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Five Ways to be a Successful Husband

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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June 18, 2020 8:00 am

Five Ways to be a Successful Husband

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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June 18, 2020 8:00 am

Adrian Rogers says, “The best thing a father can do for his children is love their mother.” In this message, Dr. Rogers shares five ways to be a successful husband as according to 1 Peter 3:7-9.

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Was the best thing a father can do for his children listen to Adrian Rogers valve is all a lot of problems in the home to marriages made in heaven with problems and the battle is worked out right here all this earth. And so I want to give some practical ways beds that you can be a good husband. The best thing any father can do voice children is to love their mother is a gentleman I would give it five ways to be successful husband will be delivered worth finding and happy Father's Day weekend. If you're a father or a husband to begin.

We are especially grateful to join us for today's broadcast. I think it will really encourage Adrian Rogers said the closest thing to paradise that we have today is our homes as we just heard them say the best thing a father can do for his children, his love their mother. How you do that first Peter chapter 3.

Give some profound practical advice to love our wives well and leave their homes as godly husbands and fathers.

If you have a Bible turned out of first Peter chapter 3 will begin in verse seven as Adrian Rogers gives five ways to be a successful husband were fine. Second Peter chapter 3 today is Father's Day. I want to speak to that address and I hope you made good and bad because I believe, is that goes, so goes the home, and I sincerely believe that the problem in most homes is not with the woman but probably with a dropout dad who is failing to be what he all to be now there's a lot of problems in the home today marriages made in heaven, but friend the problems and the battle is worked out right here on this earth. And so I want to give some practical ways beds that you can be a good husband because I said wow by the best thing any father can do his children is to love their mother.

So Jim I wanted to be five ways to be successful husband this morning and easily be taken right from the word of God. Look, if you will hear first Peter chapter 3 and verse seven. Likewise you husbands well with them.

With" refers to the wives according to knowledge, giving honor unto the wife. As unto the weaker vessel and as being heirs together of the grace of life that your prayers be not hindered. Finally, be all of one mind, having compassion one another love his brethren, be pitiful, be courteous not rendering evil for evil, a railing for railing, but contrariwise blessing knowing that ye are there and to call, that ye should inherit a blessing.

One of these five ways are found in this passage of Scripture that will help you to be a successful husband.

Five things that you should do for and with your wife number one. You need to practice togetherness. Our practice intimacy with her practice intimacy with her. The deep need of a woman's heart is to be implemented with her husband the deepest craving of a woman is total togetherness with her husband and really this is what marriage is all about, that we should be one flesh.

What we mean by intimacy. Anyway, when we talk about intimacy today. Most people put a sexual overtone on land but that's not what the word intimate literally means it's a Latin word into Moose which means and most it is opening up and sharing, becoming one flesh that it is a verbal intimacy you silent types you need to listen how you need to learn how to share your secrets, your hopes, your plans, your dreams, intimacy includes our verbal communication. But not only does it include that it it it includes our emotion when we are intimate we share not only words we share our emotions that is laughing together, crying together, we share our fears, our heart aches are joyous, there is that intimate see where we we have an emotional oneness and then not only that, but it involves intellectual intimacy where we share our dream, our ideas of books, politics, theology, all these things were free to talk with another individual about the thoughts of our hearts and our lives in then there's social intimacy where we enjoy the same games. The same parties, the same friends. The same kind of recreation and then of course there is that spiritual intimacy, a woman wants a man who will pray with her and share the things of God with her and will talk a little bit more about that later on and then all of this is climaxed by that physical intimacy with to become one flesh is so the rest of the message is going to tell you how to achieve that intimacy. But first of all, the very first thing I want to understand is that you need to practice with your wife that intimacy that total togetherness. She desires that she deserves that she needs that. And she wants that and you as her husband. If you would be a successful husband you better learn to give it and dies it does not come naturally is not the male trait naturally look at the magazines women's magazines how to achieve intimacy in your home. Men's magazines how to get better gas mileage how to remodel your garage.

I'm telling you is not wired that way it normally naturally but if you would be a successful husband.

The Bible says husbands well with them. That is to share that into Moose that intimacy that in most live in number to not only should you should you practice intimacy with her.

But number two you should be understanding of her. I look at the Scripture. Again, it says, dwell with them, what's the next phrase according to knowledge.

Now most men are knuckleheads when it comes to the marriage. Actually, if you were to give it a little translation is that it says live together with goods and live together.

We did since dwell together with Molly, there are some FACT facts and we better learn to adjust when we dwell with a live according to the knowledge you know a man may think he understands a woman because he thinks she is like he is, guys. You will never change her basic nature. Women are different. Physically, women are different emotionally.

Women are differently psychologically and this is not a disadvantage.

God made us this way because it's a part of God's wonderful plan.

What are some of the differences.

If you would dwell with a woman according to knowledge, what are some of the things that you need to learn.

Mr. number one God designed the man to be the initiator for and the woman to be the responder.

Now this is built into our spiritual nature. We love God because he first loved us, Jesus is the bridegroom of the church of God the father is the heavenly father.

The man is supposed to be the initiator. The woman desires by her and make sure to have a man who will leave her and her home. It gives her a sense of security that if a woman has a weak man who will not leave and she has to assume the leadership and her husband follows and cowers along she will become angry and frustrated. She will think less of him and she will think less of herself. Sir, you are to leave because God by nature made you to be a leader and made you to be an initiator by nature he made her to be a responder onto something else about men and women.

Men tend to think in straight lines logically.

Women think emotionally spiderweb.

Think I listened carefully that when angry women in this.

It doesn't mean that a man can be emotional and it certainly doesn't mean that woman cannot be logical, but they come at things differently. How woman will make sometimes an emotional response that the husband may not understand because she leads with her emotions and her plea is for husband to take it and put it all together that if he misreads that need in her life. He can same harm and he can began to scold her for being unreasonable archaeological or even more stupid to be there that is in trouble. At the same time she's going to accuse him of being hard on feeling logical, cold and insensitive. Joyce's admin many times don't listen to what I say listen what I mean. So you have to be an interpreter. Women tend to think man logically and women the mostly men tend to be doers, women tend to be these errors.

Men are goal oriented. Reaching out driving all man's greatest fulfillment is doing is a woman if she's living according to our God-given nature. Her greatest fulfillment is in her home, her children, her relationship a man is more interested in immediate results.

She is more interested in long-term relationships. Now these are generalities and you could take with any of these and so I know the difference that I'm talking now about generalities so so many times a man will pursue a woman to get her to marry him because that is an object of achievement and once he's done that once he gets married within he goes to other pursuits. His job or whatever but she because she wants this.

This being she wants more and more of an intimate relationship. If you're not careful. The marriage will draw upon. The man tends to be a silent thinker. The woman tends to be a talker if you notice that I wait a minute to say that the thinker can't talk in the talker is not thinking, but how many people know the problem of the silent man and the talkative woman save man no one thing is true, the silent man the talkative woman now both men and women need to work on this and latest listen to me now gentlemen listen to me. We need more talking thinkers and we also need some more thinking talkers man tend to be silent. Women tend to talk I God made us this way generally, but we can take it extremes a man tends to look for success when woman tends to look for security. The demand seems to see his work as an extension of himself. Woman sees her home as an extension of herself and so guys if you don't show any concern for the things of the house. If you do it if you allow the house and everything become cluttered. The yard is no sense of order. There is frustrating to woman below.

Please do us a lot for me how I can please her is to fix something at the house, not not have somebody else fix it for began to fix it for me to fix it again screwdriver you know or something like that and and just fix some little thing what what is that that is say he cares about our home. He cares about the things that I care about when the house is cluttered, she feels cluttered. She is sensitive when something is wrong at the house. Now here's the third thing you want to say that you would if you would be successful. Husband give honor to her dear monitor look again at both at the Scripture husband's dwell with your wives according to knowledge, giving honor BC that dwell with them according to knowledge understand there is a difference between men and women, and then give her this literally means to mark her all as having great value about intimacy and togetherness are built on valuing and expressing appreciation for your mate, I'm a tell you how you can honor your wife on number one put her on a pedestal.

I have my wife and best a lot because it's psychologically smart. I just adore that woman put on a pedestal number two that the children know how much you love and honor her number three praise her in front of her friends. Number four look into her eyes, face-to-face, heart-to-heart, and verbalize your praise to her next when you praise her appraiser not only for her physical charm. But praise her for her character traits that make it a wonderful person that she is give her on I may share freely with her. Listen what the Scripture says, it says here that we are giving honor to the wife is to the weaker vessel as being heirs together BC that BC that in verse seven being heirs together of the grace of life. Husbands and wives need to understand that they have an equal inheritance as the children of God in Jesus there is neither male nor female. June agree on the free world one in the Lord Jesus Christ and your wife needs to be treated as a full we are heirs together of the grace of life. She needs to know that in your marriage. It is share and share alike now. What is the mark of this sharing fully you wanted is more than anything else. It is prayer look at it again in this verse seven.

I guys don't miss this now being heirs together of the grace of life that your prayers be not hindered a woman wants a man to pray with her and I am convinced this is where most of us that you we men fail more than anything else in failing to pray with our wives why we mankind is so difficult to pray with our wives because of that that shell around us.

Most men will get out of the woods and pray to God. They were my praying to God. They don't mind getting a roomful they just know it walls down.

But why does a woman want a man to pray with her. While number one it says my husband recognizes me as a spiritual entity number two. My husband acknowledges my spiritual worth. Number three. My husband has a genuine interest in my spiritual growth.

Number four. My husband has time for me. Number five I am a part of my husband spiritual life. We don't have a his and her relationship we have an hours relationship makes my husband desires that spiritual leadership in our home makes my husband is tending to his duties as the spiritual leader.

What a relief water release he gives to woman when the man will play with her.

It is very hard for men to do it in many of you men. Some of you bacon some teacher, some pastors will not pray with their wives other than just simply a little prayer thanking God for the food in the morning, or perhaps a little bit.

My prayer at night. But if you would be a successful husband learn to pray with you why and here's the final claim number five deal gently with her deal gently with her.

Look at the Scripture. Again, if you will, and see what it says. Likewise, he husband's dwell with them according to knowledge, giving honor unto the wife as to the weaker vessel BC that the weaker vessel, now don't think that means the inferior vessel when she's weaker better than me that she is inferior for you. What is weaker a porcelain teacup or sledgehammer. Well, I've sledgehammer stronger, but a means of more value matter type porcelain teacup and more fragile as a more value is able to categorize spikes with a with a teacup. No, you can drink tea from sledgehammer's deal gently with her now. How do you do that well.

He goes on to say how to do this. Notice he says. First of all, be of compassion.

Look at as he continues in this passage by the brethren, be of one mind, having compassion that is you. You are tender with her when you feel with her. The word compassion literally means with feeling. Look at her and say I understand and I care many says love as brethren. Now the word is translated brethren as me like I just friends. Between a couple guys a couple gallons, but it's the word, not for agape love. We've already talked about that, but this is the word for friendship, love Y Peter Pan Y be your friend your best friend owned via Wi-Fi K-1 is a lot cheaper by the same kind of sporting equipment, go the same vacations somebody wrote these words I copy them down, someone asked me to tell the time our friendship stopped and our love began oh my darling. That is the secret our friendship never stopped.

So how do you have this gentleness, compassion, love is brethren, be pitiful. He goes on to say what is that mean it means I hurt when you hurt I love you as I love my own body and then it says be courteous of his anything is needed in the modern home today. It is courtesy. Why are we more courteous to those outside the family that we are those were inside the family. What is Curtis. Curtis is just love and little things. These are the things that may put tender action put tender emotions, love is more than a a man love is a verb, it means to do things are some of the PR guys you want to teach that teenage boy a lesson you want on dad's day to do something good for you kids. You make this a list now. Don't forget these things I'm given. If you have written down. I give you one more chance. It is by live intimately with her be understanding of her vehicle onto her share fully with her and deal gently with her. The Scripture first Peter three beginning in verse seven map let me just wrap this up by saying the most wonderful thing on earth is a Christian home. I wouldn't take anything our Christian home for children, our grandchildren the joy that we have the fun that we have the love that we have and the future that we have in the Lord Jesus Christ. The nearest thing to heaven. The closest thing to paradise that we have today is our home.

Thank God for a Christian home that you want Christian home.

Listen carefully you can have a Christian home without Christians anymore than you could have a cherry pie without charities. If you want to Christian home. They give your heart to Jesus Christ and days. If you never given your heart to Christ, for your sake when your wife say for your kids and give your heart to Jesus. Let them save you today. Let him save you today and if you've never trusted Jesus with your heart and life.

If you've never made that decision to follow him. I invite you to do that right now you could pray as simple prayer like this, Jesus. I receive your forgiveness. I believe you died in my place and paid my sin debt on the cross and because you rose again your offering that new life to me.

I receive that right now by faith, and I ask you to make me a new creation in you. Help me to trust you, Jesus, from this day forward I pray in your name.

Amen. Will if you put your full faith and trust in Jesus, just now, let us hear from you.

Go to where discovered Jesus you find resources and materials that answer questions about your faith as well as a comments section at the bottom of the page contact us. There let us know that you prayed to receive Christ.

Welcome to the family of God. We can't wait to hear from you today again go to and click discovered Jesus if you like to order a copy of today's message.

Call us at 1877 love God and mention the title five ways to be successful husband. You can also go online to or write us at love worth finding box 38, 600 Memphis, TN 38183 you want to be a successful husband live intimately with your wife understanding of her giving honor to her share fully and deal gently with thanks for joining us for today's program to the next time the more profound truth simply state on the way a listener in Tennessee shared his family's testimony with this.

It was so encouraging the road we are a young family and we sincerely desire to seek the Lord's guidance and direction in raising their children and preserving a Christian home. These messages always seem time when things are families going to they always give us insights from God's word. We can apply practically in our daily life in Christian with our joy to provide messages and resources to get the truth of the gospel. No matter what obstacles you may be facing in this month as a thank you for your generous support. Want to send you our over commerce, booklet collection request. This booklet bundle when you call the gifted one 877 love God. 1-877-568-3463 or you can give online it Thanks for your generous support of love worth finding

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