Many have written on this I know but my heart still wasn’t feeling it. Yes, I see the respect thing, but Moses needed a foot washing, the curse was the ground and Moses’ feet were covered in it. Genesis 3:17B “cursed is the ground for your sake”. As were Joshua’s as he headed into Jericho, in Joshua 5:15, and even the disciples at the last supper.

Note Psalm 60:8 “Moab is my washbasin; upon Edom I cast my shoe; ” My thought is that if we want that shinning face of standing in God’s Glory as Moses, I believe a good foot washing is in order and Holy Ground requires God’s Presence.

Note what they did for Arron’s big toe and his thumb and his ear, they sprinkled blood: Exodus 29:20. The ear is for faith comes from hearing, the thumb as it is required to grasp as in faith, similarly the Big Toe, which by the way is the same word in Hebrew and requires faith to walk God’s ancient paths and the big toe points the way.

So can you imagine Moses wiggling his toes in that Holy Ground? I can and boy it feels good, the way God Meant it, good soil that bears much fruit, just sayin…. BEAUTIFUL ARE THE FEET OF THE ONE WHO BRINGS GOOD NEWS… FEET SHOD WITH THE GOSPEL OF PEACE, no cursed dirt.