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Top 10 NFL Mock Draft (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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April 24, 2023 9:06 pm

Top 10 NFL Mock Draft (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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April 24, 2023 9:06 pm

The annual Zach Gelb Show Top 10 Mock Draft invites reporters that cover the Panthes, Texans, Cardinals, Colts, Seahawks, Lions, Raiders, Falcons, Bears and Eagles to make their predictions for how the top 10 picks will go!

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We do this each and every year. It's time for the Zach Gelb Show 2023 NFL Top 10 Mock Draft.

Enough with all the speculation and chaos. It's time for the only mock draft that matters. The 2023 Zach Gelb Show Top 10 Mock Draft on CBS Sports Radio in three, two, one.

That's what I'm talking about. 10 picks, 10 experts. Let's get to it right now. The Carolina Panthers, as we know, moved up to the first overall pick. The Bears did fall back to nine. The 10 teams in order, Panthers, Texans, Cardinals, Colts, Seahawks, Lions, Raiders, Falcons, Bears, and the Eagles, will kick things off with the number one pick with the Carolina Panthers. With the first pick, the Carolina Panthers select Bryce Young, quarterback, Alabama. Here now Bryce looks, throws the out route in the end zone.

He's got a touchdown Alabama. So Bryce Young going to the Carolina Panthers first overall. That is Joe Person's pick who covers the Panthers for the athletic. Joe, I know you've been all over the Panthers moving up to one right when the news did break. There was an initial thought that it was going to be CJ Stroud throughout the process. It looks like it's changed to Bryce Young.

How close of a decision was this actually? You know, I think they were comfortable with both of those guys because I've reported and others have that they were potentially even going to move up to number two if Chicago was going to work kind of a three team deal. As this process went on and the Panthers just spent more time around Bryce Young, a couple things happened. First of all, he was very impressive in his interviews with the Panthers. Then he did very well on this new test, not so new, but this S2 cognitive test that is sort of all the rage right now. He pretty much aced it 98 percentile and that is a big deal for Panthers owner David Tepper and others in the building.

Then plus, oh by the way, Bryce Young's got two years worth of really good tape in college football as premier cop. Do you think this is Frank Reich's first choice? Because all throughout this process, the feeling was just covering it from afar that Reich really did like CJ Stroud from what we were hearing.

That's how it felt to me too. It's a great question. They put up a unified front and it may very well be the case. Reich did tell us a few weeks ago, I know that's been out there about my history with bigger quarterbacks. He said, but I really truly have an open mind on this. It has also been pointed out that he didn't select the quarterbacks when he was offensive coordinator and quarterback coach. And even with the Colts, he never drafted a short quarterback or a big quarterback, that is to say. But he did seem to have a type, but Bryce Young is a pretty special player. I agree and I think Bryce Young is the right pick, Joe Persson, but from like we were saying, it seemed like a lot of people were saying Reich, Stroud, David Tepper, Bryce Young. Everyone keeps on asking the question, I don't know the answer to is who was Scott Fitterer's preference?

I guess with the thought that it's going to be Bryce Young, Fitterer then preferred Young, correct? Well, they also, listen, it's David Tepper's money and David Tepper's team. And he is an owner that makes himself very visible in the building. He is not a hands-off type of dude. I mean, not to the level of a Jerry Jones, but he's around a lot. And I think ultimately, they wanted to reach a consensus and presumably they did.

But your point's a good one. David Tepper, like we talked about how much analytics mean to him. They're one of only 15 teams that sign up for and have this contract with the SQ Cognition people. They feel very strongly about that, does David Tepper. And so does Scott Fitterer. He was asked about it last week. He said, look, we use it. So obviously we believe in it and Bryce Young.

And look, there's a pretty good history. Like the last seven years, it's been a pretty predictive test, both good and bad for how quarterbacks will process at the next level. So there you go, Bryce Young off the board, courtesy of Joe Person to the Carolina Panthers. Now the Houston Texans are on the clock. With a second pick, the Houston Texans select. Tyree Wilson, Edgerusher, Texas Tech. There he's got time again in the pocket. Now steps up, now thrown down. That's Tyree Wilson.

So there we go, a surprise. Tyree Wilson going number two overall. Sean Pendergast from Sports Radio 610 in Houston joins us right now making that selection. Sean, this has been all over the place in the projections for the Texans. One day they will take a quarterback, one day they won't take a quarterback. Why do you ultimately think the Texans will pass on a QB in this draft? I think they'll pass on a QB at two, but I think they may, you know, they still got that 12th pick that they got in the Deshaun Watson trade back, and they've got five picks in the top 73. They've got an extra first next year. So they've still got enough draft capital to maneuver around. I just think at two, I don't know that they necessarily like any of these quarterbacks outside of Bryce Young, who I think they love. I don't think they like any of these other guys enough to take it two, enough so that where there's Edgerushers there like Tyree Wilson and Will Anderson, that D'Amico Ryans can kind of get his version of Nick Bosa on this defense and get that side of the football jump started. We know they love Bryce Young, like you were saying. Why didn't they make the jump up from two to one with only one spot to go up?

Probably the price. You know, I think they went into that week 18 game against the Colts. You know, even though the rest of society said it was stupid to win that game, I know for a fact from owner on down, they wanted to win that football game. You can say what you will about whether that was a smart thing to do, but that was the fact of the situation. So I think they went into that game knowing that, hey, we could come out of this with the number two overall pick. And they may love Bryce Young, but they may not love Bryce Young enough to where he's, you know, Trevor Lawrence or Andrew Luck or anything like that. And they were comfortable with how the chips were going to fall.

I don't know. Ultimately, they're going to be right about that. But my guess is that the price was too high for Nick Casario to move up. And the fact of the matter is they've got so many holes to fill. They're not a team that can be just frittering away valuable high draft capital to move up one spot.

So let's say that you're right. They take a non quarterback at two and then they had that other first round pick, like you were saying at 12, whether that's staying put at 12 or moving up into the top 10 of the draft. Who do you think the target then is at quarterback for them? I would say Will Levis is a name to keep an eye on. I mean, we see the odds board move in his favor to be picked with the second overall pick, not necessarily by the Texans, just the second overall pick. You know, the Texans could still move that number two pick and move back in this draft.

So I think Levis is a name to keep an eye on. And I think Hendon Hooker is another name where they could actually probably use the 12th pick. He'll be there at 12, I would imagine, and just roll with Hendon Hooker at quarterback.

So I think those are two names. The other names, you know, CJ Stroud, obviously is the one that everybody talked about them taking it to my guess is he's probably not going to make it past the Colts at four. And I don't know that Anthony Richardson is a guy that's necessarily somebody the Texans are excited about drafting that high.

So I would say Levis and Hooker would be the two I keep an eye on. Now, Sean Pendergast here with us. This exercise is on who you think they will pick. So I'll ask you your personal opinion on the should part if they don't take a quarterback here at two. Do you think that's the wrong decision? Like if you've been on board that they should draft a quarterback at two? I think they should.

Yes, I do. I mean, I think they should. I think it's and some of it has to do with just the state of the fan base. I mean, this is a team if you watched any Texans games last year outside of Houston, God bless you. But if you did, then you saw a lot of empty seats. The seats that weren't empty were filled with a lot of fans from opposing stadiums. It shouldn't always be the reason why you make a pick.

But I do think that that should be kept in mind. And I think there's gonna be a lot of people on Thursday that when they don't if and when they don't take a quarterback with that second pick out at that draft party, there's going to be a big, I think, negative reaction to that, that they're gonna have to figure something out either through the rest of the day Thursday or probably sometime on Friday. So there you go. Sean Pendergast on behalf of the Texans via Sports Radio 610 takes Tyree Wilson. Joe Persson goes with Bryce Young. Let's get to the third pick and it's the Arizona Cardinals. With the third pick, the Arizona Cardinals elect Will Anderson, Edge, Alabama. Will Anderson one-on-one. The game up front. Anderson got to him again.

Waiting for the traffic to clear. Jesse Boykby also there and another sack for Alabama. So Darren Urban, Arizona Cardinals team reporter joining us. He goes with Will Anderson Jr., Bryce Young and Tyree Wilson already off the board one and two to the Panthers and Texans. I think Will Anderson may be the best player in this draft, Darren. When you go through the scouting process knowing what the team kind of looks at as well, give us your view and why you think if Anderson's there that they'll take him at three. Well, I mean, you've mentioned it that a lot of people think he might be the best player in the draft and I know Tyree Wilson has been kind of, his name has been riding up the list a little bit quickly here at the end, but here's a guy who probably would have been the number one overall pick in last year's draft had he come out and the Cardinals need an edge rusher and if you're talking about a guy who's got tremendous upside, who has by all accounts been considered a good teammate and locker room guy and then can give you that edge rush that they so desperately need, it just it seems like a no-brainer. Is there a shot here and I know we don't allow trades in this mock draft, but is there a shot and how likely do you think it is that maybe they trade back this pick at three? I think there's a large chance at that to be honest. If this plays out like this and there's a quarterback that goes one and Tyree Wilson goes number two, you would think that there would be a team that might want to come up to three to get the another quarterback and if that's the case, I do think the Cardinals are going to heavily consider that. Yes, Anderson is a great player and that would be somebody they would have to think about, but this roster has a lot of spots it needs upgrades with and I think if they could get a good trade-off and get some extra picks and move down not too far, they feel like that that would be beneficial to them. Darren Urban, do you anticipate DeAndre Hopkins to finally get dealt at some point this week with the draft here?

I think that's a great question. I mean that's something that we've all been considering for weeks now. If that's a possibility, you would think on draft weekend this would be the most likely time for it to happen if it's going to happen, but I'm not even a hundred percent sure it is going to happen.

So I guess there's even more drama going into the weekend when it comes to that. And also on the trade front, we know Buddha Baker has requested a trade. He still has two years left on that contract. How likely do you think it is that he'll get traded this week? I think Buddha's in a different situation than DeAndre Hopkins and to be honest, while I think they will continue to work with Buddha to make sure that he's in a better place mindset wise, I see him as a guy that's going to be on this team this season for the Cardinals. He's a guy that they need in the locker room and I think he's a guy that they need to try and build with going forward.

So there you go. The Cardinals get Will Anderson Jr. and this sets up an ideal scenario for the Colts. Once they could not move into the number one slot and they didn't to go get Bryce Young to have all the other quarterbacks there, let's see which QB Indianapolis Colts select. With the fourth pick, the Indianapolis Colts select. CJ Stroud quarterback, Ohio State. They bring late pressure.

It's picked up. Stroud wide down the middle. Touchdown.

So there you go. Our second quarterback off the board. Bryce Young did go one. CJ Stroud goes number four. Kevin Bowen is here with us.

1 0 7 5. The fan in Indianapolis. Take me through your thought process here, Kevin. A lot of people believe that Stroud's the second best quarterback in this draft.

Why'd you end up going with him at four? Yeah, I mean, first off, if you had told me hell a week ago that the Colts would be sitting here at four and they'd have, you know, three of the four quarterbacks, if you want to kind of boil it down to that on the board, that's pretty much a dream scenario for a franchise that has had no consistency at that position over the last handful of years. You know, Stroud, you know, when you use the phrase kind of ball placement specialist at the combine, I thought that was a pretty accurate description and it kind of fits the on-field consistency in terms of an on-field trait we've heard from Chris Bowden and Shane Steichen in this process of that accuracy. Obviously, a whole lot of smoke here lately. What do you believe?

What do you not believe? For me, it's hard to ignore what he did against Georgia. I realize Ohio State had a major talent discrepancy in their favor, you know, week in and week out, but what he did in that national semifinal game, I thought was pretty darn impressive. And again, if you get that trait where on a third and eight, that guy can deliver the ball exactly where you want it, to me, that's a really hard one to teach. So that's why it was Stroud over the other quarterback.

You mentioned that smoke. Will Levis is getting in a lot of places projected with the Indianapolis Colts. And then today you wake up and he's the betting favorite to be the second pick in the draft. Where does all this Will Levis hype come from, especially with in relation to the Indianapolis Colts?

Yeah, I'm a little surprised at how much hype there is. First off, I think the Colts are extremely tight-lipped. Have I heard that they have some interest in Levis?

Sure. Did a little bit of that talk happen before the hiring of Shane Steichen? Yeah, I mean, the Colts have been, again, extremely, you know, playing their cards very close to the vest here. So I think the NFL Pro systems that Levis has worked in would be something that you would want, you know, if you believe the F2 scores, how high that he did on that.

Obviously that's a box that you would like to check. I do think it's a pro that he transferred up and, you know, had success in the SEC. Obviously you can debate how much success he had, but I think that is something that you look at Jalen Hurts and other guys that may transfer. I think that's an important quality and projecting guys and dealing with adversity in the NFL and things like that. But again, to the level of, oh my gosh, you know, Peyton Manning speaks highly of Will Levis. That means the Colts are going to take him because Jim Mercy likes Peyton.

That seems a little bit overblown to me. Is there any shot here at four that they'll end up passing on a QB? Like I know in this exercise, Kevin Bowen, you had CJ Stroud available.

So it's a no brainer. What would have to happen for them to pass on a quarterback at four? Well, I, you probably risk Lucasola Stadium getting burned down by fans if you do that, but it is a fair question. I mean, if one of the rushers are there, you know, and you're going to say, Hey, here's a dozen sat guys for the next decade.

That's, that's a pretty good alternative. Again, I go back to the revolving door quarterback, the coach you just hired being such a quarterback centric guy, you know, banking on Caleb Williams or Drake May next year seems a little wishful thinking. So you don't go four 12 and one and have just such a clear, you know, need a quarterback. And I think ignore that sort of position.

Obviously it's not a slam dunk, but I mean, look at the ASC. I'm not saying these guys are going to turn into that, but you know, Herbert was in the top five, take Allen was in the top five, take my homes was in the top five states. So, you know, you don't have to just be number one overall and be super generational for you to work out. I think you look at the AFC, you look at the seven playoff teams from last year, all seven of those quarterbacks, you know, under the age of 27, if I'm not mistaken, I think all seven were drafted by the teams that made the playoffs as well.

You add up all that. I think the Colts realize they can't go bandaid anymore and they need to try and take a chance here at number four. Kevin Bowen, how upset were Colts fans that they didn't do what the Panthers did and traded up to the number one spot? Yeah, I think a little bit, I'm sure there's a little bit of jealousy of like, Oh man, Frank Wright gets to do that. And you know, he didn't go through that here. So I think that was part of it. You could probably make a fair argument that maybe the Colts couldn't offer what Carolina did. You know, I don't think Michael Pittman is that DJ Moore level. And, you know, Carolina has an additional second rounder from the McCaffrey trade.

The Colts don't have that. So it is a little bit different. But I think there is a little bit of bitterness and just like, boy, now you are, you know, walking into the gas station and you've got to have other people leave stuff on the shelf for you.

You're not necessarily walking in there and getting the first kind of outright pick at what is on that shelf. Obviously it's a big price and we'll see how many things are, you know, again, going to be left for them. Are they going to have to dodge one bullet, two bullets, three bullets?

I mean, now it seems like, you know, one, maybe two, but not necessarily at that three level. But obviously what Houston and Arizona do, you know, very much up in the air. Four picks down, six more to go. Bryce Young, Tyree Wilson, Will Anderson, CJ Stroud off the board to the Panthers, Texans, Cardinals, Colts. We'll find out how this top 10 mock draft continues when the Zach Gelb show returns in five minutes. 10 experts, 10 picks. Panthers, Joe Person goes with Bryce Young, Texans, Sean Pendergast, Tyree Wilson, Cardinals, Darren Urban, Will Anderson Jr. The Colts with Kevin Bowen goes with CJ Stroud. Now let's see for the Seattle Seahawks select.

With the fifth pick, the Seattle Seahawks select. Jalen Carter, defensive tackle, Georgia. Third and nine and Georgia's all over this one. It was Jalen Carter in the backfield.

He just can't do much with 88. So there you go, Curtis Crabtree, Fox 13 Seattle reporter does not have Jalen Carter falling that far and that makes your Rosen house happy because he remains in the top 10 and better for Drew in the top five. We know the off the field concerns Curtis with Jalen Carter. We know how the Seahawks get the benefit of the doubt with their culture under Pete Carroll and John Schneider. Why will this ultimately work for Jalen Carter entering 12th man territory? Well, they need defensive help.

He's the best player available and Pete Carroll's got an innate sense for an innate just driving himself to think that he can make players work and find the right way to handle them and coddle them and get the best out of them. You've seen that with a number of their additions throughout the years. I do think they might be a little gun shy on this selection because of what happened with Malik McDowell a few years back, a guy who had some red flags going into the draft and never played it down for them because he got his head smashed in on an ATV accident before the start of his career to keep going. But ultimately, if this school was even average defensively last year, they could have won 13 games. The offense did enough with Gio Smith. They need to get better on the defensive side of the ball, particularly on the interior, and I just don't know if they can pass on a guy with the talent feeling that Jalen Carter has. In this mock draft, Bryce Young and CJ Strad are already off the board.

Other than the number one pick, I really have no clue how this is going to shape up. With the extension to Gino Smith, does that automatically take them out of the running for a quarterback or is there a quarterback available that maybe you think, okay, Pete Carroll would take a QB at five? I think they would have to consider Richardson here because of the athletic skills, just like any team up there would have to. But he also is a guy who doesn't have much college playing experience. The last two guys to go on the top 10 with so little playing experience at quarterback were Mitch Trubisky and Trey Lance. And neither one of those guys have had great starts for their careers and Lance has had some injuries obviously too, but it's a pretty big project when you look at Richardson. And look, Pete Carroll, I don't get the sense he's close to hanging it up by any stretch, but he's also north of 70 years old. I don't know how long you have to make a long-term project play at quarterback work.

Gino Smith might be enough for them to go with if they can get the defense up to the level that they want it to be at, but it's going to have to be a consideration given his skills, his tools, his arm strength, his athleticism, all of that to consider a guy like Richardson. Second year as a starter for Gino Smith with the Seahawks in this new role in his long career, what are your expectations for him? Because some people think maybe there will be some regression from the Seahawks quarterback this year Curtis Crabtree. And that's fair because at times he did have throws that he made that were interceptable.

Some turnover worthy plays that didn't result in turnovers. He got some bit of luck on that front here this last year. So in that regard you could see that regress a little bit. That being said it's also the first playing experience he's had extendedly in seven years and you could also flip it and say okay well having learned that experience going back through playing again last year he could probably take a leap again and take a step forward having an extra year in the offense actually playing in the offense working with the pieces that he has around him.

So I think you could make an argument either way. If they can get somewhat similar production from Gino Smith as they did last year with an improved defense they could be a formidable team this year. So there you go Jalen Carter to the Seattle Seahawks. Let's go from the Seahawks taking Jalen Carter to find out what the Detroit Lions will do. With the sixth pick the Detroit Lions elect Christian Gonzalez defensive back Oregon takes a shot back. Shoulder and he's picked off. Intercepted by Christian Gonzalez. Picked six against his old team.

So there you go Stoney Michael Stone from 97.1 the ticket takes Christian Gonzalez defensive back out of Oregon. Stoney I have a feeling that Lions fans are really hoping that either Jalen Carter, Will Anderson or Tyree Wilson end up being there at six but in this exercise they're all off the board. Would that be disappointing if you're at six and one of those three players are not there?

For me personally it will be. We obviously believe that in Brad Holmes we trust so who knows. I personally because their biggest weakness I think is the interior of their defensive line. Look they could use healthy cornerback no doubt about it and yeah I would love Carter if he's there.

Who knows if he's even on their board. Anderson I think if he somehow falls to them is a no-brainer and I love Tyree Wilson as well but they're gone so you got to go. I don't think they're going to go quarterback although you know Gop you know could use a guy to learn under him but it's got to be cornerback and the reason I chose Gonzalez over Wetherspoon is he plays more man to man than say Devin Wetherspoon and that fits Aaron Glenn's style more although Wetherspoon is a great hitter.

I know you alluded to the quarterback conversation. Stroud's off the board right now if he's still there at six would they consider him would they take him and actually go quarterback at six or would it be a Richardson or a Levis you're more thinking if they go QB? I don't think they're going to go QB to me it would be it would be a wasted pick but if they do knowing Brad Holmes I mean he rolled the dice let me find out you know how how good or bad the Jameson Williams thing was last year.

You know Richardson or Levis would be a luxury if you're going to go by who's most ready to play and actually who's probably more like Goff it would be CJ Stroud but I just don't think they need a quarterback at this at this point where they are right now. I know Lions fans can rejoice today because the Rogers trade is official with him going to the Jets. A lot of people picking the Lions to now win this division either them or Minnesota what are your expectations this year for this squad?

Well expectations are good for the first time I mean you look at the betting lines everybody has the Lions most people winning the division I think they should they won nine games last year they should be better but there's a historic element in play Zach one playoff win since 1957 the old cliche you know same old Lions are they cursed it always seems to rear its ugly head just when you think things are going in the right direction if you take the historic element out of it I think they're on the right path to win the division. We go from the Lions taking Christian Gonzalez to let's see who the Raiders select at number seven. With the seventh pick the Las Vegas Raiders select Will Levis quarterback of Kentucky rides the play action has plenty of time to crank it up and go down field and into the end zone for a touchdown to the freshman Dane Key.

Will Levis how about that? So there you go our third quarterback off the board Vic Taffer you just heard to make that selection covers the Raiders for the athletic. Vic why do you think the Raiders go with Will Levis here? Well I'll say this first I think if he's there I think they're going to trade down I think someone will trade up for him and the Raiders definitely will trade down give them up uh Levis but if not I think you know it's good value for that spot I mean if you're picking that high it's where they have a chance to get what you think of your franchise quarterback you played a pro style offense in college I think you might be a good fit with such as McDaniels so I just think it's a best player available current deal even though they have so many defensive needs I think they'll either trade down from that spot or take a quarterback. I was thinking about this Vic if the Raiders do end up taking a quarterback and let's assume it's either Levis or Richardson a lot of people don't believe they'll be on the field in year one because of Jimmy Garoppolo it makes you wonder if you're going to be in a transition probably to another quarterback next year should they have just kept Derek Carr and waited a year from now to move on from Derek Carr?

No I think last year they kind of determined he wasn't really a fit for what they want to do in terms of the scheme and just um just the kind of the they say culture but I just think he wasn't the guy which they've kind of spent a year of money to find out so they want to move forward. Jimmy G is kind of a stopgap guy for the one or two years I think if these guys weren't available at seven like a defensive player and probably Jimmy G plays two years but now maybe they get levels at seven then they have to get one year for Jimmy G so I think he's a clearly a stopgap guy whereas Derek Carr I think is definitely a little better than that in terms of these guys right now. Vic Tafer how do you evaluate the Raiders off season? Do you think they got better or do you feel like some people out there that they got worse this past off season? It's hard to say it's hard to say they got better because you know they haven't really made a lot of impact signings on the defensive side of the ball which is their huge you know their huge holes they have a roster so I think this draft is important for them to get at least three starters on these sets but at this point I would say for him he wasn't really a fan so I think Jimmy G doesn't move the needle that much so I think it's kind of uh you want to see what they're doing on the building for the future and I think that involves his draft coming up a lot. Yeah I don't know what direction they're moving in right now people wonder how warm is the seat for Josh McDaniel and David Zeigler how would you answer that question?

Yeah I think it's very warm I think Mark Davis is trying to have patience I think they've kind of convinced him but especially when you see him move off their car that there is going to be some time I know it's kind of weird we have Mike's crowd speaking about the absence but I think they realize the roster overall it's not quite there yet so they're trying to make you know make these steps and for you to build up the gaps and now the draft to get some starters so I think it's not quite a playoff team yet but they have some great players and you never know what could happen. There you go Will Levis off the board to the Raiders so to recap the first seven picks in our Zach Gelb show top 10 mock draft Panthers Bryce Young Texans Tyree Wilson Cardinals Will Anderson Jr. Colts CJ Stroud Seahawks going with Jalen Carter Lions Christian Gonzalez and then the Raiders with Will Levis three more picks to go to wrap up the top 10. You're listening to the Zach Gelb show order order order enough with all the speculation and chaos it's time for the only mock draft that matters the 2023 Zach Gelb show top 10 mock draft on CBS sport radio in three two one and you can think about the auto parts where your car care needs get guaranteed low prices and excellent customer service from the professional parts people at O'Reilly auto parts three picks to go so far Panthers Bryce Young Texans Tyree Wilson Cardinals Will Anderson Jr. Colts CJ Stroud Seahawks Jalen Carter Lions with Christian Gonzalez and the Raiders just selecting Will Levis let's get to the eighth pick the Atlanta Falcons with the eighth pick the Atlanta Falcons select Bijan Robinson running back University of Texas it'll be Robinson and he finds a running lane what a sweet move to the second level and beyond touchdown Bijan Robinson so there you go John Michaels from 680 the fan has the Falcons taking Bijan Robinson out of Texas John my philosophy with running backs in the first round is if you're going to take one you better not have many holes on your roster that's the antithesis of this philosophy here when you go with the Falcons selecting Bijan why do you think the Falcons will make this pick at eight well I you know I look back at everything that they've done during the off season adding a bunch on the defensive side of the ball with defensive lineman and David Anya Mata and Kaleis Campbell Caden Ellis at linebacker making a trade for Jeffrey Okuda the offensive line was fairly set from a year ago and I really don't see outside of quarterback and potentially wide receiver any place that you have a real need pressing day one other than edge rusher Beth Edgers were off the board in your mock so I went with the best available player and I think Bijan Robinson has that ability we talk about a team like the Seahawks or the Lions maybe taking a quarterback here who would have to be available maybe John Michaels for the Falcons to you know consider taking a quarterback here at eight I think it would be CJ Stroud would be the one that would have to be available I'm not sure that whether it will Levis or Anthony Richardson would be there would it be enough for them to do it but with CJ Stroud with the test score allegations and I saw Peter King I think with Peter King today said potentially he could fall I think if CJ Stroud sits there you watch that semifinal performance and the Falcons may take a real hard look at adding a guy out of Ohio State what's your view of Desmond Ritter as a quarterback incomplete I don't know what he is and it was one of the things that for one of our big talking points all last year as the team kind of struggled through another seven and ten year was when are you going to give this guy a chance and you only gave him the last four games and it became really difficult you had an opening game the first one was on the road against New Orleans they didn't do anything he threw for about 90 yards couldn't really get a judge on who he is there the final game of the year Tampa Bay pulled everybody because they were already locked in the playoffs at halftime so you really didn't know what he was there so you kind of got a two-game fantasize I wish I would have known more about him I liked what he did in college obviously a four-year starter took Cincinnati to a college football playoff but can you trust in year three for Terry Fontenot and Arthur Smith that that guy is going to be good enough to get you to the playoffs because I think you need to be a playoff team in year three of this regime or going into year four there's going to be some serious question mark so there you go Bijan Robinson off the board I'm surprised by that at eight now let's go to the Windy City Chicago and see what the Bears do with a ninth pick the Chicago Bears select Paris Johnson Jr. Ohio State offensive tackle so there you go our first offensive lineman going off the board Paris Johnson Jr. out of Ohio State David Hall joining us from 670 the score I know there could be some debate on which offensive lineman to take David but it seems like it is a safe pick and getting some protection for your own quarterback and Justin Fields. Bears address a need on the offensive line Justin Fields gets his protection he's got his weapons yeah the Bears have a need on the defensive line the Bears have needs everywhere they're addressing one of their most glaring ones if Paris Johnson is as good as people think he is from day one he's a plug and play guy I like the move there are other tackles available it's a deep draft for offensive tackles especially the first round but this is the best guy for the Bears right now. David Hall just wondering if they would have stayed at one and clearly they made the right move falling back getting all that extra draft capital and DJ Moore if they would have stayed at one a hypothetical for you who do you think they would have ended up selecting? I think if they would have stayed at one hypothetically they are buying into Justin Fields so Will Anderson would have been a Chicago Bear I think he's the cleanest prospect in this draft they had to look at him as a way to shore up their defense and their pass rush and had they stayed at one hypothetically they wouldn't have taken a quarterback I don't think any of those guys would have been better options to them than Justin Fields is they would have taken Will Anderson. How easy of a decision was that for them because I never thought that they were going to keep the pick and take a quarterback but how quick of a process was that? I think it was an easy decision to pivot away from the quarterback because none of them were as special in their minds as Justin Fields this isn't the 2024 draft when that would have gotten more complicated of an equation I think the most difficult thing for Ryan Polz this offseason was weighing one offer against the other the Panthers came in with the most the inclusion of DJ Moore tipped the scales and the Bears had their guy. Last thing David Hall this is an interesting day because the trade becomes official Rogers goes to the Jets so now Rogers is officially out of the NFC North on paper the Lions and Vikings are better as a football team compared to the Bears but what are your expectations this year for Chicago?

Well I think that whoever the Bears draft on Thursday night it's good debate in Chicago whether or not that's the biggest move of the offseason or Aaron Rogers leaving the division this is huge in Chicago they might call off school tomorrow because finally there is an opening in the NFC North this guy just asked him he owned the Bears for years for over a decade so yeah Jared Goff do respect he had a great year but that door is wide open Justin Fields has got to feel like with a big season he can become the best quarterback in the division and so this is a good day for Chicago Bears fans this is a move that they're celebrating well they may not it may be shock in Green Bay it's euphoria in Chicago. So there you go Paris Johnson Jr. off the board the first nine picks before we get to the last one Bryce Young Tyree Wilson, Will Anderson Jr, CJ Stroud, Jalen Carter, Christian Gonzalez, Will Leviss, Bijan Robinson and Paris Johnson Jr. Let's get to the Eagles pick. With a 10th pick the Philadelphia Eagles elect Lucas Van Ness Edgerusher Iowa.

Stroud five receivers set Stroud looking Stroud in trouble and Stroud taken down Lucas Van Ness. So there you go Jeff Kerr who covers the Eagles and the NFL for CBS Sports he does wrap up our top 10 mock draft by the Eagles going Lucas Van Ness out of Iowa. Jeff take me through that decision why you believe the Eagles in this spot with how this played out we'll go with Lucas Van Ness. One Van Ness did visit the Eagles and I know we can't make too much out of free draft visits but I will say that they did not expect to love Lucas Van Ness as much as they did now I still think he'll be a trade down candidate for them but that's hard to pass up at number 10 and it was tough between him and Nolan Smith and like you said uh Paris Johnson was off the board I think that's who the Eagles really want in this draft I think Bijan Robinson is also a possibility but he's off but Lucas Van Ness to me this is what he provides him he can play on the edge he can play on the interior will he be a scheme fit for Charles the side I think he can be but I'm looking at it as the Eagles edge rushing core is their average age is 29 years old and you got Brandon Graham you got Josh Sweat uh Derek Barnett not sure if he's actually going to come back or not you do have Asad Radek in there but I think having a guy like Lucas Van Ness makes that edge rushing group still formidable you can put him in the rotation and honestly it just gets him younger. I know you mentioned Bijan Robinson he just went two picks ago to the Atlanta Falcons if he is there though Jeff at 10 I've been saying this for a month a month and a half I don't usually like taking running backs in the first round but when you're a team like the Eagles you're living in the penthouse you don't have many needs I'd be more than fine if they did that how much of a chance do you think it is that if Bijan Robinson is available the Eagles would snag him at 10? If you would have asked me at this time last week I would have said about 20 and 25 percent I think that goes up to about 40-45 percent I know that's not what the Eagles do but from what I've been told around the league it's point blank he's a special player and I think when you got a guy like that you can add him in with Jalen Hurts with AJ Brown with Devonta Smith with Dallas Goddard I think he's worth taking the chance on and I'm not against it if they dress the running back at 10 especially if it's Bijan Robinson but I'll tell you what if they do take that risk and I don't think it's a risk as in the player but you better win the Super Bowl with Bijan Robinson. Jeff Kerr they just paid Jalen Hurts they locked him up on that massive extension which 110 percent makes sense how many quarterbacks you think in football right now are better than Jalen Hurts? Man that's tough Patrick Mahomes obviously I think Joe Burrows up there I think he got above Josh Allen because he made it to the Super Bowl Aaron Rodgers I still got to consider up there I know he didn't have a good year but he's still Aaron Rodgers I would say Jalen Hurts is top five based off of last year we're just doing recency bias I put him in number three. So there we go the top 10 mock draft is over no surprises with the Panthers going with Bryce Young Texans taking Tyree Wilson I saw him in a few weeks ago that said he may be the first defensive player off the board who would have thought that they wouldn't take a quarterback and now it's feeling like they're going defensive player that two spot Cardinals they could trade down but they go with Will Anderson Jr. here in this mock draft Hickey you got to be thrilled to the Colts end up getting CJ Stroud if I'm a team that looking for a quarterback and not that I love Stroud I just really like Stroud if he doesn't fall if he doesn't go to the Texans at two I think the Cardinals someone's got to trade up to go get them and try to jump the Colts. Seahawks getting Jalen Carter that's fine with me but with them passing up on a quarterback there the Lions that was my big takeaways if Carter's not there if Tyree Wilson's out there if Anderson's not there I would maybe think about taking a quarterback especially when you have Jared Goff there and it's not like you're in that spot because you're that bad it's because you got the pick via a trade I would contemplate Anthony Richardson there Raiders with Will Leviss at seven I don't get the direction of that team because then if that happens then Garoppolo is out the door a year from now Falcons going Bijan Robinson surprised they go Bijan Robinson by John Michaels making that selection just because that's a roster with so many holes Bears Paris Johnson can't really fight it because it's an offensive lineman to help Justin Fields and then the Eagles going with Lucas Van Ness I understand the the edge rushing move there maybe you go though offensive lineman but if Bijan Robinson who isn't there in this mock draft is there at 10 I would go Bijan Robinson so those are some of my takeaways there no Anthony Richardson in the top 10 little bit surprised by that one Hickey quickly give me your biggest takeaway it's the fact that Richardson is a guy that is not in the top 10 we figured if one was going to fall out of last week in your exercise with Chris Chapasso thank you it was Will Leviss that fell out of the top 10 and Richardson was firmly there at four and now you're seeing a situation where Leviss is in later in the top 10 and Richardson's nowhere to be found I remember a few years ago it was four quarterbacks who ended up going I believe in the was Justin Fields 10 or 11 I always forget that one 11 11 remember you only had three go one two three then no one going 10 and then Fields found 11 and Mack Jones to 15 I feel like three will go in the top 10 but you're right as this continues to go on we'll see if a trade happens or two it does feel like it's only going to be three in the top 10.
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