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June 1, 2020 8:03 pm

Matt Slick Live

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June 1, 2020 8:03 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- If the gift of prophecy is still for today, is that on the same level as Scripture---2- If archaeologists discovered a new document that contained genuine words of Jesus, would they have the same authority as Scripture---3- What is the opinion of Pat Robertson and the 700 Club---4- Did God create other people besides Adam and Eve---5- What is preterism and how should I respond to it---6- How does Mormon theology differ from penal substitution- What other topics are important to address with them---7- What do Mormons believe -grace- means---8- What do Mormons believe that Jesus accomplished on the cross---9- How do I refute the Mormon teaching of the -great apostasy----10- What do you think of the recent opposition to Michael Brown's outreach in Israel---11- 1 Chronicles mentions the records of Nathan and Gad the seer. Are those books we should have and read---12- How important is attraction in choosing someone to marry- What other qualities should we look for in a wife---13- Which is more important, theology or application-

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A previously recorded selection of mass like why is the founder and president of apologetics and research ministry found online.boy you have questions about Bible doctrine.

Why seven you'll have a great Memorial Day weekend.

So hey look we have three open line for open lines. Now, if you call 877-207-2276. I want to hear from you. So what is it me a call. All right, let's see the strip on the calls which is good right and there is some announcement stuff later. All right there you go. Welcome you are on here.

There hello gets let's try this person right here already working on your mess look like I okay just to cite Boise how you doing I'm well so? We're so I know that you believe in modern-day prophet. I believe that the charismatic gifts are still around for today. Not normative but got still doing okay well soon I prophesied okay sort of profit today your name or have the same authority as the prophet Daniel know they were prophets, inspired by God and those prophecies were then in Scripture.

And so when it talks enforcement is 14 about the issue prophecies is when it's prophecy, and to petition songs. You could even say that no time was come to the Lord and interpretation of it come from the Lord.

We could sing with us inspired well. In a sense, yes, but not in the sense of being canonized on an equal level so we know that there were things that were said by Jesus is everything that you said was inspired but not everything Jesus was so put down the Scripture so we could say that there are levels of prophecy level of inspiration that are intended to be in Scripture, rated, and some that are not in Christ example enforcement teams 12 and Romans 12 and first is 14 OBC on the manifestation of the charismatic gifts which are motivated and worked out through the inspiration of the work I should say the Holy Spirit but not to be in Scripture are not equal to that inspired level of Scripture that I know the hypothetical thing we found that document that had contain the word hypothetically they were the what do we have for found them tomorrow. We have, for I know, but I'm even more when I got it. We found it tomorrow okay right right if it really was from God really came out of Malcolm cried, that would be on the same authority and other level course if there were, we won't tell you why we won't, but the you would think in that situation was attended by one of the apostles and in the like, you from your perspective, how it got any different from God through someone today somebody prophetic word. The gospel written by Matthew and John who were disciples of Jesus in Mark and Luke, who were disciples of the disciples in Luke was a story in Mark traveled with Paul and so what we see is that they are the ones those two other ones compiled information and the funny thing is that they were not just direct disciples lesson of the 12, and yet what they wrote was inspired. What would say is that they compiled information under the watchful eye of the apostles was improved is recognized as being true. Now this is where the qualification of the disciple and conflict out of seen the risen Lord for his 91 and the issue of the four Gospels, which is always with me for four has a special meaning. Then we will not see that happen in the present and if someone were to prophesy you my personal example, I was taking a girl home from a Bible study she wanted a book I stop by my place and look for her. I submit missile very clearly this happened before he married Murray 32 years and she said she's getting little what I meant to me to Australia for mission work and I decided I Lou I just knew it. I remember looking at are still number and I said you're not going to go you to be here to stay here in your unit connected to your mission in Australia and five months for you to meet a guy. He's good become spiritual mentor 18 months. In the spirit spiritual bond do mission work together and it was his clarity of knowledge and understanding. Two weeks later she got on the plane went to Australia okay when I was bad pizza late at night and then the next day I got a phone call from someone saying that she was back. She got off the plane in Australia and new she wasn't supposed to be there.

She came back home. Five months later, she met a guy. He became a spiritual mentor and I got married in 18 months, he went to England in the mission together and before she left for I was sitting in the what's and where she was in the church taken the place I could take it you right now and she said everything I said came to pass. All right, so what you do with that notice is not hearsay. This is something I've done and had one other instance where some likenesses occurred while give them what is it worth living in Scripture.

No plenty of things that Peter said Paul said true Scripture. Obviously you're on your man of integrity. I really respect what you heard, but I have to make them what you're saying theologically. So when you're in the car with her. The words that came out of your mouth with which you say across were those very words of God where they Revelation divine revelation, you would have to say yes they were in was in the car was sitting in front of public health which say the word from God. Just as though it first contains 14 for example, have fun speaking in tongues, yet interpretation of tongues and different ways of interpreting the have to set a strip of Scriptures, but I'm I believe that they are's you can speak a language you don't know and that some of those can interpret it with that's the case, then we can have instances of divine work and don't divine intervention, which is exemplified in first contains 14 and yet it was not considered to be in Scripture there. Words of knowledge.

Their words of wisdom and I think once I'd awarded knowledge on somebody and that I could tell that story to the thing is we do with these well I've had to wrestle with things over the years and nothing in the Scriptures violates that and that what happened doesn't violate the Scripture either because first and give 17 says that were not to lack any charisma while were waiting for the return of Christ. So would have to have any lack of the charismatic gifts. So then when we do well we go to first contains 13 starting in verse eight, when it talks about.

There was really interesting perspective. 13. A lot of people I think that mess it up to get it right look that says of return was nine for we know in part, prophesy will actually go to verse eight love never fails with her gifts of prophecy. They'll be done away if there tongues will cease. If there's knowledge will be done away from a nonparty prophesy in part. But when the perfect comes, the partial reason why some people say the perfect is the Bible that doesn't make sense because not how it's used, particularly when assessed as a child I spoke as a child, etc. then for now I see in a mirror dimly, but then face-to-face. I didn't study on face-to-face and it means a personal encounter 11 personal encounter. That's what it means. And so how do you have a face-to-face one-on-one encounter.

If this is the Bible makes more sense to seek the return of Christ which is what Paul says earlier in the book is 17 and then against in verse 12 is the second part of it.

He says I'll be known as an fully known and study what it means to know God knows he only knows believers doesn't know unbelievers next bit of a study talk about here is his relationship and intimacy and so this is when these things the prophecy and the good pregnancies, but I think it's with the return of Christ. And so if that's correct, which I believe it is not on the consistent coven analyst which I believe I am than the covenantal gifts of God to the church will not cease until the time of the covenant is fulfilled and that's at the revocation of the new heavens and the working end of the age so I thought this stuff through and there's a reason because I was a senior pastor at a church plant and when they found out I held this view… It took weeks and weeks of cross-examination for the Presbytery and they basically said Pastoring more in their denomination and that's why the study this in depth. I read books, study to the Greeks that everything anybody even more convinced that the continuation of the conservative likes all your questions a good one and I'm just tickle seriously that you say that your man of integrity etc. etc. but you need to examine at the Lodge with against the word of God.

Just love to hear that so we got other color you do what you call get back in alignment you get good conversation whether you get to go do a couple coffee someplace okay. I thought about invite you may look not inviting you fit here when it open.

Dr. great Dr. great but still it still it I get a guy with a camera leak guy get a microphone set up with two interviews I've been down there and what conversation people down. Always a really nice… I've been to BSU to and did some stuff and what happens is generally on the guy who will answer the difficult questions and gathers a crowd and then they get home little ugly, so I've been in situations where I've been a little bit nervous… I do not preach of the teaching. But that's okay, I be glad to join him and we do it right now, think about our buddy Douglas right so you have to sign from here in the Boise Idaho area so he said my Bible study. Remember impact on everyone. I see them get a check from North Carolina, Chuck welcome on the only thing about that what you opinion him and I haven't had to study the reason I haven't had to slather.

If I don't have an opinion is because I have not heard anything that says to me from people to cut this week I sent you believe that that kind of thing because that's what I will do as I don't study everybody to study the subject that to happen. Based on the get warnings about have not heard anything bad about him and he said a few certain feet. If you think you're pretty dumb but you know who hasn't right but for the most part a great job. I want and I know about it but yes I II like does no good thing. My wife and I were listening since they have this morning and we started in Genesis and when is this three and 44 he thought he heard that God not only made out of me, but he made humans hold I will get to that dusty red back after these messages, though you open line 7207 mass Y call 770776 charismatic slave showed one Chuck filter alright so were there people before Adam and Eve.

That's the question right now, right rather God create, but after create healing know he couldn't have anything on the first Corinthians 15 $0.45. The first man Adam was nobody before him, and he was the one who's created just the one being excreted by God and in his image was Adam and then Eve was taken from Adam, and then we are all brothers and sisters from her ancient parents, Adam and Eve that would what about Mary Jan they married each other.

How was that what you say that, but how do you explain that that was okay. What was okay because I had gotten not yet forbidden and that the basic answer is that the genetics was so good that it was no problem and they interbred and had good offspring, and after a while guys okay no more of that. There's a books and wants me to read. I think the title is called genetic entropy and this guy told me that he's read it yet and there's a theory come that's out at the present rate of genetic manipulation of genetic decay in the human genome within the think it's a we have 220 generations left or something like that before the human genome will be viable anymore.

The copying the errors cried. That's getting into the genes, this issues so were were devolving not evil but they alright alright will God bless him again, less alright, let's get to Italy. We lost Julia and now let's get over to Mike from Pennsylvania.

Mike welcome you on here think bad of me, my quality of art, so I got money in my Bible study group.

My what that is going you you teach a lot of cool. Every Democrat part of the reason Peter is easily anyway so you a lot of people work, start taking it at face value really being intrigued by.

I am with you. Honestly I don't even know the full understanding of the belief maybe you could fill me in on it and maybe you could give me the prescription to combat it.

Sure, no problem. So plagiarism is the view that everything in Matthew 24 Luke 17 was fulfilled by roughly 70, 72 A.D. when the armies of Rome to march in Jerusalem and destroyed Jerusalem.

They sacked the city and destroy the temple and so full plagiarism would say that Christ returned in those armies and that the phrase about God's return and the phraseology means it is a figurative one that came in actuality, in the judgment that'll say so that's a false teaching partial plagiarism would say that these things are fulfilled then and it will be fulfilled both formally and completely when Christ comes back is called partial plagiarism. And that's that's okay but we don't want to say in partial printers and we would not say that Christ returned in 70 A.D. and with the Scripture that you need to go to immediately his acts 192 11 acts chapter 1 verse 910 11 Maria to and after he had said these things, he asked Jesus was lifted up while they were looking on a cloud received him out of their sight. Please lifted up into the sky because there's a cloud in the sky okay and as they were gazing intently into the sky okay cloud lifted up. There's a sky while he was going, behold, two men in white clothing stood beside them as ranges. They said to them, or they also said men of Galilee, why do you stand looking into the sky.

This Jesus was been taken up from you into heaven, will come in just the same way as you watch him go into heaven.

That's the prophecy of how Jesus is going to come back full plagiarism is refuted right there what this guy will do this will take this prick a P of Scripture, and he will twist it over and over and over again in different ways. I've had discussions with full printer arrests were little say is a sky is real.

The cloud is the cloud of witnesses, and they take meanings from other parts of Scripture and then transfer the meanings from other parts in the here and it's called illegitimate totality transfer is an exegetical error so you just like it is the common disabled sky looking to the sky lifted up the cloud in the sky that means it doesn't mean sky doesn't mean cloud we sang. Just ask questions like this and you'll see it until you hear he hears frontal lobes, stretching and snapping in places and some synapses, collapsing the guy pretty extreme like you know that the resurrection is not a actual bodily resurrection.

I get that enlightenment and yet and does not read how to talk to you still. Still, the first first 1535 to 45 to start reading and talk about the body that is raised is the body that is is resurrected and also first John 219 to 21 Jesus prophesied his own physical resurrection and he is the firstborn from the dead, a Colossians 115 15 to 1715 for the prescriptive public Colossians 352 70 charts always versus in my head and so these refute that position and door with the health thing because getting too far out into some other areas, no pun intended. The outer darkness. But that resurrection thing is a serious issue and the other thing is a serious issue as well so you can tackle him okay I appreciate it all right: I have not goes okay okay is Mike Pennsylvania. Let's get on the phones to see this week is Jonathan from Canada and Jonathan welcome your on your I'm not. I thank you for taking my call. Welcome.

We got you at all. If I don't think I'm talking with the Mormons later today and I was just wondering like theology different from like penal substitutionary atonement. We want any other like topics I should go deep into it with them.

The Mormons yet, Jesus. Latter Day Saints writes I would go to penal substitution necessarily unless you're very familiar with verses like Colossians 214 first Peter 224. Let's see what else would you need Matthew six of four Luke 11 1211 four Luke 612 Matthew 612 in club for you to know these verses in your head to build argue with them so so for them back and I'll be disappointed okay different ways of doing a hold on our right to vote right back after these messages, please see Matt's leg why call 770776 here's Matt's leg. Welcome back. The show Jonathan, are you still there all right see one on a witness to some Mormons right right yet.

Well, what I would do is go to CAR room.orgy and look up impossible gospel and in that article, you'll find a home some information verses to go to like him running 10 3275 goodness I coded some least sold all my goodness for signify 19 1918 of the second of typically three where it talks about the necessity that they have to do and and go through in order to be forgiven of their sins, signify 25, 23 are saved by grace. After all we can do while doing all they can do you go to Moron I 1032 this is on the article. If you deny yourself of all ungodliness, then, is God's grace sufficient for you and then you can go to D&C 37 where it says in there that if you sin the same sin again to seven to the soul that sins all his former sins shall return back to him legal release thanks to to them is that of their works famously well are you good enough. Things are witnessing to them about the issue of what salvation really is forgiveness of sins, and so with that idea is to promote their own Scriptures to them to show that their own Scriptures teach the impossible gospel can be saved and Mormonism can be forgiven of your sense because because the Bible because the Bible but the book of Mormon requires all you can do second Nephi 2523 deny yourself of all ungodliness second stream running 1032 and then in D&C 82, seven that if you sin, the former sins. All these these the guilt of the formal since come back upon you. You know it's basically it's a non-Christian religion was a non-Christian Christ and non-Christian gospel.

This is why they teach this so I was there more use Christian chronology, yet different way. Air nation of great grace is the primitive same things unmerited favor except for them it really kind isn't it's kind like Roman Catholicism's view of grace with Catholicism.

Grace is the substance is infused into you by participating sacraments at subparagraph 1999. But that's not what with the teacher and Mormonism. But they do teach that grace is basically something you cooperate with God in order to obtain is not really grace both of false religions mess up what grace really is. Grace is the unmerited favor of God. You should know that some of Yorty do when really recommend you do is go to Carmen look up the terminology differences between Mormons and Christians you must know to me by Trinity salvation Jesus forgiveness have been. These are a few basic terms, you must know what they are talking about. If you don't have time to do that. You're not sure what they mean. They just speak in terms of definitions solicited thing you believe the Trinity said you believe in one God exists simultaneously simultaneously three distinct persons who is always been God. It was never a man so you affirm and deny in your definition then that will get it out in the Nelson will notably that that's how you get past that problem okay.

What what we accomplished on the cross felt well they teach that the atonement began in the gardening assembly. When Jesus like blood and it was finished on the cross so they deny the sufficiency of the cross because that was on the cross that he bore our sins in his body in the cross is first Peter 224 and so they mistake that, but nevertheless they believe that he basically opened the way for Mormons to be able to obtain salvation. After all they can do with their sincerity of heart, with their efforts and that it's up to you because every agency to be able to get baptized in the Mormon church so you can go to the proper level of heaven were three heavens of the health order to have progression that you really could give celestial light become a God of your plan. So none of this is biblical.

All of this is contradictory Scriptures, and of course in the what they do in this article the Mormon church. They'll say that the Bible is true insofar as is quickly translated with a mean by translated is interpreted as the Mormon site. This doesn't interpret me translate translation is from one language to the right with written this lookup translate and so well. They put down the word of God in order to hold her Mormonism that they believe the word of God. The could be Mormons.

So just like Satan put doubts into Eve's mind about the word of God. Did God really say just a phrase but it means you believe in God, what he says and then you know the Mormons don't believe that God is capable of preserving his work and the great apostasy. This is the MO of the modus operandi of a lot of cults. Those in apostasy and their profit with a prophetess brought back the truth and restored the truth except Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Christian science unity and Islam teaches that and so their profit there prophetess, whatever is revelation of truth you submit to what that profit or prophetess teaches and they're all went totally apostate. Once a lot right. Father stood with the church fathers don't go there. You what we can do is listen to this in chapter 2 okay and it talks about their great falling away apostasy okay and what you do is read what it actually says and backed let no one in any way deceive this second Thessalonians 2 verse three but no one in any way deceive you, for it will not come unless the apostasy comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed as a destruction so the apostasy comes with the man of lawlessness. The antichrist is not on the scene is what you think you got this verse you memorize this verse. This will really cause them problems in its first Timothy 616.

First Timothy 616 now you need to read the context go back a few verses and read but when you talk about is God the father, who alone possesses immortality and dwells in unapproachable light to no man has seen or can see Joseph Smith, the founder Mormonism said he saw God the father with Paul the apostle said, you can't see him when they go all the Old Testament.

They saw God as a pre-incarnate Christ to the same because it wasn't God the father. They were sitting in Jesus Esso John 646 says no menacing got it father at any time and so these are the things you witnessed.

But first Timothy 616 when I see Mormons among shopping that I can recognize Mormons usually did remember missionaries all have a minute take this verse of the start talking to Mormons right yes you heard it first Timothy 616.

Now what is it will first Timothy 616 is a very good verse to read because it will really challenge you in your faith. First Timothy 660.

I keep saying the address over and over and over again and that it says that the telemarketers after I've set it 15 times that pulses the father going unapproachable like to no man has seen or can see. Therefore, ask strategy to dismiss that he saw the father. If the Bible says he couldn't and that is striking at the very heart of Mormonism because it means that Joseph Smith did not tell the truth about the first vision and everything that is his false falls away. So that's the that's called the quick and slick methodology if you don't have time to get to okay okay thanks. I pray. For yes the forms will get fixed that the new site would be built. We get her SCO backup okay so I'll certainly do that. All right, that's a start is the first segment or buddy thanks all right with the phones with lit Levite from Ohio lately like welcome on their thank you. Doing that all right, how are you doing I'm just curious to know anything about what happened that.Lori foregoes a more really, really got dark brown and got I think in Israel you know anything was that noise is that the restaurant was she saying don't preach the gospel. Well basically, yeah. I mean they were really is a hollow madeleines deadlock cannot hold of every right back to open lines 877207226 max Y call 770-7276. Here is Matt's leg all run back to the show this back to Levite from Ohio Levite was wondering about it that I can expect you have it. I just really get knowledgeable about trying to create Yeshua heater and a guy following them, given that the Israeli police had to get involved so so she's with the Christian right. I don't know enough about her. He did a video like are you opposing the gospel can help any. Just but when I think about it. I mean there are a lot of so-called Christians that you uphold people that are witnessing on the street to go don't think that it's okay okay thanks love what a goblin's you doing the email coming at you with another question down the road that go that was the more well-known I guess they appreciate. Thanks for calling the center of honor for slot back. Take care to our list go to Drew from Atlanta Georgia drew your on the air yet.

Hey Matt, thank you for the show should have been enjoying your website for a long time. I really like the report make available for their well certainly not all you my question for you. Been reading conical particle in the 29th for the first chronicled that are not all that the David and all that he did recorded in the records of Nathan and Gabby figure, though I said you know what though.

I went on Amazon and I downloaded the book of Nathan and it interesting, but it minute that I'm like I don't know about you know that stuff in it that doesn't sound beyond the Bible.

First of all, we don't know. That's the actual book of Nathan written records of Nathan and there are. I think a 25 or more other references in the Bible to other documents and other books, it doesn't mean that they are inspired just means that when the scribes are writing profits or writing. They may have gone to a book that has records.

Maybe Jerusalem may be some area that had a record of how many people over here.

They went and looked at us as the book of love, knowing it and select that the Jews understood that this no problem because they had records to just the Old Testament books is all they had written for other books but they were not considered Scripture. The Jews knew this so go like my question is, you know that the Bible and conical reference to the records of Nathan and that relatively day that go-ahead you know about you, and not forget. Go ahead real.

You can read all you know, the book of Enoch is referenced in the book of Jude doesn't mean that it's inspired if you know that you're just curious what real no big deal. It can take that one thing I found particularly everything about the book of Nathan was that it goes in the whole narrative about how that David Mayne wanted Nathan and named him that he wanted to remind himself of how he had acted with the sheep and luck and there is a narrative bear where people are that the it feels like he's been rejected. At the top of the king Pala.

If you do back without herself down because you felt like I think they didn't want have anything to do with her and King David run the grabber and they both fall off the building and hit the ground but make in the prophet walked up to them and that you know king and queen arrive at the actual word and they both arrived in the ground, even of the event that they both arrived from the ground and the thing yeah you know there's a lot of these extra biblical things that are referenced in line them have some bad information. Plus, you don't know how reliably transmitted from then to now these things are these very very cannot just him putting any credence in it if you want to read because you read, then read it but me) I be reading other things that I know are inspired study yeah I'll yeah thing I love you read about David you got a light that you're there looking at it. Here's a question for you. Why was David called a man after God's own heart that's at home at 740 okay right obligate okay. I think that way.

Matt Arena calculator rights over to Tony for New York.

Tony welcome your on the air eight net thanks for all the praise God. My question is the question how important is attraction looking for without garlic I fit well. How important is attraction. It could be really important or could be very unimportant, just depends note my wife happy to be attractive and no one can understand what he was dating seriously using the laser will guy looks like you know a pile of rags, will you know and she does she's not looking okay will I was attracted to her but you know I've gotten older and may it never be that were I'm single again, but the issue is. I would not look for another woman the same way it would not be Sicilian attraction and beyond godliness, what's a good godly woman and she's really great, except for taste in men other naturally good is it is attraction important. It's not important. If that's the criteria you use. Because what happens is you after while you yeah okay whenever you know it at that just takes it just doesn't become an issue as it goes way. And besides that we get older and is attraction really was necessary. No, no, we're dating you want to find a woman you painted the federal thing attracted to her but there's different kinds of attraction to his physical attraction spiritual attraction and so depends what you're looking at and it's important sure this were guys know you felt that way. Women are more discerning. Well, maybe not my wife. Anyway, I drift in know and think will be characteristic looking for Robert 31 okay the number one thing absolute number one thing absolutely you find out that she loved Jesus mortgagees overdeliver husband to get to find out if that's a yes okay cut for me and it's it's mystery variables. You know what baby second important for you is different than what was for me but for me that's number one number that was in one and number two was will should be a good mom, those of the template once for me and so my wife is a great mom and far better mother than I was ever a father and she loves the Lord Jesus dedicated to the Lord. That is clear so that's a good woman.

Good. So these are the things I think are important and but number one hey, she's gotta love Jesus more than you just of the heart of the Lord heart for the Lord who takes marriage seriously because she takes Jesus seriously when she says I do, then the exit here's a warning flag. If a woman is willing to get too physical with you. Stay away from her and she's not variable I'm being polite when I say that if a woman your dating is willing to go all the way outside of marriage number is it done because to see if she's willing to violate was a Christian violate the word of God before marriage would make you think you won't violate it after. So these are the things you can be married to this woman free long time and you want to find a woman who can endure things like bankruptcy moving loose one losing a pastorate, the death of the son death of a child. Things like this that are extreme difficulties in marriage and how strong is her commitment to the Lord well this is it. Number one. She happened to be good-looking, attractive, on top of that old, all the better. But don't let that guy you okay all you look further for godliness in her commitment to Christ number one okay I got plus I write this in the fold with Patrick from Raleigh, North Carolina Patrick, you are on the year. I will write men and inner layer, probably you are restricted.

Your listeners prophetic Christianity important application of the period of Jesus Christ not just in our little theology. I'm a bit dodgy family. We we must remember the most important thing is applying repeated of Christ with me loving your neighbor's spanking and they do not allow you not feeling like eating you know that the client indicated as opposed to find the land as much theology of McKay. What did I love you. You'll but I think some family that gives laws indicated in the Christian faith.

You know we get caught up on Nolan so many of them there so many you just get terminology that we don't apply the basic right of Christ which is worldly. Right now I agree with you. That's why people will absolutely love you but hey, based on what you believe. So we need to study laughter and know these things and then lead to carry it out right. If you just got a much ahead as I would you not do anything you're not. You not learned the withdrawing the everyday.

My thoughts will love the everyday so which is on the right foot which is in their garish hope is hopeless and not a small amount they do me a favor – if you there that can your dad on the shoulder, just come on the love that way right no problem goblins. Thank you, right right you two all right will hey, no fault, no phone calls waiting no callers.

Waiting is limited. This let me tell you folks that if you're interested in checking out the schools.

We have some great schools you can learn this good karma that word On the right-hand side you will see the issue for the school to see a laptop graphic and check it out and sign up. Give 24 hours up to make sure that everything goes through impeccable problems recently working to be fixed in the next few months with some that you can learn a lot of stuff. There is a lot of stuff and just so you know, we could certainly do lights on and the well.

The Lord bless you.

There's a music I'm not here by his grace tomorrow about five

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