time to do this because when I came across as I remembered when Obama did this.

This was in his presidency. When the economy was still in the tank.

Millions of people without jobs then all the sudden he comes out with this.

We've got to map the human brain for $100 million. And guess who got the money. Most of it went to DARPA. Are you sure we need help and you say that we need spells money on the human why once I learned that that money was going to DARPA it began to make sense.

DARPA has been using that money back from the Obama administration to develop brain chips in our shoulders. They say we've got to do this because it's going to provide us with the always do the make it sound like you can't live without it you will help them control Berlin's right and not just for soldiers but for anybody who's paralyzed something that nature.

If you just let us put a chip in your head, then this will allow you to regain usage of your lamps, so who could be against that. Believe it or not that's actually already been done in the coming it's already been done. They also say, if you let us put a chip in your head soldiers or their essay. Even people that you will be able to have the ability to promote rapid healing in your body. Now that the DARPA project called the DARPA electric car X program and for those again familiar with Hollywood that your Wolverine scenario if people are familiar with him.

He get shot or stabbed and all of a sudden we see that wound just goes away.

DARPA is actually doing that with this brain chip technology we mentioned before, why are people talking about the dangers of having your memory erased because DARPA is pushing if you let us get a brain chip in your head. Then we will control your memories, how they pitch well we all know soldiers won the horrible side effects of wars.

What PTSD right.

How about we put a chip, joking, put a chip in your brain and will erase those bad memories and you will suffer from that anymore they're going even farther when you second if we could erase the memories and that means we could put new memories and their now that's extremely dangerous.

You mention the term brain hacking that the new term that they come up with this technology, the realizing when you second if we allow the government, military, whoever to literally connect our brains via chip to electronic devices. A computer whatever to control or limbs or to help us heal faster, or to wipe out memories. What just like any computer that means. What if somebody want to hack into it.

Let me ask this Billy Cronin. I asked this in program number one you can hear that on my website YouTube channel, etc. obviously program to hears building on program one. But I asked this in program one can ask it again. I think it's crucial question here what you're talking about the super soldiers in all this incredible technology in their truck to do to create a super soldier any kind of regulation any kind of oversight for all of this is anybody looking into some of the ethical issues involved here now again I'm glad you brought that up because some of us might say well to good thing the government can get a handle on the note or not, and is not just our country. Jan is all countries on the planet certainly developed countries.

In fact, as I mentioned the beginning.

It's probably a whole new way of warfare, but it's leading towards use the analogy of the gold rush. It's like who can get out there the fastest to the West and find the biggest joyous gold deposit be the richest person on the planet will that's what they're doing there trying to out beat all of the military for trying to include her own country come up with the biggest baddest super soldier to defeat the other country super soldiers and is creating like a nuclear waste like with Russia and America will that was not big enough.

Because Russia does chemical one that beat us.

We got a come out with one that's bigger than them and vice versa.

Just begin to spiral out of control. It's the same thing with this technology, there's not only not regulation, but the way that it's being handled. It is spiraling out of control because every country has to beat the other countries for defensive purposes. Let me share with you another thing about these brain chips.

This was while talk about Hollywood preparing you for what you don't they fit.

Another benefit from these brain chips in the soldiers what we can do is we can download directly into the brain information that they need right on the battlefield, so the speed of communication. Not only that talk about shades of the matrix movie.

The people are familiar with that same word the guy had the thing plugged into the back of his head and they flooded his mind with kung fu and that of course he wakes up and he says hey unwelcome who had also he has that skill set that's actually being worked on by DARPA to do that to soldiers to download that kind of information is called the TMT program. The other concern thing is Jim this idea to get a brain chip is already busting out into the private sector and there's a wall soldiers on the ones that come back with paraplegic issues or have horrible memories while people suffering from depression. Hey, this is good for the average Joe to. In a nutshell, you're thinking where it is going folks tell me this is not shades of Revelation 13 in the market, the bees, and many times early on as young Christian.

I'm going like Revelation 13 market-based it's going to happen again. You get some sort of mark to control the buying and selling them in the right hand or the four hit I get the hand because if you're looking at purchasing something wave your hand will be in condition for that but the head who's gonna take the hit option you look at this technology folks that's exactly what's being pitched a brain chip they say is going to just revolutionize your life.

It's gonna promote healing. You're going to get your lens back will control your memories and am I guess it does say the word on this.


But when you look at this technology. It makes me wonder if that term in Revelation 13 with the mark of the beast. The buying and selling a husband is not a loaded term and what I mean is God just shows you the Holy Spirit to the apostle John Revelation gave us the information we needed to know about buying and selling. But what if this mark from the antichrist is even more than that yes is mine and selling. But what if that same chip in your hand or your head could unlock all kinds of abilities for you that's being pitched today and soldiers and people that to me would just be another excuse for people to fall foregoing toy.

Who wouldn't want to get the mark of the beast you get to the Woodbine so he could have all the superpowers like a superhero is crazy.

That sounds is being promoted as we speak. You're listening to understanding the times radio Jan Markel here spent two weeks with pastor Billy Cronin. You've heard him on this program many times you can learn we are carrying his 16 DVDs said hybrids super soldiers in the coming genetic apocalypse, the premise being that Jesus said that days of Noah were coming back. That would be in the tribulation but were saying the tribulation cast a shadow on the church age as I speak. We talk about this and much more in my print and the EE newsletter sign up online. All of the views as an viewpoint olive were very active on social media find us on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, YouTube, you could watch the programming on our YouTube channel. Jan Markel olive tree ministries to watch it on his channel. What you write to us and particularly if you send the gift all gifts are tax-deductible. Would you tell us how you listen to understanding the times racial or behavior not listening on the radio, but you're catching it online the various other options. We are airing now on almost 900 radio stations were so thankful for them, particularly as various online sources are marginalizing Christians and conservatives more and more all the time.

We love our online audience would love a real radio audience, Billy Cronin, we still got to a few minutes left here. I know that you interviewed my good friend Carl take crib for your presentation here and I think that you need to first give us a real simple definition of trans-humanism that featured it on here before and someone came to me and said boy that's a topic I have a hard time understanding it, can we go back to the fact that some folks, including me, aren't scientifically wired real easily so you need to give us a definition for trans-humanism and then how would the plans of the trans-humanist movement change life as we know it. How is it fitting into the whole topic of hybrids and super soldiers in the coming genetic apocalypse will return trans-human action around for a while was coined in 1957 by Julian Huxley, basically a nutshell, Jan, trans-humanism is to assist the mindset of these elitists and technocrats who believe in evolution, so they deny God, and they say you want which is taken too long for mankind to evolve into something better. We need to use science and technology to speed it up. We need to use science and technology including genetic modification for humanity to transcend trans-humanism to the next level of evolutionary development similar terms of the used to describe this is not just trans-humanism, but they literally say post humanity. They freely admit work done during to be humans left in fact I got to share this with you. Jenna totally forgot about this, but this came out in the interview with our geneticist diaster the proverbial question now from a scientific point of view. Throughout this documentary love these scientists think take some military people and trans-humanist. There admitting that if we keep this up.

How far can we do this and you're no longer human, so I asked her to put a number on that. How much can you alter the human genome and scientifically there are no longer a human to use the analogy, then in a busy human, and she came back and said 1%.

I think people need to realize it doesn't take long to tweak the human genome and you got nonhumans on planet. Why is important because that's a repeat of Genesis 6 nonhuman would not have the sole and there's another aspect and you also look at why God judge the planet and strengths of view so severely and how it will be good so severely during the tribulation so severely it's unspeakable. I mean I've covered it with you talking about the seals, since in couple years ago. I think 20 17th. The judgment is staggering exactly in Jesus said that he also said about the seven year tribulation is going to be the worst time in history mankind so horrible that it was God shorten the time frame, no flesh would survive.

Which again legacy does it galore but no flesh would survive that me humanity would be wiped out and/or if you look at what these people trying to do with there even be any true humans left both. I don't know it is going to be an absolutely horrid time, but you could see why Jesus is not only coming back. He has to them, he would have to come back, but he wiped the earth's house back during Noah's time.

Then he was a terrible judgments almost unthinkable to think that only eight were righteous at that time in history is certainly to remove the church of the restrainer during the tribulation and then the earth gets pounded again and as you said so rightfully so, if Jesus doesn't come back in the second coming, no flesh whatsoever would be saved during the tribulation.

That's just staggering yet is enough to wake up call. That's why we want to warn people in love don't go there. Don't do this, you don't have to if you receive Jesus Christ right now is your Lord and Savior, then you won't go into the seven year tribulation got very clear about that Romans chapter 5 first Thessalonians 1. First Thessalonians 5, both before and after first Thessalonians for the rapture passage, God says repeatedly. I have rescued you, you're not appointed unto you, and I've saved you from his coming wrath. The church will not be there. So that's the good news.

We can tell people take the way out. Not speaking of Noah's day Jan how that any different than the same message and only had right. It's the same thing. He said hey get into this part is only one way on the planning escape destruction or send the same message today even that's been repeated except what I think in the Woodmark was in getting the wooden cross get into Jesus Christ and escape this thing that's coming to this planet. God's right to judge it again is anything else you wanted to add on the trans-humanist movement since we have another few minutes. I do want to cut that topic. Sort because it's so important in this whole genetic apocalypse.

These guys they don't care about God. I don't believe in God makes you want there were trans-humanist, if you will in no state exactly they believe that they are going to be God there go is called the three supers and with this technology to help man transcend become no longer human. They want super longevity, super intelligence and super well-being and they literally want to listen.

The term the use give humanity a brain boost with genetic modification so that we can walk around or should I say those who could afford it or delete this you can walk around people I kid you not.

With an IQ of a thousand.

They believe that this is going to get rid of aging.

As I talked about before and so they will never die which there to be in for a rude awakening. 927 says the point man to die once, than face judgment. They also believe in super well-being will always be perfectly healthy would always technology an acceptable block. This is just a repeat of the why of the garden to be Satan came to even says don't listen to God right you listen to me and you have the knowledge of good and evil and you will be like God and that's what these people say we don't need Jesus. We don't need God will create our own eternity will be your own God's will. Super intelligence will live forever and they're in for a rude awakening, but they have methods that they are using to try to pull this off. Believe or not they want to wears a sound whenever the person's body starts to fall apart and how you try to quote live forever. Well there actually working on full-blown head transplant onto another person and this one starts to wear out your pot.

On some real somebody there also looking at again cloning technology so that what will do is will just download the contents of your brain into this clone or will download the contents of your brain into like a cyborg scenario or what Hollywood is doing fantastic unfortunate job brainwashing us will download the contents of your brain into a computer and you certainly saw that years ago with the movie transcendence with Johnny Depp Amazon prime just came out with a new show called upload and it's a complete mockery of the biblical account that when you die if you're Christian you go to heaven if you're not you go to hell they say no work in a create these heavens inside computers and your own reality and you don't need God and that to show that just came out. I think that nature and you think it come on pull this off. Folks there already working on his actual technology and you think what we think the take the contents of a person's brain and put in the computer. Well believe it or not. Elon musk, who many people would say is the Tony Stark of today. Please Hollywood he's developed neural interface that actually connects man's brain with the computer without in the Thing is Jan is all a bit is just like Satan. Satan what he does is he takes God's truth.

Any twisted contorted and perverted to lead man astray ultimately to help you think about the trans-humanist goals.

Every single one of them. You really could have if you would just accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior limit for the train. She was that the reason why we need to alter humanity if they want to have a forever limitless existence. Guess what you can have that for real. If you would just ask God to forgive you oversensitive Jesus to live forever with Trent. She was a we want to have a perfect body focus what did you get saved right now for Jesus Christ. You'll get a new resurrected body that will always be perfect at peak performance is good be awesome. They say we want to create a paradise that free of all the evils we got experience today will just want to get say right now to Jesus you to be a part of this planet being renovated to Garden of Eden -like conditions in the millennial kingdom wonders even the VPs with natures can be awesome and imitate what we want to create a world that's free of pain-and-suffering and even death itself will guess what if you could save right now to Jesus Christ. You don't need to be genetically modified you to be part of the new heavens and the new earth that got scissors can be no more death no more morning crying or pain, and God himself will be with those who, what, every tear from our eyes and so shall it be.

It can be incredible to be awesome. And guess what, you don't need to be Chris Byrd.

You'll need to listen to these people who are lying to you that technology will give it to you. It's freely given through Jesus Christ. If you would just ask and if not just what enemy Jim was getting that close for the return of Jesus Christ here comes this movement then says here's a counterfeit to everything that you could have in Jesus and just do it our way.

It's a repeat of the life Satan in the Garden of Eden and people need to realize that listen if Molly not going to work but please I'm with them.

Who doesn't want to have a perfect body and live in a paradise. Who doesn't want to escape this world of pain and evil and suffering will guess what you can have that and is not make-believe and again you have to invest millions of dollars you can have right now to Jesus Christ, but our world is being led astray in the last days by these technocrats and we as Christians need to get equipped on this issue so we could lead people back to Jesus Christ. I could not have summed up our two weeks better than what you just did here in the last 23 minutes. I just thank you for the excellent way of wrapping things up, folks. We spent two weeks looking at hybrid super soldiers in the coming genetic apocalypse why because we like science-fiction things that are kinda almost creepy. No, because the purpose of the presentation at 16 DVDs over 30 teachings said Jesus said in Matthew 24 that the days of Noah Genesis 6 would come back someday. All the aberrations found in Genesis 6 will maybe they'd be a little bit different in the modern times, but they would come back someday that's been captured in this 16 DVDs set by pastor Billy Crone hybrid super soldiers and the coming genetic apocalypse find it in my store. All of trees olive tree' my print and E newsletter. You can learn much more get a get a actually have featured a number of pastor Billy Crone's productions on the temple on the Jewish people and some other topics.

Billy Crone, thank you for what you do. It's fascinating and stunning.

It's a very, very creative and it's so well done I just appreciate that so much and thank you for your part in it and help enough to have another way to let people know that time is short. The good news is this another sign of Jesus come back to get us as the church. Let's not get sidetracked, keep her mind on things above and on earth.

We got a bright future.

We need to let as many people know that they can join us as well say next week I'll have Michelle Bachmann back in studio to talk about the turmoil of our times more than Ruth is going on in America we seem to be coming apart at the seams with unprecedented lawlessness will talk about that next week, so be sure to join me the meal out with us saying I love to use when the time is right. The scene part of the walls fell down. The sun stood still. The waves were calm.

The stone was rolled away the clouds were part of the Lord ascended and when the time is right, the King of Kings will return God is never early.

He is never late.

He is always right on time and his plan for you is good or thank you for listening folks will talk to you again next week by Shirley.

We are in the last hours before Christ's return. Are you ready to face Jesus Christ at the judgment seat of Christ appointment. Every believer has fully entered eternity. Let us hear from you by writing us through our website. All of trees olive trees follow simple time.

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