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LeRoy Butler, Pro Football Hall of Fame Defensive Back

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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March 31, 2023 8:01 pm

LeRoy Butler, Pro Football Hall of Fame Defensive Back

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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March 31, 2023 8:01 pm

LeRoy Butler joined Zach to discuss his expectations for Jordan Love and he believes that Aaron Rodgers is the greatest Packer of all-time. 

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Zach Gelb Show
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Leroy, how are you, my friend? Doing good, Zach. How's it going? Well, I'm doing great. Can't complain.

Friday, getting ready to enjoy the weekend. Let me start you off with the Packers. We know this split is coming. It's just whatever the trade's going to become official between the Packers and the Jets.

When we look at the Packers this year, what are your expectations for Green Bay with Jordan Love in year one? They're high. I mean, Zach, let's be honest.

We built something called Title Town. And I get what people are saying. But anybody that takes a snap moving forward, you're going to expect big things. Now, whether you get that or not, that's up to us to wait and see. But I'll say this, though, who I'm a huge fan of Matt Leflore. And the reason why is, he's not one of these sensitive people that if we disagree, we're not friends anymore.

So we're still friends. But I disagree with what he said about Jordan Love. He said, and I'm paraphrasing, to tamper down the expectations because I get it. You want to protect him so people don't boo him if he throws a pick or if he does, you know, something that's out of the ordinary. And he's a real rookie. I disagree.

And here's how, Zach. The gold standard to me is Kyle Shanahan, one of his former colleagues. Kyle Shanahan don't give a damn who the quarterback is. I got an amazing system. If you run that system, I know people are saying, well, what about the defense? Let's stay focused. Let's talk about the offense first. The defense truly is amazing. I get that.

But put that to the side. The offense was run by Brock Purdie. And when John Lynch was asked about it, allegedly, he said, Brock Purdie, make man up or we feel good about it. So Jordan Love don't need to be Aaron Rodgers. Be Brock Purdie.

Be Daniel Jones. Matter of fact, Zach, be Aaron Rodgers from last year. 3,400 yards, 26 touchdowns, 12 picks, eight games. I'll take it. The only thing I'll say to that, Leroy Butler is I haven't seen Matt LaFleur before consistently as a head coach without Aaron Rodgers as his quarterback. So you do just wonder how he'll be as a head coach without number 12.

That's fair that, but I'm going again by the cash and in Shawn McVay, these guys believe that my system is so good that I can make everybody better at it. And I can call what I want when I want it. And the guy will go execute it. There's no second guessing.

There's no daylight. He hasn't earned that right yet. Right.

Cause he just took third or fourth quarterback. But the problem is, uh, my good friend, uh, that gab said that somebody told him, Hey man, they have these meetings. One-on-one Aaron, don't even show up.

Allegedly. Your love don't show up. Matter of fact, your love going to beat the coach there.

Cause he wants to win. So I think what you could have did, what Matt could have done. He could be the best of both worlds that he could have said this. I'm looking forward to the challenge of making your love the quarterback that you guys want him to be.

We want him to be a quarterback that has a good running game on the best offensive line, got two young wide receivers, get the ball out of his hand quick and let it be what it be. And just leave it like that. And just say next question. Cause if I'm joining love, I just don't know how I read that because it could be something behind our back and say, you know what?

No good cop bad cop. You know, I really think that you're a great player, but I just got to do this. That could be happening.

And that would be brilliant. But for me to know that I'm going to get a lot of smoke as Aaron did with the Brett Farfette when Aaron took over, they won six games back. People were booing him.

I'm like, why are you doing them? What did he do? He just got drafted. The problem is with players. Sometimes we don't get a chance to choose our replacement.

Zach. Oh, so if he was, if Aaron was salty because they had to join love, that makes you say, do you really want the package to succeed when you retire? Or you just want them to let you play as long as you want. And then there'll be terrible and really miss you. Hey, Brian, good. I said it best.

I got to do my job. The Roy Butler here with us. Not that I didn't have respect for him, but I did gain a lot of respect for Matt LaFleur because what I said is a hundred percent true. And if I ever told Matt LaFleur, Brian Gouda coons, Mark Murphy and Aaron Rogers, who my source was, they would all look at me and shake my head and go, yep. He knows everything about this situation. When I got back to that report that Rogers and LaFleur would have these meetings and sometimes Rogers wouldn't show.

So knowing that as a fact, it's like you saw Gouda coons, take some shots, try to set the record straight. We know how Mark Murphy feels about Rogers. I give credit to LaFleur this past week where he only praised Rogers and basically wanted to nip those conversations in the bud.

Two things can be true. Aaron Rogers is an amazing player. He's going to be retired. He's going to be in the hall of fame like your boy. He's going to pack a hall of fame like your boy.

He's going to do all of that. But the one thing he can't do is finish his career as a packer like I did. So my thing is, what kind of gets on people's nerves a little bit is Gouda coons did everything for you. Why are you so unhappy? They gave you the 150 million dollars. They brought Randall Cobb from the Texas. We brought him because of Aaron. He gave you everything. And we paid you really not to go through this. So one thing I know about Zach Galvin, you know, I hate that we're talking to you a third party. You're not a liar.

You're not one of you guys looking for clickbait. So my thing is, it may be some good cop bad cop because LaFleur, you know, I had Gary Ellison with the Elite 36 podcast. We always have these little areas with a permission to be a conspiracy theory. That means you can go wherever you want to go.

He says he think that LaFleur said that because LaFleur in his mind may think, what if this guy has to come back into the building? And I got to work with him. So let me just throw his praise out there and just have some class. So and I get that too. I get it. But right now it's about number 10. How's number 10 reading these things?

And if that's the case, I just want people to understand that we're going to have to be patient with your love. But no, you should expect for him to win games based on everybody that beat the Packers last year. Jerry Goff, shout out to him in Detroit, they beat us twice.

One time on the, with everything on the line. Zach Wilson's last game, I remember him playing with against the Packers, beat the Packers. I mean, Taylor Heineken, all these quarterbacks, Daniel Jones, this ain't no hall of famers that beat the Packers last year. So you're thinking, okay, does how good is your love?

Matt LaFleur would make him a great player because he's going to listen to Matt LaFleur because the system works. Are you frustrated? Are you disappointed with Aaron Rodgers? That's a great question because we let all quarterbacks do this, those guys, to be honest with you.

We let them do it and we don't, and I'm okay with it. I don't get wins. Brett Favre got to win.

You know, I didn't get losses. Brett Favre got to lose. Brett Favre got a lot of credit. Sometimes he got too much blame. But with Aaron, with a guy that wanted control so much, it makes people look at you with a side eye when you say, I'm doing this for the guys. Okay, fine.

I don't like, when people think I don't like doing love, I think he's a great kid, great, great, great, fine. But I just want him, the disappointment is that G never changes. Players do. When I'm dead and gone, G still going to be there. When he's dead and gone, the G still going to be there.

He lost, I think he lost sight of that. I mean, how good, I wanted the foundation of the team to succeed. They drafted Antoine Edwards in the first round when he played for Clemson. When he came into the locker room, we was best friends.

They drafted Darren Sharper. I ain't got no problem with it because I want the Packers to be good. Not just when I'm there. I want them to be good all the time. And that's the disappointment in the area that I would say. And you go into a franchise that had all the headlines for the last 12 years out of all of the sports they've been to the playoffs a long time.

I just don't know if I want that on my resume. Do you think Leroy Butler, the Jets are going to have success this upcoming year? Like, do you think they'll be in the playoffs? Can they be in the Super Bowl? Do you think they'll be in the playoffs?

Can they be in the Super Bowl? You only think they're going to win 7-8 games? They're going to win a 7-8 game and get knocked out by a team that ain't going to go anywhere.

It ain't going nowhere. It was 7-10 last year. It'll be one more game and get knocked out of the playoffs and be home. Like they've been for the last 12 years. If they only have eight wins, they're not making the playoffs. No offense.

They're going to be home. This isn't the NFC South. That's why I'm saying all these people that get on my nerves. And I do troll the Jets fans, but I do it for fun.

But thanks. These people, I got an argument with people like Gary saying that the Jets got a better roster than the Packers. I said, wow.

How you feel that? They drafted a quarterback, top three, and don't even like him. Now, I like Breeze Hall, but he hurts. Sauce Gardner's pretty good. I mean, Quinn Williams, I bow down. He's the wrong man.

He's the whole detail. I can't even argue with that. And then Gary Wilson, I'll give it to him because Christian Watson was hurt. So that's fine. But it ain't all Rosie over there.

But maybe they think that real quick. If you really think you're one quarterback away from winning the Super Bowl, because I've been in one, I had a parade because it's amazing. Give up the first pick then. Give everything you got because you're going to win a Super Bowl. You won quarterback away. You got great defense. You got all this great talent. This is great. All we need is A-Rod to save us again, like Brett Favre did when he was 83 before he got hurt. We're always sitting in y'all players.

And you know, I'm only doing that to poke at the people that live in the New York area. Yeah. I was going to say, just because they don't have to give up a first round pick to get him because quarterback doesn't want to be there. Why they don't? Man. They do.

Yes, they do ask me why. Please. Why? Why?

Why? Because I'm going to use Aaron Rodgers' words against him. He said he's arguably the best player to play in our franchise. He said that. We come out Don Hudson, Barge Starr, Reggie White. I mean, all these great people, Tony Kennedy, all these people up in the stadium already before he's up there.

He said he's the best, arguably, but I think he's arguing with arguing with himself. So what's that worth to you? We give y'all the best of our franchise. So Mr. Douglas, let me get that first.

Let me get a second. Give me a Denzel Mims and one of your tight ends. You pick one. Conklin or the kid, I can't say his name to you.

Let me get one of them and let's go. Do you think he's the greatest Packer ever, Aaron Rodgers? No. Who is? Millennials. Kids, get your computers out, your smartphones, Google Barge Starr. The 15 is the universe. Aaron's just a planet. I'm gonna say that one more time.

15 Barge Starr, two hours, by the way, I believe. He's the universe. On and off the field, and he was a coach. His legacy will never die. Now you got a planet, Brett Barnes, Aaron Rodgers, Don McCalskey, all these are great, fantastic players in my generation.

But the guys of the 60s, Don Hudson, don't do them like that. They don't have social media to even argue back. Their families won't even acknowledge it. I would never say, even to my kids, that I'm better than Rodney Lyle. Till my kids got the internet.

Dad, you can't do that. So I say, you right. I'll wait 16 years for the Hall of Fame. So if he believes that, how much does that work for the Jets fans? And the owners?

I mean, how much does it work to? We give y'all the best of all time based on what he says. So I want everything. And I ain't in no rush. As a matter of fact, I like Robert Salas.

I agree with him. They said they ain't in no hurry. The owners, they ain't in no hurry either. Last I checked, we got two quarterbacks.

They ain't got none. The only thing I'll say to that, Leroy Butler, your president was talking about Rogers in the past tense. Oh, fair. When he came out of the dark place, wherever you went, I don't know who it was.

I didn't go to therapy and I think it's cheaper. He said 90% kids going in. I was just tired. The other kid, he said, I didn't tend to play for the Jets.

I don't know how, cuz. The Packers? The Jets. The Jets. They could wrap your head around that. The Jets and men was doing the cuts allegedly. Said he tried to call them.

Who do you pick the phone? Come on. Some of this stuff. I mean, even the most God pack of bad or Aaron Rogers, man, you had to take yourself only here again with this after the breath. I think come on. Well, Roy Butler, just sensational stuff, but we appreciate it as always. Thanks so much. And we'll catch up soon. You're the best.

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