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June 19, 2020 9:00 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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June 19, 2020 9:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Discussion with a former Mormon who is now a biblical Christian--2- Discussion with a caller about pastors, elders, and church life--3- If someone sins right before you die and you don't have time to repent, what happens to you---4- What can you say to someone in a false religion to draw them out---5- Does the fact that we will reign with Christ mean that Mary is already reigning and is thus the queen of heaven---6- Can someone be a Christian and deny the inerrancy of the Scripture-

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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

A previously recorded Nats like show wrestling. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive on the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine. Why weekend. Want to give me a call.

All you do is delete 772072276 and let's see last letter talk about Scientology quite a bit and is on a podcast kind of thing did that and doing well today. Scientology is interesting we talked about that we talk about all kinds of stuff. And though you know it just occurred to me.

I'm going to ask for prayer normally don't do that, but so my yeah of the current website. Things are going along forward. We have 7000 articles that we've written over 25 year. 7000 articles on the site and in order to get the site into the new position the new CMS were to have to format those 7000 out all boy talk about major jobs. So anyway, I appreciate your prayers that we can get that work done get some volunteers to do extra help help it's good to go weeks and weeks and weeks unless we log people so you know be great to have some prayers stuff like that. All right, now we have five open lines going to give me a call or do is delete 772072276 listing site and I'm in Idaho so having some nice weather here really nice really nice where you are relisting from the were having great weather here right now the kind of window cleaning you have was open and some just now started mowing the lawn, so I'm going to the window and get going here we go. You know nobody's been mowing anything. Case only good until I get regular beer rights didn't have a Scientology debate Joanne we had. I just did the discussion on Scientology. That's what I did.

So there's that. And if you want to give a call we can talk about whatever you thought about 877-207-2276.

You have nobody waiting right now so please give me call and those of you who are new to the show is a Christian apologetic show and I don't always say what people want to hear what I I do is to my best of my ability to stick with the word of God says that offends a lot of people and we just tell you if it offends you.

Sorry to offend you. I'm not sorry that offends you are not here to please you. I am here to speak the word of God in truth and if I want to do want to be able to help people understand who Jesus Christ really is with the truth of the Christian gospel is, and also to know that things like Mormonism's false Job's witnesses is false. Atheism doesn't work, evolution doesn't work in Roman Catholicism is false. Let's see we going all kind of-isms in the sticks of things like that and the reason I know their faults because compared to the word of God. That's what I do. I profoundly stick to the word of God that is a truth. And if you don't believe it's your loss and you need Jesus Christ as your Savior, whose God in flesh is to nature to both God and man. And right now he is a man in heaven or not is in heaven as a man right now with holes in his side with holes in his feet.

Jesus Christ is right now and he forever will be like that to our Savior's incredible humbling that he did to save us with open lines give a call 877-207-2276. Let's get to Melinda from Utah Linda welcome here hi how are you I'm good how are you so I I have learned so much different than anything I've been doing on three or click and is tightly amazing new lock that I I decided to give my life to Christ in my brain for really real time, and this journey is been totally fantastic and I learned that lack through both of your both your show intricate book and say congregation that I go to church with right now they're just totally amazing and they've helped him what church you go to, and I know some churches down there too far away from me so hit up the hill Utah and Provo rings a bell. This thing yet best friends and Sandy and other great folks, you know, Bill McKeever and Eric Johnson they run Mormonism research ministry and the big over their house many times over the years but yeah I lie like Utah like nice people there and come stuff like that so that's great. You know you're learning I I like that. Praise God so tell me know if you want to have to put it will configure learning from the teaching system running the what you call it fried my brain from all the Mormon teaching I had over the last 29 okay learning been wonderful.

I kind of think anything that I appreciate been able to help you now and listening to your show whenever I can, but I'm not having to work on the time it has been a great help and I know that all is that all of this is done through God's and fell on to all.

All praise and glory getting out. I can without him might be totally off without Jesus we will be totally lost as our Savior, but I'm glad to hear that a Mormonism of you know Mormonism is not true that Joseph was not the book of Mormon is for ice right you're so eager to say it and submit it. How many gods are there and all the universal places in all time. One. Jesus Christ is God in flesh is at right okay and what you do to have your sins forgiven. I okay right around him. Now, okay, I know that whatever I would not be getting Kibo are not as think what brought you out of Mormonism was a certain something or series of somethings. What was. The company I had originally joined the Mormon church because I had been like a lifelong member at the time, I would like to know what to follow and I more likely people than anything you now and like the more the longer I stayed in one that I found that practicing it in the mileage rate rating eating more like cabbage because the Bible and what clashing my that is just no way there's just no way. Good for you so there's a ministry down there called Mormonism research ministry and the Christians and us good friends. My Bill McKeever and Eric Johnson and Sandy, Utah, and if you go to the website there the experts on Mormonism and on the lot about it, but I have questions I just call them up and I asked and they just are so full of information. So if you ever have any real depth need to find something super in-depth close by. Do that and also have you gone to Utah lighthouse ministry bookstore by Sen. Tanner.

Now I can yes enter Tanner Tanis is one of the apostles, I believe, and she and Gerald are the ones who started basically the first anti-Mormon ministry with anti-Mormon, but anti-Mormon is and where the night in Salt Lake.

There were the baseball stadium is across the street from the center. Tanner knows incredible amount of stuff they produce writable amount of information and so there's another one. Research ministry in the world right there in Salt Lake City so from the prelaw things like 40 minutes away, 40, 50 minutes be there, check out this was going to Bill and Eric are down there manning the table still held a few times to so resource down the 15 freeway observing get to you but good.

We welcome you looking for what God is doing through the but he gets all the glory. So praise God commanded that you will write will think anything else right now. Now that you have questions will come with you right now and I currently entered the Christian manual a lot of stuff there okay you will good hope to get through it and written some novels to seek and check those out all right. Okay for light reading about sounds good.

All right God bless you welcome last Melinda from Utah with an open line.

Supposedly McCall 877207276 Brautigan 877207227607 want to call and talk a lot about suicide and they don't talk about it maybe won't want to know who that was and if you'd like to call back talk to you about that topic. So semi-frequent topic that comes up suicide. Can somebody forgiven of that answer is yes, but there's a consequence to.

There's a great deal of loss of reward or not, we can't lose our salvation is all that are issue related that never left so we have for open lines. If you want to give me a call.

The numbers 877-207-2276.

Let's get to do and Dennis from California Dennis on their all is again church will all day after day.

I look what is it me will well it will follow. Sorry to trouble on what are called all spring and thought about no no no great dark brown all bull. There you all my long nurturing no people going home on Friday.

Folks are going to McCall line 77077 McCall, Y. 7707 back to the show and back on your with Dennis from California Dennis welcome back on your Matthew did they have a question because you talk about the issue of fellow pastors and stuff.

Not really doing her job as the church are going to phone you will work. I've known a couple of were real good years ended yet any trips to them. The sea warning signs split sitting 11 where I've held a press release will talk about. Just a minute ago where the girl by cop. Robert Rafter before injured boy got killed by cops injured for officer guys back in her head and a friend, your local area who wanted to try that Kelby killed himself. Things happen all over the place but nevertheless the pastors issue in pastoral places national town. The pastors issue you don't have release you don't have as many churches to go to yet to come to travel coastal on the closely remodeled to here and there to find a better trip or something in pastoral. This is not a small city, so there should be some good churches now so I would just say, pray, and this ask this.

Ask God to direct you to a church do this task is a nice area to replace she continued to move in once didn't happen, but material you are going about their there's some people call Mike Weber training on how to look now you you you got a church elders leaders of the church should be out there finger on people's just put them on the back of the shoulder. Whatever you I see you got this issue more I see that you got out you can use it and we don't do it for the equipping of the saints, not directly, not all seminary graduates are bad, similar to graduate. I know several who the seminary was very helpful to people: cemeteries, that's not a wise thing to do. Some are bad some are good to come so we want people are educated and trained so that it's good but yeah yeah I'm with you just pray that you find it a group that'll do that but one of things that is is a good idea to go to a church not to to just get fit. Of course be instructed also to give and to provide in the body. Chrysler then that generally helps other things as well. People become more willing to spend time with you because the ties of the pastors can be overwhelmed by people who want their personal time constantly and it can become very daunting for pastors is are so many people who want to spend time with Pastor Lessing's case with you, but this is a heads up they want, the pastor, the Patrick mover spend time with me just talk and get 100 things to do and the unfortunate.

That's just part of some of the issues up after the deal with but that are supposed to build your stuck around that we would get the church offers so wanted to in the last 30 feet away so we bailed out and I can determine that that point that I was going through.

Like you said network that work really well last 12 years, but at some point I figured when when I'm 80, then they should be should be doing elders to be involved with you so that you find it looks like God bless.

Okay, alright, let's get on phones with Daniel from North Carolina, Daniel welcome here. You don't get all rights we got okay though, and I'm in the Bible and I work with a lot of nonfiction people and so were nonbelievers and one of the neck. You can think what I did not. Anthony asked me like you like in the movie will get it by crazy and make it customer before they die. And then they died and they asked me okay will like what follow-up right you don't you let you win right and I said God is done, but then they countered that the all know thinking enter heaven right now… Followed by modern Swiss problem and I want no more than my ask someone and you set you back because I don't give them possibly soon. Right. Let me ask you how to get your sin and how to get rid of your sin know that that's incorrect is not correct. Okay repentant.

Repentance is something Mormons can do something. Jehovah's Witnesses, Roman Catholics, atheists could do turning from something that's wrong this mean that what's wrong is not forgiven. The only way to be forgiven of our sins is by faith and trust in Jesus Christ. That's how this is forgiven by repentance, so whoever taught you.

Repentance is how you get forgiveness of sins talk to a false gospel right now so that you know the truth is, you cannot answer these guys we don't die with our sin. Jesus died with. We died with Christ from the sick sick from a six they were crucified with Christ and because we are in him when he died. The cross we died with him and therefore our sins died with him. All of our sins to any Christian who dies has all the sins already paid for already taking care of. Even the ones that say he's driving on the road and he has a very bad thought, lustful thoughts, to any dies before he is all that's wrong for me to think you guys before that will that's paid for. We do not keep our salvation, but how good we don't maintain or obtain our salvation by or compliance with anything in the law is a loss of don't stop lying to the law. The snow is please hold on a monthly call 8777 mass Y call 77077 charismatic, so let me just reiterate this folks. This is important. Maybe some of you are confused about what I said to be clear, repentance is not what saves us, what saves us his faith in Jesus. It's not our compliance with the law.

Repentance is to change your mind and do what is right.

How do you know what's right. But what the Bible says if you're lying in your stealing.

The Bible says do not live, do not steal, so therefore you know those things are wrong and you repent of them, but those things that you stop doing doesn't mean you get salvation by not doing something is not how you get salvation. Furthermore, the Bible says to honor your mother and your father will if you honor your mother and your father. Is that what gets you salvation, of course not, would get you salvation is faith in Christ.

We are justified by faith. Romans 516 were not made right before God and the law that would justifications. This does not occur by anything we do by any compliance with the law by any act of repentance. If any of you have been told that you must repent of your sins in order to get forgiven of your sins. That's a false gospel. I am not saying it's okay to continue in your sins the true gospel is the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of our sins we put faith and trust in what Jesus did. That's what makes us right before God.

That's what justifies us before the law of God, not what we do and not what we don't do and not what we start doing as far as the law being good and that would stop doing as far as a long big band. We repent of course we should. But repentance is not what gets us salvation plus repentance and faith combined. Don't get us salvation. It's faith in Christ alone was not repentance and faith. It's faith God grants that we have repentance second Timothy 225 disagreements. We believe Lincoln's 129 and are believing is the work of God.

John 628 29 so I'm trying to tell people is do not believe that you have to stop doing something in order to be forgiven of your sins, you have to trust in Christ and or be forgiven of their sins and anybody and everybody who trusts in Christ for the forgiveness of their sins will also repent of their sins, they must repent of their sins and they should repent of their sins. You cannot continue in your sin willingly, purposefully, and also be a Christian again. Repentance is part of being a Christian, but it's the result of regeneration in the us is not the thing that brings us forgiveness of sins.

This is something very important. We ought to turn from our sins. God commands everyone everywhere to repent. Asked 1730, but our salvation, the forgiveness of our sins is not based on that repentance is based on faith in Christ.

And we ought to repent and turn from our sins, but those aren't the things repentance. Those are things that save us faith in Christ us. You need to repent of your sins but you have to understand that your justification before God by faith alone in Christ alone. That's what the truth is I hope people learn the necessary whiskey on the air with two Timothy with Timothy from Raleigh, North Carolina Timothy, welcome, good afternoon Jehovah bless and keep you map I had a quick question out after listening to the girl. The woman give her testimony about coming out of Mormonism and I end up a been a believer for 35 years and solidly so. And understand the way of love and that Jesus's message was was one of love and God's message from revelation that the things I've noticed about the Mormon church and the Jehovah's Witnesses and Muslims and Islam is that they are very family oriented and and so they are trying to draw people in that family environment and yet I thought I recently watched BYU channel and was watching some of the Bible to study and all the very brilliant intelligent man sitting there explaining the full revelation from the Mormon book and it make it sound like it makes what is it that you can say to a morning to a Islam to a Catholic to a Jehovah's Witness that will help draw began to draw them out from that deception that thereunder. It's easy what you can say is something like Lord Jesus please be merciful to them and please give them light please open their hearts. The truth of your word you will not follow false gods so those are the words of the things you can say save them to God, you, you asked God to work. That's the first thing the second thing is you yet understand. Of course families are important and God does want us to have good families but right trying tell people is that I'm not knocking the idea of family care and the importance of family relationships, assistant that's not the substance of the faith of Christianity. The substance of the faith. Christianity is Christ and him crucified and that they need to understand that anything that takes their eyes off of Jesus and puts it on something else. This is bad.

So if they love their family more than Jesus. Then their idolaters if they love their work, their jobs more than Jesus, their idolaters, in that sense to look to Christ knowing Mormonism.

For example, they don't pray to Jesus. There have fellowship with Jesus. Even though the Bible says to fellowship with Christ for 2029 and he Jesus prayed to John 1414 prescriptions 12, but they don't do that none of the cults will pray to Jesus because he reduced to.

He is so that the substitute that kind of fellowship with the true living God and replace it with family life with family this which sounds good and it is good except not when Dan worked and worked extra but like about working out there working their way.

They have to do certain things jump so many to achieve their status within the kingdom of the whatever is right, so cults are false doctrines are based on your ability to maintain your place with God to your efforts and that's life. Jesus was everything I can write in all false religion which is what you were talking about earlier, which is what you were talking about earlier, which is our our what we say only by our trust in Jesus Christ not by anything that we do not unmount our repentance not don't say in the right words are our heart felt trust and believe that everything that you did was enough. This creek will think they must recall and appreciate that okay will go into a show thank you map God bless writes that was okay sorry it's Alisa from New York Lisa welcome you on here hi hi how are you doing been trying to call you or contact you and I finally am here and I I'm the one who's been telling you about rationally. A video that I hadn't and started talking about the cleanup having Mary as being the cleanup and I refute him and other people at all thought if you like anything at night. There is no proof that she died. That means that she got neither unkindness and that we could pray to her.

I know we can because she does not have that power is bad. God have a private press are not many pots and and out. Next I and while we've we've been like arguing with a friend Catholic and it page.

When that say the Queen of heaven and Bible and keep it off, but my friends that she's been trying to refute the argument with the Catholic are online now. They are very happy that they had you answer mine on their side. Yet that's very unfortunate.

I know Sam and I talked with them many times. I may have to take some time out my very busy schedule and do loop your research and then contacted is if he is teaching the stuff about the queen of heaven is okay to pray to Mary, then he's teaching. If he's teaching so hold on every vote is to mass Y. Call 770727 back to the show with get back with Lisa from New York back on here regarding number from the Bible.

Right now I don't have to worry about it. Talk that we will be king and queen can have an reigning way and Eric that she then have – either Graddy training and and Karen and I fight anything that she get the Queen of heaven right now. That was when I heard that LFA not actually Anna, but that that was that made it. He said that by way nine hearing him any longer and on site. He also said that you can have images of either than Marion, but you cannot vouch for them. We refute that filled by it says that we could have images of Mary and everything and mostly that we could pray to her because she hearing she here could you email me the sources of that information video. Whatever it is, and also when in the video that he says it and send it to and I cannot hang these things I can write an article on it. So yeah, I know Sam and he's brilliant when it comes to Islam is just incredible, but that he's the he Ashley moderated a debate I was in and we talked many times is very missing is if he's teaching this this is this bad stuff that's mutually going into Catholicism is not already there so we'll see how far it goes with us to get a hearing this so frequently now, but I am sleekly busy that major major projects we can move our website from the old-style to the new style requiring me to supervise and recruit people to help format 7000 articles. It's just monumental.

So it's like my goodness so well anyway I could put significant caught in here with his coffee machine and I can sleep in my office for 24 hours. It stayed all-time work to any real so you have to take a timeout work on that as well submit if I refute him badly about that because I be Catholic 40 year I was tired of hearing the Gothic barbiturate so I I asked because I asked the pre-to Anthony questions about the Bible and you never know nothing about the Bible and would like I was right.

Like the book to be in a book and on the Bible and I noticed that he didn't know nothing about the Bible and when I gave him birthday Exodus 20 he would think we can talk about that another time though, I asked directly defense. Then I started studying the Bible. I've been studying the Bible for fight of the year at the ready and I know I came nine years from Federico now living in. I started befitting the Catholic Church here, but I've been reading so much.

The Bible now I'm not getting military and when I ignored it. I found hi Karen.

I don't find it is even handy for a while the radio you know that I teach at the Roman Catholic Church is not true Christian church. False church is a paucity to get to some. Paragraph 2016 catechism says were saved by getting solutions and faith baptism and the observance of the commandments which works based and making false group so you know it. Just stay with in the Catholic Church. Keep talking to Mary to Sarah Cedar said that, take it out of context and that's it. All one time I noticed was preaching this particular church been many times in someone the elder skimmed laughing at first preacher said what is it what is it you what you set up there.

:-) Said Mary… I said Jesus is not God.

I said what they said we knew what you were saying to because I just messed up and he kept going, but they were laughing like all you know it happened just before the visit, we got on tape we could we could prove it, you know, they were smiling, but the inmate so yeah she's not the queen of heaven just worked in the Bible, the Queen and besides, what is that mean, was it me for it to be the queen of heaven.

She's the queen that will who's the King of heaven father-son or Holy Spirit, God himself who is the king and whose acquaintance can Queen or Mary so who's the queen of heaven and what authority does she have and what would happen if you didn't make a sandwich is a serious question because in the veggie tales.

One of the accounts there were the Queen should not make it so much for sticking to get kicked out the kingdom. So the joke when she stay okay okay well I will again on the information about man and a crying exactly when looking for that you get taken out the website invented and your lifestream right now right it's just is the website. See

If you're been there harm. Well, I've been in and out of me because I've been marking out part night to avoid a leak that ready my friend recommend that you and I did learn a lot like they were ready good is a lot more to learn. So you have about six months of researcher, and a lot of repetition going okay.

Got six now hope to listen but I all I'll say something to agree with.

But here's the thing. Always check when I say good Scripture that's it. Compare with Scripture. Okay good for you very good very good. Love to hear that. Okay I just hope I can find it. But let all I got my name right might fit great questions that I got. I always activate the Trinitarian highlight back. They speak in languages and and if they do I will call again I Trinitarian I will go either trying to find that speaking in tongues is not bad. It is biblical good first contents 14. For that I believe in speaking in tongues.

I don't do it and I don't believe that a lot of churches that do that are very good because they miss use nickel wacko. I think if you're talking about is the wacko stuff that people do so. There are churches that believe after being a little for several Calvary Chapel is a good basic church to go to and you be safe there putting up a believe that it's possible to to do those things speak in tongues, but they don't do it in a congregational, not wacko to S&S. An example of something you have what I like. I can't lie. What I mean at that.

If everybody for – or you know everybody think the pain and anguish by the beacon language that Gandhi communicated somebody out of the in a lot of the language and every time I hear when they speak in a calm and it like it's a matter you don't even understand what's what I mean at that. I get it when you speak and can't you hear a language if I hear Chinese. I don't I don't know what you're saying but I know there are language units, and we do this one views on tongues are a tell you what's good The website that I will confirm with 25 years and you can look up what should we look for the church, which thing she would look for in a church. I got some things listed out there is a morning things so it'll if the church has always asked us to.

If they have women pastors and elders stay away from okay anyway that's one of the things and ask that homosexuality ask about the other Christ centered, ask what they do to get their salvation. If they say the baptize in and repent. It's a false church because baptism of repentance are we ought to do this not how we get our sins forgiven your sins forgiven by faith alone in Christ alone, trusting in him so there's things like that that are in their and I go through and list 12 things that if the teacher something to watch out for right and you can recommend you do is find churches online and call them up and ask him questions and to conduct this about that and if they don't pass, don't go. Okay. All right. Okay. Thank you from Mike how bad on the webpage you're not then your God sounds good. God bless It at night right was Lisa from New York was twofold with Brian from Chicago. Brian welcome it already don't you all right actually adequate question was, I would ask him basically in youth group earn 100 report here and there. Can someone be Christian, but just believe in Christ and not believing in the script inerrancy.

Technically, technically, yes, because believing inerrancy is not something you have to agree to in order to be a Christian Christian's Dave trusting Christ there's a problem with that view. If they were to say that the Bible is not inherent that it has problems, then that's a difficult issue to work through with them because it took in a believe Jesus Christ is God in flesh the Trinity's true he died the crossroads with the justification by faith these with the Bible the 60s with the Bible. With these things are found in the Scriptures. If some is to say that the Scriptures are not true in all areas then how do you know those things are true.

And there's an inconsistency that you're gonna have to deal with that point when someone tells me they believe in Jesus but not inerrancy. The Scriptures also can you please show me in the Scriptures of things that are not correct this to show me and I don't know the question will regarding your caller make.

I actually I called yesterday regarding veteran at the click two hours video I'm working on it to actually make it out like telling you every single minute like this when I puke that that he goes like it tries work on a tour through great X and I've been arguing with them back and forth because I told him that people are actually coming here listening to you that you're saying you can't say to saying I don't dare okay.

Basically, you know, I conduct I told them that I'm getting bothered seeing people in your common fiction that we are going back to our Catholic faith, and I mentioned the plan and elected who cares let him go back all my goodness that's a serious issue, but you know what I need to verify these things. So if you're working on. I see it yeah that's and it's very serious so this has been through a lot so there's a breakdown of the shows are the are you ready to bless you my lady

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