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Colts Player Busted For Gambling (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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June 5, 2023 8:24 pm

Colts Player Busted For Gambling (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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June 5, 2023 8:24 pm

Colts CB Isaiah Rodgers busted for gambling l Kyrie Irving makes his pitch for LeBron to join him in Dallas l Zach's failed attempt to start "Succession"


Oh, baby. What a marvelous, what a marvelous Monday this is. Welcome on in. Hour number two of our radio program.

This is the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. I had a wonderful weekend. Woke up today. Felt great. Was getting ready to walk into the studio. And then, since I don't consider the week to start until I get into work on Monday, at about 4 p.m. Eastern Time or so. So I'm going to say my weekend continued up until then.

And I got some wonderful news today. And it has to involve Hot Take Hickey's football team. I was reading this via Pro Football Talk that a website reported that the NFL is investigating a Colts player for pervasive wagering. Per the report, the NFL has evidence that the player in question placed hundreds of bets, and that at least some were placed on the Colts. A considerable number of wages reportedly were placed from inside the team's practice facility. Although the player is not considered a superstar, an ardent NFL fan has probably heard of him.

According to the report, most of the betting happened in 2022, and some occurred in 2023. The player is still on the team's roster. Now, I believe that the player has been confirmed. We will get to this in just a second on who the player is.

But first up, Hickey, what's going on, Mr. Host of the Blue Horseshoe, the very popular Odyssey podcast, Colts sycophant number one. What's going on with your organization who has standards and who does things the right way and who goes after other organizations? You even said it a few weeks ago.

We had all this lion stuff. If you're a player in the NFL and you bet you're an absolute idiot because you know it's not allowed, what is up with your dumb football team? I think some people in Indianapolis today are feeling just a little bit deflated with this news, this disgraceful news. What about the children, Hickey?

What's going on? I mean, I got nothing to say outside of Isaiah Rogers is a complete idiot. I have no sympathy for him.

He should be suspended bare minimum for an entire year. If he's betting against the Colts, he's never gonna play football in the NFL ever again. So we'll see if, I mean, actually, you know, I'll say this. You're betting on the Colts. We're assuming this is all last year.

I've not seen anything to confirm that, but I'm going to assume most of it was for the 2022 season. You're betting against the Colts. Smart bet.

You're never playing again. You bet. Think the Colts are going to win? You're an idiot. You're totally, because that team stunk especially in the second half of the season last year. You could not think, I know you're a player.

Common sense has to prevail with Jeff Satter. You're not winning the game. Even a 33 nothing halftime game at that point, I would have probably pounded the Vikings money line if I was him. But anyway, nonetheless, you're an idiot.

You're an idiot. And now you just got to hope that he hasn't bet against the Colts. Cause it will never see him again. I got to imagine bare minimum, regardless on who he bet on he's out for a year. Cause that's been the precedent going back to Calvin Ridley as you should.

Now it's a totally different ball game. If you're betting against your football team, cause then the integrity of the game and we don't know what's what happened yet. All we know that he was betting on Indianapolis Colts games. Like you said, if he was betting on the Colts, okay. I love that you have the idea and the belief that your team's going to win, but the Indianapolis Colts outside of when they played the incompetent Las Vegas Raiders last year with Josh McDaniels were a dreadful football team. So if you're betting on your own team, stupid, really stupid.

But if you go against your team, that's when the integrity of the game really, and I mean really gets called into question. And if Calvin Ridley was just doing a few parlays and he got a year. Well, if this guy, and we don't know if Isaiah Rogers was betting against his team, but if, if, if, if, if, if he was betting against his team, the punishment is going to be a lot more severe than a year.

And you're right. There's a chance that he may never play again in the NFL and I'll give credit. I'm not really familiar with this guy, but the first guy that I saw have the player out there was Destin Adams, who covers the Colts for Colts on FN. I think it's a sports illustrated affiliation that he does that with. And since ESPN has come out and ESPN has said multiple sources familiar with the investigation.

This is literally just a few moments ago, confirmed to ESPN, classic ESPN, where other people report it. And then they try to make this as this is their story that the player question is Colts quarterback and kick returner Isaiah Rogers. Let me just say this Isaiah Rogers. Is that a name that most football fans would know?

I don't think so. Like when they said in the original report that the ardent NFL fan has probably heard of him. Well, that means like your superstars and the Colts superstars are Jonathan Taylor, Quinn and Nelson and Shaq Darius Leonard. Those are the superstars for the Colts. When this is like an, a name that most fans have probably heard of. I thought this could maybe be like a Jelani Woods, a Michael Pittman would be pretty damn big. I don't think this is a name that most NFL fans have heard of.

When you use the word ardent, you're basically the diehards, basically the P1 NFL fan. I would say, yeah, Colts P1s maybe, but not. If he's played enough where again, if you are a diehard NFL fan for a few years. He's had a few big kick returns. You've heard of the name. Well, there hasn't been many highlights for the Colts though.

Defending the report. I'm not telling you as a superstar. I'm not telling you he's, you know, this loss where now all of a sudden the Colts season is going to alter the win loss total. They stretch the imagination.

It's frustrating. That's a big name to the Colts community. But like, who are you fearing when you were just speculating about this Hickey and we all get into that speculation game. You weren't thinking when they're like, okay, the ardent NFL fan knows this. You probably weren't considering Isaiah Rogers.

I mean, he was the name that actually was worried about. My biggest fear was Quitty Pay, where this is a big year for him, defensive end, young guy out of Michigan, third year. Like this is kind of the year where you hope he takes truly that step to be their cornerstone, maybe defensive player on the defensive line. That's where I'm like, oh, if they waste a year, cause this is, this year is not about wins and losses whatsoever, but it's about development. Isaiah Rogers is a young guy where you hope to kind of work into maybe being a starting corner when the Colts are ready to compete for the playoffs in a few years. So it's like that really matters this year in terms of wins losses, but it's just like for developmental reasons, Quitty Pay, Isaiah Rogers, like a lot of these young guys, but you just want to see how they develop.

It's annoying that now one of those young guys is out for a year and is basically wasting now a season in which wins and losses don't matter at all. I'm actually a little perturbed here that it's Isaiah Rogers. I wanted a name that was going to make you devastated.

Of course. Like I was hoping for DeForest Buckner or Grover Stewart or Alec Pierce or a Michael Pittman Jr. Jelani Woods. Like I wanted a name that was going to make hot take Kiki say, are you kidding me? And just have an Epic freak out. You you're saying, oh yeah, disappointed.

Oh yeah. You know, obviously no one's thrilled with this, but I'm looking at you right now. You look as if this is another regular Monday and you're not actually annoyed by this. I mean, again, because the Colts are not competing next year. So it's not like this is a loss where it's like, if you're the bills, all of a sudden it's, Hey, Stefan Diggs is out for the entire year.

And you're like, oh my God, I can't believe it. It's frustrating. Cause I was hoping that he was going to earn his way to being a starter going forward. But it's like, I mean, realistically, has this changed the Colts season?

No, it does not. And it's in a way, a sigh of relief that it, again, it's someone like him and not Quitty Payne, not Shaq Leonard, not any of the receivers that you hope Anthony Richardson develops continuity and chemistry with. So it's a loss that not ideal, but you can sustain in a year that doesn't mean much. And by the way, if Jim Erce has any integrity, he may have to cut this guy after, after today, because Jim Erce is all about, he's all about doing the right thing, right? That's what Jim's been kind of throwing at you. Hey, he's forced a Daniel Snyder out basically single handedly. Well, that's another thing. If I'm Daniel Snyder now on my way out, my closing act, Hey Jim, do you have control of your team?

You don't have my players better on anything that I'm aware of. I take a few shots. I take a few shots out the door. Shocker Tony on the commanders. He's in the initial wave of suspension. So take that Snyder, man, that'd be a great war. Daniel Snyder would probably be like, I don't even know who that guy is.

So some people know who this guy is. The Arden football fan knows who this guy is. I kind of want Daniel Snyder as a despicable human being to take a little shot here, Jim Erce, cause the Colts, right? They always love to bitch about all the other teams.

Now they're in the wrong. Let's throw the book at the Indianapolis Colts. Hey, at least they're not the Lions staffers getting fired. Six players. I mean five players.

Well, that's the other thing here. So now this is back to back off seasons. And you've had Calvin Ridley. Who's the biggest name so far for, in terms of production on the field, he had to set out an entire season because of this, this off season, you had a bunch of guys ended up getting popped. Like after two off seasons, if you're an NFL player and you can't understand that you're not allowed to bet on the NFL. And I also think it goes back to, cause I remember the lines report, any division one sport that has a championship as well. It just like they could also go professionally. Like if you can't understand these things and just know that you shouldn't be betting, it's like, what the heck are you doing here?

I don't understand what you're, what you're doing here. If you're an NFL player, the timing of this is also so backwards. Last year, there was one player suspended for a full year Calvin Ridley. Now this is the sixth, seventh player that's going to be suspended for at least half a season, bare minimum.

What like, how did like, it's reversed. It should be okay. The first off season, no one is quote unquote aware. And all of a sudden there's a one big sweeping investigation. Everyone's suspended and now it's, wow, the message is heard.

I'm not going to do it. Of course, there's always one idiot or two out there. So maybe one person gets caught. The fact that it was one person last year in Calvin Ridley. Now we're talking about bare minimum seven plus an investigation that's still going on, where at least there was a report, I think it was about a month ago, maybe a few weeks ago, that there's like a second round of investigations into players. Obviously we see Isaiah Rogers of the Colts as one. I think I saw there's a report about another Lions player they're looking into.

It seems like there's more names coming. How do you not realize bare minimum after the Calvin Ridley suspension that, Oh, I can't bet on games. And Oh, by the way, the NFL, they're actually kind of serious about this is they're not just saying it and looking the other way.

They're actually going to levy a legitimate suspension. I don't understand. You wonder how much of this was going on. And now it's a, there's so much easier access, but now you wonder how much of this was going on. Cause a lot of these guys that are doing it are younger players.

Like Isaiah Rogers got into league in 2020. You wonder how much of this was actually going on in college. Cause you know, back in the day when, when I was in college, I sound like an old decrepit man. And that's not the case. If you listen to this radio show, like I was in a fraternity, we were placing bets all the time, all the time, right?

There was one guy in the fraternity house. He was kind of the bookie and we'd all place bets with him. It was just such, it was so easy to do this now.

It's even easier because it's in the Palm of your hand, the phone, but it's so easy to track. Like if you're using your name and your banking information, it's almost as if you're begging to get caught where, you know, if Isaiah Rogers was smart, he would have just hit a pot take Kiki and been like, Hey, place these bets for me. And I think he's gambling losses be documented, not Isaiah Rogers. Well, even worse, according to reports, he created an account in a friend's name. So it wasn't like even he was naive enough, we'll say to open the account in his name and just be like, oh, negligence. I claimed negligence.

I had no idea. He was smart enough to realize, oh, I can't do this myself. I'm going to either, I don't know if he created like a, basically a fake name and use a friend's email or just use his friend's account. Whatever it was, he was smart enough not to use his own name and his own account. But did he use it from like his device to do that?

Yes. I believe that's how you get caught. So you're an idiot because you know, oh, I can't do it, but I'm going to do it anyway.

And you're going to get busted. So I, yeah, Hickey just took my phone and he created an account for me on my phone, you know, for the friend to place bets. It's like stupid at that point.

Now, here's the part that I don't get. And I understand the mentality on social media can get crazy where like you're not allowed to make a mistake. But these are a bunch of bets from the reporting, allegedly. So this guy, Destin Adams, who had the report, I think I'm saying that name correctly.

This isn't a story I wanted to have to report on. Isaiah is a good man and just made a dumb mistake. Please do not attack him while he's already down Colts and NFL fans. Like, I'm not saying you got to attack this guy today, obviously, but he just made a dumb mistake. When you're doing this multiple times and you know that you're not allowed to do it, how is this just a dumb mistake? And now I should feel bad for this guy, Hickey? Look, I don't feel bad for him. This explains- Hundreds of bets in an account he opened not under his own name.

He knew what he was doing. Again, I'm sure the NFL or the Colts have said at least one time, hey, don't gamble on NFL games, don't gamble on college games. If honestly, if teams are smart, they say don't gamble in general just to avoid anything.

But if you have any questions, let us know. Did not listen, did not care or notice Calvin Ridley's suspension and just kept doing his own thing and thought, it ain't going to happen to me and clearly look out, it did. So I'm not comparing it directly to steroids, but what I'm going to say is this. It's kind of like steroid use in terms of how many guys have we seen get popped throughout the years for using performance enhancing drugs? And as a player, you know not to do it. Now, every time a player gets caught, even though you could send it in and the NFL could check it and do all that stuff.

And it's, it's pretty dumb. If you were taking something, you didn't know actually that it was an illegal substance because the NFL has a program in place. But what I will say this is where I'm making the comparison is, you know, you can't do it and players still do it. And it's like the same thing with gambling.

You have to be the biggest moron on the planet as an NFL player to know that you can't gamble on NFL games, especially games, whether you were betting on your team to win or your team to lose, you can't do that. So I don't have any sympathy for guys that get caught. Like, I'm not a right about it.

Right? Like younger guys seeing all their friends probably bet, maybe they get it on the action, but you know, you play for the NFL and you know, you can't do it. So that's where it's like similar to steroids.

You know, you can't take the performance answering drug, but yet you still do it. And when that's the case and you know, you can't do something, then I have a problem with it. Like I have a tough time believing Isaiah Rogers, assuming that this is true, that it is him with all the reports out there didn't know that he couldn't gamble like that to me is inconceivable. And again, if you're opening an account in your friend's name or opening an account under your friends already existing account, you are saying right there, I know what I'm doing is wrong because you have a gambling account. I have a gambling account. Mine's under my own name. Yours under your name. If we weren't allowed to do so, we will not open it up under our own names because you know, that's how we're going to get busted. So he's smart enough to know I can't do it.

So I'm just going to use someone else's name and I won't get caught. And also this happened in 2022 and 2023 that I read. So be like one thing, if he was late to the party and figuring this out in 2022 and then stopped, he continued into the early stages of 2023.

So it's, I have no sympathy for Isaiah Rogers, but I'm curious when we get more information about this, what actually comes out? Because the big question here, Hickey, if he just gambled on his own team to win, all right, you know, it's going to be a year. But then if he's betting against his team, you'll wonder what the actual punishment's going to be.

And you know that it would be severe. Well, I mean, if it's against his team, you should never play again. Like if you're the NFL, you can't, you just, perception wise, you cannot allow just the even thought or the doubt to exist of is this game fixed or not? Which is why if it was against the Colts, see you later, your career is over, have fun in the CFL. And if you're the CFL, I don't know if they can bet on their games and I do not know the gambling laws in Canada.

If you can, sorry, we're not welcoming you in here either. May go to Australian rules football. You'll be able to find the spring league.

I'm sure one of these leagues. Now, Peter Schwartz will probably end up calling his game for like some arena football league team that nobody gives a crap. You know what?

Maybe that's, that's where he could succeed. There you go. Enjoy that one. Watch. Well, we'll get a Peter Schwartz broadcast in some irrelevant arena football league game of Isaiah Rogers and Peter Schwartz will be begging Isaiah Rogers after the game for like his cleat or like the grass that got stuck in between the cleat of Isaiah Rogers and Peter Schwartz will go bring that home to his parlays. And this is that Gelb show on CBS sports radio.

We'll take a break. Hickey has a theory about LeBron and Kyrie Irving, and I just don't see how it's even possible. We'll delve into this latest report about a huge hypocrite in Kyrie Irving, who last week, all of a sudden don't talk about my future. And now he's talking to LeBron James about his future.

We'll delve into that when we return in five minutes. You're listening to the Zach Gelb show, man. Can't believe hot take. Hickey has to deal with these problems right now with Isaiah Rogers reportedly being the player on the Indianapolis Colts that was placed in a bunch of bets last year. Just despicable. I'm outraged. Oh, I can't believe it.

Hickey's just got to be disgusted today. You know, I wish, you know, I hope it's, I hope Bill Belichick flies to Indy and gives Jim Mercy and the Colts organization a stern talking to on how to run a first class above the board organization. Not to even forget about crossing the line, not even to come close to the line where there's no doubt about what you're doing, no suspicion of cheating. Imagine someone thinking like, oh wow, you know what I'm going to do?

I'm going to tape someone's signals and record them and then write them down so I could steal them or deflate a football, a few PSI two shorts and get a better grip. Like that obviously never happened in the Patriots organization. So I really hope maybe you could talk to Bill, fly out to Indy and give Jim Mercy, Chris Ballard, Shane Steichen, although he's new, so maybe he can listen to, you know, obviously present it going forward here. But the Colts players, this is how a first raw, a first rate organization runs.

Oh yeah. And also Bill would probably direct them while they're at it to take down that finalists appearance banner as well for the AFC championship game. Cause that's disgraceful. You can't have a good organization when you have an AFC finalists, a banner up there. I mean that I don't disagree about. So if they want to take the banner down too, and Jim listens.

Okay. But please, I think at this point, all the Colts need is not a gambling expert to say what not to do. They need Bill Belichick in the worst way possible. Never thought I'd ever say that in the radio. You're a hundred percent right. It is finally good that you've come around and you have left the dark side and you have joined the good people that just run great football organizations that never get caught up in any scandals.

I'm very proud of you right now. And you know, just kind of like OJ, the hypothetical, if I did it, Bill, if you were to cheat, what would be some ways to get around the rules to make sure that next time nothing can be found by the way, this just, we're going to totally just move on here and transition because you said something that just popped another thought into my cabeza. You talked about Bill Belichick out of nowhere.

I don't know why my mind went here, but it went to Aaron Hernandez. Did you see that the Florida Gators, they're going to have that documentary that on the Florida Gators through Netflix Kings of the swamp, I think I forget the title, but it's something like that. It's an untold stories documentary. They did a Dan Berry trashers as well, which was phenomenal.

Something that you should definitely want. Have you never seen that? The Dan Berry trashers? I've never even heard of that.

Oh my goodness gracious. So this guy that's in the trash business, some people think the Sopranos was based off them and he has a photo signed by James Gandolfini, the late great James Gandolfini. He buys a hockey team. It's like one of those, not a minor league hockey team, but one of those independent hockey teams for his son.

And actually Michael Rupp, the former NHL player, when the NHL was in a locker, ended up playing for that team and a bunch of other former NHL players did. And there was, it was WWE and hockey. That's one that you should definitely watch. There was a bunch of other untold stories, but I haven't been this excited for, I think it's coming out in August and I believe it's a docu-series. I don't think it's just one documentary for an hour.

I think it's going to be multiple episodes of this, but I can't wait for that. There's just so much there when you go back and you look at that era of Florida Gators football with Urban Meyer, with Tim Tebow, with Chris Leake. You have the Pouncey Twins, clearly Aaron Hernandez. There's just so much going on there. Covers what, 06-09, right? So like the pinnacle of Florida football. So two national title appearances, the loss to Alabama, that kind of an SEC title game that kind of ended the run. I'm very excited. I think it's multiple parts too, which I think you're right about that.

So there is so much there. I'm very interested to hear how Urban Meyer looks back on it. That's someone that we could obviously take at face value. Urban Meyer thinks that he's never done anything wrong in his life. So just like Bill Belichick, whatever he says, goes, listen to him.

Guys never run into any problems. I think that's a little different there. A little different, yes. But like I said, Urban Meyer, fine. Unfair maybe to compare the two, because Urban's problem is a little different. But yes, Urban in his mind is okay. You're comparing to Urban Meyer.

Come on, what are we doing? So I'm excited to hear what he has to say about those years. Well, is he definitely going to be participating in it?

I'm assuming so. You would think because I'm sure he thinks it's going to be portrayed in a positive light. There hopefully is a balance because there's a lot of positives there with how much talent there was there. In terms of winning, yeah.

But also some negatives with what happened off the field with multiple players. Yeah, I reached out to David Nelson today. He didn't get back to me, but we've had him on a bunch throughout the years. I was wondering if he got interviewed. He caught that crazy pass that Tebow threw, the jump pass. So he was the one that ended up catching the touchdown.

So I just reached out today. He's usually all around the world. I feel like every time I see David Nelson posting, he's in some different country. So we'll see when he ends up getting back.

I wonder if they ended up interviewing him for that. But anyway, I got to get to this Sham Sharaniya report where Kyrie Irving is the ultimate do what I say, not what I do type of guy. That's Kyrie Irving. Because it was just a week ago, Hickey, where Kyrie Irving is saying, don't talk about my future. Don't speculate about my future.

I can't even go out to dinner without people speculating my future. Like the ultimate victim card kind of guy in Kyrie Irving. And then Sham Sharaniya today just so conveniently has a tweet that Kyrie Irving has reached out to Laker star LeBron James and attempt to see if LeBron would come to Dallas. Irving is a free agent this offseason. You know that that report's out there because either Kyrie gave it to Shams or Kyrie told someone in his camp to give that report to Sham Sharaniya. Which if you're Kyrie, nothing surprises me with this guy anymore.

But he is such a hypocrite. People speculate about your future. Oh, it's bad, bad, bad, bad, bad. But then you're talking to someone else about their future and getting it out there for the entirety of the public to see, especially when LeBron is still under contract. Now, I guess I have to move past that, Hickey, because let's be real, even though it's like Kyrie Wright is set to become a free agent, but the players never get popped for tampering anymore in the NBA.

When we've seen so many times throughout the years, basically Spineless Silver has told you players can tamper, but when select organizations do so, then we'll step in and tell them no, no, no. If Jason Kidd made those comments, he's not coaching open tonight. That's for sure.

And his pocket's gonna be a little bit lighter as well. You're 100% right. Or if Mark Cuban made those comments, they would throw the book maybe at the Dallas Mavericks. They would maybe lock him out of his own arena. It's just, it's stupid.

But here's the thing. There's no way that this is gonna happen this year. There is no way that LeBron James, this upcoming season is gonna be playing in Dallas, because here's why. What are the Dallas Mavericks gonna give up to go get LeBron James? Even if LeBron communicates to the Los Angeles Lakers, I'm leaving you after this year. What are you gonna give up that all of a sudden makes the Los Angeles Lakers say, yeah, we'd rather not have LeBron on the team for one more year because we got X, Y, and Z, or we got this big piece to end up coming and join the Los Angeles Lakers? And I don't even know if LeBron wants to leave Los Angeles.

We don't know that yet. I think LeBron's playing basketball next year. I think LeBron's playing basketball in LA.

But Hickey, you were one of the first people. LeBron should go to Dallas. LeBron should go team up with Luka Doncic. So you tell me, you explain to me, you genius, how you're gonna see LeBron James in Dallas this year, because I don't see a path for that to happen for this upcoming season with LeBron so under contract with Los Angeles Lakers.

Well, the only way it's gonna happen is if LeBron James does it himself. It's not one of those, oh, I'm gonna leave next year. He doesn't have time. He's going to his 21st season.

It's gotta be now. He's gotta tell the Lakers, I'm not playing for you. And look, I don't know at that point what Rob Plinkett could do. If he says I'm not playing for you, I will tire, I'll shut out, whatever. If you're the Lakers, that's when I think your hand is forced. Any other situation, it's not gonna happen. If he says, oh, I'm leaving after this year, fine, you run the risk that you're gonna get him or lose him for nothing. You run this year back, you hope you win a title and go from there. But the only way it's gonna happen is if LeBron tells the Lakers and Rob Plinkett and Jeannie Buss, I am done with you here. I'm not playing for the Lakers. I wanna go play with Luca in Dallas.

That's the only way this happens. And do you think he will do that when Bronny is at USC getting ready for his freshman year and it just makes it easier to travel to go to games? Well, the thing for LeBron James, what he has to decide is in the press conference, kind of like DeAndre Hopkins, the end of the year press conference, right before LeBron James says, I got a lot to think about. He said, I'm not excited about making the Western Conference Finals.

I've done it too many times. I'm playing for championships. If he looks back and reflects and thinks, I can't win a championship here in LA, or I have a better chance of winning a championship with Luca Doncic in Dallas, that's why I think he would do it.

More than leaving Bronny at USC and kind of spreading his own path. But once again, even if he says that, how does this deal get done? With the salary matching and all that stuff. Would it have to be a sign and trade with Kyrie? A sign and trade with Kyrie? Yeah, there's no chance Luca, Kyrie, and LeBron are all playing together in Dallas. Zero chance that happens.

Timeout. So Kyrie Irving, who wants this to happen, wants to play with LeBron again, is the one that is actively recruiting LeBron James to get him over, force a trade out, be him out content like Kyrie's been, and go to Dallas. You think then Kyrie's going, oh yeah, I'll do LeBron a favor. I'll sign a long-term deal and then go play with the Los Angeles Lakers and not get my way?

That's what you think? Well, I don't know if I would call it not getting his way. I think, look, Kyrie obviously wants to play with LeBron. But what I think he wants more than playing with LeBron is a big time contract extension. He wants to be wanted.

Okay, fine. Even if you're right on that, let's say the Mavericks give him what, a four-year deal, and the Lakers are fine with taking on that contract. Do you think Rob Palenka is stupid? Because the athletic just had it in early May that they don't have interest in Kyrie Irving. To me, the only way they'd have interest in Kyrie Irving is if LeBron says, if you don't get Kyrie, I'm going to force my way out of here.

Then that could change things. But if LeBron is going to Dallas, in your theory, and they're going to get Kyrie in a sign and trade, why the heck would Rob Palenka do that? Why would you ever, when people started giving you credit in Los Angeles, why would you commit multiple years to Kyrie Irving going to a situation where you know Kyrie is only there because he got his money and then I'm sure it would be an absolute disaster and Kyrie Irving will eventually quit and give up on the team? I mean, for whatever reason, people still think this guy is a winner. Mavericks traded for him thinking they're going to make a title run.

I can't give it to you. I think Kyrie is, there's no team ever in the NBA again that's going to win a championship with him on. Rob Palenka isn't stupid. You think he's stupid. I'm just saying, I guess if you're Rob Palenka and you're in this championship or bust mode, and LeBron tells you, I don't want to play here, is it the worst thing if you look at a Kyrie AD pairing?

I don't think it's going to work. But if you're Rob Palenka, I don't- AD misses as many games as he does, and then Kyrie you know is inevitably going to quit on you. And I do think he has worked up a pretty damn good relationship throughout the years with Jeannie Buss, where he'll get a few years to kind of write the path after LeBron James leaves.

That's what I would think. Rob Palenka would be the biggest moron on the planet in the NBA if he goes, yeah, LeBron wants out. Let me orchestrate the deal and I'll take Kyrie back in a sign and trade. Six years ago, sure, not now. This guy quits everywhere he goes.

I mean, I agree. The only thing I'm going to say is, again, if LeBron tells you I want out, I'm going to Dallas, I just don't know at that point what else you can do. We're not trading you. You can do that. Then he's going to sit out.

Then all right, fine. We'll see LeBron want to sit out. Then if you're Rob Palenka, you're going to push LeBron James in. It's going to be basically, to put it nicely, a staring contest between you and LeBron, see who's going to win. Look, I think LeBron's going to win that, personally.

I think LeBron is too much clout to lose a staring match and not get what he wants versus Rob Palenka. I don't need to get pinned into a corner and take Kyrie Irving with me. If you want a deal to get done, look at Kevin Durant. He eventually won his way, eventually got his way, but not originally because the team wasn't willing to step up and make an offer.

You got to give me something at least that I'd be okay with not taking on a sign and trade for Kyrie Irving who loves not playing more than actually playing for a guy that just tells you, oh, I'm a hooper. And you want to talk about a third team getting involved? Okay, maybe we're talking, but I just, you asked me how it's going to get done. That's how it's going to get done. How do you think that phone call goes, by the way?

Which one? When Kyrie calls LeBron and says, hey, LeBron, come to Dallas. I think LeBron is kind of like Durant where he listens to Kyrie, tells Kyrie what he wants to hear. And then the moment where LeBron James hangs up the phone, he's like screaming taco Tuesday and just laughing his ass off.

That's what I think happens. I mean, LeBron can't be that like he has some blind spots for friends. He can't be that dumb. Not again, not in year 21 where it's Los Angeles.

I do. I think LeBron wants Kyrie in Los Angeles. Well, there's some reports that his retirement talk was more motivated to spur the Lakers into action about, you know, making some moves rather than him actually contemplating about, you know, his future. So I hope that he has other moves in mind that are not Kyrie related.

But that is truly a death wish. Where's LeBron playing next year? I'm going to say Dallas. You really think it's going to be Dallas? Take my pick. Absolutely.

Okay. I'm going to guarantee, guarantee in the words of Charles Barkley, that LeBron James is playing for Los Angeles Lakers next year. Do you want to put a dinner bet on that? I haven't forgotten, by the way, you already owe me another dinner bet from the Suns and Nuggets game where you thought that the Suns are going to win that final, with the game they eventually got eliminated and extend that series. So do we want to throw another dinner bet on this here? I'll give you two dinners if LeBron's playing in Dallas. You give me one dinner next year if LeBron's playing in Los Angeles.

Is that fair? Um, no, I will not do a dinner bet on it. No, cause you're not confident here. You don't actually think LeBron is going to Dallas. Well, there's just a lot of moving parts here, but that's like, that's my prediction. I don't, I can think something, but also not put money on it.

I don't think that's, that's crazy. And do you actually believe what you're thinking? It just, it raises people the question.

It just makes people, begs people the question. To ask that question. That's all I'm going to say. These dinner bets have not gone my way. So I'm just going to be prudent with the ones I accept.

That's all. Do I have to beg you, do I have to beg you by the way, to, to pay off this dinner bet? No, again, just I I'm here every day when you're hungry, you let me know. That's that's I'm not hungry tonight. I think I'm going to go with the nice little protein shake okay tonight for dinner. Well, if you need a mid show snack tomorrow, a snack, no, this is dinner. Okay, fine. I'll boost whatever you're hungry at seven o'clock Eastern.

You said, man, I use some dinner. You know where to find me. I'm right here. Five feet. I'm waving to you right now.

You could see through the double pane glass. Let me tell you this. When Isaiah Rogers places a bet, do you think the, you know, you think Las Vegas has to track him down when it's time to pay up?

No, he has to have the accountant. She puts the money up first. Exactly. So you made a bet.

You lost. So you should just be like, Hey, when do you want dinner? When do you want this? And, and there, and there we go. But do I have to be a bad guy right now? I don't want to be a bad guy. I could be a bad guy. Okay, fine.

I'll be, I'll be a bad guy. You're going to say, you said it four weeks ago. Do you want dinner tonight? And I said, no, and you said, no, I want to, I want to keep it for some show content.

That happened the night after the sun's lost. I, you said, I'm going to Westfield for dinner an hour before the show. I said, Z man, if you want, this one could be on me. I lost the bet. You said, no, I want to drag this out for the show. So for examples like this, you could try to drag me for being a bad guy, but let the audience know nationally 12 hours after the bet lost, I was there ready to pay.

Yeah. And then you haven't been heard from ever since, you know, after you said no, again, you could then at that point, it's not going to be begging you every single time. Do you, you haven't begged again? Cause you said no. Then it's up to you multiple times to Westville since, and I go, huh, go to get dinner.

And you sit there, cricket, cricket, cricket, that, that game, that last game was on May 11th. So one time the next day, and if you say no, okay. That's fine. Then, then, then, you know, again, where to find me, you're getting dinner. Hey, I want you. I want, this is, I want, I want to cash in my bet.

We, no problem. Weasel hickey. That's what I've learned. He's a weasel. That's what he is. You're listening to the Zach Gelb show. Oh, I thank you very much.

And you can think around the auto parts for your car care needs right here on the Zach Gelb show on CBS sports radio, get guaranteed low, low, low, low, low prices and excellent customer service from the professional parts people at O'Reilly auto parts. Hickey is being a bit of a rat because he lost the bet to me and slows me dinner. And I just got to witness this during the break. You made yourself a little different type of pasta tonight.

Usually it's the same thing each and every week. And then you do also at other times, you either have pasta or it's a deconstructed taco is pretty much what you do. But tonight's variation of pasta. I think this is the best dish that you've ever brought in.

Explain what's in that, that, that container of yours. A little pasta and Alfredo sauce with a nice Alfredo sauce there. Alfredo sauce with a nice cut up chicken cutlet in there. Did you make the chicken cutlet yourself or did you buy the chicken?

I bought the chicken cutlet. Okay. Can I ask you something here?

Sure. You owe me dinner. Would you make that for me one night? That looks pretty damn good.

Yeah. You just make for two. But next time you want to make that. I'd rather buy you dinner. Wow. You could also.

Less manual labor. You could also spit in the dinner too. What kind of animal do you think I am? I think you would spit in my dinner. If you had, if you were making me dinner, I think you'd spit in it. I am not from succession where I'm making you drink my own spit. By the way, I tried to start succession. Uh oh. Nothing ever good starts with I tried to blank.

I tried to start succession. It's on HBO, correct? Yes, sir. Now known as Max. I forgot about that. And I have a log in for HBO. And I didn't have access to that log in when the Max app just totally updated on itself from the regular HBO. And when I went to go sit down to log in, it was late at night when I was watching that or trying to watch that. Or trying to watch that.

And the next thing you know, could not start succession. So I have to get the log in and the password. They lied you out even though it's the same thing?

That is so stupid. Well, first off, I forgot that that was the new way that it was going to be presented on the smart TVs and all that and all the apps. So I'm looking for my HBO app and I'm searching and searching and searching. I can't find it.

I see Max and I go, Oh yeah, HBO Max. And it logged me out and I couldn't log back in. I put in my regular credentials and it was like, no. And then, you know, with the sharing and all that other stuff, I have to figure out what the username and the password is, which is I have a document that's protected of like all my usernames and passwords. Cause you have, you have so many different usernames and passwords now. And so many things are, you have to do an uppercase letter and a lowercase letter and then a number. And then some websites want you to do a character.

Others don't want you to do a number. So I have a whole document for whatever reason, my document that was saved and I have my HBO login information. So I was not able to start succession, but I tried. I try it to not, I thought you were gonna say you tried, you watch one episode, you hated it.

Now you're out on it when you got logged out, which is annoying. Thanks, Max. But okay.

This, you haven't ruled it out yet. Now it's four seasons, correct? The four seasons just ended about 40 episodes. Roughly. Yeah.

I was at the Met game, by the way. Do you know, they come out to the succession song? Really? Oh, love the piano.

Yeah. They do the piano. And then they have some other song before they're like, here they are.

You're 2023 lifeless, New York Mets. Maybe I love the theme song for succession. The piano is great. Is that something that should be played right as a team is coming out?

I would probably say no. Well, it's, it's the pig in the blanket before the main course, they have a different song and they have the fireworks and the smoke machine and the fog are going off. But the only reason what I knew what that piano is for was because of one of your tweets. And by the way, you posted what should have been a shower, no cap today. And you weren't in the shower. What's going on there? Timing, timing.

What do you mean? I was already at the shower. I had to record a cult's pod right after. So I don't have time to jump back in and get myself all wet again.

It was unfortunate. Just stand, take your shirt off hours ago. I'd be good to go.

I mean, yeah, I gotta make it the full shower. No cap. It's over. It's done. It's finished. Back to the regular videos.
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