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Carolina Targeting A Quarterback? (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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March 17, 2023 8:39 pm

Carolina Targeting A Quarterback? (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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March 17, 2023 8:39 pm

Penn State wins their opening round game l Iowa State goes ice cold after pregame rim issue l Panthers targeting Bryce Young?


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So get comfortable in your shoes. Get to know the wool runners, pipers, and loungers at That's A-L-L-B-I-R-D-S dot com. Zach Gilp shows CBS Sports Radio our number two of our radio program NCAA tournament. Day number two as we're wrapping up the first round. Still some games left to be decided and still have to get tipped off, but what an NCAA tournament it's been so far. Yesterday was real.

The real chaos did happen. You heard from Mitch Henderson, head coach of Princeton, in the last hour he joined us. They were a 15 seed, three straight years. A 15 seed defeated a two when Princeton, for the last five minutes of the game, held Arizona off the board as the Tigers are moving on to play Missouri.

Tomorrow night they win 59 to 55. Yesterday you also did see Furman, who was a 13 seed. They found a way to take down number four Virginia, and we were talking about that all in the last hour, the decision by Tony Bennett to not call a timeout. And outside of that, and I know that there's different levels and different waves of upsets, like for example what Furman and what Princeton did is a monumental upset. Auburn as a nine beating Iowa, I don't really consider that an upset even though Iowa is a better seed than Auburn, but a good job by Auburn and Bruce Pearl. You know that was a team that was four and nine down the stretch up until yesterday, so to be able to pull off that victory against Iowa and really control that game was impressive. And now we'll see if Auburn in Birmingham can go on to defeat Houston who's dealing with injuries and they had a close game last night. They had a disaster dealing with that groin injury. He did re-aggravate and then Jamal Sheed does have a hyper extended knee.

Both players though did say today that they were going to play. Gotta give a little tip of the cap to Hate Kiki's squad in Penn State. I don't really consider that once again a big upset. I thought Penn State was going to win the game, but I root for Penn State yesterday.

Hakey and I, we walk hand in hand. We lead a victory for the Nittany Lions and now I'm going to be like the parent letting my kid cross the street for the first time and we'll see if the mush is going to happen or not. Either Hakey's going to get hit by a car tomorrow without me helping him or he's going to find a way to finally break the mush of Hate Kiki who's already guaranteeing that Penn State is going to be Texas tomorrow. Hakey's going to find that foul call that they did call against Charleston late in that game, but other than that there was no really other big upsets yesterday. Now you say that and it comes off those two big upsets. The 15 imprints and the 13 firm and winning.

So that was pretty much yesterday. I know some people like Oral Roberts over Duke. I thought Duke, Hakey, one of the more bigger storylines from yesterday. Because you have Oral Roberts who two years ago gets to the Sweet 16.

Max Aspis who led the country in scoring is still on that team. And some people are like Oral Roberts, they're better than the team that they were two years ago by all the statistics and then also by the records that they do have this year. But then their matchup was just bad and Duke who is as hot as hot could be and Duke right now with a trip to the Final Four potentially next weekend in the second round of the NCAA tournament. They would be coming to Madison Square Garden which you know how many Duke fans there are around here just being in New York and that iconic brand.

If they get through tomorrow that could be a very easy path for the Dukies to go to Houston to try to go win two more games in John Shire's inaugural season as the head coach to go win the championship. But I thought Duke was a bad matchup for Oral Roberts and Duke just sent a message yesterday. I don't know how you go about filling out your bracket but one of the things I do like to do from time to time is look at those teams that everyone likes to call a dark horse team to make a deep run even though they're not really that much of a dark horse. And one of those teams was Duke. A lot of people picking Duke to go to the Final Four, a lot of love shown for Duke on the selection shows and the analysis heard after it.

That was a game where I thought once a year there's always one team that people love or that's the hot team or the trendy team that falls early. I thought it was going to be Duke yesterday and about five minutes into the game I think they put any thoughts of doubt they put those to bed. I thought Duke would win but I just wondered how much of a fight it was going to be and it wasn't anywhere close to being a fight. It was pretty much a knockout in the first two. It would be like in the UFC.

We have this big fight and then the first minute fifteen there's a knockout and then the fight's over and it's like okay we're not even going to see the other rounds of the fight. And then UCLA, not that anyone was expecting UNC Asheville to win but UCLA just dominating without Jalen Clark. I thought that was a nice little statement by UCLA who has so much experience obviously with the runs that they have gone on in recent years.

And you have Hockes and you also have Campbell as well. They just have so many good players on that team and you kind of did see the veteran experience come up large yesterday where when you have an injury even though they're going up against a fifteen. Now with that being said we did see a fifteen seed win yesterday in Princeton beating Arizona. You did not see UCLA the moment be too big for them where for UCLA they had that experience for Arizona.

I know they were the sweet sixteen last year but it was marinated in like disappointment because people thought they would be in the final four a year ago. Especially when you talk about college kids emotions like they wear their emotions on their sleeve and the emotional swings dictate sometimes how teams play either in a positive way or a negative way. And you're right when you have such a catastrophic injury to one of the best defenders on your team that late in the year you don't know how a team's going to play.

Even when it's a two fifteen it's like how do you come out do you let that injury get in your head and you kind of play slow and woe is me or do you come out like on a mission saying hey screw we're still going to play. We've seen other teams win without their best players we're going to be one of those teams and so far like I said UCLA left no doubt at least early on where their mindset is going to be. By the way remember Ann who messages me a lot and often has a bone or two to pick with you with some of your predictions and things like that.

Yeah I forget what she got mad at me for about a month ago but she was not happy with something I said I don't recall but yes. Well she messaged me to start the show and she said and I actually think she's on to something here and I think she is right. She goes I hope to hear a heartfelt thank you for your Penn State fandom from Ryan. One and O is one and O and that's the best first half you've ever seen out of Penn State basketball.

This is what I try to warn everyone listening yesterday I kind of feel this is going to happen. You're coming on the bandwagon now all of a sudden you are the hero even though Penn State's been playing great in March didn't need your help to get into the tournament. When they were on the bubble and things were looking bleak losing to Rutgers a few weeks ago. And all they did was get off the mat earn their way into the tournament earn their way from off the bubble off the first four to a ten seed to playing some good basketball.

This all of a sudden now it's the Zach Gelb you know he's the reason why this team is winning. And even for a moment that I for my alma mater want to enjoy for a school that you despise. I love Penn State.

The narrative for some people some listeners to think that now you are the hero of a school you hate. It pains me it does pain me I will say. With five and a half minutes to go I'm texting your A.D. last night you're having a text exchange. My guy Pat Kraft. Speaking of texting I almost committed a murder yesterday. Whoa. Almost. Wait wait wait wait wait wait. There's someone that works here.

Wait time out. I'm talking about a conversation that I'm having with someone that used to be the A.D. at temples. Then went to be the A.D. at Boston College now the A.D. of Penn State your alma mater and Pat Kraft. And you follow that up with talking about texting. I almost committed a murder yesterday.

What the heck do you do when you go home? So was someone texting you wishing bad luck on your program? Is that what was going on? So this game tipped off about 10, 15. Time out. Just for people to know. Don't tell me who the person is. Sure I will not. You know them.

I can guess this person? Yes. You know them.

Are they on a Monday through Friday show? Yes. I get a three word text. Wait. Now hold on. I think it's two people.

My first guess would be Mraz. Do you want to read you the text first? They really won't give it away. Fine. Yeah. Is it Sean? No it is not Sean.

OK. I have one more guess then. Who is it?

Pete the body. Now timing would give this away. No.

They are both not up at eleven twenty seven p.m. Eastern. Oh. So it's someone.

It's someone in the Monday through Friday lineup here. At halftime. OK. A three word text. Congrats in advance. Exclamation point. Wow.

So that's an. Oh Stu. At halftime. Stu. Good guess. Not Stu. And they work at CBS Sports Radio? Yes. And their intentions I believe.

To Musha. Were actually good. I don't think they're saying this out of spite and hoping Penn State with a sixteen point halftime lead was going to blow it. I don't think this was all going to try to bait him in to say something on the screen shot and put on Twitter later to have Penn State blows a sixteen point lead. I'm going to get a laugh because the mush is back thing I'm going to say like oh can't wait you know hope Texas is ready. I think I was going to say something stupid like that.

Bill Ryder. No. Wow. Hold on.

How many people are you friends with here? This is a shock. Can you give me a hint? This text from this person came through.

Can you give me a hint? You see them almost every day. I see them almost every day.

I see them almost every day. Now they're not on the air or a producer here? They are a producer. Part time producer or full time producer?

Full time producer. Oh Decel. Not Decel. Again someone who has bad intentions and wants to see me suffer. Decel. Exactly. It is not Decel.

And it's not Gallo. Decel. This person who texted me I think had good intentions. They wanted to see me happy. This was a text like truly congrats in advance in a good way not in a bad way where Stu would text that to me hoping I say something stupid.

Decel would text that to me hoping it would be a mush. It was David Shepherd. Wow.

Congrats in advance. Now hold on. I don't think there. I agree with you. I don't think there's any ill intent there because Shep is a good dude and means well and I've had conversations with Shep.

He respects the crap out of you. That is an early and I mean an early text to send someone even though it was clear that game is over because I'll just take you from my personal experience. I had a tweet at halftime ready to go basically saying like told you I was going to save the day for Penn State. Hickey I'll expect my thank you coming up in like a few moments and I was about to press send at halftime but then I said to myself I got to wait a little bit longer like even though I thought that game was wrapped up at half there's usually an opportunity where the other team goes and makes a run and like cuts it down to 10 and you're like oh here's the life and then Penn State just hits dagger after dagger after dagger and then it goes away I waited till like 10 or 8 minutes left I think it was in the first half so you were annoyed with Shep. I responded with him very simply are you effing nuts but I censored it for the radio. Yeah you don't want to go down that road again. No I've done it once and I'll make that mistake again because yes I've seen Penn State so many times this year go on a seven minute scoring drought go on an eight minute scoring drought where even though they're up 16 at halftime and this text is again good intentions really until they're up like 21 and couldn't miss I said okay this this is game is over but they are the kings of going from red hot to ice cold in the span of three minutes.

So Shep I will be nicer to him when I see him later but I almost if I could have gone through the phone and strangled someone when he text added to me I couldn't believe it. Can I hear that montage one more time that was put together before the start of the show that just highlighted our conversation yesterday as we continue to for the one and only time in my life celebrate a Penn State victory. We are Penn State go pack craft go nindy lions go mike the shrewsbury I'm gonna lead you guys to a victory tonight it's fun seeing all the Penn Staters that showed up and were cheering for us we are Penn State but like we want to go on a run they should build the statue of me tonight if Penn State wins they could use a new statue on that campus fires and scores I mean that is just fish in a barrel for fun it's like shooting layups right now from 25 feet for Andrew funk I think you're just in a rut and you need a little helping hand by your friend and yours truly and that's what I'm trying to do tonight with Penn State Ryan Hickey prop I think you should welcome me aboard your bandwagon at Penn State you're a mush Ryan Hickey prop Ryan Hickey prop Ryan Hickey prop and then maybe when they're in the second round pack craft will invite me and I'll be an honorary captain no we do and the nindy lions advance to Saturday in round two no we do I can't even now enjoy a Penn State win because now it's Zach coming in tomorrow we're gonna lead the show here I am the Savior the winner I'm waiting to hear two words I got one word for you oh why what is there something going on here I wanted to help you no that's you hate Penn State and you know what I kind of like I like the tension or like the divide I like that Penn State is mine like the temple is yours separate but equal I don't like that now you're coming over an enemy territory can I be on waving the Penn State flag this feels like a Trojan horse situation can I be honest sure be honest I'm leaving CBS Sports Radio in three weeks I'm accepting a job as the afternoon drive host in State College where I'm gonna host radio there are you gonna be critical of the program I know you can't be waving pom-poms that's not in your DNA they may be bringing Beyheiman to be a special advisor since he has some time on his hands and he's gonna go over to Penn State and then probably get me fired and I'll be back here in three weeks okay so have about a two days to enjoy some non Penn State hate before you're right back in the driver's seat all kidding aside and I'm just to be clear I'm staying here at CBS Sports Radio I know there would be some jackass somewhere there's gonna be like oh he's leaving finally um but I actually wanted to see you win and I think it makes it easier when I know someone in the athletic department who's been really good to me when I was a college student at Temple and gave me great access now being your AD for football I'll never get there I just will not I can't root for Penn State football when it comes to basketball you being a friend that wanted to see you finally happy after how much fun we do have at your expense and also one of my other close friends that you met at the Super Bowl Jared he's a crazy crazy crazy Penn State basketball fan he was once tweeting Pat Chambers and he's a coach there get off your ass and do some recruiting gets blocked by Penn State basketball and then I had to tweet Penn State with whatever following I have to unblock Jared which they finally did so I wanted to see two guys that are not just jumping on the bandwagon for this run that have actually watched Penn State basketball for years and years and years have a moment like that that's why there's a lot of pain behind or leading up to yesterday's big euphoric win that is for sure yeah so good intentions now where do you guys play if you beat Texas where do I know that you already have the destination probably thought of where do you guys play would that be on a Thursday I think it is not sure the Thursday Friday Kansas City Missouri is where the sweet 16 elite eight will be held for the Midwest region now let me ask you this maybe I'll be a really nice guy here what happens if if let's just say I don't know if I could do this but what happens if I could secure tickets if they play on that Thursday or Friday and let's say if it's Thursday we fly out maybe Thursday morning we take off the show we go to the game and then Friday we do the show from Kansas City if it's on a Friday maybe we just take off Friday and fly out Friday morning if I could secure tickets let's just say for you and I to go and I think I could would you be down to go do I have to beg you to go like that's my question I think would be good for the show if and it's a big if because Penn State has to beat Texas would you want to go that's right we're not putting the car before the horse that's for sure if I could get you in the building would you want to go at this point we talked about it yesterday I got one destination of mine H town but hold on H town you may never as much as I would like to see Michael Shrewsbury stay you may never get back to this you don't know if you're gonna get back to this spot again if you get I'm talking about getting to a sweet 16 so you're telling me if I could procure two tickets to go to the sweet 16 and before I offer this I have to check the pricing of it maybe I will either pay for your airfare or your hotel you're telling me you're gonna say thanks but no thanks no big deal I'm gonna watch the game in the city is that what you're telling me well you know I got limited finances and so if I'm gonna go I'm I would like to go all in okay I like to right now there's some good cards on the table I'm gonna try to play my hand here and I'm hoping two weeks from now we'll be looking at you know maybe flights down to southeast Texas okay or southwest Texas is what you're saying the landscape I would have to take care of your hotel no no I don't want you to I don't want you to but I think this would be a fun moment I really do for the show there is I will also be honest part of my hesitation is this they win Penn State wins tomorrow we go to the sweet 16 let's just say for argument's sake it's Friday my biggest fear Penn State loses and I got to hear about it from you no no I do now I will be in no no no no no I will not want to then take a long flight back from Kansas City to here and hear it about Penn State losing to whoever by 30 nope that's not me I would only do that for one team that you're rooting for and that's the Indianapolis Colts and I think I've been very consistent with that on the air I think the bigger part of the story here Hickey doesn't want to go to Kansas City with me I literally just offered you hotel tickets and airfare on my dime and you're gonna say yeah I gotta think about it or oh I'm afraid if they lose that all of a sudden I can't deal with you well think about it we've been working together for three years roughly I think it may be even more than that more going back to weekend overnight days when you would sometimes fill it I have only heard negative words coming out your mouth about Penn State whether it's I'm wearing a Penn State shirt whether they lose a rough game now it's mostly been football related I get it cuz Penn State basketball is not really given any of us a reason to talk about them now to be fair I am conditioned for over three years to hear hatred and negativity so forgive me for the last 24 hours of being very hesitant and skeptical now all of a sudden went into 180 and now you are mr. Penn State waving the blue and white pom-poms and screaming we are Penn State I am very skeptical I just think it's good for the show if Penn State keeps winning and I think if Penn State's in the sweet 16 how are you not there like that to me when you told me yesterday you're only going to Final Four I'm like first off that this dope is just unrealistic the Final Four please give me a break meaning to my friends two weeks ago we said they make the tour they make the Final Four we are because we were talking about going MSG so again it's not just me it's my friends as well we're already making plans to have them come up here stay in my apartment and go to MSG for the Elite Eight now that's no-go now it's okay we'll make a promise to ourselves they're in Houston we will be there okay you may be in Kansas City let me I'm gonna price this out see how feasible it is now you don't have unlimited off days so you might use a sick day cough cough or I'll just tell spike hey you know give us off but hey sick days of work can we talk about on the air and the boss is listening that hey we're gonna take a sick day well that's that's your first mistake you think the bosses are listening right now that's it is a Friday and St. Patrick's Day come on hopefully they're drinking a few green beers and forgetting what we're saying about using sick days when we're not quote unquote not sick allegedly spike hey hickey cough oh geez wow there's some buck here I got I got the Penn State long pop and then he sees you like courtside at the gate that would that would be interesting that'd be an interesting conversation have yeah no doubt about that I think I could have spike give us the day off if I sell it to him as this is a show bonding experience it's out of the kindness of my own heart I'm funding the trip we're going we're gonna have some fun I think spike would be a be a an all for it an all go and give us a thumbs up and if not then we'll have a fight and we'll see who wins he'll probably win because he's the boss but you never know all righty well come on back Zach Gelb show CBS Sports Radio you're listening to the Zach Gelb show and you can think of all the auto parts for all your car care needs get guaranteed low prices and excellent customer service from the professional parts people at O'Reilly Auto parts from earlier today Marquette did take down Vermont 78 to 61 Yukon they were down by two at halftime to 13th seed Iona coached by Rick Pitino then the Huskies in the second half outscored the Gales 50 to 24 they win 87 to 63 Yukon Baylor beats UC Santa Barbara 74 to 56 that was a one point lead at halftime for UC Santa Barbara you did have Xavier just surviving coming on back against Kennesaw State 72 to 67 St. Mary's I thought ECU could add an upset today but St. Mary's better team 63 to 51 Michigan State they do defeat USC Michigan State was the better team for most of the first half than USC went on a late first half run to make it a tie game on in the halftime and Michigan State just pulled away in the second half and they win by 10 Michigan State Joey Houser had 17 points at eight rebounds you may remember a few years ago the Houser brothers were freshmen were at Marquette and then both did end up transferring after that one year for Joey Houser there so three or four years later Houser's gonna go up against his old team Marquette in the second round of the NCAA tournament that's Marquette's next matchup coming up on Sunday I believe between Marquette and Michigan State Creighton beats NC State 72 to 63 and did you see before the game in Pitt Iowa State did you at all catch this hickey that this was delayed slightly they I guess the rims were off in warm-ups for Iowa State and Iowa State asked the NCAA to adjust the rims Greg Gumbel who I can't stand Greg Gumbel after what he said about radio and it's just bitterness because he was no good at radio and I think he's a very overrated play-by-play guy now and I saw that he signed an extension with CBS but he's not gonna do NFL so that's at least good news Greg Gumbel comes back from break like so serious and he goes unfortunately we have a delay and like the look on his face you know when you get serious broadcasting face you're like oh something seriously is going wrong and then it's like oh the rims just had to be adjusted like I thought something seriously happened in the stadium or they were talking about like the death of someone like in a program like honoring someone in a season or something about to go to TV package it was like oh the rims were just off in Pittsburgh and Iowa State and you know what they did to fill time Charles Barkley talked about how when he was early on the NBA and they would leave one city early the next morning and they didn't have a private plane and they would fly commercial he would shower in his uniform and then hang his uniform and that's how they would wash the uniforms from one night to another and and on the set you had Kenny the Jetsmith and Clark Kellogg just like dying they're like that never happened like what are you talking about and Barkley was adamant that he wasn't lying and he was saying oh that's how I used to wash my uniform in the earlier days of him being in the NBA geez I mean I guess that's ingenuity but could you imagine back to back you got a shower with your uniform imagine being on a commercial flight there's Charles Barkley just hanging his uniform what in the aisle how do you dry that I guess he would hang it in his hotel the night before and then hope it would dry by the morning like why did they have a washing machine no you didn't have you couldn't give it to one of the the equipment staff guys and they couldn't wash it for you you think that would be a quicker process than having a wash shower in your own uniform then have it hope it dries before you leave early the next morning but Gumbel comes back from that break and he was like so serious and it was funny how it led to that conversation but Iowa State was irate about the rims and I guess they didn't have a lot of time to warm up or they couldn't accurately warm up and then they go to a 21 from 3 and 14 of 60 from the field now it's not like Pitt was dominant they shot 34% from the field 14 to 41 they were 6 and 19 from 3 but geez Iowa State only scored 41 points in the game and they cut it to seven a few times but they were never really in danger of really shifting momentum in that one that would explain the 20 to 2 start that they were down by why they couldn't hit any shots of the first 10 minutes of the game but I kid you not when Gumbel comes back from break and Gumbel has no personality so usually he comes back from break very serious when when he was just talking about why the game was being like and he didn't tell us what was happening at first he's like you know we have the game being delayed unfortunately I'm like oh something serious must have happened inside the stadium or they're about to go to like a very emotional piece about some adversity that one of these programs overcome is like oh the rims just need to be readjusted he doesn't seem like someone who's ever laughed in his life or that could tell a joke but he is which is crazy because he's doing morning radio and it's serious there's no lighter note or hey weird funny quirky thing happened and it's bad news well there's some guys like Iron Eagle by the way who's like one of the best broadcasters there is he has personality then there's other broadcasters that are just buttoned up broadcasters that if they don't have the teleprompter in front of them they can't ad lib and they could have no fun and and they can't laugh and that's kind of what Greg Gumbel is all right anyway Pitt wins today 59 to 41 and Fairleigh Dickinson and Purdue Hickey this is a game which about it's a Fairleigh Dickinson has been back and forth they're up by one right now with a minute left in the first half so remember their coach after winning the first four basically called out Purdue said hey we could beat them hope Purdue sees this or a little ambiguous when he was the coach of the Ravens with Tennessee how much Tennessee yeah can he lose by let's say and still have it be respectable I think this is already enough you gave a first half fight I don't care if you lose by 20 the second after sure there's gonna be Purdue fans that use Twitter fingers and go oh yeah how about that coach real tough guy but come on like there's no embarrassment here for a 16 seed you have in that situation I like when a coach does that like if it was an eight nine if this was you know like even like a 512 a little bit different if this was 10 7 different when it's a 16 and a 1 only one 16 seed has ever won and that was UMBC up against Tony Bennett's Virginia squad of those years ago I have no problem doing that like get your name out there get your program some some some more conversation some more publicity and if anything you kind of take all the pressure off your players if there is any pressure and it goes right on the coach when you make a statement like that I still think you got to lose within 10 I don't think a strong first half you lose within 10 then I think people will say you know what okay they lost Blake said 16 seed they're on to something here they played Purdue really tough if they lose but even if even though the plan is so far really well like said they're leading right for halftime you come out there and get dropped in the second half yeah and you lose by 25 I think it's still the messages is not as strong as it could have been if you lose by seven but is anyone gonna go to reference this guy by name like you even did it right there it was like oh the fairly Dickinson coach like no one's saying Tobin Anderson no but they would if you lose by seven it's like okay someone who you know hey called the shot now they didn't win the game but they gave Purdue everything they could handle I don't think the first half run is enough to get the the name out there and stick I really do not believe that anyone regardless even if they lose in the second half by 30 is gonna genuinely be pulling up that clip and go see coach you should be embarrassed unless you are egg face two six seven eight nine three four five on social media that's the person I guess in two hours ish we'll see I could definitely see Twitter like pulling that clip and then like having some sort of mean like didn't you know two hours later then it's like a you know you lose by 30 I think you're just too obsessed with Twitter these days I don't know I'm just I'm just telling you how Twitter reacts different in the real world people do love to clown others whenever possible I think you'll look back at that and they go look at this guy's guy called a shot you lose by 30 thank you forget the 116 sometimes if coach Anderson walked right past you would you even be able to to recognize him no shot well I mean I've seen on TV recently so maybe but otherwise probably not it's the same thing remember that the guy was that used the hot dog to drink the beer and you were like oh you couldn't pay me a hundred dollars that's all the impact no one ever talks about that guy anymore no one actually remembers that guy no his friends and family do that will never leave them the only way you remember this guy's if he wins this game that's how you remember him if he loses not remember when he talked all that smack for the game and he lost come on it's a 16 and a one he's expected to lose so that's just the way that I think about that now there's 25.6 seconds left in that first half and fairly Dickinson is up 30 to 29 all right well come on back you gotta hear this Adam Schefter audio about the number one overall pick and I don't think hickey is gonna like it you're listening to the Zach Gelb show bye thank you very much and it's Zach Gelb show coast to coast on CBS sports radio so last week was it a Friday last Friday is that a full week when we found out the Bears and the Panthers made a trade or agreed to terms because it wasn't official I guess until Wednesday that you were gonna have the Carolina Panthers move up to the number one overall pick and immediately after that it was Joe Person from the athletic who covers the Panthers saying the intention is for the Panthers to move up to go get CJ shroud now I think that initial report is very important but it doesn't mean that is going to be the actual pick because as we've learned a few years ago when we knew that Lawrence is going one and Zach Wilson was going to to the Jags and the Jets when the Niners initially moved up to that third overall pick the thought was whether you believed it or not but this is what they were intending to do they were going to draft Mac Jones and then throughout the draft process it turned out to be a decision between Mac Jones or Trey Lance and they ended up going with Trey Lance with the third overall pick so today and if this was just Joe Schmo it would be different if this is something that didn't cover the Panthers or didn't cover the NFL wasn't a big national name we're not talking about this but Adam Schefter who is like the insider when it comes to football he was on ESPN and he says the Panthers right now actually have Bryce Young number one on their board let's listen up this courtesy of ESPN and NFL live I think going into the process of evaluating the quarterbacks I think that Bryce Young is the favorite to become the number one overall pick let me say it this way I think Bryce Young is to the Panthers what Mac Jones was to the 49ers when they traded up they traded up with the idea that they really liked Mac Jones and then they went through the process and wound up on Trey Lance I think in this particular case this team moved up with the idea that Bryce Young was a guy that they loved they also really like CJ Stroud he's definitely got support in the organization and we'll see what transpires during the course of evaluations but I think at the beginning of the process it starts out with Bryce Young as the favorite. So Hickey let me ask you this and this is where my brain goes to you have other panelists that are there I think it was Mina Kimes, Keyshawn Johnson and then also I want to say it was Laura Rutledge too was on the set and I think it's either Mina or Laura that's going like ooh ooh do you think they didn't know that Shefty was gonna say that because what Schefter's saying and he says it so casually and Schefter only kind of has like one tone is something that we haven't heard yet and then like part of me wants to say maybe they didn't know and you hear that in the background like the ooh like wow I haven't heard that or do you think everyone knew on that set that that was coming from Schefter? No I think they genuinely didn't know now I edited it down or edited it out to make it shorter but Laura Rutledge basically stopped him he was continuing to go on basically said hold on let's just die circle back here you have Bryce or you're saying that Bryce Young is number one on their board because you referenced right the CJ Stroud point that's when he dove deeper in made the Mac Jones comparison I think everyone was legitimately surprised that Schefter is saying that within the Panthers organization Bryce Young right now is number one. Now I don't know all of Schefter sources right he has like a ton of them obviously he's the most him and Ian Rapp are the two most well connected reporters oh yeah lose my number bro by the way a friend of mine yesterday texted me and was like critical to me about one of my tweets about the NCAA tournament and I go lose my number nice try bro. Now the friend who is in sports media did not respond back to that so I did not follow back up but I wonder if he genuinely thinks that I'm annoyed and the joke like this isn't the sharpest tool in the shed let's just say my friend if the joke kind of just went over his head if the joke just flew right over his cabeza.

Sounds like you answered your own question because this was viral enough to where ever like it's one of those everyone especially if you're in sports but he's in sports media this guy that's what I'm saying he should have gotten it. It's another national host too he goes I see you're making up for your lack of college hoops tweets and all other non-month March months and I'm just like nice try bro lose my number. That's also kind of weird like what are you Mr. College Basketball now? Well I never pretend to be Mr. College Basketball now I watch college basketball not 24-7 but I watch college basketball throughout the season I just don't wait until March all the sudden to start watching it but in terms of talking on the show and also tweeting about things our audience for most of the time up until I would say probably like a week before the conference tournaments or the conference tournaments do not care about college basketball. It's a weird text from your friend that's really weird again just because first of all you can watch college basketball in December and not tweet about it because and I've tweeted about it maybe no one you know is interested in the game you're watching and you know what the I want to be careful here with what I'm about to say because he is a friend but the audacity of this person to text me that when I took this guy to a college basketball game this year.

I got him tickets we went together to a college basketball game this year. Now is it a temple game? Yes is it I don't know but the game afterwards which was St. John's Syracuse he didn't want to stay I said let's stay. Let's watch the game. Wow so Mr. College basketball is not Mr. College basketball after all he doesn't want to watch a what was that December January November it was right before Thanksgiving November he doesn't want to watch a November St. John's Syracuse game so who truly is Mr. Basketball exactly not your friend but anyway back to the Schefter thing let's not bury the lead you and I both believe Bryce Young should be the number one overall pick but it sounds like CJ Stroud will be is this Schefter maybe getting information I don't know from someone in the Panthers organization that does not agree with the CJ Stroud pick like David Tepper who reportedly wants Bryce Young and it's Frank Reich who wants CJ Stroud or is this maybe like a Texan source trying to get Schefter some information from someone so or maybe no it would be a panther source to try to get the Texans to move up to one because the Texans we all know want Bryce Young I would say right now it's probably the latter I bet you it's probably the Panthers trying to goat the Texans into trading up to number one take Bryce Young even though all along maybe they like CJ Stroud or Anthony Richardson should be Bryce but I think this is more put fear in the Texans eyes well here's what I'm learning either way regardless of who they actually like Bryce Young is not going to be available after two because the Texans will take him at two regardless of who goes one just as long as it's not not Bryce Young and still your guys at four who could maybe move up to three in the Colts will not be getting Bryce Young who did the Texan sign Oh case came now is it I don't know case I think so I got some you know some left in his arm maybe take will I understand a two generationally talented defensive player may draft another receiver like 12 or a receiver 12 can you give up on the brace younger and then I would just pass on a guy who's too small I mean if that was if I was Houston and I'm trading way land retuncel I would say you know what small QB now for us can you I know you're you're marinated and just sarcasm there and crap can you just give up the the dream of Bryce Young and just admit that it's dead yes no it's been unfortunately given up on okay so I could hope for a miracle but I could stop wearing black to work as we just mourn in your loss of Bryce Young not coming to the casket hasn't buried in the dirt is over the casket okay and we're done sitting Shiva is what you're telling me yes it is all over okay it's all over who will be the number one overall pick I will say CJ shroud and who will be the number two overall pick well I understand junior who do you seriously think will be the number two overall price yeah there we go say back to the cult say somewhat room for Penn State though coming up tomorrow.
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