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Are The Jets In Danger Of Missing The Playoffs (Hour 4)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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April 24, 2023 10:15 pm

Are The Jets In Danger Of Missing The Playoffs (Hour 4)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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April 24, 2023 10:15 pm

Ross Tucker, Ross Tucker podcast l Jets more likely to miss the playoffs or win the AFC East? l Closing Bell


Our number four of our radio program, that's right, it is the Zach Gelb show coast to coast on CBS Sports Radio.

Let's head out to the guest line right now. Welcome in a former NFL offense. Lyman does a great job as an analyst for Westwood One Sports where he covers the NFL. You can always check out his very popular podcast, the Ross Tucker Football Podcast.

And as always with Ross Tucker, we'll talk about a great gift idea, Ross, how you been my friend? Zach, I am fantastic.

I love talking with you. You know how proud I am of everything you've accomplished. And this is going to sound weird, but I saw you on TV last night.

Did you really? My wife and I finally finished the Manti Teau documentary. And by the way, I saw myself on TV last night too, because I'm in the part two. So we watched part two. Listen, we got two little girls.

We got a bunch of activities. We don't watch much TV, but I knew I was in it. I heard I was in so I had to watch it. So I saw the part where you're sitting at the table with Manti before the Heisman and you ask him a question and then there's the part with me. So yeah, I saw you on Netflix last night. I bet you people don't tell you that very often. Well, now we're in an exclusive fraternity together.

We get no residuals from that. So I guess you're still buying dinner next time. Yeah, I was wondering about that. Don't they have to ask for my permission to use that or something? What's the deal?

I would assume so, but I guess not. I'll just take the plug in the documentary. So I'm good with that. Let me start you off with this draft coming up on Thursday and I'll be in Kansas City hosting the CBS Sports Radio draft coverage. We know that the Panthers are going to take Bryce Young first overall.

I think that's the right pick or are you in the same boat there? Thousand percent. Yeah, I never understood when the Panthers first made the trade and the conversation revolved around, you know, TJ Stroud.

I just didn't get it, Zach. I mean, TJ Stroud is a really good player, but I don't know, man. Alabama's on national TV every week. I watched every game they played seemingly the last couple of years. Has he ever had a bad game? I mean, even even when Alabama lost, it was never his fault. He just has an incredible knack for making the right play at the right time.

And Stroud's a good player as well. But Zach, I mean, for the last couple of years. First of all, two years ago, a lobby and Garrett Wilson were so open. Most of the time it was embarrassing. It was like a lobby would score a touchdown on a post with no reason, 20 yards of them. And then this year it was like every time, you know, what hit the fan, he would just throw it to Harrison Jr. Who would make a ridiculous catch.

They're all offensive line at Ohio State's awesome. I just think, you know, I think it was good to see Bryce Young have to deal with even more adversity this year without having a dominant O-line or dominant receiving core. It only kind of enhanced, you know, my thoughts on him. Well, it just shows you how in the moment it is because for the last two years, you're exactly right. Bryce Young is the much better quarterback. And then there was that push after the Ohio State game up against Georgia for Stroud to usurp Young.

But it's almost like people forgot. Cause I agree with everything you just said, Ross Tucker. Bryce Young this year did not have a lot of great weapons.

CJ Stroud did, but two years ago in the SEC title game, Bryce Young did go 26 of 44 for 421 yards and three passing touchdowns, one rushing touchdown against a Georgia defense that was probably better two years ago than the one this past year. I totally agree. Absolutely.

Totally agree. I'm a huge Bryce Young guy. That would be the guy I would trust with the keys to the franchise. I mean, I'll go get it another way, Zach. You know, I like college football and recruiting and stuff, you know, good.

You have to be to be five, 10 and a quarter, 175 pounds in Alabama gives you a full scholarship. I mean, do you have any other like, or to start for two years there or even be in consideration for them one pick? I mean, he's just that good.

He really is that good. And I think Carolina's doing the right thing. The intrigue Ross Tucker for this draft starts with the second pick.

It seems like it changes each and every day. Today, the betting favorite is what Levis said to for the last week and a half. Everyone said that the Texans are going to pass on a quarterback. What do you think the Texans will actually do at two once Bryce Young goes off the board at one? Tough to tell. There is no way that the Houston Texans come out of this draft without a quarterback in the first round.

I just don't see it. So if they don't get one at two, Zach, think about putting the pressure on yourself to have to trade back up to get the guy you want, unless they're willing to sit there at 12 and hope somebody falls to them. I do not think they'll take Will Levis. I actually think Will Levis is going to drop. I think Will Levis is going to fall. I mean, like, if you're looking for a guy with high upside based on his physical ability, aren't you going to take Anthony Richardson?

If you're looking for a guy that's more polished and more ready as a passer now, aren't you going to take C.J. Stroud? You know what Will Levis is? Don't use this, Zach.

I'm going to use this. Will Levis is Kmart. And there's nothing wrong with Kmart. There's nothing wrong with Kmart. There's nothing wrong with Kmart.

Okay? But if you wanted the cheapest price, you went to Walmart. If you wanted something a little bit nicer, you went to Target.

That's why Kmart's not around anymore. You don't want to be in the middle. Will Levis is not the highest upside guy, and he's not the most polished guy. Do you think they're fine if they don't take a quarterback with two? And I agree with you.

I don't love Will Levis. If he's still there at 12, maybe it's a different conversation. But if they're waiting at 12, it makes me think, and I would never have thought that this guy was going to go this early in the draft, but is Henson Hooker then in play for them at 12? Has to be. That has to be a consideration.

Now, listen. Because you know he'll be there. Yeah, well, Casario saw what happened with the Patriots and Mac Jones, right? Which is, I don't think the Patriots love Mac Jones.

They never traded up for him. People thought he was going to go higher and higher, and he was there, and they're like, OK, well, we'll take him. And I think Casario thinks, you know what? I don't know anybody's really going to take Levis. I don't know who's going to take Richardson that higher shroud. We can sit at 12 and one of these guys will fall to us.

I think that is a possibility. Because I do think Levis, there's a chance he falls. And I think maybe Casario is on the hot maybe Casario is on the hot seat a little bit. Because there's been rumors and maybe you think I got to get a stud player that helps us win more games this year in Anderson. And then there's there's pros and cons of all these quarterbacks.

Let's just take the one that comes to 12 or will go down for 12 to 12. And then they got enough ammo they can move back up if they're if a guy gets within range that is a guy they really like. You also wonder, and I know this is a tricky game to play, Ross Tucker, if maybe they just pass a quarterback altogether in the first round.

And I know what you just said about the hot seat. Maybe the D'Amico Ryan's timeline resets things for Casario as well. And maybe they're back in the top five next year and they go get Williams or May. You know, I hear people say that. It's a tough game to play. Yeah, I mean, what are you gonna do?

Have a really bad season so you get number one pick? They just did that, Zach. And then they blew it the last week. They just said that. Didn't we just do this?

Yeah, pretty much. And then they told, Lovey Smith knew he was gonna be fired. Lovey Smith's like, all right, I'm gonna go win this game. I'll show those guys. Think about the impact that that wins by Lovey Smith might have on that franchise.

I mean, it's unbelievable. A few more on the quarterbacks, Ross Tucker, then we'll explore elsewhere in the draft. Who do you think the Colts are gonna end up getting F4? We know it's gonna be a quarterback. The question is who? This is another one. I find it so interesting that there's all these, Will Levitz is the odds on favorite at two, all these rumors about Will Levitz at four to the colt. I don't know, man. I can see Steichen going for Anthony Richardson.

I really can. I can see Steichen if he likes the way Richardson's wired. And everything I'm hearing is that people really do like the way that he's wired.

You know, his personality, his football character. I think Steichen gets him and says, I'm putting them on the Jalen Hurts program. We run the ball a bunch early till he gets settled in as a passer.

Then we throw it a little bit more. I mean, Steichen just kind of did this. He has the template, Zach, with Jalen Hurts. Ross Tucker, if let's just say Richardson doesn't go in the first four picks, I think Seattle and Detroit make very intriguing destinations because they're not bad teams. They're just here because it trades and they have a quarterback each now, but no one probably believes they're a franchise quarterback.

And all you hear is Richardson's development. If Richardson's still there at five or six, do you think either Seattle or Detroit would pull the trigger? I tend to think one of them will. Yeah, I do.

I really do, Zach. I don't know which one, but I think one of them is going to say, you know, we hope to not be drafting up here again anytime soon. They, you know, the Seahawks made the playoffs. The Lions probably should have. They both, in my mind, are projected playoff teams this year.

Yeah. This now look, they could look at the other way, Zach, and they can say Phillies coming back to the past a little bit. We get a difference making player here. Maybe we make a run. You know, maybe we make a playoff run, but the chance to get a guy that has that kind of upside at that position while you already have another guy in place and you're still going to have a good team and you can make a smooth transition.

I think that is awfully tempting. Now they're both in the NFC, but you still have to look at this thing as like, who do you have to beat to win the Superbowl? Patrick Mahomes or Joe Burrow or Josh Allen? Like you better have a guy that can really, really, that has big time upside at that position. Ross Tucker, when you look at the Raiders, not necessarily what they're going to do at seven, there's some thought that maybe they go quarterback, but if they do go quarterback, like I just wonder what direction they're going in because they just brought in Jimmy G. It almost makes me think if they draft a quarterback at seven, probably not going to play right away, but then shouldn't they have just kept Derek Carr for another season? I don't get what direction the Raiders as an organization are just moving in. No idea what they're doing. Yeah.

And I always say that. I mean, I, I am thoroughly confused. I mean, how about you give Derek Carr that contract, you give them more money and then you trade them or you give Darren Waller that contract and then you trade them. I mean, you want to talk about a poor job of self scouting. The Raiders are given out contracts to guys before they've played a down form and then decided they don't like them and then getting rid of them. I mean, it, it's not, it's not good. It's not a good look for that franchise. And then they bring in Jimmy G. Is he an upgrade over Derek Carr?

I don't think so. I mean, I'm looking at them. How did they get better this year? I don't really see them getting better. They've gone out of their way to say that, you know, at some point they're going to get the long-term answer at that position. It's like, they're trying to talk to a guy like Mark Davis through the media. And I think they're trying to buy time. I think they're trying to buy time and see if they can get a quarterback next year.

Ross Tucker Eagles at 10. Will they take Bijan Robinson if he's available? Because I've been advocating that they should.

I would be very, very surprised if they did that. And I do not agree with you or the other people suggesting they should do that. I'll tell you why.

There's a few reasons. Number one, the guy that got the most money, there was a bunch of free agent running back this off season. The guy that got the most money was Miles Sanders. He basically got beat out in the playoffs by Kenny Gainwell. I mean, he got out snapped and outplayed in the playoffs by Kenny Gainwell. So the guy that Carolina said, that's our guy, highest paid running back free agent this off season, the Eagles pretty clearly in the playoffs, those games are kind of important beside a gain.

Well was more effective. They have Mr. Reliable in Boston, Scott, and then two other things that Rashad Penny is a stud, but he's never heard of. Penny is a first round caliber running back. Now we know the caveat. If he stays healthy, he hasn't been able to, it's a lottery ticket.

I get it. But why would you, why would you block that lottery ticket? You have to, and there's other guys that could get like a four net. Like if they need to get another running back later, they can, but they've got two guys that they know they can count on and Scott and Gainwell, and then Penny's the lottery ticket.

I just think they're much more likely to get O-line, D-line, corner. The other problem with Bijan Robinson, look, Zach, you know, I do the Eagles preseason games. I would love if they signed, if they dropped to Bijan. I love saying Bijan. It just sounds nice, like Bijan, Bijan.

It's awesome. But the other thing is you're paying the guy pretty darn good money up there. I mean, you're already making him like a top six or seven paid running back. Whereas Rashad, Penny's making like the minimum.

I mean, they, they're not in a position now where they can spend, it's not even the draft choice as much as the money that Bijan would get in my mind. Last thing I'll ask you before my front page story is wrapping up with Ross Tucker. So we talked about the quarterbacks. We talked about Bijan Robinson, your love for saying his first name outside of the quarterback and then Bijan Robinson, but who were some players that you just really love in this draft when you watch all the tape? Yeah, well, I still love Will Anderson.

You know, this is one of my soapbox items, Zach, but it like drives me crazy. I mean, I've seen Peter King out on his mock draft, you know, this morning that, that Will Anderson might not go till six. So you're telling me that guy. It reminds me a lot like Kayvon Thibodeau last year. It's like prospect fatigue when you hear so much about someone.

Then we all of a sudden we start to fall and then they don't actually fall. But Zach, he would have been the number one pick last year. Yeah, I agree. But the guy's going to lose 10 plus million dollars because he had to go back to school for another year. He didn't get hurt.

Didn't play bad like that. That's nuts to me. The other guy I love is Peter Skowronski. And number one, I love him as a player just because he's part of like the short arm posse, but he still gets it done. But also like, I mean, Peter Skowronski, like, what's that guy going to do if he doesn't make it in football? Sounds like a perfect fit for the Bears. He really does. Well, I mean, look, he's not going to be a doctor. Nobody's going to go see Dr. Skowronski.

I mean, you know what I mean? Like, he's got to make it as a pro football player. You know, nobody's going to that guy for anything else.

He's got to be a football player. He's going to do it. I love that. I absolutely love that.

All righty. Tell me, every time you come on, you talk about My Front Page Story. It's a great gift idea.

You've been talking about this with me for years. But if people have not been on the My Front Page Story push, why should they get on board? Well, because Mother's Day is coming up and everybody driving around right now. I know you haven't even thought about Mother's Day, let alone gotten your mom or your wife a Mother's Day gift. I'll make it real easy for you.

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They write the most unbelievable story about them. It's framed pictures of her and the kids. Maybe you, looks like it's on the cover of the newspaper when she gets it and reads the quotes like, I just don't thank her enough for everything she does for the family. She's the best mom ever.

Like she will cry. So Zach, tell your listeners to use the code CBS10. I'll even give the Zach Gelb crew. I'll give you guys 10% off. CBS10 at If it's not the best Mother's Day gift you ever give her, I will be shocked.

Absolutely love it. Just one more quick one before we let you run, Ross Tucker. We know the team that you started your football career off with. It looks like they're close to being sold.

I'm sure there'll be a few hiccups along the way. Just as a former player of that organization, just how are you feeling? Because all pride with that team has just been lost throughout the years because of Daniel Snyder.

Totally thrilled. Yeah, I mean Zach, I started my career there and finished it. 01 Schottenheimer, went to four other teams, came back 07 Gibbs, and then retired in 2008. Zach, I know you're a younger guy, but you still remember.

2001, man, my rookie year. FedEx Fields was rocking. There was like a 40,000 people season ticket waiting list. It was awesome to be a player on that team in that area back then.

I go do games there now. It's unbelievable. I've never seen, and this is a good talk show topic, so maybe you can get some people to call in. I've never seen a greater erosion of a fan base in professional or, I mean, maybe the Oakland A's. I don't know, but in a 20 year period, you go to a game now, half the stadium's full, and even the half that's there, half of them are on the other team.

Exactly. It's a dump of a stadium too. They literally take a dump on their fans with the sewage. It's horrible.

My sister lives down there. My nieces and nephew, they don't even watch the game. They couldn't even tell you who plays. They lost the whole generation, Zach.

They really did. 100%. He's Ross Tucker. Ross, always great to catch up with you, and we'll track down Netflix to make sure we get those residuals, all right? I love it.

Thanks so much, Zach. And then a conditional 2024 second round pick that becomes a first if Rogers plays 65% of the plays this upcoming season. The Jets in 2023, this is our poll question today, with Darren Rogers will be in the Super Bowl, win the AFC East, be a wildcard team, or miss the playoffs. 5.9% say be in the big game. 10.8% win the AFC East.

Be a wildcard teams at 53.2% and miss the playoffs is at 30%. Hickey, I'm surprised, not that I think they'll win the AFC East. I still go with Buffalo, but I am surprised that number is only at 10.8%.

Don't get me wrong. The right answer here is be a wildcard team, and I'm a little bit surprised that not more people on this poll, a little bit down on the bills, because I got a sense with the way that everyone was on Buffalo this year and then Buffalo did not meet those expectations and regress. I anticipated now with another big time quarterback in that division that some people would have put their belief in Rogers and the Jets. Not that I'm saying I would do that, but I thought that would be a little bit more than 10.8% of the vote.

I thought that that number was going to be like 20% when I put out this poll question. I think it has to do with not a lot of people being sold that this Jets team is just going to be one of the best in the AFC. It's partly how tough the AFC is, and it's also partly you see how Aaron Rodgers has played in big moments lately. Not a lot of reason to believe that he's going to come in here to New York and light it up and all of a sudden lead them to being one of the best teams in the league. Even last year, I know there's some injuries part of it as well, but with a younger, newer cast, especially receiver, it's like it clicked right away. It's like it really worked and outside of Allen Lazard, that's exactly what he's going into.

Brand new receivers, a lot of them on the younger side, he's never worked with before. So when we look at the AFC, the NFC, and you talk about potential playoff spots, like if you asked me today, Bills win the AFC East, Bengals win the AFC North, Jaguars win the AFC South, and the Kansas City Chiefs win the AFC West. I would go repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat in my division winners, even though that always does not happen. But then you're looking at the wildcard spots, not that he's an elite quarterback because he can't stay healthy, but you have Tua-Tunga Violoa under consideration for a wildcard spot. You have Aaron Rodgers under consideration for a wildcard spot. Assuming Lamar Jackson stays under consideration for a wildcard spot. Deshaun Watson in contention for a wildcard spot. I think the Steelers are in contention for a wildcard spot, but you can't put Kenny Pickett in the same class of those other quarterbacks yet.

No one else really in the AFC South, I don't trust Tennessee entering this season. And the AFC West, you got Herbert. And then I'd also say Russell Wilson in consideration. It's kind of crazy, assuming, right, Watson gets back to form. We'll see if Wilson can get back to form, but those are a lot of enormous names. And there's going to be some quarterbacks that miss out on the playoffs out of those enormous names that I just gave you. Where then you look at the NFC, it's like, it's Jalen Hurts in terms of top quarterbacks of the NFC, and then everybody else. Like Dak Prescott's good. He's done nothing for me in the postseason outside of beating a bad Bucs team.

I can't tell you that Daniel Jones, even though he played well last year, and we'll see what other moves the Giants make, I can't tell you that I have a lot of confidence in Daniel Jones in the playoffs. You look at Jared Goff, solid quarterback. I know he's got to a Super Bowl. Lions can win that division, but I can't tell you have enormous amount of confidence in Jared Goff. Kirk Cousins, really good regular season quarterback, but he had that terrible decision to TJ Hockinson late in that playoff game this year. Justin Fields, that team's not ready to go make the playoffs. Tampa Bay, I mean, you look at the NFC South, like I guess right now would be Derek Carr or with the Saints, but you don't feel good about any of those quarterbacks. And then the NFC West, yeah, Gena Smith played well this year, really well, but how much regression is there going to be there, if at any at all? The Niners, I don't know who he's even going to be playing quarterback there. One moment Trey Lance getting dealt, the next moment Sam Darnell may be starting week one.

We don't even know when Brock Purdy's going to be ready. The Rams, I know they get Safford back, but that team, they have one foot in, one foot out. And Kyler Murray, I don't know when he's going to come back. It's kind of crazy how many great or very, very, very good names are in the AFC compared to the NFC, where it's like the only quarterback I have a lot of confidence in in the regular season and the postseason in the NFC is actually Jalen Hurts.

And like outside of that, it's who? Like it's not crazy to say, Hickey, that right now, and I know you can make the case for Safford, but I just don't believe in that team. When you look at the individual quarterback and then his team, it's not crazy to say that Kirk Cousins may have the best situation in the NFC in terms of the individual quarterback that you believe in and the construction of the team. And he may not even win his division, because I can equally make the case that the Lions will end up winning. The Lions will end up winning that division. And it just goes to show you, like when we get to that Lamar Jackson conversation, even though I'm now thinking that Lamar will be back with the Ravens this year, if you're Lamar and your true goal is to win a Super Bowl, the NFC is right out there for the taking. For right now, the AFC, it is going to be a dogfight to get into the postseason.

Absolutely. That's why when you look at the poll you put out there, the majority of people, just over 50% said the Jets are a wildcard team. You're in that boat, I'm in that boat. But you look at the second then highest option at 30%, it's missed the playoffs. So it also goes through how deep the AFC, even with Aaron Rodgers now going to the Jets, most people are saying wildcard.

And then the second biggest majority say, I'm not gonna miss the playoffs. Where do you think they're closer to? The Jets, we both say wildcard team, right? So that's kind of in the middle of the AFC. Are they closer to the Bills in the top or are they closer to missing the playoffs next year? It's a great question because you could argue that you may only think they're a game or two behind the Bills. And then I can also equally just as argue them missing the playoffs. And if you don't win your division, then you look at getting in the hopper of those wildcard teams, you're probably right.

It's probably more so missing the playoffs. But you look how great that defense is, not that 85 bears, but they have a really, really good defense with sauce Gardner and Quinn and Williams just for starters. And that was a team that had seven wins last year with literally no quarterback play. Like people had to talk up Mike White actually being this good quarterback. Mike White's not a good quarterback.

Mike White's not a starting quarterback in this league, but that's how bad Zach Wilson was. So if you put Aaron Rodgers on this team, which now it's gonna be that way, I got to think they at least get three more wins. I got to think that. But you're probably right. It's probably more missing the playoffs than winning that AFC East.

I was just surprised the number was that low at 10 point whatever percent of the votes it was. But you're not wrong because if I'm right on that, the Bills, Bengals, Jaguars, and Chiefs end up winning the division. Like we've seen before team in the AFC, this is going back to 2008, winning 11 games and missing out on the playoffs.

We've seen that before. Now I'm not telling you it's going to be that strong because it seems like two years ago I was like, Oh, the AFC West is the greatest thing of all time. And then all last year was AFC West is the greatest thing of all time.

And there's always some stinkers when you don't expect it. But for those three wildcard spots, if I'm right on the four division winners, Bills, Bengals, Jaguars, Chiefs, like the teams that you're looking for in the wildcard spots, just going division by division, Dolphins, Jets. I don't think the Pats make the playoffs. I didn't make it last year, but with Belichick, you always put them in consideration. Ravens, Steelers, Browns, Justin Jacobs of the AFC South, and the AFC West, Chargers, Broncos.

I don't believe in the Raiders. That's tough to pick three. Like if I asked you right now, Hickey, if I had to give three, my three would be the Jets, just the wildcards, in no order, the Jets, the Chargers.

And I'll have a fun one here. I would go Pittsburgh. I like the defense.

I like what they did this off season. I think Kenny Pickett has a big step this year, but you could tell me any three you want and I can't really crush you for it. Like, who would your three be right now? We know you'll double, triple, quadruple down in the Broncos.

I'm sure. In no order. The Broncos are definitely one of the three along with the Chargers and the Jets.

Okay. Now, Marco, right now, if I had to ask you, if let's say we were assuming the Bills, Bengals, Jaguars, and Chiefs win the division, who would your three wildcard teams be right now inside the AFC? Definitely would be the Jets. I would say I would say the Chargers because I don't believe in that team at all. You don't believe in the coach. I don't believe in that team. Okay. Even Herbert needs to step up.

There's spots where, as good as he is, there's been plenty of situations where he could have got them over the top and he hasn't. Ravens. Ravens. I can't crush you for that one either. Now, you give me the argument, and I'm going to tell you, I'm going to tell you, I'm going to tell you, I'm going to tell you, I can't crush you for that one either.

Now, you give me the argument, and it's funny. Ironically, I was bringing up how I don't think the gap in this poll should be as big as what it is with 53.4% say be a wildcard team and then only 10.8% say win the AFC East. And then there's two other options, 29.9% missed the playoffs and 5.9 being the Super Bowl. I know that you've been pretty down on the Bills. You tell me why you would pick the Jets to beat the Bills right now to win that AFC East. I'm starting to wonder if the Bills have taken too many cracks.

There's only so many chances that you get. As good as Josh Allen is, they still have not been able to figure out all their same problems because it's the same thing every year. They have no running game. That's no consistent running game.

They constantly use Josh Allen in the running game. Their defense has gotten progressively worse over the last few years. It seems to me like they may have taken so many swings and they've just missed. And I can see them having a little bit of a down year because at the end of last year and we saw in the playoff game, Stephon Diggs, players are now starting to grumble. Why haven't we gotten over the top? Why haven't we gotten over the top? And sometimes that can wear on you because they walk into every season now with not only Super Bowl expectations but a guarantee of winning the division and setting yourself up and it's only a question of home field.

Sometimes the weight of that can be unbearable if you start the year a little slow. And if you've got a Jet team that is very good, very hungry, and really as much as Aaron Rodgers is there, still somewhat flying under the radar. Because here we go with a four-time MVP and what are we saying?

He's old. The Jets are the Jets. They can never get over the top. They'll be lucky to be a wild card. I can see this changing.

I really can. The other thing that I will just say real quickly is it's weird because we sometimes do this with the NBA where it's like, oh the regular season doesn't matter for a team like the Bucks a few years ago. It's events you got to get over the hump in the playoffs.

Right. In the NFL, it's tough to say the regular season doesn't matter when you play this vicious of a sport. But you do kind of go into this year with the Bills where I expect them to win the AFC East, but it's like you can't get too high on Buffalo with whatever they do in the regular season because you eventually have to see them get to the Super Bowl in the AFC.

And last year, I know two years ago they choked away that game in the vision around, but really last year was the first year with Super Bowl or bust and they didn't meet those expectations, didn't come close to me these expectations. It's now like, all right, whatever you do in the regular season, you're not going to get credit for. You're only going to get credit for if you win the three, four games, whatever it takes in the playoffs. You're listening to the Zach Gelb show.

That's my emotions right now. Rangers up 2-0 in the series after two games. Hickey, of course, had to do the Hickey Hex in Game 3, guaranteeing Mika Zabanejad to score the game-winning goal in overtime. And Mraz, who guaranteed that the season was over or the series was over after they went up 2-0, he's the Mraz Mush because now it's 2-2. Like what the heck happened here at CBS Sports Radio? We have a producer in Ryan Hotte, Hickey was just a hex, you know, a little Hickey Hex.

And Mraz, who just leads the Mraz Mush. Now it's 2-2. And you know what's trouble here, Hickey? We have the draft coverage on Thursday night in the middle of Game 5 that I'm anchoring and you're the lead producer for. So that's going to be tough to try to watch the Rangers when it's 2-2. And we're hosting the draft stuff on CBS Sports Radio. But here we are. All right, let's get to the closing bell. Another day is in the books and we're taking stock of the sports world. It's time to find out who's up and who's down. Let's end the day right and hit the closing bell.

Only on the Zach Gelb Show. All righty, let's look last night on the ice. Yesterday, Hurricanes had a chance to go up 3-1.

They convert. Islanders go down after taking game number three. So this series is now at three games to one. Hurricanes win 5-2.

Sebastian Ajo with a goal and two assists. Let's hear him score to make the game 3-0. This is courtesy of the Hurricanes Radio Network.

So give a stock up to the Hurricanes. They are one win away from moving on to round number two. The Stars and Wild. Dallas ties up this series at two games apiece.

Ottinger, the netminder for Dallas, was just tremendous and made a big save late to prevent that game from going to overtime. Let's hear Tyler Sagan get the goal to make it 3-1 in the third. This is courtesy of the Stars Radio Network.

Down the left wing. Ben for Sagan. He shoots. He scores. Tyler Sagan, his second power play goal set up from Ben and Dallas is back up by two.

So two goals for Sagan. Ottinger makes the 32 saves. This series is all tied up at two after the Stars win 3-2. Give a stock up to Pete DeBoer's squad and the Dallas Stars. No highlight here.

Don't know how we don't get this to the system, but okay. Bruins go up 3-1 in the series. Bruins beat the Panthers 6-2 after Boston did drop game two. They continue to look like their old selves in Florida and now they're up 3-1 in this series.

Give a stock up to the team with the most points and the most wins in the league. And finally in the hockey world, what a game last night between the Oilers and the Kings. I was at a game this year where the Rangers are up by three goals. They ended up losing to the Oilers. The Oilers last night were down 3-0, just like how the Rangers were up 3-0 at one point.

Up three goals this year. So the Kings are up 3-0 after one period and then quickly in the second, the Oilers came storming back to get two goals and then right before the end of the second, Leon Dryseidel net his second goal of the game to make it 3-3. This game going into the third sees the Kings take the lead and then the Oilers tie it up and Zach Hyman in overtime gets the game winner. As you do have the Edmonton Oilers going down three nothing early, coming back and winning to tie up this series at two games apiece. Let's listen up to the Oilers, Raider Network. Deadlocked at four, Edmonton has never led. Hyman left wing for the win.

He shoots and scores. Zach Hyman, this game is over. This series is tied. 5-4 Edmonton in overtime. Gives Zach Hyman to stock up.

We all know that the Nuggets are going to go on to win the series but the Timberwolves send it back to Denver down three games to one. Anthony Edwards was phenomenal in the game last night. 34.6 rebounds in three blocks. It's just so fun to watch. Give Anthony Edwards a stock up.

Alright now to the negatives. Donovan Mitchell only two points in the second half yesterday. Knicks on the verge of advancing now up three games to one.

102-93. Give a stock down to Donovan Mitchell. And the Sacramento Kings.

How quickly momentum could change in a series. You lose game three as expected. You have a chance of most wins on the road this year in the Western Conference. To get this series 3-1 going back to Sacramento.

You finally look young in this series and Steph Curry then calls a timeout when he doesn't have one. You have Fox make a big three. It goes down to a one point game. Barnes gets the ball. Squares up from three and it's no good and now we don't even know if De'Aaron Fox is going to be able to play in game five.

Listen as doubtful with the broken finger. Now ugly with the Warriors in a best of three. This is all tied up at two games apiece.

Give a stock down to the Sacramento Kings. And finally I'm going back to the positive. The fact that we are near the finish line in this Aaron Rodgers deal is absolutely awesome. And I got to give credit to both sides because it ends up being what I think is a pretty fair deal with all the nonsense that did go down in the negotiations the last few weeks. But Adam Schefter says the Jets get Rodgers pick 15 and a 2023 fifth round pick. The Packers are getting back the 13th pick in this year's draft. 2023 second round pick which is 42nd overall. Sixth round pick this year and then a conditional 2024 second round pick that becomes a first if Rodgers plays 65 percent of the plays.

Good job by both sides. Give the Jets and the Packers a stock up. Alrighty and that will conclude the Zach Gelb show on this Monday. We'll be back tomorrow at 6 p.m eastern 3 p.m pacific. We're going to do a little double whammy in one interview. We're going to have Bart Winkler and Ryan Horvat on who are big Packers fans.

We'll get their reaction on knowing that pretty much the end of the Rodgers era knowing what they're getting back is finally here. And also joining us in studio another day closer to the NFL draft. We go out to Kansas City on Wednesday. We'll do our show 6 to 10 p.m eastern. Then we'll do the live draft show Thursday and Friday.

We'll have Heisman Trophy winner and three-time Pro Bowler Carson Palmer joining us in studio coming up tomorrow. Alrighty that's all the time we have today. We'll talk to you manana. Hickey great job as always. Thank you very much and we will talk on a Tuesday. We out. Bye-bye. Peace.
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