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June 10, 2020 5:00 pm

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June 10, 2020 5:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Are there any specific verses that say whether the rapture occurs before, during, or after the tribulation---2- What skin color did Jesus have---3- Why is the church not mentioned in the later chapters of Revelation---4- After Jesus rose from the dead, did He reveal Himself to believers, unbelievers, or both---5- Is -taking a knee- in protest wrong because we should only bow to Christ---6- Is the KJV accurate in Acts 9-5-6-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

A previously recorded Nats like show wrestling.

Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive, The More You Have Questions of Our Bible Doctrine Day Will Be a Great Weekend and by God's Grace. Here We Are Again If You Want to Give Me a Call If You Want to Talk with Us? Top of the Bible Talk about Current Events with Tugboat Are Reduced to Your Heart, Your Mind All You Do Is Delete 772072276 and so Just Think of the Sound Get so Many Things to Do Here. So There You Go.

All Right, It Should Be Working Fine Now. Alright so Well All You Do Again Cornucopia Five Open Lines 877-207-2276 and the City Slicker Knew the Show Tonight. You're Not Sure What Were Doing Here We Do Is to Ask Questions of the Bible Apologetics Doctrine Religious Systems Everything and the When We Talk, You Know, so That Sounds Good. Also, with Real Thing. I Assume You Have Three Schools. If You're Interested in Joining the Schools. All You to Do Is Go to Combinatorics CAR and on the Right-Hand Side of the Page You Will Find You'll Find the Schools and Their 2 Feet to Be Six Months to Write Each One. I Think Second Third Winter Interest for Five Months, but the School of Theology School Apologetics and If You're Interested in Learning If You Want to Learn Your Faith You Want to Know What the Faith Is a Systematic Way and Easy to Learn Understanding Kind of Way.

You Check out the Schools and A Lot Of People Unfortunately Think You Don't Even Know Your Theology Yes You Do Tell You Something When You Learn Your Theology. What Happens Is He Starts Start Understanding Sermons Better and You Start Realizing More and More What Sermons Are about and You Can Even Recognize When Sermons Are As Good As They Need to Be so That's an Issue That Kind of Happens When You Learn Your Theology Is Not about Being Highfalutin and All That Kind of Stuff but Do You Know the Trinity and Is Jesus a Man Right Now and with Justification What Is Salvation. Things like That and so Go through There and I Systematically Arrange Everything All Right. It Was As I Said Earlier, We Have Five Open Lines Which You May Call 877-207-2276, and Also Let You Know That during the Coded Thing We We Lost Some People Who Understand This, They Just Couldn't Support Us Anymore and Sorry about That.

I Know People Were Suffering and so We We Lost a Decent Percentage of Our Support. So I Would Ask That If You Have the Ability You Know If You If You're Willing to Do That All You to Do It from Supporters. Just Go to and See Right-Hand Side You See the Donate Link Option. There You Check It out. We Ask You Know Five or $10 a Month. I Don't Get Enough of Those Everything to Take Care Of, and We Are Trying to Raise the Funds to Get More People beyond Staff and the First You're Trying to Just Get to the Place We Can Pay Our Own Bills with the Missionaries When Turkey One and Columbia Another One in Brazil and We Also Have One in and Malawi, Africa Supporting All of Them and They Are Spreading the Gospel in the Respective Countries Using the Internet and Speaking in Person. So There You Have for the Lines. Give Me Call 877207227610 Just Jump Online to Get to William from Charlotte North Carolina Will You on the Air. We Got There, Quick Question about Other Say That They Often Wrap Her.during the Current Act like No Others.

There's No… Yet It Is No Verses That Say Specifically When the Rep Is Going to Incur It, As in Saying before Mid or after the Jubilation. It Just Doesn't Know They Don't Exist We Have To Do Is Look at Verses and Then for Example the Bible Says Is Only One Return of Christ. He Will Return and We Know That Okay so You Can Return so Not Me to Return to Secret Return and Then a Visible Return. That Is Not in the Scriptures at All on That or Thing That Is in the Scriptures A Lot People Do Not Teach, but Is Very Biblical. Is This Age and the Age to Come. It's the Two Age Model and Jesus Taught This Age and Needs to Come Paul the Apostle Taught This Age and the Age to Come. And What's Interesting Is That the at the End of the Age.

Certain Things Happen Almost This Age. This Age Is Where We Get Married We Have Trials and Tribulations, Etc. in the Age to Come, Eternal Life, and There's No Marriage. So What Happens at the End of This Age Well What We Find out. For Example, in the End of Matthew 1330 through 40. It Has the Parable of the Wheat and the Tears and of Course the Lead to the Christians in the Tears Are the Unbelievers and so You Know, the, the Enemy Comes up Eight Penn State Asking Misos Terrors in the Field and so the Sir Vanessa Haitian. We Care Of the. The Tears He Has Known Less a Much of the Wheat Also Allow Them Both to Grow Together until the End of the Age and I Will Say the Reapers First Gather the Tears Now That Is Very Significant. Guy Says First Gather the Tears, Not the Wheat. So the First Ones Gathered at the End of the Age Are the Believers Note This Is Not Taught in Churches. I've Never Heard Anybody to Check in Churches and It's Really a Puzzle Body like That out Because Her Loyalty. Denominational Preferences/I Stress Miserably and I'm Not. I Have No Denominational Leaning on Every Church, a Hectic Please Order Keep My Salary on Staff Are Not Auto. I Just Read What It Says and That Was Something Else.

Another Topic Is Is of the Research on That. So I Probably Can End up Changing Our View on Left Is Next to the Covenant, the Net Anyway so You Know, Whether Taken Will Let Me Go to Matthew 24 Luke 17 to Mentor to Feel What Is Taken Most People Think That the Once Is Talking about.

There, the Christians in the Rapture. Well, the Rapture Does Occur That's in First Thessalonians 416 to Check Your Fibers to Admit Rapture's Biblical Estates There. I Believe It Was in Those Verses in Matthew 24. NOS Was a Days of Noah Social Believes It Cannot Is It to Me. Never Feel Mistaken.

That's Not about the Rapture Because the Ones Were Taken of the Wicked, and We Know That from Luke 17 with a Parallel.

This Is Has the Same Thing and It Says a Set of and the Flood Came and Took Them All Away. It Says, and the Flood Came and Destroyed Them All.

And That's Who's Taken the Wicked, and Then the Ask Where They Taken and Jesus Answers the Question with the Body Is the Vultures Gather. So When We Put This Together. I Think That We Have a Strong Case for Proposed Jubilation Rapture and That the Wicked Once Were Taken First and I Drenched and Then the Christian, That's a Position Not I Hold It and I'll Tell You It Is Very Very I Think Is a Strong but Very Few L Behringer since I Thought I Found out More. There Are, in Revelation That I Will Say or Protected from That Credit Will Yeah but Let's See, Where Is That I Will Keep You from the Jubilation to Come, but It but Here's the Thing That's Missing Find Its and Well That Is Keep Decide to Brag. I've Been to Each of the Seven Churches Locations Went to Turkey and Got Do That so It Is Just a Shameless Brag and It Was Great and so When It Talks about. I Will Keep You from the Great Hour That Seem to Have an Adverse Maybe Someone in the Chat Knows Remember to Receive Her and Keep It Now but Anyway It's to One of the Churches Will Now We Have This and We Go It's Revelation 310 Because You Kept My Word and My Perseverance, I Also Will Keep You from the Hour of Testing Will What's This about, Well, Because You Kept the Word of My of My Perseverance, or Steadfastness, II Haven't Done a Study on That Side, I Can Answer Your Question, but That This Is to the Church of Philadelphia.

So What Happens Is I Think It's a Bad Approach. People Go to Revelation and No Say Will the Seven Churches Are Seven Dispensations and Did the Reading Way Too Much into It and I I Think They Are Because the Bible Is Top of the Patient's Talks about Covenant, and so Then the Email yet to Interpret with a Dispensation As Is Defined with This Dispensation Is Then You Had to Find a Way to Justify the Dispensation in It. It's A Lot Of of My Opinion Is Just Too Much Stretching Things to Get to It. So This Is Written Specifically to the Church of Philadelphia Will Okay Does It. I Was Today. Well, How Do We Know It Applies Was Today. If It Does Open about the Other Churches That There Is Any of the Other Ones Appeal to Us to Apply Was Today As Well Because It Has the Stuff of Sardis, and Finally Talking about Judgment. There, in Light of the Sea Have Been Delighted to See That's a Beautiful Place to Go to.

It's Interesting to See It with a Ethicist to Which Is Awesome so the Plop Plop One or Another. Yes, You See, When You Say in Some Way Shape or Form Answers Yes. Example Is That If This Is Second Samuel 24 One. The God Was Angry with Israel and His Anger and Cited David Said Number Israel in Verse 10 David Is Guilty of Sin Okay Is for Us Today. We Can't Number Our Household Account Number People If You Will Safe Seat Number People That Was Going on As a People and Things That He Just Taken Out Of the Context They Start Applying Them Out Of the Place Willy-Nilly That Happens All the Time so I See It All the Time.

It Drives Me Crazy People Say Will This Verse Is for Us, You Know, If You Keep My Commandments. Unless You Multiply Is Woozy, Talking to You Know It Was a Little Israel Wasn't There and so It's Actually This Kind of the Thing That I'm Dealing with the Issue.

The New Covenant in Hebrews and I'm Looking at It and I'm Not Finding What People Are Saying about in It so and Some Other Issues so Well You Have To like What about One of. Here's the Thing in an America Where We Have Everything and Literally Remote Controls in Her Feet at Mean NRC Mineral. Her Hands and Really Driving the Car and Air Conditioning and Milk GPS. As We Have Everything We Need to Go to the Fridge and Set the Temperature Controlled Will Be Watching Mike with Others. Well of Course Were Decadent before She Could Wear America Worriedly Blasts Appreciably's Rapture Just Fits It Fits along with the Idea of God Wants You Healthy Wants You Wealthy. This Is in My Opinion This Is Diaper and Unionism Diaper Child. It Is Never Really in Theology.

It's Comfort Have Comfortably Come on Is Not What Is on the Leathers of Redwood Okay the Mass Y Call 77077 Pairs Nicely Back to the Show. 772072276 with Robert from Georgia, Robert, You're on the Air. My Call and Thank You for Helping Me before Where Some of the Arabic Only about about Erin Malone and It Really That Helpful to Direct Allegedly Lost Radio It on a Great Deal of Basic Level What Well Wanted You to Give Wide African Black What's the Big Deal I Have Yeah the Problem I Would Think Is Why I Had Thing and I Know Be European Object Things A Lot, but Neither Arab or Middle Eastern or Olive Brown and That Guy Saying It If You Would like It. Came to Me There's Always a Wagon about Anything That Goes along with It and Go Back to the Deuteronomy 28 at the Dot. I Don't Know That I Can Go There.

Deuteronomy I'm Sorry HI. Yeah, They Can't Unit.

I Go Back to the 20 Deuteronomy 28 the Eighth and Started Bennett with a Transplanted like It Signed by the Navy What It More Easy to like Me Your Ears to Follow Curtis Clement 70 A.D. Titus 15. Thanks A Lot. I've Read 70,000 You Be Buying All Kinds of That List Talk about It When Jesus Looks like Gus Probably Was Not.

He Was Not Black and He Would Never Ask See White in the Sense That Iconic I Am Not. I Call It the Blonde Haired Blue-Eyed Caucasian Surfer Jesus Stressful Mistake and That That's Hysteric Jesus so You Know He Probably Had a Beard and Probably Had Dark Hair and a Darker Complexion, but He Would've Been Black. He Might've Been Every Bishop Looking, but the Jewish People We Know of Today Are More Caucasian – but No, We Don't Know for Sure but Just I Would Just Say He Was of That Dissent Either. Every Bishop Looking at Middle Eastern Look Diversified, Lean Towards Reality, but Certainly Not the Blotter like Caucasian Surfer Jesus Ago like That Are Likely That You'll Always like Abraham and Moses Work That Skin Color You Know What That Will Look and Not in That Inmate in the Air about the Ethiopian Eunuch No. He Pointed out As Admin, Ethiopian, and I Would Think That Would Be More. The Black Skinned Guy Right in Moses Maritime Shapes an Ethiopian Woman in That Would, If You Are Well.

It Was All Because of Her Skin Color Was Because of Some Other Issues and but Nevertheless It Isn't but It's Not a Problem with It Was That Skin Color Can Choose Ethiopian Not within the Tribes and Things like That so You Know It It's It's Just You Know What's Sad Is That People Put so Much Credence in Some Skin Color and I Just Think It's Ridiculous. You Know the Problem with Me and the Thing That I Wanted to Run by You and Your Not Indexing Blyton Committee. There Is Always More to It Than Get That You Care What Color Do You Delegate Urine and You Know That the Jew Born in Bethlehem Brazen and Matter-Of-Fact Note Though Her Life from Scripture That Make up in the Area.

He Grew up with the People around Him in It, and Made to Me. It Is Given Away Alive. If You Eat the Say What He's African Black Compared to Bath While You Given It Away and Assisting My Penis Just People Showing the Racism Trying to You.

You May Commit a Black and Oksana May Commend the Light System.

Now the Others of the Support Is Black. That's All Select the and out, but If Somehow It Was Some Evidence That Came out That Show That He Was at the Praise God I but I Care about Is Blood Blood and I Say on the Radio Regularly, You Know, I Don't Believe in Three Racist Negroid Clock Is Alloyed and Mongoloid What I Believe It Is One Race, the Human Race. That's It and That's How I View It and I Wouldn't. My Daughters of a Carefully Married Black Guys or Asian Guy. I Don't Care I Just Wanted to Be Christians and Love the Lord. That's What's Important and You Know That Everything That You Know Very Why I Why We Want to Go There Girl and Boy Are Glass of Who We Are and Cry. Why Do We Have To Go Back to an Epic Lights Because It's a Smart Shout Got a Problem. It's a Spiritual Issue Where It's the Enemy of the Gospel Is Trying to Sow Discord, Hatred, Racism, Resentment and All Kinds of Stuff God Teaches Forgiveness, Jesus Christ, God in Flesh Teaches Forgiveness. Turning the Other Cheek. He Talks about This. He Exemplified It in the Enemy the Gospel Wants the Opposite and We Have Certain People in America Helping the Enemy of the Gospel Foments Hatred and Racism Know This Black on Black Crime Is Black on White Crime Is White on Black, but the News Only Supports or Only Promotes One Kind and It's the Kind of White on Black, and Then When It Demonstrates Is a See the Whites All Racist and It Causes Resentment and Then People Wanted to Do Something about It, but Is Not Accurate. There You Know It Happens All over the Place. It Happens in Different Ways. I Want to See News Media Produce Statistics and Do Analysis, but Never Find Any of That on the News Release the Ides I've Encountered. Certainly Not with the Leftist News CNN and MSNBC and Stuff. I Trust Them. It's Where the Thing Is Because People Don't Believe in Absolute Truth and Absolute Truth Necessitates a God Because He Gave Absolute Truth. What You Have Is Our Are Truths You Have Recalled Transcendentalists or Have Photos Called Him Home Life Is Forgotten Universals. If There's Are Truths beyond Us. Then It Humbles Us in the in the Face of Universal Truths That We Have To Recognize and Submit to, but If There Are No Universal Truths, Then What Happens Is Everyone Believe That Their Own Truth Their Own Ideology Is What Matters. And Then It Just Becomes Who Can Have the Most Force to Enforce Their View of What Truth Is. So We Have a Disparity in L Begins in Genesis 311 Satan Said Did God Really Say and He's the One Who Laid the Foundation for Doubting of Absolute Truth, and so When People Don't Have Absolute Truths. They Don't Have a Foundation by Which They Can Build a Common Structure of of Love, Forgiveness of Hope in Things like This Injustice Don't Have These Things Because You Don't Have a Proper Foundation in Universals. In Principle, Such As Murder Is Wrong. Stealing Is Wrong.

Lying Is Wrong, and Things like so Matters like Why Call 77077 Charismatic Slave Back to the Show.

Let's Get to Sean from North Carolina on Welcome Your near about Dad's Was Talking about All the Youth I Get What It Tribulation Dispensational Regulation I'll Grab.

Megan Rapture on and on a Get the I Think Are Most Involved.

One of a Doubt That God Had Run up Again. We Bought All of the Big Day… Bottle, but like Arguing That That Incorrect but It Said That after the Acumen What You Think It Baby or the Chapter. Revelation 13 Said That the Church Is Not Mentioned Is No Mention of the Church in Relation so We Want to Know You Are Your Thoughts on That. It's Weak Arguments in the Later Epistles Justification by Faith Alone Is Not Mentioned Either. I Guess, Is Not in That There Anymore Just Because Is Not Mentioned Doesn't Mean Is Not There and Who Says Is Not Mentioned Because a 24 Elders. A Lot Of People Think Refers to the Church.

Then There's the Question to Ask into Serious Question. How Do You Interpret Revelation Chronologically from the First Chapter. The Last or You Do It Statically with That Means I Have 77 Churches, and Some People Have Said, If You Read It in the Night with the Idea That There Are Seven Segments That Are Repeated Then It Makes More Sense. I've Studied That, but This Is This Is an Issue If I Were Ever to Debate Anybody Publicly a Pretrip Rapture. They Went to Revelations of the Church Isn't Mentioned so It Doesn't Prove Anything Antsy and How Do You Know the Church Isn't Meth Mentioned and What Method Do You Assume to to Use by Which You Interpret the Book of Revelation How Much Symbolism How Much Literalness As It Had Static or Is It Linear and These Are Questions and You Know I Believe Revelation, It Is Helpful, but in Order to Understand It, You Have To Compare with the Entire Bible Because I Think That's What It Kinda Visits Calicut Index and I Have To Understand Certain Things Speaking about. So You Know If You and Plus You Know If You Go to Matthew 24. For Example, It Says Some Stuff That's Really Interesting. There He Says so Jesus Gave the Temple and Was Going Away and the Disciples I Do Not See These Jesus Agencies Things, Not One Stone Here Be Left on Another Machine Not Torn down and so This Method.

24 and the Disciples Came to Him in Civil Wins.

This Can Happen. And Jesus Says, Let No Man Let No One Mislead You.

For Many Will Come in My Name Starts Doing Is Talking about End Time Stuff Nation Will Rise against Nation of the Earthquakes and Famines Will Fall Away His Talk about Still Difficult Times, Perilous Times, False Christ Will Rise and Deceive Many. We See That with False Christ, False Prophets of Mormonism Jehovah's Witnesses Mohammed Goes on and He Says, but Immediately after the Tribulation of Those Days the Sun Be Darkened and the Moon Will Not Give Us like the Stars Will Fall from the Sky and Heavily Shaken and Then the Son Of Man Will Appear in the Sky and Then the Tribes Will Therefore Mourn, and a Great Trumpet and They Said in the Parable of the Fig Tree and Then He Goes on, He Says, but of That Day. One Day, the Day of His Returned Ability after the Tribulation, the Sun Be Darkened the Sign of the Son Of Man Will Appear in the Sky Will Send Forth His Angels and Gather Gather Together His Elect from the Four Winds, and Then He Goes on, He Says It Was a Days of Noah Social Media. These Is Coming for the Man and He's Talking There Is Multiple Think Is Talking about Is the Rapture and It's Not.

It's the Wicked Are Taken in Their Legals on Any Says Is after the Tribulation. These Things Occur. If the Wicked Are the Ones Were Taken and Then Admit You to Matthew 1330 and 42 That Is the Whole Area to Find out That Jesus Is the First Was Taken of the Wicked, and Then the Christians Are Taken Is What He Says.

So We Put This Together and This Means after the Tribulation the Wicked Are Taken and Then the, the Christians Are Taken. It's a It's Right There in Scripture. So Yeah, You Know, I Go to Church. They Hold a Pretrip Rapture in a It's Okay.

But the Thing Is That What I'm Concerned about Is the Wax of Days Ago Childish Attitude That Is Prevalent in the Church. Jesus Says in Luke 2236 of the Disciples He Says Do You Have a Sword.

He Said No to Sell Your Cloak Go by His Sword Jesus Said This and He Talked about Self-Defense Why We Need to Be Worried about Self-Defense Because He Got in the World Preaching the Truth and This Can Be Dangerous. Make a Noise yet Is It Can Be Dangerous and so What What Would You Jesus's Teachings, Pick up Your Cross Daily and Follow after Me and Prepare Yourself. You Need a Sword and Flee to the Hills and All This Stuff and We Get Today in America.

God Has a Wonderful Plan for Your Life. You Pick Accountable to Be Full before the Healthy and Wealthy and That's How Supposed to Be in Working to Be Taken Out Of the Problem, the Tribulation. All This Just in My Opinion Just Lays a Foundation for Weakness in the Christian Church and Then the Unbelievers You Are the Ones Were Strong Because Were Being Seduced by the Need for Comfort and Security to Your Regular Noise Letting All the Noise. Okay, so We Move along the Right Buddy.I Alright so of Folks Going to Call Me of an Open Line 877-207-2276.

Get the Candy from New Mexico. Kenny Welcome You on Here When He Revealed Himself after Donald with It to the Believers That He Felt over the Mixture Video Somebody That That It Would Both Be Withdrawn State They Want to Carve While I Do Know That He Appeared to the Believers.

We Know That, and It Would Make Sense to Say That He Appeared in the Unbelievers As Well, but I Don't Know the Verses of the Top My Head Which Shows That He Appeared to the Unbelievers.

I Doesn't Make Sense to Say That He Would Just Appear to the Believers Because As Believers and Unbelievers.

There the Whole Time so Intermixed and I Would Just Say That He Appeared to to Both.

That Is Interesting and I Drove up Verse Particular Niche Shows That I'm Sure It's There and One of the Brethren over 500 Pregnant but Yeah Well If the Thing You Watched a Red I Said That. Then If They Gave Him References You Look Here and Say Hello to Write You Appeared Thereto, and so You Know the Road to Damascus. I Know He Appeared in the Disciples There 24 so It's a Good Question (for Short.

Okay so Right.

All Right, Check into That and Thanks A Lot. Okay, Sure. Let's Go on the Phone with Rebecca from Richmond, Virginia, Rebecca Welcoming on Their I'm Fine How Are You All Going on in Me You Share Earlier Today That I Can't See That Not and Court George Lloyd L Sweeney Wine Picky Will You Depends You Know This.

If I Were to Meet the Queen of England. I Would You Know Whatever the Appropriate Thing to Get the Men You Bow Your Head and the Problem with That. She's Not Being Revered As Is You Think Close to Deity, Sign the Problem with Things like That and That My Wife Went Begging Her to Make a Good Sandwich. Not Just the Basic Stuff, but Now You in Worship and Adoration Word.

It's about Only to the Lord God Not to Marry Early Statutes or Anything like That All I Know You Well. I Have My Opinions but All This and I Don't Believe in Black Lives Matter. I Believe in Human Lives Matter.

I Believe in Fomenting His Racist Things Facing Black Flies All Life Is the Mass Y Call 770-7276 Charismatic Slave All Right Back on His Reading Some Stuff off the Black Lives Matter Website Only Goodness and See What Line Will Be on for You. Sorry That Rebecca Is Still There, You Know, I Just Went to the Black Lives Matter Website and Let Me Repeat, Reach Some of This Stuff This Is What They Said What We Believe That This Is Just Part of It. I Was like Shocked to Says We Make Space for Trans Drip Transgender Brothers and Sister to Participate in Lead We Are Self Reflexive and Do the Work Required to Dismantle System Gender Privilege and Uplift Black Trans Folk, Especially Black Trans Women Who Continue to Be Disproportionately Impacted by Trans Antagonistic Violence.

We Disrupt the Western Prescribed Nuclear Family Structure Required by Supporting Each Other As Extended Families and Villages That Collectively Care for Another, Especially Our Children to the Degree of Mother's Parents and Children Are Coupled with the State They Are against It.

The Nuclear Family. Mom and Dad and Children and Look at This. We Foster a Career Affirming Network.

When We Gather We Do so with the Intention of Freeing Ourselves from the Tight Grip of Heteronormative Thinking, or Rather the Belief That All in the World Are Heterosexual Unless She or He Discloses Otherwise. This Is Leftist Drivel like This with the Black Lives What We Believe They Go to about and Then the Ghost Yeah I Just Definite All of Them Just Scanning through It like What I Had No Idea That May Vary in All I Had High Character.

If You Need to Clean Your Cart You Found out That You Don't Get on and Now Cannot and Will Prostrate Yourself That Car or Get on Any Wrong Right You Shouldn't Write It in a Certain Levels of Things That Are Permissible and Not Even in the Bible He Would Bow before the King, and That Was Not Never Considered to Be Electricity so That You Know Our World Is so Screwed up Because They Don't Believe in Absolute Truths and Absolute Truth Necessitates God's People Turning Their Back on God. And When They Do They Know It Becomes an Issue of Black Lives Lower without White Lives You Don't Work Lives. It Just Is the Essence of Light Lives Will Look at Back of Your Racist Hobbit.

You Don't Just Stop. We Need to Do Is Focus on Who We Are, Ultimately, in Christ. That's What Really Is Important and This Is This Just Foments Prejudices and Problems and You Know I'll Tell You I Talked to People in the Black Community about This with You. If You Look at It Would Happen to Their Families in the 1800s. The Guys Who Who Were Strong Were Often Sold out and the Once Were Left to Take of the Families with Imams and As They Were Slaves. This Was Correct Never Is Never Scriptural to That's against Scripture and so This Kind of a Thing Was Going on.

It Destroyed the Black Families. It Did, and the Ramifications of It down through the Decades Are Still with Us What Needs to Be Done Is a Repair of the Family and a New Respect for Male Nests in the Family.

With This Needs to Happen and You Know We Hear Toxic Masculinity Maleness Family.

This Is under Attack and Then It Is Black Versus White Is the Issue.

This Causes Dissension and Problems in the Result of That Is As Is Described in the Old Testament and Everyone Did What Was Right in Their Own Eyes and What Followed That Was the Nation of Israel Would Fall to the Rule of Another Kingdom They Will Become Oppressed and Dominated Their Nation Would Fall. It's Recorded in Scripture. So This Is What's Happening in Our Country Is That the Universals of Truth, the Absolutes of Right and Wrong Are Being Torn Apart Dragged through the Streets and Sacrificed at the Altar of Agenda and Our News Media in Our Leftist News Media and Our Schools Are Not Promoting Truth but Leftist Agenda in Order to Do This and Accomplished What They Want Is a Reconstruction of Our Society. You Have To Have a Dissent That Is Because You Have To Cause Disunity and You Cause Disunity by Having Morality Be Scattered and You Find What Makes People Mad and You Fan the Flames of Prejudice and Hatred and Selfishness and Then Causes Dissent and Disintegration of the Society.

This so Okay This Is Not Art at the Left, I Got Solomon Liana, Whatever. And Exactly Gains. That Everyone Content and Argument, and People Don't Know Any Better and Follow along like She Blind People They Disbelieve with the Media Tells Them and I Don't Know That the Media Is Not Telling Them All the Facts on: for Example, How Can We Didn't Hear the Statistics Uncoated.

For Example on How Many People Died from the Regular Feet Flew in the Years past His Code in a Different, These Are Just Things That Have To Be Observe If You Don't Find That out Because the Statistics I've Been Hearing Is Pretty Much the Same. Will That If That's the Case You Can't Justify Shutting down Entire Economy and You Can't Justify Then Trampling Underfoot Are First and Second Amendments Is A Lot That Is Happening, and Was a Can We Come Out Of This Now Is That the Cop Who Put His Knee on That Guy on George like He Need to Be Prosecuted As It Was Horrible. It's like, but This Thing Is Let the Law Take Care Of It and Not Helping Anybody by Rioting. All They're Doing Is Causing Further Division under under Was under Current Resentment and Judgment That's Coming from Different People about the Rioters with a Stacy Understanding for so It's Causing More Problems Than People Realize That Insanely He Walks around His Neck and Right. All Right. All My Goodness, Seven Minutes till Stifling by Okay Would Click Okay or I Will God Bless You Welcome Us All Right.

Let's Get on the Air with Jeffrey for Marilyn Jeffrey How Do You Build with Like-Minded When He Got Air You're Not Doing Alright I Got Space for the Other Guy. I Have Morning for Graham and without Fault Conversion Can Scrape on It That I Was on My Way to Oak Ridge.

Then All Of A Sudden I Use My Free Will Become More That You Tell Your 45 Okay You Could Tell My Free Will Is Not How It Happened so You Would Happen This Good Financing Back in Believe That Went out Lately, Quite Free Will. Whatever I Acclimate You like It like a Man Could Read the Story of All Light Is like I Have Backed out and I Agreed Again. I like Okay and I Thank the Lord Says That It Was the Two That's Going on, Something That and Anything I Don't Think I Can Meet Today and He Would like Read Verse Five and Compare Them from the Game and I Was Given an a at the Thought out Yesterday but Anyway like Compare the Birth of My Question Is, Is a Close Game Version Accurate in Those Verses We Look 5 to 6 and He Said, Who Art Thou, Lord, and the Lord Said, I'm Jesus, Whom You Persecute Just.

It Is Hard for the to Kick against the Pricks. That's What It Says and so Can Throw Yeah It's It's Fine There's There's Different Ways of Translating Stuff, but to Those Verses Don't Help His Position and Look Whenever You Have This Is Gotten You Always Have a Defined What Free Will Is Free Will Is the Ability to Make Choices Consistent with Your Nature. They're Not Forced and so and I Can I Tell People I Can Mike Make Them Do Something I Want without Filing Pretty Well.

I Can Point to My Right As I Want and the Look to the Left Exit. What the Heck Is That They're Gonna Turn in Their Catalog and Invite Violet Very Well, so Free Will Is Something Paul Possessed and God Is the One Who Intervened and God Site and If If God Had Not Intervened. Paul Is His Free Will Would Have Gone on to Kill Christians.

So to Get It. You Know but yet Everyone Was Not Dilated at the Same Time but Go Ahead and Try to Make Was That Grand Only or Grinder. There Was a All You Got a Bad Translate Would Hundred and Eight Telling to Go to Romans 518. Compare the NASB with the King James and the NASB Has It Right.

In the King James Has a Way Wrong and I Will I Will Stand out Aggressively That Verse for a Long Time the King James Just Flat out Gets You. Should You Showing Say about Their Okay I Know about Rope Yeah Throw Quick Note Accurate and Birth Is Odd to Think That after Nine Times, Each Having Its Fine King James a Greek Translation to Certain Ideas, NASB and I Got a Call Me about It but Let Them Pick on You and See When You Want to Witness Do You Say If Taoist Will Us to Believe This How You Talk to, You Know, Talk to Them Normally Is One of Things I Say the KJV Only People As It Wanted Jesus to When He Came to Earth Did He Speak in the Contemporary Language or Something. 500 Years Earlier. He Spoke the Contemporary Language Wash Do the Same Thing You Is a King James Is Fine, That's Fine, but You Know Speak Normally to People. Okay so I Say Everybody Back All Right Applies Are This Good to David from New Jersey Will Have a Minute Left the Show. Sorry Dave Quickly Got Me This Is I Can Log Question Though I'm Kind of a Younger Person and I've Seen A Lot Of like Mainstream Churches like Follow Black like Matters Because of All the Political Thinker Going on What You Think like We As Christians Should Respond to Not Follow Black Lives Matter. I Just Read Some of the Stuff off the Website Is Horrible Horrible. What Was so

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