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Josh Allen Graces Madden Cover (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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June 7, 2023 9:23 pm

Josh Allen Graces Madden Cover (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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June 7, 2023 9:23 pm

Faces of the NFL l Suns plan to waive Chris Paul l News Brief


Alrighty, rock and roll in Zach Guilbe's show CBS Sports Radio. So, a whole lot going on in the sports world. You got game three of the NBA Finals coming your way later this evening. You have game number three in the Stanley Cup Final coming your way tomorrow evening as well.

And we'll see if Florida could get on the board in that series with that being a 2-0 advantage to the Vegas Golden Knights. You got all this drama from Zion Williamson where he announces that I guess, I don't even know if we could call it his girlfriend because I don't even know what to think after you have another girl saying she was with Zion Williamson and not that she thought they were exclusive because she said I know what happens when you date basketball players but I guess she was moving to New Orleans to either live or live close by with Zion Williamson and there was a whole lot of let's just say juicy things going on from this lady revealing things about Zion Williamson so that's what you got cooking in the sports world. And oh yeah, by the way, you also have the man that was going to grace the cover of Madden being announced and that is Josh Allen. So, Josh Allen is going to be on the cover this year for Madden. Hickey, I used to think that being on the Madden cover was a big deal and maybe just because we're getting older in life and that we've seen so many cover releases, I've never cared in probably the last like three or four years who was going to be on the cover of Madden. I always thought that used to be a big deal and you follow oh is there a Madden curse and all those things now as we're inching closer and closer both of us to to the age of 30. I like Madden but I don't really give a rat's ass who's going to be on the cover and I don't think it's as big of a deal as it once was.

Yeah, it's definitely lost its luster that is for sure. I don't know, I mean I don't think it's because we're getting old because still know a lot of people that play video games maybe not Madden per se but maybe I don't think that's it but at least the feel is that Madden definitely has lost the shine especially getting the covers not as a big of a deal as it used to be even 10 years ago. The last time I really thought it was that big of a deal you wonder who the player was?

If you had to take a guess. Was it the Peyton Hillis here? Yeah, I remember watching that I forget the name of the show on ESPN that Michelle Beadle used to be a sports nation and I'm pretty sure they had him on sports nation they had him and whoever was the other finalists for whatever vote that they were doing for this to get on the cover. They had both of them there and they revealed that it was Peyton Hillis and he ended up getting on the cover. That's the last time that I thought it was really big deal and I know that Peyton Hillis went through a very bad situation and it was I haven't seen anything recently but it was reported shortly after the accident that he had where what he was he was jumping in to save his his kids I think from drowning if memory serves you right from that that he's doing a whole lot better and he's making a recovery so that's at least good news there.

Yes, yeah saving his kids I think in the ocean I believe and was a hero and had a lot of like sand and water in his lungs and it looks to be doing a whole lot better now than he was when he first when the incident first happened. Yeah but good getting back to the conversation we had that's the first time that's the last time I really remember being on the Madden cover was was a big deal but congrats to Josh Allen and we're gonna do a discussion off this we're actually do a draft off this so let's get a little NFL music going as well and you know I'm in a good mood today so heck yeah I'll let you have the first pick we're gonna do top five faces of the NFL and I'm gonna put one caveat in there you don't have to do this in your first pick but in one of your five picks you have to take a non-quarterback because you probably agree when we talk about faces of the NFL it usually ends up being quarterback quarterback quarterback quarterback let's go one non-quarterback each so I'll let you start off with the first pick. All right this may be the easiest pick in history I will take wait for it Patrick Mahomes come on down.

I thought you were going Sam Howell. I wanted to say Anthony Richardson but I want to at least get him a game under his belt before I declare him the face of the league. So you being the the hunk that you are in terms of for your for your sports teams where are you at right now on a totally different conversation with Anthony Richardson because for a while you didn't want him it was Bryce Young or bust then you didn't get Bryce Young you were kind of then talking yourself into CJ Stroud falling to you at four and then right before the draft it was go get Anthony Richardson and then you were even talking about replacing Anthony Richardson from a year from now and hoping the Colts are that bad where they get Caleb Williams but where are you at now after a few OTA practices you have Shane Steichen in there as the head coach has the hickey love for Anthony Richardson started to blossom yet where you're already starting to get delusional and getting really excited about the Indianapolis Colts season. There is going to be a theme for the 2023 season I can set up in one word and it's already been started to percolate patience but you don't have no I have patience Anthony Richardson today bad OTA practice am I freaking out no no I am not wait wait wait wait you're really not one of these losers that is tracking what he does in OTAs in practice people care oh my so I'm just letting you know am I freaking out no I am not let me give you a 70 yard bomb today am I freaking out in positivity no I am not oh let me tell you for every one great game though probably two or three bad ones I'm already embracing that three bad games well for every one I'm saying for every one really good game yeah it's gonna be probably two or three bad games I am ready for that I'm expecting that as long as there is growth and improvement from week one against Jacksonville to week 18 I believe it's the Texans as long as we see growth there I'm okay and if they're one in 16 hello Caleb Williams you're telling me and and I've seen you react multiple times while watching sports games where you do this like you start making these noises and you start going nuts and going crazy when you saw that video today you said it was a 70 yard pass 70 yard touchdown bomb to brand new wide receiver Rashad Perryman already developing chemistry but the guy's been on the roster for 48 hours not bad oh you're such a liar no I'm being dead serious I am not freaking out you you're telling me when you saw that video today you weren't like Kobe White wow wow wow you weren't going nuts again I will I will point you back there was now the tough part of OTA is not a lot of video there's only one video that has gone right now viral of Anthony Richardson it was him doing a little footwork drill then thrown into a net he was two for two in the video that was posted a lot of not me not me oh really because I saw a video of him doing that footwork drill and then sailing the ball way over the net that was today and am I freaking out no but on Friday at the second OTA practice that was available to the media he was two for two and a lot of non-colts fans this is important a lot of non-colts fans were circulating that around and saying wow this guy's gonna be good this looks good so far do you know what I did I sat that one out I didn't even touch that video because you know why I knew that video first of all is a snapshot two throws out of probably 100 he's gonna make that day there's no defenders in his face who cares and it means nothing because it's June I could have easily paraded that out and said look at all you idiots that pass on Anthony Richardson this guy's gonna be the best court I can link in three years let me ask you a question your podcast partner who I like a lot George yes sir I knew his name okay I paused for a second you're like George what is it you said podcast parts I just wanted to I don't know Brenner George Bremer brother close enough see I'm in the ballpark you're in the know please tell me because when I listen to your podcast or I see I see a lot of the clips circulate of your podcast that's good please tell me George isn't one of these guys that goes to OTAs and tracks everything the quarterback does with the with the pad of paper and he's writing down everything Anthony Richardson did for the day George may or may not have tweeted out Anthony Richardson's stat line in 11 on 11 oh my god with that said I think George is in the right because a lot of people do care let me tell you I don't I don't think George does George actually I know he doesn't care either we were we I'll tell you what we did not talk about in the podcast today Anthony Richardson's two-minute drill we did not talk about his 11 on 11s okay it's it's we're talking big picture here but fans do care and people are interested to see so what is he doing who's he playing with you you've never covered OTAs right like you've never actually been there when I was in Philadelphia I covered OTAs there was nothing more idiotic in sports than all those losers in the media that show up and they they have their notepads and they're like oh this person did this this person did that and I get it when it's a quarterback that just got drafted high okay but every other player on the roster oh my goodness gracious it is ridiculous well that's the thing this is the first time anyone is seeing Anthony Richardson in a team setting fans are intrigued so I think it's the media's job to give the fans what they're what they're seeking give them what they're what they're thirsty for George had a big tweet today and it was about the 70-yard pass people want to see it it goes both ways if you're a media member that is covering OTAs and you're giving me stats from OTAs you're a loser if you're a fan craving stats from OTAs you are the biggest loser and that's my TED talk for today so back to this conversation that we're having in this draft biggest faces of the NFL you're going Patrick Mahomes won off Josh Allen getting the Madden cover we have to take one non-quarterback each we get five selections as well I will go with Joe Burrow Joe Burrow is my first pick I will then my second pick go with a man who's in the news constantly Aaron Rodgers anything this guy does anything he says is talked about picked up on reported on it's hard to not equivalent Aaron or put Aaron Rodgers in the NFL and not think of those two simultaneously and there's always drama with Aaron Rodgers which is always reason gets right back to the NFL I'll go with the man that just graced the cover of Madden Josh Allen I think those are the first the proper first four names and then it gets tricky after here here's a a question are those like if we're actually if this is not a draft and we're not forced to pick five names each if we're talking about okay who is legitimately has a chance to claim the face of the NFL yeah is there any other names you include in the pot I think there's two more names two more so right now you have four Patrick Holmes Joe Burrow Josh Allen Aaron Rodgers into water and those are the proper first four names but remember Aaron Rodgers career is closer to the finish line than it is the starting line so eventually there's going to be a spot open if you want to say in the Mount Rushmore of the current NFL phase of the face of the NFL so there's going to be a spot open and I think with what we've seen so far there are definitely two other quarterbacks that could make a claim for right now well let's see if one of them is the one I'm about to draft here this is again not on scale but just on who people know and what they associate with the NFL you got it correctly I'm assuming I'm going Dak oh no not on skill a lot of people know Dak he's a million and a half twitter followers he's a huge following in general he plays for the biggest brand in the NFL in terms of face of the league again it's not about talent but it's about I would say name recognition notoriety gotcha I'll go deck so there's two here that I have I think the one that I'm not going to take is actually closer to being one of the faces of the NFL than this guy but I don't even think you're thinking about the other guy so I'm going to save that pick I'm going Lamar Jackson Lamar Jackson is the second name that I was thinking of not the first as my phone and series now all of a sudden typing because I'm writing this down in my notes is now all of a sudden typing down Lamar Jackson so thank you very much on that but if Lamar Jackson could be healthy he is really he does things on a football field that are just so electric and I think a big part of that is what makes good highlights for social media because that's how a lot of young people do consume things instead of watching an entire game I'll put Lamar on that list so this is for right now present day not like a little bit of a projection of what they'll do this year this is like today face the NFL correct yeah now if you want to make it you're going to take that guy and gamble that he's going to be an enormous name for the future you go ahead and do that it's however you want to interpret okay if that's the case I'll take Trevor Lawrence then I thought you were going to take that guy and that's not wrong because remember Trevor Lawrence he was supposed to be one of those generational players year one got stuck with Urban Meyer was a disaster year two ended up getting the second round of the playoffs and you know what's also big too assuming Trevor Lawrence continues to take off from a marketing standpoint that hair is just unbelievable it's really great easy to you know be recognized when you got a thing the thing his hair Jalen Hurts that's my next pick Jalen Hurts right now is the best quarterback in the NFC I knew you would overlook him I know his personality isn't really a personality that sells because he gives you that Alabama Sabin Belichick kind of same line but that dude galvanized the locker room last year he was harping in that locker room and he was just flat out ridiculous on the football field last year so I gotta go Jalen Hurts that's the thing I obviously overlook it's just he has no personality and I just think if you're talking about face of the league you gotta hey you gotta give something a little something he just is very bland you keep on winning though don't matter no you're not wrong with that it's still got a lot of winning to go to okay just justify his personality but no you're 100% right about that so we're gonna learn a lot about you here Hickey because I think for the non-quarterback it's one name right now that is above all the rest there's two names that I think of but there's one name that's above all the rest for non-quarterbacks so we're doing five players each one has to be a non-quarterback faces of the NFL Hickey so far as Mahomes, Rodgers, Dak, Trevor Lawrence, I have Burrow, Allen, Lamar, and Jalen Hurts who is your non-quarterback here? I'm going Travis Kelce big-time personality guy wins a lot lot of notoriety almost a million twitter followers so a lot of people know who Travis Kelce is for non-quarterback I'll go Travis that was number two out of the two names I was going to give you that was number two number one it's Justin Jefferson it has to be Justin Jefferson for me great wide receiver the gritty dance associated with him great personality whenever he comes on this show I love me some Justin Jefferson who's the defensive player right now? who's the defensive player in the NFL it's like it was Aaron Donald but now like Aaron Donald so are you gonna retire or not and he didn't play a bunch last year who's the defensive player in the NFL that's the from the from that's the face of the NFL JJ Watson out of the league that was a name that was very popular for a while who is that? I mean right now I mean I would TJ water Nick Bosa I mean those are both vanilla too in terms of personality it's really Dave I'll give you a projection I think in three to five years it will be sauce gardener he plays a great position he has great personality he's got a thing he he's not afraid to chirp I think for face of the NFL unless you're an all-time dominant player like Aaron Donald was you kind of got to be one of those brash outgoing play-making positions defensive end or corner linebacker who cares defensive tackle well I saw Aaron Donald it's tough you know who I think could be one too who's that I'm gonna go back to the well of you just saying the Dallas Cowboy Micah Parsons pass that's a good one and you know who could also be one too Trayvon Diggs Trayvon Diggs really good football player right him and his son that the content is is is always awesome and you're in Dallas but I think that it's you think Micah before you do think Trayvon Diggs when just looking at that team yes I would agree with that I'm trying to think anybody else and also next time sauce gardener you do a cover shoot for a magazine did you see the the cover of his hand with all the barbecue sauce on it it's his thing no but that looked horrible he's got a thing and that no no no even he admitted they did him dirty well that's more than that count a company that's doing the shoot rather than sure but you gotta make sure that your team approves that and things like that well you're not wrong about that maybe so you're working better judge he'll be smart he'll be getting plenty of opportunities going forward maybe be a little bit more selective on which companies you're working with and maybe you know don't go for some rinky-dink organization it's gonna make you look bad by the way I just fought off a Jody Mac moment right there I'm playing her today coffin oh my allergies have been killing me I think I was at like the tail end of a cold too and then all these all the smoke from the wildfires in Canada that has made New York just the air be absolutely horrible today it is killing my insides I I didn't know if that was a cough that was coming to sneeze I don't know what the heck was just gonna happen but I think it did go through my system where I was able to buy some time to toss it to a break right now and we'll come on back with a lot less uh mucus I guess would be the word in my system you're listening to the Zach Gelb show Zach Gelb shows CBS Sports Radio you can think of Riley Auto Parts are your car care needs get guaranteed low low low low low price is an excellent customer service from the professional parts people at O'Reilly Auto Parts so originally it was reported that Chris Paul was getting waived then it's okay he may get traded or he may get released and then one backed up in Phoenix or you find a way to rework his contract heck you know what this sounds like to me we know how important Chris Paul's been for that Suns organization the last few years you know since he's been there it seems as if the Suns want to say goodbye but they're caring about the feelings of Chris Paul and Chris Paul still wants to stay in Phoenix so it seems like they're trying to appease him but ultimately they know that it's most likely going to be the course of action which is the right one that Chris Paul next year is not going to be with the Phoenix Suns that's the way that I just interpreted with all these different reports that we've been seeing coming on out in the last few hours well also too if you're Phoenix I mean it doesn't hurt to shop around and see like if you're going to cut him yeah might as well see if you can get something back he's obviously not worth the 30 million dollars a year that he's going to get paid so if you're if you're Phoenix if that's the number that like if you still think Chris Paul can play in the playoffs number one god bless you number two okay fine if you cut him then bring him back on a lesser salary obviously that you know makes whatever financial constraints you have or financial worries go away it's one of those things where I don't think he'll be back on the Suns next year I now it's just a question of can you get anything back for a guy his value before you do end up cutting them stretching them whatever they want to do in order to move them off the team I feel like this will end up with him getting waved now could you potentially see a team maybe nah because yeah maybe they take on his salary and then it's you get a draft pick or something like that with it and then eventually you just buy him out could it be one of those potential situations maybe but I would think that this in all likelihood is ending that you're just going to see Chris Paul get waved here by the Phoenix Suns and the tricky part about that is oh let's attach a first round pick to Chris Paul and you know for years there's the Oklahoma City Thunder you take them on I mean I gotta look it doesn't even have any picks left it's good they emptied out the the chest and bring Kevin Durant that's another tough part trade every other year in the NBA as well so do you want to go trade a pick for in 2032 2048 all right that's that's very promising I mean Oklahoma City is going to I think try to own every pick in the draft the next five years 10 years so maybe they'll go for it let me ask you this is your father bald uh he's got the horseshoe okay you think by 2048 you're very protective about your hair you think you'll have still most of your hair or do you think you're trying the direction to go in bold you know I think I'm good you do yeah this hair's not going anywhere it's pretty good hair I will say thank you thank you it's thick it's you know they you get your hereditary not hereditary you get your hair jeans from your mother's father's side my grandpa had a great head of hair so I am that actually true though yes but is that you saying it's true or not my dad is one of ten they all descend from the same tree they all for the most part look like my dad balding big time on top the only reason I say that is because my grandfather who's no longer alive and unfortunately he got diagnosed with dementia and it kind of robbed his last six or six to eight years of living one thing he never lost was his hair and people would always say oh yeah you really take after you know it's your mother's father now my father's father is bald and I thought years ago I was gonna be like my grandfather I was gonna have a full head of hair and I have a little bit of a widow's peak but in the front it's starting to get a little thin I've realized with my hair like I still have I'm not in any danger of going bald yet and shaving anything off but I've noticed in the front that my hair is getting a little bit thinner than where it was a few years ago so I wonder is that saying actually true because filia tardo right in the sopranos that's who my grandfather looked like that's how great head of hair he had I'm just saying I don't know if that's actually a true expression I think that's just something you're told that in this case you're hoping that's going to be the case for you because you're very protective with your hair at 30 I feel pretty good basically 30 I feel pretty good at where I'm at going forward well this would be the ultimate hickey hex I go to the shower tomorrow and you start losing some hair that at yeah 2048 so we'd be like 48 or probably even older than that 54 whatever it would be I feel pretty good that yeah it won't be this thick and that is now obviously but I would say 80 percent of it would still be there gotcha and you I think that would be a big problem for you if you start becoming bald I would I would agree because you made comments to me before that you've said you're like what are your biggest fears is going bald like remember that app that we did I think it was like a year ago where you could go bald you go oh I hate the way that I look that would be absolutely horrible if I end up going bald I got a big nose so balls big nose does not those are two combos that do not go well so I got a little bit tasty when I was younger and I had like a buzz cut early in college hated that look so I need the volume on top to kind of balance it out yeah me bald is not not if I'm single and bald I'm in big trouble so Cielo let me ask you this on on your side how's your mother's father's hair and then your father's uh you know side of things mother's father and mother's brother both both very good thick okay long term um my dad's dad never went fully bald maybe a little on the thinner side but my dad himself I know that we're asking about the grandfathers my dad who's now what 74 still has all his hair yeah yeah okay not so much on my wife's side so I'm a little worried about my boys down the road but you're not worried about yourself no your hairline looks fine yeah maybe like a little on the sides you kind of have the the widow's peak thing a little bit a little bit now I don't I forget who did years ago someone compared which we are totally different shaped people yes you're not right look alike that we looked alike and I was like I didn't see it through the glasses the dark hair glasses in the hair right I could see that people were saying so you know what's your relative breakdown in your side of the family what's that one website where they do the dna what is it uh 23 and uh 23 and me 23 and me long-lost brothers imagine that that would be some story they worked in radio together they they hated each other's guts and then one day no that they were related uh real quickly just getting back to chris paul you know what it also tells me hickey and regardless of what happens it looks like they're trying to move off of him one way or another they made that decision where yesterday when they introduced frank Vogel you kind of rolled your eyes a little bit when he was talking about bringing uh back the andrea and making him a great player once again and all those things you go okay how much is that just being said at the press conference how much is that reality I think now with this other domino falling where it looks like either cp3's got to take less money or redo his deal or go or most likely probably get traded or or released whatever it is it looks like they've made that decision to keep the andrea in there which makes to me a ton of sense in order to keep the andrea in with the phoenix sons when you have kevin durant you have um also uh devin booker i would think that it would it would make a lot more sense to rock and roll with the andrea and then going out there and get rid of chris paul i have seen a report in the last hour oh really from woosh they are exploring a dehydrated trade how about that so so i guess now they're looking to move on for both of them is what was the exact report there from woosh go ahead uh phoenix plans to explore trade opportunities including paul and the andrea that could alter the franchise's roster landscape ahead of a final decision on paul's partially guaranteed contract don't they have cap issues they kind of have to make some moves don't they yeah yeah well that the andrea aden deal it was so funny what happened last year because it was indiana who signed into an offer sheet and then you ended up having phoenix matching it we all knew at the time that monty williams the andrea aden hated each other's guts and a lot of people thought i forget how long it has to go by with the cba when you sign a new deal until you could trade someone but there there's some restriction there everyone thought that he was going to get traded after that and then the census you know the thought was once monty williams was gone they would get rid of still aided and paul right and then yesterday you had frank vogel who we've seen guys right before speak positively about someone at a press conference the next day they they find out they're going to trade him but it's like one of those scenarios where when i heard that yesterday okay they're probably going to get rid of chris paul but they end up getting rid of both you know maybe it does because they're going to have to kind of like when nick nurse got put on the spot about james hardin a little different but you got to say something into the mic yeah you're not going to rip the guy just in case howard eskin does a great job and i'm not just saying that because spike is our boss yeah but if if you're an executive or a coach and you have to interact your press conference howard always asked the question that 95 of the media does not want to ask and that what about james hard is the biggest thing from that press conference you know you got the job because mb likes you you you weren't going to get the job of mb didn't like you yeah so it's what you could ask about tobias harris and his waste of a contract uh the development of tyries maxie he's in a good spot you had to ask about james hardin and now you know seeing that report from yesterday and i think it was from shan sharonia that james hard is torn in his decision between houston and and then and going back to philadelphia it's like all right what are you really torn on now i know that you like to go to strip clubs i know you like to party it up and and you loved houston but if you're trying to still win not that philadelphia has won a championship but they're at least consistently in the playoffs i i know tilman fratita loves james hardin and he wants to expedite this rebuild but it makes no sense to go give a four-year contract a big payday to james hardin who basically spat in your face the last time he was there because he won it out of houston is that usually there's an agenda and you try to read between the lines so is that just a way for him to try and squeeze some extra money out of the sixers maybe but i do think there's legit interest there from james hardin and also the rockets oh i believe the rocket side of it sure we've heard about it now for months yeah like this was being said during early on in the regular season i was like why the heck would houston want him back but that's what tilman fratita knows best evidently they do he doesn't know how to alter things and find the way to get get it done but it's weird because the sixers they shouldn't want to bring him they shouldn't want him to come back but where else are you gonna go like what else are you going to do where you have him bead and you know when beatsaw's window of two to three more years of probably winning a championship with your team before he wants out and and bead likes harden so it's one of those things where it's damn did you do damn dear don't but you're still not gonna win a championship by the way most likely not zack gilb show cbs sports radio we will take a break we will come on back with a little news brief do you hear that that is the sound of bmw performance without a single piston or cylinder a generation of all electric vehicles designed and built like no other the bmw ix i7 and i4 revolutionize every drive into a thrilling opportunity to feel the pure rush of bmw 100 electric but isn't that what you'd expect from the ultimate electric driving machine take advantage of exceptional lease and finance offers today you're listening to the zack gilb show oh time for your daily news brief we get you caught up on the rumors reports and reconnaissance from the day in sports all right nba finals game number three underway early early early stages in this game it's 12 10 miami is up on denver with 7 11 to go in the first quarter uh so far jamal murray eight points right out of the gate four six from the field which i like because i did take his over of 24 and a half points this evening jimmy butler he has only two points in the contest right now and bam out of bio is leading the way for the heat with four points as we are underway early stages here seven minutes in and miami just got a deuce from butler to get him up to four points so that's now 14 to 10 but jimmy butler says that bam out of bio is going to be the reason why the heat are going to end up winning the championship he plays with so much energy he never takes a possession or a playoff uh so you gotta really respect him for that and then on the offensive end he's he's doing everything for us so we need him to continue to be that he has been that for us all year long uh and like i said he's going to be the reason why we win the championship hickey i said this before the series and i'll say it even more more so now jimmy butler's not wrong with what he just said because if they're going to win a championship bam is so important to what they do especially in this matchup because of what he's asked to do defensively but then what he did through the first two games on the offensive side of the ball as well if miami has any shot of winning this series they need bam out of bio to be great i just wonder with how much they're asking him if this ends up being a long series in the series progresses like we were talking about earlier with rex walters do you eventually kind of see bam out of bio just running out of gas running out of juice with what you did see in the series prior up against the boston celtics it's a real fear and it's a real fear for the heat too because again we've seen them kind of they're not exactly explosive on offense did you try to slow the pace down if you're relying on one guy especially for bam now i mean jokic obviously he's a center right but jokic is super fit like he if you see when the fans break he's like one of the first guys running up and down the court so if you're bam you are constantly sprinting up and down the corner we're talking about six seven games in this series can you hold up especially if games five and seven are in denver it's a lot it's a lot to put on his plate now for a full series to slow down the best player in the game and also then keep up with him as well by the way i don't think he has the best fashion in terms of like he doesn't wear the nicest suit but from just wearing a clean suit night in and night out nikola jokic whenever he shows up to the building i don't know what he was wearing tonight hickey but you pointed this out up against the los angeles lakers in the last round and i've seen it the first two games of the nba finals he is just very well dressed like he walks in he looks very professional it's a boring pedestrian suit but he looks very intimidating as well when he rocks that suit as well i've never seen someone look that intimidating in a suit as nikola jokic does very peaky blinders esque those kind of vibes give it off he's the ultimate throwback right he's like a guy who dressed like he's from the 80s his game is from the 80s he's like a throwback player in today's nba jimmy butler says he's not a scorer i'm not a scorer like just because i score a lot of points one game it doesn't make your score i'm not a volume shooter i don't do it again i don't press to score i'm impressed to win so if i pass the ball every possession if we win i don't care if i shoot the ball every possession you'll win i don't care this playoff jimmy nearly it's not a thing i just want to win i'm gonna let everybody else i don't worry about too much other things except for winning the first half of that answer i like because he's saying i don't care how we win just as long as we win but that second part of that answer i know he said that before that this playoff jimmy thing isn't actually a thing and it's a thing that the media and fans come on up with but not what him and his teammates say but if the miami heat are going to win this series hickey we talked about the importance of bam out of bio but you're going to need to see at least two great performances by jimmy butler where he takes over the game and he goes out there and he gets you like 30 something points you're gonna need to see that from jimmy butler and through the first two games of the series i know he made a big shot late in game two we have not seen jimmy butler play to the level that he's capable of and you threw this out yesterday i think you're on to something i just wonder how much gas is left in the tank at this point for jimmy butler he just especially too now you're seeing him be more inefficient you're seeing him even just shoot less and be especially we saw in game one he was very passive um in terms of how many shots he was taking i do think that tank is a little bit uneaten i think it's also part of the reason why we played in the first clip he talked about bam i think he kind of knows and i think in the buck series obviously it was jimmy yeah heat uh in the nick series a lot was jimmy as well and early on it was jimmy i think he realized in this series he doesn't have what it takes to put the team on his back to win this series i don't know if it's he doesn't think he has what it takes i just look at them from a matchup perspective what you're asking bam to do is a lot more than what you're asking jimmy butler to do let's go to we were talking about this yesterday well we were laughing at this yesterday this is from the breakfast club they have a source in the john marant camp and this is being explained that the source of the john marant camp is saying that the gun that was in the video from a few weeks ago of john marant on instagram live with a gun in his hand was actually a toy gun all right y'all i got some uh inside source stuff here with uh john marant and the whole case with his gun in the car and all that so we all know he was already issued a warning he had a history of this but my sources say that the relative in the car in the back seat had a toy gun in the car the gun is not real and was playing around with it passed it over to jaw and that got caught on the line he had in his hand now the video was sent to uh adam silver nba allegedly they have it and they said the gun looks extremely fake like it's obviously a toy gun but uh according to my source allegedly uh adam silver still gonna go through with the suspension looking like it should be about 30 games even though they know it is a toy gun now i i know you cut it out but i'll give credit to charlamagne the god immediate response is the exact same response you had the other day where he was laughing and he goes wouldn't you just said that from the start if you were john marant and you're getting accused of having a gun in the car and flashing on instagram live wouldn't you put out some statement where you would say oh it was actually a toy gun it wasn't actually a real gun without a doubt also they used the word obvious oh it was obvious he had a toy gun let me ask you this question in re-watching the video how many times did you have to re-watch the ig live video to see the gun to see the gun a thousand times at first when i saw the headline it was john marant has a gun on instagram live i watched that video at least 10 times before i saw someone else put out a screenshot of okay go to i think it was like 13 or 14 seconds into the video and stop the video and that's when you actually saw the gun same it's like a handful of times you watch it live and then you need the guidance of someone else best to say here's where it is then you see for literally a split second oh there it is it's grainy anyway it's it's not a toy gun but if anything it ain't obvious that is for for sure jay monahan he responds to 9 11 victims that are upset with the merger of live golf and the pga tour this verbal diarrhea from jay monahan is courtesy of the golf channel i i you know obviously acknowledge her loss and completely understand her position and to the question that you were just asking you know i wish i think about the fact that i allowed confidentiality to prevail here and in allowing confidentiality to prevail i did not communicate to very important constituents including the families of 9 11 and i regret that i i i really do um but as we sit here today you know i i think i think it's important to you know to reiterate that um i feel like the move that we've made and how we move forward is in the best interest of our sport we've eliminated those fractures um but for for any uh any difficulties i've caused on that front again i have to own that as well and that comes back to communication there's no good answer for him because there's no answer there he would have just been better off saying i'm an idiot i'm a moron i'm a dope i did what's in the best interest of golf what i told all these golfers not to do i ended up doing and i took the money that's what it is he goes there's nothing that makes me look good here i'm a hypocrite i'm a fraud that's what he should have just said because that would have been better than whatever i just listened to for the last minute plus zack kelp show cbs sports radio
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