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Donovan McNabb, Former Eagles Quarterback

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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May 2, 2023 8:45 pm

Donovan McNabb, Former Eagles Quarterback

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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May 2, 2023 8:45 pm

Donovan McNabb joined Zach to discuss which first round quarterback will have the most success and how much success Aaron Rodgers will have with the Jets this season. 


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Additional terms apply. Welcome back in and this is that Gelb Show Coast to Coast on CBS Sports Radio. Let's chat a little NFL QB play with the draft just wrapping up last week in Kansas City. And we head out to the hotline right now welcoming a man that was drafted second overall in 1999. Did play for the Eagles, Washington and wrapped up his career in Minnesota.

He's a six-time Pro Bowler and that of course is number five, Donovan McNabb. Donovan, appreciate the time as always. How you been? I'm doing outstanding. How are you?

Well, I'm doing fantastic. We know the Eagles a little while ago gave Jalen Hurts that big contract extension. Five years, $255 million, a buck 85 guaranteed. How'd you react to that when the Eagles rewarded their quarterback?

I thought it was well deserved. I think everything that you've seen this far with them progressing and leading the team obviously to the Super Bowl and just where the future lies, I think that was the right move for them to take care of them right now. I think in the next three years, he'll probably be going back to the table with the success that they'll be having but it's still an exciting time for him as well as the rest of the football team. You wonder how many quarterbacks in the NFL are better than Jalen Hurts. I have Mahomes, Burrow and then I think it's up for debate him in that three spot.

Do you agree? Well, I think he's up there in that class definitely and I think what he's shown over the last three years has been nothing but excitement for the Philadelphia Eagle fans and I think also you have to look at just where he's taken that team ever since he's taken over and the leadership qualities that he's presented so I mean there are a lot of good quarterbacks out there. I think what he's done thus far in the past year has shown a lot now. There will be some more money passed around obviously with the rest of the quarterbacks with Joe Burrow coming up next so it'll be quite interesting to see what direction the NFL goes as far as the quarterback payments are concerned.

You always wonder when a player gets the bag how it changes them. For Jalen Hurts like you said it's not a concern for me. He's the heartbeat of that locker room. He's a great leader and he just has this laser sharp focus but when you have such a successful season people want to see that consistency. I'm sure there's no doubts that you believe Hurts could replicate what he did a year ago and get even better right?

Well, I think what what we have failed to do is we failed to just sit back and just watch it. There's going to be some ups and downs and I think the expectations are so high right now for all of the quarterbacks. Just for instance Joe Burrow goes to the championship and in the next year they lose before they get to pretty much back to the championship. So was that a failed season?

It wasn't. It was an opportunity for them to continue to grow and progress and see what they need to do in order to get back to the Super Bowl. So I just think for where we are I think we put expectations so high on these young guys that once they make it we think they're going to go back every year.

It just doesn't happen that way but it's about winning and losing and trying to progress each year and just try to find themselves in a position where they at least have a chance. Donovan McNabb here with us. I know in the past talking to you you love studying these young quarterbacks around draft time. Bryce Young ends up being the number one overall pick. Did you think that was the right selection for Frank Reich in the Carolina Panthers? I personally didn't think that they could go wrong with either he or C.J. Stroud and you got to remember what we've seen over the last three years in Indy hasn't been anything stellar. So was it the play calling? Was it the personnel?

Was it Frank Wright? Whatever it may have been they need to make some corrections in Carolina because this is its second opportunity. So is it going with Bryce Young and what type of offense are you going to run? Are you going to run what Alabama has made you know Bryce Young to be very successful with in that type of offense or we don't see the stagnant offense that we've seen over the years in Indy and I think what you have to take into account is if they they're going with Bryce Young then it doesn't need to be an RPO game.

It needs to be a spread offense which you know we can get them in the three step five step drop some play action games utilize your backs a little bit more and then be able to take some shots. I always scratch my head at the draft process because you never know what's being said is actually genuine and what is negative. Maybe he's just being put out there to have a player fall so another team could go get him. It was weird to me how all this stuff was being said about C.J. Stroud Donovan and then he still goes number two overall where a week before the draft everyone said he wasn't going to overall. Right well you know what it all takes it's one team to like you and we all know every draft there's always there's a guy that they use as bait and in my draft it was Akili Smith in this draft it was Will Levitz and then you know there's always one or two guys that either character flaws or they like to try to dig into the past and the question marks go up and for C.J.

Stroud it was really weird because it wasn't really a team it was I believe it was Brady Quinn that made some comment about what he heard about Carolina saying that you know that he was kind of nonchalant that you know when he missed the Manning camp and turned them down which had no relevancy to this whole process and with C.J. Stroud everything that I've heard and seen he's been cool calling a collective and that's the type of quarterback that you want so I think he's going to have a lot of success in that division where it it's nothing that wows you in that division it's just have to be steady as a quarterback and that's what we seen with Trevor Lawrence last year and it's going to kind of go back and forth I think with the anticipation and excitement and indeed with Richardson to Trevor Lawrence and the Jacksonville Jaguars bouncing back to their second season with Doug Peterson and then taking into account what Houston is trying to do over there still early but they did a great job in their draft. What kind of quarterback do you see in Anthony Richardson?

You know I see a guy that's still learning a position very talented strong arm very mobile I think he's a lot more more smarter than people try to give him credit for because we focus so much on his athletic ability but he also is 20 years old so I think they're going to move along slowly. I see another Cam Newton in effect that you know will be able to develop a little bit more as a passer but still they make great plays with his arm as well as his legs and they're going to move along slowly and Jonathan Taylor will be a major factor in their offense in India. Were you surprised Donovan McNabb that Will Levis fell out of the first round because you hear him like you were saying there's someone always used his bait going top five and where the betting odds were and then we're sitting in Kansas City at the draft and we're like uh-oh he didn't go in the first round. No I wasn't surprised I wasn't surprised because when you watch the film in his last two years it was nothing that wild you you got to remember you transferred from Penn State and nobody at Penn State jumped off the board at you after watching them play uh and then he gets to Kentucky and we talk about you know people talk about his injuries they talked about his lack of mobility uh inconsistency throwing the quick game an intermediate passing game yeah we could glorify how strong your arm is and how deep you throw but that's not where the game is the game is played within 15 to 10 to 15 yards and if you can't complete that at a high clip you're not going to survive so I think he will hit it at the best place which he can learn from Ryan Taneyhill uh you know who knows Ryan Taneyhill might keep that job for another two years and will ever still be learning from him and he'll have his opportunity but I wasn't surprised that the way the draft was going of who needed quarterback I wasn't surprised that he fell out of the first round. Wrapping up with Donovan McNabb let me ask you about Aaron Rodgers that trade is now official he was introduced as the next Jets quarterback how much success do you think Rodgers will have in New York? I expect them to go 11 maybe 11 and 7 11 and 6 excuse me or or 10 and 7 um but I think they're they're still going to have to battle with the Buffalo Bills um I think they're a couple pieces away from from kind of jumping off the screen and being that type of team it's not just with with Aaron Rodgers um I think Buffalo is still the team I think New England is also a team to watch as well uh in the division we already know about Miami if two of them stay healthy I think their team then probably wins 12 games this year uh and then you know you think about where the Jets may land if they can win 10 games you know they still got a battle with the New England Patriots and I think New England is getting about nine or ten wins as well. Why are you optimistic on New England because a lot of people been down on them this off season? Well I just think what we've seen and now they all of a sudden uh bring in an offensive coordinator one that definitely knows the New England way uh he ends up going to get coaches that he specifically can let them run with their they're used to running instead of trying to make shift kind of a deal uh and he can sit back and just kind of do what has made them successful over the years for an organization uh and McJones will take now I think a big jump for what we've seen in the second season. Wrapping up with Donovan McNabb before we let you run I know you live in the Phoenix area now a few weeks ago actually a few months ago Kelvin Beecham teammate of Kyler Murray said that the Cardinals quarterback has some growing up to do I know he's rehabbing from the injury Kyler Murray just what advice would you give him right now? I think the advice goes out to everybody else that's his teammate stop talking about your play your teammate and try to help him I think the problem in the world right now sports is it's easy to sit in front of a mic and talk about a guy who you're in the locker room with but if you're not helping them you're hurting them and so for Kyler Murray he's a guy that has had success everywhere he's been and so maybe he don't understand some of the tough times and how to handle them but if you do you need to help him instead of talking negative about him you know try to find a way to provide a little bit of guidance for him because he is your teammate at the end of the day. Number five always great to catch up with you appreciate the time hope you and the family are doing well. Sounds good thanks for having me.
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