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QB Carousel (Hour 3)

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February 27, 2023 9:15 pm

QB Carousel (Hour 3)

Zach Gleb Show / Zach Gleb

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February 27, 2023 9:15 pm

Onsides/Offsides l QB Carousel: Pete Bercich, Minnesota Vikings radio color analyst l News Brief


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That's slash positive. We continue this is that Yelp show coast to coast on CBS Sports Radio. So if you're just tuning in, we are going to have LeBron James out for some indefinite amount of time. And that is per Sham Sharania. We know yesterday LeBron does go down with the injury and ended up coming on back and beating the Dallas Mavericks. But now he has a foot injury and he's going to miss indefinite time.

That is the latest from Sham Sharania. And Sham just says it's miraculous that LeBron played through the injury that is now expected to require multiple opinion sources said. And the Lakers are bracing for his absence to be multiple weeks, going back to our speculation of how long this would be. It would not surprise me. This is just me talking.

No information. If LeBron with what they have 20 something games left in the season. If he comes back and plays another game this year, maybe if they're still live final week, two weeks of the year, maybe he's able to come back. But also the fear is that Lakers star LeBron James likely to miss an extended period of time. That's what Sham said with his right foot injury. James suffered the injury and Sunday's win over Dallas played through it. And the belief is he'll be sidelined for an indefinite amount of time. And once again, Sham said the Lakers are bracing for his absence to be multiple weeks.

So, Hickey, it's a good point by Shams. It's kind of crazy. And sometimes it's adrenaline. But with how bad it looked and him screaming in pain, saying it popped, it popped, it popped. And now we know that this is a serious injury, how LeBron was able to still lead this comeback and play with whatever this. I don't want to say severe injury, but serious injury is that is kind of impressive by LeBron James, who continues to just defy logic, really.

Absolutely. I say when he went down, it almost got looking a non contact, which sometimes when you kind of see that you think it's even worse than if he got hit somewhere. So maybe Achilles right foot. And it's like, I don't know if he's got to, you know, even get up. And he got up and someone didn't even go to the sideline, just got up and walked to the other side of the court and said it. It's like I said, his pain tolerance is indescribable, I guess, considering that this is a serious injury. And he kind of played like it was no big deal.

So they got 20. Oh, there's your signature line there. No big deal.

No big deal. Coming out of the Rose Bowl when you were a little hammered. I'm well, you know, a little different standards on this. I was going to say LeBron playing through a foot injury, me coming out of a big time win that lowly rated Rose Bowl.

A little different. So 21 games left for the Lakers is the exact number. If it's several weeks. Like bare minimum, let's just say three weeks bare minimum. That would be like if everything goes well and I would be shocked if it's only three weeks.

Right. But if that's the case and let's just say somehow he's able to return three weeks from now. That's taken us to March 20th. So then there would be one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 games remaining. Now, I'm going to assume that he's not going to be back three weeks from now.

Like if you want to tack on two more from that. So let's say we said, what, March 20th, you tack on two more weeks from that. That then takes you to April 3rd. And if that's the case, then there's only four games left in the season.

If I'm a better man hickey and maybe this is just a pride thing, I would be I would be surprised if LeBron James plays five more basketball games this year. There's only 21 left. And the regular season ends on April 9th.

And right now it's February 27th. So if he's going to miss several weeks, I kind of feel like that's going to rule him out for most of March, if not all of March. I mean, I would agree to also the same time, like if you even you're through the Lakers, you got to look at it. OK, they're right now a game out of the playing tournament.

Like what's the end goal? LeBron's not going to be there for, let's just say, conservatively the next three weeks. Is Anthony Davis going to be on the court the next three weeks? Every game?

I don't think you could say that with a fact whatsoever. He got like he gets hurt. This season could be spelled out of control. Let's say if the three week timeline is right, about 10 games left in the season. But you're sitting there in 13th place, about four or five games out of the plane.

You know, the final playing spot. What is even worth it again? LeBron signed long term the next four years, right? So if you're the Lakers, you have to start now thinking about two is even worth bringing it back on a guy who's going to be, again, body wise, playing on his 24th season already. You save them for next year and hope that I mean, at this point, it's kind of the definition of insanity.

Well, hope that things break your way next year. Can we also be fair about it? Is it really the Lakers decision? That's also true.

Sure. It's if there is one player in the NBA in a sport that the player makes pretty much every decision, if you're a star player. If LeBron says, I want to come back, he's coming back.

I don't think it makes sense when you get into. Oh, I like I hear what you're saying. You're using logic. But if there is a week left in the season and LeBron says, guys, I'm coming back and Lakers go, it's not in your best interest. LeBron could say, you don't want to upset me.

You upset me. Then really, what do you have on the roster? You're right. If you're the Lakers, you maybe push us to reasons why you shouldn't come back. And maybe LeBron actually listens like they did shut him down the first year in L.A. with the groin injury, came back for a week or whatever it was, then didn't finish the year. But he came back.

Maybe the same thing. But yeah, I am with you. Just the juice isn't worth the squeeze to play again. If you look like if you're missing the next three, four weeks, bare minimum, I get it being there for your teammates and trying to exhaust every option to get into the playoffs. But just if you get into the playing tournament and you're a 10 seed doesn't mean that you're going to get into the actual playoffs. Like I don't consider this play in tournament the start of the postseason.

I get it. It's it's been more exciting than what people thought because you've got bigger star talent that you didn't expect to be in there. But I think I don't even like I do wonder what that end goal is there for the Lakers. What do you think you're doing, even if LeBron is able to come back for the final two weeks of the season? And I don't know if trading Russell Westbrook now motivates him to come back because, hey, the Lakers front office went all in. And so, like, you know, like I said, maybe a prize thing. I just want to play. I don't think that is anything.

I don't know. But I think there's definitely a chance we've already seen LeBron for the last time this year. Now, it would be very LeBron like, I'm the man, I'm the hero.

I come on back. You know, he said, what, right after the All-Star game, these are the biggest final, what, twenty three games? Twenty three games of his career, his 20 year career. Those are the biggest regular season games ever. Like I'm rolling my eyes still.

And I've heard that quote now multiple times. So I like it would not shock me if they are a game or two off the 10 spot with like six or seven to play. If then he goes, OK, I have to come back.

And I respect that in some part. But at this point, it kind of seems pointless for LeBron to play again in the regular season. If they're one or two out with like five, six games, I think a hundred percent he'll come back. I think the question is, will they even be that by the time he does come back? Because that's assuming again, AD is healthy, which you can't assume that. Well, also all the other teams, I can't assume anything with them either.

Oh, no. Yeah, it seems like the death of the Lakers. The Lakers season has already been on life support. You know that the plug was eventually going to be pulled.

Today seems like this is the day that you pull the plug. We know that the death was coming, but now LeBron James is going to miss multiple weeks with this foot injury. You really don't have anything to gravitate towards. Even the most optimistic Lakers fan in the world to have really any hope in this scenario. Because right now, from the 10 spot, they are a game back. If you want to tell me you don't really believe in the Pelicans and the Trailblazers. Right. And some of these other teams could fall like who knows the Timberwolves right now in a three game losing streak.

Sure, I could listen to that. But what makes me think that the Lakers are going to be able to take advantage without LeBron James, who is their team? Their margin for error is razor thin coming out of the all-star break and now you've got basically what is a death blow. Yeah, that's the only way to put it. Okay, five questions, five answers right now. Let's get to a little Onside's Offside. How'd it take, Hickey?

Hit it! Zacks taking on the most polarizing issues in sports. Which side of the line of scrimmage will he end up on? Offside, defense number 69. It's Onside's Offside's with Zach Gelb on CBS Sports Radio.

Alright, what do you got for me today? Alright Zach, according to Adam Schefter, the Bears are quote leaning unquote towards trading the number one overall pick. Now Schefter mentioned that multiple teams have already reached out to Chicago about trading for the top pick. Now we presume teams like the Texans, Colts, Raiders, and Panthers are some teams interested in making a move to the top spot. But what about teams like the Seahawks, Lions, and Falcons sitting there at five, six, and number eight? Onside's are offside Zach.

The Seahawks, Lions, and Falcons all should try to move up to the number one pick. By the way, I don't know why when you said the word lean, leaning, any idea what song came to mind? Lean with it, rock with it? No.

Lean like a cholo, elbows up, side to side. You remember that song at all growing up? I know the dance, I can't honestly say I knew the song. Gotcha, that's fine. But you have an idea to dance and everything, so.

That, I don't know why. Alright. My brain just went in that direction. Maybe Adam Schefter too, that's why you used the word leaning today. That was sports talk radio ADD pretty much is what happened right there.

The Seahawks, Lions, and Falcons should all try to move up for the number one pick. Um. It depends. Like are they in love with Bryce Young and CJ Stroud or they just like Bryce Young and CJ Stroud? I don't know. But like in your scenario here, that's what I'm asking.

I really like them, yeah. I kind of feel like the Lions are going to be content going another year with Jared Goff. And then seeing what happens after that. But then, if they're supposed to be good again, you wouldn't expect them to be in their top ten draft pick. And the reason they have the top ten draft pick right now is because they made the trade with the Rams and the Rams ended up stinking. I don't expect the Lions to, I think the Seahawks are going to try to bring back Geno Smith. And the Falcons, I would because you don't really have anyone there. If I'm them though, all three of those teams, yeah. And the question is, should they?

Yeah, they should. Because I still don't know what Jared Goff's going to be. I don't know what Geno Smith's going to be. And the Falcons don't have a quarterback.

So if you're a team like the Lions or the Seahawks, you get the best of both worlds. Where you could bring back Geno Smith on a three year deal. Jared Goff sells two years left. And you have them mentor the young quarterback and then delay that young quarterback.

How realistic is that? That I don't know because when you draft a quarterback, number one overall, it's tough to have him delay, delay, delay. But if I'm those three teams, I can't tell you I'm 100% sold on the quarterback. So therefore, I would move up. But let me tell you this, if I'm a Lions fan or a Seahawks fan, if you're going to be moving up, maybe just give all those assets already for a proven commodity and go get a Lamar Jackson.

But then once again, we don't know if Lamar is actually going to be available. I'll answer your question, long answer. Onsides here that they all should.

Because I don't really trust what they have currently in place right now. So onsides. Okay, let's go to the NBA. Because Damian Lode last night was red hot to say the least. Scoring 71 points including 41 in the first half to set a new NBA record. As he became the first player to score 70 or more points in less than 40 minutes of action. Now, Damian wasn't the only player to drop 71 this season. As Don Mitchell also hit that mark back in early January. Now, the record is held by Will Chamberlain. Still that 100 points has been untouched for the last 61 years. And no one's past even Kobe Bryant's mark of 81 points.

He dropped that total back in 2006. So onsides or offsides? We will see an NBA player score 100 points by himself in a game within the next five years. Offside. Don't get me wrong.

Offside. What Dame did last night was great. And Dame I've said for years is one of my favorite players. Is my actually favorite player in the NBA.

But I don't think you're going to get someone to get to 100. And the thing that impressed me with Dame is the amount of shots that he took. I think he took 38 shots last night. It was 22 of 38 from the field. You would thought if someone scored 71 points that the number would be a little bit higher. Because they were just jacking up shot after shot after shot. He had a good percentage there, nearly 60% from the field. So I kind of just think that eventually fatigue would settle in. If you're going to get to 100 you're going to have to shoot way more shots than that.

Let's see someone get to 90 in this era before we start talking about 100. So I don't think it's going to happen. Do you? I'm going to say yes.

Really? Well the way the three point shot now is easier. You get a bad team and a bad night. I think someone will go for it.

I think they'll get it. How many threes do you think you need to hit? Dame hit 13. I would probably say at least 15.

At least 15. Get to 45 right there. Get fouled.

That's also probably part of it. You're probably going to have to get to the line bare minimum 15 times just to stop the clock and score. If someone hits 23 that's 60 points right there. How many shots are you going to be able to get up in the game to get to 100? And you're also on making all those shots. To me I think it's just too unrealistic.

But go ahead. Well let's go back to the NFL because a bumpy career for Carson Wentz continued earlier today as he was officially released by the commanders after just one year in Washington. The commanders last year were just two and five in games that Wentz started as he was benched multiple times as well. Now if he signs with a team this offseason it will be the fourth team in four years for the former number two overall pick and Wentz is just 30 years old. Non-tides or offsides, Carson Wentz will not be on an NFL roster for week one.

He should retire. He won't but I think someone else is going to give him an opportunity it will probably be a disaster because I can't see him being a good sport in a locker room embracing that backup role. But with how many crappy quarterbacks that are second and third string that are in an NFL locker room Wentz will be in a locker room. So I will go offside when you say Carson Wentz will not be on an NFL roster for week one.

Offside. The NFL scouting combine is set to commence this week in Indy and before any workouts even begin one quarterback has seen his odds to go first overall skyrocket. Florida's Anthony Richardson's odds to be the first pick were 80 to 1 as late as last week.

In the last few days according to Caesars Sportsbook his odds are now just six to one tied with Will Leviss and Will Anderson Jr. That's third behind Bryce Young and CJ Stroud so from 80 to 1 to six to one in less than a week. Onsides are offside Zach Anthony Richardson will be a top five pick come late April. Fascinating question so let's say the Bears move out of the one spot and if a team like the Texans move up then they'll take Bryce Young or CJ Stroud so one of those quarterbacks will be off the board. Then you could see Chicago's at two then fall back to four and Indy move up to two or someone else. So I would say two quarterbacks are going in the top five. It will be Young and Stroud but outside of that like is are the Seahawks taking Anthony Richardson like they do have Geno Smith if you want to sit Richardson for two years I guess you could do that. I do think Anthony Richardson's going to the top 15 probably at this rate top 10.

Just because of how many quarterbacks there are and perceived to be that he's the third most thought of quarterback in this draft class. But three in the top five it's happened before. I don't think it's happening here though. So I will go offside offside and I want to see the Colts do it because you would love that. I would not. No no no yes yes yes.

I like how you said offsides. No no top five pick for Anthony Richardson that is good news for yours truly. And well you never know. Jim could against all odds trade back. When everyone traded back they were joking about that right at that press conference. Maybe he trades back right before joking about Rice Young with the 11 pick in the draft. The Indianapolis Colts have selected Anthony Richardson quarterback that will not be good for Jim. That's for sure. Could have also been playing some mind games there make everyone think they're going to take Bryce Young and they have no interest in him.

Possibly you never know what Jim are say that is for sure. Finally the Atlanta Hawks have officially hired Quinn Snyder to be the next coach replacing Nate McMillan who was fired last week. Now Snyder stepped away from the Jazz this past offseason after guiding Utah to the playoffs six straight times. Snyder is the third coach for Trey Young who saw both Lloyd Pierce and McMillan fired in his five years in Atlanta. Onsides or offsides the Hawks should trade Trey Young if things with Quinn Snyder don't work out. Is obviously not this year this is you know two or three years we're sitting here and things don't work out not immediately. I'll go offside because he's such an entertaining player like I don't think he's someone you build your franchise with and people that were saying oh the Luca deal was so fair I'd much rather have Luca Doncic and I get a few years ago he was awesome he was great they got to the Easter Conference Finals and they lost but if things just don't work out with Quinn Snyder yeah I get why it'd be a poor reflection on Trey Young but I'm not ready to say that they automatically have to trade him in in that regard but it would be a bad look for him because Quinn Snyder I don't know why he took that that job with the Hawks I thought he could have got a better job all right we'll take a break we'll do the QB carousel next and we will land with the Minnesota Vikings.

You're listening to the Zach Gelb show. What does the future hold for all 32 NFL teams at the QB position now I'm going to give you an opportunity to spin this wheel right here let's spin the wheel and find out which teams we hit today. The Minnesota Vikings first it's just a great job alongside Paul Allen on the Vikings radio network and he played for the Vikings also coach for the Vikings played with the Vikings 1994 to 2000 and coach from 2002 through 2005 and Pete joins us right now Pete thanks for the time how you been I've been great how are you guys doing I'm doing fantastic when you look back at the Vikings season you being alongside Paul Allen what was a more entertaining game for you guys to call the comeback against the the Colts or was it the game up against Buffalo wow um you know I think the game in Buffalo was you know and then we had so much fun this year and I think it wasn't that we did anything differently it was just a matter of the games that were being played I mean the comeback against Buffalo was a big deal right big team on the road and but that game against Indianapolis to to break a record you know the greatest comeback in the history of the NFL yeah I was pretty amazing too but I think the Buffalo game was better just because it was just better played you know even it is great to have the biggest comeback but the problem is is you let yourself get down by that many you know what I mean so it was a you know it's kind of a tale of two halves but it was it was definitely definitely a lot of fun I think the game in Washington was a lot of fun as well that was a very emotional game for all of us for many reasons mainly because the fans sit right in front of you I mean they can literally stand up and look in the booth and you know we had some good issues with fans and the whole thing it was a lot of fun that whole that whole game was was a blast Pete Bursich here with us so I love Paul Allen I think he's the most entertaining play-by-play man on the radio in the NFL today how do you describe working with him well he makes you know he makes my job easy and it's kind of like you know each of us do our own thing and Paul is he's a he's a racetrack trained of you know play-by-play guy you know he's been calling right he's been calling horse racing for decades and you know that's where he got his start that's that's his mo that's what he's all about and my job kind of just keep everything level right try to keep everything kind of cool you really like to hold me back trying to coach like you have to hold him back during the game a little bit I feel like yeah a little bit I think so I mean but that's that's just kind of how we operate right and that's you know kind of who we are and you know sometimes I get excited and some you know most of the time you know it's Paul and I you know to do it's amazing what he does you know recall and you know just uh you need spotters and everything else that's going on around them all throughout the game it's it's pretty he makes it sound so you know make it sound easy and I think that's that's the mark of uh you know someone who's really good at what they do is it seemed easy um but he's been he's the voice of the Vikings man I mean all the highlights and everything else that's you know that's up to here and he does an amazing job it's been a pleasure and I'm you know to work with them and I've been very lucky um you know to have worked with Paul over the last 17 I think it's 17 years now what did Kevin O'Connell bring to this football team after taking a step back and watching it all throughout last year you know I think he brought exactly what we thought he would and that's you know you know Mike Zimmer um was kind of an old school you know type of coach right he hard you know hard you know very uh very understated uh you know very uh you know didn't cheer a lot didn't say a whole lot um and Kevin's young right he's he's just he's just different um you know he I think he does an amazing job um taking things that are complicated and making them simple right you know you the whole thing about you need to be at your best when we need you at your best you know just things like that he does a very good job of of uh of getting these players mentally in the position to play um you know I think the other thing that stood out this year was how he didn't play much if at all in the preseason but yet when we opened up against Green Bay those guys were all ready to play and I hadn't really experienced that we were all kind of like waiting to see and saying geez you know none of these guys have even really been on some of these guys have not even been on the field the entire preseason um and you have to go out and play as well as they did at home against Green Bay was was a big thing too so the strength and conditioning staff and you know the training staff the you know they all work together it's a very um you know they use the word collaborative a lot use that word all the time um and you know they they do that there's no you know I you know football you get a lot of you know islands right you got the training staff on one island this training staff on the other island you know everyone thinks they know best um but they this group definitely works together where's your belief level that kirk cousins could eventually win a super bowl in minnesota I think he can I mean he's he's he's good enough let's put it that way right I mean he's good enough and and um teams that have wearing weaknesses don't make it all that way because at some point it's gonna you know it's gonna come back to bite you in the rear end um but I I do believe he has I mean he has the requisite skill and a requisite thing that you need for out of a quarterback you know to make it to the big game you just have to continue to build around him and obviously our you know our defense struggled all throughout the year and so now you have to you know address that side of the football um and you know hopefully not at the expense of the offense but you know we'll see do you think they'll extend them I know he has one year left on that deal do you think they get an extension done this off season p persich I don't know I mean I you know I really don't know I think here's the key with here's cousins I mean cousins is um for and kevin o'connell has said this um that accuracy is the most important thing a quarterback that's what he looks for most so it's accuracy not how well the guy runs and all these other things and uh you know cousins is is you know strong arm and is accurate what quarterback is there is in the league he can make all the throws he can do all those things um he's getting his second year into a system and it does take about two seasons to really get the entire system installed and and and guys comfortable with it and running well he was asked to do a lot more mentally uh before snaps you know he had a he had a lot more say in what went on he was in meetings a lot much more involved I think on the whole offensive side um but on the flip side you know because he doesn't move much uh because he doesn't scramble very much he sees you know we see different types of coverages you know you don't play two man uh you know against a quarterback that could scramble you really don't you know you don't you don't play that against Justin Fields because he'll you know he'll run through 500 yards against you so we see little different different types of coverages and things because of that but um as long as his arm strength uh stays the way it is um then he'll be he'll be a viable quarterback and as you know as good of a quarterback that you need to win the Super Bowl that's the thing you have to keep an eye on you know he's getting he's 33 um you know we didn't see any signs of that this last season but that's what I think going into the season that everybody's going to have to look at closely or determine as you know how long will his arm hold up because if the lack of mobility and some of those other things will you know they don't carry you they you won't be able to make it for very long or be as effective as you normally are as soon as those skills start to deteriorate the name I've been throwing out now for two off seasons is how fun it would be if Lamar Jackson somehow wound up with the Vikings with Justin Jefferson and Dalvin Cook as well does that have any shot or is that just a talk show host trying to trying to throw out a scenario there? I think it'd be fun I you know will that happen I doubt it because again I go back to you know the the one thing that that um uh Kevin O'Connell likes to see out of his quarterbacks is accuracy and I think if there's one thing that Lamar Jackson isn't quite or isn't as accurate as a lot of the other quarterbacks in the league so I don't know if Lamar would fit the system that the Vikings you know want to put together and want to have offensively so I mean you know I could be dead wrong who knows but uh off the top my head my gut feeling said that that would be that'd be uh I don't know if that would be a good marriage in that respect. Before we let you run Pete Bursich you look at the state of the North it looks like Rodgers or we think Rodgers is going to get traded this offseason the Bears still have a lot of work to do in terms of building that roster it seems like right now it's Vikings and Lions battling for that NFC North spot and we got to see how the Vikings are to fix this defense and bring in Flores this offseason through the new defensive coordinators they're at all like fear of regression just going from year one to year two with the new regime at the GM and also the head coaching spot.

Well I know you know no I think we you know with Lewin losing Lewis seen and you know we had a lot of injuries it seems with our rookies um you know this year Andrew Booth a lot of our high higher draft picks uh you know were injured so that was a tough year for that um but we have we're starting new again you know we're starting a new again on defense right so you have a whole new system that coming into play are they going to stick with the 3-4 or go to the 4-3 or accountable better both uh you know Dalvin Tomlinson I think was one of our better defensive linemen this year um so having him around I don't know if Daniel Hunter really made the transition to a 3-4 if that was really his thing uh so it's I think it's still up in the air what you know what what is he best um you know designed or or or mentally what he wants to do the most Sedaria Smith was a great pickup I thought he had a good year so yeah just we we got some corner because there's a lot there's a lot to be done on the defensive side of the ball but when you're 31st in the league in a lot of categories and you know it's uh it's a you know easier to go up it's uh you know you start at the bottom and work your way up so we'll see. Pete Burcich appreciate the time thanks so much for doing this. Alright thank you take care guys. You got it we'll get to a news brief next we'll get you on some of the biggest storylines in the world of sports with some audio and before we get to act let me just tell you that you could think O'Reilly Auto Parts while your car care needs get guaranteed low prices and excellent customer service from the professional parts people at O'Reilly Auto. You're listening to the Zach Gelb show. Time for your daily news brief. We get you caught up on the rumors reports and reconnaissance from the day in sports. Charles Barkley was on first take and he was asked if load management is a problem in the NBA. It's a huge issue I don't think fans get mad if you're making 30 40 50 million dollars if you play basketball every night but you can't make 30 40 50 million dollars and then sit out games. I think it's disrespectful to the game.

I think it's disrespectful to the fans. You know what's going to be crazy in this next TV negotiating deal. We don't have guys making 70 80 million dollars a year. And they're going to be saying wait a minute you're going to make 70 million dollars and you can't play basketball three or four days a week. So yeah I think load management is a big deal. So I'm stuck here Hickey because you know me I hate load management but then I also realize if you're a team like the Raptors a few years ago where you're intentionally sitting out Kawhi Leonard 20 something games you win a championship it's worth it. Now to get into the current conversation about LeBron tonight LeBron played so many games and then eventually that catches up to someone in your body even though he's still incredible and the court starts to break down if you're just tuning in LeBron the injury that he suffered yesterday that he thought was a pop and then somehow played through it he had the great comeback and all that he's now going to miss multiple weeks according to Sham Sharaniya and some significant time because he has a foot injury. I saw CBS Sports put out a graphic LeBron James injury history games missed first 15 seasons 71 last five seasons all of Lakers 98 and I think it's fair to wonder if you took some games off earlier or middle through your career and I know there was a strike in one of those years you know does your body maybe last a little bit longer but to Charles his point then there's like some guys that are participating in load management that aren't stars but then it's like okay how do you pick because the guy middle career is trying to make the most amount of money and it's still his career it it works when you win but only one team could win at the end of the year so for everyone else it makes you look like crap but it's obnoxious as a fan when you go to a game and I know that always guys could could sit out but if they're injured okay I understand the player missed the game but if you spend all your money to go to this game and it's like up this guy's just off he's not really hurt we're just giving him load management that's where it gets frustrating well I guess to the thing is has it ever proved to work like I guess you can argue with Kawhi and the Raptors but it's like you look at the Warriors or the Warriors win because they rested Steph and clay not really did the and those guys also get hurt Yanis was you know Yanis sat Yanis doesn't sit so it's like we talk about load management it's obviously a big issue in the NBA and teams are doing it but it also doesn't really correlate to winning and again Kawhi Leonard is his own kind of person and you can make the argument even been load manage in the first place but it does seem like it's a whole lot to do and come playoff time I don't think you really see that much of a difference to be honest well there's like a difference like Steph was legitimately hurt like clay was legitimately hurt right yeah and that happens but when it's just so I think we should differentiate this for load management when a guy is like legitimately hurt and he's coming back from an injury I understand giving him some nights off and things like that when you're just sending the guy out and he's just going to go into the season missing 15 games just to do that like that's when you lose me I don't the first scenario you put out that I don't count that as load management I still count that as like injury management where you load manager to me and maybe I'm wrong it's just sitting out tell me how to manage the load management sitting out because like you said it's just all back to back and we can't play back to back just because science says we can't even though you're healthy that's load management Damian Lillard who had 71 points last night says he knew his team needed a big performance from him root sports northwest we got I think 23 22 games left after this and we need to win as many as possible and you know obviously being short-handed I know that it's going to be a team effort but I feel like I gotta you know do my best to be aggressive and just try to do what I can to make sure that we get some wins and you know that's all the case was was tonight I wanted to be in attack mode I got it going and I just stayed aggressive hey key right now who are your three favorite players in the NBA if you had to give me your three favorite Damian Lillard is definitely in there I love watching Devin Booker and I'll go like out of the box here I guess I'll go Shaye Gilgis Alexander I like this game a lot who Shaye Gilgis Alexander I thought his last name was Shaye Gilgis according to one of our update anchors here well Alexander I will say I pronounce it I believe they're correct way gotcha my three favorite Damian Lillard and that's been the case for several years Yanis on to the Kumpo and then also Anthony Edwards because to go back to the load management conversation I loved how Anthony Edwards went all Kobe Bryant when talking about load management during all-star weekend let's go to Quinn Snyder on why he wanted to start coaching now and take this job with the Atlanta Hawks I think the opportunity to come in now although maybe challenging is also an opportunity to hopefully go on a run but also and I think these things are not mutually exclusive to begin to build a foundation a culture and you don't do that even in a short period of time the interact the NBA you hear the term foxhole a lot and to get in the foxhole with these guys and I think those things have the opportunity to really accelerate the building of relationships you're just you're faced with adversity and you go through it together collectively and I didn't want to wait until next year to do that I just question the selection of the job I would have waited until the end of the year to just see what else opens up when you are perceived to be the hottest name on the market but hey it's not my life but Justin Termini joins us on Friday from Sirius XM NBA radio and I asked him if Quinn Snyder made the right decision in choosing to coach the Hawks well I just don't understand first of all I think he'd have other jobs open up for him in the offseason he's probably the most respected guy right now without one and then secondly I thought he left Utah I said this yesterday because he didn't want to rebuild and then he goes down to Atlanta and honestly if you line these two teams up I would say Utah is the better situation I like Lowry Mark and maybe as a centerpiece more than I like Trae Young who you know is inefficient and he's ball dominant and marketing is not that he works within the system and they're about the same age so I like the centerpiece more in Utah I like all the draft picks that we have in the future there with the Jazz unlike Atlanta who got rid of a bunch of draft picks to build around Dejounte Murray and Trae in the backcourt and then I also have more faith in Danny Ainge built to the team than who I think is one of the two or three best GMs in the sport versus Landry Fields who's doing this for the first time so it's weird to me that Quinn Snyder leaves Utah which is a better situation because reportedly he doesn't want to rebuild goes to Atlanta where I think it's going to be a little tougher there than it was with the Jazz. I don't love this situation either because the Hawks are basically telling you with their roster hey we're good to go but their play continuously shows that they're not good to go and they got to the conference finals a few years ago right they added Murray you have Hunter you have Collins you have Capella obviously you got Trae Young and Hickey like I don't think this team is anywhere close to competing and maybe they think that you're bringing Quinn Snyder highly respected coach he'll improve this team and this is not just a move for now but it's for the future but so far as much as people like Trae Young hasn't really been able to work with any coach yeah I know he's been a coach killer for sure and honestly I thought kind of Quinn Snyder was gonna wait for Greg Popovich to walk away maybe like two or three years and kind of scoop that job and he ran back a lot faster than I thought that's for sure yeah but that's not a good job either I would agree but if there's history there you like Greg Popovich and that's where you want to be situation aside like he could have went to a job probably has a much better foundation depending on what opens up this offseason and I don't think he would then take another year off but I I don't really understand the move now too like I think it only gives you a benefit to wait until the offseason just see how everything shakes out didn't seem like someone who's racing to get back into coaching once you stepped away from the Jazz but here we are not Sean Payton factor to walk it away and whatever reason you give it's not really the actual reason you just want it to reset and tap out Devin McCourty says Mac Jones is the franchise QB for the Patriots courtesy of the folks at GMF Good Morning Football the combine is sponsored by noble this year Mac is noble they know the future is Matt Jones and I'm excited for this guy this year because now you get you get Billy O'Brien coming in as an offensive coordinator great success has done well everywhere he's been offensively he gets to come in and now work with Matt he's gonna have stability around him I think the team is going to go get another guy to be a receiver in that office well it better like you're bringing Bill O'Brien great you get rid of patrician judge running the offense that's fantastic but if you don't go get him another legit weapon then what really does it do Devin McCourty says there was too much work against Mac Jones last year last year you come in you have movement you get to work with Josh McDales who I think is one of the best offensive minds in this league you get to work with him your rookie year and they get Maddie P with a mixture of Joe judge with coach Bella check all guys who are new to call the actual office obviously bill more experienced than any coach in the NFL as a head coach really um but it's just so much movement so much change it's only your second year you know it's funny when I hear that hickey it it sounds so positive but in reality is like the coaching stunk last year with Patricia and Joe judge but you listen to it just with how high energy Devin McCourty is it's like oh this is like a an endorsement but you know it's not you got Maddie P you got Joe judge they both haven't coached the offense in a while neither called plays bill Bella checks in there you're he did dress it up very nicely for kind of taking a shot at the offense that is a savvy veteran because yes that made headlines today but I think it's more so Devin McCourty believes that back Jones not that Devin McCourty takes shot at the incompetence of Joe judge and Matt Patricia learn something from his brother I guess in the media it is the Zach Yelp show on CBS Sports Radio that is a news brief we will take a time out we'll come on back we'll touch on a few stories when we return bears thinking about and looking like they'll trade the number one overall pick maybe a DAC extension and goodbye to Carson Wentz with the commanders we'll get to all that on the other side.
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