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Dr. Brown Interviews a Messianic Jewish Leader from Israel

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 11, 2020 4:20 pm

Dr. Brown Interviews a Messianic Jewish Leader from Israel

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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June 11, 2020 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 06/11/20.

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That's talk with my friend Barry Siegel living in Israel for decades. Frontline messianic Jewish leader will hear what's happening in the land line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends welcome to thoroughly was going crazy around us still fairly generous Thursday here in the line of fire which means we'll have our Jewish focus in particular in Israel focus messianic Jewish focus, you learn a lot and can be edified you to be encouraged. Tell a friend to tune in. If you have, in particular in Israel -related question not not just a difficult question that we might take on a Thursday, but in Israel -related question great data calling 866-34-TRUTH 8663 freight 784. I'm sitting here with my friend Barry Siegel.

We have some amazing things in common in terms of Jewish believers saved out of rock music around the same time, I want you to hear his testimony a moment, but got called to live in is really slip full time there since 1981, married to a native born Israeli raised his family.

There and leads a very important humanitarian ministry in Israel called vision for Israel so will tell you more about that, but first I want you to get to know Barry so very welcome to the one of our great to have you with us in the studio so nonchalant gaps.

Wonderful to be here and just I really appreciate and respect you through the years and certainly my children listen to you and that I think it's just amazing what God is up to and what he's doing in Israel and the nations, and particularly Israel, where I live. Yes, so we want to hear about that. We want to find out what's happening in Israel and a ton of questions I have in terms of your perspective right there in the land lease decades, but first Barry let's let's hear about your upbringing you were you are a rock musician getting high.

The same world. I was living in but very serious rock musician you are. Thank you chart traveling and things like that. How the Lord saved well. It really is a story that is more like a journey in life and basically you know I was raised like many Jewish young people. Children in the country and suburban home community of Detroit, Michigan on the Jewish side of town and you know growing up as a youngster you know my grandfather had been the president of the Jewish synagogue that I attended.

And of course you know. Traditionally we would go and attend all the major biblical feast holidays and there was obviously quite in attendance there and growing up most of my introduction to being a Jew was to Hebrew school denied be sent off on a bus to Hebrew school a couple times a week and then also Shabbat. Probably I felt a little bit out of it with the other children at school might parents were actually divorced when I was young, which was unusual amongst most US homes are but at the age of 10 things began to change because I had a love for music. I watch my mother try and strum a guitar and I said I think I can do that and I have a guitar so I will received a guitar and I started taking lessons right away. The good thing was my parents.

Neither my father nor mother had to push me towards loving music or practicing the guitar and interesting to say this, my father who was a former high-ranking officer in World War II, having fought against the Nazi regime in Europe. He used to sing all the time and he couldn't sing a single note and tune him but he loved music he loved classical music really love jazz music and I was living and growing up in Detroit, the home of Motown's auto music, sought a young age.

I'll never forget. He took me to a lounge, which is still there called Baker's lounge in Detroit and he weeks after I was the youngest person child and the whole place. There were no children. It was just me and my older brother at the time and my brother was playing drums and he called over this jazz musician in between the brakes and he knew that I wanted to play trumpet because I always loved watching the house on the worship leader of the Jewish synagogue blow the shofar for Russia shall not at the end of Yom Kippur. And he called over this big African-American musician well-known jazz musician trumpeter Annie called them over any said to me said young man.

I understand you want to play trumpet when you grow up and I looked at how when he blew the trumpet his cheeks would blow out and his stomach blew out, and his name was Dizzy Gillespie serious yeah and I looked at him and I said if I'm gonna look like that with big cheeks and the big tell me I think I'm gonna switch the instrument so distant then they couldn't breathe continuously to some like that. I never saw anything like it. He was a phenomenal lady and a very generous man. Certainly I was the probably six or seven at the time, so he decided against trumpet, I would look that of my said no but at 10 I started playing guitar and this would change my life forever. So at the age of 13 I was training for my bar mitzvah in Detroit under the training of the actual cause on the worship leader. I don't know how you call it in English but I went for months to learn my Torah and half Torah portion from the first five books and plus the prophets, and then I was bar mitzvahed in July 1967 and that very night the Detroit riots broke out that very night after my bar mitzvah the Detroit riots broke out. But that's just giving a time. And the timeframe in 1967.

What was amazing though is I took all the money from my bar mitzvah and I knew right then and there I was going to go out and buy my first electric guitar and big amplifier and I made a concerted dedicated decision. I'm going to go out and join my first rock band and become a Jewish rock 'n' roll star Bo I saw it I got bar mitzvahed in March March 16, 1968 and later that year. In November 1968 I saw my first rock concert with Jimi Hendrix and seeing that I determined I had I had to be a rock drummer and play a rock band. So the interesting both 13 years old, but you you are a step ahead, get getting your your amplifiers as well Chris I needed for drums okay so 13 years old major determination go so then within a year already.

My hair grew down past my shoulders. I was already playing in a rock band and at this time I was living in Cleveland Ohio, the home of rock 'n' roll. So I went from Motown to the home of rock 'n' roll in Cleveland Ohio and Dom are all I can say to kind of condense this a little bit is to say that within the next few years I had become.

I had gone from being a traditional Jewish young boy being bar mitzvahed suddenly becoming a man.

I had no affinity or affiliation or commitment to the Judaism that I grew up with Roy, and I became a hippie hippie anarchist overthrow the US government. Left-wing progressive anti-American Marxists feel uncomfortable you this day and that I can relate very well while to the understanding or the mindset of what is been happening in America but in those days. Of course you and I were facing a generation that might have to go off and face war in a far-off country in Vietnam with no understanding of what was really happening on the geopolitical scene and so I also became a proclaiming atheist. I just didn't believe in God. I wasn't into religious things. I wasn't into faith-based ideas, or ideologies, whether Jewish or Christian or otherwise, and then during the midst of that God saw my heart because I really cared about the poor and the needy. I have to tell you Michael that there was something churning inside of me not only looking for a path of truth and understanding and the way through life, but I wanted to have meaning in my life and purpose in my life and I wanted my music to reflect that as well so every day in school in Shaker Heights, Ohio would come back to me in the band members and we get together and practice every day and then on weekends. We traveled anywhere from Pittsburgh to Detroit. We had an agents and we were trying to rise to fame on that ladder of success in rhythm and blues and rock 'n' roll music. But God had another away for me and when I was 15 I went to hear a well-known rhythm and blues band out of San Francisco that came to the concert at an underground nightclub in in Cleveland and I put myself. I got to the front row on the floor right in front of the blues guitarist who had long black hair, a long black beard and a beautiful electric guitar over his shoulders and he literally looked like what I could say today like Jesus playing the electric guitar and dumb as soon as the concert was over I walked up to him I had a bag of marijuana joints.

I said this is to bless.

What I didn't say I said this is the fact all you guys for that inspirational music and the way you held that guitar and played those rifts in rhythm and blues. I just want to give this to all of you, and he turned at me with a burning conviction in his eyes like fire in his eyes and he said no man Jesus is the only answer 40. I never heard those words ever in my life. Yeah, I didn't even know what he was talking about exactly so wasn't just that I was an atheist and I was like, already a proclaiming Marxists and into the whole hippie it be dumb of my life, culturally speaking, and as a musician, but I was blown away because I thought all musicians were like me or I was like all musicians, and were going.

I had been one year later after Woodstock I was down at the Atlanta rock festival.

So the same Jimi Hendrix blue Led Zeppelin Janis Joplin all the same groups were down there and I had been there and so, lo and behold, six months after this meeting of him know one year later he leaves the band because of his faith out in California. The bandmembers don't like him because he's just like total spreading the word of God and evangelism any moves of all the cities in America. He moves to Cleveland, Ohio, puts an ad in the local jazz musician magazine looking for about 10 to dozens students who he wants to disciple or to train to be professional on stage, and I thought okay I'm going audition, he became my guitar teacher and from the first song first lesson on I knew I was in big trouble because every song he sang replayed had something to do about his life and journey with Jesus the Messiah and you either an old song like amazing Grace to rock 'n' roll music or something that he had written and the words that he had initially introduced me to by saying Jesus is the only way suddenly was being sung to me and ministered to me through music and something inside of me just couldn't shed that deepening of the word of God that was coming into me and this was only a six month period that we were together. Our friends, find out what happens next story is very dramatic and then right after that. Let's find out what it's like to be a lesson came in the last four years.

It's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael friends. We continue to comment on what's happening in the world around us in the crisis that America is experiencing right now we serve as your forcible sanity and spiritual clarity right in the midst of it, so be sure to go to my website Esther to

Be sure to check the latest videos and articles you find them all super relevant will be announcing very soon, probably next week. Maybe tomorrow, but it was next week.

Details about my forthcoming book be out. Maybe in a month evangelicals at the crossroads will be passed the Trump test is going to be a super relevant book this year.

What I'm speaking with Barry Siegel long time friend and colleague messianic Jewish leader in Israel position his wife botch to perform many beautiful missing two songs over the years.

You probably heard some of them until the front lines of humanitarian work for Israel is been doing that for many many years. But as we took a break.

Barry is now as a young rock musician atheist hippie it be anarchist being confronted with the gospel as a Jewish man, atheist, not believing anything, but now hearing about Jesus being the answer. So what happens next in your life. Barry well it's incredible because it's as if the pace of life speeds up rather quickly on one track I'm trying to become the successful musician in a band with other guys that I was very committed to and vice versa, but also there was the track of the political science and being a history major in high school I really loved history, but I was on the other side of where things were going and so finally this culminated into two major events that would happen in my life and the first was this that on May 1, 1971 I flew down with some of my close friends and we went down on May Day May 1, 1971 to shut down the government of the United States of America and it didn't end there were street battles and Dupont Circle against the police and stonethrowing in rocks and cars overturned in window smash sounds like something recent and dumb. I was arrested outside the FBI building, trying to shut it down early in the morning and as I was sitting in this kind of an arena place were hundreds of people were being arrested, not just young people, but there were no older people are older than I was.

Anyhow, as I was only 16 at the time, just shy of my 17th birthday, and as I was sitting in this arena, waiting to be released by legal aid and be processed out the door.

Whatever, however, that was going at the time I was sitting there and I was looking at this massive amount of people like multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision. And I said and I saw the hypocrisy also amongst the socialist communist ideology and the people that were participating in the violence they were espousing and I looked at it and in my mind this thought process came to me. If socialism is in the answer and capitalism is in the answer and communism is in the answer. What is the answer I wanted to know because I really wanted to do something to change the world we live data and to help those less fortunate hippies felt that we want to change the world exactly and when I thought that a still small whisper of a voice in my mind inside me said Jesus has made everything perfect and tears began to well up into my eyes and I thought did I say that or somebody speaking to me and from that day on, when I got back from Washington DC to Shaker Heights, Ohio suburb of Cleveland, I couldn't stop thinking about who is this Jew that they call Jesus and I was thinking the name Jesus. In those days, not in Hebrew Yeshua, I thought, what is it about this man in history that divided time and makes me think about who he really is and so finally late June or early July 1971 I was leaving a Jewish delicatessen in Shaker Heights, Ohio one night I was carrying a corned beef sandwich with Swiss cheese and thousand Island dressing and dill pickles.

Not a very kosher sandwich at the time because it had Swiss cheese on it. I have to admit. But ever so tasty and I was in my right mind. I wasn't high on anything I was going home to practice guitar from about midnight till two in the morning and as I was walking on the backside of the deli.

It's as if God had cordoned off the streets around me.

No one was walking their dogs. Nobody was out no more cars driving and I came close to an oak tree and it's as if, as I was walking on the sidewalk somebody bumped into me unseen from the other direction.

The food fell onto the ground. I saw my life going to waste. I wanted to know something that was meaningful in my life why I was born where I was going and what would happen to me if I died the next day and I just broke down into tears sobbing. I fell onto my knees on the street corner and in a moment of time, an audible voice, not with inside of me a clearer audible voice from outside my body spoke to me three times and said Barry you should have more faith in this and all I can tell you, Dr. Brown is instantly I knew that I was being confronted by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and that Yeshua Jesus is the true Jewish Messiah of the Jewish people, and of the world and I instantly cried out. I said God I'll do anything for you. By this time, realizing not understanding theologically, not on having ever read the New Testament. I never went to a church never, other than I attended.

Once a Catholic Church with friends of mine that were getting high in the back of the church, but I never saw a real reflection of what the Judeo-Christian roots are all about. But in the that moment when I heard that voice speak audibly to me three times. I knew instantly that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah, and over the next 20 minutes I prayed to God for the first real time in my life calling out on him. I said God I'll do anything for you and it's like the Angels from Oliver twist musical work. Anything I said God, I'll even quit school the rest of my life for you, but that was easy because I hardly showed up but in the next 20 minutes I gave God everything which culminated also and said I God I'll give you back the music I'm into and I'll never pick up a guitar again unless you want me to, and I became a new Jewish believer in the work of the kingdom of God and understanding that Yeshua is the true Jewish Messiah of the Jewish people. So your confronted by an invisible presence on the street and you hear an audible voice three times since you Barry, you should have more faith in this have a living encounter with the living God and are transformed so II came to faith in the 71 this was a right time when God was moving what we call the Jesus people movement massive harvest of Jews hippies radicals around the world.

Barry, I just being some of them even changed ever since I've been changed ever since. Of course there was a process I didn't know where to go. I didn't know other Christians other than this guitar player who had gone on to play with the gospel band, but slowly but surely I would meet the right people at the right place and at the right time and one of them was a bass player for another Jewish man who would lived in Cleveland grew up in Cleveland. We went to the same high school together. Three months later he comes back from Los Angeles worry in a matter fact still lives today and he said I need to get together with you because something happened to me in your one of Mike's only trusted friends and you're not gonna believe what happened to me and I had no idea what he was going to tell me, but he explained to me how he had an encounter with Yeshua, Jesus the Messiah out in LA with the Jesus people on all that and he said listen, I was just at a church in our area and I saw an African-American woman he healed in front of my eyes rise up out of the wheelchair and walk. Would you like to go. I said absolutely and so one week later I went with them and lo and behold this was a church. Are you kidding it was the Jewish Star of David in grained into the cement because it used to be the Orthodox Jewish synagogue of Shaker Heights, Ohio home was now a little assembly of multi ethnic group of people who were on fire for God and led by an Italian pastor and that night I was zapped by Jehovah Zappa Donald Frank Zappa, Jehovah, Xander and friends.

If you want testimony I got saved in Italian Pentecostal church. The rear gauze just doing this amazing work better. We we just got a few seconds before the break, but in your life to raising Jewish home, but through subsequent that deep.

The tradition of the permits for the whole bit. Then you become an atheist. Then, through faith in Jesus. This is now what reconnects you to your people and ultimately brings you to Israel exactly because interesting from the very get go.

Something was turning in my heart even from the time of my bar mitzvah I always sense that one day I might possibly move to Israel or France or somewhere but because my bar mitzvah happened right after the six day war 1967 there was something that was churning inside of me, but I wouldn't really come to a realization of that until I first read the Scripture in Zechariah chapter 8 and I was actually by this time six months after this. Well, actually six months after this experience, and the power of the Holy Spirit coming into my life. I moved to Miami Beach, Florida, and while I just graduated high school and while I was down there. I was praying I was reading like several chapters of the Scripture for the first time in my life I was reading from Genesis all the way through the revelation in Scripture and I got to the prophet Zechariah. I will was at a construction site. Late one night under the moonlight and I read the Scripture from Zechariah 8 I will find out find out what Scriptures God please call Gary Siegel's real friends. This is what we saw God only six day another three we will file the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown friend fellow musician fellow former hippie saved in 1971.

This image was leader Barry Siegel.

I was just telling Barry as we had a short break here hearing his testimony. He was a hippie, yet be anarchist. He was involved in the movement to try to shut down the government. My life we we went on strike in our high school just the craziness late 60s early 70s we want to change the world is all violence and upheaval in an generation gap in an very similar in certain ways to what's happening today. The riots in the protester differences below the similarities in the midst of it. There was a great spiritual search of the great spiritual harvest. We believe you forgot to do the same thing in the midst of the craziness of the day in which we are living with their good causes mixed with bad causes a lot of confusion. The gospel is the answer. So Barry you come to faith. You are now coming from a rock musician to give your music over to the Lord you are reading the Bible. Now for the first time in your life is going up usually had to learn a few passages to recite Hebrew, but now you reading the Bible on your own. You come to Zechariah chapter 8.

What happens some reading this and I'm just it's like the neon lights go off, you know God can speak audibly but he can also speak through his word and this was the first time I can remember in a powerful way that I personal word came through Scripture to me. Promise, I should say and it says in Zechariah chapter 8 verses seven and eight. Behold, I will save my people from the land of the east and from the land of the West will I said west of Jerusalem. You go around the other side of the world pretty close to Florida at that time were I was living. I will bring them back and they shall dwell in the midst of Jerusalem. They shall be my people and I will be there God in truth and righteousness when I read that I knew without a doubt that my calling an invitation from God himself was to eventually one day, and prepare myself to move to Jerusalem, the city of our God, the handle of the Jewish people and the nation of Israel. And so for the next coming years. That would become a reality in and around everything I would do no matter what professional work I would enter no matter the fact that I was a worship leader for several congregations and larger assemblies, and because also in many ways my spiritual mentor was a well-known Bible teacher named Dr. Derek Prince I attended.

I use meeting at his home every month. I was attending a Bible study at his daughter's house down in Fort Lauderdale Florida were interestingly enough, my mother would eventually become a police officer in Broward County. While now she is like a little old lady from Pasadena. She's in a nursing home that's been devastated by covert, 19 up in Brooklyn New York. My mother at 92 years old is still alive and doing well and I just want to add this that so you understand a little bit of my own family background to my uncle was a rabbi in New York and he was actually arrested in the largest arrest of Jewish rabbis in June 1964 I believe in St. Augustine Florida seeking to break the hold of segregation in the South.

He was one of those 15 rabbis that were arrested with Dr. Martin Luther King. Amazing. And he had been invited by Dr. King to march in to help the cause of defeating segregation in the South, so that's a bit of my own family that there was a showing of hands in the civil rights movement in the 60s of Jewish leaders and black American leaders of the most famous picture was the famous Jewish philosopher Abraham Joshua Henschel marching arm in arm with Martin Luther King and that prison is a whole other set of issues Barry because Jews today still have that in them and they want to be progressive or they want to fight against racism and injustice in and that they want to stand for those they perceive to be oppressed and yet many in the black outside of movement are radically anti-Israel. So this is presenting new issues and questions, but there you moved to Israel full-time in 1981.

What was it like being a messianic Jew in Israel. Back then, how many did you know you're the messianic Jews in the land, congregations all, it was like then compared to today. Well, it's funny because I was thinking of this and this question might come up and I thought, what's a messianic Jew, I am a Jew. I'm fully blended a Jew.

I was born a Jew. I'll die a Jew, Michael, so I know labels are labels, you know, but I am a Jew who does believe in Yeshua Jesus the Messiah. Absolutely I think labels have become kind of deluded and the term messianic in Hebrew machine fee and often times in the Israeli Hebrew press could mean one like myself, or it could be somebody who's like a real zealot from Judeo and Samaria, so the term is gotten kind of muddled and mixed up. But what was it like when I came in 1981. Well first of all, there were probably not more than about 300 Jewish believers in the issue of the Messiah throughout the entire land of Israel and my wife. Why would eventually meet who was an early songwriter of praise and worship music in Hebrew. Her name is Bhatia, which means daughter of God. She was one of only about 60 or 70 Jewish believers to also share the same faith in Yeshua as Messiah. And so, and there wasn't more than about six fledgling small congregations in the entire nation is 60 or 70 believers in six or seven congregations 300 total believers. When I moved there 1981, 60 or 70 Sombra in the railings where the levered audit and all of us coming from a Jewish upbringing. My own wife comes from an Orthodox Jewish background herself, but she was born in Jerusalem grew up in an Orthodox family. Her parents were from Yemen early immigrants from the nation of Yemen law. So I you could say it was really days of pioneering yes not easy figure that 300 believers Jewish believers in Yeshua and all of Israel back then 60 or 70 were native born. Whatever the population was much more now.

We still have a few million people there and with each about the birth of the nation 1948 you have.

I will maybe less than 10 Jewish believers in the one you had other Christian Christian missionaries through their soul. What's happened since then.

Barry obviously are still a small minority. What's happened to the messianic movement within Israel over these years absolutely. There has been nothing less than growth and kind of almost like on God's time clock together with end time prophetic events that are coming to pass.

It seems like every war or battle that Israel has had to fight or go through has ushered in another layer or another.

Addition of believers in Yeshua as Messiah because we are living in turbulent and troubling times. The estimates today and I don't think anybody really has an exact number or handle on this are anywhere from 15 to 20,000 Jewish believers in Israel today. I think that's an accurate conservative range, an estimate of how many believers there are today in Israel besides Arab evangelical believers or secret believers.

I think I would roll into the number that I had given you, but the difference is today, that as opposed to just being an oppressed I wouldn't use the word persecuted because I think persecution usually are people that go to prison or have been killed for their faith, but I'd say you know we been oppressed at times but you have professionals in the every area of life in Israel.

There are Jewish believers who are professional and successful businessmen who are lawyers are accountants have served in the military.

Both my wife and I have served in the Israeli military. My three children of all served.

They were all born in Jerusalem. They've all served their crew in the military. They all have done well in what they're doing. They've studied in university or still are.

We take it serious to be Zionist in terms of a biblical Zionism dedicated to the growth in the success of our nation doing something that can change the world around us is Bhatia and I over the last 26 years after having been in business for 12 years.

Bhatia and I have led the way with vision for Israel, and we it's very effective determined effort at helping both the physical and spiritual restoration of the people of Israel.

We've now help through our humanitarian aid programs, which is more than one program over a million residents of Israel both Jewish and Arab alike, or any buddy from any minority. We've already donated about five ambulances to the country with our partners, we've we have a feeding program were getting out there to do what we can to help the poor and the needy. The loan soldiers. The Holocaust survivors medical emergency situations were doing what we can and besides that I'm also a journalist as you are and we send out.

We've now raised up a mobile app called VF I news to keep people better informed about how they can pray with Israel and get involved on the pages of prophecy to understand and discern what's really happening over there because are so many conflicting voices. As you know, and so many ways to interpret that and especially Christians are oftentimes confused VF I news that that's if you will just go to one place. Right now download that app VF I supervision for Israel VF I news grab the app this way you will be in touch with with Barry on a daily basis and what you find with Barry Siegel's reporting and insights.

It is he doesn't take extreme conspiracy theory positions or some outlandish use of Scripture or some hyper Zionist Israel can do no wrong perspective. It's a solid biblical balanced perspective by mature believer living in the land for decades.

So download the app today V FI vision for Israel VF I news and Barry just got a few seconds before the break.

What's a good website for people to go to well and always first recommend our humanitarian aid website which is and Israel. As you know is not only Israel but it's I asked our ATL vision got it all right vision for and I've been blessed to see the reports with Holocaust survivors and with with others were at and and people know that you Jews who believe she was the Messiah and you work hand-in-hand with mayors with city leaders. They know who you are and they appreciate the fact that you are showing unconditional love to those with real needs in Israel and there.

There are many like every other country.

Israel has many with needs and unique needs and situations there okay we come back and get a big political question for Barry and try to get to a caller to its the light a fire with your host activist, author internationals and Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution, light a fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown and thanks for joining us on Thursday through Thursday friends. Oh, less than 1/2 hour from now 27 minutes from now I'll be right back on our YouTube channel Esther to run is good your brown with her exclusive Q&A chat so if you had questions wanted to ask today you be able to ask them during the Q&A chats little bit Esther to Brown on YouTube starting at 415 Eastern standard Time solicitor half hour from now.

Okay Barry question for you the plan by the government under Prime Minister Netanyahu, perhaps with resistance now from the courts to annex large portions of what people call the West Bank we would refer to as today is Samaria. Should that happen is that a right saying and if it happens, which can be the reaction from the Palestinians. This is a very loaded question saw give you my perspective that's my nasty feeling that's what I'm asking for. You know there's two ways to look at it and if you were to ask me and my all four the annexation or the adoption of Judea and Samaria, which anyhow is biblical heartland of Israel from a biblical perspective, I'd say yeah we need all of Judea and Samaria absolutely and you know the more political Zionist Dick religious parties in Israel are against this deal of the century because they want in a sense it's kind of come down to all or nothing because of the fear is that if we only take over or annexation say because were already there are presents for debt cadence with large Israeli towns of Jewish people, which are called by's as settlements from you know the wet press but are actually full-fledged cities like REL and Molly of the meme outside of Jerusalem and we only adopt or annex 30% in this deal. Then the next day. The fear is the be a Palestinian state proclaimed de facto in the rest of the area and that is a consideration if you're looking at things from a religious Zionist perspective or biblical Zionist perspective on the other hand you have to also say woman maybe God has a staged plan right of 800 M that I think is what the present administration in Washington under Pres. Trump has proposed that, here's your chance of a lifetime.

We've already now completed what started back in the Clinton days in theory to truth by moving the embassy in Tel Aviv of the US Embassy back from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Now it's happened it's a fact.

And we've also now Israel has already gone ahead and annexed what should've been done a long time ago the Golan Heights, so this is a real great question. I don't think there's a simple answer. Do you take what the 30% offers you, and at least you can protect those towns and cities of Israel under the pressure of the European Union of the United Nations that wants to just see a Palestinian state built on even that 30% and so I'm of course a biblical Zionist in my ideology. But what would happen the day after.

Of course the Palestinians will probably or they're threatening to have another intifada riots. But they said this about when we Embassy with the embassy. Nothing really happened, but the greater concern I would say on a geopolitical basis is that under the Prime Minister ship of Benjamin not in Yahoo. He has forged incredible relations with formally sworn enemies of Israel and Arab nations such as Bob Crane, the UAE, Dubai, Egypt, Jordan, and these and these are places that we don't want to lose that consideration and the new alliance that's developed in the Middle East and then of course this is the photo you sure you have a heart for everyone including the Palestinians, absolutely. I mean even in our own work. We help both Jews and Arabs. Olivia this let's let's grab one call and we go to Jackson Mississippi.

Jonathan, thanks for holding through the broadcast what your question for my guest. Shalom, Dr. Brown shalom Jonathan I think I'm having some connection issues. Can you hear me out. At least we can hear you loud and clear.

Just go ahead okay been told by a friend of mine that the Israeli government is not really represented the man on the street in Israel since it was reborn in 1948 and I'm just wondering y'all both obviously Barry lived there and you been there many wondering if there's any truth that so okay, so somehow that the Israeli government doesn't represent the ministry, that's interesting. I'm not heard that American Jews also have different perspective Americans you sent me much more liberal in their social outlook. In terms of the nation of Israel is really Jews often more conservative in that regard, but the guy would. And obviously there's a million opinions in Israel have everything parties run the minutes.

It's a very very different situation there, but by and large very, do you feel that the that the people in Israel over the decades.

It felt represented by the government. Unlike the United States where we have a two or three party system. Israel has parliamentarian system kinda based on what the British left as well. So we have at hundred and 20 members of the Knesset, the Israeli parliament and we could have like 20 different parties represented in the Knesset, maybe 15 now because of the threshold you have to meet in order to have a seat in the Knesset and you need quite a few people voting in the population. So I would say maybe just the opposite. I do not think Israel does represent the various factions and fabric of the population of Israel both Jewish and Arab alike.

Actually, the Arabs have parties of their own that even speak against Israel.

But there still represented in the Israeli Knesset. Now that makes it harder to get the Prime Minister in office and so often times there were threatened or blackmailed her, pushed by a smaller party to go over board in accommodating that particular interest of that party but and you know sometimes the people or the population doesn't like it, but I'd say just the opposite. I think that the actual coalition government that's put together represents quite a wide range of the Israeli population. Yeah that's a good not living there. Jonathan that's been my take as well, so where are you from, was thinking there misinformed or they didn't present things to you clearly so Barry three minutes if you're speaking to a wide ranging audience of people for many, many different backgrounds with missing a surly juice Thursday. They should have a heart for Israel or interest in Jewish things. What's the best thing that Christians around the world can do when it comes to to Israel today to the state of Israel. Prayer standing with donating to certain close, what would you say the best things that they could do for obviously I'll take this and in a few comments to answer the question, there is no doubt that as believers or Jewish or Christian or otherwise. The Bible does specifically say in Psalm 122 verse six. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. They shall prosper that love the but actually in the original Hebrew. It says Shah Lou shalom your Lucia lime asked for the peace of Jerusalem and I could get into a teaching on this but the bottom line is I think were asking for a person not a piece of paper and it's the peace that passes all understanding not the piece that's written out on a peace agreement and you in a and United Nations or something like that. Then I think in a practical way. Obviously when they lift up the lockdown risk restrictions just so are your audience knows that most of the greater amount of tourism comes from Christians who love Israel and that serves the economy well so were looking forward to seeing the lockdown restrictions of travel lift again and see all of you out there come and come on a tour with Dr. Michael Brown effect friends.

We rescheduled our May tour to October but we got like two or three seats literally left on the bus instead of a tuba store. We were reduced reduced it to one can be more intimate.

Go to asked Dr. right now if you plan to go literally if two or three seats left.

Asked Dr. you see it right on the homepage. So pray for Jewish people. The people of Israel to come to know you sure go to Israel and to tour your life will be changed, but you're also boosting the economy. What else Barry and then finally, I'd like to just encourage people, let's do something where the rubber meets the road and do something to help the people who are in desperate need in Israel in the different groups. We work a lot with people who have been affected by terrorism and rocket attacks and also the Holocaust survivors and the poor and the needy.

Both the household of faith and the unbelieving population.

I don't care who people are Orthodox Jews.

Orth ultra-Orthodox Jews and Arabs secular Jews.

We need to do something to help the people in a practical way and that's what we do at vision for and I'm reminded of the Scripture in Matthew chapter 25 where Yeshua himself said, for I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you took me and I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me and when you've done it to the least of these my brethren, you've done it unto me. And I think in its true biblical context. He was speaking about my brethren, the Jewish people.

I think it's a practical way to show our love from the United States from the nations to and to do something that changes people's lives over there. We offer that opportunity through vision for Israel. We want to be stewards to help and bless the people of Israel. The children of Israel.

But along with that we do that also. Not only to the Jews, but to the Arabs as well because we believe we should be a reflection of the light in the kingdom of God on earth right with that. Go to vision for get involved in a tangible way. Funds will help change lives in this world and the world to come vision for boyfriends. I'll be back here in minutes on and start around on YouTube for exclusive weekly to chat

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