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More Pay or More Notoriety? (Hour 3)

Zach Gleb Show / Zach Gleb
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March 13, 2023 9:27 pm

More Pay or More Notoriety? (Hour 3)

Zach Gleb Show / Zach Gleb

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March 13, 2023 9:27 pm

Would you want double the pay or something named after you? l Matt Langel, Colgate men's basketball head coach l News Brief

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Alrighty, away we go. Hour number three of our radio program. It is the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. Matt Lengel is going to stop by.

The head coach at Colgate. They'll be going up against Texas. Coming up later on this week in a 2-15 game. And then another 2-15 game. It's Marquette and Vermont. And the head coach of the Catamounts Inn, of course, John Becker is going to join us coming up at 9.20 p.m. Eastern, 6.20 p.m. Pacific.

It's going to be one of those breakdowns later on in the week. But, Hickey, early on, and I don't know who your two favorite first round matchups are, but my two favorite first round matchups, just like the games that I'm really looking forward to, has to be Duke and Oral Roberts. Like, I thought Oral Roberts could be a Sweet 16 pick once again, where they have a better record by far than the team that made it to the Sweet 16 two years ago. And Max Asmus, who led the nation in scoring two years ago, is still on that team and just did not transfer.

We had him on last week on the show. But getting Duke, who is just red hot right now, with John Shire and winning the ACC, that's just a tough draw. Like, it's a very good 5-12 game, but now I'm a little bit more out than I was in on Oral Roberts, just because of the draw. It seemed like every analyst, which actually may be a good thing for Oral Roberts, started to pick Duke to get to their Elite 8 or their Final Four just last night when I was watching all the coverage across CBS and then also across ESPN when it was coming on out. And then the other matchup that I really like, I love Penn State. You could clip that, I'm sure you'd use that against me, but Penn State against A&M I think is going to be a really good game. And I've been so impressed by Michael Shrewsbury and the job that he's done, where I remember talking Penn State basketball with you like two months ago.

It looked like they were dunzo. And then they got hot late and they had a nice run in the Big Ten tournament. I was watching that game yesterday up against Purdue. Purdue almost had one of the biggest choke jobs that you'll ever see.

That game was over. And Penn State, now, bad final possession, but that was absolutely bonkers how they almost ended up winning the Big Ten. So objectively, looking at these matchups, I think Penn State, Texas A&M, and Duke Oral Roberts on paper are the two best first round matchups that I saw when the bracket was released yesterday.

Let's go! Let's talk about some Penn State basketball in a positive way. That's what we're talking about. Although I am a little nervous, everyone keeps saying that Texas A&M is severely under-seeded. But you know what? That's fine. Penn State's playing the best basketball right now.

My Twitter is very lame today. What was that? You were like, oh, Penn State was the tenth seed in the Big Ten tournament. Now they're the tenth seed in the NCAA tournament.

I looked the number ten. That's why they're going to win. What's wrong with that logic? What's wrong with that tweet? Oh my god, insufferable.

Ten's a lucky number. Sorry. Those are one of those tweets. It's better if you didn't tweet something. Why? It's just a horrible tweet. I'm a believer in fate.

I sometimes think the gods look down on certain teams in certain years. A broadcaster now apologizing, I'm a man of faith. Give me a break. Give me a break. I'm a man of faith. I'm a good person.

I'm a good boyfriend. Give me a break with this nonsense. I call it coincidence.

I sometimes think you can get a read on a game based on extenuating circumstances. All I'm saying is that number ten has been kind to Penn State recently. That's all.

They could've been any seed they wanted to be. Ten seed. Okay. Let's go.

Let's go. Bad day to be an Aggie. That's for sure. Bad day to be Buzz Williams. You're not actually making me start to root for paying in here. It's the first time in forever. I said a positive word about Penn State. You know, I was polling for you guys this weekend after the tough Friday that you had.

I was even texting you a little we are over the weekend and this is the stuff that you make me do? To be fair, Heron, you say we are. We are! You're the NCAA tournament. I was happy for Pat Kraft the eighth day.

I'm a big Pat Kraft fan. The other game that I like just because of the coaching matchup, Hurley Patino. UConn, Iona. Which that could be the last game that Rick Patino coaches in because is there a job that ever makes more sense in the year of 2023 than St. John's hiring Rick Patino?

And with Ole Miss hiring Chris Beer today and Will Wade getting back as well, St. John's can maybe feel a little less grimy if they are afraid of that and hiring Rick Patino. Well, it's already past that point anyway because he has a job right now at Iona. That's also fair. That was like his first job back.

Also fair. But he's been at Iona so if Iona is going to capitalize at a small school, you may as well if you're St. John's and the program hasn't had any consistency in forever, you may as well go get him. If I was an AD, there would be two coaches that I would hire right now that are not at big jobs.

It would be Pat Kelsey who joined us last week who did a heck of a job this year with the College of Charleston and then before that he was at Winthrop. I think he's due to go get a big job. Ack was saying that he was in line to get the Xavier job last year before they ended up going with Sean Miller and he was on that Xavier staff from 2009 to 2012 and also played there as well. So he didn't get that job to go with Sean Miller.

There's nothing you can do about that. And also, you know what I'm surprised hasn't got a bigger job yet? What about Paul Mills? This dude was at Oral Roberts, still is. They were a 15 seed. They had that victory up against Ohio State. I'm surprised. And it got to the Sweet 16.

I'm surprised he hasn't got a big job yet. For example, I know he went back to his school but Shaheen Holloway, no one even knew what St. Peter's was until last year. No one knew what that was. It was like five miles from here.

No one even knew what it was. And he was in the Sweet 16 last year. They beat Kentucky and I know it's Kentucky, but he after one year gets a senior hole job. And I know that's his school, but I'm surprised Paul Mills is still at Oral Roberts. So those are two coaches.

I love Kelsey's enthusiasm. The guy's a heck of a coach now with two different stops and Paul Mills. And also the guy that's going to join us in about 10 minutes or so, I think he would be a good hire as well, depending on the school because Matt Langel is someone that has been at Colgate now for 12 years.

And now since, what is it, 2019, they've been to the NCAA tournament like four times? Now that's another guy that is deserving of a bigger job. I've actually seen Langel, I don't know if this is going to happen, but some of these insiders have been talking about him potentially going to Notre Dame.

I don't know if that's going to happen or not. I know Mike Strewsbury, your guy is also potentially in the mix for Notre Dame. And I know you're going to roll your eyes and you're going to say, oh, you're going to send another cringe-worthy tweet. Name the stadium after him in Happy Valley. Give him a lifetime contract.

What's wrong with that tweet? Don't get me wrong, Mike Strewsbury has done an incredible job. He's made people actually care about Penn State basketball. That's right. But let's not act as if this guy's the greatest coach of all time.

For Penn State standards, he is. If Notre Dame comes calling, if Notre Dame comes calling, yeah, Penn State, I'll come back to visit the Creamery, right? Get some ice cream. That's the next time I'll see you again. If they name the arena the Micah Dome, you can't leave.

I'm sorry. Yes, you can. No, you can't.

No, you can't. You cut the ribbon and you say goodbye. I'll go take the check and get a check cut to me from Notre Dame. It's Notre bleeping Dame.

The Shrews Stadium. Stop. I'm trying. See, that's the thing. You've already tweeted these things. Oh, I know.

And they still sound horrible. No, no, no. Bryce Jordan was a nice man, but you know what? Time to get the name off that center, OK? Let's go.

It's the Micah Dome now. You guys. Oh, my God.

I've never seen a team that I root for in the tournament before. I don't know how. I'm sorry. I can't pretend like I've been there before. I can't pretend like.

I was like, I have a ton of experience. No, my team's been in the tournament a few times, but my team, they just fired our coach as well. By the way, you want to get on me about cringe-worthy tweets? Seen a few Temple tweets.

Not from you in general. One of the winningest programs of all time. Let's get back on track. Let's go.

Let's go. I did have a tweet today. I said they had the fifth most wins in the history of the NCAA. Now, I do roll my eyes a little bit at that. That's your own tweet.

No, no, no. But it's all I'm asking for is just to consistently get back to the NCAA tournament. And the last great Temple player I saw was Kalief Wyatt when he went toe to toe with Victor Oladipo. And if someone else could have just made a shot to save their life, they would have beat Indiana.

And they would have been dancing to the Sweet Sixteen. They promote McKee, who is a legend at Temple. Played for John Chaney.

We know what he did in the NBA. And he was on Dunphy's staff. They got rid of Dumpf.

It was time, and I liked Fran Dunphy. And McKee, this was a make or break year in the NCAA tournament. They didn't make it.

They didn't even come close. Like, they beat Villanova early in the year, and that was it. And the only reason they beat Villanova, probably, is because Villanova's having a down year because Jay Wright's now looking pretty on TV for CBS. So, they have to now bring in a coach that's going to get them back into the tourney.

But there's other facts. They had the fifth most wins in the NCAA program. Now, am I going to tell you that they're in the same sentence as Duke and UNC and Kentucky? No. That'd be stupid. But begging Penn State to name the stadium after Micah Shrewsbury.

Like, calm down. Whatever it takes. Whatever it takes.

That's my name of the game right there. You're a Penn State show. To have a good coach that gets into the tournament for the first time in my lifetime?

Yeah, I'm in. Lifetime as a Penn State fan, at least. You haven't even Penn State fan your whole life.

That's what I'm saying. So, I can't say lifetime, but it says in my lifetime as a Penn State fan, which has now been well over a decade, let's go. Well, the best thing for you is if Micah Shrewsbury does leave, that he goes to Notre Dame because that's your other favorite team. You're a Penn State and Notre Dame fan. Not true. It's 100% true. Those jokes do not... Let me ask you a question.

Do not speak factually. If Micah Shrewsbury goes to Notre Dame, will you retire the Notre Dame sweater that you often wear on this show? Well, it's a comfortable sweater. But if you are that big of a Micah Shrewsbury fan and then he goes to Notre Dame, you can't wear it again? No, we'll see. No, no, I don't watch... I don't root for Notre Dame. I don't root for... I don't watch their basketball program. Plenty of people wear stuff now that they don't... Well, I grew up a Notre Dame fan.

I'm not going to lie about that. And I went to Penn State and I dropped the Notre Dame fandom because I never went there. My girlfriend actually got it for me like six years ago. Oh, six years ago. Well, she knows my whole family's a big Notre Dame fan still.

Not like ancient history there. It's like you had that sweater since you were like eight or nine. I'm just saying if Micah Shrewsbury goes to Notre Dame, I think you should... I don't usually advocate for burning sports gear. You should burn the sweatshirt. I will not burn the sweatshirt. It's comfy and I will not burn it over Micah Shrewsbury leaving, but... Yeah, but you want to name the stadium after him.

Big difference. Oh, absolutely. The Micah Dome. That's perfect. To me, that is genius. That's going to be now the next level of how schools keep coaches or how teams want to keep players.

I'll tell you how you keep them. You don't name a building after him. You pay them more than the other school can. If Joe Burrow and the Bengals... If the Bengals want Joe Burrow to stay, they can't afford a fully guaranteed deal. You know what to do? Yeah. Joe Burrow Stadium. There you go.

Can't leave now. Good. Mike Brown, write that down. Folks, when I go to my next contract negotiations, I'm just going to play this segment back and go, I'm just entitled to a raise after hearing these ideas. Well, would you rather... Let me ask you this. Would you rather double your salary or next contract negotiations, have CBS Sports Radio now be named Zach Elb Network? I'd rather have more money. I don't need the network named after me. I'm not an egomaniac like you. This is Jim Rome broadcasting on the Zach Elb Network.

Don't lie. I see you already with a nice smile. That sounds good. That would be a career low for Jim. It really would be. That's when Jim Rome would retire.

Yeah, I'm good. I don't know if I'll allow peanut butter in the Zach Elb studios. This is J.R. It's time for a Zach Elb show update or Zach Elb show network update.

This is Damon Amendolora. We're boarding the mothership on the Zach Elb show network. The ZGN Zach Elb network.

Once again, I will take the more money in my contract than the network named after me. I'm just I'm throwing it out there. Just seeing, you know, seeing if anything changed. No, nothing. We are, I guess, two different people. I would have been OK. OK. Pay decrease.

No problem. So you're telling me you want to keep your current salary instead of it going instead of it. If we name the network, the Ryan Hickey Network, you'd rather have the network named after you, but you not get a bump.

A single bump in pay. Well, I do like both, you know. But that's not the argument here. You started this conversation and I'll finish it now. I'll take the network name after me. No notoriety. I get my name out there more.

I'll take it. The Ryan Hickey Network, RHN. Maybe better initials could flow off the tongue a little bit, but, you know, we'll work on that. We'll have the network named after him, but the producer will still be living in a box. Well, at least I got my name on something. Mom, Dad, I made it.

I am successful. Now, the question is, would your parents listen to the Ryan Hickey Network or would they go to another radio show's remote when you make your national radio tape? They would listen to the Ryan Hickey Network.

There's no doubt about that. You know how CBS Sports Radio, the jingle, CBS Sports Radio, like a little catchy. Ryan Hickey Sports Radio. That doesn't really go. That sounded good to me. It's too much of a mouthful. Well, we've got to get a different tune on the jingle.

We'll work on, you know, the vocals. Could you imagine the Ryan Hickey Sports Network? Bump, bump, Ryan Hickey Sports Radio. See, that works. Where Colts fans and Penn State fans could finally feel some positivity.

It's the Ryan Hickey Sports Network. And that's right. If you talk negative, you are fired. Oh, so like that station in Syracuse? Yep. That's where we're going. Geez, Louise, I know I know Boeheim's an investor in the company, but how much are you going to still cater to big baby Boeheim?

You're going to get rid of a host because he's critical. Give me a break. What a bunch of losers that company is. You wouldn't catch me.

You would not catch me ever working for a company like that. That's ridiculous. You get rid of an afternoon host because he was critical of the team. Syracuse basketball sucks. What do you want to say? Oh, that Jim Boeheim, he's the greatest thing in the world.

Just more. It shows you how petty and how much of a jackass that Boeheim guy is. A legend. Don't get me wrong. But also a legendary jackass as well.

And you wait until after you retire. Don't tell me he didn't have anything to do with the move. I saw the statement with that clown says that runs that that network or whatever, that radio station.

He was like, oh, Jim Boeheim had nothing to do with this. Sure. And you know what? I'm 100 pounds lighter and I'm going on a date with Beyonce tonight. You believe that, too? Oh, nice. Where are you guys going?

Want a third? No, not you. Okay.

I was gonna say Jay-Z. Oh, no. Jeez. What? Jay-Z doesn't know I'm going out with this wife tonight.

Oh, sorry. This is the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. Matt Lango will join us next and we'll chat a little Colgate basketball is there once again in the NCAA tournament.

You're listening to the Zach Gelb show. We continue this Zach Gelb show coast to coast on CBS Sports Radio. NCAA tournament is here. Colgate is back in the big dance after winning the Patriot League once again and posting a 26-8 record. Let's head out to the guest line right now and welcome in the head coach of Colgate.

They have a game first round NCAA tournament Thursday against number two seed Texas at 725 p.m. Eastern. And now joining us is coach Matt Lango. Coach, appreciate the time. Congratulations. Dancing once again. How you been? I'm doing great. Doing great. Thanks for having us.

Well, I appreciate you coming on. So this team was at one point on the year six and seven. You guys have only lost one game since then. How did you guys turn it around this year?

Well, I think there's a couple of things. One, the group has been great. Obviously, we didn't get the results in the non-conference that we had always hoped for. I think some of it was the challenging schedule that we played. Had a couple of close games with some good teams early in the season as everybody is still trying to find their way. But again, the group didn't kind of hang their hat on losses or disappointment or whatever the emotion that you get when you're not winning is.

They kind of stuck to the grindstone. I credit the leadership of the group, the experience, the veterans. Just kind of said, hey, stick with this. It's a long season. We know really to get where we want to go, we've got to do well in the conference.

And so that's what we did. We strung together a bunch to start conference play. Had one small hiccup there and then they kind of refocused and got back together to win 17 games in any conference. It's hard to do, so really proud of our group then to step up and win three in the playoffs to get us back to March Madness.

It's a pretty cool thing. Coach, when you won the Patriot League once again and you're walking off the court at the conclusion of your conference tournament, just what was going through your head? Well, I like to just sit back for a second and pause and watch the joy and the raw emotion of the players, of their families. Again, this group, a couple of guys chose to come back when they didn't have to. They probably could have gone elsewhere.

They set out to continue to do something special and to see the joy and, again, their raw emotion when they see individuals in a group achieve that. It's pretty neat to be their coach and watch that happen. Matt Lengel here with us. So, when you got to Colgate, you guys have not made an NCAA tournament since 1997. Now it's been four times under your tutelage since 2019. Everyone talks about culture, Coach. When you got there back in 2011 to where we are now, just what is it specifically about this group that really, and also the culture you've been where you guys have made this such an old machine?

You always have to credit the players first, especially in this latest run. We've now had three players of the year, some multiple first team all-league guys, a couple of rookie of the league guys, a couple of guys who probably should have been rookie of the year who, you know, they were on really good teams, so maybe their statistics were just not quite what they could have been because they were around older, really good players. But before that, I go back to year four when we hadn't quite gotten over the hump, and we didn't get over the hump in that year, but I think the culture was in place. We finished second place in the regular season, got upset in the semifinals. And I think that although we took a step back as we graduated some veteran guys the next couple of years, I think that work had been done to shut the tone for what it takes to compete for a championship and to be in the hunt, obviously, these last handful of years. You know, things have broken our way. We've had a really good record. We've won convincingly. The guys have really banded together. But I think, you know, I reflect back to that first four years with a lot of hard work, and those guys who were a part of that who didn't necessarily get to cut down the net or go to the NCAA tournament, I really am thankful for those coaches and those groups that, you know, helped set the path to where we are now.

Was any of the culture altered? Did you make any, like, big-time adjustments, or was it just staying in the course and knowing what you learned was eventually going to work? Yeah, I had the good fortune of playing for Coach Fran Dunphy, who's now coaching at his alma mater.

It was Sal in Philadelphia who coached at Temple and where I played for him at the University of Pennsylvania. And so I only ever, you know, played for and worked for one person, so I only really know what I know. And so we just kind of set that day-by-day mentality of keep trying to get better, maximize who you can be as a person, reach for your potential as a player, but yet never making it about you individually. It's always got to be about the team and the group, because that's what makes, you know, teams special, is you get to be one individual on a group, on a team of 15 guys. So that's always been the charge, just to try and always get better and never settle for wherever we are, whether that was last place at the, you know, very beginning or now kind of sitting atop the table, just, you know, you can never be satisfied in this thing.

You've always got to be, you know, working to get better, be better, make it better for others. Coach Matt Langley, I know Dunph well being at Temple. Alan actually did a few basketball camps with a former college teammate of yours in Mike Jordan back to your days at Penn. You guys went to a few NCAA tournaments, just how does that feeling kind of compare and contrast as a player and then beat in the head honcho seat? Yeah, nothing is like being a player. This is a player's game, you know, you put in as a player, not that coaches don't work tirelessly, but literally the blood and sweat, equity that players put in. So to get over that hump with your teammates, with your roommates like we were able to do and be a part of March Madness and get to play on those biggest stages obviously is really special. To do it as a coach, I think it's rewarding in a different space. You know, you work really hard to put a program in position to do that, to hope that it happens for the kids. You know, the staff that we have had has worked incredibly hard for these opportunities.

So when you get to this moment, not that you stop working ever, you do try and enjoy it and recognize the enjoyment that others are getting from having this experience. Matt Langel here with us, head coach of Colgate. They'll play Texas coming up on Thursday in the NCAA tournament. You look at the last three years in the conference, Coach, records of 11-1, 16-2, 17-1. What are you most proud about, about the way that your teams have not only been able to navigate but dominate the Patriot League? I'm proud of how they continue to learn and grow.

I think we went from the most veteran part of this group experience losing in the championship game. And since then, they've really worked hard and not forgotten what that tastes like. And so regardless of the level of success we have, they've done a really good job of learning and growing and changing when you go from being the hunter to being the hunted and for having teams on your non-conference schedule, teams from sometimes leagues and conferences that are thought of as a higher level celebrate when they beat you on their own court. There's growth in that. And so I'm really proud of this group for never settling, for always working, for never getting too high or too low.

And obviously all that they've accomplished is remarkable, but the group and the individuals that they are is really what I'm most proud of. The last two years you were a 14th seed. This is the most conference wins that you've had at Colgate and the most wins you've had in a regular season under different circumstances going back to the 2020-2021 year. But you were all disappointed when you found out you guys were only a 15th seed? I don't think there's any disappointment in being in the NCAA tournament and seeing your institution team pop up on that board, 15, 14. You know coming out of our conference, a one-bit league like it is, some of the teams didn't have a lot of successes, that you're going to play a really good team, one of the top teams in the country. And so these games, I don't think you can get too caught up in the seed line.

It's more about can you identify how to play a competitive team and can your group find some ways and some teams to win a few minutes at a time over the course of time. We've been able to do that whether it was 15 seed against Tennessee the first time we won or 14, like you said, the last couple times. We've been able to be competitive and be in those games. And I think that's what this group is focusing on, those are the details that it's going to take to play well, to play our best so that we can have a chance to be in the game. Coach, maybe I'm making too much of this, but in recent history we saw UMBC as a 16-takedown Virginia.

In the last two years we saw two 15-seeds in St. Peter's and also Oral Roberts take down Kentucky and Ohio State respectively. I know you guys focus probably on yourself, but it's tough to ignore the recent history. Does that at all give your guys more confidence that you could get the job done coming up on Thursday? Again, I think we have a veteran group, an experienced group, some guys that are in their fourth, in a couple cases, 50th play. And I think that they're aware, they follow the game, they love the game, they're students of the game, so they know what has happened historically and what can happen. They also know their own experiences. They know that they feel like they were really close against Tennessee, that we got a great lead against Arkansas, didn't manage the game we needed to to keep that lead, that we had our chances before Johnny Davis took over the game late last year in Milwaukee when we were playing Wisconsin in a tough environment. So I think they have their own confidence about what they've been able to do in addition to knowing what the other teams have been able to do over the years who sit on their seed line. From a coaching standpoint, we all know the circumstances that made Rodney Terry take over as the coach at Texas.

Just what has really impressed you, what he's been able to do with this group this year? Well, just how committed they are to one another. I think any time teams and individuals go through difficult circumstances and adversity, how you come out of that speaks to your character and your resolve. I think obviously they have great experience on their coaching staff. They have guys who have been around winning and done it a lot of different ways.

I think their players, it's also a testament to their players that come from a lot of different places. They've been at different schools. Their journeys have all been a different path to get them there to Texas, but they seem to have a common mission. They've been champions now of the Big 12.

There's no better conference in the country this year. They've been able to figure out what it takes. There's balance. It's seemingly set their egos, if there are any, aside and are doing what it takes to win basketball games and compete for a championship. That's just been really impressive how amidst the adversity and the circumstances that they face, they've been together as they have.

So injury and different guys stepping up, they're a really well-balanced team. That's impressive. Coach Matt Lengel, before we let you run, is it all surreal that whenever this run ends, you'll wrap up your 12th season as the coach of Colgate? Yeah, it's going by fast. I can't believe we watch our children grow up with our teams and the players move on and I'm so proud of the family atmosphere that we have and the environment that we've been able to create for young people and their coaches and their families.

I can't believe that it's a dozen years. Well, with your success, your name does pop up in other jobs. Just how do you navigate that with your guys currently? Does that come up in conversation or not a distraction right now? Yeah, for us it's not a distraction. Again, I think we have great relationships with our players.

They're all really focused on their opportunities at hand. I think for me and hopefully for them, it's flattering when that happens in the media that your name pops up because it's all the work that they've done and how they've positioned this program. But they know that my commitment is to them and this opportunity always to pour everything we have into helping them get as prepared as they can be for Thursday night. Well, Coach, thank you for doing this.

Appreciate the time and good luck coming up Thursday against Texas. All right, thanks for having me, guys. You're listening to the Zach Gelb Show. Zach Gelb Show, CBS Sports Radio.

I want to play you. This is from last week. We talked about this last week, but there's a reason why we're bringing it up once again. This is Kelvin Beauchamp, who is a free agent, just played last year for the Cardinals, has been in the league for a long time, and this was him talking about his quarterback in Kyler Murray on 98-7 out in the desert.

There's a lot of criticism of Kyler. What does he have to do, in your opinion, to be great? Grow up. Give me an example. Be a man and grow up.

It's not complicated. You've got to be a leader of man, period. And he's not right now. He's maturing. He's not there yet. He's not there yet. It's not a completed process.

It's not a completed process. Be a leader of men. He's got all the tools, you think? He has all the tools, man.

If some guy can throw off one leg, he can throw it a mile. He can run fast than anybody else on the field. He just lacks the leadership. He's put together.

I didn't say lacks the leadership. I just think he needs to grow up a little bit. And I think if he has the ability and the willingness to grow up, he's going to be just fine. So I respect a vet, even though we know the way the contract is structured and what it means that Kyler Murray is the man in Arizona. I respect when a vet tries to give the quarterback a little tough love, because that's a veteran that's been in the league in a long time in Calvin Beecham. But then when you also hear that Calvin Beecham is a free agent, I kind of said it, you kind of said it, and even the guy that was interviewing him, John Gamadora, we had him on last week, was like, I guess we could cross off Calvin Beecham returning to Arizona.

Well, according to Jordan Schultz, breaking, Calvin Beecham is resigning with the Arizona Cardinals on a two-year contract. That's going to be awkward whenever Beecham and Murray see one another again, because you know that they are, you know, Beecham is responsible for blocking for him. I wonder if they bring that up at all, if that comes up in conversation, is Kyler Murray maybe caught up in his feelings a little bit? That is something to monitor where it was a story last week, and clearly Murray definitely heard about it. I wonder when that comes up in conversation.

I mean, hopefully, I mean, look, right away, right? You can't even bury the league, just get right into it, just hash it out. But let me ask you this, is it on Beecham to say something, or is it on Kyler Murray? Because, like, Beecham said it, and then I wonder if Beecham even cares what Murray thinks, or did Murray hear it, and Murray could either let it go in one ear out the other, or he could get caught up in his feelings.

I feel like if I said that, like, let's say, Hickey, you were on a radio show, and you just trashed me, and then you came into work the next day, I feel like you would kind of be on me to bring something up, because you issued the statement, you said what I need to change, and then how I handle it would kind of be pretty telling in the situation, no? I mean, I think it's on, in this example, yes, it's on Kyler Murray to bring it up. Do you think he trashed him? He said he's got to grow up. Right, but is it factual?

I would say trashing is more like, this guy sucks. Let me be clear. He's not wrong in what he's saying. That's the thing, like, Beecham is right in what he's saying. He was careful how he said it, but he basically said, he needs to grow up, he isn't mature enough right now.

And if you are... That's a shot! Yeah, and again, I think, I don't think he gets to grow up to Kyler Murray and be like, hey, hear what I said? I think it's on Kyler, and I think how Kyler responds is going to be kind of telling to see if they can truly take that step in terms of being the true leader of this team. And I would imagine that has to come up in conversation at one point.

You can think of O'Reilly Auto Parts where your car care needs can guarantee low price at excellent customer service from the professional parts people at O'Reilly Auto Parts. Let me take one before the news brief. Let's go to Phillip in Charlotte next up on CBS Sports Radio on the Zach Gelb show. Phil, what's happening? Hey Zach, how you doing tonight? Doing great, what do you got? You know, I didn't call in for this, but that Beecham Murray thing makes me think about being out with my wife and her, taking the opportunity to poke fun at me in public and calling out this and that. And then you go home and it's like, hey, we got to have a conversation. I don't like what you said about me in front of your friends. What are you doing?

We're supposed to be on the same team. So I'm in financial technology here in Charlotte, which means that I can listen to the radio whenever I want. It's been a weird day on the WFNZ affiliate here in that we have so much content, but I'm pretty sure it's all bad. I'm pretty sure it's all bad content.

Why is it bad content? You guys have the number one overall pick. You get to decide which quarterback you could get to hopefully lead your team for the next decade.

Right, right. So if you have the number one overall pick and if you traded to get the number one overall pick, you're probably in a bad enough situation. He's the number one overall pick.

Well, yeah, that goes without saying. Now, you traded up to do so and now you're coming up from nine. So it's not like you were coming up from 20 when you had a good team, but you got a solid defense in Carolina. Offensively, you lose D.J.

Moore. You'd have a decent offensive line. But this is I think it's a it's a fan base that for a while was so latched on to Cam and they didn't get anything to kind of move their attention away from Cam. And clearly, Teddy Bridgewater was not good. Sam Darnold was not good.

And thanks for the call, Phil. And Baker Mayfield was not good. So now you're getting the number one overall pick.

So you had to realize how bad you were. Now it's about building it back up. You know, you have Scott Fitter in there. We'll see what he'll do as a general manager. You're bringing Frank Reich, who's a solid, not a great coach, but a solid coach. And he has a veteran staff.

I don't know what else. Like, I don't get what Panther fans are bitching about. They're bitching like, oh, Tepper, according to Schefter, wants Bryce Young. And then Frank Reich wants CJ Stroud, like one of the reports out there today from Schefter. I get that because you want your owner to not micromanage the football people.

But I really don't see why there would be a lot of negative content today. If you're a Panthers fan, sure, you'd rather keep D.J. Moore. But in order to get something and to give up something in three, four years from now, CJ Stroud, Bryce Young, whoever it is, if they're bowling on the field, no one's going to be like, yeah, man, remember we were really bad? No, you're going to be saying we got our guy for the next 10 years.

That's weird to me, Hickey. I don't really get it, especially because the guy won't talk about how he thought they should take Bryce Young. So he obviously had an opinion and was excited to get, I think, the best quarterback in the draft. But you're number one, but you didn't earn number one.

You're number nine. So it's not as dire as maybe you wanted to see. Oh, you saw a bad product last year. You are right now in a cycle where you had awful court play for the last kind of even last year and a half of Cam.

So what, the last four or five years? Yeah. And you have a chance.

You made a move to get out of that and break it. I don't see how it's a bad day. I don't either. Alright, let's get to the news brief right now. Alright, Aaron Rodgers. This is from Saturday on how his meeting with Woody Johnson and the Jets went as he did an interview with Brandon Marshall on the I Am Athlete podcast.

That's like just marinated with douchiness for being real. Basically, Rodgers is like, yeah, it's cool to meet with an important guy in sports, but like, you know who I am? That's how I kind of took it there, Hickey.

Oh, I took it as it did not really go as good as I thought. I don't think so. I think you're reading more just into your agenda that you're trying to push that Rodgers isn't going to wind up with the Jets. That's just Rodgers doing an interview with the next player to kind of troll everyone. Like he has to do the interview with Marshall. He's there. He sees him.

You got to do it. And Rodgers just loves the attention and trolling people. That's what he wants. He wants this conversation. He wants me saying one thing and you saying the other thing. Yeah, I guess. And then eventually makes the decision and says, oh, I don't care about anything.

That's also the guy that he could be playing for. And I'll show you a little bit, you know, at least more conviction or something. Excitement.

Something miserable. If you really want to go that level, remember, I don't think he's the biggest fan of Johnson & Johnson to begin with. If we go back to the vaccine. Yes.

Now the guy pays you, I think all of a sudden you like him. Aaron Rodgers also from Saturday and when he will make his decision, I Am Athlete podcast. Well, I think it won't be long.

There's a time limit for all this. Is he on a gummy or something when he's speaking there? Is that a golf event? You golf a lot.

Do you pop gummies on the course? Wow. Personal question. I'll have a few beers from time to time. I'm just asking.

I didn't mean to put you on the spot. I would not. Do you know golfers that do that? I would not take a gummy on the golf course. A few puffs of something. Yeah, that's fun. I love gummies would help the game.

I don't think anything could hurt my game, if we're being honest. They make me a little bit more loosey goosey. Boomer Esiason discusses which quarterback Frank Reich prefers in the draft. Remember Boomer Frank Reich roommates together at Maryland. I know what Frank likes. Frank likes a big quarterback.

Thick legs and you know, like a strong body and a great base. And he also wants a guy that's highly accurate. So that kind of makes me think that Anthony Richardson is not involved in this. And Will Levis is not involved in this. This comes down to CJ Stroud and Bryce Young.

Thick guy. That's what that's what Frank Reich likes. And finally, Darry Slayers permission to seek a trade with another team wants to retire an eagle this on the Big Play Slay podcast. I do want to finish my career as an eagle, but we'll see. You know, we'll be looking forward to it, man. You know, got time here. But best believe I do want to be an eagle.

But, you know, if my job requires me to go elsewhere, then I'll go. You know, I'm enjoying my love. Fun. You know, I got a lot of years left in this game and I love this game, man. So it's only right for me to finish off strong. That's the perfect way to play it if you're a Big Play Slay. I don't want to leave. It's up to the team to make sure that I'm paid properly and make sure that they don't trade me. That's the perfect way to play it, Hickey.

That's a good job from Big Play Slay. I want to stay. But if you don't pay me, I'm gonna go with the money. And I don't blame them.

I mean, don't get me wrong. I love being here at CBS Sports Radio. But if someone else came calling along and this company didn't want to match it, I want to be here. I want to stay.

But if someone gives you a better offer or something you can't refuse, that's life. Tough bleep if you can't handle it. Zach Gelb shows CBS Sports Radio. We will break five questions, five answers when we return onside to offside. Also, John Becker, the head coach of Vermont, is going to join us 25 minutes from now. One more hour to go. Zach Gelb's show right here at CBS Sports Radio. Find us on social media at ZachGelb, Z-A-C-H-G-E-L-B.
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