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Another No. 1 Seed Goes Down (Hour 3)

Zach Gleb Show / Zach Gleb
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March 24, 2023 9:26 pm

Another No. 1 Seed Goes Down (Hour 3)

Zach Gleb Show / Zach Gleb

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March 24, 2023 9:26 pm

News Brief l Alabama in jeopardy of losing to San Diego State l San Diego State beats Alabama

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Get to know the wool runners, pipers, and loungers at That's A-L-L-B-I-R-D-S dot com. Another night of the Sweet Sixteen. Four more tickets to get punched to the Elite Eight as we'll have our final eight teams remaining in the NCAA tournament. Ongoing right now, second half, Alabama was down by five through the first 20 minutes. They are now up 40 to 34. So they have a lead up against San Diego State with 1352 to go in this second half. And then Miami-Houston, this has been a track meet so far. And there's 20 seconds left in the first half. And Miami, the Hurricanes are up 40 to 36. So this is going to be a really fun one between these two teams. I like Miami going into tonight plus a seven and a half to win the game outright. I do like San Diego State to cover.

I said that before. Plus seven and a half but not win the game up against Alabama. And we will continue to see how the rest of the evening does play out. Expected start times coming up later this evening as you do have Creighton and Princeton. That is expected to get underway at 9 p.m. Eastern and then at 9 45 p.m. Eastern on CBS.

You'll have Xavier and Texas. But without further ado, and I'm not talking about Freddie Adu, let's update you on the biggest storylines in the world of sports with some audio. We call this segment The News Brief. Time for your daily news brief. We get you caught up on the rumors, reports, and reconnaissance from the day in sports. Dan, you can make O'Reilly Auto Parts for your car care needs.

Get guaranteed low, low, low, low, low prices and excellent customer service from the professional parts people at O'Reilly Auto Parts. We start things off with the star of the NCAA tournament, Marquise Noel. He was asked if the argument between him and Jerome Tang was planned right before you had the pass by Noel, the no-look alley-oop to Keontae Johnson. On the reverse alley-oop play, is that a fake play call you guys are doing between each other?

What's going on there? We'll start with Marquise. Tell them because then the next team knows. I mean it was just a basketball play between me and Keontae. I still don't know if that was planned or not because a lot of people believe that it was a fake argument and you maybe catch the the team off guard and then you throw right over them and you have the alley-oop. There's also been reports that Marquise Noel was telling people courtside, hey watch this something special is about to happen. And then there's also other things that have been said where it wasn't actually a planned argument.

They were just looking at one another talking about what was going to go on and then he saw Keontae Johnson out of the corner of his eye. So I think for the story of it, Hickey, it's better if that was a design play but I don't know if it actually was. Oh I think there's no doubt about it.

Design play. They called it up. I don't know about that though. Even the coach though. It was perfectly timed or that's not happening off the cuff. It could. I don't think it's that wild to think that that is impromptu and then afterwards the coach's response once you hear all the conversation about it and everyone's buzzing about it, he's like oh don't tell anyone. Like that makes you, it really keeps you guessing.

Now here's the bottom line. In their next round game up against FAU and maybe we should have brought this up to Dusty May when he was he was joining us. If you see Marquise Noel and Jerome Tang having any disagreement, get bodies to the basket because then you can expect an alley-oop or maybe it's going to be a pass to the corner.

You never know. All right here's Marquise Noel who says he never had 19 assists in a game before which he did last night. This is probably my career high and assist you know ever. I had a couple games of 14, a couple games of 17 back in high school but you know this one was special in front of my hometown, in front of you know the city you know that loves me.

I came and put into worries you know how blessed and grateful I am. Hickey I thought it was funny last night because I forget who was doing the studio show but right before and maybe it was afterwards on one of the networks that I was watching they're like oh Marquise Noel had 19 assists and that's the most in NCAA tournament history in a single game and then they played that clip. Now he could have had more in like other games in life than 19 assists and this is just the NCAA tournament but I thought that was just a little bit funny where you go from the announcer saying oh this is the most assistant in a single game in the history of the NCAA tournament and it's like yeah I've never had 19 assists before in my life. You would think if you can't if you do that on the biggest stage I don't know where wherever else you're going to go where you get more assists like that. What do you think in high school like you know how many of these great basketball players are just probably physically dominating whatever high school they're playing at.

How many times you're passing though in those kinds of spots? Well he's a pass first guy maybe that was kind of his forte and maybe you know maybe he should have had 25 assists in a game but the shooters stink miss open shots and he could have like 30 in a game. Like if I'm relying on Ryan Hickey to knock down jumpers in the gym and Marquise Noel probably lost six or seven assists.

You don't want that yeah you don't want that. You're a bad shooter? Yeah I'm not yeah I'm a hustler guy.

Rebound so play good defense. I know we've talked about this before you were a solid high school football player. Were you good at any other sports? I can see you being good at cross country for some reason. I never really did cross country.

I hate running so definitely not do it for fun. You have a body like a cross country guy. I'm decent at volleyball I like to think. But were you on the high school volleyball team? No I only played baseball and football and I was not very good at baseball. What did you let me try to guess what position you were in baseball? I cut JV year never played after that. I was on the freshman team though. I feel like you're you're too clunky for for shortstop or third base. Clunky? Yeah.

I don't want that. I played shortstop in little league all the time. Congratulations lucky they didn't put you in right field.

Command command of the infield. I would say you were probably eh I want to say first base but no. I would say I'm 5'11 a hundred and right now I'm 5'11 170 pounds. You think in high school that was probably 5'9 and like 155 pounds they're putting me at first base.

Rotated left right center. I'm versatile. Okay so you're an outfielder. Outfielder that's right. Did you pitch at all? Uh in little league. I had a decent change up my last year that I kind of pitched for real. Decent change up in little league.

Okay yeah you know you asked I'm just basically answering your questions. I'm gonna brag it on my 12 year old little league career. What were you 16 in little league playing up against a bunch of 10 year olds Danny Almonte? No but I did have a late birthday so I was able to play a little bit extra.

In June I was able to play so I was 12. Yeah okay. Marquis Noel says the ankle injury wasn't going to prevent him from missing the game. I just wanted to do it for my teammates man. I just love being out there with with these guys um and I wasn't going to let a little injury like this that you know happens on the basketball court all the time um to stop me from playing in the sweet 16 and advancing to the elite eight. So there's a lot of times where you roll your ankle in a game but that wasn't a little injury like John Crispin is doing the game of sitting court side said he thought his season was over and that and there were times visibly in that game where he's limping and basically walking around. You know I said it earlier that he he looked like Patrick Mahomes on a basketball court last night dealing with an ankle injury as well and then with the no look passes he was literally Mahomes on a basketball court last night.

Down to the ankle injury itself. Jerome Tang says he wants his team to enjoy the moment. Remember Kansas State before the year was picked dead last in the Big 12. It's a huge accomplishment. I mean this thing is hard right it's it's hard to do and so man when when it happens you just have to really embrace it and enjoy it and and and not like take a moment you know we got to take a moment and just really soak this thing in before we move on to the next thing. Now the next thing is really huge whoever we have to play and you know but we've kind of just taken everything one and all every day and every aspect of the day and so I'm really thankful for the opportunity. Let's go to Tom Izzo this courtesy of TBS he says Kansas State made a few lucky shots to win the game. Give them credit but I mean they banked in two shot clock threes there were and they made some big plays but some of those plays weren't big plays they were lucky plays and and I didn't think we played our best I think some of it was them I think some of us but boy we bounced back in that second half. I know a lot of people were losing their mind about that last night it's right after the game he probably should have just said tip your cap to Kansas State they played a heck of a game and then you go from there they did hit some lucky shots but a lot of times they'd rather be lucky than good so I don't have a real problem with it could he probably have avoided it yeah but everyone like last night rushes to Twitter it's like oh Tom Izzo there's Tom Izzo that like enough. Dan Hurley says he isn't surprised that the Huskies are in the elite eight. Where we are right now is exactly where we talked about where we would be when we got together after we lost the first round game last year we met in that boardroom and the three of us sat together and we talked about this is where we were going to be so we're exactly where we thought we would be and obviously we're thrilled to play uh one more to go to final four. I don't want to say he's soft-spoken Hickey because he's not that's just a man that loses his voice after 40 minutes of screaming like a madman because he is a psycho when you watch him on the sideline.

He also said a little bit out of breath at the end too which makes sense when you're screaming for 40 minutes that you're also struggling to catch your breath afterwards. Let's go to Eric Musselman he wasn't taking his shirt off after this one he says UConn dominated his team from the start. Thought from the opening tip they came out with a great sense of urgency they cut hard they crashed the offensive boards especially early in the game they did a great job rebounding the ball for the entire 40 minutes. Last night Gonzaga UCLA another classic UCLA was up 13 and a half then UCLA went 11 minutes without a field goal in the second half Gonzaga is up nine with a buck 20 to go and then all of a sudden UCLA out of nowhere with 13 seconds left takes a one-point lead but before you did have the Julian Shroff the three-point shot which was just unbelievable. Here is Mark Few the head coach of the Zags who says he's proud of how his team responds in the second half. They had us on the ropes there at halftime and even maybe coming out of halftime the first couple of possessions but you know we challenge the guys that have to get back to playing our way and I thought we played much much better defense in the second half and cut down on our turnovers that's what was really killing us in the in the first half. I don't remember Hickey how many first half points Drew Timmy had but I looked up at one point it was like 20 something he was ridiculous in the game last night I know late he almost ended up being a big reason why they almost blew that game but they would have never been in that spot if it wasn't for Drew Timmy who had for the most part a sensational game last night this is Drew Timmy on CBS and how he inspired his team in the first half when they were trailing. I gotta do whatever I can to fire this team up and fire myself up and if people have a problem with that then you know they can go uh show somewhere else. Now he curses a lot which you're not there's a big no-no in the broadcasting world I think he was about to curse there and then maybe an SID said hey Drew that's not cursed that much when you when you do the post game interviews not good for the networks and then he kind of remembered that in the moment.

Well it was what four days ago he dropped an f-bomb so maybe he learned in those four days from then to now to maybe clean it up a little bit. But what about the children the children are watching Hickey this is big CBS yesterday I think last week was like TBS was like the last game on a Sunday. True TV. Oh no that was the other player. Yes that was John L Davis of FAU who said the S word. Who was it JBR Adele?

Yes. She's like oh don't worry it's true TV. Andy Katz is sitting there just like Drew Timmy last week at midnight eastern just rattle off whatever words he wanted to come up with so now that you're on big CBS I'm sure they said hey no cursing kids are watching. Drew Timmy says the Zags are a second half team.

I think that's just kind of the story of this year you know the first 20 as much as we might not like it to be is probably not our best 20 but we somehow some way we dig deep and we find a way to just come together and rally and keep fighting and I think that's the beauty of this team. You know who he looks like Drew Timmy? Looks like who? Remember the movie dodgeball? Yes. Is it Ben Stiller right that plays the villain in that movie? Yes.

That's who he kind of looks like with the headband and all that. You think? Yeah. Globogym right?

Yes. Those are kind of the vibes that I get. Do the same mustache. That's just that's what I keep on seeing I can't get that out of my head. All right but you don't see it though. Maybe you know what's throwing me off here I'll be honest and it's something stupid but this is just how my brain works it's the hair color Timmy being more reddish Ben Stiller in that movie being like jet black that it's stupid it's throwing me for a loop. The best part of the movie then is when Ben Stiller at the end of the movie right loses everything and then becomes really fat and he does the milkshake dance at the end of the movie. When he's eating ice cream watching tv?

I'm pretty sure what now I may be wrong on this but I remember seeing her the first time I want to say the credits came up in the movie and then that was like one of those things they throw in right as you're walking out of the theater or you're going through all the names and they throw that in right at the end. I think you're right about that. Mick Cronin is very upset with how long it took to start his post-game press conference. Okay we're joined in the interview room by UCLA head coach Mick Cronin as well as student athletes Tiger Campbell and Jaime Arquez Jr. coach opening statement. I don't have one my opening statement is it just took 33 minutes to get me in here which is ridiculous. Any questions? So I did not hear this last night and that's why I kind of like started when I'm going through the news brief slugs and like what this is a thing what took so long did Gonzaga go before him? I'm assuming yes they'll have the winning team go first it's the same interview press conference room I think the NCAA has mandates where it's like a 10 minute cooling off period so 10 minutes after the game then Gonzaga I'm sure drew Timmy maybe was talking a long time and that's you know how long that press conference went last night? I do not but I guess too long. I'm gonna guess not long. Oh okay Mick Cronin oh yeah yeah.

And that's how you start like hey welcome. He was not in the target of mood we'll say. Very different than the jokes that he was cracking right before halftime which I'm fine with but a whole different mood with how that game did end and it was a classic another game and you go from being up then choking then the other team chokes and then you think you're gonna maybe get out there with the victory still 13 seconds left and then they ran the Jay Wright play that's what happened last night and Gonzaga ends up winning.

I like Mick Cronin a lot but I understand why he's so frustrated. Adim Bona out you had Clark also before the tourney with the Achilles injury if they were fully healthy that's a team that's as good as anybody in the country and it's another unfortunate loss here in the NCAA tournament. I did not include this but I did see last night he was asked about the Adim Bona injury and he goes you know someone goes why didn't Bona play? He wasn't ready to play. Why not? He wasn't ready to play.

If I wanted to elaborate I would elaborate. So to answer your question yes I'm sure a very short press conference last night. Yeah that's not happy. That's one of those I'm gonna be a douche so you stop asking me questions and therefore this press conference ends very very quickly. He didn't go all Ron Rivera though where you make like a passionate plea and then you storm out that's what I would have done. He was not near tears.

Gotcha. I like Mick Cronin. I am a big Mick Cronin fan. I did have a tweet at halftime like I would love to see Mick Cronin win an NCAA championship. I'll be honest I like salty Mick Cronin more than I like regular Mick Cronin so the more you stay lost the better because I want more of these press conferences. I want to be bitching more about the wait time to get to the get to the podium. 33 minutes. That's great. To a T. Let's hear more Mick Cronin on why the Bruins went on an 11-minute scoring drought.

I can't wait for this answer. A lot of open shots didn't go down. There's no hindsight. Wide open shots and multiple times we got fouled no call. Dave and Tiger didn't make a basket in the second half.

They had good looks and Jaime got murdered on about four laps. At first he's just killing killing his two players and then he's killing the officials and you just hear the tone his tone in the whole thing it's just I do not want to be here. The monotone it does what does it for me.

Hawk has just gotten murdered on these attempts. It's monotone but there's there's still like a sense of just like a tinge of anger. I hate being here. I hate you. I hate that we lost.

I hate everyone right now and I'm annoyed. It's cheating where one more question that sets him off he could explode sort of thing. Do we have any more Mick Cronin just in the system? Do you need a few seconds to gather that?

Just a few seconds. Okay you never know with sometimes the tape ops be on the scenes they only give you two Mick Cronin cuts when I hear those two I'm like I need to hear more. I would just love to hear more of his press conference because what a gem that is just through those two answers. Do you want to hear him answer why or basically his reaction on Julian Strother's game winning threat?

Yes yes yes. We should have been tighter on Strother that we were the whole game. We just went on that play and then uh so if we were tighter then he couldn't have looped behind.

We were sagging off to Dylan was off too far. That's the answer to that. Any more slugs in the slug lines of the system? Just read me the slug I'll tell you if I want it or not. Uh there's one where he's not in the mood to elaborate that was the injury one if you want to hear it how he goes.

Oh yes absolutely. Mick can you talk about the decision to not play a Dembona? Uh he wasn't able to play. Too much pain or?

He wasn't able to play. If I wanted to elaborate I would elaborate. Do we have one more? Unfortunately that was the last one. That's it only four cuts from that?

Well that may have been only four questions answered. That's true all right guys I'm done but that's the case we need that like ruffling the paper slamming the table standing up and walking on out. All right let me play uh Rick Barnes on what went wrong for Tennessee down the stretch. Started scoring our offense wasn't very good and uh we gave up too many drives and then along with that uh offensive rebounds where we let them get downhill. See I actually rather have the Mick Cronin side of it than Rick Barnes like Rick Barnes sounds lifeless there. I'm not saying he doesn't care obviously he does he want to win but Mick Cronin you could tell how annoyed he is. I think Rick Barnes at this point is just like oh here we go again. Another loss another loss that shouldn't have been in the tournament. Ho-hum okay.

He's a beaten man unfortunately. Yeah how about this? San Diego State I think it's like eight or nine at one point they're now on a 12-0 run they were down like eight or nine points look at Alabama was taking over the game.

San Diego State's now up 51 to 48 they're on a 12-0 run the last three minutes of play with 826 to go in this second half and you have at halftime Miami Houston Miami's up 42 to 36. Zach Gilp show CBS Sports Radio. Nothing's better than feeling comfortable in your own shoes. Maybe you're a parent raising a little rock star or a tech nomad working from anywhere. Allbirds wants you to be comfortable in your actual shoes too. Their wool runners, pipers and loungers are so cozy you might forget you're wearing them and they're crafted from natural materials that tread lightly on our planet. So get comfortable in your shoes.

Get to know the wool runners, pipers and loungers at that's You're listening to the Zach Gilp show. So San Diego State is giving Alabama everything that they could handle and then some. San Diego State was up by five heading into halftime and for the most part Alabama was controlling this second half and for a little bit it looked like that this game was starting to not get out of hand but just that the tide was really starting to turn in favor of Alabama and then San Diego State regains the lead and answers back with a 12-0 run and since then you look at this game it's 53 to 50 right now. San Diego State is up on Alabama with six and a half to play and the player that's gonna need to step up here down the stretch is Brandon Miller.

I don't know it's kind of tough when you're doing the show and you have to watch this game. I don't know how much the groin is actually playing a factor here. He picked up two fouls in the first half and he does not have one since but he only has nine points. He's an abysmal three of 16 from the field hickey and he's one of seven from three. You know that if Alabama loses and it's a three-point game in favor of San Diego State now make it a five-point game in favor of San Diego State with six minutes to go just under six minutes to go. You know the the two people that we talked about the most is Brandon Miller and Nate Oates because you look at this journey you sit here it's San Diego State, Creighton, Princeton, FAU Kansas State you are the best team out of that group to get to the championship game and after the final four the championship game in Houston and if you don't get there the coach is going to get lambasted as he should and then Brandon Miller who we we all know is is probably going to be the second pick in the draft but it is disappointing and I don't know how much the groin is playing a factor in this but you're on the court you're playing and you've been on the court and you're playing and I know we talked about the groin still being a factor but nine points right now and you survived the first half only down by five you regain the lead and you haven't got a foul since and I know he has nine rebounds as well but he's just not he's just not getting the ball to fall right now three is 16 from the field and one is seven from three is just not good enough and he he is I know that Alabama's deep team and the rest of the team really isn't stepping up as well but he's got to elevate this team in the final five minutes and I know we all think Brandon Miller is a great player I'm not taking anything away from his game on the basketball court but this is a moment where you could dominate the tourney where you guys have not played great against really you haven't been tested yet and now you're getting tested against San Diego State a team that you're better on if you played them 10 times you'll probably beat them eight or nine times but in this game you're down by five with how poorly you played you have to block everything out and you just got to find a way to will your team to victory and you have a chance to really make your name even though everyone knows who you are in this NCAA tournament but have one of your tourney moments if you end up going on one of these crazy runs down the stretch to go will Alabama to a victory and continue this run to try to get to the final four and it's not just a brand Miller Blake said this entire team look part of what makes you know are you a champion is not only responding in adversity but also finding ways to them you don't have your a-game and Alabama all season long has been one of the best three-point shooting teams in the country they're three at 21 tonight they are three of 21 so far so safe to say what they do best is absolutely not working okay so fine so planning is not working well what's plan b c and d to find a way to win this game you don't have to win by 20 you don't have to win pretty you have to win period whether it's Brandon Miller or the other four guys on the court you have to figure out a way and that's what truly kind of separates championship teams is you don't have your a-game when things aren't going your way how can you make your own luck just to figure out how to survive in advance and San Diego State just drilled to three so they're now up 58 to 52 it's a six-point game here with uh 428 to go and uh we'll see if Alabama is going to be able to answer back so with 426 to go uh big time upset alert here I know San Diego State's a five seed but I thought I was going out of the limit I plus them on the seven and a half points I thought there's gonna be a sloppy game I did not think San Diego State was gonna win tonight but if they find the way to win this game then say it's San Diego State against the winner of Creighton and Princeton this would be an enormous missed opportunity here for um for Alabama if they can't get the job done so we'll keep you up to date on that one um right now it is 58 to now 53 after the free throw was just made Alabama's still at the line and you do have Miami Houston and you do have Miami Houston as you do have that second half underway Miami right now who I like Miami to win outright today have them plus seven and a half in a parlay uh Miami is up 47 to 36 with 1839 to go in the second half now remember Purdue and Kansas Purdue went home against FDU Kansas went home in the second round against Arkansas you only have two number one seeds remaining and that is Alabama and Houston and right now Miami's up 47 to 38 against Houston who's the number one seed and San Diego State is up 60 to 53 and they're about to add on to that oh there's a block wow how about that what a play by Brandon Miller so that's that 60 to 53 still that game as we'll see what happens there so you have both number one seeds remaining are in danger you know hickey let's look this up during the break when was the last time a num just only one number one seed wasn't in the final four I wonder when the last time that was because you have two number one seeds that are already gone and by the end of tonight now it's still a long ways to go in Houston Miami and they're still under four minutes to play here between San Diego State and Alabama but you could by the end of this evening have every number one seed gone in the NCAA tournament and you look at the two seeds as well last night UCLA loses Texas is still alive as the two seed Arizona went home in the first round to Princeton back to back to back years of 15 beat at two and we know Marquette lost to Michigan State last weekend so there is a real chance depending how this plays out tonight that all your number one seeds could be gone and then potentially if you do have Texas lose to Xavier all your number two seeds could be sitting at home as well so what a bonkers uh NCAA tournament this has just been and we thought the first two rounds were great when you have Fairleigh Dickinson winning you have Furman winning you have Princeton winning but what you saw last night Michigan State Kansas State was unbelievable UCLA Gonzaga was a classic and now tonight not a lot of people thought San Diego State Alabama Princeton Crayton were going to be games San Diego State is three minutes and 51 seconds away from getting a victory they're up 60 to 53 and we'll see what and we'll see what happens between Princeton and Crayton and Houston starting to go a little bit of a run here as it's 47 to 43 Miami's still up to answer your question about one season the final four since 1979 when seeding started there have been three final fours that have not included a one seed 1980 2006 2011 wow that'd be wild now do you have the 2011 bracket up in front of you just wondering uh it looks like that was UConn Kentucky uh Kentucky's a four Huskies were three I don't know the other VCU was an 11 and Butler was an eight wow how about that I just wonder how far the the one seeds did go down you know like when the one seeds all them did go down because you have a chance that all the one seeds are sitting at home by the end of of the sweet 16 nothing's better than feeling comfortable in your own shoes maybe you're a parent raising a little rock star or a technomad working from anywhere all birds wants you to be comfortable in your actual shoes too they're wool runners pipers and loungers are so cozy you might forget you're wearing them and they're crafted from natural materials that tread lightly on our planet so get comfortable in your shoes get to know the wool runners pipers and loungers at that's a-l-l-b-i-r-d-s dot com you're listening to the Zach Gelb show and you can think around the auto parts where car care needs get guaranteed low low low low low prices and excellent customer service from the professional parts people at O'Reilly Auto Parts 1326 to go between Miami and Houston Miami the five seed the hurricanes are up by three 54 to 51 against the Cougars of Houston who are a number one seed and there is 114 to go between San Diego State and Alabama and Alabama is down seven now right before the break Hickey was telling you that the last time no number one seeds went to the final four was in 2011 that year in the east regional you had Ohio State go down to Kentucky that was in the sweet 16 Kentucky ended up going to the final four you then had in the west regional you had Duke go down in the sweet 16 as well to Arizona UConn ended up going to the final four out of that group you had Kansas go to the elite eight but Kansas lost to VCU by 10 and then in the southeast regional you had Pittsburgh as your number one seed go down in the round of 32 the second round to Butler and the championship game that year ended up being UConn and Butler and you remember that was the second national championship game for Butler back-to-back years the first one was that classic up against Duke where Gordon Hayward almost hits the half court shot you see John Shire running around going crazy because it didn't go through and then that year UConn just from what I remember it was a blowout up against Butler and I don't think that national championship game did meet the hype and I don't believe it was anywhere close so right now uh it's San Diego State and Alabama Alabama has trimmed down the lead from seven to four so this is 66 to 62 with under a minute to go and we'll have to wait and see what happens I believe San Diego State just did call a timeout there's 57 and a half seconds to go Miami 11 29 to go in the second half and the hurricanes who I liked and Hickey liked as well which both scared me when we both agree on something just the way this goes but 11 29 to go Miami's up 62 to 53 and you got to give a lot of credit in this one and we talked about this player before with Coach Allen and also Isaiah Wong Nigel Pack he is he's been tremendous on the defensive side of the court but then offensively he's been seven of nine from three he's been unconscious eight of 11 from the field he has 23 points like Wong has 12 points Norchat O'Mear has 10 but that's been the difference in that game Hickey it's been Nigel Pack who has 23 points and you look for Houston Sasser played really well last game still bad with the groin though he has 11 and then uh she'd only has nine right now Jamal Sheed for Houston so those guards and Mark has 12 as well for Houston those guards are so big for Houston Houston but the guards right now for Miami have been better Miller has eight Wong has 12 but the the biggest difference maker in this game so far Ryan has been Nigel Pack who's just taken over on the defensive side of the court and then most importantly he's just been dynamite on the offensive side of the on the of on the court just cannot miss as he has 23 points I think you watch Miami too especially in this tournament recently you kind of see what they did with Indiana they blitz you on both ends of the floor too it's it's usually you can get a team that's really good offensively really good defensive but struggle on the other side they are equally aggressive offensively defensive they're in your face on both sides of the court like I said too even though in the second half Houston looked a lot better from a health perspective you're still talking about two injuries with a groin injury and like a dislocated or hyper extended knee Bama too that they are not going like they don't magically get better and even just three days of rest so again the longer you go in this tournament the more the injuries are still gonna be a factor the more wear until you're having your body again the heart is going to be recover the more it's going to impact you and that's I think part of what we're seeing tonight with so far helping Miami out you know I'm really annoyed at John Fanta by the way oh why why I like John Fanta a lot oh what are we saying here well so I went into this tournament and when I was looking at the teams I would have loved Houston like a month ago I would have said Houston would be going to the championship and they'd be winning it all then I didn't totally sour on Houston but I wasn't putting them in the final four because of some of the injuries leading into the tourney and I was trying to figure out who I was going to put in the final four and I was thinking Miami Miami was was the team that I was really liking and I like Lara Nega a lot and then Fanta comes on and I said to him who's the double digit seed that you have the most confidence in to get to the sweet 16 and you know me I trust John Fanta like no other when it comes to college basketball and he said Drake and when he said that I'm like all right I know Miami right going in there was concerns about North Chad O'Mear and his health I know he ended up playing I go okay I'll give the edge to to Fanta and now Miami they got to take care of business but they could take down Houston tonight and get to the elite eight now I ended up picking Texas in my bracket so I'm not crying but Fanta you know telling us to take Drake over Miami now I should operate on my own but kind of let the outside noise get to me I became soft you know me I'm very stubborn I will say with the conviction John Fanta talked about Drake I put them in the sweet 16 okay this is a locker and look Drake actually played well against Miami like so far they're honestly they've given Drake has been the one that tested Miami the most so far out of Houston Indiana and Drake so credit there but yeah Fanta he hook line and sinker I was okay Drake let's I've now watched a second of them put him in the sweet 16 so this game between San Diego State and Alabama it got down to two and I believe San Diego State just made both of their free throws so this is now 68 to 64 with 45 seconds left and I would imagine this final 45 seconds will probably take like three minutes or five minutes and Brandon Miller just missed a shot and that's going to be San Diego State's basketball so San Diego State is just able to hickey inbound the basketball and make their free throws they will win and I actually think the I got to see a second look at that on the first look at Brandon Miller squared up from three it did look like his his hand got contacted with I wondered if they should have called a foul there I really hope San Diego State was up late last night watching Gonzaga UCLA took notes on what not to do from Gonzaga's perspective don't have your worst free throw shooter at the line right and inbound the ball foul guys stop the clock put the trailing team at the line what are you doing so hopefully San Diego State as long as they took notes it's okay that's what we're not going to do the last 90 seconds you should be able to close this game out we have a review here we don't know who the ball went off last it was Alabama on the floor that looks like it's still off Alabama at first I was going to say that it was all San Diego State now that angle that they just show you does not help you whatsoever if they go back to the other angle I do think before that ball hit out of bounds that it did go off Alabama but a big review here because San Diego State does have the ball for now it is a four-point game and they are up with the ball so I'm going to assume and you know what happens when you assume you make an asset if you and me but I'm going to assume right now that that is going to stay with San Diego State oh oh did that hit a finger I think you're right I think I just read the referee's lips he said off of white last okay gotcha because I thought maybe on that that last angle potentially it went off a finger of San Diego State but from the first angle I did see it did look like that was going to be off of Alabama now Miami's on a 16 to 4 run in the last three minutes and 50 seconds and they oh that's uh Houston missing and Miami gets a rebound it's now 67 to 53 Miami is up on Houston and San Diego State is running around the basket Alabama's got a foul what are they doing here took them forever to to get in position to go foul and that did take some time off the clock so there's now 25.1 seconds left and you see that the yelling San Diego State is doing they are doing some celebrating on the court up by four you just hit your free throws and you will win this game you hit both your free throws here you go up by six even if bama comes down the other way and hits a three you just hit your free throws you win this game and you knock out Alabama and you send the third number one seed home it's that simple Miami's now pouring it on 70 to 53 against Houston so I had two legs of my parlay last night hickey work and then the third leg of just Tennessee money line did not so that cost me some money tonight and I don't want to count my chickens before they hatch but San Diego State I have them at plus seven Miami I should be San Diego State plus seven and a half Miami plus seven and a half and then I have the under of 140 and a half in Princeton Crane and folks you should hammer the over in that game that is what I would say but that was 40 bucks to win $333.98 and San Diego State's gonna do this they have the ball going to the charity stripe up 69 to 64 as Alabama had a look and they just got swatted so San Diego State is going to get the job done here and that is going to be your third number one seed going home what an embarrassment by Alabama a abject failure of Alabama in this NCAA tournament when you're sitting there with you have to beat San Diego State you get the winner of Creighton Princeton and then if you win there you get the winner of FAU Kansas State you should be in the national championship game but they just could not shoot tonight and it was just terrible an abysmal offensive performance give all the credit in the world in San Diego to San Diego State but my oh my a missed opportunity for Alabama and that's the third number one seed to go home you know Purdue went home in the first round and the round's at 32 you did have Kansas fall now Alabama is going to go down as it's 71 to 64 with 7.9 seconds remaining and Miami is 8.57 away a whole lot of time but 8.57 away from sending the other number one seed the only number one seed remaining at about 7.9 seconds home as well as that is 70 to 55 Miami's up on Houston 8.43 to go in that one Zach Gelb show CBS Sports Radio nothing's better than feeling comfortable in your own shoes maybe you're a parent raising a little rock star or a tech nomad working from anywhere Allbirds wants you to be comfortable in your actual shoes too their wool runners pipers and loungers are so cozy you might forget you're wearing them and they're crafted from natural materials that tread lightly on our planet so get comfortable in your shoes get to know the wool runners pipers and loungers at that's
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