14 Nov

How Much Do You Really Love Your Family

Are you a member of the body of Christ? Then, how much do you really love your family?

Let’s listen to the Apostle Paul as he gives 6 different warm words of affection towards his family in Philippi. He called them Brethren, Beloved, he calls them his Joy and his Crown, he calls them his Longed For and then again he calls them his Brethren. But the key is the first word of the verse, Therefore. Why? Because in 3:20 Paul says “we are citizens of heaven.” You see, heavenly citizens treat each other differently. Why? We act different, we think different, we look different. Why? Because we’re citizens of heaven and we’re longing for Christ to come back. Therefore, we treat each other different.

Listen to this Tru Commentary HERE.

14 Sep

The Absence Of Worry

The presence of God equals the absence of worry. You can’t have it both ways. So often we connect Philippians 4: 6-7, but we don’t connect Philippians 4: 5-6, which says “The Lord is at hand” and then in verse 6, “be anxious for nothing.” God’s presence, imminence, His existence in my life goes dead against all my worries and all my troubles.

The real question is, “How big is your God?” Because the Lord is at hand, we should worry about nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication make your requests be made known unto Him and His peace will guard your hearts. Remember how big your God is and your worries will become really small.

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