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Here Come The Sun(s) (Hour 1)

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April 7, 2023 7:05 pm

Here Come The Sun(s) (Hour 1)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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April 7, 2023 7:05 pm

Are the Suns the team to beat in the West? l QB Carousel: Rich Hammond, "11 Personnel" host l Mavericks will play Luka Doncic for 1 quarter, then sit him


Live from the palatial yet not overly ostentatious studios of CBS Sports Radio here in beautiful New York City, sitting on top of the 10th floor 345 Hudson Street, welcome on in to a Friday edition of the Zach Gelb show across all of our great local CBS Sports Radio affiliates Sirius XM, channel 158, and that free Odyssey app 855-212-4CBS number to jump on in 855-212-4227 if you want to hang and you could always get at me on Instagram where I'm straight flexing or via the good old cesspool of Twitter at Zach Gelb that's Z-A-C-H-G-E-L-B. Action-packed show today. We'll wrap up the QB Carousel coming up 20 minutes from now. Rich Hammond will join us as we will do our final preview for all 32 teams and we'll touch on the Rams.

The President and CEO of the Arizona Diamondbacks Derek Hall is going to join us coming up at the top of the hour. We'll go out to Augusta which scary scene today as a tree did fall down. You had some weather delays as well. The round two is going to resume tomorrow.

Thankfully no one was hurt because of the tree falling down. Originally it was a very scary scene so we will chat it up at Augusta with Rex Hoggard who will join us at 8 20 p.m Eastern, 5 20 p.m Pacific. Right now Brooks Koepka who did complete his round today. He is your leader 12 under par as he shot a 65 on day one and then in round number two did shoot a 67. Jon Rahm sitting in at second place right now and he has nine holes in the books today will resume tomorrow. Sam Bennett the amateur eight under, Kalamora Kawa six under as well. Victor Hovland six under and we'll kind of cut it there.

Talking about some guys that could get cut you know Roy McElroy is going to get cut with the projected cut being plus two. He was able to wrap up his round did shoot a 72 on day one a 77 today so he is going home and Tiger Woods is right on that cut line. Got through 11 holes today we'll say he wraps up but he is currently plus two on the tournament today. So far he is even and he will resume tomorrow his round number two.

You get into some other notable names as well that still have a shot to win it. Jordan Spieth is five under. Jason Day five under. How about this surprise Phil Mickelson lefty is four under did shoot a 69 earlier today so three under par for today. Four under for the tournament Patrick Reed is four under. Justin Rose four under and those are some of the names that we do make mention of Dustin Johnson one under par as well. So we'll continue to give you up-to-date coverage of the Masters coming up at 8 20 p.m eastern 5 20 p.m pacific. Once again coverage will resume tomorrow wrap up round two at a.m eastern. We'll talk to Rex Hocker coming up later on in the show and then joining us in studio at 9 p.m eastern 6 p.m pacific will be Brennan Strange the tight end from Penn State who is now climbing up draft boards and is projected to be a late second round pick.

I saw Matt Miller had him in late second round in addition to Todd McShea as well. But first up producing the Zach Gilp show on CBS Sports Radio for the next four hours is no other than Hot Take Kiki his dumb producer Hot Take Kiki. Alright I gotta start with the NBA and I want to take this conversation in two different directions. One if you would ask me a month ago who was going to get to the NBA finals coming out of the western conference I would have said the Denver Nuggets and I know the Nuggets barely played anyone the other night when they lose to the Suns but with the Suns now being 8-0 with Kevin Durant and also Durant surviving that ankle injury that he suffered right out of the gate in the first home game in Arizona when Durant does go down he slips in pregame and it was a very ugly scene and I thought it was going to be a whole lot worse he was going to miss more time than that actually I don't know how anyone right now picks against the Suns in the western conference. This was a team two years ago that got to the NBA finals with Chris Paul with Devin Booker with DeAndre Aiden as well and now when you look at the Suns and you see them adding Kevin Durant and how easily in a very short stretch KD has been able to put himself on that team and make it look like it is no big deal that's very encouraging and I know you're going to have to continue to work on the chemistry and I'm not saying they're going to definitely win the championship this year but when it comes to the western conference right now they have to be the pick to get to the NBA finals to probably go up against either Milwaukee or Boston I'm not a believer that Philadelphia is going to find a way to get to the NBA finals so that was just one thing last night when you see the stat flash across the screen that the Suns are 8-0 with Kevin Durant I feel like that relationship is just starting to get moving in the right direction and say what you want about Kevin Durant and the way that a lot of people did not like how he did wind up in Golden State and then how he found his way to leave Brooklyn and go to the Phoenix Suns. Hickey you made this point and I thought it was a good one he's usually not a problem in the locker room like don't get me wrong there are issues where it's very ugly when it ends but while he's there with the team he gives it at all like in OKC it was ugly I would end it we all know that but no one could question Kevin Durant not giving it his all in Oklahoma City when he was with Golden State did get ugly at the end of that final year where Draymond was yelling at Kevin Durant basically saying we've won before you we'll win without you stop holding us hostage still found the way to excel and went into a place that already had a championship culture already won and we know that he was able to win two championships there and two finals MVPs he goes to the Nets Kevin Durant almost became a sympathetic figure in Brooklyn where you have all the craziness with Kyrie James Harden getting traded there and then James Harden wanting out but it ended ugly in Brooklyn clearly but Durant did everything he could in his power to try to get the Nets as far as they could go and now with the Suns he goes in there and this is his team like I know if everyone could say oh it's Chris Paul's team oh it's Devin Booker's team that he's been there he is brought in to be the missing piece and the most important piece because two years ago they were up 2-0 Bucks come back they went in six last year in embarrassing fashion that terrible game seven no-show performance up against the Mavs this team needed a change and they could have run it back and originally they did with CP3 getting up there in age Devin Booker still there DeAndre Aiden surprisingly still there a lot of people thought that he was gonna get dealt eventually but now with Kevin Durant there we all know he's their best player we all know he's the most important player and I would anticipate them getting to the NBA Finals this year and you look at the Western Conference like who's in their way Memphis tough to trust them Sacramento wonderful regular season story Denver I like Denver's team it's big to have Jamal Murray back but we've seen that team have post-season problems before and Mike Malone the other day basically called him soft and then you get in that grouping of five six seven right now Clippers Golden State the Lakers we all know the potential that they have but injuries are a major storyline so at this rate if I had to pick three teams and I know we had this conversation the other day three teams to get out of the West to go to the NBA Finals the order would be Suns one Nuggets two and then the Golden State Warriors just finding that championship way in at number three so that's one thing on the Suns right out of the chute the chute the other thing the Dallas Mavericks are tanking we all know that the Dallas Mavericks want that top 10 pick that if it's outside the top 10 they have to give to the Knicks because of the Kristaps Porzingis trade from all those years ago in a must-win game tonight because if they lose tonight then they are out they are done and they don't even make the playing tournament the Dallas Mavericks are resting a whole lot of players now I give credit to Luka Doncic. Luka's like no no no not on my watch I'm not participating in this nonsense I'm the face of this franchise I am the pulse of this franchise I am the heartbeat of this franchise I'm not participating in this entire scheme to make sure that we get a top 10 pick in the draft which I understand why the Mavericks are doing it they got no shot to go on a run they got no shot to even win a playoff series this year and that was the team that was the conference finals a year ago so when you really have no shot to do much in the playoffs you got to make sure that that pick is yours and not only yours whether you take the player or not you could use it as a resource if there's someone out there that you want to trade for and use that as trade bait because this is a pivotal time for the Dallas Mavericks yes they signed Luka to an extension but it's about keeping him throughout that extension and then past that extension and if I'm Luka Doncic who could improve right and get in better shape he can become a better leader all those things that are being talked about if they don't have Luka that team is screwed and Luka whatever you want to say about him he's a tremendous player and he is a star and we've seen other stars leave when things don't work out you look at Lebron first time in Cleveland felt like you couldn't win a championship went to Miami Kevin Durant didn't feel like you win a championship at OKC goes to Golden State that is obviously the era of the last 15 or so years so don't think so don't think Luka is necessarily going to be like Damian Lillard and he's never going to leave don't think Luka is going to be like Giannis Antetokounmpo and people forget about this and I was a big proponent leading the charge here on CBS Sports Radio keep the Greek Freaks on the Supermax Giannis Antetokounmpo would not have stayed in Milwaukee if they didn't improve that roster and they did and it resulted in a championship so this is go time for Dallas this off season Dallas better get it right but with that being said it is comical when you look at the injury report tonight and it's like all right Kyrie Irving's not gonna play right foot injury recovery Tim Hardaway Jr. left ankle soreness Josh Green rest Maxi Kleba right hamstring injury recovery and Christian Wood rest this is a must-win game and you know what say what you want about all these names Hickey and I know Kyrie's been dealing with an injury but you just got there Kyrie's got to be on the court tonight but it's not shocking that Kyrie is going to sit out in this tanking scheme to keep the pick but then Luka Doncic goes about it the right way and I also did see that Mark Cuban said not that it's a make or break because he got caught up in that last year basically guaranteeing that Jalen Brunson would be back but it is priority number one to retain Kyrie Irving this offseason Hickey Mark Cuban's like me when I have a bad night at Blackjack down at the shore in the summer Atlantic City I make a bad gambling decision and then I double down triple down and quadruple down you took a risk bringing Kyrie we all know Kyrie is an exceptional player but he's a royal pain in the ass and a few weeks ago when my star and Luka Doncic is sitting up there and basically saying this isn't fun I know it's not always necessarily directed all to Kyrie but everywhere Kyrie goes there's a problem and I don't think Kyrie from the start whether you like him or not is a fit with Luka Doncic so this offseason I don't expect this to happen I do think that Kyrie will be back in Dallas but if I'm the Mavericks I would say thanks but no thanks I've had enough like don't you already made your bed I know they say now lie in it no no sell the bed bring in a new bed and find other pieces because you are at the risk of losing Luka Doncic in a few years from now if you don't get it right this offseason and maybe it comes down to a minor change here or there and I do think Kyrie will be back but if Kyrie's back I can't have Jason Kidd coach in this team I would argue that Jason Kidd should be fired this offseason regardless if Kyrie is back or not but there you go Mark Cuban gives the other day Jason Kidd a vote of confidence and like basically made it seem like this year wasn't his fault then whose fault is it is it your new GM Nico Harrison is it him so what happened because this team this year has been a disgrace this team has regressed and now you got to fix it because if you don't fix it this year I do think you start to inch closer and closer to Luka Doncic saying something that no Mavericks fan wants to hear I want out I demand the trade so hickey how about all this stuff going on with the Mavericks who are a mess right now on the verge of being eliminated tonight after going to the conference finals a year ago Luka Doncic playing you got like four or five guys out there trying to keep the pick and there's Mark Cuban the other day oh we want to keep Kyrie Irving and he gives the vote of confidence to Jason Kidd it seems like this organization is just not going to learn unless this is all a bluff and that's what I hope it is but I don't think it is I really do think it may be a bluff on Kidd but I don't think it's a bluff on Kyrie Irving and I do think the Mavericks are kind of screwed I I really do think in their short term they are screwed and who would have thought losing Jalen Brunson would have caused this organization to just go like right down the drain because Brunson even though Kyrie's a better player he is a 1000% better leader than Kyrie and I'd much rather have Jalen Brunson on my team than Kyrie even though Kyrie is more gifted when it comes to his skills in the game of basketball 100% and again if I don't know what you are watching or seeing if you're Mark Cuban that wants you and has you thinking we need Kyrie back next year Kyrie when they acquired him the Mavericks are fifth in the west at least guaranteed to be in the playoffs and he has come in and sunk them like a rock to where now the Mavericks are tanking the season with Kyrie after making that trade that in Cuban's mind was supposed to get them to be a finals contender now they are tanking the last two games of the season in order to just keep their first round pick this season has gone off the rails as soon as Kyrie's gotten there it's not a coincidence there's no shot in hell you can bring it back next year it is the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio we wrap up the QB Carousel next.

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You could ask yourself questions do I feel lucky? What does the future hold for all 32 NFL teams at the QB position? Now I'm going to give you an opportunity to spin this wheel right here. Let's spin the wheel and find out which teams we hit today. Los Angeles Rams.

Alrighty let's hit our final team in the QB Carousel. Rich Hammond joins us the co-host of 11 personnel at LA Rams podcast for the athletic as he joins us right now. Rich we appreciate the time how are you?

Hey I'm doing well thanks for having me. What can Rams fans expect this year with Stafford coming back from the injury a year ago? Yeah well if you if you believe everything that they're saying which we don't have any reason not to but they're saying he's ready to go they'll be able to fully participate in OTAs no restrictions no worries no pitch clock or anything like that so from that perspective I think you should feel pretty good about it the thing you have to worry about is how's that offensive line going to look in front of him because that was such a huge part of the problem even when he did play in 2022 down to fourth string guys and guys they're signing off the street and putting in the starting lineup so if they have that kind of instability again those types of injury problems then he's going to be in a lot of trouble but it seems like going into 2023 going into this offseason there's more stability with him there's more certainty about his health and that sort of thing so I think from an individual standpoint it's looking pretty good. My biggest problem with the Rams and I think you're spot on with the offensive line I think the line is going to be a disaster but when you look at this organization right now you hear yearly talks about McVeigh retiring Donald as well there was even some Stafford speculation before he shot it down on his wife's podcast it seems like a lot of people in this organization are one foot in one foot out and that concerns me how much success they could have this year. No it's legit and I think there's there is we're coming to the end of the story here at least the end of this particular story because I do think that Sean McVeigh will take some time off at some point I don't think he wanted to do it coming off of that disaster of a 2022 season but it wouldn't surprise me if he did it in a year or two wouldn't surprise me if Aaron Donald does retire at the end of his contract Matthew Stafford's nearing the end so you're seeing this kind of this this chapter I guess you could say of Rams football kind of coming to a close and what they're trying to do here is just trying to keep that window open it's not going to be 2023 we know that because of all the departures that they've had and they're trying to refill the cap refill the draft picks and that sort of thing they're really kind of gearing up to 2024 they're hoping that this year isn't going to be a disaster although it might very well be but what they're looking at is let's take one last big kick at that can in 2024 with Stafford with Donald with McVeigh with whoever they can get in to replenish the rest of this group and then 2025 you might be looking at something completely different but I think they think that they have one more shot at this thing so that's how they're looking at it earlier on in the off season when you heard McVeigh was letting people on his staff interview elsewhere I was like okay that's the sign he's definitely going to walk away this year and then you find out he was coming back were you surprised when that was all going down that McVeigh returned for this year yes and no the the only part that I knew he was getting really burned out and I mean if anybody watches his press conferences regularly and just can read his body language he was not the same guy he was feeling it and I'm not saying anybody had to feel sorry for him he's you know he's getting to live a dream but I'm just saying you could you could see the difference in him in his tone and just the way that he carried himself so there's a point about the middle of the season where I thought I think this guy's gonna oh I think he's gonna take his break now but I think in a strange way he almost got revitalized near the end of the season and here's the big thing I think I've been around Sean since he got hired I know how competitive he is and then that's A1 on his list he doesn't want to go out he doesn't want to have that five and twelve season being that last taste in his mouth however this season goes next season whatever it may be that'll play out how it goes he didn't want to go out that way he didn't want to go out as the five win coach so I think what he's done here is that what do we need to change what can I make short-term changes that that will help this situation that will get me revitalized he had to flush out the coaching staff a little bit bring in some new blood move some guys around and the thought is the hope is that that can support him in the right way get him revitalized a little bit kind of get this thing back on the rails uh heading into the next season Rich Hammond if dead cap wasn't a thing would Stafford be back or were they have dealt him this all season yeah that's a good question I mean they were dangling him it was not there's a fine line between dangle and shopping right like I don't think they were shopping him but I do think they were dangling him out there to see if anybody would take a bite and and you know give them something really big with that cap hit that you're talking about it don't it had a one percent chance of happening so I didn't expect that it would happen if it didn't maybe you do and I think if if dead cap is not an issue and if somebody makes you a great offer maybe you do push that button right now they're gonna have to make a move at some point whether it's drafting a quarterback this year in the third round whether it's waiting till next year and seeing if you know what you want to use a first round pick they're going to have to make that pivot at some point it's not going to be this season but uh we're in that window let's put it that way where it wouldn't surprise me if they brought in somebody to kind of be that heir appearance uh whenever it may be so yeah I think they were looking at it they were keeping their eyes open their ears open uh but I I just don't think it was going to happen this this off season were they ever close to bringing Baker back or was it just Baker going to Tampa's an opportunity for him to start the only way he would start this year for the Rams if Stafford got hurt again yeah pretty much pretty much and I don't know if that was a great I mean look Baker Mayfield came in again talked about a guy coming in off of his couch and became the starting quarterback he did extremely well for the situation that he was put in but I don't know that that he's quite the kind of fit uh for for this offense and and that I'm not saying he's a bad quarterback it's just a fit thing you know he did what he could do he ran around back there and tried to make some plays in front of an offensive line that just wasn't blocking for him without any receivers so he did what he could do and I think he did a fine job that it was probably going to be better for his long-term you know career if he went somewhere else so no I wasn't real surprised that that happened but then now they need to start a backup quarterback so they're kind of back at square one on that one rich Hammond here with us when you look at this Stafford contract if he wants to keep on playing and always under contract through 2026 when can the rands maybe the earliest actually get someone to take him and move on and it makes sense financially as well yeah you're probably I mean it's it's all you need is one right I mean it's hard for me to sit here and say like oh no team would ever do that because there's 31 of them out there and only one of them needs to it's a panic or something but but I would I would really say after 2024 and I think that lines up about right with the rams anyway I think that's when they're like I said they're going to start that pivot anyway or that kind of reorganization I guess you might say so it definitely wasn't this year could it be after next year yeah it could if somebody really wanted him bad enough I mean if he had a fantastic season and and they're willing to take some of that on sometimes it happens so it wouldn't be it wouldn't be shocking but I I kind of think and I think this was the plan kind of all along that he's got two more years here and then after that I think you will see kind of a mutual you know thank you very much with how many names have departed this team since winning the super bowl two years ago would it surprise you on draft night with the draft three weeks away if cooper cup gets dealt yeah it would surprise me just just because of what I said they're like if they really wanted to tear this thing down they could do it I mean they could have as much as people think they did dismantle it they could have done more to tear it down I mean they could have traded Aaron Donald you know there's places that he could go um that would surprise me I think the Rams hope here is look to be real brief about it they really dismantled the defense you look at a lot of the the guys who went out the defense is what's going to have the problem here the Rams hope is that they can revitalize that offense basically they're going to be trying to outscore people 35 to 31 every week and their hope is that they can rebuild the offense well enough that they can get to that 30 35 points because they're not going to stop a lot of teams so I don't think that's in the plan I think they're trying to keep this offense as strong as they can this year and then try to rebuild that defense going into next season and then hopefully you have those two pieces uh coming together last thing I'll ask you just staying inside the NFC west we know the Cardinals are going to be bad this year not a lot of optimism with the Rams San Francisco what do you make of their quarterback situation and then the Seahawks what do you think you're two uh in the starting role for Geno Smith will look like yeah I probably have a little bit more optimism about the 49ers just because I you know I just have a lot of uh respect for their coaching staff and then I see how things even go during the season with that group and that's the one thing that really impresses me I mean just look at back at last season how much turmoil they had early in the season and you kind of left them for dead and then they they figure it out that coaching staff is so smart working with with what they have even if it's not an ideal situation which they certainly were not in with Brock Purdy a quarterback uh but they make it work so yeah they've got to answer some questions there and I definitely am looking at that wondering how that's going to play out but I have a lot of respect for for Kyle Shanahan and that staff there and I think that whatever it is they're going to pull it together they always play the Rams very well give them a tough time um so if I had to pencil it in I'm looking at them a lot of respect for Pete Carroll too uh but I just think the 49ers are in a little bit better shape Rich Hammond we appreciate the time thank you so much all right always a pleasure all right always a pleasure there you go rich Hammond joining us from the athletic as we wrap up the QB carousel going through all 32 teams evaluating their quarterback position and then some more okay we'll take a time out here on CBS Sports Radio when we come on back I was actually surprised to read something today on Twitter and the tweet came from my producer extraordinaire hot take kicky he's already hyping up one quarterback and using a lot of this we'll have a little conversation about the quarterback he's talking about next you're listening to the Zach Gelb show Adam Silver get off your overrated ass and do something this is a disgrace you know I opened up the show talking about the Dallas Mavericks who are tanking tonight and I know why you would want to get and keep your top 10 pick in a year where your team is not going to do anything even if you got into the postseason but we already told you about Tim Hardaway Jr. out because of left ankle soreness and then we told you about Kyrie Irving who's out for a right foot injury recovery and a bunch of other players are out as well and about 40 minutes ago I said at least they give credit to Luka Doncic for not going along with the Mavericks plan to potentially lose this game be eliminated from the playoffs so they have a greater chance of keeping their pick so it doesn't go to the Knicks because it stopped him protected well Tim McMahon from ESPN just tweeted out and this is like as dumb as you could be I thought I had to double triple quadruple check this tweet to make sure that we weren't getting fooled and duped Luka Doncic will sit out after the first quarter tonight versus the Bulls let me ask you this why the heck are you gonna play Luka for a quarter what is there to gain oh what does he have some Cal Ripken Jr. streak going on I seriously there is nothing to gain by playing Luka Doncic for a quarter when already five key Dallas Mavericks were ruled out this morning either play him for the entirety of the game or you don't play him picky this Mavericks organization I don't get what they're doing they're tanking but then they're playing Luka for a quarter and then they're gonna bench him the owner Mark Cuban he wants Kyrie Irving back oh yeah because this has worked out really great and he gave a vote of confidence to Jason Kidd the other day like Dallas do you even know what direction you want to move in this could be the dumbest thing maybe and I did not hyperbole this is one of the dumbest things I've ever seen in sports we all know you you want to keep your pick so you're sitting out five guys but then you're a preeminent player the guy who is your franchise who if I'm Luka Doncic I'm getting ready to request a trade because who knows what this organization is going to do I know it's in the contract for a few more years but it's not encouraging they don't have any direction but you're gonna play this guy for a quarter and then sit him what a bleep show like hickey can you explain this to me because I don't get this one I wish I could I got nothing for you it makes no sense it's you're either all in or all out either he's playing to win the game and keep your season alive which again is on life support to begin with or you sit them you call it a year you wave the white flag you take the flack for this weekend for tanking to keep your pick and you hope the lottery balls fall in your favor it's almost like because it's not a guarantee the lottery balls could keep the Mavericks out of the top 10 and maybe they could pick 11 that's the worst case scenario send it to the Knicks um to finish off that Kristaps Porzingis trading it's almost like Mark Cuban is like not trying to upset the basketball gods so he goes okay we'll play Luca for a quarter because we are quote-unquote trying and when we lose we could say we tried so it's not a you know an obvious tank so maybe you'll shine down on us and keep our pick inside the top 10 I got outside I got nothing for you or Luca is just a big fraud from the other day when he said that he's gonna play as long as his team still has a chance to go make the postseason I don't think this is uh his decision I think this is the Mavericks I hate to break it to you he is the organization if he wants to play if he wants to go through it he could tell the organization shut up and put me on the court now McMahon did also put this out Luca Doncic is following through on his vow to play as long as the Mavs have even the slimmest postseason hopes a bit more motivation now this was before the only the the quarter tweet a bit of motivation for Doncic performed versus the Bulls it's I feel Sylvania night at the uh the building that they play in and I'm told he doesn't want to disappoint his countrymen who are here but you you think that this is a maverick's decision on Luca decision yes well then they're a dumb organization it's absolutely maverick's decision so they're letting them play the first quarter for Slovenian night to play for his countrymen that are and and women that are going to American Airlines arena to watch them they're going to watch them for a quarter and then you can leave if I'm Luca Doncic and I want to play the entire game I play the entire game and then if they want to take me off the court after a quarter if if if if if that's true that he wants to play the entire game they try to take me off I would say to them you take me off the court I'm requesting to trade this off season and then see and see how likely they are to then take them off the court this is just ridiculous this is stupid and you know what it's like the NBA just does not give a rat's ass about the regular season they just don't did you see the uh to be considered for an award you have to play at least 65 games yes 65 games 65 games big ask big ask there you got 82 of them oh yeah yay all righty I had to get that out of my system it is the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio you know what when I'm on the topics of tweets that I don't like uh let me bring you into the fold here I saw on your podcast the blue horseshoe correct Amundo that's right you and George which by the way you guys got to do something with the backdrop of these uh podcasts I see you I where are you in your apartment yes you have changed though where you usually do the podcast right just switch it up depending on you know which room's available okay you gotta put something on the wall behind you go a little green screen and George is he a hoarder can I ask you that a lot of clutter I've never been in George's house so I cannot confirm nor deny he looks like his his background of his house looks as if you're in like a 90 year old grandmother's house that that is a hoarder that's all I'll say but outside of the looks of this podcast you had a take today that if Anthony Richardson puts it all together he will be the best QB in the NFL five years from now this is why I hate some of the NFL draft conversation and we kind of had this argument two years ago when you said that Trey Lance has the highest ceiling in the draft and I yelled at you and I lost it because Trevor Lawrence is the ceiling and I don't think anyone even if Trey Lance puts it all together will be able to exceed what we've seen Trevor Lawrence actually do on a football field and in this case now you're saying Anthony Richardson if he puts it all together and I'm not saying you think that's gonna happen but you said if he puts it all together five years from now he'll be the best quarterback in the NFL no shot there is no I don't care if he's able to get his accuracy down Pat there is no way just for starters he will ever eclipse Patrick Mahomes so can you further explain yourself how you got and I'm not gonna like jump on your toes here I'm gonna let you explain yourself let me know how you came up with this taken and why you think that's the case sure well if everything goes to plan for Anthony Richardson I think he can be the Josh Newton of the NFL can throw like Josh Allen run like Cam Newton Cam Newton was one of the most dominant runners we've ever seen in the NFL if you have that running ability coupled with the throwing ability of Josh Allen I don't see how there's gonna be a better quarterback in the NFL every quarterback has some sort of flaw and or weakness Lamar Jackson Cam Newton what was the big thing and knock on them they can win you a game with their arm I don't see how there's gonna be a knock on them they can win you a game with their arm what's the big thing about we'll say the only quote-unquote flaw if you want to call it Patrick Mahomes or the thing he's lacking maybe in his game is the mobility aspect right he's not very he's not a dual threat he can wiggle outside the pocket but he's not exactly threatening defenses with his legs if you have an ability hold on you don't think Mahomes I know he doesn't run the ball a lot down the field but the way that he moves around and then stops on a dime and then throws that ball all the way down the field like that or the no look passes he has mobility I'm not saying he doesn't I'm saying running the ball running the football designed run there the defense is not worried about that and look how many times Mahomes has already suffered injuries and this is my biggest problem with this argument even if he puts it all together there's no reason for me to expect that Anthony Richardson is going to be able to stay healthy one of the guys that you mentioned cam look how many injuries he suffered or the guy Lamar Jackson right now look how many the guy that you don't even want in Indianapolis look how many injuries he suffered as well with how many times they run the football there is no way I don't care if Anthony Richardson puts everything together that I will ever say oh I think Anthony Richardson's better than Patrick Mahomes I just don't even see how that's possible okay I mean the guy's an athletic freak he runs like a four three forty he is massive he's huge a big arm so I'm saying he puts it all together he can run through anybody he could throw the ball a mile if the accuracy is able to to you know fix itself you could throw the ball wherever you want on the field you know we talk about guys you know of Cam Newton or Lamar Jackson getting hurt Josh Allen's a similar style quarterback and so far up to this point he's not gotten hurt so I'm not going to sit here and project injuries on a guy of Anthony Richardson that's so far in a very short sample says Florida had no injury concerns and not to mention when you're talking about projection you can't again you can't predict injuries no one saw Trey Lance getting hurt last year the way he has so I think he puts it all together I don't see why physically he will not be the best quarterback in the NFL you know Mahomes has already just displayed that he's a hall of fame quarterback do you know how crazy that is how quickly how quickly he's come on to the scene people are already saying that he is Karen Harrison said it last night that he's a top five quarterback of all time and if he retired tomorrow he would go in the hall of fame on a first ballot that's my problem with this this guy and Patrick Mahomes is so great he's so up there I don't care if Anthony Richardson which you've never seen him put it together and I know your argument is based off if even if he does that I haven't seen enough to make me think that he would ever be able to ever be able to eclipse Patrick Mahomes it's like Anthony Richardson had two great games this year and I know your argument is based off the word if but that's just like that's crazy to me that to think that he'd be better than Mahomes even if he's able to run and also find a way to to put the accuracy together with his big arm like I can't wrap my brain around when Mahomes is like god right now and he's like a video game how anyone could expect if Richardson puts it together for him to also stay healthy with how many times we've seen a quarterback like you like once again you said uh what'd you say Josh Newton right that was the way that you were Josh Newton yes sir look how quickly cam uh phased out of the league like look you you don't want Lamar Jackson right now that guy was the MVP because of injuries at the end sure but we're talking about best case scenario I mean you're talking about a guy best case scenario is the best thrower and runner in the league how how is he not then going to be the best you think his arm will be better than Mahomes it is already better than Mahomes he's a rocket god it's on the same level oh my god with no accuracy well that's again I'm not saying it's going to pan out I think it's probably a 10 chance that everything hits so it's a 90 fail rate but that's the reason why with all the question marks Anthony Richardson is getting mocked in the top three there's a reason for that there's a reason why we're talking about Anthony Richardson teams trading up to number three to get him because people see the upside and the potential of it panning out you trust likelihood is is small but I'm saying that's why he's now such a hot commodity compared to any other quarterback if this guy was all that there's no way just for next year Daniel Jeremiah would say oh already he would put Caleb Williams and Drake May before all those quarterbacks in this year's draft this is just well it's about hit rate this is insanity it's about hit rate that's he is a massive question you know what it's a dumb thing that happens every year higher than it is successful which is why again guys like Dale and Jerry Meyer ranking quarterbacks that are more pro ready than Anthony Richardson above him and Trey Lance but if he hits the 10% chance ceiling than Trevor Lawrence and now if it works for Anthony Richardson he's going to be better than Patrick Mahomes I just I can't take this conversation anymore we'll take a break Zach Gil show CBS Sports Radio that's just the jackassery of this NFL draft process Derek Hall the President and CEO of the Diamondbacks will join us next.
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