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NFL Draft Overreactions (Hour 4)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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May 3, 2023 10:07 pm

NFL Draft Overreactions (Hour 4)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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May 3, 2023 10:07 pm

Overreaction or Proper Reaction: NFL Draft edition l Trevor Lane, Lakers Nation host l Closing Bell

Zach Gelb Show
Zach Gelb

How we doing? Hour number four of our radio program.

That's right. It is the Zach Gelb show, Coast to Coast on CBS Sports Radio. It's a little off-season edition, NFL draft edition, post NFL draft edition of overreaction, proper reaction. Hot take hickey?

Hit it. Another NFL week is complete, which means it's another week to freak out about your favorite team. Which tanks are truly crazy? But sometimes a game can be so bad it's almost good. You know what I'm saying?

And which are so crazy they might be right? He's 6'5", he's 245 pounds, he's probably a Popeye's biscuit away from being a tight end. Zach lets you know in this week's edition of overreaction or proper reaction. Well, I think at this rate, Hickey, if we had a Popeye's biscuit, we would just be moved right to the offensive line after just a gluttonous amount of food that we did eat in Kansas City. And I had to stay there for an extra day because Delta is incompetent and all the flights to New York got to New York besides my flight, but that's a story for a different day.

I'm sure you've already seen enough about it on Twitter. But we ate well in Kansas City with the ribs, the burnt ends, the wings, and at the airport, some of the best mac and cheese I've ever had, by the way. When I was stranded in that airport for like eight hours, I would say, and it's a brand new airport, I searched what's the best place to eat in the airport in Kansas City and someone said I had to go to this place and get their bacon mac and cheese. It was the largest bowl. It wasn't a bowl. It was like a palette pretty much. I don't even know how to describe it. It was humongous in terms of a tray of mac and cheese.

That's the word I'm looking for. Sounds like the delay was worth it. No, it wasn't. I went back to the hotel and I was like, oh, the Rangers game is on. I'm kind of hungry now. And I ordered 10 of those wings from Jack Stacks, but those wings were very good. They were good wings.

Tremendous. And the baked beans too, from Jack Stacks. That's the one thing you didn't try. It's the one thing you stayed away from was the baked beans, the cheesy corn and the baked beans. Those baked beans are the best baked beans I've ever had at Jack Stacks.

Not a big beans guy, especially baked beans. They were delicious. Not my thing, but just going to leave the audience hanging. Me and you went to Kansas City last week. And we ate wings, real wings.

For the audience members to think I'm not a man, not tough enough. Well, you did ask for boneless wings and I said, no, that's not happening. I slapped your hand like you were a child. I was not going to embarrass myself in front of you and Carrington Harrison and the people of Kansas City by asking, hey, do you have any boneless wings at a barbecue joint? I'm not that dumb.

Wouldn't have done it. And the wings were delicious. I just I'm really disappointed in you and me. Yeah.

Because you looked at what was it, that carrot cake cupcake? Yes. Say that 10 times fast.

And you're like, oh, I'm not going to try to go. Shut up. Just try it.

And you try it. And it was delicious. It was very good. You should have done the same with the baked beans because I've had baked beans before. I've never had baked beans like those baked beans that I had at Jack Stacks. Those baked beans were the best baked beans I've ever had.

And they were spicy, too. I do not regret my decision to pass on them because you're a child. You don't try anything. Anyway, OK, give me a little overreaction, proper barbecue. But nonetheless, overreaction, proper action for the NFL Draft softball here.

Total easy one. Overreaction, proper reaction. The Panthers made the right choice in drafting Bryce Young, number one overall. That's a proper reaction. I do think David Tepper and it's his team, but I do think there's a lot of times he steps into things and doesn't let his kind of coaches and general managers make the decisions.

This could be one of those things as well, because I really do believe I don't know how you feel on this. It feels like Frank Reich really wanted C.J. Stroud. Maybe I'm 100 percent wrong on this, but that's what everyone was saying. And I do think Bryce Young really won. David Tepper really wanted Bryce Young. I don't know who Scott Fitterer wanted. So maybe that was two against one.

But I do think what David Tepper wants is what David Tepper gets. And in this case, I do believe it's the right decision, not that C.J. Stroud is going to be bad. But when I look at those quarterbacks and the way that they played the last two years, I've been a lot more impressed with Bryce Young than C.J. Stroud. Stroud was great against Georgia.

But throughout the entire season, we were talking about it like C.J. Stroud didn't play as great as he was supposed to be. And he had a lot more talent than Bryce Young. Let's not forget what Bryce Young did two years ago against Georgia in that SEC title game. If you're going to sit there and tell me that C.J.

Stroud's best game was up against Georgia, let's not forget about what Bryce Young has done up against Georgia, which was a better defense two years ago as well. So that was the right pick, proper reaction. All right, one quarterback that fell out of the first round that was a surprise was Will Leviss. So overreaction or proper reaction, Will Leviss rightly was not drafted in the first round.

I actually think that is a proper reaction. And we talked about this heading into the draft that I thought five quarterbacks, not that they should go in the first round, but I thought five quarterbacks were going to go in the first round because I really did believe at one point I thought we could see one, two, three, four quarterback, quarterback, quarterback, quarterback. But I thought we would see bare minimum all five or all four go in the top 15. If you had four go in the top 15, then someone would kind of sneak in the back end of the first round to go get Hendon Hooker. But I thought it was pretty clear that the three best quarterbacks in this draft class were Bryce Young one, C.J. Stroud two, and then three, I thought the guy with the most upside or the term I hate the most, the highest ceiling between everyone else was Anthony Richardson. And once Richardson went to the Colts, if like Richardson was there for the Lions or Seahawks, I think it's different conversation.

But he wasn't. And the Raiders weren't drafting Will Leviss. So once he got past the Raiders, and maybe the Falcons, and once he got past the Falcons, like he's going to fall.

And then we were like, all right, is it the Bucks or is it the Vikings? Those teams are looking for quarterbacks. I don't think Will Leviss is your long-term quarterback.

So why take a quarterback just to take a quarterback? I don't think Will Leviss is as great as what people are making him out to be. Now, I'm not sitting here and telling you, I thought for sure he was going to fall to the first round. Like if you told me that an hour before we went in the air for the draft show, I would say, what are you smoking?

I would have never believed it in a single second. But I don't think it's crazy now because if we're being fair, I don't think he's that good. And it's kind of similar to Malik Willis last year, where Malik Willis wasn't getting projected as high as Will Leviss was. But a lot of people were telling you like, oh, Malik Willis will definitely go the first round, then he falls to three.

So probably the grade that analysts put out there is obviously not the grade that the scouts had out there for Will Leviss. It did take a little bit, but we did see a run on receivers go late in the first round. Four straight receivers went from picks 20 to 23. The first one was Ohio State wide receiver Jackson, Smith, and Jigba. So overreaction or proper reaction, JSN was deservingly the first wide receiver off the board.

I had this conversation with him off the air on Wednesday where I said to him, I'm not just saying this because you're standing right in front of me. I think you're the best wide receiver in this draft class. And I was talking to him about how few years ago, Justin Jefferson, I thought he was the best wide receiver in the draft class and he fell to the fifth wide receiver taken.

So I believe that it's him one, then Johnston two. And then I do think there's more upside for Zay Flowers, even though Addison has shown more, but I think the order that they went was spot on. And I actually liked the destinations for all four of those wide receivers with the teams that they did go to. But I remember even saying last year, like I thought Malave was the best wide receiver in the draft class and he even beat the first wide receiver off the board.

But I really do like Jackson, Smith, and Jigba. He wasn't available this year. He had a legit hamstring injury, but a year ago he was dominant. He was great. He was sensational. Remember that Rose ball game that he had too. So I think because we haven't seen him a lot last year because of the injury, people forgot how good he was, but he ended up going first off the board. So I'm good with it. So the NFL draft, right? It's all about projection, who we think will be the best, who is good, who is not. So let's do a little projection 10 years from now, overreaction of proper reaction.

CJ Stroud will be the best quarterback from this draft class. I'm laughing at something else by the way. What is that? I just got a text from an old producer of mine. Mikey B? Yeah. Did he text you too? No, I'm not cool enough to be on that thread. Oh, it's not a thread. He individually texted me.

So individually texted me. He goes, that was one of the dumbest things I've ever heard. Hickey is an idiot.

Legit. The dumbest thing I've ever heard on the radio. And you saying that Jessica Alba is maybe past her prime a little bit, which it is the dumbest thing I've ever heard on the radio, but I don't want to cause any more attention to it. But I had to laugh a little bit when Mikey B said that. Cause Mikey B is a good judge of, of character. And he's a good judge of, of being like, he'd be perfect for overreaction, proper reaction. Cause he's like right down the line and he's pretty unbiased. He's a thousand percent right on that. That was a bad take by you that you had, but anyway, ask me your next question.

20 to 20, 33 in the year. See your shroud is the best quarterback of this draft class. That's an overreaction. I think it is Bryce young and CJ shroud goes to the Texans, which I like what the Texans did, even though they trade away that first round pick, but eventually you got to start getting players. But I like getting shroud and will Anderson Jr. In there. I just don't know if the Texans are going to work and there's been so much instability in that organization. So like if he went to a place where it was like a much better fit than the other quarterbacks, I'd be like, okay.

Yeah. You can make that argument though. I don't think he's the best quarterback. So in this case, I'll say that talent wins out or the field wins out.

If you're asking me if it's CJ Stroud against the field. So I'll go overreaction there. The Texans made a big swing in getting will Anderson Jr. Off the board. And number three, he was the first offensive player taken in the draft overreaction of proper reaction. The Texans made a mistake by drafting will Anderson Jr. Over tire rules, Tyree Wilson or Jalen Carter, whatever defensive player you think maybe should have went first.

I'll go overreaction on there. I think what happened with will Anderson Jr. The way he was being talked about before the draft was very similar to the fact of, of, of the way that we talked about Kayvon Thibodeau where he was the guy for a year where like Kayvon Thibodeau and will Anderson were great.

And then they had to go back and then people were like tired of talking about them. And then people thought that they were going to fall a little bit in this draft class. I thought will Anderson should have been the first defensive player off the board. He ended up being the first defensive player off the board.

There's no character concerns. There's not the field issues like there were with Jalen Carter, Tyree Wilson. I guess there was an injury concern from what we found out.

I think it was with this foot. So I'm more than fine with the Texans taken will Anderson Jr. They're at three. Let's stick with that trade. Then for second, in order to get will Anderson Jr. The Texans traded up from number 12 to number three. They gave the Cardinals a first round pick. It's important. They gave the Cardinals their own first round pick next year, not the Brown's first round pick.

Why is that important? Because right now Vegas has the Texans with the second longest odds to win the Super Bowl. So that could be a top five top three top two pick potentially and next year's draft overreaction or proper reaction. The Texans trading their own first round pick next year for will Anderson Jr was a mistake.

I'm going overreaction there because this is why they did it. They drafted, they wanted will Anderson. They also clearly liked CJ Stroud enough to take him. Tennessee was going to move up to three if they didn't take CJ Stroud at two and clearly they liked CJ Stroud enough to trust him to be the future at quarterback. So if you would have just take will Anderson who you loved, that means you would have missed out on CJ Stroud and then Tennessee would have moved up to three to make the trade with the Cardinals. So they took the Warriors. So they took Stroud two then Tennessee stopped trading up to three because Tennessee would have only made that trade up to three if CJ Stroud was there and then they take will Anderson and they got the best of both worlds.

Now I hear what you're saying. Maybe you want Caleb Williams next year but if you don't get the number one overall pick you're not going to get Caleb Williams and all year we thought the Texans were going to get the number one overall pick to get Bryce Young and last game of the season it cost him. It's so tough to do that and maybe you win more games than it's expected eventually you got to pick players and they went through their scouting process they loved will Anderson they loved CJ Stroud. I have no problem saying we're going to give away our next first round pick and get your quarterback and your edge rusher this year so no problem with that whatsoever. A lot of teams feel good about their drafts uh over action or proper action the Eagles had the best draft of any team over the weekend.

I think it's a proper reaction and here's why. Value wise Jalen Carter was a top three talent they got him at nine. Nolan Smith a lot of people thought he's gonna be a top 20 pick they got him at 30. That's tremendous value with the team that is already viewed as one of the top three or four teams in the NFL and they got no pun intended dogs that could maybe help them go get that second Lombardi trophy. So for immediate impact that's why I love what the Eagles did too and finally got DeAndre Swift too to bolster up that running back room.

That they did a lot of talent especially from Georgia going up to Philly. Finally let's project 30 years out let's get crazy over action or proper reaction there will be at least one hall of famer from this class. Are you serious just one yeah one just one hall if that's it yeah I don't think it's I don't think it's a lock every year I mean gotta go through the drafts but I don't think that's yeah there will be one hall of famer I'll take my chances on that and what 250 something picks.

All right let's narrow down first round 32 picks yeah first hall of famer added one of those 32 uh well 31 31 but yeah um 31. I would say that one of the 31 players selected will be a hall of famer I will go uh proper reaction there that was a layup I thought it was like a trick question there take a break we'll talk a little Lakers golden state warriors next Trevor Lane will join us. You're listening to the Zach Gelb show. Zach Gelb show CBS sports radio a great game last night between the Lakers and Warriors Lakers take game one a buck 17 to 1 12. Let's head out to the guest line right now and welcome in a host for Lakers nation and that's Trevor Lane who's kind enough to join us right now Trevor how you been?

Hey I'm doing well Zach thanks for having me. I appreciate you coming on so it's no secret we know LeBron James is a Lakers best player but for them to win a championship this year Anthony Davis needs to be their most valuable player you saw that last night AD going off 30 points and 23 rebounds what did you see from AD and how do you kind of describe that performance looking back at it a day later? I mean it was it was just an amazing performance dominant on both ends of the floor he was absolutely phenomenal and I'll tell you what you look at the box score and 30 points and 23 rebounds and all the blocks and all the scoring all the stuff that he did that shows up on the stat sheet all that was amazing but watching the game I couldn't believe how many times he shut down things the golden state was trying to do just on the defense band with his rotation his ability to be protecting the paint while still free to roam out to the perimeter and contest shots at the three-point line it was an absolutely masterful game by him just one of the best performances we've seen out of AD period and a reminder of just how talented this guy really is. What are your expectations for AD for the rest of the series? Well I think he's got to be the backbone of the defense for sure that's what he's been so far in the playoffs and for much of the season as well but he's got to play at a high level and I think that he needs to be the Lakers best player moving forward here it's what he's been so far LeBron is still dealing with that foot injury he's managing that you can see he doesn't quite have the same level of explosiveness as you would as you would hope to see from him the three point shot hasn't been falling he's been finding other ways to help out the team particularly rebounding he's been blocking some shots doing some good things defensively but Anthony Davis has been the main driving force he's been the guy where when he's off the floor things tend to to really start to slip for the Lakers so AD's got to continue to play at an MVP caliber level we know that he's got it in him he's been a little bit inconsistent we even saw that in the Memphis series but they need him to be the best player on the floor and that's what he was in game one and we'll see if he can do that moving forward Trevor Lane is here with us we were talking about this earlier Trevor when it comes to the Lakers retiring numbers they haven't retired many numbers throughout their history even with all the great players that they've had obviously when LeBron retires he's going to get his number retired by the Lakers we were talking about Anthony Davis what else do you think he needs to accomplish the rest of his career in the Lakers uniform for him to get that number retired yeah I mean LeBron was talking about it last night saying it was going to happen and it wouldn't surprise me I mean Anthony Davis has been you know all NBA he's been an all-star multiple times he's been uh you know one of the better players on a on a championship team um done all those things obviously a deep playoff run here would certainly help if you were able to um win a championship this year with the Lakers that would obviously I think cement it but it does seem like it's likely to happen he's been one of the best players in the league while he's been a Laker his availability isn't always great but um you know when LeBron says it's going to happen you tend to believe yes it's probably going to happen by the time this is all said and done with Anthony Davis in the Lakers jersey we don't know how much longer that's that's going to be I mean he's 30 so he's got he still has plenty of years left to continue playing but he's definitely on that trajectory right now and a deep playoff run this year certainly won't won't hurt his case I know perception is basically kinds of the the timer you asked the question so the perception today of Anthony Davis is great I think a lot of people forgot how great of a player he could be just because the injuries unfortunately have been right at the forefront with the Laker fam what is the perception of AD these days yeah I mean it's obviously it's phenomenal right now in the moment but it was just a few months ago that people were asking the question do the Lakers need to trade him is this you know is this the end of AD with the Lakers and are they going to move on over the summer you know it was a very real question coming into the season was can Anthony Davis be the guy that they brought him to LA to be and that's the guy that would ultimately take the torch from LeBron James and would be able to carry the franchise moving forward and the availability was a big question there and there were moments in the season where you know he was getting banged up he got injured for a long stretch and people were really starting to wonder whether or not AD was going to be long for Los Angeles or if they were going to need to make a move at some point but right now everybody's obviously really really happy with what they've seen out of him defensively he's been very consistent he's been great the entire playoffs and now on the offensive end we saw him really get going against Golden State so it's a reminder of how amazing he absolutely can be but that availability it's always you're always kind of waiting you're holding your breath every time he hits the ground or anything like that because you just never know but right now fans are obviously thrilled with what they're seeing out of him at the moment whenever LeBron is on your team it feels like all we talk about is LeBron LeBron LeBron and he gets all the cra- all the praise and also gets um all the criticism of things don't work out I'll tell you though I think an underrated storyline here with the Lakers this year or something that just doesn't get enough praise is Rob Polinka because he did a masterful job at the deadline yeah I mean they were able to pull off some really really incredible things at the trade deadline and this was um it was a big big risk a big risk when from all reporting from everybody I've spoken to they had the opportunity right before the season started literally the day before media day they had the opportunity to go get Buddy Heald and Myles Turner from the Pacers in a Russell Westbrook trade it would have cost them both their first round picks to do it 2027 and 2029 but they decided to wait and see if they could get something better in the season and so that's a gamble you know that number one you can keep yourself afloat enough to give yourself an opportunity to do something if you can make a trade later on in the season and number two that anything's even going to come around that you're going to find that deal and so they took the risk they went into the season with a roster that didn't make a lot of sense and Rob in the Lakers front office uh they managed to to find uh a series of moves getting Rui Hotramura getting D'Angelo Russell getting Jared Vanderbilt Malik Beasley's in that deal you know they made these moves that just turned around their entire season after the trade deadline they had the best record in the western conference so got to give that front office credit they did a tremendous job I didn't have a problem with the pool shot last night it was great defense by the Lakers or you get the ball out of Steph Curry's hand how did you kind of look back at the the ending of that game last night yeah I mean it's always it's a you hold your breath anytime the Warriors get an open look for three you know you know how good they are at hitting those but Jordan Poole shooting that deep of a shot in that situation I think you're you live with it if you're the Lakers so I wasn't too upset with that if anything if the Lakers could are critical of themselves they're probably looking in the film room at their shot that they took before that that led to uh Poole getting that that open look LeBron settling for a three after running out much of the clock rather than getting some action going that would have got them you know more to the basket or something like that I think they were okay with giving up that look as long as it wasn't Steph getting that open look in that moment you just you got to live with it I know it's the Warriors it could happen just out of nowhere but what the heck happened in the final few minutes of the game or just out of nowhere they went on that 14-0 run uh the Warriors and tied things up yeah so I think some of that some of that was some poor decision making by the Lakers they settled a couple of times for some deep shots and whenever you do that you can give up some long rebounds and that puts your opponent into at least semi-transition and can get scoring opportunities for them so we saw that happen a little bit there and the Warriors do a great job of capitalizing on opportunities like that but we also saw I don't it almost felt like the Lakers to themselves were saying nope we're not going to do this again we're going to get the ball to the basket we're not going to settle for jumpers and they did and still missed and they just couldn't get the ball in even when they were right at the rim Anthony Davis LeBron they had offensive rebound opportunities right at the bucket and just couldn't get anything to drop they went on about a four minute stretch where they just couldn't score and I'm sure it was frustrating because they they couldn't get the jumpers to fall and they also couldn't get anything even when they said hey we're not going to continue to settle we're going to get to the basket they still couldn't get shots to drop it was just bad timing I think if they had to do it all over again they probably employ the same strategy get to the rim and just rely on the odds that ultimately those shots are going to fall but that stretch they did and the Warriors got themselves right back in it and tied the game up. Wrapping up with Trevor Lane what has the coach brought to the team this year for the Lakers making a change? Yeah I mean Darvin Ham came in with just with a very different mentality than than Frank Vogel.

You know Vogel does a tremendous job the previous coach as a defense first head coach and Darvin Ham brings that element he does a good job on the defensive end not quite the same level of defensive coach as Vogel is but the big thing for Darvin Ham is just he's a leader that people want to follow and that he has that ability to inspire and he gets guys just wanting to run through a brick wall for him and it's that type of environment that he's fostered and so it's created I think a little bit more positivity they were able to withstand some tough times earlier in the season and come out the other side of it simply because of Darvin Ham and just you know he's that guy that you'll run through a brick wall for so he's brought that to the to the fold and I really think he's grown as a coach of the course of the year when you look at scheme wise and tactics and timeouts and substitution patterns and everything that he was doing at the beginning of the year we've watched him progress and get better and better and better as the year's gone on as he's really honed in on everything so that's been been very cool to watch as well. It feels like this series just destined to go seven games you agree with that? Yeah it seems that way these teams are are so close and wouldn't that be a treat I mean to get to see players the caliber of Lebron and Steph Curry and Anthony Davis to see this go seven it would be absolutely epic would be a historic series but yeah it does feel like that that may very well be where this is ultimately headed because there's zero chance that the Warriors are looking at that game one and saying well uh-oh we're in trouble now now they've been in this situation they know exactly what they need to do I think this is going to be a long series. What do we see from Anthony Davis tomorrow night you get game two in that series had a great game one what does Anthony Davis do in game two? I want to see how he adjusts to the adjustments right that's the key in playoff series how do you adjust from game to game and then how do you respond to the adjustments that your opponent is making you know the Warriors are going to throw some different things at him to try to not let him get into a rhythm to try to limit his impact so how does he adjust to that how does he manage to maintain his aggressiveness we saw in two games in the Memphis series where he wasn't as much of a factor on the offensive end where teams have been able to even towards the tail end of the season sort of take him out of the flow offensively you know the Warriors will try to do that they'll probably put Draymond on him for some stretches they'll throw some doubles at him and things like that so how does he respond in those moments does he counter those situations appropriately that's what I'm going to be watching for because that's what's probably going to determine how effective he is does he read the change defensively that's being thrown at him and then what does he do to counter it. That's a great job host of Lakers Nation also check out the front office show he of course is Trevor Lane Trevor great to catch up with you appreciate it. Thanks Zach thanks for having me. There you go Trevor Lane joining us on the Zach Gelb show we'll come on back we'll ring the closing bell we'll tell you whose stock is booming whose stock is dooming you're listening to the Zach Gelb show another day is in the books and we're taking stock of the sports world it's time to find out who's up and who's down let's end the day right and hit the closing bell only on the Zach Gelb show all right we'll start things off in the association last night Anthony Davis with just the dominant performance reminded people how great of a player he could be 30 points 23 rebounds four blocks the Lakers take game one from the Golden State Warriors at the Chase Center 117 to 112 and they wouldn't do so without the brow in Anthony Davis stock up let's go to the ice last night the Florida Panthers go into Toronto after having a great upset of the Bruins in seven games and they take it to the Maple Leafs four to two Carter Verhage who had the game winner in overtime to take down the Boston Bruins in seven games Bruins had the most points in NHL history the most wins in NHL history well Verhage did strike again he had a goal to make it three two Panthers in the second period let's listen up to the Panthers radio network and Carter Verhage able to nudge it to the neutral zone Duclair Verhage and a breakaway pass the defense Verhage and a shot and he scores and the Panthers are back in front Carter Verhage makes it three two what a feed from Duclair and then it was Verhage off to the races and he beats Sampson off and the Panthers get the lead back on their side and that was such a big goal because the Panthers did strike first to get the Nick Cousins goal and Sam Bennett makes it two nothing but the Maple Leafs came back strong in the second to tie it up at two goals apiece and that was with 14 51 into the second period and then shortly after that a few moments later Carter Verhage did get the goal so give a stock up to the man that's just on fire right now in Carter Verhage get to the other hockey game last night the Kraken and Stars what a hockey game this was between these two teams as Joe Pavelski did have four goals at the age of 38 in the game last night and it still wasn't enough as this game got to overtime and Yanni Gord said night night Brookstrand blasting locker down Brookstrand gets his own rebound puts it back toward the goal and never got through now Seattle scores scores on the far side it's hammered in off the rebound Yanni Gord the overtime hero here in game one give a stock up to Yanni Gord and the Kraken that was Everett Fitzhugh on the Kraken radio network we've now played a few of his calls I'm not really familiar with him Hickey but he's pretty damn good there's some times you hear these broadcasters like when we do um in football season is it what's the uh the segment that we do at 9 p no huddle offense no I almost forgot my own segment and there's some calls that's like oh that's terrible Everett Fitzhugh does a really good job last year we fell in love with the avalanche broadcaster Connor McGehee yeah he was great I think now Everett Fritzhugh may need to make a guest appearance on the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio he was he's tremendous really been a big fan of him you know give him a stock up as well all right we'll stay with the positives Julius Randall a guy that I feel like every other day Hickey loves than hates that's a lot of Knicks fans back and forth back and forth back and forth Knicks needed to win this is a must win you can't lose both games at home against a better heat team in my opinion and think you're gonna win the series and the Knicks they got game two no Jimmy Butler in the lineup you get Julius Randall back and he has 25 points 12 rebounds and eight assists and he also had Jaylen Brunson who's magnificent with 30 points and I think he had 23 in the second half and RJ Barrett goes for 24 in the contest but they need more of that from Julius Randall so give Julius Randall a stock up we'll get into the Jordan Poole shot in just a second in terms of my thoughts on it but I want to play you Draymond Green last night from his podcast on the volume he defends Jordan Poole quite frankly I like the shot you know you obviously you know you tell him to eat up the space and and take three a little bit closer as there was you know he could have eaten up the space but Jordan can shoot the ball and he got a good look at it yes you want to take a couple steps in and get an even closer three but Jordan taking that three is not why we lost that game I love the answer from Draymond Green and I know Draymond Green gets praised a lot from his Warriors teammates for his leadership and his importance to the team Draymond Green has also done a lot of dumb things one of them punching Jordan Poole in the face like let's not bury the lead here what happened to the last series as well was the bonus was stupid what he did up against LeBron in the finals that started that comeback was stupid but I liked that version of Draymond Green you know how you're like up and down with Julius Randle that's me with Draymond Green where for a while I really liked him then I couldn't stand him a week ago I couldn't stand him and I hear an answer like that even though you punch this guy in the face before the season started that's what a good teammate does and you know what I think Draymond Green is 100% right the defense for the Lakers was there Stan Van Gundy had one of the great calls I've heard from a color analyst they ran the ABC play on defense anybody but Curry Curry had to pass the ball he passes it to Draymond and then he swings it over to Jordan Poole Draymond's right I could live with that shot you would have liked him to have been closer absolutely but what else was Jordan Poole supposed to have done instead of got a little bit close to that three-point line the Warriors how many times have we praised them for taking these ridiculous three-point shots and I know it's Stephen Clay but we praised him all the time and Jordan Poole last year even though he's not played well he's been referred to as the third splash brother that's what happened there they had to pass the ball because a great defense and Poole was standing far away from the three point line but he's got to shoot it because if you notice and I think a lot of times we let our emotions get in the way here where it's we all wanted to see Steph hit that shot or square up from three so anything other than that we're gonna be like oh terror play oh awful play but what else is he supposed to do like go back watch the play when Poole gets the ball and starts to square up with 10.5 seconds left Steph is still standing and minimally moving at the half court line so what else is he supposed to do Poole I didn't have a problem with the shot I liked actually the response from Jmon Green so in a bizarre way Jordan Poole in a lot of people's eyes doing the quote-unquote wrong thing actually benefits Jmon Green give him a stock up hey let me ask you a question going back to that stars game last night Joe Povelsky who's 38 years old for the stars had four goals in the game last night but your team lost you think he feels good after that game last night I know they lost but he had four goals in the game at the age of 38 and it's the first game of the series how do you think he feels just one three I would say disgusted like I did all that work I put in four goals and you scrubs couldn't get one to win the game or just you know get enough saves to win the game I don't think you're feeling excited or happy of look at me I had a career day I get more disgust like that's a great game and you guys did nothing to help me I would be so p.o'd I'd be so agitated I think I'd be sitting there saying I can't believe I just scored four goals and we bleep and lost like I think that's what I'd be staring you know because home game at his palatial estate looking up at the ceiling just saying I did that and we lost like if I would have told you before the game he would have had four goals you would say how many goals did the stars win by and they ended up losing in overtime and he was he lost a chance at being remembered forever in a way of you know like we look back at wins of that would have been the joe pivel scheme if the stars win the cup or just go to the cup final it's always going to look back on now remember that game one when he scored four goals at 38 imagine he had the game the game weren't in overtime he had five goals then he would have lived in immortality well I think everyone was hoping for that in overtime but seattle's been a fun team and the nfl with these uh the nhl with these expansion teams have hit like the knights they had immediate success and they've remained successful even through coaching changes and seattle was terrible last year and dave hackstall who they ran out of philadelphia and dave hackstall got the flyers to playoffs twice and it wasn't always the right fit right you need to coach also fit the city but I got to talk to dave hackstall quite a few times when I was in philadelphia it's good to see him now get the second opportunity and in year two with the kraken to be in the second round of the playoffs now up 1-0 in this series and that fan base right seattle after getting the songs taken away they're looking for a team and to get the crack in there and also the great support they show for the seattle seahawks too with the 12th man that's pretty damn cool the fact that you're gonna go to eventually game three and you know you already have one game one and maybe even two we'll see what happens the next time out that's gonna be some environment in seattle but uh I gotta give a stock down to the stars because they wasted a four coat performance by a guy who's 38 years old talk about not respecting your elders hey talking about your elders randall cobb he's now with the jets and you have people today oh this is ridiculous see our rogers is like who cares are people really this irate about aaron rogers bringing one of his friends to new york you know what you signed up for i know there's some of the media like pretentious people in the media oh well rogers lied to us so we have to hold him accountable because he said he didn't have any demands blah blah blah blah blah like come on give me a break the fact that so many people are talking about randall cobb today who gives a flying bleep the guy is going to help the team out because he's going to be there when rogers want to go to things in the off season he'll help the young wide receivers help teach him the offense i'll tell uh tell him what rogers expects out of the wide receivers and the guy averaged 12.3 yards per catch last year it only had like 30 something catches but for bottom of the the roster or bottom of the wide receiving room i'm okay with this who cares it makes rogers happy so give a stock down to all the people the media today that are crying and bitching and complaining about randall cobb signing with the jets and that's the zack gilb show on cbs sports radio that is the closing bell big thanks to jared greenberg for joining us earlier in the show mba on tnt did a great job courtside last night with all the stars jessica alba who i find out hickey does not like i don't know why that was like one of the worst things i've ever heard aaron rogers in the building last night uh ben stiller a bunch of other people as well uh jared greenberg did a great job talking about basketball and then also telling you who was sitting courtside at madison square garden last night and big thanks to trevor lane for joining us as well talking about lakers as that was a fun game last night game one and i think that's going seven between lebron and steph curry we'll be back tomorrow i will actually be on location in philadelphia one of my best friends is getting married this weekend so i'm not here on friday i gotta do a a bunch of things as a groomsman on friday so i'm going to philly early tomorrow we will do the show from philly and that's it for the rest of the week of zach yelp shows well friday we'll have a show i just won't be hosting it i think it's bart right bart winkler's filling on friday so good stuff hickey will be here on friday as well but i'll talk to you tomorrow at 6 p.m eastern 3 pacific from the city of brotherly love i'll be eating a lot of cheese steaks this weekend talk to you from philly tomorrow i have one of our great affiliate sports right 94wip we out bye bye peace
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