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FDU Proving Madness Against Purdue (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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March 17, 2023 9:02 pm

FDU Proving Madness Against Purdue (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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March 17, 2023 9:02 pm

Scott Hansen tells one radio show to lose his number l News Brief l Purdue struggling with FDU


How we doing? Our number three of our radio programs at Gelb Show, CBS Sports Radio, Kentucky, 32 seconds away from halftime. They're up by 10, 38-28 up against Ed Cooley's Providence team at the half. Fairleigh Dickinson is up by one against Purdue. That's a 16-1 matchup. Fairleigh Dickinson, the 16 seed, is up by one at halftime. You do have Grand Canyon with Coach Drew. They are up by two right now, early stages, first nine minutes into the game up against Gonzaga.

And you do have Drake in Miami that is just underway where Drake is up 3-1, two minutes into this game. We'll get into more NCAA tournament later on. We'll do a bunch of reaction. Congratulations to Hickey's, Penn State Nittany Lions last night with the victory. Really, people should be congratulating me and thanking me for my efforts in supporting Penn State. And leading them to a victory. So we'll do a lot more NCAA tournament talk.

We will sprinkle in some football as well. But Hickey, this is just impromptu. You have no clue that I'm bringing this up. But I was reading an article during a break. And we were just talking about the whole Aaron Rodgers thing with Schefter, nice try but lose my number. So the show Waddle and Sylvie in Chicago, it's on the ESPN affiliate in Chicago, they were I guess doing a segment today and it's like who in sports media or who in the sports world has told you to lose their number? All I'm going to say is that it's a NFL red zone host that told him to lose his number.

But it's not the one that you think. So we have talked about this before. Andrew Siciliano may not know who I am now, like may try to block me out of his memory but he can't stand my guts. We had him on and all I did was ask him is there a rivalry at NFL network with you and Scott Hansen and I was having some fun and then we went down this road of well do you believe that Scott's only taken one bathroom break ever since hosting red zone?

That's a lie, I don't believe that. And I was like oh, that's a big headline Andrew Siciliano doesn't believe that Scott Hansen has this iron bladder. That's all I said, he's like yeah I know what CBS does, they put that stuff out as clickbait.

And I thought he was kidding. So I did take the audio and I put it out there because it was funny and I just got an abundance of DMs from Andrew Siciliano. He did the thing where he followed me so my guy must have liked the interview so I followed him back and then it was just like you're clickbait, you're like blah blah I knew you were going to do this, I said you were going to do this.

I'm like dude there's no malicious intent, it's a conversation about if a guy that hosts a show goes to the bathroom or not. We were going back and forth and it was just crazy, it was stupid and I was like alright first off this guy's boring, we're never going to put him on again and if he's going to be this sensitive, pretty much go bleep off dude. I was being kind, it was a little bit earlier stage of my career, earlier my run here at CBS Sports Radio but I was like alright this dude just can't take a joke. And actually there were people that heard about it at NFL Network that ended up reaching out to me and they were like hey we're basically kind of sorry. That's what they said that you had to deal with is after they heard about the interview and then heard me talking about it as well and I got a few other people in the media world, other talk show hosts that said yeah he's like a pain in the ass to deal with.

So anyway, I'll tell you this story from Waddle and Sylvie and this is on Barrett Sports Media. While discussing the Rodged interview with McAfee, the pair admitted that an NFL Red Zone host once told their producer to stop trying to book him for interviews on the program. I believe the presentation was do me a favor, lose my number after this interview, Tom Waddle said. So he tried to do it politely and it ended up being Scott Hansen, who couldn't believe that?

Get out of here. That concept is foreign to me, how about hey next time you text me my schedule is full, I can't do it but thanks for thinking of me, lose my number? You ain't the president for Christ's sake, I'm saying that to anyone who would say that, lose my number, we're all in the communication business, I just don't know why be rude like that to people.

What does that accomplish? You know what it accomplished, we didn't call him back, so we set out what he wanted to do. All I'll say is this Hickey, I'm stunned that this was Scott Hansen because how many times have we had Scott Hansen on and we were like that dude is the nicest dude in the world. I couldn't imagine saying a bad word about anybody and you know there are protocols right, even for a guy like Scott Hansen like you're supposed to contact someone that we know at NFL Network and they set up their schedules. So like for Hansen to say lose my number, I wonder what the host did but maybe Hansen just finally had a bad day but I'm surprised this was Hansen and not that little weasel, Dumbo the elephant in Andrew Siciliano who's like just such a jerk. Like if you told me this was a red zone host and you thought the same thing, you thought this was a Siciliano story, no doubt about it. I am shocked because like you said, any single time you've had contact with Scott Hansen, he's been very nice, he's been great on the show, a lot of energy, excited to be there, sometimes you don't always get that with every guest.

But yeah, never would have ever imagined him sending a text, lose my number. Now I wonder when this happened and maybe it happened after our little kerfuffle with Siciliano but then probably not I would say because this is the biggest irony hickey in the entire article. And sometimes maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe that the audio and Barrett Sports Media does a good job but maybe the audio didn't accurately portray the conversation so I'll give Scott Hansen the benefit of the doubt but here's what's also in the article hickey. Co-host Mark Silverman then mentioned that the show once tried to book Hansen and NFL red zone host Andrew Siciliano together in the same block with the idea of doing a trivia game to see who the supreme NFL red zone host was. Siciliano agreed but Hansen declined. Now Siciliano agreed and he got so annoyed about me putting out a video clip of something that he said that he doesn't buy that Hansen's only taken one bathroom break throughout all those years. So I wonder if this happened before or after our incident with Siciliano because then maybe Hansen was being a good teammate and caught wind of our situation with Siciliano. I was like oh that annoys sensitive Siciliano so I'm not going to put him in that position and you know what guys like screw you lose my number. I wonder if it happened there or if maybe just maybe this happened first and then Hansen told Siciliano can you believe these two clowns and what they were doing and then that's why Siciliano got so sensitive and annoyed at us when he took a little shot at Hansen in our interview.

That was all in good fun. Do you think they're friends like I don't I would not say they are friends and now I get it it's basically the same company in a way or maybe I guess maybe not even that just because it is red zone for Siciliano is direct TV. But they both work for NFL Network. Right but it's like you are I guess kind of competing against the other in a way to who has a better red zone show. Put it this way I don't think Siciliano is a genuine guy I think he's a phony I think he's fake I think he's a fraud.

I can't make that more abundantly clear. I remember in our conversation with him he kind of pulled that line like oh yeah like we're friendly it's not a rivalry and like I just don't buy that. And for Siciliano I can understand why he's more sensitive about it because other than Ray Martel who works here. Most people like Hansen over Siciliano like Ray is the only person that will actually debate me that Siciliano is better than Hansen I think most people like if we went down the streets of New York and said or anywhere who do you who do you watch for red zone. Most people would say that it's Scott Hansen over Siciliano. So I say the rivalry thing to say this, I don't think Scott Hansen is saying no because he knows how sensitive Andrew Siciliano is like poke a bear who's also his friend. I think that there has to be maybe it's it's not like Yankees Red Sox. Let me just say it's not like this is Alabama Auburn. I don't think this is malice at the palace with pistons and pacers, but I do think there has to naturally be a little rivalry there or some jealousy because they basically both do the same show.

There has to be how can you not again you want to pride in what you do you want to be the best of what you do. So naturally even though again technically it's not like one like you can get one if you have direct TV and everyone else gets the other one so it's not like you can really have that much of a choice per se. But you want to be known as the better red zone host so I could definitely see some sort of pride rivalry developing even if it's not public just internal. Like for example a lot of people that listen think like there's shows here in our company like on this network that hate one another. And then like sometimes they put you like in the position of oh like I'm a this show guy or that show guy and most of us are all friends behind the scenes. I don't think there is any rivalries here at CBS Sports Radio but like you do want to personally put out the best product possible and you do want to be better than the people that you work with like I think maybe it's something along the lines of that.

But except here's the difference like we're all different day parts those guys directly go up against one another where I don't think if they see each other in the office it's like bleep you don't even look at me get the heck away from me like you're a rat you know you're a terrible human being. But I think naturally like for example if CBS Sports Radio could let's just say put someone in our six to ten time slot that was a teammate of ours and basically did the same show as ours but you could only get them on the app but you got us on all the affiliates and serious. I wouldn't hate that person but I want I would want to put on a better product and be more well respected with the listening audience than that person like I don't know what the comparison would be here exactly like that I think that's a reach because it would just never happen. You know maybe it'd be like if I left my own accord from the company and like let's say I just took a new job I don't I would not root against the person that replaces me here because I have friends here and I want to see people do well and the whole network does well and if the if our shows do well other shows are doing well and it's just kind of a team effort. But I wouldn't want the show from six to ten p.m. Eastern ever would replace me to do better than the job that I did for however many years I end up working here if you get what I'm saying.

It's only natural only natural. So that's why I think again I don't think Scott Hansen in this instance where they're trying to put them against each other in a trivia contest to see basically who's the more knowledgeable red zone host. I don't think Scott Hansen is bowing out to save the sensibilities of Andrew Siciliano. So you just think he didn't want to do it. Yes or maybe did not like how it was presented and maybe we don't know the text. Maybe say you want to come on and all of a sudden last minute hey by the way you're coming on but also Siciliano is on and we're doing this flash trivia so be ready and he goes screw this screw you guys I don't want to do this.

Never do this again you guys are sabotaging me. Well that is if they kind of just sandbagged him at the end and was like oh you want to come on oh yeah by the way like five minutes before you go on hey we're going to have you go up and do a trivia contest against Siciliano. I could understand why he would take that the wrong way. But I'm just surprised when I'm reading this that it was Hansen who was sensitive here and not Siciliano. Surprises every day Zach. Every day there's some sort of surprise in life and this is the one for today. Maybe Siciliano is just not that bad of a dude and he just had a bad temper moment with me.

Maybe that's what we're learning here or maybe at one point in his life he had a personality now he clearly has no personality. That is clear. Can I take a joke. Can I laugh. That is without a doubt for sure. Yeah that's just it's ridiculous.

You got a lot of sensitive people in this business but what can you do. Alrighty this is Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. Let me just update you on some NCAA tournament scores right now and then we will take a break and we will get to the news brief. Second half underway in the 116 game Purdue is down by three to Fairleigh Dickinson. Half time the Wildcats of Kentucky are up 38 to 31 against the Providence Friars 5 30 left in the first half Grand Canyon as a 14 seed is up 28 to 21 up against Gonzaga and with 12 19 remaining in the first half. You do have Drake up by one point low scoring 9 8 between the Drake Bulldogs and the hurricanes of Miami still to come in about an hour from now Florida Atlantic Memphis and an hour 40 from now. You have Montana State Kansas State coming up right when we get off the air you have Indiana and Kent State and a few minutes after we get off the air you do have TCU up against Arizona State. If you are keeping track of this or have not been able to today your finals from today Marquette 78 Vermont 61 Yukon 87 Iona 63 Baylor 74 UC Santa Barbara 56 Xavier 72 Kennesaw State 67 Saint Mary 63 VCU 51 Sparty party for Michigan State.

They beat Andy Einfeld USC squad 72 to 62 Creighton 72 NC State 63 and Pittsburgh 20 to 2 I think to start the game they ended up winning 59 to 41 up against Iowa State Pittsburgh was in Dayton and they already won one game then they move in out of the playing round to Iowa State and they did take care of Iowa State as that game wasn't even close. Alright news brief coming up next at the help show CBS Sports Radio. And their shoes are so stylish, they go perfectly with a wear whatever I want attitude. Allbirds is all about loving Mother Nature too, because no one wants to leave a bad footprint.

Each shoe is carefully crafted from natural materials that tread lightly on our planet from ZQ certified Merino wool to a bouncy midsole made from sweet foam, the world's first carbon negative EVA material made from sugar cane. You're listening to the Zach Gelb show. Time for your daily news brief, we get you caught up on the rumors reports and reconnaissance from the day in sports. My one and only time of being a Penn State basketball fan led to a victory.

Hickey, you're welcome, you're welcome, you're welcome, because you've been thanking me all throughout the show. Let's hear from your head basketball coach for now, Mike Shrewsbury, who says Penn State after their blowout win up against Texas A&M isn't just happy to just simply be in this tournament. They're getting a chance to be here and play and experience this whole thing like, let's experience it.

Let's have fun. It's fun seeing all the Penn Stateers that showed up and were cheering for us but like, we want to go on a run. How much of a run do you think this team can go on? Now, they shot the lights out of the building last night, and A&M never had a shot.

You get Texas, who lost their coach Chris Beard this season with what happened with him off the court, and now he already has reemerged and he's now going to be, or he is the next coach of Ole Miss. So they've just been dominant. They have not missed a beat at all in Texas. If I had to ask out of 100% confidence, where's your confidence? I know you said you think Penn State's going to win, but out of 100%, how confident are you actually that that's going to happen?

I will say 60% right now. 60%, they're going to win the game, but I'm very nervous about the length and physicality of Texas. Penn State got dominated on the boards yesterday. No one's going to talk about it because they couldn't miss a three. They could not get a rebound.

That's concerning. Also, tomorrow, that game's at what, 7.40? 7.45 Eastern is the scheduled tip, and that's also assuming that the game right beforehand goes on time. Let's just say 8 o'clock Eastern. How are you watching the game tomorrow?

Take me through the whole schedule. Not sure yet. A few of my Penn State friends, we are getting together. We will be getting rowdy during the day. Not too rowdy, not too rowdy. We will make it for the game. No one worried.

This is not amateur hour. We will absolutely be locked and ready to go at 8 o'clock. You will be lost in the sauce and maybe miss some of the game or fall asleep during the game. Tomorrow, the entire day will be circled around the game itself. So everything we do will be with the game in mind where we go. If we go somewhere to eat, it has to be in time.

So if we want to leave to go somewhere else, we have enough time to do so. I don't know the location. You're not going to watch it at a bar, right? I think we might.

I don't know. What happens if there's no sound? I feel like you need sound. Bar New York City, you may want to check into a Penn State bar.

Well, there's also, thankfully, a multitude of those. I'm a kind of go-with-the-flow kind of guy. See, that's crazy to me because when your team's playing, everything has to be centered around the game. I need to know what my plan is right now, what the food is, what's the alcohol looking like, where are we watching the game. I'd be watching it on my turf or at a friend's house, apartment, whatever, and just make sure it's in a good setting. I think you're just walking into this and maybe it turns out to be a hot mess. Well, what I like to do is test the water, see how it goes.

If you're having fun at one place, why leave? Can you make me one promise for tomorrow? Sure. Win or lose, can we get an instant reaction video after the game? I can make you a half promise.

Win, absolutely. And again, I said it yesterday, I will not be able to control what comes out of my mouth. If you hear the word National Championship, Final Four, more than you in advance, I could easily get wrapped up and caught up in the moment. I know it's unlike me to get caught up in the moment and look ahead.

I know it's shocking, but I just can't rule it out. If they lose... Come on, I need a video out of this. But it's like, what am I going to say? They get blown out. Okay, great season. Micah, don't leave. If they lose on a heartbreaker, I mean, I may just be on the floor at that point. Yes, and we need that content. No, if they lose the way Virginia lost, I'm sorry, but oh my goodness.

You're not for the show and you're not for the network right now. I need a video either way. Some of the best videos we see in sports are people freaking out and going on rants after their team loses.

I'm not saying you have... Well, no. I need a video, win or loss. That's all I ask. Win or loss. You're very... You're 60% confident your team's going to win.

You should be able to agree to that. I think they will win. I think you will see in about two hours from now, then 20... So about 26 hours from now, let's say, I think you'll see a positive video on social media from yours truly.

And then on the chance that they lose, which there's a good chance they're going to lose, we will get that video as well, right? We'll see. Oh, you're so lame.

We'll see. You're so lame. Are you the radio host and the radio producer that only talks about his teams when they're winning? No, I'm just in the moment. In the moment, I will need some time to decompress. What, are you going to go talk this retreat? I might. I might call up Aaron Rodgers.

Where can I get away from everything? Where's the ayahuasca at? That might help too if they get blown out or they lose on a buzzer beater. Come on, video either way. Kelvin Sampson says he was very impressed with how Northern Kentucky, a 16 seed, played up against his Houston Cougars. Let's give Northern Kentucky some credit. We keep talking about us and Auburn and all this stuff. I don't coach Northern Kentucky, but I was proud of their team tonight.

They fought. By the way, are you watching this Purdue Fairleigh Dickinson game? Yes. Did you just see the stat that they put up there?

No, I miss it. Do you want to take a guess? I know there's only one win for a 16 seed up against a 1. How many losses do you think it's been? 180. Maybe 200? 1 and 150.

150. And right now Purdue is up by 1. 47 to 46 up against Fairleigh Dickinson with 10.

20 to go in that contest in regulation. Houston did not play well up against Northern Kentucky and we knew they were dealing with the injury bug beforehand. Hickey, I was surprised yesterday that Marcus Sasser, who going into the game was dealing with the groin injury, played in a 16-1 game. Exposure and groin injuries are so fickle and so easy to re-injure you think the best thing for it is rest and you want to give him as much time off his feet as possible, which would mean not playing yesterday.

Obviously that did not go as planned. I was very surprised by that and then also you ended up having Jamal Sheed have a hyper extended knee. Now both players they're saying tomorrow they will both be on the court. They are guaranteeing they'll start. And that's against Auburn in Birmingham.

Yes. The bigger question is will they finish? That's a tough draw. That's a tough draw for Houston because of location and then you factor in the injuries as well and you don't know how healthy your leading scorer will be and then your third leading scorer will be as well.

That's an interesting spot. You don't get out to an early lead. That Birmingham crowd going to be all over Auburn pulling for Auburn.

That first 10 minutes of the game is very important. You'll know a lot where the health is of that team is and then also we know the crowd is going to be rooting for Auburn but can you kind of quiet that crowd early? You know what's interesting about the crowd is obviously in Birmingham like you mentioned but not only is Auburn playing there, so is Alabama later that night. It will be an Auburn heavy crowd but I would assume Alabama fans will be rooting there in the building. You're rooting for Houston right?

I don't know. I'm assuming with that rivalry how deep it is. I know we look at it from the iron bowl in football. I would assume if you have a good amount of Alabama fans in there, which you will because Alabama plays later that night in the same building, you would think maybe the home court advantage will not be maybe as drastic as it appears if you have Alabama fans trying to push on Houston to beat their arch rival. The only reason why I hesitate is because naturally here in New York you're either a Mets or a Yankees fan, like in our eyes, in the true sports fan eyes. In the Alabama Auburn rivalry it's like you're either an Alabama Auburn fan. But I have now met a lot of people in New York that say I root for both the Mets and the Yankees. One of my good friends that goes to Michigan, his uncle lives in Michigan and used to be a Michigan State fan and now later on in life he also likes Michigan. He used to like Michigan, his favorite team in Michigan State, his daughter went there and now all of a sudden because his niece and nephew, no both his nephews ended up going to Michigan and he's like yeah I'm fine with Michigan too. So I wonder how many people are just kind of in the middle that you and I go what the heck am I actually saying when you say that but then there's just some people that want to see the team in the area do well. I could be totally off here, I would be shocked, shocked if you have someone in the Crimson right now tomorrow rooting for Auburn, like shocked. For football, I get it. Basketball though, I don't know is it really that big of a deal? I'll speak for myself as a Penn State fan if Michigan was in the same situation and I was there and Michigan was playing or Michigan State or Ohio State, I don't care if they're number one seed and I love upsets, I'm rooting for my rivals to lose. Let's go to Marcus Sasser who re-injured his groin last night on how bad his great injury is and if he could play coming up on Saturday.

This is courtesy of Fox 26 in Houston. How much pain were you in? Probably like a 7 out of 10. What needs to happen to get you back out there? Just continuing, you know, doing treatment, rehabbing it, being smart about it.

Is it reality that you could get back out there on Saturday? Yeah, very funny. A 10 hickey. 7 out of 10 is not good.

That's very high. No, no, he said a 10 I thought. He said 7, 7 out of 10. Are you sure? Yeah, I can replay it.

Can you replay that? I know the audio isn't the best but I thought I heard a 10. How much pain were you in? Probably like a 7 out of 10. Oh, okay. You're right, 7 out of 10. That's still for a groin injury, when you just re-injured it, not good at all.

No. To play two days later. John Shire is very happy with how the players responded to playing on such a big stage. Kind of funny to hear a Duke coach say that but Coach K is no longer there. They were going up against Oral Roberts but they dominated so here you go.

Here's Coach Shire. Really proud of the effort. Proud of these guys right here. They did a great job for, you know, five of them. It's their first NCAA tournament game and you really couldn't tell and I think that's a credit to them. And their competitiveness and their ability to rise to the occasion.

Let's go to Sean Miller's back at Xavier. And they were on the verge of going down in the first round of the NCAA tournament as a three-seated halftime. They were trailing by a score of 43 to 36 to Kennesaw State. And then that second half, man, it was 51 to 38 at one point and then when you had about 11 minutes left, it was 57 to 44. So this game, even late into that second half, it was close.

They ended up finding a way to pull it out. I didn't have a problem with the officiating at the end. I thought it was a good call on the foul against Kennesaw State and I thought it was a good no call when Kennesaw State was driving the other way. But Sean Miller said that Kennesaw State made it extremely tough all game long. You know, we earned, you know, every point we got and this was as hard of a hard-fought victory as we've had this year. And that's, again, as much to Kennesaw State's credit.

And that was 61 to 48 with 9.50 remaining in that contest. Let's hear one more from Sean Miller. He says the team is lucky to still be playing in the tournament. We're fortunate. This game could have gone either way. I think everybody up here on the podium knows that we have to be better on Sunday than we were today, but really grateful to still be in the tournament. And Jack Nungi made the play of the game.

Let's listen up to his block, this courtesy of Bill Rosinski on the Westwood One NCAA Radio Network. Let's go to Dallas. Dak Prescott says the Cowboys are in win now mode, this courtesy of the Children's Cancer Fund. Having all those guys that said departure, so many close friends, good teammates, and not winning a championship, and the urgency was there. But then now, as that's turned over, realizing that, hey, Mike Blinken, my career may be over with, you know what I mean? And that's saying, whatever, seven years or years to come, that, yeah, the urgency is now. I mean, it's now or never. It's simple as that. And, yeah, no sugar coating.

But he's right in everything that he says, Hickey. They are in a win now mode. The urgency should be now. They've had back-to-back 12-win seasons, but it resulted in one playoff win to a team, yes, that had Tom Brady, but was below.500, and you lost twice to San Francisco when you had two opportunities to win the game. You are in win now mode, but I don't know how many people actually believe that the Cowboys, forget even just going to a Super Bowl like in a weak NFC or even going to get to an NFC title game.

And does their owner even know they're in win now mode? Remember Jerry Jones said at the Senior Bowl, he's like, oh, you know, the Eagles went all in. We're here to, you know, we want to win 10 games. We want to be good every year. I don't know if Jerry Jones is a guy who wants to kind of, you know, be in win now mode. He's all about win now in the drama mode. That's what Jerry Jones is about.

That's true. Let's go to Dak Prescott. He reacts to the Cowboys cutting his dear friend, Ezekiel Elliott. It's tough. A brother, playing the game with a brother, been able to start this NFL career and share so many memories and grow up as men, grow up as men throughout, with this organization. I really can't imagine taking the field without him.

Something I don't know if it's completely hit me yet. Obviously, I've talked to him. I'm hurt. I'm sure he is. But it's more important for me just to be able to support him. I know he's got more opportunities coming his way and love that guy. Proud of him.

Number one support in here for him no matter what. Where do you think Zeke is playing next? I will take a guess at the I will say Jaguars. Jags are on my list. That would not surprise me.

Kind of similar to where you were in Dallas. You had a better running back in front of you like Travis 18. You know, could Zeke maybe find a place where he's the number one back?

I would think no. But if a team isn't loaded at running backs, maybe it's different. Like if he goes to Buffalo, I don't think he's getting the most carries, but he would be the biggest running back name on that roster right now.

I also wouldn't be surprised. And I saw a report that the Ravens are trying to get Odell. And I think a lot of people just expect Odell is going to wind up with the Jets because Aaron Rodgers wants him. But imagine if the Ravens are trying to tell Lamar, hey, we're trying to get some people in there. Maybe they go bring in Zeke and maybe that's a name that does appeal to Lamar Jax.

That would be very funny. The guy that keeps his Lamar Jackson in Baltimore is not a receiver. It's not OBJ. It's Zeke.

And it wouldn't shock me. And maybe I'll end up being wrong on this with how much Dak loves Zeke. Maybe the market for Zeke ends up being not as robust.

I don't think anyone expects to be robust, but let's say if it ends up being like very dry. We just had Darius cut and then less than 24 hours resigned in Philadelphia. Could that happen with Zeke and Dallas? I would be surprised.

I would. Because I think if he wanted to stay, he would have restructured and not basically sit on his salary and say, either pay me or cut me. And I would agree with you, but maybe he didn't realize or wasn't being realistic with what the market's going to be for him. And if he's like, how much is he going to get? I would have to imagine it's going to be a one year deal, two years at most.

It's going to be heavily incentivized, I would say. So, like, we're talking about one of the higher paid backs in the league. Like, is he going to like six or seven million dollars a year? Like, even if that, I can't see him commanding a big deal. No, I could see him getting a two year deal, though. How much, though?

About? Two, four, twelve, and then throw some incentives in there to get you up to sixteen, something like that, yeah. I think it's going to be pretty low. That's why I wouldn't surprise him.

Maybe it just takes a one year deal, goes back to Dallas, and you reset the market a year from now, if you're able to play well. Alrighty, that's the News Brief, Zach Gelb Show, CBS Sports Radio. Folks, is it happening again? Are we going to see a sixteen beat a one? Three oh seven a go. Fairleigh Dickinson is up by one. They're twenty and fifteen on the year, Perdue is twenty nine and five, a one seed in the NCAA tournament, and there is three oh seven to go.

And Perdue hasn't scored in like four minutes, is down by one, and you remember last year, Perdue did go down in the, what was it, the second round of the NCAA tournament to St. Peters. Sweet sixteen. Was that sweet sixteen? That was in Philly. I was at that game. I went down in the sweet sixteen last year to St. Peters.

Wow. And this this right now reminds me a lot of the game that we just saw yesterday. The fifteen to match up between Princeton and Arizona, like Purdue's not scoring like Arizona wasn't scoring. And Mitch Henderson kind of even said they didn't shoot the ball well yesterday. Princeton, they had four three pointers in the game.

You look at the stats right now. Fairleigh Dickinson six of twenty two from three. They're twenty two fifty eight from the field. And you look at the numbers for Purdue, Purdue's an abysmal four of twenty three from three and they're eighteen to forty eight from the field. And Zach Eady, who is their best player, he has twenty one points.

No one else is really stepping up to the occasion. They have five bench points and it's not like anyone on Fairleigh Dickinson is shooting the lights out of the place. Like they have fourteen, eight, ten, seven, ten off the bench. No play off the bench was six.

But this is just stunning where you get into right these mental blocks like we talked about it with. I know Virginia won a championship, but they've also lost the three double digit seeds and in the last five years. And you see Purdue went down to fifteen seeded St. Peter's. They are now two thirty away from going down to Fairleigh Dickinson and Fairleigh Dickinson is now up by three and they have the ball.

So it's just going to be fascinating to see how this plays out. And Hickey stands out to be the most other than it's a sixteen beating a one right now. Is that the size difference? Like I know Edie is is enormous. What is it like?

Seven, five, seven, six, whatever he is. But Fairleigh Dickinson is such a small team. And how no one other than Edie is able to step up right now for Purdue.

It's stunning. We are now under two minutes to go. And this is a three point game in favor of Fairleigh Dickinson. And the coach of Fairleigh Dickinson after they won the playing game is like, I want Purdue to hear this. We're going to beat them. This is this is bonkers. We'll see how this plays out right now, Hickey.

But Tobin Anderson, that's the most boss move ever. If you call your shot as a sixteen and you're able to get the job done against the one. And now we are in this game right now and it is a three point lead for Fairleigh Dickinson. Purdue's going to have the ball as there's going to be a time out and we are under two minutes to go in this contest. The similarities between Virginia and Purdue, if Purdue loses this game are frighteningly, frighteningly similar. In the sense that if Purdue loses this game now won't be first round three straight times, but they were last three lost in the tour and all to be double digit seeds to FDU 16 last year, 15 in St. Peter's. They lost in the first round in twenty twenty one to North Texas, a 13 seed, three straight losses, double digit seeds in the tournament for Purdue. And you look to go back to the Virginia Purdue comparison, it's they play not the similar style of offense, but Virginia runs a style where they are heavy on defense and they really try to win games in the 50s.

We're now college basketball. There's a lot more scoring in the shooters are a lot better, especially from three. So you really can't defend it and win games on your defense like you used to. Purdue plays a style where you have that, you always have that huge center, not a ton of great guards or great shooters around them. They turn the ball over, they can hit a lot of shots in that old school basketball style that Purdue's played this year. And for the duration of Matt Painter's tenure, it's getting phased out in college basketball. And that's kind of why you're starting to see Purdue in Virginia. Good regular season teams, especially come tournament wise, they don't play the style that you need to win and go on deep tournament runs.

And it also goes back to our conversation that we had earlier when we were looking at Tony Bennett. Yes, he has a national championship, but you've seen him lose three times the double digit seeds in the last five years. UMBC, he lost to Ohio it was, and then the other night where he does go down to Furman, at least he has that national championship, right?

To rest those laurels on. When you look at Matt Painter, who's been at Purdue forever, and he also played there too as a coach, you don't got no national championship. So it's not like a conversation with Tony Bennett where it's like, oh, well, yeah, he lost embarrassingly to a 16 and then to two 13s, but okay, at least he has that national title.

Matt Painter's been at Purdue as head coach since 2005. He's consistently been in the NCAA tournament, has more than a few sweet 16 appearances. The farthest he's ever has gone is an elite eight, but he don't got that national title like Tony Bennett has. And after losing to St. Peter's in the sweet 16 as a 15. You wonder how they're going to follow it up if they end up going down in the first round of the NCAA tournament. Jeez, it's like, what do you do from there? And obviously, Tony Bennett's bought himself time with winning a national title, but after a while and you keep on losing to lower seeds. Wow.

It's just like, you know, definition of insanity. Zach Edie, who has 20 something points in this game, down the stretch here, anytime the ball has hit his hands, he has dropped it. They just tried to inbound it to him and he dropped the ball and fairly Dickson takes it the other way. They're now 58 to 53 and that's now about four minutes. Purdue has not scored over four minutes, almost five, and they just hit a three.

So I can't do play by play, so I won't do play by play. But now this is a that's a big three for Purdue as that cuts the deficit down to two. So you go from being down five to down two with a buck 23 to go.

You want to talk about surviving and advancing, Hickey, if they could find a way to pull this off, that would just be be crazy. And there's been one hundred and fifty one one sixteen games. So far, the 16 seed is one and one fifty, that being UMBC, who did defeat Virginia a few years ago. We're going to see if this could go to two and one fifty one.

And wow. Fairleigh Dickinson just drilled a three. So one oh three to go. This is a sixty one to fifty six game. We are one oh three away. Sixty three seconds away from Fairleigh Dickinson defeating Purdue.

And let me tell you something. The Fairleigh Dickinson coach that is assuming his team does not choke this away in the final minute and three seconds. Tobin Anderson. That's got to be the most boss move of all time in NCAA tournament history. After winning the playing game to eventually thought to be right, the sacrificial lamb to Purdue.

You get in front of the cameras. Let everyone hear this. Let Purdue hear this. Talking about how they could beat them. That's calling your shot. That's insanity. And he is a minute three away from cashing in and looking like the biggest genius of the NCAA tournament.
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