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Spurs Win The Wembanyama Sweepstakes! (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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May 16, 2023 9:15 pm

Spurs Win The Wembanyama Sweepstakes! (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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May 16, 2023 9:15 pm

Which team would be the most fun to see Victor Wembanyama on? l Jon Marks, 94WIP host l Spurs win the NBA Draft lottery


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Additional terms apply. All right, we continue Zach Gelb's show CBS Sports Radio. We inch closer and closer to the Victor Wenbanyama sweepstakes as we are waiting and waiting to see who is going to win the NBA draft lottery. The most likely odds to win the draft lottery with the new format from a few years ago, Detroit, Houston, and San Antonio with 14% of their lottery probability to get the number one overall pick.

Charlotte 12.5%, Portland 10.5%, the Magic 9%, Indiana the Pacers 6.8%, the Wizards 6.7%, Utah 4.5%, Dallas 3.0%, Chicago 1.8%, OKC 1.7%, Toronto 1%, and then New Orleans with a half percent to go get the number one overall pick. So we're gonna wait and wait and wait to see who does get the number one overall pick and then they will be taking Victor Wenbanyama who the praise for Victor Wenbanyama who we've now heard for a long time. A lot of us have not been able to see him play and I'm not expecting anyone to be an expert but you had Adrian Wojnarowski earlier today of ESPN say he's the greatest prospect in the history of team sports.

So that tweet, Hickey gets sent out and I'm gonna bring this up. Peter Schwartz who does updates here on CBS Sports Radio quote tweets this and says I had to look it up who this guy is. Never heard of him until just now.

The Victor guy I mean, not Woj. That's embarrassing. I'm sorry and I love Pete and I quote tweeted right away and I'm like has your head been stuck in a bucket of ranch?

And I kind of had fun with it and Pete's response, it was even more embarrassing than the first part of the tweet. He's like can you tell me who Gavin Adler is without looking it up? I have no clue that is. So I looked it up and he was the number one overall pick in the lacrosse draft this year. Pete, I know you love lacrosse because they give you a bunch of free tickets and all that stuff but we're doing a national radio show. You're a national update anchor for sports radio.

You're not given updates on the cross until what the men's final four here and there. Every single show tonight, tomorrow, once we find out who the number one overall pick is, is going to be talking about Victor Wambunyama. So that's just absolutely ridiculous and you know what I just saw this during the break because I saw DA was crushing him. I was crushing Peter Schwartz. Peter Schwartz actually deleted the tweet but it's like that's got to be something that you don't admit out loud and I thought it was a bad look for the network if I'm being honest. Like if you go through the praise that Victor Wambunyama has received, it's crazy.

It's through the roof. When you go through guys like Steph Curry, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Lebron James and look what Woah said. Now you could argue there was a Lebron James guy, maybe he shouldn't say that but this has been some serious, serious praise for Victor Wambunyama. Steph Curry said that Victor's a cheat code. Giannis Antetokounmpo said he's never seen anyone like Victor Wambunyama and Lebron James called Wambunyama an alien but Peter Schwartz doesn't know who Victor Wambunyama is until today. That's just inconceivable to me. So that will be it on the just trashing of Peter Schwartz right there but my oh my hickey, that's a brutal look for Peter Schwartz and I almost want to say I can't believe it but the fact that his argument back is do you know this lacrosse player without looking it up? Give me a break. Give me a break. Uh not a good look uh whatsoever on either the first tweet or the follow-up tweet that is without a doubt sure um to your other point if you want to move past that then this this is hickey reeling me back in I like it okay go ahead the comparisons feel outrageous like talking about this being the best prospect ever being that like Lebron be damned it feels like they're setting him up for failure in all reality because this is like this is supposed to be by all the hype the greatest basketball player we'll ever see ever see are you telling me you don't believe he'll reach the hype I don't know I'm gonna be betting that absolutely not all right Victor Wambunyama I'm reserving your spot right now in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame congrats to you charlotte if you land him you just got a hall of fame player and the best player to ever play in this league but it's like you hear the way people talk I mean no one has seen him play I have no idea if he's gonna be any good or not hold on there have been people that have seen him play like Steph, Giannis, Lebron if you go back to their comments it's all based off moments where they said that they have seen him play and Giannis's brother I guess played with them or something I was reading online and and things like that are they watching highlights are they watching games that I don't know I mean are you looking at the competition that he's playing against I mean these are all questions that I think are just valid in terms of like not even trying to call him a bus just let's just give the kid a chance in terms of the hype is getting at this point so insane well it's because how freakishly big he is and how quickly he moves and how he shoots the ball I'm not telling you that I'm an expert and that I've I've seen a lot but it's the athleticism I get the reason why but I'm just saying like the way people talk about him it's just you are giving him no chance of succeeding because if he's anything short of surpassing Michael Jordan and Lebron James he's a failure that's basically what everyone's telling you and that's ridiculous and usually in the NBA you got to kind of earn your respect that's why it even those words have more power and more clout when you hear from the three players that they're coming from in Lebron who we all know is one of the greatest players ever Steph Curry who's the greatest three-point shooter ever and up until this playoffs and you could still probably make the case for it Giannis being the current best player in the NBA you don't get praise like that you're not wrong in terms of the hype has been outrageous I don't know how to measure how legit or not it is because I'm not going to sit here and lie to you and pretend that I'm a Victor Wambunyama expert but it is pretty impressive that he's got the praise from those three guys like the woes talk today is just the woes talk that doesn't really do much for me but hearing it from Steph from Giannis and then also Lebron is pretty significant now I will say it's not always necessarily if you're talented enough to get there it's can you stay healthy because the last time we've seen a prospect really been hyped just to a ridiculous level was Zion Williamson like in college you had Barack Obama sitting courtside at a Duke UNC game well at the game where Zion exploded a burst through his shoe that's right yeah that's right think of the hype that was there and I'll never forget I covered the draft in when it was here in New York and I went to his media availability it was a zoo to talk to Zion Williamson and so far Zion Williamson has been a bust because he hasn't been able to stay healthy hasn't been on the court so Victor may be as talented as as as what the stars are saying right now and he may go on to be the next great player in NBA history but you got to stay healthy as well and that's an enormous and and the biggest part of it is as well but I'm just curious and we'll find out in in hopefully a few moments where it says the reveal is going to be in eight minutes and 36 seconds Hickey I will take the over on that but wherever he goes you wonder what the year one impact is because with the praise that he's getting you're expecting him to overtake the league like Lebron James did you go through all of those quotes that we just gave you the one that carries the most weight no offense to Steph no offense to Giannis is Lebron James because Lebron knows what it's like to be the number one talked about guy the sensation the phenom and in that first chapter in Cleveland what was so impressive was Lebron carried that team with a bunch of no names there was no other star player on that team and the third year into the league for Lebron he got to the NBA finals and I know now we're in this bizarre era where there's no super teams and it's dynamic duos we've seen some players one star win a championship pretty much on his own with the roster when you go throughout the last you know few years whether it was Dirk with the Mavs or Kawhi with the Raptors maybe argue Giannis with the Bucks but I just wonder what the year one impact or the the first three year impact let's go for for Victor and Benyama is because if memory serves if memory serves me right Lebron in year one missed the playoffs then year two made the playoffs and then year three he made it to the finals and I just wonder wherever he goes how quickly if he's going to get compared to some of these all-time greats what the immediate impact is and the other thing is where do you want to see him go we just went through all the teams and the probability two teams stand out to me Portland and Orlando with Ben Caro showing what he could do last year I think that would be fun but really Portland with Dame basically saying I don't want to go through a rebuild I don't I want to use these picks to go get proven stars with how this guy is touted maybe bringing in a Victor when Benyama says you know and Dame has been so loyal to Portland that gives Dame that feeling of okay I want to stay there and maybe that's the missing piece for Dame to finally take Portland to the level that Dame wants to take Portland to in the worst way possible so those are the two destinations I think a lot of other people would say Portland and maybe Orlando I'll be stuck on a little bit of an island but those are two that jump out to me right away Hickey and Portland to me is a no-brainer because I mean again everyone's talking about him being the better prospect than LeBron James if you're getting the greatest NBA prospect to ever grace this earth along with Damian Lillard we should in theory then be talking about the Blazers in two or three years as a western conference title threat and all of a sudden being back in you know as a legitimate contender sooner rather than later so if you're Dame at this point you stayed so long you've seen some dark days if you have this golden parachute coming towards your way don't see why that would all of a sudden now want to drive him out of Portland and again maybe he finally gets the the sidekick the number two player that actually needs to truly get over the hump win the west and get to the NBA Finals or if they're gonna they're not whoever gets the number one pick here's the hot take of the night they're not trading the pick so if Dame is insisted on wanting to get that pick for a proven player maybe that's what starts Dame's departure from Portland as well the other thing that I think is fascinating here I don't know about you Hickey but it is still amazing to me how long Greg Popovich has hung around for and has continued to coach since all those great Spurs players have departed playing in the organization now Pop is is 74 if they get the number one overall pick it's like now how much longer does Pop end up coaching for because I thought Pop would be retired by now and they're all they've missed the playoffs with the last four years I think it is so it gets to one of those those points where those points where he's obviously not thinking about going anywhere I would imagine but if he gets one Benyama I I don't know when then Greg Popovich is gonna hang it up that's a guy I've you know I can't predict him being like Bruce Arians where he wants to turn the team over at a good time yeah I could see him coaching let's say if they do get the number one overall pick win the lottery coaching a year or two years get the team heading in the right direction and then hand it off to a long-time assistant or someone that he trusts and kind of you know allow them to take over the team not being a total dumpster fire like they are right now now you want to know who'd be the most fun if they get the number one overall pick and it's only a three percent chance of happening but it's Dallas we all talk about the future of Luca Doncic imagine if Dallas ends up getting the number one overall pick tonight Hickey especially with the tanking and and get it into the lottery to give them like three percent chance it's not going to happen but that would be a great great story we need a camera on Mark Cuban for that I can imagine the celebration the the air punches the you know what though Spineless Silver doesn't have it in him to to rig the lottery he doesn't he doesn't have the cajones to do that Adam Silver we've seen crazier things David Stern would do it hey he loves the cold envelope allegedly of course allegedly David Stern would call if he was still alive would cold envelope this to get Dallas the number one overall pick that that would be my takeaway Matt now it's only a half percent chance of happening imagine if it ends up being New Orleans after getting Zion and him being a disappointment the next thing you know okay boom you get Victor Wambunyama that would be a little bit interesting take the time out we'll come on back so it says the reveal will start in two minutes on the other side we'll keep you updated on who gets the number one overall pick but Doc Rivers out in Philadelphia what will the Sixers do next John Marks from Sports Radio 94 WIP and CBS Sports Radio will join us when the Zach Gelb show returns in five minutes you're listening to the Zach Gelb show all righty Zach Gelb show CBS Sports Radio we will keep you up to date on who wins the draft lottery aka the Victor Wambunyama sweepstakes but let's get out to the guest line right now and welcome in a good friend to the show does a great job here on CBS Sports Radio I believe Sundays 10 p.m to 2 a.m eastern and he does a fantastic job Monday through Friday on Sports Radio 94 WIP Doc Rivers out so let's bring John Marks in to discuss Johnny Marks what's happening Doc Rivers out we talked a couple weeks ago kind of previewing the Celtic series and um it kind of I mean it it actually played out a lot differently than I thought but the end result wasn't any different I suppose yeah it was actually weird I thought that the Sixers were gonna lose this series probably in six games and then when they took that 3-2 lead Johnny Marks I'm like uh-oh maybe this is their year that they actually get over the hump and unfortunately for you we know that wasn't the case yeah game six and and obviously we'll talk about some of game seven and just the utter collapse that happened in the second half but the real opportunity to win they had a lead in the fourth quarter at home against the Celtics and they lost they missed ten straight shots uh midway to late in the fourth quarter and Tatum started hitting shots remember Tatum went into the fourth quarter with three points yeah it was terrible all right so like you the missed opportunity of not capitalizing on Tatum having a horrific game and having a fourth quarter lead and being at home and allowing the Celtics to remain alive for Tatum to get hot late which he did ultimately that's the biggest spot in the series now you had a chance to come back game seven the first half they kept it close and they even had a lead at one point a nine-point lead at one point but we know what happened in the second half yeah the no-show in the final half of the no-show in the final four or five minutes of game six is what really ended this series because heading into game seven at first i thought the Sixers were going to have a shot because that series is just so bizarre but when vegas put out the spread of celtics as a seven and a half point favorite i go okay they're begging you to plus the points with the Sixers and that was vegas telling you the celtics were going to blow them out yeah and in game five in boston there was also a big line i don't remember if it closed at seven or seven and a half so you still and they won the outright so you still have that carrot dangling in front of you of like they just went up in boston the pressure's now on boston in game seven who says that they can't do it again and unfortunately zach when your two stars when the end reigning mvp or the newly crowned mvp of the league and a top 75 player of all time and james harden don't show up for the for game seven and they quit in the in the second half after they go down big time points right like it did i losing game six was a gut punch and and it hurt but what happened in game seven is unacceptable and now you're faced with james hardin coming back and what's going to happen with joel embiid and everything else well we'll get to all that in just a second but the embiid part of it for so many years embiid would get a pass for some poor playoff performances just because of the construction of the roster and the poor construction i'm not saying this roster was the greatest thing in the world but it feels like at least from afar uh with how he didn't show up at the end of game six and then game seven was complete no show that this was the first time in one of these series that didn't go the Sixers way where embiid got dragged through the mud and deservedly so was that the same way locally in philadelphia where this was the first time embiid faced a lot of serious criticism uh last year and after they lost game six well actually you know what no last year they they i was i was one of the rare ones that was so angry at embiid because after the game where he didn't play well in game six and losing to miami he was fawning over jimmy butler and he said oh i thought we were getting houston hardened but oh you know that's okay it's not he's not the player um you know i i was disgusted with the way that he came out if you watch that game from from the beginning he came out with no urgency he came out looking like he was in some kind of a malaise and it's like hold on a second this is game seven you're on the road you were just saying a couple days ago this is the games you dream about playing and you come out with no sense of urgency and he looked bad from the beginning um and then what happened in the second half where they just started getting crushed boston went on a 33 to 5 run after the game was tied devias harris had a three tied the game up and then boston went on a 33 to 5 run and it was over and they quit and they and it looked like they quit but then after the game he does the whole thing again where he blames other people and he says that james and i can't do it alone and just this whole attitude and he made a joke about yanis that was the one that annoyed me the most john oh my god when you listen to the entire thing with the hardened thing it didn't really bug me you probably didn't need to go there but the yanis part that was in b trolling and he was laughing and he couldn't even keep a straight face i thought that was the worst look for him after the game no it was and you're right if you listen to the whole context of what he was saying about hardened it's not as bad as if you just take the shortcut um but his entire attitude when he was up there and i'll just be totally honest it didn't seem like he was all that bothered by it it didn't seem like that he just lost the game seven where this was a legacy game if he would like look at jason tatum jason tatum set a record for game seven points right like jason tatum just elevated his stature and himself in the nba meanwhile james harden and joel and bead look like chokers again and then bead was up there telling jokes trolling yanis smiling and saying more or less like i already won my nvp i won the trophy he didn't seem all that bothered by it meanwhile when you have 76ers fans that have now seen this year after year after year after year where you get to a certain point and you can't get past it man it was just a really bad look the other thing too is i remember a few years ago i think it was a mother's day too john marx when they lost to the raptors that crazy kawaii leonard shot you saw and be crying and the emotion of it it seems like that indeed is long gone where you don't see those emotions from him anymore yeah and you had father's day they're covering all the holidays the 76ers here father's day was the trey young ben simmons wouldn't shoot the ball game seven another game seven at home that doc blew and that team blew and while ben simmons got got pointed he got the finger pointed at him for that game and rightfully so joe olympi was bad he had a lot of turnovers uh and he again in a big spot in a big game being the type of player that he is he came up small i you know i don't know i don't know about joe olympiad right now i i i feel like that he is the city turning on him from being out of here because if everybody continues to love and beat and he's so talented and he's the mvp and everything else he'll be fine but the minute the city turns on him and the team turns on him a little bit he'll ask to be traded at least that's my prediction and i don't think that's actually the worst thing in the world for the sixers because as crazy as this is the guy just won the mvp probably only has a championship window in philly for two to three more seasons and they have wasted that window already i have zero confidence in darrell mori to get this thing right i've been saying it for years that i believe darrell mori is one of the more overrated executives in all of sports so if you're not going to win with them bead you would get a great return for him right now it would almost be better if he did request a trade well you're kind of stuck because um and beat is and there's no denying how talented joe olympiad is and you're waiting for him for the light to kind of click boom like oh this is what i need to do and he did make a lot of strides this year with maturity and being more of a professional but then when push comes to shove again in the biggest spots in the playoffs he comes up small but i'm not at a point right now where i'm looking to trade him i'm wondering if i'm ever going to win with him but i gotta try again because like you said that two to three year window is still there the problem zach is you're kind of stuck you have maxi are you going to trade maxi to try to get somebody else in there uh you have maybe you have harden he has a player option he can opt out he can re-sign long term with the sixers which i don't want he could go to houston or another team you have to buy his harris who has an expiring contract which may have some value so if you're the sixers what can you really do to get yourself to where you feel like you're a championship team or a championship caliber team they were close this year but it's tough to get over that hump they haven't been out of the second round so i i'm not sure what they do my guess would be that they try to improve the team through the tibias tibias harris expiring contract and if harden comes back that's kind of what the team looks like with the new coach and you know mori is going to do everything in his power to bring back james harden it would be stupid but then once again what else are you going to do because i don't think dame willard's gonna wind up uh in philadelphia even though in theory that would be great yeah i don't think so either and i would i would rather not have james harden than have james harden i would rather have nothing in return other than now you have to try to fill his spot and james harden led the league in assists it's not like he wasn't productive during the regular season i mean i i've just had it with him um i i he's not a winning player last time we talked we both agreed that he wasn't good enough and meanwhile he scored 40 40 some points in two games and actually the Sixers might have lost in five if james harden's not on the team it's not like that he didn't have good games but again it continues to follow him wherever he goes you play like that in decisive games and elimination games i don't want you the last two so last year they lost the miami in game six that was an elimination game they lost the miami in game six this year losing in game seven to to to boston he took a total of five shots in the second half of both of those games and made one one shot a three-pointer he was one from five in two second half elimination games in the playoffs i don't need to know any other stat i don't need to watch games i don't need to pretend james harden's this player that can actually have an impact when you take five shots and you're a top 75 player of all time you take five shots in an elimination game two second halves and score three points out i want you out and joel and beat's not that far behind i'm doing one more shot with joel and beat if it doesn't work then you're gonna have to move on and here's the scary part two i think darrell mori is dumb enough to do this it would not surprise me if harden's back with mike d'antoni as the coach i'd be surprised if harden wasn't back at this point uh they've been using houston as leverage really since christmas day was when the first report came out that said that harden would go back to houston and they have all this cap room so i think it's leverage for the against the sixers like hey if you think you're going to do a two or three-year contract extension i have a max deal in houston and i'll go there and i believe harden would go there too it's such a loser move and would if mike if mike d'antoni is the head coach of the 76ers three days from now would i be surprised no i wouldn't he's got he's got pj tucker there he's recreating the rockets unfortunately that's from five years ago no i mean honestly bro like this is a disaster for having the mvp of the league and just being game six with a chance to go to the eastern conference finals at home this has turned from a great story into a total disaster in the course of a week where does doc rivers he gets fired today no one should be surprised by that but where does he fall in the pecking order of blame when you look back at this series very little blame um people are actually because doc doesn't have a lot of fans in philly just because of the way that he kind of treated the fans and he was very condescending and and uh and he was argumentative early in his tenure here i i think he did a good job this year um i he got let go and that's perfectly fine uh but the fans wrote there was a lot of fans today that were mad that he was he was scapegoated almost like that's what it felt like was like all right well doc was scapegoated james harden after the after the loss was asked a question about his relationship with doc and he said okay and it was like oh doc's getting fired and it shows you doc's getting fired or doc got fired and now james harden has some power in this organization which is crazy which is crazy and to your point it tells me that he is coming back and he's probably coming back long term wow how about that uh that's it's you're not wrong i agree with you we were just talking about before you jumped on board but it is such a joke and that's the guy that needs to start getting criticism is darryl mory because he celebrated losing to the warriors when he was with the rockets and he's basically doing the same damn thing over again and everyone loves this guy he's making 12 million dollars a year i think as well so that and you and you know what's that harris stupid like i'll just ask you that that guy has all the money in the world owns all these sports teams how stupid is he to still employ darryl mory i don't think he i don't think he's paying attention and knows any better and what he really needs what they really need is somebody that's kind of at the ownership level that is paying attention from day to day when you're not running the team on a day-to-day basis yeah you're really paying attention here's what the owner of the Sixers joshua harris knows this place is always sold out he's making a lot of money and they were just again relevant in the playoff picture so but but to your point like he's on the clock darryl mory's now on the clock he's going to figure this out because this very easily could blow up in his face in a year or two last thing i'll ask you you play the role of jay right if i'm down more and i call you hey i want to offer you the the Sixers coaching job how do you think jay right handles that um so i think there's a chance just because jay and i've spoken to him and i'm sure you have as well zach many times where he's talked about like hey it's it was tempting when nba teams approached me it's tempting not to think about being an nba coach the fact that he's retired from villanova and he's not leaving villanova to take a pro job he's already retired so he's already removed from being the villanova coach he's been gone for a year right i think it makes it easier for him to go into the nba if it's something that he wants to do the question that i have is is jay right going to take the shot the one shot he probably is going to take with joe lmbe and james harden and the rest of this roster i don't know i think there's one place he would be an nba coach i think it's philly and i don't know if he's going to be willing to do it with this mess you pay him 15 million dollars a year he may change his mind or he may say yes by the way yeah that's also true johnny march you can listen to him weekdays on sports rate 94 wip and also right here on cbs sports radio sundays 10 p.m to 2 a.m eastern john always great to catch up with you thank you great great stuff man all right here are the draft lottery results before we get to the update uh pelicans at 14 raptors 13 thunder 12 magic 11 the mavericks in at 10 so much for that tanking jazz 9 wizards 8 pacers 7 magic 6 pistons 5 rockets go 4 the portland trailblazers at 3 the hornets at 2 and then as we were talking about right before he brought on johnny marks greg popovich maybe he will never retire spurs get the number one overall pick and they will draft victor wendyama you're listening to the zach geld show so detroit houston and san antonio had the greatest odds to land the number one overall pick to get the rights to draft victor wendyama so detroit ended up getting the fifth pick houston ended up getting the fourth pick and then the spurs ended up getting the number one overall pick and that's like another part of this where sure you don't get victor wendyama if you were those other two teams but then you don't even get the second pick in this upcoming draft and i would assume the second overall pick is going to be brandon miller uh the player out of alabama and um obviously we've talked about him for uh what happened off the court and a lot of bad that happened off the court and then what you've also seen from him on the court so it's it's kind of nuts that and we were talking about before we got the results how you go through all those teams if the spurs ended up getting him you wonder that how much longer greg popovich is going to coach um i'm kind of surprised that he's still coaching but now when you get victor wendyama and you have one of the greatest coaches of all time hickey this is going to extend i would imagine whatever that finish line was for greg popovich to to keep on coaching and and when he was going to retire because if this guy victor wendyama is as great as what everyone's saying where you have steph curry and yanis onto the kumpo and lebron james just gushing and oozing over victor wendyama if you're greg popovich and you know the the love of the game is always there this is going to extend how much longer he's probably gonna want to coach and steph called him a cheat code lebron james called victor wendyama an alien yanis called victor uh you know he said he's never seen anyone play like him so you go through that praise if this kid can somehow meet the hype or even like 90 percent of the hype you really wonder how quickly he takes the lead by storm and and how far he could take the spurs in in future years in an mba right now that's the last two years has shown you it's pretty much wide open there for the taken pop is one guy that's hard to predict but at least right now it does feel like he's one of those guys that would stick around you know for another few years kind of get the ship righted make sure when benyama is developing right as he should and is in a spot where maybe two three years he's ready to truly kind of be that number one guy on maybe a playoff team at that point and then probably hand it off but if not if he just wants to keep on winning and win another championship and this works out you hit on when benyama now all of a sudden you have other players wanting to play with him it could be a you know it could be like p cow just on the sideline young you know he's a younger than his age would suggest and he just is a living life coach until 90 years old now this is via mba central there's a great job getting these quotes out there one rival scout to i guess this is spurs on these spurs getting the number one pick hickey i almost thought this was a fake quote at first but it's on mba central so i'm gonna run with it quote f that those guys have gotten enough luck already they already got tim and dave being able to draft the three best center prospects in the last 35 years is some bull bleep how about that that's that's a great quote i mean hey especially if you are the hornets if you're the blazers you're like man we got you know we've been down on our luck for a while we could really use a bone here and you see the team that the spurs all the success they've had for a long time get lucky it's like you got to be kidding me i totally get it i'd probably the same reaction if i was on the hornets or the blazers or even a rival and the team that i feel the most bad for and i know we're on in charlotte we're on wfnz and we love those listeners there but it's really portland because if you're the trailblazers you you know in your heart it's best to trade dame for dame and for your organization because you're not winning with dame as great as dame is that organization has failed damion lillard but if you wanted to reignite that hope and that sense of okay maybe we could go get dame a championship if they would have got the number one overall pick then that conversation would be there and with them not getting the number one overall pick hickey we've exhausted all options and trying to get dame in a position to win a championship in portland i really hope that this summer that dame says to them guys it's time to trade me and we figure out whatever that next chapter is and trying to get dame a championship well i guess this is what i'll say is look you still you know you're picking third so you still have a chance to you know get a brandon miller whose game was would you know would complement what dame can really do um you can get scoot henderson and then if brandon miller goes number two like you're still gonna get but how long does it take for those guys to reach a level where you go okay not only are they playing great but then also you could go get a championship with them dame doesn't want to go through that developing young player and and waiting and the ups and downs that always occurs with pretty much any rookie that gets into the league are we sure like at this point he's had chances to leave he's you know it's been talked about now for the last few years of this is going to be off season and it's just like it's it's at this point it feels like a tired conversation in the sense that i don't think he's living until he actually not for him demands a trade he's actually he's trading this has been now what three years in a row you talk about his future is he going to go is he going to stay does he want to stay does he want to go he's put out like he himself almost just contradicts himself at times where sometimes i say i'm never leaving him loyal here everyone wants to push me out i'm going to stay and other times it's well you know i don't want to be here and develop young guys here's the problem he thinks he's going to be viewed as a bad guy if he leaves an organization that he's been beyond loyal to i think he has been grossly miscalculating that for years because i will always go back to when all this stuff first started when portland used to carry us for every single hour we had phones jammed the lines absolutely jammed the fans saying i'd be fine like it's not dame's fault it's the organization's fault so i don't think dame would be viewed as a villain especially years later if he says okay it's finally time to depart but if he doesn't you know want to leave then he's never gonna leave now i don't now also i don't know how this works but ben gulliver put this out there this the spurs obviously won the draft line in the right to select victor winbyama with the ping pong ball combination of 14 5 8 and 2 the trailblazers had the combination of 14 5 8 and 3 they missed by just one number on the final ball now they're picking third i don't know how the heck this thing actually works but that was put out there by ben gulliver who has uh covered the the mba uh with the washington post for a long time so there you go hickey you're gonna you look confused numbers even mean you're gonna 14 8 5 and 2 the the lottery balls i guess when they shoot up the machine and all that stuff and how it gets calculated you look as confused as as i am i i don't understand how it works i'm just giving you the the info that's out there all right and then he gave an update with the full list after the first three numbers were picked the washington wizards had six of the possible 11 remaining numbers 7 9 10 11 12 13 and barely missed you know what that sounds like by the way it sounds did you see how were you watching espn 2 for game six on mother's day when they started the uh the oilers game no oh so they start the broadcast and they have all the production and all that but they had the countdown on the on the i guess whatever they were playing and you just kept on hearing 9 10 then they i think they skipped the number they went 12 13 14 and you start beep and it just went over and over and over and over again for probably about 45 seconds and eventually whoever the announcers were um you heard the announcers go on the screen when i was reading those numbers i just had that little voice in my head on the embarrassing job that espn did the other night and what on the main feed hickey it was sunday night baseball that's why you had to wait to 10 p.m eastern for the ridiculous start time and you had robot ravage carl ravage trying to do play-by-play of both games was that i was entertained he was literally there was a side by side screen left side was the cardinals red sox i think was the game right side was the oilers night's game three goals in the first three minutes he called a goal right away and they score oh wow just like that and not a lot of enthusiasm but it was kind of funny that you got a goal right away i forget the name of the player but did you see on sunday night baseball that he asked a player whose mother's past the mother passed away when he was very young about that it was just it was a bizarre way it was like basically hey talk about like your mother dying that was very bizarre as well it was it was cringe-worthy it was crazy let's go back to a good time in your life remember when your mother died can we talk about that yeah it was like while while the player was is miked up in in a game during like trying to yes remain focused you know when they interview the player in the game and which is great he was asking about and the player i forget the player's name but the player handled it phenomenally and and i don't know maybe they prepped him that they were gonna like ask him about this because it was mother's day but it was just it was very very bizarre so i'm surprised to hear and i think ravages is i don't love sunday night baseball um i've said before i think he's terrible during the home run derby but i was surprised that he handled the the nhl thing from from you but there's also some broadcasters that you say are great that aren't that great so i don't know maybe i'll take that with a grain of salt who's that mark jones you love mark jones he's been embarrassing in the mba season first name dierin last name him disgusting zack gilshoe cbs
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