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NFL Schedule Release!!! (Hour 3)

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May 11, 2023 9:23 pm

NFL Schedule Release!!! (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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May 11, 2023 9:23 pm

Draft of the biggest NFL storylines for the 2023 season l NFL schedule release reaction l Leroy Hoard, 560 WQAM host

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Warning! The NFL schedule is about to be released! Miami Dolphins and Chiefs in Germany put Tyreek Hill back in Arrowhead Stadium as a member of the Dolphins up against the Chiefs to open up the season.

That's what I would have done. So when we get the entire schedule, like the Thursday night football schedule, the Sunday night football schedule, all the primetime games Monday night, we'll talk about it throughout the show. We're just waiting for that to officially drop. But Hickey, give me some NFL music if you don't mind because I want to do a little draft here as we get set to see the entire schedule. I want to do five storylines each that we get that we're going to draft for the top NFL storylines entering this season. I'll start things off.

I'm going to start things off with Aaron Rodgers. Has a new team, a new home. He's now a member of gang green with the JTS jets, jets, jets. I'm going to use a term that you use a lot. What's the ceiling?

And that's what I want to know. I want to know what is the ceiling for Aaron Rodgers in New York and how is this season going to end for the Jets right now. I would think they're going to be a wildcard team. They'll be able to compete for that division alongside Buffalo and also Miami. Notice it did not say my team, the New England Patriots, because I don't think the Patriots have a chance to win the division this year. But right now I view the Jets as a wildcard team and a team with that defense and that quarterback, even though I don't love Rodgers in the postseason, you're not going to want to face them come postseason time. But right now I still have three teams better than them in the AFC, just for starters, and no water, Chief Spengels and also the Buffalo Bills. And then you have the Jets right now in that same category as the Jaguars and the Chargers. And probably also the Ravens as well. When you throw together those teams. But for now, I would put the Jets as the fourth best team in the AFC. The Jaguars is the fifth. Then I put the Chargers in at six.

That would be my ranking right now. But I want to see with Rodgers, what's the ceiling for him this year. That's the biggest storyline for me. I will stick with the quarterback theme, the 49ers quarterback situation. What the hell is going to go on?

How is it going to play out? When will Brock Purdy be healthy? Will Trey Lance be the week one starter? If so, how will Trey Lance look if he's not the starter? If it's Sam Darnold, how is Sam Darnold looking? I think this team is gonna have success no matter who their quarterback is, but I am very intrigued to see who the quarterback is. And if Brock Purdy doesn't start the year, do they ride the hot hand? If it's Trey Lance playing for the first month, well, and then Brock Purdy is healthy. Do you make the move back to the guy in five starts played well?

Or do you ride the hot hand and keep the guy who's playing well in there now? And to be clear, I wasn't booing your storyline. I was just booing Sam Darnold cause I'm already sick of the Sam Darnold talk. You said something you believe they're going to be successful regardless of the quarterback.

Successful to what extent? Because we've seen this team regardless of the quarterback consistently be in the NFC title game. But for success this year for me with the 49ers, they are one of the teams in the NFL on the short list of teams that is truly Super Bowl or bust. So how do you define success for the Niners this year, regardless of the QB? Well, I'd definitely say making the playoffs again, being one of the top two team in the NFC, like kind of back where they were last year, I'd say bare minimum and then see what happens in the game.

Yeah. The only way that I say that this is a successful year for the 49ers, if they're standing on top of the podium in Las Vegas with the Super Bowl trophy. Cause I think it has been ridiculous how a team that talented still has not been able to make you feel any good about who the quarterback is. And I think until they figure out the certainty at quarterback that they're not going to win a Super Bowl. Even like, I know that they're going into this year, are we going with anybody?

It doesn't matter. Eventually we'll get Brock Purdy back. May not be Trey Lance, maybe Sam Darnold. You need to know what you're getting out of your quarterback.

And until they get that, I'm still going to be skeptical of the 49ers. All right, next storyline. So I take Rogers, you go with the 49ers QB, two good storylines off the board.

I'm going to combine two storylines into one because I think they're very similar. I want to see what Russell Wilson and Deshaun Watson do this year because they were two big trades a year ago. Russell Wilson played the entire season was a disaster. Now Sean Payton is coming in to be his head coach and for Deshaun Watson because of the suspension, we didn't get to see him until the end of the season and it just seemed like a whole mess and it seemed like he had a lot of rust to knock off and they went away from Nick Chubb too much which just made zero sense. I want to see in year two what Watson and Wilson will do this year in the NFL in their in their new homes with the Cleveland Browns and also the Denver Broncos.

I would like to see two as health. Can you stay healthy for, I mean I'll go even 13 games at this point please, at four it's still I think a win. Can you be healthy for the playoffs and can you pick up and improve from where you were last year? When two was healthy, he was good. His offense was good.

It was hard to stop. He had a lot of success in Mike McDaniel's system in year number one. Can you stay healthy then once you're on the field, can you build off of a solid 2022 season? I think the way that you said that in the middle of it when we were saying how many games could you get two of there and then you said it can he be ready for the playoffs.

That's the big thing. When the Dolphins are in the playoffs, can they have Tuatunga Vailoa healthy? Like if he has to miss three four games in the regular season, not ideal but so be it. But you need him in the postseason because last year we saw that team go to Buffalo with the third string quarterback in Skylar Thompson and nearly win the damn game. So I got to see Tuatunga Vailoa healthy for the playoffs.

Alrighty, my next storyline. I'm gonna go with the Buffalo Bills. They were everyone, everyone's pick to go win the Super Bowl or get to the Super Bowl out of the AFC a year ago. Can Buffalo get through that gauntlet of the AFC with the Chiefs, with the Bengals, with the Jets, the Chargers, the Dolphins, the Ravens.

You go on and on and on as you list out all those teams. Can the Bills do what they failed to do a year ago and that's get to a Super Bowl and play on Super Bowl Sunday and try to win that Lombardi Trophy? How will the rookie quarterbacks play and develop in year number one? I'm very excited and very bullish on Bryce Young in Carolina. I think he can have success right away. CJ Stroud, how will he develop especially with the weapons with the Texans are far worse than when he had at Ohio State. How will Anthony Richardson develop and progress throughout his entire first year? I think the quarterbacks especially those three to me are very intriguing and that's definitely a major storyline everyone I think will be following this year. Okay, my next storyline.

It's kind of in line with my first one but to me it's very intriguing. What is Jordan Love? I need to know what Jordan Love is this year. All we've heard about him the last three years was all okay he's the guy that's eventually gonna replace Rodgers and Rodgers got the deal last year. Oh now he's not gonna replace Rodgers but now he is.

I know he played well in that limited time up against the Eagles and Darrius big play slay gave him a bunch of praise but I want to see what Jordan Love looks like throughout this entire season. So so far Rodgers what's the ceiling for him? I have Watson Wilson will they bounce back? The Buffalo Bills can they get the job done and what is Jordan Love? Hickey so far what the heck's gonna happen with the 49ers QB? Will two would be healthy and then Hickey's also looking at the rookies quarterback about quarterbacks. Make your fourth selection.

My fourth storyline I think will be paying attention to a ton this year. Lamar Jackson the guy got paid now can you deliver? He's been forced off the field two years in a row because of injuries. You got the big contract when the Ravens kind of dragging their feet. They got your Odell Beckham Jr.

They got your Zay Flowers. You have Rashad Bateman and Mark Andrews there. Can now the Ravens live up to their potential and can Lamar Jackson live up to now his contract and be one of the best MVP like quarterbacks that we saw him be in the past but have not seen him be in recent memory. Okay I will go back to the QB well on this one. Maybe a deal gets done this off season that's been talked about before but if it doesn't at the end of the year he'll have one year left on the contract before becoming a free agent in 2025. We've seen Dak the last two years get hurt but we've seen him available for the playoffs with the Cowboys team that's had double digit wins and up against the 49ers two years ago they couldn't snap the ball and then up against the 49ers last year he wasn't able to get the job done when his defense gave him a championship effort.

So I want to see if this is the year that Dak can finally do some damage in the playoffs. That's my fifth and final storyline. Yours?

The last one I'll go with is kind of off the beaten path a little bit but I'm just more confused and intrigued personally and selfishly. What the hell are the Rams going to be in 2023? I have no idea. They're running it back with Sean McVay and Matthew Stafford. That's what they're going to do. Aaron Donalds you know claims he can't retire after that brutal 2022 season.

You got Cooper cup. Like there's still talent on this team without a doubt you trade Jalen Ramsey but I mean I just I honestly if you say right now they're 5-11 or 11-5 I would believe you they're one. I have no idea what the Rams are. I have zero read on them whatsoever and I'm intrigued to see kind of how they bounce back after it was a disastrous 2022 season.

Well let me just do a quick little exercise. I'm going to give you a team. You tell me if you take them or the Rams. Eagles or the Rams? Rams. You're kidding.

Yes I was not a question needed. Eagles 49ers. Stop.

I'm doing this for a reason. Okay. Just just give me the teams here. Just just just answer the question. Answer the questions Eagles in all seriousness. Well you never know with you. You also said last year the Rams are the easiest path to get back to a Super Bowl ever.

They did and they blew it. Cowboys or Rams? Who do you trust more? I will take the Cowboys right now. Giants or Rams heading into this season?

Geez. Giants barely. I'll give them credit. Commanders or Rams? Rams. Okay. Vikings or Rams? I will go with the Rams. Wow. I do not trust the Vikings.

I do not. They are due for a big-time drawback. All right Vikings fans you've officially clinched the postseason. Lions or Rams? Lions. Packers or Rams? I will go with the Rams. Bears or Rams? Rams. Tampa Bay or the Rams? Rams. Panthers or the Rams? Rams. Saints or the Rams? Rams.

All right I would disagree on that one. Falcons or the Rams? Rams. Niners or the Rams? Niners. Seahawks or the Rams?

Seahawks. Oh that's not that tough. I don't trust Geno Smith. Oh but come on that roster is so much better.

Oh that's terrible. That roster is better but I do not think Geno's prime for another big 2023. Seahawks fans congratulations. You just punched your birth to the to the playoffs one more time.

Punch your ticket. Cardinals or Rams? Rams. You only gave me six teams. So you have the Rams fighting for that seventh wild card spot and that was without having the Vikings on that list. The NFC's weak. I understand that. The two great teams on paper the Eagles and 49ers but I just that Rams team I can't trust them for this reason.

It seems like there's too much one foot in one foot out. Bobby Wagner even told you I didn't want to be a part of this anymore. I want to go to a team that actually could go win and also you have a lot of guys coming back from injury and that's not easy to do. So I think it's a lot more likely that the Rams miss the playoffs this year than make the playoffs even in a pretty open NFC. All right let me just throw a few more storylines at you that didn't make the cut here.

You tell me the level of intrigue. Bengals getting the job done. Last two years got to a Super Bowl got to an AFC title game with this young core not having to give up the contracts yet. Can they go get a Super Bowl ring this year I think is a big storyline.

If I got a 10 I'd say it's like a four. Brandon Staley. I think Brandon Staley is a big storyline because remember the Broncos went out and got Sean Payton.

We all know Sean was imploring people to get hired by the Los Angeles Chargers. The Chargers said we're sticking with Brandon Staley. Brandon Staley's got to go win a playoff game this year and I think it's a big storyline because you have enough talent in Los Angeles in order to win.

On a scale of one to 10 it's like a seven and a half eight. Every win is going to be a feather in the cap of Staley. Every loss is going to be the reason why he's going to be fired. Gino, Goff, and Danny Dimes. All three played well last year.

You had two of the three get paid. Maybe Goff is going to get paid. What does a year after success look like for them and how close or how much better can they actually be than the quarterbacks that they were a year ago?

Nine on the scale right out of 10. Lions expectations, Seahawks expectations, Giants expectations. Big storyline.

And I'll give you one final one. He's going to get honored first game of the year and it's reportedly Patriots and Eagles in Foxborough. Is there any way Tom Brady goes back on his retirement once again if the Dolphins have an injury or if the 49ers quarterback situation is a bleep show?

Could you see a return of Tom Brady? It will be a storyline up until probably both teams are eliminated right because two you can't trust. The 49ers are going through quarterbacks like the sun goes up and down so until they are out of the playoffs right there will be always be a storyline.

It's always until he sits out a full year it's always a storyline and we'll see if he sits out this entire year. Alrighty schedule's out. Zach Gelb's show CBS Sports Radio will react to it next. You're listening to the Zach Gelb show. Zach Gelb show CBS Sports Radio. So the NFL schedule is out. We'll go through the prime time games right now. Here is your Monday night football schedule for this year.

It starts things off on September 11th. Monday night football. Bills at the Jets hickey. You get Josh Allen and Aaron Rodgers first game of the season. That's a lot of pressure on the Jets in a new spot. You beat Buffalo once last year when Zach Wilson was your quarterback. Now you get Aaron Rodgers to be that missing piece in front of your home crowd too. That's gonna be that's a fun first Monday night football game of the season with Aikman and Buck.

Oh absolutely. Absolutely all has been Aaron Rodgers and just fans I'm sure already counting down the days. We'll keep things moving. Week two you have a double header. You have Saints Panthers Brown Steelers. Brown Steelers is a good game.

You get Deshaun Watson up against Kenny Pickett. I think the Steelers are actually going to be a playoff contender this year. Saints Panthers assuming Bryce Young is playing then there's intrigue if it's Andy Dalton who used to be the Saints quarterback up against the Saints with Derek Carr.

Eh I could live without that one. Eagles and Bucks week three. The Bucks are not a draw to me this year because Baker Mayfield's now their quarterback but you do get a Super Bowl rematch from two years ago as a double header in week three between the Rams and the Bengals but once again we don't know what the heck the Rams are going to be. Week four Falcons and Jaguars.

All right appeal with Trevor Lawrence. The Falcons have a lot of speedsters on that offensive side of the ball but not like the Falcons are a team that I got to see in a national primetime game. Seahawks and Giants. That's gonna be Monday night football as well. That's actually intriguing.

You know I don't get here. Hickey it says as I'm reading through this it says October 1st week four oh it's an ESPN exclusive game so I guess that they're gonna have one on a Sunday and then the Monday night game that week which is October 2nd is gonna be Seahawks and Giants so much be something different where they in their new TV deal they maybe they get a game on a Sunday. Oh is that probably London?

Probably London. They'll do an ESPN plus game like last year's the Broncos. Because it's back to back the Jaguars are there weeks four and weeks five. Yeah.

Gotcha. So that's an ESPN exclusive game. Let's keep it moving on just the Monday night football schedule. Seahawks Giants should be a good one. You get Packers and Raiders week five.

I don't know what the Raiders are gonna be but yeah Devante Adams up against the Packers no Aaron Rodgers there so we get to see Jordan Love in a primetime spot. Week six here's maybe the best one yet outside of Bills and Jets. Monday night football you get the Cowboys and the Chargers. Week seven Niners Vikings. Week eight Monday night football Raiders and Lions.

Lions that's juicy. Raiders we got to see what they're gonna be. Week nine Chargers and Jets so once again Aaron Rodgers up against Herbert. Week 10 you get the Broncos up against the Bills. Week 11 oh that's a great Monday night football game. Rematch of the Super Bowl hickey at Arrowhead Eagles and Chiefs enormous.

Oh yeah I can't wait for that. Week 12 Bears and Vikings. Week 13 Bengals and Jaguars that's underratedly a very good game.

Burrow up against Lawrence. Week 14 you are supposed to have a doubleheader. This is this is Tennessee against Miami and you also do have the Packers up against the Giants. By the way I mentioned the Packers now this is just a Monday night football schedule twice. Are the Packers a draw for you this year? For me they are and I don't know if they're going to be any good but I just want to see what Jordan Love can do on a big stage and when you're just seeing him on a one o'clock game it kind of gets lost in the shuffle the seven other eight games and you get them in that isolated window on a Monday night spot a Thursday night spot or a Sunday night spot I still think the Packers are are a draw. A little bit like once maybe or twice a Thursday night and a Monday night okay they have a lot of primetime games and to me that's too much. And this is already to them on Monday night football and neither of these games are at Lambeau Field but it's also like another thing from a TV side to go put the Packers on one of those primetime games. Chiefs and Patriots week 15 Monday night football you will also have week 16 this is Christmas day you do have the Ravens and the 49ers and there's a triple header on Christmas day I'll give you the triple header right now Raiders Chiefs fun divisional game Giants Eagles fun Ravens 49ers the non-divisional game out of the triple header and if the 49ers can figure out their quarterback position you still always know they're going to be in it but then the Ravens with Lamar Jackson if he's healthy that's going to be a ton of fun and then you will have week 17 you will get the Lions going up against the Dallas Cowboys in week 17 and then in week 18 it says to be determined let me just check the date on this I want to make sure that it's a it's a Monday here but it says a double header probably Saturday probably Saturday that's what I would assume as well January 6 yeah it is a Saturday so you get one of those uh those games on on a Saturday I was gonna say Monday to end up the year you that wouldn't really make sense to me okay uh Sunday night football schedule they open up the year Thursday night Lion Chiefs I thought it should have been the Dolphins week one Sunday night football schedule Cowboys Giants week two Dolphins Patriots week three Steelers Raiders week four oh this is a great one Mahomes Rogers and I think I read that's the Jets first Sunday night football game since 2011 hickey does that sound right absolutely why would the Jets be at home but it's still the new york marking they stink I know but still the the new york market tv you would have thought that they would have at least have had a Sunday night football game but yeah first time according to Brian Costello who covers the Jets that the Jets have a Sunday night football game since 2011 my oh my that's really something that that I know the Jets stink and they did stink but but that's stunning Cowboys 49ers heck of an early season game week five Giants bills week six Sunday night football in Buffalo week seven if two is healthy you get Alabama quarterbacks battling out with to a tongue of Iloa up against Jalen Hurts in Philadelphia week eight little prime time love for the Bears up against the Chargers week nine wow although they go back to Cincinnati this year that is Buffalo and the Bengals Jets Raiders week 10 Vikings Broncos week 11 this is Sunday night football Thanksgiving night game Niners and Seahawks week 12 Ravens and Chargers week 13 you get the Chiefs and the and the Packers so you get Jordan Love up against Patrick Mahomes week 14 Eagles Cowboys that should be a bloodbath week 15 Ravens Jaguars that could be fun week 16 Bengal Steelers week 16 as well you have the Bills and the Chargers week 17 Packers and Vikings and then flexing we'll see what happens in week 18 that's a killer that is an absolute kill like we went to the Monday night football schedule was good the Sunday night football schedule I know we're gonna read through the the Thursday night in just a second but it's gonna be tough to find a slate of games better than that here's Thursday night you think Gal Michaels will be happy that he's still doing these Amazon games because last year he was about to find out well I can't blame him they had some bad games week one or this is sorry week two the first Thursday night game now this has blowout potential because whenever the Vikings go to Philadelphia outside of that Linvold Joseph game it seems like the Vikings get blown out when he was huffing and puffing on the sideline after scoring a touchdown need the oxygen but remember last year they got blown out the NFC title game they got blown out as well so Vikings and Eagles is the matchup Giants Niners week three Lions Packers week four you're right the Packers have so many primetime games so the NFL banking on Jordan Love Bears and commanders isn't that one if you're Al Michaels where you're like okay you got fields I don't think Sam Howell is gonna be all that good even though the commanders have a good roster that's when you may want to take off was bear I forget if it was Monday night or Thursday last year Bears commanders were as Justin Fields versus Carson Wentz and maybe one of the worst offensive I think that was the Thursday night because it's right after the Broncos on like 11 9 or whatever it was 12 9 12 9 field goal kickers were busy that day they went back to the well on that okay week six Al probably has just PTSD at this point whenever you see the Broncos in a game right because he had a lot I feel like that a lot of Broncos games early on to start the season but it is Broncos and Chiefs week six on Thursday night Jaguar Saints week seven week eight Bucks and Bills that should be a blowout Tennessee Steelers week nine week 10 Panthers and Bears week 11 Bengals and Ravens that's always going to be a good game probably a 23 20 fun game 23 20 fun game Black Friday you have the Dolphins and the Jets week 13 you have the Seahawks and the Cowboys week 14 Thursday night love for these the Steelers hosting the Patriots week 15 Chargers going to the Raiders week 16 the Saints going to the Rams and week 17 the Jets going to the Browns so that's pretty much what you need to know with the big prime time scheduling you start off the year getting um Lions going up against the Kansas City Chiefs we just went through the entire Sunday Thursday and Monday night schedule and real quickly before we get to the break and get to Leroy Hoard when is the uh the Bengals Chiefs game did did we get that yet New Year's Eve New Year's Eve 425 that's right 425 on New Year's Eve so that's always one of note a lot of prime time games for Rogers and the Jets not surprising a lot of prime time games for the Packers a little bit surprising but I do find the Packers to be a draw we'll talk some NFL next with former NFL running back Leroy Hoard you're listening to the Zach Gelb show all right the NFL schedule is out let's channel football right now with one of our pals who played in the NFL for a bunch of years made the pro ball in 1994 did play his college ball at Michigan now does a radio show on WQAM in Florida that of course is Leroy Hoard Leroy how you been what's happening what's going on I'm just relaxing you know planning all the road trips that hopefully I'm going to make this year for this NFL upcoming season but we got to start you off actually with your Dolphins the team that you cover now and talk about religiously they have a heck of a roster but it all comes down to can the quarterback stay healthy just what's kind of been the conversation this off season with the Dolphins fan confidence and to her that that's really been the issue is whether he could stay healthy but but I would say this it you know what kind of unlucky you have to be to get the concussion the way he got them you know and and from that standpoint it's unfortunate you know serious but unfortunate situations that he got two or three concussions last you know last year I I was in a very similar situation in fact if you remember I want to say last year Bill Belichick talking about he had a guy who was cleared to play but had a concussion and he sat him out I was that guy and and so it's it's a difficult thing to go through I really don't think anybody understands what a player goes through when that happens neither does the player right and it's unfortunate that it happened to him but you know I played eight more years after that you know so going through it and understanding what I went through and understanding just like man yes falling down you know hey how about not making the field so hard you know and not playing on that rock turf you know nobody ever says that but I think it all depends on his health I will say this the scheduling didn't do the Dolphins any favors think about this that they're on the road the first two weeks they go to LA and then they go to New England and then they have to play in Germany so that's three away games right there you don't play a home game to your third week so if you get through you know the first couple of weeks looking pretty good I'm guessing of the next 15 games you're going to play a majority of them at home and you're going to feel pretty good about you know playing that schedule at home and the other thing too Leroy Hoard when you look at Tua you know he's going to be held to a different standard because how public this was and also the previous history too like if he gets a concussion I think it's going to be a while until we see him back on a football field well you can't pre-determine help right and I say that for this reason if he does get a concussion you can only treat that at the time you can't say oh he had two last year or whatever and I get that's what people want to people want to do but if he's healthy and he's cleared if he chooses to play right then you play that that's the nature of what we do it's a dangerous sport the only way you can stop it is stop hitting how many people want to watch football if there's no contact that that's the nature of of the beast I do understand the concerns that everybody has for Tua I do understand the severity of concussions I understand what players go through when they get concussions it's it's a sometimes it's a very scary thing as a player not watching somebody else if you go through because there's certain things that you're unsure of but if you have the right medical staff and you go through the process you know at some point if it continues to happen over and over again you got to make a much larger decision but you can't treat an injury can't treat an injury or a concussion like okay he had two last year but that means that you know we have to be more careful with this like I get that's what people want to do when you're cleared you're clear Leroy Hoard here with us when you look at the rest of the AFC East I'll put New England in that fourth spot how do you rank them one two and three when you look at the bills jets and dolphins I'm gonna give it to the bills but I certainly have questions about what the hell Josh Allen is talking about right I need to be more of a pocket passer or whatever I think he was given a gift and you have to play and use that gift to win football games and and that is is that maybe you select how you run but nobody's afraid of Josh Allen sitting in the pocket it's the other stuff in combination with his ability to throw the ball that makes him that makes him terrified if you eliminate one of those things I don't think you're doing yourself any favors I'm going to give it to the bills even though I I have questions about you know about that I'm going to say the dolphins are going to push him I think their their defense is a lot better than they played last year I think you know Mike McDaniel has said there were certain times in the year when he should have committed to the run more I mean Zach think about this they had two running backs who averaged almost five yards of care that's unheard of and and so the fact that he feels that maybe they should run it a little more I think I agree with that that'll help the passing game that much more um you're dynamic as far as offense as far as speed and then you added Vic Fangio on the defensive side who's considered a guru and they have talent defensively they were a little banged up last year um in the secondary uh had some guys injured up front they added uh Chubb in the middle of the season so all these things are coming together defensively I think they're going to be pretty good and I wouldn't be surprised if they won the division I'll go to Jets and then I will say does anybody have any faith in in McCorkle you really have to do it it's not him it's a situation that's not a good situation hey wait wait a minute let me ask you a question go ahead Leroy Hoard with us when Brian Flores was the coach did anybody cut two or break even though it was said when he got drafted that he wasn't going to play the first year and then he played the first year and they held it against him no nobody did so I'm not asking that I'm not going to give anybody else a break but what I will say is this Leroy at least they got him an offensive coordinator this year but you see Jalen Hurts take off when he gets Devante Smith and AJ Brown you see two and start to look like the two of that he could be when he gets um Jalen Waddle and Tyree Kill you saw Josh Allen go off when he eventually gots the Fon Diggs Juju Smith Schuster Devante Parker Kendrick Bourne those guys are fine but no one really is intimidated by that receiving core and I don't even know what Mac Jones could be but after year one where he was fine the Patriots have done a disservice to him I mean I can't I can't disagree with you but if you look at how they've done things for the last 20 years besides Randy Moss and Antonio Brown who yeah well they had Brady they don't have Brady anymore they have to adjust with the times again you have to understand that sometimes people's mentality think about this we just spent the last two or three years questioning whether it was Brady or Bill right and and so if those questions are out there what do you think Bill's gonna do I'm gonna win doing it the same way I've been doing it just with another guy right well it's not gonna work to another Super Bowl if he doesn't go get more talent oh okay but but okay how long is it going to take that lesson to be learned when he breaks when he breaks the Shula win record and then eventually he'll walk away or something like that I don't think he's ever going to adjust I love Bill but he's not going to adjust he's stubborn you know that why would he you when they asked him are you going to do this or this or this what what makes you think and what did he say 25 years yeah and that's not a Bill Belichick answer because Bill never cares about the pass with players right but but but so so like are we to the point now that you get a question what Bill Belichick does after this the last 20 plus years I love him but what he's doing right now doesn't build to a winner it doesn't and and yet at the end of the year you will always talk about the New England Patriots possibly going to plays right sure yeah they'll they'll even even with the roster construction being bad the guy could still coach his ass off and get them to to eight to ten I'm sure right so so what I I can't explain it look there's one of the things you have to understand about coaches and you've talked to enough of them they are stubborn and part of the reason why is when a coach gets fired or a coach goes to a different place he gets into his mind if I'm going out I'm going out my way and I don't blame anybody for believing that because the Cleveland Browns ran Bill Belichick out of town and so after that if you look at the way he's done things since then I'm gonna do things the way I think they should be done if you don't like it I can live with that but the success speaks for itself and and I think a lot of times we question what coaches do and how they do it and when they do it and who they play and who they don't play and how they you know Bill Belichick and running backs is like let me tell you no bueno how he treats running backs he's done in his whole career don't know why I haven't asked him but that's just one of his one of his deals and he's had success he's had success doing it and it's like at some point we got to say hey the best coach we've ever seen while we were alive let's I'm gonna trust it before we let you run I only got a minute left here Leroy Hoard what are your expectations for the Browns this year I think it was unfair to think that Deshaun Watson was going to come in and mysteriously save the team they had a lot of other issues but I do see that you know they they've improved that certain in certain areas I do think that Deshaun Watson with a full off season and a lot of his stuff behind him where he can concentrate on football is going to be closer to the guy we saw when he was in Houston and not the guy we saw last year he's going to be able to work with his receivers I think one of the things that I'm going to look forward to is this Kevin Stefanski now has a mouthpiece in the locker room but it works both ways because every coach has that guy on the team that can go to him and explain the thoughts of the players without it getting too contentious you see what I mean and I think that Kevin Stefanski having that guy and Deshaun Watson is not only going to help with he does but help how the team does this because guess what at the end of the day if they don't have a successful season Deshaun Watson going to be there so it's it's it's it's in everybody's best interest to make sure that that relationship works Leroy Hoard always appreciate the time thanks so much you're the best my friend thanks have a good one there you go Leroy Hoard joining us on the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio we'll break we're at halftime the Celtics have a seven-point lead on the Philadelphia 76ers overreaction proper reaction next
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