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June 1, 2020 8:13 pm

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June 1, 2020 8:13 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- How do we reconcile verses about the wickedness of every heart with Matthew 12-35 which talks about the good in the heart of some---2- Isn't the New Covenant better than the old because everyone in it knows God and receives the Spirit---3- What is the difference between and ascent to something and trusting something---4- Why do you believe the Bible to be the Word of God---5- How would you answer those who say that Christianity is true for you but not for me---6- A man describes an unusual experience related to speaking in tounges and asked Matt's opinion---7- What is your take on Michael Heiser's -divine council- doctrine---8- What do you think of the ESV---9- Could you explain the differences between the biblical time table and the scientific time table-

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A previously recorded net slideshow wrestling. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive as on the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine serves a Maxwell why Grimes is called responding to your questions at 877 Matt slick Matt slick live that slick hope you're listening to the questions maybe you don't want some answers about two of the Lord's various issues yourself that if you want to give a call 772072276 if you want to watch the show. Big deal. But you can see me sitting in my chair and all you do is go to CAR room.a large even the right-hand side you'll see links to the newsletter think you watch is not a big deal. We have box of 7080 some of the hundred people watching people chat and put in comments and things like that.

Like Charlie, Chuck is one who moderates all that so we have the three opened has to be go through up in lines 877-207-2276, and also let you know we have for some schools if you want to check out some schools and school of theology, or school apologetics of the school on critical thinking.

So if you want to know your faith better.

I recommend that you take the school of theology took me six months to write and to format out make everything good. So that's really easy to use and we do charge for them very much, with a specialty in the month that trigger price and if you want to website CRM.O are on the right-hand side laptop picture suits at school seem to come out and allow 24 hours for it to go to.

It should go to right away, but sometimes there's a glitch sweetest people love 24 hours and then we do we check the registers on a daily basis.

Make sure almost hourly basis. Make sure that the people are given access really quickly just in case was a glitch and were also having the uniforms rebuilt few weeks working for working on moving forward and up. Please consider supporting us. We could use that support we lost some support during the cold. Good thing if you're so kind and want to sign up for say five or $10 a month is go to the car better website/donate to the right-hand side of any page there's information that you need for that.

I hope that you enjoy the show. Let's get to join him from north Carolina. Joanne welcome are you doing all Carl, reply back to seller on line from a near daily paper to get to hear K let out help foster and respect for other collars affect the fact: I don't late at night and when that day that is late in the morning, nightmares really bad Monday morning really really bad on our condo dear Michael Freeman, Jackie and Susan went in her office and cried turn on it as well with my felt like chatting it and if not the found that the Lord has delivered me he delivered me from Steinmetz scar tissue that I have and I have to sing his praises and have a dear, dear friend lady in the head and praying for me and have dear, dear friend in Washington state that has been problem for my and prayers have been answered, and I found that outfit was not made that I've needed my daddy nominated my brothers bad and are in heaven and I couldn't get till one and one to die just bitten with mom my hand but I realized I rates that both my hands like a little child does when it daddy depicts Matt and father picking up and course and touch me know that that the Holy Spirit come all over me and Alice able to sign a daddy and David. Not that I have any control over their life in heaven but acted really say, now don't have to carry me anymore. My heavenly father, Terry, and God takes care of weight as an orphan and I have a wonderful husband that I cannot I'm gonna do that if they had a normal time I'm going off my so anoint me to anoint the bay at on that I have been delivered and I just wanted to share it with staff will please do so is good to hear good things like that. I should be sure. Thank you, thank you for letting me sure will.

God bless Joanne out with propolis for all that we get five much in and anybody that's placed on it and praying for me.

Thank you. Prayers answered, thank you God bless you, things right. That was Joan, and I think it's good to be will to have four lines 8 772-072-2760 legal folks just in from Kansas. Welcome your on their everything. It really help me appreciate it.

God is about Matthew 1235 aggregate possible now as I get here at verse 35 and you out of the good treasure brings forth good without their so that there is none good but God is multiple births that are wicked above all things you can understand your things like that is your grade will now how do we record all that was to find a good person out of the good treasure brings forth good here and understand it is different aspects and levels of theological discourse that occurred in Scripture.

Some are doctrinally minded like Rome 345 Galatians 3 Galatians 5, things like that and go to various verses we recognize that the style approach is being used as doctrinal.

We go to other places like Psalms works poetic.

We go to Proverbs, which just as wisdom literature. We have narrate the racial literature, like the book of Ruth and so what will do is we will interpret them in light of that genre. So what's going on in Matthew 12 well you just saying to face with paragraph break either make a tree good is good for your victory.

That is bad fruit trees note for the tree is known by its fruit and you said you would of vipers, how can you, being evil, speak what is good for the mouth speaks which fills the heart, which the grade for four. I love that verse in verse 25 you just become a human level, good. A good person brings good things the bad person brings bad things is not making a doctrinal statement about the doctrine of total depravity and how there is none who seeks for God. None whose good because that's is a sense of the ultimate nature, but is good. Jesus himself, the singer look you good people drink do good things that people do bad things he speaking generically about what we see what we observe this lease as you brood of vipers, vipers, and he goes on to something horizontal, not vertical except yeah I think a good and all three is not good about it.

I hope a lot will what you're saying is interesting because a lot of times with the atheists in and Jehovah's estimate for Fuson Muslims will do little take verses like that and I'll take my other contacts Nelson against each other to see the Bible can be trusted with a forget to do is to context and what is being said, you know, 500. No argument was something to see. You never take me seriously.

And then you know a week later ago Pompeii thinker degreasers like we are both true because of the intense unity take me seriously. One issue, but when I say you never take me seriously.

It's not saying an absolute, precise, logical truth, you get the gist you know in your always argue with me because of the way of speaking and so if someone were to take one thing that I said one place.

Another thing is a better place. Since you covered it yourself. No, there is no contradiction will be times in the context of new tentacles going on in this the kind of thing right to deal with. So were the rules of biblical interpretation, super super complicated thing here at super complicated in the first rule is just read the context but that's looking to do for the most part just read context and if something doesn't work with you to do is read the broader context of the word studies and things like that. In fact, I had to put a stop on the development of this but I want to do a webinar on biblical interpretation and have slides. Screen every can of people sign up for to pay to get in and just have a presentation and Q&A presentation Q&A things like that because he believed know how to interpret the word of God. And so it's when things need quick as well with interpretation good general thing to practice where we have the band historical dark narrative you like didactic literature to interpret narrative. Yes, that I ignored didactic means teaching for divorce, loss to teach so yeah that's fine so you have to be careful. For example, things pop my mind I forget with exec references in the New Testament. Do not be drunk with wine, and yet it says in Proverbs 31 six give strong drink of the man who is perishing and wine to the one who's in distress. You don't drink one the New Testament and you can in the Old Testament is not what it says it says don't get drunk with wine so you can drink wine just don't don't have it have power over him and lose your faculty so to speak, so there's a balance in civil people do some time to just read and the things I discovered one door that opened up for me and biblical interpretation was Romans 518. It is one of the most in my my opinion, when the most significant verses in the Bible. Romans 518 but you don't see the significance of it. Unless you only read the NASB. The other versions of my opinion mess it up that go into why, but what that verse taught me years ago I drilled in the Greek and Duke days and days and days and days of analysis and without what happened was everything. Not everything, but a lot opened up to meet his first word of God go in one of the things I learned just what I teach this stuff. Like I asked people a trick question. I'll ask you have you died, and also look course next. Have you died with Christ from the 6668 and you know died in elementary principles of the world, etc. go to Colossians 3, we have died in her life is hidden with Christ. What is it mean to have died. Well, you know, in any do a study on that you find out all it's only refers to the Christian or does God know everybody. The answer is no, he does not good with me. I never knew you. Matthew 723 so you find skipping over a lot of stuff you find that words have a pattern of meaning according what God says not what we say and so what I teach like much fun to get the seminar going on to be going through some of these principles and will focus on 123 verses and I'll explain biblical interpretive principles that are needed to get a holistic view of Scripture as he believes is very vague. Just got okay for both what you call forth in lines 877072 max Y call 770-7276 is Matt's leg back everybody we have three open line 772-907-2276 packages via welcome back. I'm still little guilty calling every day you get quite a letdown budget below. Please vertical okay no problem if Abex has a color drop off the only one on right now is the phone number to get 877-207-2276 okay we got the farm and thinking about the new covenant want to get your perspective on the way I understand the way the prophet also talks about the new covenant is that it better because everybody in the new covenant will know God from the first lap. We can integrate it and that he would pour his spirit on everyone in the new covenant you agree with you is is is say that I'm not exactly sure and that's basically what it says I know that what I've done and I get back onto the study. As I extracted and put into an Excel spreadsheet. Every single instance of the word covenant in the Old Testament and in the New Testament is over 300 occurrences to be doing is taking half hour day and going through them reading each one categorizing each one and learning the different aspects of the covenant particular New Testament so I can develop a covenant a document that the Scripture says, are related to the New Testament to a new covered aspect so because of that I just haven't done that yet some good to go yell for the most part I agree because often what I believe changes when you studies like that so to big starter going on I just heard you what I can get hurt from people in the new covenant we were children become second yell.

He will definitely Old Testament covenant have had some friends tell me that that's a what you've quoted and so therefore it implies the issue. If you cannot what I want to do. Like you said is read these verses and read them in context and see what's going on and just do an in-depth study on it. It's a big topic. And so I just finally decided to do that, but I've got two books, no when looking to finish editing and the my wife's finish vision getting up another one that I have to publish those and + backlogged immensely in emails and some other major projects, but I do want to get to it so I plan to this important topic very well. I got another question for my mother told hundred two more.

The go-ahead we got okay so I've heard it explained that they react back. Maybe you can help me out that there knowledge, belief, guarantor, its philosophical approaches and epistemological issues. Now you know things can you know think with assurance, you know, things without insurance what constitutes true knowledge and things like that. The gal basically okay so I guess my question is I don't know the difference between you and something and if the truck is essential verses of the Duchenne so essential is just mental assent and so you go to James 214, 226, which a lot of people miss understand with quick views about faith without works is dead.

What James is talking about. There is mental assent versus true faith. Mental assent is the God God exists, whatever.

And so in James 219 you believe in God you do well. The demons believe also in Trumbull.

So we see that what they're saying what Jane was saying is that it's a mental assent. The knowledge of God would not trust faithful trust in God and its fiducial so fiducial is heartfelt trust and faith in Christ mental assent or essential is simply a mental awareness that God exists and so want to sell some difficult one is not so fiducial water from people girt about and everything that you are either about the gospel they believe everything about the gospel to be true manipulation of Christ write the sacrifice on the cross and spent all of that but they can still be law yes difficulty here because first is 214 says natural man cannot receive understand the things you got from the foolishness to him. And so I've often rent that verse because we could have somebody say, for example, Roman Catholic who could be extremely knowledgeable about all kinds of documents and yet not have trusted in Christ but is instead trusting the Roman Catholic Church of the sacraments of infused grace which will to save you make you more righteous at harassing so you have people have knowledge but are not truly born again. I believe that's possible, but it says in verse 2214 Associates of the can't receive these things. So I believe that what that's talking about is the issue of the difference between Ascension fiducial so we can see that people could learn can have it affect get this.

I lost contact with the guy, but a couple years ago I was arguing on then you call pal talk and are you and I mean are yelling, screaming at me just went back and forth talking with unbelievers and the summaries of the issue of reformed theology in the sky jumped in to help out and he was very good. Seriously describe really knew his stuff and I was impressed and so I would jump into these various rooms on this topic would come up every now and then he might be there and he will again just come in over two months. This guy just really demonstrated his good knowledge of stuff and he was an atheist just blew me away and I said you you had me fooled. I thought you are you a Christian when you speak, he says, no, no, I'm an atheist, except to away defending this.

He said to because it makes sense if you can leave the Bible. This is what makes sense just makes sense. I don't. He says I don't have fiducial in it just has assent is a good example of well you know had not like you and I have knowledge of Islam not spent yet knowledge of reformed or not. I would think didn't think it was true that it saved, not fiducial metal and maybe my mental assent but will be contrasted with fiducial Essentia fiducial Essentia is mere mental assent. Fiducial is heartfelt trust.

So there's different kinds of knowledge to we can have experiential knowledge we can have habitual skill set knowledge we have propositional knowledge experiential knowledge is is so I put my hand in a hot stove last week. I will never do that again a skill set that I took martial arts for years so I know some martial arts is a skill set knowledge we have propositional knowledge will I know that a squared plus B squared equals C squared and so I have certain propositions and statements I can become aware of an interest of the knowledge of my sake, logical, mathematic morality, knowledge, philosophical propositions, truths of varying kinds is a broad topic. The callers and vendors really appreciate your try to give you a great you know I feel will know please. You have good question, so feel free to call anytime anybody please do think that is just that I am from Boise Idaho. We have given lines close 720 max Y call 770-7276 charismatic slave when looking back to the show with Daniel from Philly welcoming on their area more hanging in the right. I got I got to question the time to get the first one is, why do you believe the Bible to be the word of God can ask of you Christian yet yet though. Basically, this question just comes from.

I think I feel like a lot of Christians. They know that the Bible is that word of God, the one posed that question. They're not really sure how to answer it started trying to be like what your answer to that question would be if somebody who is not a Christian at that well do not believe the rest of the question will saved. I believe the Bible is the word of God because God in his great mercy through the Holy Spirit has opened my hearts to trust in the incarnate Word as well as the written word and I say that for two reasons. One, that's what it is and the other one is the can't refute it is nothing. Trying to work something with the can't refute because Cigna trying to do that, but it is the truth. See, I can't say to them. Look, I have a testimony from and in my heart from the Lord himself to have said to the life I can see that and then offered as proof, and thus it was not Prof. didn't say it was I said you asked me why I believe that that's the reason why and they don't like that because they can't attack it okay and is true then I go to John 1027 my sheep you're my voice and I know them and they follow me. I give eternal life to them. So if it's the issue of us knowing the voice of Christ. And I say you don't. The Bible says in John 129 that God aggressively believe and Jesus says in John 1027 that his sheep hear his voice and follow him in the Bible is the voice of God.

So this is how we know of the can't refute that there is no way to refute plus its biblical and then little doodle sake. If you want to know why the Bible is reliable and transmitted well. From then to now we talk about that okay extensive yes yes thank you letter and click the second question I have is how would you respond to somebody that while Christianity maybe trooper nearby to start truthfully that's the case, the new John 14 six which says that Jesus says he's way the truth and life and nobody comes to the father but by me.

So what you're saying then is that what's true for me is true for me was true for me is that what's true for you is wrong because Jesus says he's the only way that means is true for me that your position is wrong.

So is that correct or not correct when you do with that.

Well now this is true for you that you think it's truth that I'm wrong and I certainly do believe you're wrong and that if you do not trust in Christ and the judgment of God will fall upon you, as was demonstrated in the truth of the word of God and by the risen Lord Jesus how to do things like that.

I'll preach a little gospel is an answer as part of the answer because the word of God will not come back empty, without accomplishing what God desires. Isaiah 5511, generally speaking, people who assess questions are antagonistic. Generally speaking, not always but mostly it's what I'll do is I'll answer them and then give a little bitty sermon that in five or 10 seconds with regard work on so you know that that's in the Bible's word of God and is true for you is true for me.

And then it is more philosophical, logical ways to deal with that fiasco. What is truth and that's a very serious question what is truth. They might have what's called the correspondence theory which mean the truth is a statement that corresponds to actuality. But I would say the truth is that which come response of the mind of God and he's revealed truth in his son Jesus Christ.

I can justify wrecking ground my definition of truth in the Bible with that person will be able to ground his justification of what the definition is without presupposing certain things get more complicated they have to presuppose certain values, which then I could turn around and see, but you can justify the presuppositions but I can justify my back. The word of God and God is a necessary precondition for intelligibility so you know I argue like that with people not on the radio. Generally speaking, because it's a couple levels above most people's understanding as I don't lose people, but I do have these discussions frequently off-line in different venues like discordant pal talk derivatives are some areas of Facebook chat systems so it is little more complicated little more on the finesse and detection of practice make sense that absolutely thank you so much for taking my call. I appreciate your payment. God blessed them all the glory that take care okay. All right.

It's good to Russell from Asheboro, North Carolina Russ Rainier hey Matt, Hope you're doing well by God's grace hanging in there. We got okay here's my question here back in 1988 was out of her and this lady spoken to. She was right whale here in a timely she was delivering this Mexican times.

I was like weeping fail really and sorrow to just cry uncontrollably in my hand I was like doing and the interpretation was given endearingly interpretation that feeling of light and it was like he could be talking to me about Ford Motor Company.

I mean it was that mirror for now.

Lecture follow-ups on one's own. See, there could be all kinds of things that affect us emotionally. We can have.

Not sleeping up too much coffee we can have a great pizza.

We can have remembered something we can enter stress and it is in a situation where emotions are little more acceptable in a church setting. They can surface you can have a trigger that can cause emotions to surface the could be spiritual reasons are to be oppression and demonic oppression. There can be a spiritual relation is all kinds of things so it's just you know it is difficult to exegete your experience and say well that's what that's what I do not have a word of knowledge on the system. If you felt so awesome if you felt it within what you do is you embrace the feeling but always compare it to Scripture isn't feeling at the right time is when feeling appropriate with the word of God and I just don't trust feelings for far too many Christians when they go to church signal emotionally whipped up to something and they say God spoke to me what really how do you know so generally speaking, when God speaks to you.

I've had a couple instances of my life have been Christopher to the 17th doing ministry for 40 years and I got to instances where I would say that the Lord was definitely there and I remember them both very clearly and so you know it is likes an emotional feeling oh what's that bad pizza you had last night, so that mocking it is just about a very, very careful about emotions.

I believe in them. I believe in all the charismatic gifts.

I believe God can communicate. I believe that emotions are a good thing but we must check all of it with the word of God always Russell but I can't tell you what it is saying that any reality you find out that I have a friend in elderly costal wholeness minister and I am friends with the veterans and unite Golden corral I have is that I seem a lot logged out and have breakfast together and I felt really bad and he said he felt like that I was troubled in my spirit about something is nightly like she was saying was ministering to mass. And in a clinically you know I believe that God can certainly communicate with us emotionally and the other PRI but we just had to check it all with the word of God with far too many Christians put the word of God. Second, and emotions first and the end of the area exactly what the devil wants you to experience God. He wants us to experience read Psalm 100 experience, the Lord, and the check in Scripture that'll enjoy a lot of stuff going on the value that is just not right, especially this what is it great sucking Ellen Allen that think that pop is an article practice well in the new apostolic lot heresy and thank you that not something that tickly and I'll want to expand the I in you.

I thank you for your time. You have given to man complex. All right, let's get on with José from Palm Springs. They José welcome.

Let's say that there's a break, but it is time to get a hold on okay right back after these messages fellowship with one 7707 mass Y call 770-7276 charismatic sling back to show everyone with Palm Springs walking on air.

Quick question regarding Dr. Aaron been reading a book called realm. By guiding Michael. I have yet you cease causing problems and culture using his stuff and the counsel of God's divine counsel and things like that yet, but I wanted to get your take on the divine counsel documented while I really affect your ministry and you know the debate.

Why get your take on it.

Yesterday about yeah it's a phrase used in Psalm. For example, Psalm 82, which is an imprecatory Psalm, imprecatory Psalms are but they are Psalms of condemnation and judgment upon people and so often with this kind of language is something that is condemning. Guess what it is what it is.

It's a condemning kind of a statement and a and a thing as God takes a stand in any NASB says his own congregation and the ESV says in the divine counsel, judges in the midst of the rulers and how long will you judge unjustly and show partiality to the wicked. So what you saying your member for one thing, this is a song to be is to be sung so as not to be taken literally, in the sense of a doctrinal statement when they see the divine counsel. Some people say will. That means then enters the other divine beings.

Let as impossible as it 43 1044 644 845 five for example centers. No other God besides God is just one that said he doesn't know of any others is very clear about which we can't say that anybody else divine. Besides the Lord God. We can state a divine counsel in the sense that there's a if there were a realm of angelic beings around the counsel of God, because God's there to divine counsel. Not that they are divine, but because of the presence of God's divine that one way of looking at it, which is perfectly acceptable. But notice what he says in part B of verse one judges in the midst of the rulers that he says how long will you judge unjustly show partiality to the wicked goes on to read the whole Psalm is not very long vindicate the weak and the fatherless do justice to the afflicted and destitute. Rescue the weak and needy delivered them out of the hand of the wicked.

They do not know, nor do they understand. They walk in this minute walk about in darkness all the foundations of the earth are shaken. I said you are God's. And all of you are sons of the most high will. He says the divine counsel he calls him God's will that missed must be theirs. God strike is God centered under God's right now. He says I said your God's. You are also the most high. Nevertheless, you will die like men and fall like any one of the princes rise of God judge the earth, for it is you who possesses all the nations. This is an imprecatory Psalm in the context is that the unrighteous judges of Israel had the power of life and death. They were not vindicating the week in the downtrodden and they were taking bribes and they were doing things and adjudging unrighteously that the power of life and death so there called in that sense your guidance, but it was a mocking kind of a statement this is, nevertheless, you didn't die like men is a condemning thing and this is, incidentally, is what Jesus quotes John 1034.

He said I the father. One John 1030 I and the father won the pick up stones again to throw at him. He said many good works. The father shown you in a civil make it worse in the father 24. Which of these are you stoning me and they said for a good work we do not stone you, and he goes, he says is, but you made being a man make is about to be God and then Jesus says, is it not written in your law. I said your God and he's quoting Psalm a to verse six is quoting it as a mockery to the right unrighteous judges a rulers Pharisee Sadducees in the context there what he's doing is using that statement as a condemnation for the people who were wicked, and this is wasted imprecatory Psalms talking like this God stands in the divine counsel he says your God's unit die like men do not really divine beings.

It's a mocking way of condemning them. They have great power, but there can be paying for.

And that's what's going on there. Okay okay will appreciate that I wanted to get your take off the what what what you think about very good translation. I use it I usually NASB because of all the possible used is because of because the Romans 518, which I think is a critical verse in the Bible and when I believe the ESV doesn't do it full justice, and so you have a whole theology came out of that verse is a fantastic first, but hearing them talk about it some time to do a 10 minute intro people get ready.

I can explain it to them.

Okay, that help buddy are right okay got blessed. All right, let's get to Johnson Winston-Salem, North Carolina John, welcome you on your buddy how you doing now doing well.

You did all right hanging in there yet.

Probably a question that you hear about bucket you was going to me as a new Christian timeframe between biblically speaking and scientifically speaking of what well carbon dating follow records okay. I'm the doll there's an open minded. I believe the word of God. I believe the Bible are hundred percent but there is a little confusion about you know there's, proof, but the timetable is a little different list. Let me help you.

Okay I love science is so you know I said I if I wasn't the preacher may going into the scientific fields. I love science and so afraid of science. I love it's a philosophical approach to learning and that you understand something that science is seeking looking learning and you bring assumptions with with you to the scientific method you assume the validity of the laws of logic and you assume it was called uniformity of nature leisure assumptions and you can't prove them with the scientific method you assume them to be true inside of science.

You also assume that the people who are giving you the information to the researcher can do it honestly now so there's three things in science that are are is issues. One is laws of logic which is fine for them using but I can't justify the method presuppose that, which means it's a philosophical approach now uniformity of nature means that when you drop a ball here my desk in Idaho that you in North Carolina you drop the ball on the same kind of a desk. The same kind of density the same kind of efficacy to drop the same way so the skull uniformity of nature, so they assume that nature operates the same way every place all the time.

Is it assumptions a philosophical assumption, we can prove to be true.

Why is that important because people assume the uniformity of nature and the planet Earth and well… Say that catastrophe is the norm.

So what they'll do.

Scientist will do is they have a paradigm that they will fit evidence into doesn't fit the paradigm they shift the evidence more often than they shift the paradigm and getting the issue of evidence as an abstraction because… [Something you see within your head that you fit into a paradigm to a model all right. Plus there are scientists who do not present the.

The information accurately and truthfully and this is been well documented that something is not to cast aspersions on all scientists okay. There have been fakery's of frauds in the evolutionary scientific community there well documented because they couldn't find the evidence to support evolutionary theory.

Some people made things out and false made false claims they were discovered and this is documented, we will never hear about is on TV or in books and school now so the age of the earth. How old is the age of the house earth will I do believe is millions of years old and I don't believe it is because of various think I've studied for example, if the cosmic dust that falls is seems to fall uniformly upon the earth. If it's been falling for millions of years the earth would not be at the rate of spin that it is because of momentum exchange would have mass added to a rotating body, it slows down because the rotation energy has been transferred to the thing that fell upon it momentum exchange and so this can't this doesn't work.

Also, the rate of erosion of the mountains means that everything would've been submerged millions of years ago, so they going to plate tectonics with his problems with plate tectonics as well. The issue of the dust on the moon. The if you look at the lunar lander first when I got there that the legs were very long and when the reason was because they suspected what happened is the rate of of dust in the space and space that falls upon the moon be several feet thick, but it wasn't. It was just thick enough to count for about 6000 years of duffel when Mount Saint Helens blew up McNulty at Mount St. Mount St. Helen blew up a whack out of a lot of stuff and then there was a lake that was there and it washed out along gully and created the canyon so some creationists took pictures and they went to scientists and said how long to take to take this cricket make this canyon all took 3 million years €5 million 10 million years. This is not it took two weeks and because they have their assumptions so the evidence of this newly formed canyon had to be done in millions of years, but it was done in two weeks with this water to Sirota stuff away. I've read accounts of where people are bulldozing through mountains to build roads and the fine trees fossilized through equivalent of 600 million years, but this information is not promoted. So when people mistake the earth is this old.

I don't trust him and carbon dating is only good for the different rates but 6 to 12 15,000 years kind of thing you have other dating methods yet to assume certain values in radio metric K and assume certain values are true and consistent. So the scientific method is full of assumptions about one little quick to add to should have you ever heard again open. Yes. Would that be something that I should watch or a waiver of the debate. A lot of very notable people. What I would do is get as much information from both sides. As you can and would look into Kent Hoven and also to the is a website and also look up you have anything on your website about no, no, I want to do a lot.

I would just love to build one year out and do research and writing on the kind of stuff and talk to scientists and I just love it all went to and we are that way is love science really do check those things out but also look up intelligent design theory and is been it's been insulted by a lot of the secularists, but I'll tell you intelligent design theory. Really, it's interesting and it pokes a big hole in the evolutionary theory raises issues up but again, you're not going to get the full picture from the secular society. They have their ways of filtering out counter information and penalizing people who present information is counter to over about okay time where Galli says establish average they start out that way from Highway way along, half-hour sure about that. It also affects Virginia to wait 20 minutes call back tomorrow the Lord bless you

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