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Aaron Rodgers Watch Continues... (Hour 1)

Zach Gleb Show / Zach Gleb
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March 13, 2023 7:19 pm

Aaron Rodgers Watch Continues... (Hour 1)

Zach Gleb Show / Zach Gleb

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March 13, 2023 7:19 pm

What's going on with Aaron Rodgers? l Calls on the future of Rodgers l Should the Panthers know who they want to pick at No. 1?


Live from the police show yet not overly ostentatious studios of CBS Sports Radio here in beautiful New York City sitting on top of the 10th floor 345 Hudson Street. Welcome on in to a Monday edition of the Zach Gelb show across all of our great local CBS Sports Radio affiliates, Sirius XM, Channel 158, and that free Odyssey app. 855-212-4CBS. Number to jump on in 855-212-4227.

And you can always get at me on Instagram where I'm straight flexing or via the good old cesspool of Twitter at Zach Gelb. Danny Parkins going to stop by hour 20 from now. We'll do a little QB carousel featuring the Chicago Bears. Matt Langel, the head coach of the Colgate Raiders will join us at 8 20 p.m Eastern, 5 20 p.m Pacific. His team back in the NCAA tournament and they do have a date coming up this later on this week up against Texas and then at 9 20 p.m Eastern, 6 20 p.m Pacific we will chat with the head coach of the Vermont Catamounts and of course John Becker who will square off against Marquette in the first round of the NCAA tournament. But first up producing this extravaganza for the next four hours there's no other than Hot Take Hickey.

His dumb producer Hot Take Hickey. So the biggest oxymoron in sports is upon us. The legal tampering period did open up today at noon Eastern. Everyone is also obsessed in addition to that with their brackets and I have a bracket right in front of me and we'll fill that baby out and probably throw it in the trash can by the conclusion of Thursday or Friday show. Hopefully we could get through the first weekend with some picks still alive in the Sweet 16.

Last year we just had a bunch get thrown right in the Basura very early on in the NCAA tournament. But a whole lot to do today and really it feels like the entire sports world is on pause right now. Yes you could have agreements or verbal agreements be made nothing official until Wednesday and we are all awaiting for March Madness and I know you have the the games in Dayton coming up tomorrow and Wednesday but really for Thursday to be the first big day of the tourney. But we are in this kind of just bizarre waiting period where the drama whore in Aaron Rodgers is getting all the attention right now and we're waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting just to hear what Aaron Rodgers is going to do and it's weird. We're waiting in great anticipation but I think the end result depending on who you root for but in terms of a national angle I think I think it's going to be very anticlimactic because I think it's clear what's happening right now it's just annoying that this is going on and on and on and full disclosure I thought for sure by the end of the weekend we were going to get Rodgers news and maybe my problem is I'm looking at this from a logical standpoint and Aaron Rodgers never does anything that is usually by following what everyone thinks is going to happen but it is clear as clear can be that the Jets are as desperate as desperate could be to go get Aaron Rodgers. They let Derek Carr go sign with the Saints even their backup backup option in Jimmy Garoppolo today is uh met an agreement with the Las Vegas Raiders is going to be their quarterback and you're like looking around and you're waiting and you're saying okay it seems like it's inevitable that Aaron Rodgers is going to wind up on the Jets the Packers don't want him anymore and I've been saying from the start the Packers don't want and they want to go to Jordan Love the question is how much of a fight is Aaron Rodgers really going to put up but if this doesn't go down by the end of the day it just really doesn't make sense because even though technically free agency hasn't started you could legally tamper so basically free agency has started so if you're the Jets and you want to make future moves or you're the Packers and you want to make future moves as well you got to kind of know what's going down and as we sit here four minutes past six o'clock on the east coast I still 99.9 percent believe that Aaron Rodgers is going to wind up on the Jets but I'm just surprised that we haven't found out yet or you haven't heard anything from either the Packers the Jets or Aaron Rodgers that say okay this is a go because it can't be compensation anymore like is it contractually maybe that is playing a part of it or is there a different motive by Aaron Rodgers like I don't know if Aaron Rodgers wants to go back to Green Bay or not I've said from the I've said from the start I think he would be open to a return but the Packers have given you every sign that they don't want him so unless if this is a strategic plan by Rodgers to then eventually say I don't want to go to the Jets and then the Packers are kind of SOL and then kind of dare the Packers to bench him and that would just be a public mess if he stays in Green Bay I don't know what the end goal is here and I may be looking too far into this this may be just as simple as Rodgers wants the attention now maybe Green Bay still doesn't want to say that it's over but Mark Murphy pretty much said if you read through those quotes that it was over on Friday and we played you that audio so this is just really bizarre and I shouldn't be surprised but I kinda am surprised because I would have thought this would have been all squared away when you go back to how long ago Rodgers and the Jets did initially meet then Rodgers and the Jets right they flew out to Rodgers in California and earlier today Trey Wingo who I wouldn't say is a newsbreaker but well respected in this industry and when it comes like NFL news you know who you're going to for your information it's Schefter it's Pelosero it's Ian Rappaport it's Jay Glaser so nine times out of ten when one of those four names put a tweet out there or break news I take it with the grain of salt but Trey Wingo put this tweet out today of hearing Rodgers to the Jets is done history about to repeat itself between New York and Green Bay time is indeed a flat circle and the only reason why I didn't poo poo that originally is because Trey Wingo was all over all over the meeting with the Jets and Rodgers and the initial phone call and also a year ago or two years ago whenever it was he was all over the Randall Cobb reunion in Green Bay when everyone kind of like laughed at that news because no one thought it was actually real so Trey has to have sources that are either close to Rodgers or close to the Packers camp and maybe if it's close to the Packers camp they were just kind of expressing how they want this to get done and maybe they burn Trey in this situation but the longer and longer this goes the more and more it doesn't make any sense but I still think the end goal is for Aaron Rodgers to either wind up with the Jets or this is something that I never thought I would say before this process maybe he is considering retirement more than I than I was led on to believe because I really do believe at this point he is not going to be starting for Green Bay next year the Packers don't want him he knows the Packers don't want him and he also knows that they want to go to Jordan Love so are you really going to try to push your way in to making this be you go to training camp you're still on the team and then the team has to start you because your name's Aaron Rodgers but they really don't want to start you it's the perfect time for a divorce you're not winning another Super Bowl in Green Bay if you're Aaron Rodgers the team wants to go to the guy that they deemed to be your replacement a few years ago and who knows if Jordan Love's going to be any good or not so all signs should sign should point to Rodgers getting traded to the Jets but as we sit here and the deal isn't done I just have to ask the question why isn't the deal done yet and that's the part to me where even though I logically think that Rodgers is going to wind up with the Jets I can't really give you this great concrete answer on why the deal isn't done yet I don't think it's the lack of compensation going back to Green Bay is it Rodgers may be trying to figure out a new contract like you just got a new contract last year so I go through all these options and really probably the best answer that I could give you is either Rodgers has cold feet about leaving Green Bay or this is just Rodgers when you expect him to do one thing by a certain date just because of his natural instincts he loves to be a contrarian and he loves the attention he loves to be a drama whore and continue to make this story just linger and linger and linger until I'm proven wrong I do believe Rodgers played his last snap in Green Bay and I do believe the next snap Aaron Rodgers takes is for the New York Jets but yes it makes absolutely positively zero sense why if that is what's going to happen why we did not find out about it today maybe we find out about it in three hours four hours five hours tomorrow Wednesday but the new league year even though it doesn't officially start until Wednesday basically got started today with the legal tampering window opening and if you're Rodgers and you're all about winning a Super Bowl if you're going to a new team wouldn't you want that new team to know without a doubt that you're coming there so they can find a way to factor your number in or if you're planning on going back to Green Bay wouldn't you hope that the Packers are going to be active in trying to bring in more pieces on either side of the ball to make this thing work maybe the the Jets and the Packers and Rodgers they all know something that we don't and that's a possibility because remember how ugly it ended with the Packers and Brett Favre and you don't want history to repeat itself maybe everyone knows what's going on and it's just like hush hush we're actually not going to leak this but I don't get why that would move past noon eastern time today when the legal tampering window did open so when I don't know something or when I'm doing the hummina hummina hummina hummina trying hummina hummina hummina trying to figure out what's going on I like to bring a different voice into the conversation so when I usually don't have the answer to something and I'm looking for a crazy theory is is Kyrie Irving oh no sorry Kyrie Irving's not walking in oh we go to Ryan hot take hickey hickey that's rude what comparing me to Kyrie Irving I just compared you to a millionaire well a millionaire with questionable decision making and you also think the earth is flat as well didn't yeah that's what sources tell me I don't know how good my sources are yeah I would say get new sources on that one geez but hickey what do you think's going on here one of two things but he's going to the cults retirement no no Chris Bell will not give up a third round pick for Ann Rogers or this way you guys will just continue to sit on watches clutches on their those terrific hands and do nothing he's either contemplating retirement or I think he's trying to get another team involved it's not the Jets but who's going to get involved and don't tell me the dolphins because I know that's the one that you've been keep on pushing they just picked up the fifth year option to a tongue of my love inside Mike White so probably I would say that they're out on that um although you do need a backup quarterback and probably not going to be Tua but uh but I think now trying to find teams interested is a little difficult maybe if you want to look at a team like the Falcons if you want to call up a team like the Buccaneers are going to bring it they're nowhere close to winning I don't think they're going to bring in an older quarterback and give up draft capital well if you're do you call the commanders you're Ann Rogers I think after you meet twice and we're still sitting here without a decision that to me says Aaron Rodgers is not like what he heard and again it could be just you know what am I debating on retiring or playing for the Jets or can I try to conjure up and I do think it's a little different if you're a team you get a call from Aaron Rodgers rather than you reaching out first maybe Aaron Rodgers trying to stir up a market I think Rodgers is really the more I think about is just trying to do it his way and his way doesn't fall in line what all of our needs and what is his way what does that mean like when he's doing it his way an obscure way on like Thursday we'll get some some post or something like this is a guy that still has a picture of his foot up on his twitter profile picture from that press conference he's a weird dude he's bizarre you know maybe he'll go into a darkness cave one more time and then emerge out of the darkness cave and say this is where I'm going next year who knows maybe we'll go to the xfl like I have no clue what this guy's gonna do is it what the usfl making a return I think in like a month maybe it's as the roster set I mean maybe next month that's you know tell me another spring league he'll be running out of the tunnel for the San Antonio renegades I'm gonna go through outside of the packers and the jets although they're every all the other teams the 30 other teams you tell me if there's any way that you could see Rodgers finding a way to go there Buffalo I would say no I just have to ask is you the biggest Josh Allen hater there is Miami no the Patriots I could see it okay like chance like we're just like chance maybe bill says yeah max not the guy I'm trying to go win people are telling me I suck without Tom Brady okay uh the uh the Chiefs yes there's a chance the Chargers uh no the Raiders no not after today the Broncos no no the Bengals no the Ravens well that means you have to bring in Rodgers and then get rid of Lamar probably realistically no okay the Steelers they're not moving on from I would say no but we do listen we all saw how Mike Talman and Aaron Rodgers locked these locked eyes when they played was that last year 2021 okay fine we're looking for teams I'll give you making lovey-dovey uh looks the Browns uh no uh the Jaguars no Tennessee possibly Indy no Texans no Eagles no Cowboys would you put it past Jerry Jones in this case no yes I would put it past them Giants no commanders yes 49ers no Seahawks yeah no uh Seahawks no 49ers actually would be a good one they would be very good Sam Donald now we got a log jam Rams I'm gonna say no they can't afford it but they all also are looking to move off of Matthew Stafford but then you'll have so much dead cap allocated to two players in the same position no chance um Cardinals no Vikings not in division no no division no no Lions Bears no no no NFC North is out okay NFC South the Panthers just traded number one pick no the Saints they just brought in Derek Carr no the Falcons I don't see it and the Bucks you want to tell me the Bucks yes okay so those are five teams the Bucks the commanders is what you gave me the Titans Titans Patriots Patriots and Steelers and the Steelers now I would say maybe one of those teams moves the needle for me and that would actually be the commanders but I think that's a long shot of happening like we just went through all the teams outside of the Jets and the Packers obviously and there's no team that that you feel great about so Hickey it's like there's three options here he's either back in Green Bay next year where no one wants him besides the players like Russell Douglas wants and that's clear Aaron Jones wants him but the GM and the coach don't want him and the president so he's either back in Green Bay he's in the Jets or he's retiring those are the three options I'll still say he winds up with the Jets you I mean it's tough because I think there's no chances in Green Bay next year whatsoever so you think he's retiring if those are the three options I would say I would say retirement is I would have that ahead of the Jets right now wow I would still have trying to get another team first I would go another team retirement Jets one two three I would think it's still the Jets one I would say retirement two and another team three there hasn't been a single team yet that meeting was over a week ago that has bit that has bit and said okay the Jets have a meeting now let's go get our meeting but what is he like what are we waiting like that's the thing what are we waiting for you've had two meetings you've heard all you had to hear because you know the Jets plan you said listen we are quoting him not anyone else we're quoting Aaron Rodgers himself when he said he's not gonna hold the Packers hostage this offseason what is he doing exact opposite of what he just said shocker you think that's the first time an athlete's ever said he would do one thing and does the other I think he knows and I think he knows it's not gonna be the Jets okay like what's like I'll ask you this what's the benefit of waiting nothing but anything this guy does doesn't make sense he doesn't follow he doesn't follow logic you're frustrated by no I'm no I'm just frustrated like it's just like when you look at it it doesn't make any sense as to why again if you want to go to the Jets why you're taking as long as you are 100% make this decision there's nothing like it's just waiting on you and the longer we hear about you're waiting on Aaron Rodgers the more I think it's not happening okay it is the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio until I'm wrong I will say that he's winding up with the Jets take a time out coming back after these short messages you're listening to the Zach Gelb show now Hickey we're waiting on this Aaron Rodgers news Trey Wingo tried to break it earlier today four or five hours later we have nothing official you want to know how desperate we are for maybe the Rodgers news to break I'm gonna go to a dog and there is a very reliable uh good old boy the ghost of Leroy the PMT dog uh part of my take dog insider so take with the great assault if you want but I think that dog has given a few good treats in the past and the dog has just barked per source close to Aaron Rodgers he's agreed to play for the New York Jets bark bark please credit Leroy now that's nothing official yet I don't know if we're gonna get Schefter or we're gonna get Ian Rappaport sparking a little source off like they did with Trey Wingo but we are waiting and waiting and waiting in great anticipation for Aaron Rodgers to make his decision and right now and I'm a guy that loves dogs I may be believing the dog right now now Leroy has gotten actual scoops right in the past right I'm not telling you Leroy's definitely wrong here my thing is this we've heard Aaron Rodgers say multiple times these insiders that you know report on Aaron Rodgers and his thinking and his doing what does Aaron Rodgers say they don't know bleep they don't know they're not in the inner circle if you're talking to one of those guys then you are not in the inner circle but it would be very Rogers-like who has a relationship with Barstool and has done interviews with Barstool before to feed his news to the ghost of Leroy to the ghost of Leroy it would be very Rogers-like unconventional Pellicero no Schefter no Rappaport no Glazer go away no it would be very Rogers-like oh instead of going to McAfee where everyone thinks I'm going to give the news to or AJ Hawk or John Coon I'm going to release it to a account that breaks news under a dog's name the ghost of Leroy that has like 130,000 followers that would be very Rogers-like how would you feel if you or Pat McAfee or AJ Hawk that you got scooped by a dog I think they would like it you think they would McAfee and Hawk are set for life I'm just saying you know again they don't care about breaking news they are the only ones that Aaron Rogers talks to outside of his inner circle and outside of the media that he's obligated to talk to with the Packers I'm just I'm just saying you know you feel like you have no I don't feel slighted I would feel slighted if I was really you would feel slighted a guy that does an exclusive interview with you yes that gives you all these views in the world you would feel slighted annoyed at him not a chance that's right because Aaron what the bleep here's the reason why you don't think of it as like a normal person thinks of it you think of it from a broadcasting standpoint and someone that's a traditional broadcaster as much as I love McAfee and Hawk they're not traditional broadcasters they don't give a rat's ass if they get this scoop or not because they know the first official interview Rogers will do with this new club is going to be on that show so there's no way that they care about if the news breaks or not but it isn't like if we don't have it let's just say they tweet out tomorrow or they tweet out right now Aaron Rogers coming to the show one o'clock and by one o'clock tomorrow we don't know where Aaron Rogers is going I bet you'd be a whole hell of a lot more viewers watching that than if we know he's going to the Jets tonight and it's like okay we'll still probably watch it say but why he's going to the Jets but I think once you make that decision and once it's out there and actually verified I think you lose a little bit of steam and again they'll still get big numbers not as big as they would have gotten if it was still a mystery by the time he comes on the show if this was scheduled say for tomorrow one o'clock I think you're thinking too much into this one Rogers linked it to the dog that's what we're going with until we're proven otherwise and it's actually pretty funny if that's the way that this did go down because you have guys whose jobs it is to get this news and like we all know Pelosero, Rapsheet, Schefter, Glazer they they all do great jobs and I don't know why Rogers have an issue with any one of them but it would be funny if this is how the news actually does break but Daniel Jones news did break from our very own Pat Boyle I don't know how he got that news but Boyle was on top for any of these other NFL insiders and now it's either Trey Wingo or the ghost of Leroy that could be having the news on Aaron Rodgers if it is true now speaking of Trey Wingo does he get credit like if it actually does come to fruition that's about what a seven eight hour old report at this point he's not wrong yet no I'm not saying he's wrong I'm just saying like I guess if if it does break are we crediting Leroy like because it's like now it's like okay like a new wave if let's say Leroy is right we're going okay Leroy gets credit the dog or are we going with Trey Wingo gets credit I think you'd have to go Wingo first but if there's now a tweet in like five minutes like legit five minutes from Schefter or Apoport oh Rogers deal is done since they all already went out of their way to basically discredit Trey Wingo I didn't think the momentum would shift to the ghost of Leroy wow imagine being Trey being right all along and now the one that's going to be getting the most the credit is the dog 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS 8 5 5 2 1 2 42 27 let me go to Ed in California next up on the Zach Geld show Ed with Shaken oh yes sir yes Ed go ahead I was I was I was a receiver with Aaron Rogers back in high school and I believe Aaron Rogers is not going nowhere I think he's staying how old are you Ed just wondering um I'm 34 and and you you were a receiver for Aaron Rogers in high school yes sir how do I know if that's true or not high school at Pueblo high school okay what were your numbers what was your numbers Ed um not very good no you couldn't even be a good receiver with Rogers throwing you the football well he went uh he went to Cal after that so no we had we had a pretty good running back but all right so so what's your point here you think you think Rogers is staying with the Packers ideal ideal he's not gonna fall he's not gonna fall at Rogers and you mean pull a farve stop 60 million dollars all right I appreciate the phone call Ed if you're gonna call the show let's let's get the point ready uh but I guess did he tell you he played with Rogers in high school there Hickey no he did not bring that up yeah I don't know if I could buy that he sounded older than yes a lot older than someone that was 34 and if he's 34 Rogers is 39 yeah that's that's why I asked him a few questions you know I don't know you know how high school works out there but I don't think you're having a five-year gap maybe I know you didn't sound intelligent on that phone call but maybe Ed got pushed up a few years eighth grader starting on varsity with Aaron Rogers maybe he peaked when he was like in fourth or fifth grade and they said let's move him up to the varsity he was like their Jimmy Neutron back there in California but geez Louise that was a painful phone call and I think Rogers is staying because he's not gonna follow Roger what and then said something about the money so what can you do so right now you what are you predicting Rogers where give me the official call after the ghost of Leroy tweet there hot take Hickey because I know you're a big part of my take fan I think that may have swayed your opinion no it did not because you're stubborn tricky part is I just don't have a team lined up where I feel like exactly I will say without knowing a team he is on in the NFL in 2023 not on the Jets that is my official prediction come on give me the team here I will go I'll go commanders you'll go with the commanders I will say he's on the Jets Ack you've been around this media business a long time you've seen a lot of crazy stories go down this has been a full week week and a half of Rogers to the Jets Rogers to the Jets Rogers to the Jets it hasn't happened yet Aaron Rogers in 2023 will be playing for the New York Jets there you go so it's two on one right here Calvin Ack against Hickey oh I like Hickey he has his point but I just don't see the the Packers have moved on there's not and granted he's a future Hall of Famer but there's not much of a market the spots are drying up the Jets are desperate it seems like a perfect marriage they're close they have Nathaniel Ackett and they won't win a Super Bowl with Rogers maybe well they they get a better chance with him though yes but that is true because you know the crazy part is if they don't get Rogers at this point Jimmy G to the Raiders Mike White just went to the Dolphins Lamar Jackson they could maybe get back in that market but that's complicated because you got to give them the contract and then give them a contract that the Ravens would not match and you got to give the two first round picks that's the yes the irrelevant part of that pretty much when you're getting a player the caliber of Lamar Jackson you know you don't feel pretty good about right now your prediction of him going to the Jets no well yes but if I'm Zach Wilson this is the first time in months I'm feeling good I'm saying the dominoes are falling there's one more domino there and it's Aaron Rogers and maybe my pal Aaron Rogers is going to help me out here I wouldn't count on that that would be a disaster that would be the most jet-like thing ever well the other part is if if Aaron Rogers doesn't go to the Jets they better get Lamar well the only other guy they could cousins the only but but still they if it's Zach Wilson they'll need a backup who didn't go to Jacobi Brissett maybe better than Zach Wilson if we're being honest this is very true you know you know what a wildcard I thought about earlier for the Jets wait can I take a guess here go ahead AFC or NFC NFC last playing for last playing for yes uh the LA Rams oh is it Baker no Matthew Stafford Stafford I still think it's going to be too tough though to move that Stafford deal if you're the Rams but he's got he's got something left they want to get out from under that deal they're rebuilding and the Jets are desperate yeah it's not bad thank you I would honestly I would root for two things well three things maybe four or five now I'll root for three things here if if if if and I do think Rogers will go there hey these are the three things I'm rooting for just knowing the New York media market Baker would be a whole lot of fun imagine Baker in New York Kirk Cousins who remember when he was a free agent he like kind of laughed at the notion of going to the Jets they were recording him and then he he stayed or went to Minnesota and then the other one that would it would kind of be fun to see Zach Wilson back under center for the Jets yeah fun for who everyone but Jets fans yeah I do think I do think it will be Rogers all right it is the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio we will take a break when we come on back the Panthers have the number one overall pick but do they know who they're drafting we'll discuss you're listening to the Zach Gelb show Zach Gelb shows CBS Sports Radio so we reacted to some of the best news that I've seen in quite some time on Friday that hickey's team is not going to get Bryce Young and the Carolina Panthers their GM Scott Fitter said we got to get this move done and we got to get it done right now and the Panthers moved up in a massive trade with the bears bears fall back to nine they get a second round pick this year they also do get a first round pick next year a second round pick two years from now and oh yeah by the way DJ Moore to link up with Justin Fields and now the Panthers have moved in to the number one pick spot when that did happen it was like 10 minutes or 15 minutes after the trade Joe Person who covers the Panthers for the athletic he threw out there that he's being told it was to go get CJ Stroud so when that happens hickey you'll wonder then a few days later what the conversation's going to be and I was watching Adam Schefter and Schefter said there's a belief that David Tepper loves Bryce Young Frank Reich likes CJ Stroud and they said we all love these quarterbacks and we've got 48 days to make a decision and which one we will be taking if that's the case I think that is a horrible and I mean a horrible thought process by the Carolina Panthers if you're giving up that much capital to move into the number one spot you gotta know who you're taking and I don't think and I think we put much more into the draft process than actually we should but I don't think in the next 40 something days that if you made this deal saying this is our preference that anything in those four or five weeks or so should really make you change your opinion the part of this report though that I would believe is that David Tepper likes to put his hand in everything if you think about it this way David Tepper hired Scott Fitter and Frank Reich to run the football team I know you own the team and I know that you'll have say but if the guys that you're hiring and I don't know what Fitter is doing to because to be fair in the Schefter report I wonder he would like they didn't say who Fitter liked it was just Frank Reich like CJ Stroud David Tepper loves Bryce Young if you're David Tepper hickey don't you got a kind of I don't want to say totally get out of the way because you want to be involved in the conversations because this is the guy that's going to be running your franchise or hopefully leading your franchise as a quarterback for the next 10 years don't you got to trust the guys that you hired to make that right decision I couldn't agree more that's like that's the biggest thing you see a lot of owners that get involved in a reason why a lot of their teams stink is because they're the ones making a lot of decisions and not allowing the backup quarterback and former head coach and Frank Reich who I would say knows a thing or two what he's looking for and the guy who hired his GM and Scott Fitter I would say he knows a thing or two is looking for in quarterbacks or players in general let them with their manager mountains of experience and expertise make the decision you can give your opinion but if your opinion is overriding the two guys who again are 30 times more knowledgeable than you that's the problem it's a sign to someone that's a micromanager now the irony is both of I both you and I do believe that David Tepper in this case even though his process is wrong and how he maybe goes about doing this I do think though Bryce Young is is better than CJ Stroud and if I had the number one overall pick I would go with Bryce Young over CJ Stroud same everything you see on tape everything from a leadership a clutch perspective playmaking for me just screams Bryce Young over CJ Stroud I would not feel comfortable picking Stroud based on basically what you saw from one game that Georgia game and hoping he can recreate that now for the next 10 years and my biggest concern I would say about Bryce Young and the only concern you hear people have is his size or lack of it let me just remind everyone and you just said it like five seconds ago where Scott Fitterer comes from the Seattle Seahawks last time I checked I know Russell Wilson's a little bit more girthier it's like dumb the conversation gets um you know compared to Bryce Young he's a few more C's on it than Bryce Young but Russell Wilson never gets confused for being a giant so if you have a guy in Scott Fitterer who knows a thing or two about a smaller quarterback I don't think that's the reason why you don't draft him but on the CJ Stroud part of it if you had to like kind of draw up a quarterback by looks CJ Stroud is bigger than than Bryce Young clearly and my only my only concern about CJ Stroud and I like CJ Stroud I like Bryce Young more but I do like CJ Stroud so I don't want to get that confused is that for CJ Stroud he waited until that last game to show off his mobility and show off the way that he could extend those plays with his legs I just want to know why that was the case because that Georgia game he was awesome and he put together two awesome years at Ohio State but there was a lot of times last year when I was watching Ohio State where I said I'm not blown away by CJ Stroud when anytime you turned on the Alabama game it was the weapons around him in a weird way other than Jameer Gibbs were just down last year at Alabama and you saw Bryce Young always keep his team in the game and even though they had two losses I can't look at either of those two losses and say oh that was on Bryce Young as the reason why they lost the games against LSU and then also Tennessee. And if you look now after the trade at the Carolina Panthers receiving room again you look at what Ohio State had and they had in his two-year career at Ohio State CJ Stroud had four first round receivers that either already are in the NFL or going to be in the NFL you're gonna have I mean you have no talent receiver right now you have the Leviska Schnell is your number one wide receiver and Terrace Marshall Jr. So we know CJ Stroud can play really well when he's thrown to these great receivers but he's not going to play really well when he's thrown to these great receivers and has massive mismatches but now when you're going to the Panthers you are taking number one can you elevate guys around you? I don't know and like you just said we saw Bryce Young do that at Alabama this past year we have not seen now he's not had the chance to granted we've not seen CJ Stroud be able to do that. Do you think they know who they want to take?

I don't actually and I don't think that's an issue. Oh I do because look at the team most recently that moved up in the draft and I guess did not know who they wanted to take in the San Francisco 49ers and so far that hasn't panned out. If you're giving up that much capital I don't think it's oh let's just get into position and then we'll figure it out because then you may not fall in love with anyone. Well I'm assuming that they have done at least enough work where they look at two or three quarterbacks and say we feel really good about taking the first round and now it's okay so now what's going to separate its personality its leadership now you're gonna have a lot more in-person meetings to be able to you know differentiate the two or three guys. But they should know who their preference is right now like I understand you want to meet with these guys you want to have conversations with these guys but this is why the draft process gets stupid the tape and what you've seen on the field kind of seems like at times it's the last resort and it's whatever these two three months are of conversations that's when I think teams make bad decisions. Good scouts good GMs they should know who they're targeting when you're this high up in the draft and they should know who their guy is now if Tepper's trying to swoop in and give his opinion and it goes against the coach and the GM that's just something that I can't kill Reich and Fitterer for but I would think if we sat down Scott Fitterer and Frank Reich together and kept David Tepper out of the room I would I would like to think they would be in lockstep on who they have as their preference of the number and overall pick right now. I would say each has a preference I mean look they could have differentiating preferences right now but again I think it's part of the pro day part of meeting in person I think that's what it's going to be a lot of again personality leadership you feel this is a guy that can be the face of your franchise you can play well in the field but if you can't lead you can't handle responsibilities also I think part of the judgment process as well. Yeah personally I would not give up all those assets if I don't know who I'm taking or if I don't have a strong preference on who I'm taking right now. Well you say like let's just say for argument's sake they love C.D. Estrada they love Bryce Young and it's like you know what either one we'll take right now but we're going to control the draft we're going to go up to number one and then we'll figure out once we're up there we love both if you know we want to take both now we'll figure out basically which one is perfect for us I think it's the worst process in the world. Yeah I think you got to know that when you make that move because there's just a lot at risk here there's a lot to risk and you got to get this decision right because right now everyone says oh the Bears won the deal the Bears won the deal the way the Panthers improve their their looks here is if they go hit it out of the park with this draft pick and I don't want second guessing I don't want to be like I thought Kyle Shanahan was convinced into taking Trey Lance he wanted someone else I think it was pretty clear especially with the Chris Simms reporting who's best friends with Kyle Shanahan the day when that news came out that they moved into the three slot you got to make sure that Tepper goes with his football people and trust his football people and see if they make the right decision.
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