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Back To The Pack? (Hour 1)

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February 22, 2023 7:04 pm

Back To The Pack? (Hour 1)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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February 22, 2023 7:04 pm

Could Aaron Rodgers return to the Packers? l Joe Klecko, Pro Football Hall of Fame defensive lineman l Should the Jets be wary about pursuing Rodgers?


Live from the play show yet not overly ostentatious studios of CBS Sports Radio here in beautiful New York City sitting on top of the 10th floor of 345 Hudson Street. Welcome on into a Wednesday edition of the Zach Gelb show coast to coast across all the great local CBS Sports Radio affiliates, Sirius XM, Channel 158 and that free Odyssey app. 855-212-4 CBS number to jump on in. 855-212-42 27. You could always get at me on Instagram where I'm straight flexing or via the good old cesspool of Twitter at Zach Gelb.

That is Z-A-C-H-G-E-L-B. Action packed show for you today. The pro football hall of famer Joe Kleko is going to stop by 20 minutes from now. Seth Payne will join us at 7 20 p.m eastern 4 20 p.m pacific and then we will continue to spin the QB carousel wheel with Dallas Cowboys reporter for the athletic John Machoda who is going to join us at 8 20 p.m eastern 5 20 p.m pacific. But first off producing this fine extravaganza and we'll get into something that I saw on social media today about my producer extraordinaire which I have to question and I don't believe is the aforementioned hotteh kicki. I don't know about that hotteh kicki.

We'll get into that factoid that I learned today about hotteh kicki that I was really surprised about and thought there's no way that it could be true coming up later on in the program. But where we got to start today you guessed it Aaron bleeping Rogers. No he has not emerged out of wherever he's in hiding right now I guess you could say a part of this darkness retreat. We have no update on if Aaron Rodgers has seen the light at the end of the tunnel and has emerged and is now done with this darkness retreat. We have no update on that but there is reporting about Aaron Rodgers and I don't know if we have to take this reporting with a grain of salt because everything I hear from Aaron Rodgers mouth I take with a grain of salt but Aaron Rodgers on radio row went on with the Pat McAfee show and he went out of his way two weeks ago in the lead up to the Super Bowl week to say none of these insiders know Jack pretty much about me if we're going to clean it up a little bit. Well the other day Bob McGinn has covered the Packers for a long time he was on with Ty Dunn on Ty Dunn's great network and Bob McGinn said the Packers are disgusted with Aaron Rodgers and in that report if you read it in its entirety Bob went even as far to say that if Aaron Rodgers is somehow back on the roster they would start Jordan Love over Aaron Rodgers which right away I said I don't buy that for a single second the back end of that but the front end of it that they're disgusted with Aaron Rodgers that doesn't surprise me if that is true. Now I think they're at a point in the relationship where both sides and I said this 9,000 times and I did not feel this way the last two years I was like the lone radio host that said Rodgers is going to be back in Green Bay but this year and this off season even John Coon close friend of Aaron Rodgers said on this show it does feel different and it's up in the air if he's going to be back in Green Bay and I really think what changed here is you got to remember Gouda Coons drafted Jordan Love then Rodgers went on to win two MVPs and this was the first year where Rodgers was not great ever since they drafted Jordan Love and not only was he not great the team didn't make the playoffs in an NFC where if we're being honest there weren't a lot of strong teams this year in the NFC outside of Philadelphia and San Francisco Cowboys pretender Vikings pretender so we weren't asking the Green Bay Packers to go 13 and 3 again we were just asking them to beat the Lions in the final week of the season and I don't mean it this way but this is the way that you know Rodgers views the Lions as the lowly Lions and he looks at the Lions as basically their gum on the bottom of his cleat and he lost to them twice and late in the game he threw a crucial interception made a crucial mistake and they didn't end up going to the playoffs so I think after that Gouda Coons who saw Rodgers go 13 and 3 13 and 3 13 and 3 and back to back to back years and come up short now you see the team don't make the playoffs and it's back to your initial plan to run Aaron Rodgers out of town and also Aaron Rodgers at times throughout the year you wondered how happy he was in Green Bay so I think both sides are looking at this where they're staring at one another and they're waiting for the first party to say guys this isn't working out we're done but no one wants to be the bad guy here and two things are going to happen and this is what I really do believe either Rodgers is going to emerge from this darkness retreat and say I want out or I still want to be in Green Bay and then either way it goes if it's Rodgers saying I want out then he could be the quote-unquote bad guy here if he wants to stay then it's up to Gouda Coons are you going to play nice or are you going to be the bad guy and say we don't want you or maybe whenever whenever Rodgers emerges out of this darkness retreat maybe then Gouda Coons gets on the phone and says we made a decision we've had enough trade conversations we have enough chatter we know we could get for you we don't want you pick the team that you want to go to and we'll find the way to get the deal done but that's the way that it appeared it was heading to and then today I don't know who was trying to throw this out there I don't know what the reasoning was but you had two respected NFL insiders these are not from some random people that you never heard of these are two of the more respected NFL insiders in the business Tom Pelissero and Jeff Darlington both clearly had the same source because this was the first time in like the last month that we heard something positive if you are in the camp that you want Rodgers back in Green Bay and Jeff Darlington on ESPN said today that a very important Green Bay Packers source believes that Aaron Rodgers will be back with the team this season then Tom Pelissero who went on the Rich Eisen show said something similar and added this as long as Rodgers is fully bought in the Packers want him back so when you hear the Darlington part of it a very important Green Bay Packers source believes that Rodgers will be back with the team this season it's like oh that's intriguing that goes against what I think the norm has been this off season of the expectation that Rodgers is going to get traded to the Jets he's going to get traded to the Raiders whoever it may be but when you hear the Pelissero part of it and the quote of as long as he's fully bought in the Packers want him back that makes me wonder how much of the Packers actually want him back because if the Packers wanted him back wouldn't they just go out of their way to not even add that front part but I think it speaks to where the relationship is and how fractured the relationship appears to be where that same person doesn't even trust that Aaron wants to be back and wants to be fully bought in so that's what's confusing to me here here Hickey is that clearly they have the same source and it's a very important Green Bay Packers source believes that Rodgers will be back with the team this season so then I guess if we're going to put two and two together when you mesh the Darlington report and the Pelissero report that same source I guess must feel who's very important in Green Bay that Rodgers wants to be back because why would you then say that Rodgers will be back with the team this season and in one I guess notification to Darlington and then Pelissero it's as long as he's fully bought in the Packers want him back so if that source is the same which I have no reason to believe that they're different sources I'm going to assume that this source either is sending a message to Rodgers which I don't think Rodgers cares you better be fully bought in or we don't want you or that source believes that Rodgers wants to stay in Green Bay the bottom line here and you can interpret this however you want I think I'm going to take a page out of Hickey's book here where I'm going to get stubborn I'm going to stomp on the ground I'm going to dig my heels in and I'm going to trust my first instinct I know that we have seen especially in this last three years it looked like he's going to get dealt and then someone like John Coon comes on this show and says 75 percent chance that Rodgers is going to be back in Green Bay and this has a similar feel where it's been so much doom and gloom so much negativity so much thought that he's not going to be back and then today is the day of positivity and let's uplift the Packers fans that still want Aaron Rodgers and let's try to make it seem that the Packers still want Aaron Rodgers back at this to me today out of all days it seems a little fishy and either this is the source having wishful thinking or the source trying to send a message but I would be surprised and I would still be operating under the expectation that Aaron Rodgers at some point this year gets dealt and the reason why I think it will happen this off season is the last three years before this season they had a window they were close yet so far losing twice in the NFC title game and then another time in the divisional round this year you saw the team regress you saw Rodgers regress and do I still think Rodgers will play at a great level absolutely but at this point do you think you could win with Rodgers in the next two to three years that's what you got to ask yourself and I don't think much is going to change with the Packers and Rodgers in terms of getting anywhere closer to winning a Super Bowl so if you're Gudekunz and you don't think you could win a Super Bowl in the next two to three years with Aaron Rodgers it makes sense to go back to your initial plan of Jordan Love is the guy that replaces Aaron Rodgers and I think that will go into effect and into full force this offseason.

Hickey where are you today because I know this is the first time in three years that we have agreed on this whole situation where the last two years you've been Rodgers is getting dealt I've been in the camp he's going to stay and this off season so far we have both been seeing eye to eye which very rarely happens when it comes to Aaron Rodgers and we both believe he's going to get dealt does the Darlington and Pelissero reports today make you go hold on wait a second not at all when it comes to Aaron Rodgers honestly I now at this point I don't really believe anything that's being reported or speculated or said I think he's leaving I mean the Packers want to move on you can have maybe one source that he wants to keep him but is outvoted I think that's maybe what's going on here try to sway you know public perception or try to force Aaron Rodgers to feel like he needs to come back but Rodgers doesn't care no this is he's in his darkness retreat he's doing whatever he wants to do I think he's getting traded when does he emerge you think from the darkness retreat this supposed to be four days right I feel like it's been four days now we don't know exactly when he entered I would probably say if I had a surmise from how he phrased it last week tonight or tomorrow Sunday oh Sunday is when he went in oh okay gotcha Wednesday so we're looking at day four ish um so probably around this time maybe tomorrow I feel like there needs to be a big reveal when he gets out of wherever he is right now that's like I don't think there will be the opposite I think he'll like go into hiding well um like I don't think he's gonna emerge like yes there's not gonna be cameras there and like you know him like I am out I am here everyone I'm seeing my shadow to use your Groundhog Day analogy or I you know whatever I'm not seeing my shadow spring is here I'm getting traded I don't think we'll have a big announcement of him exiting this darkness retreat if you will is it Rodgers Tuesdays on the Pat McAfee show sir I think Tuesday is the big test next week not that he I don't think he's scheduled in the off season and it doesn't have to necessarily be a Tuesday but you know the first time he's gonna make public comment is gonna be on with Pat McAfee and AJ Hawk absolutely so I guess we have to wait and if I had to take a guess here he goes on McAfee they talk about the darkness retreat we find out maybe some clarity about what the heck is actually a darkness retreat and then after that I I think he plays it like this you be McAfee you ask me if I made a decision about my future Aaron you've been in the darkness retreat you've been light deprived have you had any clarity have you seen the light Aaron of where you were playing next year you know Pat um I gave this a lot of thought and uh I'm gonna keep those feelings to myself and there's gonna be some conversations over the next few days and you know why he's gonna take that approach Hickey because the guy is a drama seeking whore that's what he is he loves the drama and he's just gonna spin the wheel spin the wheel spin the wheel and delay this further and further and further until the packers eventually be the quote-unquote bad guys and say okay we're done with you that's what I think will happen well I guess I guess in defense is what I'll say of Aaron Rodgers in this specific scenario of if he goes up Pat McAfee and drags out longer is this I don't think he can just come out and say I want to trade I don't think he just come out and say I'm gone from the Packers because you do have to find a team that you know is willing to work with you I think it opens up a can of worms the Raiders and Jets are willing oh there's where does he want to go maybe he doesn't want to go either of those teams maybe he looks at a team like I don't know Miami or but Miami then has to want to get rid of two of which they're not going to like I do we just assume because the Jets are very interested in the Raiders are very interested he wants to go there maybe those two teams where he said I'm absolutely not going there potentially the commanders for let's just say for whatever reason I want to play in what I'm going away present for Daniel Snyder Eric B enemy Ron Rivera get me there yeah and it happened I would agree but again with that Rogers can't rule anything out that's the case expect it definitely makes it harder to just say I'm getting traded I'm leaving and I want to go to Washington let's say do you think we'll know when he will give us if you had to take a guess on a date right now when do you think we get a better sense of if he's going to be back with the Packers or if he's going to get traded because when the announcement comes it either has to be whatever insider has it Rodgers intends to leave the Packers or Rodgers intends to return to Green Bay when do you think we get to that step of the process I would say by Saint Patrick's Day okay I think he will be true to his word as a dangerous game to play with him I think he will be true to his word when it comes to not holding the team hostage and especially if you're going to get traded or you think I want to leave and go somewhere else and maybe the Packers or maybe even making that decision for you and say we're going to trade you you can't drag this out that you know you also got to give the new team to get going here so I'll say Saint Patrick's Day March 17th we'll know whether he's staying at least or going we may not know the team and it may not happen then but I think we'll know if he's staying or going got it it is Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio the newest member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame Joe Cleco joins us next you're listening to the Zach Gelb show 20 past the hour this is Zach Gelb show coast to coast on CBS Sports Radio congratulations are in order to our next guest who I'm really fired up to talk to and I'm a proud graduate of Temple University and right now I'm actually wearing a cherry and white Temple Owls football jersey with the number 72 on the front and the last name of Cleco on the back and now joining us on the Zach Gelb show is the newest member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the great Joe Cleco. Joe being able to hear Pro Football Hall of Famer in front of your name probably has a nice ring to it right? It is sweetness to my ears it's been a great ride but this whole time as we've been announcing it it's been a run in my in the Cleco family for sure. What goes through your mind when you think about it now basically two weeks later I know you've known for a while with the way that they inform you but what goes through your mind when you look back and you go wow I finally made the Hall of Fame? Really it is you know it's like one of them things you know the top of the mountain and you know it's a it's a pedestal that not many people reach and it takes a long time even to sink in because you know I was sitting with a friend of mine one day in his office and we're talking about it and he goes you know he goes you have to still learn that you belong you know it's because you know I waited so long too you know you you always have that adapt to creep in and uh now that that's over and done it's it's really a it was a process you know you know even think about being accepted you know and then when we finally went out to Arizona and they announced it and then we met with a lot of the other Hall of Fame guys there and all and uh you know everybody was just so gracious the old guys you know when you go to a new team a football team you're not you're given a cold shoulder a little bit sometimes by some guys but this was not the case everybody everybody that you know we we were talking with and met and it was more welcoming than anything. Your last year playing football was in 1988 it's nothing that you could have changed throughout this entire process your career was great it is what it was right and it was in the hands of somebody else I know you talked about some doubts how did you kind of remain positive because it had to be frustrating when so many people that are in the Hall of Fame keep on telling you you belong you belong you belong. Well you know it was and you know after a while you really just got to keep going with the flow and you know you get that call and it's kind of like hey Joe I think maybe this is the year and then it doesn't happen and you know I never got discouraged about it you know I always like I've always told everybody that if it's my time and God wants me there then I'll be there you know and I accepted that you know and you know when it finally came though it was really exciting but you know I didn't get I didn't get discouraged I never was down about it but uh you know I just figured if if it was to be it was to be. Pro football Hall of Famer Joe Kletko is here with us on the Zach Gelb show take me through the day where Joe Namath showed up at your door knocked on your door and told you were going to Canada Ohio. Yeah it was pretty exciting uh my wife and my daughter had kept it from me but I stayed home because they needed me they said for something and he was really hilarious because I was expecting someone to be delivering lunch you know and here my lord it's Joe Namath his gold jacket with about 14 people standing behind him with cameras so it was it was exciting it was really uh a thrill I mean just an exhilarating thrill it was fantastic.

You probably had to pinch yourself right to make sure that it was real? Oh no you know as you know as I watched it and I'm sitting there and I'm talking about it and I'm saying to Joe you know oh my god oh my god and and I said you know I gotta admit Joe I said it's never been better to see you than it is now I mean it was it was really a build-up it was a crescendo it really was. Now you became a finalist through the senior committee so you knew there was a shot to get in this year and I know Gary Myers was pretty optimistic about your chances to finally get in triming into the Hall of Fame did you have any sense that day that Joe well maybe not Joe but that you were going to get informed that hey you made the Hall of Fame?

Well you know like Gary said I had made the three finalists and you know he says Joe nothing's written in stone yet he said but you know usually you know it's a rubber stamp but you know I told him I said listen I'm a construction business and until I sign on the dotted line or get the check nothing's ever done so you know I guess Joe Namath coming to the door that day was me finally getting it checked it you know it was a long awaited. Pro Football Hall of Famer Joe Kletko is here with us so coming up this summer it's going to be a day of celebration it's also going to be a day when people reflect and remember your career how do you want people to remember your career and what you did on the football field? I just want to remember the baby I was the guy you can rely on I was the guy that everybody depended on I was the guy that was always going to be there no matter what the score what any because any consideration of the game was cold wet hot you know I just wanted to make sure everybody knew there was one guy who could really camel and that was me and you know that's the way I played the game I played the game you know like a lot of guys talk about that I played against you know it didn't matter what score was whether it be you know 10 to 10 or 30 to nothing I came the same way every single play you had to get ready so I like that about me. The New York SAC exchange obviously iconic it's just one of those nicknames of a group that people are going to remember for years and years still to come your memories about playing and being a part of the New York SAC exchange? Well it was really exciting reason being is we were a bunch of young guys and New York Jets hadn't really got much fame up to then and then you know the draft choices with Marty Lyons and Mark Gastow got drafted one and two that year and the next year we basically became the SAC exchange you know you know all of a sudden you know people were coming out of woodwork you know shoe companies wanted to sign us you know everybody wanted us as far as you know appearances and things and it was really really falling off the cliff as far as something you ever you never could possibly imagine as a youngster and you know we were a bunch of young guys playing hard and that was one of the great things that you know was was that we could take to our graves is we played hard and we played together and being a SAC exchange really I mean it entered a new phase into our life you know with the notoriety.

What did you realize the importance of it just wondering? Well the importance of it really was that the reason we got the name and the reason we got the notoriety is we were good yeah I mean the importance of it was we were able to do things that other people couldn't do and at that time you know we were like one SAC off the record you know the SACs weren't kept as a record yet but we had 66 SACs that year and I think the record now is 70 and you know it was held by the Eagles but you know we were right there in that the whole time and you know it was fun to be recognized as you know as a as a group that had to be reckoned with and at times we we struck fear into guys eyes. There's a lot of times with the Hall of Fame there's guys have to wait and wait and wait and for years we wonder why they didn't get in like we went through this entire situation with Jerry Cramer and thankfully he eventually got in. When you try to pinpoint a reason Joe Cleco do you have any idea why it took this long? You know somebody said to me one day I was talking to Joe Horgan who's the you know the the the guy who's been running the Hall of Fame for a million years he he knows everybody it's great talking to a guy like that he he knew Bronca Nagurski and Red Grains I'm like oh my Lord you know so you know uh talking to him uh he had told me one time when I was in the modern day voting that the the uh voters were asking about me like well what position does he play you know and they were trying to put me in into a category and they they couldn't seem to do it and they asked Joe Delamelure the great uh guard from the Buffalo Bills I played against he goes does it really does it really matter position yeah the position shouldn't matter right you dominated that was the bottom line right exactly and and and for me you know uh really you know convincing yourself as you go away every year and you don't get it you know I always said I said I'm very proud of of the guys that I played against in the Hall of Fame always talking about hey you're you're the toughest guy or you're one of the toughest guys or you know name me or or one other person like I remember John Hannon saying you know that myself and Howie Long were the two toughest guys you ever played against you know so those kind of accolades were real good you know to take away but you know there's always that there was always that missing element of you know the Hall of Fame take me through the days when you were known as Jim Jones when you're playing semi-professional football and how you ended up at our school temple that's yeah listen I I left high school I I didn't I didn't get any scholarships or anything like that and uh you know I wasn't going to pay for college and we didn't have we were not a family of means so I went to work and then one day I was out you know watching a softball game and one of the guys who was coaching this Aston Knights team uh said hey Joe we got a bunch of guys that came out that I may know and all and I went out to to watch them play and uh you know I mean I came out to practice and you know I started up and you know I I was pretty good at it so uh I played for the Aston Knights and that actually got me a scholarship to go to temple that's an incredible story so obviously you played your college ball for the legendary Wayne Harden when did you realize that you could be great and and do this for a living maybe professionally one day well I think what it was in my junior year the scouts started coming around and inquiring about me and wanting to interview me you know so you know I mean you know I realized that we were playing the Penn States of the world and uh you know one of the big reasons like Penn State could never run on us was because of me and uh you know they were talking about these old Americans that I would play against and all and I didn't have too many problems with these big old Americans they were talking about so you know I figured you know what if these guys are being touted as as great players you know maybe I do have a chance so I think my junior year came around and I started realizing you know that I could possibly do this I know your son Dan pretty well we know what he ended up doing in the NFL as well winning a few super balls uh what was your conversations like with Dan once you got the the notification the knock on the door from Joe Namath all my kids are uh well you know it's dad so you know they were they were just you know uh 10 10 shades to the clouds and my grandkids were jumping up and down so you know you know of course Danny and my son Michael and Joshua all of them were on the phone and you know we were talking and then they all came over to house the next day and you know it was it was exciting so uh you know getting the the the little rods from them and my grandkids too that was fantastic so your grandkids know hey grandpa's a pretty uh big deal he's a pretty badass yeah well no they still think I'm grandpa you know it really doesn't matter to them they're they're always testing me and carrying on and I love it this current group for the jets they had a really impressive season on the defensive side of the ball what stood out to you with guys like sauce Gardner and Quinnen Williams well again they're great players they you know I mean Gardner got you know the rookie of the year and and Quinn is a perennial all-pro right now he's he just is a constant dominant force and you know they have a pretty good array around them uh you know and you know it's not bad when you play for head coaches the defensive minded guy so you know they had a great year I mean they have a few things to plug in of course which is the biggest plug at quarterback and if they can accomplish that and you know uh patch up that offensive line you know the jets could be possibly you know make a real run at something here are you hoping they find the way to pull off a deal for Rogers no no I don't I don't I don't think Rogers is a fit with the young guys you know I relate them to myself with a young team that came up when we started winning and why it was a good fit with all of us because we all worked together and came up together you know and I just think you know I've watched Rogers over the years he's a great player listen you don't become an MVP three times without doing what he's done but you know when he didn't have the you know the the the perfect arrangement with receivers and and game plan and and the line you know his attitude was condescending so much to the players he wanted to come back to the huddle and all and I can't see that you know like Wilson you know he won the rookie of the year offense player I can't see him coming back to the huddle and you know Rogers lambeth and he was running the wrong route you know I mean it's not going to fit I don't see it you know I see a guy like Carr who's you know it was an all pro he hasn't been an MVP but he's had some great years but I just can't see you know them going after you know a guy that has had all his years and had his way and then when it doesn't turn out his way he goes dark you know I just can't see it so you can see him ruin the locker room is what you're saying absolutely you got a young bunch of guys are fighting with each other and you have a company you have to bring a guy in who has his own opinion about things I think that can turn turn a bad a bad feeling in that locker room pro football hall of famer Joe Kletko still has a great ring to it I know it's never going to get old Joe we're so happy for you and your family thanks so much appreciate you doing this thanks you're listening to the Zach Gelb show all right it is Zach Gelb show on CBS sports radio during the quick commercial break we had two breaking news items pop up hot take Kiki do you want to hear about what's happening in the NBA or the NFL first I'll give you the choice um let's go NFL first okay the Denver Broncos we had Mike Westoff who was the new assistant head coach on last night and we asked him about the defensive coordinating position and we know that Rex Ryan interviewed he said that's out of his control but you know obviously he would love to see Rex get the job they spent today with an intriguing candidate for their vacant defensive coordinating job I will keep the name out of it as you will try to guess sources tell me and Tom Pelissero whoever that candidate is is speaking with Sean Payton today Rex Ryan advanced Joseph are also top candidates any idea who could have interviewed today that would be an intriguing name for the Broncos defensive coordinating job I almost forgot about this fella anything you got uh is it a guy who coached last year at any point that would be accurate hmm and it's very surprising I don't even think you're in the right ballpark yet so I'll give you a big hint it's very surprising that I would forget about his name Steve Wilkes no very surprising that I would forget about his Brian Flores no here he's already here he's already with the Vikings oh yeah that's right very surprising that I would forget this guy's name because we may or may not have talked about this guy an abundance of times this year at the expense of yours truly I am putting the ball right on the tee here Matt Patricia that would be correct no way what do you think I'm lying to you they are seriously the Broncos spent today with an intriguing candidate for their vacant defensive coordinating job per Ian Rappaport Matt Patricia sources tell me and Tom Pelissero the former Patriots assistant is in Denver speaking with Sean Payton today Rex Ryan and Vance Joseph are also top candidates yikes is it the yikes yes if it was for him as a an offensive position or if it was for somehow a big they already had the head coach figured out like that'd be different but the guy was fine as a defensive coordinator in New England like some guys just meant to be defensive coordinators not defensive coordinators turn basically de facto offensive coordinators and also he should have you know him being a head coach he was a disaster if he was this great of a defensive coordinator why didn't Bill keep him on the defensive side why did he say I'm going to put him on the offense well because you got Jerrod Mayo and you got Steve Belichick there maybe he's good off it's a good defensive mind don't you just want it you know Bill Belichick's the master of kind of you know doing you know kind of accentuating your strengths why don't you put another great mind on the defensive end even if it's loaded and just keep them there that's what I just got for you that's all that's all I had I just I would love to on the interview goes I don't think he's a bad defensive mind but like look at the other candidates like Vance Joseph is probably the most attractive because he's been in the league on the defensive side of the ball most recently and he's also the former Broncos head coach is a little bit bizarre would be ironic to say the least he's having the time of his life that's when he brings Sergio get back for the opener and Rex Ryan we all know is a tremendous defensive mind but he hasn't coached in like seven or eight years this is going to be an interesting interesting defensive coordinating position if this is the three finalists do you know do you know by the way where Steve Wilkes landed since you guessed him uh clearly no I forgot 49ers defensive coordinator oh okay it's a pretty damn good one too okay now here is the NBA breaking news Shams Sharani aka Kyrie Irving's best friend Kevin Durant this is the rant news and the Phoenix Suns are targeting his son's debut and return to action next Wednesday's road game against the Charlotte Hornets league sources tell the athletic and stadium Durant is on the cusp of a return from MCL sprain that he suffered on January 8th you know I'll be rooting against the Dallas Mavericks this year because I can't stand Kyrie Irving even though I love Luka Doncic and I'm I'm a fan of Mark Cuban but when it comes to the Suns at first when Durant got traded there I said I don't want to root for them then when Durant sort of took a shot and was kind of like for the first time in three years honest about Kyrie I go okay Durant is in is in a better spot with me I'm not telling you I'm rooting for the Suns I would much rather see Denver Memphis or Sacramento in the NBA Finals but the Suns are a team that is there a team in the NBA right now under more pressure than the Suns because I don't think so like if you want to tell me Boston because they got to the finals last year and it's open this year in the NBA okay I could entertain that Yanis already won a ring I don't think anyone believes that the Sixers are going to the championship this year the Nets are now basically dunzo and irrelevant because they don't have Kevin Durant or Kyrie Irving like the Lakers no one thinks they're making a playoff no one thinks they're gonna win a championship we'll see if they even make the playoffs the Warriors just won one and you have their dynasty continuing now the sun's got to be the team with the most pressure on them because you got Chris Paul you got Booker you're adding Kevin Durant you still have DeAndre Aiden somehow and we all thought he was going to get eventually traded when the allotted amount of time did pass and that wasn't the case there's not a team in the NBA that's under more pressure for the rest of the year than the Phoenix Suns thank you I would probably agree although I think the Denver Nuggets are right there like they are neck and neck where the Nuggets if you are you know if this is not the year I mean that roster may have to you know we're looking at maybe not a Utah Jazz blow-up like last year but but does it feel like there's pressure on them like are people constantly talking about the Denver Nuggets like the Nuggets aren't polarizing like I don't like the Suns I think some people now think they're polarizing they've been there before they've been there before and CP3 is only getting older now you add Kevin Durant like the Joker's great but that injury fear is always there especially with guys like Murray and Porter Jr. and and you got Gordon they're like they got a good team they were well on their way to going to the NBA Finals or being a legit contender and then Murray Blue you know his knee out had the ACL injury and he's now come back and he's been really good I know he's been banged up but you look at this team yeah I'm not saying that they're I just don't think there's gonna be a big outcry if they don't win the championship like because I don't think they're a group that really a lot of people could hate right now I'm not saying hate but if they were sitting here about a second round exit I think that's when like that's what we're talking so I think that's the pressure on you know if you make to the conference finals lose to the Suns okay fine not much you can do first thing you're talking about a second round exit to the to the Mavs or to the Kings maybe someone in that elk different story I think the outcry is strong okay and by the way how about Joe Kleckel at the end of that interview basically saying he wants no part of Aaron Rodgers he didn't think Aaron Rodgers would ruin that young locker room I mean is he wrong like what's the difference between the the Jets roster next year and the Packers roster from this past year on offense a lot of youth yeah and he hates the youth you could argue the running the running backs are better in Green Bay and Garrett Wilson's a stud but you have Christian Watts in there who at the end of the season was a stud now the Jets have a much better defense than Green Bay but if that's the case and just because Joe Kleckel says it doesn't mean that that is going to be the case but I thought Jeff Darlington did bring up a good point today when a lot of it got buried because he was saying that his very important Green Bay Packers source believes that Rodgers will be back with the team this season if it is genuine what Diana Rossini has heard and it wasn't just oh let me just kiss your ass because we're we're taking out to dinner and we're talking to you Derek Carr if they believe that he could be a hall of famer which is a joke first off but if they actually believe that I know Rodgers is great but he only has a window of maybe two or three more years at most you would think so if you don't have to give up anything to get Carr other than money where it has to be picks for Rodgers and you have a short window of two to three years you know I'd rather have Rodgers over Carr but if the Jets really believe that Carr is the answer and that Carr could be a hall of fame quarterback he could play for the next maybe eight years or so and all it is is giving up money for him so I thought that was a great point by Darlington if you are that in love with Derek Carr kind of decisions right there for you to make but how long you get to wait wait wait wait wait for Rodgers like it's Groundhog Day all right it's over I don't see my shadow I can run back into to the wilderness and we go back into the world wait I see you again I really would love to have a camera Hickey you have one task figure out where Rodgers is hiding right now and I want us to make a trip there to see him emerge out of this darkness retreat
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