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NFL Draft Final Predictions (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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April 27, 2023 8:50 pm

NFL Draft Final Predictions (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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April 27, 2023 8:50 pm

Top 10 mock draft l Where does Lamar Jackson rank amongst QBs? l CJ Stroud odds to go to the Texans are soaring

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Live from Kansas City, site of the 2023 NFL Draft.

Here is Zach Gelb. All right, welcome back in CBS Sports Radio's coverage of the 2023 NFL Draft live in Kansas City. I feel like that's just going to be stuck in my head now all the way until the start of the football season. Yeah, I also just, microphone just hit me in the face right there so that wasn't very smooth right on my glasses so I may be playing hurt here for this segment here. I'm a tough guy though. Oh thank goodness, thank goodness. I'll fight through it even though Hickey just got pancaked in the commercial break by a 12-year-old.

No, not true, not true. And then I have people now tweeting me that you could have a prison nickname by the way if you actually got in a fight with that 12-year-old. So this is like, this is the issue, why do people want me to go to jail? I'm a nice guy. I'm a nice guy. You're wishing Will Levis upon me. Other listeners are wishing I'm in jail and giving me nicknames for when I don't go to jail but wishing I go to jail. I'm just a nice guy here trying to make a living trying to do and help out to put a good radio show on and this is the, this is the thanks I get.

Well it's always the nice guy that you have to be skeptical of that you can't really trust because the nice guy always has a mean streak in him and then you find that he does something really bad and that's what we're kind of learning about you on this trip. So we are stoked to be here at the 2023 NFL Draft broadcasting to you from the fan experience where I think Maggie Gray and Andrew Perloff are running a 40-yard dash as we currently speak. Really?

Yeah. I hope Perloff doesn't pull. He better not pull a hamstring, right?

We don't need an IR report and a late injury substitution on the draft show. And he gets injured a lot. Because he's on the shelf after pulling a hamstring. He has his two fingers taped. Because yeah, he hurt his fingers. Oh my goodness. You don't see him walking around the office with that white tape on his fingers? No. Wow. You know, I mean, good thing you don't need your fingers for radio, but boy, this guy's, he's more fragile than Anthony Davis. Are we sure he's, we're, we got to get some bosses here.

We cannot allow Perloff to run and not risk him missing the big event. Maggie last year ran I think a 5.8 40-yard dash. I feel like he's respectable. That's pretty quick. 5.8? No shoes on. You're not running a 5.8 40 and you're, you're pretty quick.

No, you're not running a 5.8 40. I think I could beat Maggie. I think I could beat everybody here easily. Easily.

That's really saying much. Well, you're saying I can't, you're saying, you just said I could be Maggie. You could be Perloff, Stu, and I don't think you could beat Maggie in a 40-yard dash.

I can only run against who, who my competition is. So JR, Maggie. JR would smoke you.

I don't, I don't know. I think JR would smoke you. The lights, there's a lot of people around. I perform best on the big stage and I think the, the nervousness of failing will help me at least run a second faster. I may be in the fours, honestly. I mean, I hope scouts are still, haven't made their pick yet. I could be in there. Well, here's my scouting report by the way of the 40-yard dash.

Okay. There is a crew of people that are yelling, going crazy, going wild, and critiquing. This is what Perloff was saying. Severely critiquing everyone's 40. You're someone big moment. Spotlight is on you. You kind of wilt under pressure.

For that, I would disagree. I think I would shine because I am so afraid of failure. The pushups you did well, when you did the pushup challenge.

Exactly right. That I think that was your shining moment. It would almost just give me an extra spurt of energy if I'm not going to embarrass myself in front of strangers I'll never ever see again, but I still want to put on a good show. So I'm going to run as fast as I can and make sure it's the fastest 40 that we've seen today. Cause let me tell you, there's not anyone out here that I see that's very athletic and fast. You got no shot.

Anyway, I want to do this exercise. We've done this before. We did this yesterday, except yesterday I took the even picks and you took the odd picks. So let's look at the first 10 picks of the draft today. We'll do a little mock draft. I will take the odd picks.

You take the evens and let's see how we're going to figure this one out. So the number one overall pick. And remember, this is what you think will happen. Not what should happen. What will happen.

Number one, this is the easiest one ever. Bryce Young. Boom. To the Carolina Panthers. I will then go Will Anderson Jr. I think the Alabama connection between him and D'Amico Ryans will push him over the top.

I'll go Will Anderson Jr. Number two to the Texans. Maybe I'm a sucker for the rumor right now. And I know Ian Rappaport did talk about how the Titans have interest moving up to the number three pick. And Mike Florio said it could be DeAndre Hopkins going that way as well. Maybe what they're both hearing is true in terms of the Tennessee Titans moving up to three. I don't know if it means that DeAndre Hopkins is going to be going to Tennessee as well, but I think Tennessee is going to move into the three spot. You have Arizona falling all the way to 11. And they could be a team that could fall because it's a wasted year for the Cardinals this upcoming year. And you would also assume they're getting a first round pick back, right? If you're the Titans, you are giving a 2024 first to move up from 11 to three, you would think, right? And you may have the number one pick next year. That's true. That could be the worst team in the league.

That's true. But let's say if you're like sitting at three next year and you're like, all right, this new regime, Monty Austin Fort, and then also Jonathan Gannon aren't in love with Kyler Murray, maybe they need a little more ammunition. If there's a team that is the number one overall pick next year, that doesn't need a quarterback to go get Caleb Williams.

So I'm going to be a sucker here. I think Tennessee is moving from 11 to three and with the third overall pick in the NFL draft, I think it's going to be CJ Stroud. Even though everyone is saying CJ Stroud is going to fall and CJ Stroud is moving down the draft board. I think CJ Stroud is going to be going to number three.

Give me CJ Stroud at three. Okay. That works.

You know what that means? That leaves me at number four, my guy, Anthony Richardson to the Colts. Thank you very much. You take CJ Stroud. I'll take Richardson.

Let's go Seahawks. You are on the clock. And look at this.

You have like two, two people here that are trying to taunt you a little bit. Will Levis to wear number one. Yeah.

Don't read all the things you see on the internet. That's what I would do. We have like two Tik TOK stars here with the kid wearing a TCU Jersey. We'll see where Quinn and Johnson goes in the NFL Jeff.

Yes, we know Quinn and Johnson. Thank you very much. Appreciate it. Have a good night. See, that's how you just get the kids off the set.

You acknowledge them and then you I like to ignore. I keep the door. I'm like in a, I imagine a door here. Keep the door shut language to us for a sec. Well, I could figure it out.

I'm not going to ask. Yeah. So you said Anthony Richardson going for Anthony Richardson also like I didn't take my, my, uh, my medication today. So the moment someone comes like running right up to me, I forget everything that you're just saying. And my attention goes in the other direction. Fair. When anyone's sprinting at you, I hope you would focus on the people.

And now they were smaller, thankfully, but if anyone's running at you, I would be concerned. So the first four picks right now in the way that we think this will go down, Bryce yelling to the Carolina Panthers, the Houston Texans taken will Anderson Jr. I think Tennessee's moving up to three Cardinals are falling back.

CJ shroud going three overall. You have Anthony Richardson. Wow. Have Anthony Richardson going to the Indianapolis swing then in at number five, you know what? I did think that this could be Jalen Carter possibility.

Wow. I did see that recent report that they would not draft Jalen Carter. I think with the fifth overall pick tonight, it's not going to be Jalen Carter.

This guy is available. Tyree Wilson would be a very Seattle Seahawk type of pick. And there's been a lot of buzz of him potentially being the first defensive player off the board. And I know that John McClain just said that it's not going to be a quarterback for the Texans too. And the general John McClain has been covering football before, like everyone here has been born.

So I'm going to trust John McClain and his sources. And it would not shock me if like Casario who comes from that, uh, Bill Belichick bizarre kind of tree. If he goes with Tyree Wilson and does something that no one is thinking that he'll actually do. So I will then think with Tyree Wilson on the board, if he doesn't go to, and with the other picks, the way that it falls out, the Seahawks will take him in at number five.

I think the lion say, thank you very much. I will take what could be considered the best player in this draft, most talented Jalen Carter. And he plugs a major hole in the interior of that defensive line lines at six, get Jalen Carter then. And that would be fun because you have, you have Aiden Hutchinson, who's already on that defensive line, who was just a tremendous football player.

And if it wasn't for sauce Gardner, he would have won a defensive rookie of the year of this past year. But you look at the lions, even though right, people call their culture into question right now with all the gambling nonsense, where it seems like everyone is doing what they're not supposed to be doing in that lines organization. But I think Dan Campbell and that organization just do not care. And they're going to take the best player available. And they've been fortunate in these drafts recently, Brad Holmes and also Dan Campbell.

When you look at a few years ago, they had today's soul fall to them. And that's a tremendous draft pick last year because Trayvon Walker goes one to the Jaguars. Aiden Hutchinson ends up going number two. So I look at a team like the lions that does feel like that could be Jalen Carter territory if he starts to fall. And I saw that Jalen Carter revealed today that the Eagles told him, I don't know how true this is. It's also a player saying it, but the Eagles told him if he's still there at 10, Howie Roseman and the Eagles who get the benefit of doubt from everybody would then take him at 10. And remember Drew Rosenhaus canceled all the visits outside of the top 10 because he's confident that his client's going to go in the top 10. I was going to say, there's no other team outside of the Eagles that would have said that because he didn't mute any of them.

He drew the line of Philadelphia and anyone below, sorry, you're not talking to me. Don't worry about it. All right. Give me your pick here then. Oh no.

Then it's your car. Number six, the Raiders Raiders. I know that we had, um, Vic Tafer on, and he said that it's likely that the Raiders trade back and then he did an hour mock draft, end up selecting will Levis. If the Raiders take will Levis tonight, that just doesn't make sense to me because you just gave a contract to Jimmy Garoppolo and I know sometimes in the NFL things go as they aren't planned and you then have to deal with them and it's not like Jimmy Garoppolo hasn't been in that situation before, nor is he an untouchable name where it's like, Oh my goodness gracious. The Raiders are screwing over Jimmy Garoppolo.

It just doesn't feel like the Raiders are going to take will Levis even with what Vic Tafer did say. So when I look at the seventh overall pick in the draft, the Raiders need help on the defensive side of the ball. They need help in a lot of areas.

You're not wrong. They need help in the general managing position. They need help in the head coaching position. I don't love their, their, their head coach. I do like Josh Jacobs. Uh, Davante Adams is phenomenal. They got rid of Darren Waller, which made no sense, but it feels like the Raiders are going to take a corner here and the two best corners in this draft for what everyone says, Christian Gonzalez or Devin Witherspoon. I'm going to go Christian Gonzalez out of Oregon here with the seventh overall pick in the NFL draft.

So now I turn it over to you with the eighth pick. You do have a quarterback still available in will Levis. You look at the Atlanta Falcons, they have a quarterback need and they have a lot of other needs as well. There's been some speculation about Bijan Robinson, which you know, my philosophy on running backs. I'm only taking a running back in the first round. If I have a team that is ready to go win a Superbowl and it is a difference in me being a better team in the now.

And when I have multiple holes, I'm not filling it with the running back because you never know the shelf life of a running back in the NFL. If the Falcons, even though I like Bijan Robinson a lot, and I think the Eagles should take him at 10, if the Falcons take him at eight, it just doesn't make sense because they're not ready to win. Now, regardless of what Kaleis Campbell sells, as he tries to sell you a false bill of goods, that doesn't make sense if Bijan goes eight to the Falcons.

Well, it's funny because guess what I'm saying? Bijan to the Falcons at number eight. Look, you got Desmond Ritter, who's a big time question mark. I think the best way to ensure a young quarterback's success is by putting a boatload of weapons around him and see if he can play. And look, I know, and you are not wrong in terms of drafting a running back high. You know, the shelf life and those second contracts have not worked out, but with the fifth year option, you, I would say you have six elite years of a running back if you go in the first round. And so if you are the Falcons, you can at least now say, all right, we're going to give now Desmond Ritter a chance to succeed with Kyle Pitts, with Drake London as well. They have now, I'm not saying this is a surefire move, but you did trade for Jeff Okuda.

So they've put resources at court. And the division stinks. I think, right. That's also, you do have to take that into account.

Absolutely. Like the Panthers who are going to get Bryce young. I don't think the Panthers are a playoff team this year, but if you told me that the Panthers made the playoffs this year, winning that division, like, I can't tell you I'm stunned, even though everyone would anticipate that it is the saints, but I don't really love Derek Carr as a quarterback.

And I don't know what Dennis Allen is as a coach. Whole lot of black in that division for sure. But it is a black division.

It is. That is a pedestrian boring, lethargic division, but I think the Falcons are in a position where you can go best player available. And I think right now, the way the board has shaken so far, I would go with the most electric running back in the draft.

Okay. So the Falcons, you then think they're going Bijan Robinson in at number nine. I know this isn't a sexy pick and in the NFL draft, people like sexy picks, but you got to protect the Ferrari and you got to buy an insurance policy and take out an insurance policy for the Ferrari and Bears fans, the Bears think that they have their quarterback for the foreseeable future in Justin Fields.

Got him a ton of draft picks coming their way since they traded out of the number one spot to fall into this ninth spot. You have now DJ Moore there. Chase Claypool, who's a solid number two option in the NFL is there as well. They've improved the running back room this off season.

You can make that case. I look at an offense alignment, the first one off the board, and there's been some buzz, maybe an offense alignment going as early as three. And I saw the name that was thrown out there right away. It wasn't Skoronski.

It was Paris Johnson Jr. out of Ohio state. I think the Bears go offensive line. They beef up that offensive line.

They try to protect their investment in Justin Fields and the Bears take, now there we go. Right as a Bears fan walks by Paris Johnson Jr. tonight. I did see, uh, Paris Johnson Jr.'s family outside of the hotel near us earlier this morning. Oh, did you really? They were fired up. Oh yeah, they were his family.

They were wearing Ohio state 77 Paris Johnson Jr. jerseys. Did you say hello? I did not. You didn't schmooze? Oh, it's the enemy.

Penn State or Ohio State. No. I'm not going to go in there and you know. You're a radio producer first. You got to talk to the family. Maybe they'll remember all that nice kid Ryan Hickey and then coming up next year we end up getting Paris Johnson Jr. on the show.

You, you failed to me to connect, make a make a connection there. Well, I'll let them know that we had their son going in the top 10. Maybe they would appreciate this more.

So anyway, I think we could still have time to mend fences. You didn't tell them that. Well, I'm saying now that we know that we've done the mock draft, I said I can go back. I'll go back to the hotel.

I'll sleep outside all night. Yeah. Hoping to see them leave in the morning and I'll say, hey, by the way, just let you know, I know the draft already happened, but we had so much faith in your son. We had him going in the top 10. So yeah. We're clairvoyant Chicago Bears fans. Exactly right.

Exactly right. Let's wrap up the mock 10 here. So far. We think Bryce young going to the Panthers one, you then had will Anderson going to, to the Texans. I had Tennessee moving up to three and taking CJ's shroud. You had Anthony Richardson going for in a Homer pick to the Indianapolis Colts five. Yeah, you're home.

You are a home for wanting. Well, we all know your team is going to do something stupid tonight. I feel really good about that. Tyree Wilson. Then we had five going to the Seahawks six Jalen Carter going to the Detroit line. Seven Christian Gonzalez going to their Raiders eight Bijan Robinson to the Falcons nine Paris Johnson to the bears.

You take us home. You wrap us, wrap it up in the top 10, who are the E A G L E S Eagles taken best player available. Devin Witherspoon.

They add to the secondary. They, you know, add to a unit that has had some shakeups this past off season and they go Devin Witherspoon out of Illinois defensive back to round out the top 10. We'll take a time out here on the Zach Gelb show on CBS sports radio. When we come on back, Lamar Jackson finally has ironed out this extension with the Baltimore Ravens.

It's a five year deal, $260 million, a buck 85 guaranteed. When we come on back, I will give you my top 10 quarterbacks currently in the NFL, but we are live from the NFL draft fan experience and coming your way at the top of the hour. As we move closer and closer to all 31 picks, hopefully being announced tonight, we will have the first round coverage of the NFL draft right here on CBS sports radio. I'll be joined by JR from the JR sport prefix Travaganza and also Andrew Perloff from the Maggie and Perloff show.

So that comes your way in about 40 minutes. You don't want to miss it, but we're back live in KC in five minutes. Live from Kansas city site of the 2023 NFL draft. Here is Zach Gelb back inside the fan experience of the 2023 NFL draft. Zach Gelb here with you coming your way at the top of the hour.

It is our first round draft show myself, JR sport brief along with Andrew Perloff as well. And Maggie gray has actually crashed the set real quickly. Did you beat your time from last year?

Just wondering Maggie. Zach, unfortunately I told you I felt slow today. I don't think it was me. I think there was something off with the stopwatch. This was like a combine 40, not my pro day 40, which I know would have been much, much better. Something's wrong with a stopwatch. Something's wrong with the turf. Bottom line. It just wasn't my fault. I was terrible out there. Wait, wait, wait. So last year was a 5.8 last year was a 5.8.

This year was a 6.9, a 6.9 molasses out there. Well, you know what it was? And hold on, let's just put up one of these mics so we could actually get you mics. You have multiple mics here instead of me passing the mic back and forth as this is a big time interview.

You know, people come to the draft, they expect to talk to Bryce young. I want to talk to Maggie gray. Yeah. How much did you're not the only ones that factor in where Margarita Margarita, Maddie was Maggie was going wild. Yeah. You know, my alter ego, Margarita mags. Wow. She's the life of every party Casa amigos. Hello.

Yes, we love them. You know, maybe the marks factored in. I also went discount the amount of tacos I ate on that trip. That was also a factor. Uh, got a lot of sun and, uh, the bottom line is I am just slow. So you ran a six, nine 40.

Yeah. It will not get me drafted. Sources tell me, and there's a lot of sourcing this time of the year that the idiot to my left hot take Kiki said he could beat everyone here in a 40 yard dash.

I said Maggie would win. First off. It's also not like a big claim when you're saying could be me, Stu, her law in a 40 yard dash.

I want to see you beat a 6.9 40 yard dash. Cause you got no shot. Well, I mean, listen, Hickey is probably 10 years younger than me. Okay. Uh, maybe, um, and you've had one kid, two kids, one. Okay. Uh, I really can't blame it on that considering he's 15.

No, he's four. I probably can't blame it on that, but I appreciate the lifeline there. You know, I'm really just going to bank on my S two test, the three cone drill. I'm good in interviews.

I think I still think I can get drafted here. Pearl off wants to say something. Wait, now hold on Maggie. I'm surprised by something. You brought your son to the press conference.

Who's this little kid over here to the left? We finally found Stu Kovacs. We were worried about him.

The Raider nation, the guys from the black hole abducted him and kidnapped him today, but he's back. I know he, he, he, so probably looks like he wants to throw you. I just got to tell you, there is, you know, there's a lot of buzz about character concerns with Maggie gray off the field stuff. I think you see that in the time red flags.

A lot of people are chattering that she's falling fast. Well, I also think it was false hope last year because I didn't want to say this and take away from your moment. And I've seen you in some great moments like Barry Sanders acknowledging you at the super bowl.

I've also seen you tell Jason Kelsey and Travis Kelsey's father. Oh, you didn't even acknowledge them when they walked right past us. That was a bad moment, but I will say last year I did notice a little clock era in Vegas where I think it was a slow start because no offense, a five nine is pretty damn fast. Well, you know, I do run like the wind Zach. I mean, I was, I was really prepped for that 40.

Uh, you know, I think in Vegas, everything just kind of comes up aces for me here in Kansas city, a little less. So yeah, at least that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Six, nine still pretty good. It's not, but thank you for trying to make me feel better. I do.

I feel defeated, but listen, I'm gonna try to power on. Um, character concerns though. Uh, Perloff's absolutely right.

If they call me Margarita mags, I don't know if that means I have a first round grade, but I am sure fun to hang out with. So there we go. That's the breaking news right there. 6.9 on the 40 yard dash and you're very confident Hickey.

Like this is one thing, no one likes the guy that just talks a bunch of smack. You got to back it up. Will you run the 40 yard dash at some point tomorrow and get it on video? Absolutely.

And you think you could do a 6.9 40 yard dash? I hope so. I mean a lot of barbecue done by that point. We've had one big lunch of barbecue. Do another big lunch tomorrow. Another big lunch of barbecue tomorrow. So that point I'll have two big lunches, bare minimum of a barbecue, let alone what we're going to do tonight after the draft show. And I promise you guys, we will all be starving after this. So maybe three loads of barbecue before I start running the 40.

I'm just, I'm just saying I still think I can win run fast, but if I don't, I think we know what the common denominator is and it's all this great barbecue that we've had so far. So clearly the story tonight at the draft is where is CJ Stroud going to go? We know Bryce young is going to go with the number one overall pick to the Carolina Panthers. When we get to current players in the NFL, the big news of the day is the enormous extension that Lamar Jackson did sign a five year, $260 million extension, a buck 85, fully guaranteed.

And I said this earlier, say it again. Now we're going to find out if Lamar Jackson can win a super bowl. I don't want to hear the excuses. He doesn't have a number one wide receiver excuses that I have made to be fair in the past. You got to go bare minimum, make the playoffs this year.

If they don't make the playoffs, that will be a failure, but then you got to start winning some playoff games as well. And it's going to be tough for Lamar Jackson, even though I love Lamar Jackson as a football player, but this AFC it's absolutely loaded with just two guys at the top and Patrick Mahomes has already won the two championships and two super bowl MVPs and two league MVPs. And then Joe burrow, who's just been this killer ever since he's walked into the league. He's really been the only one that's been able to tug on Superman's Cape for the Kansas city chiefs when they beat them three times before losing in the AFC title game this year, when they ran their mouse before the game and called it a burrow head and all that nonsense going into Kansas city, which was fun in the moment. But then you can't end up being like bum Brooks and Dylan Brooks.

And yet you talk all this smack and then you don't back it up. So the way that I look at it with Mahomes and burrow, those are the top two guys in the league and maybe like Eli Apple plays the role of bum Brooks with all the smack that they were doing. And, and those, those two teams though, they're the best two teams in the AFC right now. And also they're the two best quarterbacks in the entire NFL right now.

Patrick Mahomes is one and then Joe burrow in at number two. Absolutely. And this is also the thing too, for Lamar Jackson, he's going to have to realize not that he's, you know, he's used to playing under pressure because now the conversation is scrutiny has always been, will Lamar get paid and how does this injury or how does this game impact a future contract? Now the only discussion is going to be will he win a super bowl?

And if not, how do you know he's at fault for it. And it's going to be a lot of criticism coming his way now because it truly is forget about the contract. And now is super bowl or bust.

And again, Lamar's played under a lot of pressure because it was all about the contract, but now it's going to turn to wins on the field and his play, especially in the playoffs coming up. So the two best quarterbacks in football right now, Mahomes one clearly, then Joe burrow too. I still think the third best quarterback in football is Josh Allen. To me, those are the three best quarterbacks in football. You can make an argument for Jalen hurts with what he did this year and how great he was this year. And I still believe Jalen hurts is the class and the best quarterback in the NFC by far. And that's an obvious statement, but I can still go for now. Allen three slightly behind him is Jalen hurts at four.

And then this is where it gets a little bit tricky. I'm going to give the benefit of the doubt still to Aaron Rogers, but there's other cases to be made for some other people, but I will put Rogers in at five. So the five best quarterbacks in football right now, Mahomes one burrow to Josh Allen, three Jalen hurts for Aaron Rogers five. And then in at number six, I got to go Trevor Lawrence, who just won the AFC South and really his first true year starting. Cause he didn't have a coach last year with urban Meyer being his coach. And then they brought in Dougie P in Doug Peterson and Doug Peterson with Trevor Lawrence spotted the chargers, a big lead.

And we all know that the Jaguars did come back in that one. So I put Trevor Lawrence in that six spot and then I put Justin Herbert in at seven, not to completely ignore your list, but I do have some interesting news here when it comes to the number two overall pick, we just talked before about CJ shroud in his future. Do we have a trade? Do we have concrete info? Uh, concrete info in terms of Vegas and lines, I think is important in telling CJ shred the last 10 minutes went from minus three 20 to go number two overall, according to fan dual, he's at now minus 1500 off the board in some books as well, just to be the number two overall pick rocketed in the last 10 minutes in real time. So you said you said minus three 20 minus three 20. So this guy, all we heard was CJ shroud has fallen, fallen, fallen, fallen. And at some point today he's moved to minus three 20. And remember a large part of this week. And last week, you knew who was at number two, the betting odds will Levis.

So not only has she gets shrouds. Well, did anyone actually think will Levis is going to be a second pick in this draft? Vegas did not, but like did I get Vegas?

Did any fan, did you ever think will Levis is going to be the second overall pick in this draft? No, I did not. But again, I am wrong. A lot of the times this is right. We know that we talked about how I think this is a big swing and miss by them. But now you have a lot of money movement and a lot of odds movement on CD shroud at number two within the last hour as high as 1500 to then being off the board, which is incredibly high. And we are just a half hour from the draft. So a lot of late money, sharp money coming out shroud at number two. And remember, you just said John McClain expects and John McClain has been at the Houston Chronicle for forever. You've said that McClain said that the number two overall it was going to be an edge rusher. Yes, he believes he will not take a quarterback at two, but he expects them to pick 12 to use that draft pick, maybe move up to get a quarterback. So collecting information, but the money coming in, at least is on strata number two, whether it's the Texans or not, but the number two slot is CJ shot right now betting favorite by a mile and take this for what it's worth. Daniel Jeremiah, his latest mock draft, his last mock draft still had CJ shroud going too.

So I think what we learned here if, and it's a massive if, so let me qualify it. If CJ shroud does go number two overall, the reason why all these negative things were being said about him and the stupid test results, which I don't give a rat's ass about, we're getting put out there and people making a big deal is because people wanted CJ shroud to fall, whether it was the Cardinals to three. So they could go trade that pick. If it was your organization, the Indianapolis Colts in at four, maybe it was the Seahawks, the lions, whoever it may be trying to move up. A lot of teams have interest in the shroud.

And like you said, it would benefit a lot of teams to have him drop past two, especially. I actually hope he goes second overall because all this stuff seems like it's nonsense. Like you can tell me you don't believe CJ shroud is ever going to be a top five, top 10 quarterback in this league. I don't look at CJ shroud as someone that I think is going to be in that bus conversation five years from now.

Sure. He's not going to walk into a scenario with all the weapons that he had at Ohio state, which is just Ohio state. You, uh, when you look at, at the Buckeyes, but I'm very confident in saying CJ shroud bare minimum, it's going to be a good quarterback in this league with what he has displayed so far. So I hope you are right. That the movement in the betting odds as of late, going to yesterday, it felt like he had no shot to be the number two overall pick to then be, I wasn't like plus 800. I think the other day when we were talking about that on the air, it was like something like that. It was a weird number. I do hope he goes to overall, but for it to that, to move that heavily to minus three 20 to minus 1500.

Now you're saying in some places it's off the board. I would be more than down for CJ shroud being the second overall pick now real quickly. Let me just wrap up based off Lamar Jackson becoming the highest paid quarterback in football today.

The highest pay paid a player in football today by the year salary since the five-year deal, $260 million, a buck 85 guaranteed. Here are my top 10 quarterbacks in football. Mahomes one burrow to Josh Allen, three Jalen hurts. So I love in at four Aaron Rogers, five Trevor Lawrence, six Justin Herbert, seven, then Lamar Jackson in at eight.

And then after that, it's like a humming, a humming, a humming, a humming. I didn't put Dak on that list. I did not put Stafford on that list because I just don't know where the health is going to be.

Watson. I got to see him continue to knock off the rust, but I think he definitely be on this list next year. And I'm not going to put to a, because of all the concussions and I just don't think he'll get through a season healthy.

I'll hold my nose for the last two. I'll go Russ in at nine, even though I don't love it. And then at 10, I will take a Kirk cousins.

So, you know, it's just going to give you a good regular season and then just choke it up in the post season. All right, one more segment to play on the Zach Gelb show on CBS sports radio coming your way at the top of the hour, as we are broadcasting live from Kansas city, Jr. And it's going to be the fourth year Jr. And I have broadcasted the draft show here on CBS sports radio. He's going to be joining me and you can listen to him weeknights, 10 PM to 2 AM Eastern on many of the same CBS sports radio affiliates, Sirius XM channel one 58 and that free Odyssey app. So Jr will be rocking and rolling with us from all the way through the first round coverage. And also Andrew Perloff from the Maggie and Perloff show will join us as well.

We'll take one more time out. We'll come back and wrap things up and get you set for the 2023 NFL draft, but let's send it back to New York city as sitting in our New York city studios at the latest CBS sports radio update. Here he is the Ackman rich Ackerman. Live from Kansas city site of the 2023 NFL draft.

Here is Zach Gelb. Coming up in 15 minutes. It will be our first round coverage of the 2023 NFL draft right here on CBS sports radio, live from Kansas city, myself, Zach Gelb along with Andrew Perloff and also Jr will be anchoring the first round coverage on CBS sports radio. We will air all 31 picks to you and we'll have the instant reaction, the live analysis, and of course all that jazz as we'll see which teams you get excited about tonight and which teams are going to rip your heart out as well. Like Kiki was saying before we went to the break and I don't know what to make of any of this because you look at the conversation last two weeks that CJ Stroud has fallen and CJ Stroud could be making his way down the draft board and I for a while thought that CJ Stroud should be the second overall pick in the draft if you're telling me two quarterbacks are going off the board at one time I thought we were going to see one two three four all be quarterbacks with young one to the Panthers, Stroud two potentially to the Texans, the Cardinals falling back making a trade another quarterback going and then at four you know Indianapolis is desperate for a quarterback but like Kiki talked about right before we made the break the Lions are now moving in favor of CJ Stroud being the number two overall pick in this draft whether we've seen it at one point get as high as minus 150 or minus a 1500 so now it kind of triggered this thought if we do see let's just operate under the assumption that Vegas knows something here okay and CJ Stroud ends up going with the second overall pick in this draft which is a big if and we'll see if it happens coming up in like about 20 minutes or so there's a lot of buzz on that number three overall pick and the first trade being the Arizona Cardinals moving back and we keep on seeing Tennessee be thrown out there if I'm Houston and remember Tennessee's in your own division I'm not letting Tennessee move up to maybe go get their quarterback or maybe go get the edge rusher that you want and I would presume that if Tennessee's moving up it is to take a quarterback so if I'm the Texans who I have two picks in the first round I'm taking Stroud at two and then I'm calling the Arizona Cardinals or maybe even be on the phone right now with the Cardinals and ask them what it's going to take for Nick Casario and the Houston Texans to move up into the top three and end up getting the third overall pick and then you may get the best of both worlds where not only do you get your quarterback in CJ Stroud not only do you get your edge rusher but then an audit trifecta trifecta to it and a third like to this then you could also annoy Tennessee a lot inside your own division possibly that's not a matter over the culture not getting CJ Stroud sure absolutely that's that's definitely all in play um without a doubt but if you're the Texans and you had this plan and Lisa Charles Robinson is one that reported and we had talked about John McClain as well where they're going to go edge at number two quarterback at number 12 you don't get Q to quarterback you don't try to oh we'll take the best player here we'll circle back and hope the draft board breaks in our way and there's a quarterback the Texans like which now Vegas is telling you it's CJ Stroud don't hope he falls past the Colts past the Titans past the Raiders and fall into your lap go get him at number two then you figure out whether it's trading up to 12 like you said going to three and then trying to get Will Anderson whether it's sitting at 12 and getting the best available player off the board you worry about that second but getting at least the quarterback you want is prime uh paramount and it sounds like it seems like the Texans are going to do that and actually for once in a long time make a smart move and if the Texans don't take Stroud at two and their strategy is to either have a quarterback fall into their lap at 12 or move back up in the first round you got to think then bare minimum they'll be okay with Hendon Hooker at 12 and I like kenton hooker I think kenton hooker is a good quarterback I think kenton hooker who will go in the first round in my opinion tonight would have been a lot to go in the first round if he didn't have the ACL tear I don't look at Hendon Hooker as someone that should be the 12th overall pick in this draft unless the Texans know something that we don't know like Richardson or Levis they expect them to fall out of the the top 10 they feel confident in taking them and I would think that Anthony Richardson is going to be gone in the first eight picks so like when I look at that and I go through it it just it really doesn't make sense if that's the Texan strategy now when you logically think about this right to take an edge rusher at two and you could move up to three and technically and then have a quarterback at three but it just doesn't make sense to pass up on a quarterback at two and then hope a quarterback comes your way at 12 because then it just shows me you don't really love the quarterback because if you did love the quarterback you would have taken him at two and what did everyone say even though uh you know uh David Gettleman's name is not usually mentioned in a positive light most people say about David Gettleman the one thing they did respect about him taking Daniel Jones at six is they went through their scouting report they determined that they love Daniel Jones and they weren't going to play that game of oh we can't take Daniel Jones at six so we'll let him we'll trade back up or we'll use another pick to get him later on in the draw I think it was pick 18 if my memory's correct in that draft and you're right and so people are like oh if you liked him take him at 18 no no no if you like a quarterback I don't think there's such a thing as overdrafting when it comes to the four guys we talk about even if you like Will Levis let's just say live in this fantasy world that the Texans loved Will Levis you take him at two you don't play the game of hopefully he'll fall to 12 or hopefully you know we can maybe have to trade back up to like nine or ten if he's falling no if you like Will Levis that's your guy you don't play any games you take him at two and you figure out the next position of need or you figure out the next player you love the most you're going to take whether it's at 12 versus you want to trade up for there but take care of the quarterback first first and foremost and it looks like really ever since that report came out about what everyone got in the air about two hours ago the titans and cardinals were working on trading number three it seemed to really spark that all of a sudden now that's when the betting odds change and that's when now the narrative is changing to where it seems like the uh the Texans now more likely than not will take CJ Stroud at number two um compared to what the the discussions were the last let's say week and a half two weeks so i think five quarterbacks are going in the first round tonight do you agree with that do you think five quarterbacks go i do i am with you i i think we will see Hendon hooker go in the first round as well looks like the medicals are good in terms of uh him being ready for week one i think that will get a team to trade back up or take him late in the first round as a project i think i'm with you there five will go and this is the first time in my radio career ever we have a live flyover this is happening right now this is they just sang the national anthem on stage and we are witnessing a flyover literally right over our heads i'm surely here in about a second that was really cool it's so nice that the NFL knew i was broadcasting and they said oh the Zach Gelb show's on so we're gonna have a flyover and it's nothing to do with the NFL draft right before our draft show they know the CBS Sports Radio draft show cannot start so we get the proper flyover that was actually really cool like is that Perloff in the plane up there is he jumping out of the plane oh he's out oh my god he's parachuting down that's a dramatic entrance by Andrew Perloff on the draft show and he's with Bryce Young they're going to the stage it's number one overall is that a draft Bijan Robinson shirt so when we get to these these five quarterbacks who didn't go in the first round are we now in agreement even though we just did a mock draft and it didn't play out this way that it's going to be Bryce Young one and CJ Stroud too Vegas is looking like and i will agree and be wrong yet again that it will not be Will Anderson Jr at number two now i think you should have Anthony Richardson drafted in front of Will Levis but i don't think that is what will happen tonight i think Will Levis is going to wind up with the Indianapolis Colts in at four and then where Anthony Richardson goes it's it's once again similarly what i said about CJ Stroud earlier if the Falcons are there at eight and they have a chance to get a quarterback if it is a Stroud or if it is um Anthony Richardson i don't think you could pass up on that it's like you look at those teams five six seven eight one of those teams are going to take Anthony Richardson i would think if he's still available especially with it being a project you have the Seahawks Lions and Raiders with quarterbacks for now in place it's funny i think yeah i feel the opposite i feel like Richardson is definitely gonna go through the top five and i think Levis is the one that's gonna fall and i think he could fall decently past the Falcons even past the the Titans the Titans are one i would maybe a little bit of pause with maybe they would pull the trigger there number 11 and not trade up to number three to do so but i think i think if there is one core deck we see tonight that's gonna quote unquote fall out of the top 10 i think it'd be to me more Levis than it would Richardson Richardson i was gonna say or anyone else but Stroud's going number two so it's gonna be Richardson or Levis that's the conversation well do we see that someone then traded up to three i know i just throughout the Texans maybe traded up to three to go get an edge rusher does someone say okay we got to go get Richardson or Levis to let me move up into three and then what i predicted a month ago which i then moved off of ends up coming true that we have four quarterbacks in the first four picks you said it on the air about an hour and a half ago when the first report came out that that with the titans rumored to trade to number three was gonna be for CJ Stroud i think you're right i don't think they're going to trade up to number three to get Anthony Richardson another team though i don't think so i don't think there's another team that's going to be excited enough to make that big jump all right well may not have to be a big jump maybe it's someone in the top eight that says okay we'll move up to three to go get a quarterback we'll take a time out from Kansas City when we come on back it's the first round of the 2023 NFL draft with yours truly Zach Gelb along with JR and Andrew Perloff each and every pick we get the party started from Kansas City next
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