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Leroy Hoard, Former Michigan Wolverine, Host - WQAM

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December 30, 2022 6:16 pm

Leroy Hoard, Former Michigan Wolverine, Host - WQAM

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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December 30, 2022 6:16 pm

Leroy Hoard discusses the Wolverines playoff matchup with TCU, Tua's long term fate after suffering another concussion, and the Dolphins prospects.


What makes your skin crawl, no matter how absurd? I want to know.

Tails without fur on them, such as rats or opossums? I'm Larry Mullins, the host of a new podcast called Your Weirdest Fears. You send me your fear.

I'm just so weirded out about the texture and how they can just move around and flop. And then I go to the experts to learn how to overcome them. Listen and subscribe to Your Weirdest Fears on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts from. Throughout the 60s and 70s, cops hunted down key figures of the Dixie Mafia, including its enigmatic ringleader, Kirksey Nix. I'm in a rush to making money.

I'm not in a rush to hurt people. Fifteen years into Kirksey's life sentence, the Dixie Mafia was practically folklore, but that would soon change. I'm Jed Lipinski. This is Gone South, a documentary podcast from C-13 Originals, a Cadence 13 studio.

Season two, the Dixie Mafia, available now on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts. Good pal of mine now does radio on WQAM mid days in Florida, and that, of course, is Leroy Hoard. Leroy, how you been? Zach, what's up? I wish I had take you.

He was working. We pile on you real quick with your just to let you guys know. I asked Zach, I said, sure, I'll come on the show. Give me a reminder, because I'm not working and I'm out and about doing whatever.

OK, no problem. He sent me a reminder at one o'clock. You know what time it is now? It's 5 p.m. Eastern. That's a that's a large reminder.

That's closer. You leave you leave reminders like an hour, 30 minutes. Oh, you're saying so I get so I needed to send you another reminder. No, your reminder should have been closer to the exact time.

Yeah, but you know what? I know you and I think you needed a four or five hour before reminder just to get it on the scene. So you don't just go out and go have like a nice big meal. And then you're sleeping when I text you 30 minutes beforehand. No, I got some ribs working.

Oh, days. I got some ribs going. I'm loving just turning on my TV and seeing football. Although let me ask you this. Do you feel like because of the playoffs, you're not as interested in all the other bowl games?

A hundred percent. I was saying this in the last hour. These games tomorrow is what I really care about. And I hate how they do it on New Year's Eve, even though it gives you more of an excuse and a reason to stay in. But I hate when these games are played on New Year's Eve. Well, I hate the fact that that eight o'clock game last.

It lasts until 2023. Yeah, especially with how long college football is. But you are right. It does diminish the importance of some of these bowl games and the hype. But if there's a good finish, like the Arkansas game the other night, then I think you find a way to gravitate to it. Yeah.

You know what? I'm I love sports. And if it's an exciting game, a back and forth game or I'll stop whatever it is. By the way, I'm actually insulted that you were mad at me that I gave you too much of a reminder, especially when I bought a Leroy Hoard Michigan jersey and I'm all ready to go for tomorrow. You should be thanking me, not going after me. Thanking you? Yeah.

I don't get me an I.L. I know, but I'm keeping the brand alive of Leroy Hoard. I'm going to show up to this watch party tomorrow with a bunch of Michigan fans. I'm going to be the only one in the Leroy Hoard jersey. They're all with now like Braylon Edwards and Charles Woodson. Those are going to be the juries. I'm going to be unique tomorrow.

Yeah, you probably you probably will because if they're your age, half of them probably even won't remember. Leroy Hoard here with us. So let me start you off. We know Blake Corin's been out the last few games, not going to make a return this season, unfortunately. What Donovan Edwards has been able to do recently. Just how do you view it? Because it's been special. Well, it's kind of the mantra of that whole team is we're going to run the ball.

We don't care who's running it. If our running back as the elite will be better. But if he's not, we have other guys and and that's kind of been the way they've done things for the last few years. But the way he came onto the team, we've seen him do some things earlier in the year, but it was as the backup.

And so you don't give it the same credibility, you know, because Corum's doing most of the work. But what he did against Ohio State and his ability to take it to the house and break tackles and make people miss was unbelievable. When I looked at Michigan last year, I thought of Aiden Hutchinson, I thought of David Ojabo. But this year, what stands out to me right away, Leroy, is just the speed this team has on the offensive side of the ball.

With Edwards, you have Cornelius Johnson, you see Ronnie Bell back. The speed on this team is just really something this year. Well, and I think they made a conscious effort to be able to compete with athletes at Ohio State.

And so they got a lot faster. But if you think about, you know, their bread and butter is running the football. And how did they beat Ohio State? They didn't beat Ohio State with that speed. They beat Ohio State by pounding them, running it down their throat and just sticking with it.

And eventually it just broke. Where are you at with the quarterback in J.J. McCarthy? Because he played great up against Ohio State. But you wonder here in another big spot what type of J.J. McCarthy you're going to get tomorrow. It is the one question that I think ever since he took over, everybody was like, okay, we finally have our guy, right? I mean, you're thinking, okay, they put him in.

This is going to be the guy. And he's kind of, he's had some moments and he's struggled some and you probably would like him to be more consistent. But I think as long as he's not in a position where he has to throw the ball a ton of times, then he can be effective with what they're doing with him. We know on the TCU offensive side of the ball, the receiver Johnson is just an absolute stud. Going to probably be a top 15 pick in the draft this year. And Max Duggan is one of my favorite players in the country.

And we saw him almost win the Heisman Trophy. What does Michigan need to do on defense going up against his TCU offense led by Sonny Dykes? I mean, they're just gritty.

They're gritty. The quarterback is unbelievable. He's the guy you put on the field and say, we need you. And he comes through week after week after week. The one thing that terrifies me about TCU, you ever come across those teams where they're never out of the game?

Never. TCU, no matter who they play, how, you know, they're always in it. And those are the kind of games that is going to take four quarters.

You can't ever let up. And so teams like that who are gritty, who don't quit, who just stay focused and stay on task. Those are the type of teams that they basically play grown man football.

Right. And I think that's what they do and that's what their coaches has taught and they do it very well. And so I'm not necessarily worried about their athletes, but just their team overall and how gritty they have been over the last couple of years. And you look at what they're able to do here in your number one, Sonny Dykes, I think they were finished seventh in the Big 12 before the year.

No one even thought this was possible. But the only thing that concerns me, even with the grittiness that you talk about and they're never out of the game and we saw that in the Big 12 championship game. Even though Dykes has pressed all the right buttons this year, in that Big 12 championship game, I just still can't get over the fact when they had Duggan on third and goal and the way that he was just running through that Kansas State defense, how they didn't do a QB sneak with him third and goal at the one yard line on third or fourth down. That just concerns me in a big spot if they call the right plays this time around.

I think, you know what, and I've had this argument with a lot of people about a number of different teams. Sometimes the simplest of things is the most effective. And these coaches try to, well you're tricking from the one yard line. Yeah.

You're not tricking nobody. Like, have we not learned from Russell Wilson, stop throwing one yard passes? They still do it though. They do the pop pass, the jump pass. And if you're running the ball and you have a guy who can run the ball that effectively, how about you find a new, a new wrinkle to get him the ball and let him do what he does? And so, yeah, I get where you're going with that and you can always have questions, but I think that in these big moments, the best teams are the teams that stay true to who they are.

Like, they're not going to have this extravagant game plan, they're just going to try to do what they do as best as they possibly can. So I imagine the ball being in Duke and Hayes as much as possible. Yeah, I even saw it in that Kansas-Arkansas game with that final two point conversion.

Like, Jalen Daniels was rolling and they took the ball out of his hand to run a trick play and then the ball gets thrown 30 feet out of the end zone. So you're right, it's like, hit the ball with your big pliers in the big spots. But isn't that why you get these five star players? That's why you get these first rounders? So that if you get caught in a situation where you need a play, you can go to your playmakers. It's the most aggravating thing in the world to turn on a TV and see a guy, a team with a stud, they get in one of these game-changing moments and the star player doesn't even get the ball.

Yeah, it's baffling. Wrapping up with Leroy Hoard. So your buddy Harbaugh, we know last year did everything that some people thought he couldn't do, then interviewed also for the Minnesota job, wanted the job, didn't get it. This past offseason said it's not going to be a yearly dance with the NFL and he's going to be the coach of Michigan moving forward. I wonder, Leroy, when the NFL teams, who have probably already come calling, but then they try to set up some interviews in two weeks from now when the NFL season ends, if he takes an interview this year with the NFL. I don't know.

Think about this. He's not going to make much more money and he knows that probably the NFL thing is a four or five-year deal, right? And Michigan, he could coach there forever.

So do you want the comfort of your surroundings to be able to have a good job, to be able to do what you love and do it in a place where you are loved and have been loved since the day you left the university? Or do you want to risk it? He's already done it. He's been to a Super Bowl.

He dealt with grown men. And I think sometimes that becomes a factor, although he may want to win the Super Bowl. I would say it would be difficult to leave with the run he's been on the last couple of years with the talent, with the players, the system, with how they've been doing things. That now, after all these years of getting ridiculed and getting questioned and all this, finally you got it together and you're going to leave?

I can't see it. Do you think the way that these, potentially, the next two games play out at all will factor into his decision? No, I don't. I don't because once you get to this moment, it's hard to, like two years from now, if they lose against TCU or play Georgia again or Ohio State or whoever they may play, two years from now, you're going to say, oh, he never won a national championship. But if you consistently get to a place where you have an opportunity, that is what you kind of have to strive for. Like, yeah, you would like to win a national championship, but if I keep getting in this playoff, eventually I'm going to get one. How does this game play out tomorrow? How tight of a game do you think it's going to be between Michigan and TCU, Leeroy Hord? I think a game like this, if everybody's true to who they are, it'll be a close game going in half and come out the second half and Michigan will just big boy them and kind of just pull away. That's how I see this game playing out. I don't see either side giving up too many big plays because they're very good at preventing those things, even though TCU kind of struggled a little bit with Kansas State. I would say, yeah, it's going to be close early, everybody's going to get, I'm going to be on the edge of my seat, I'm going to be nervous, and then the second half I think Michigan just kind of big boys them and leans on them and all that running finally pays off in the second half.

Now, you messed up your Thanksgiving because you went to someone else's house, which was a risk, and you didn't know how the food was going to turn out. What are you doing for the game tomorrow is my question. Are you leaving it in someone else's hands or are you taking control here?

Moments like this, you give the ball to your star player. I got some food, and I'll sit outside and grill by myself, don't bother me, got my TV outside, I'm ready to go. If you're coming over to watch the game, you're welcome, but I will say this, my NTPs and Qs, you know what's up, this is my show, this is my team, I'm just inviting you to be a part of it. Does your co-host Brendan Tobin show up tomorrow? No. No, I don't know what he's doing.

He takes time off, and last time he sent me a picture he was in snow, one time he was in some water somewhere, he's all over the place, but I'll talk to him. Usually everybody who knows me will give me the update on the game, even though I'm watching it. Yeah, I'll send you a few texts tomorrow, I'm sure. Yeah, of course, you know, but this is like, I think college football is heading in the right direction for this reason. Here's what I eventually would like. If you get to 8 or 12 teams in those first round of playoffs, or played by the higher Cs, I want to see some of these SEC teams go up north. Because if they go up north, then you'll understand why the Big Ten plays the way they play, and let's see if they can play in our environment, because we've come down here to all these bowl games, playing these warm places, playing these indoor facilities, and you don't get a chance to see, okay, let's see the southern teams go up north. It'd be interesting with the home field advantage potentially as well.

Before we let you run, since you do radio in Miami now for a long time, and now working for WQAM, what is the feel this week, and the way that you viewed it with the whole Tua situation? I know he's not playing this weekend up against the Patriots, but does he play again this season? I think so.

I think so. You have to understand that he gets tackled and always gets pushed on his back, right? And I don't care who you are. I don't care what kind of helmet you have on. When you hit the back of your head on the surface, it's hard. And so it's a weird thing that he's just unfortunate that most of the time when he gets pushed or tackled, he ends up on his back hitting the back of his head.

I don't know how you fix that. It's an unfortunate thing. He's not necessarily an injury-prone guy, but he's just one of those guys that always seems to fall or get tackled that way, and that hurts everybody.

Anytime you hit your head on turf, on the grass, the way that some of these guys get slung down or pulled down or landed on, it's a difficult thing, and you might have to deal with a concussion. Are the Dolphins going to make the playoffs? You think they win this weekend with Teddy Bridgewater under center?

Yes. They need to win them both, but they definitely need to get one depending on what the Jets do. I hate that they're in this situation because they gave a couple away, but it is what it is.

All you gotta do is get there. We'll find out a lot about Mike McDaniel this week, because a lot of people are throwing bouquets at him. Now let's see what you're going to be able to do without Tua, because the last time they didn't have Tua, they lost the two games. Yeah, they did.

They did. I've always wondered, and we talked about this with Michigan, when you have a backup come in, you have to stay as close to who you are as you can. Granted, Mike coming in might not have the same skill set, but you've got to find a way to incorporate him in what you've been doing all year. I think the first three weeks were kind of, I don't know if they really did that with Teddy, they just ran their offense. Now they have a better idea of what Teddy can do, how they can incorporate Teddy in what they do, but I'm looking at Tyrekeo and Jayon Waddell and those guys and saying the passes aren't very long and they can go very far. By the way, just with the Tua injury and people wondering what Tua's future is going to be, and the situation in the Ravens with no one knows what's going to happen with Lamar Jackson, we got a phone call earlier talking about maybe Lamar getting traded to Miami. How would that sound to you?

No, for this reason. This offense is based on precise, accurate, quick passes. Lamar Jackson is an incredible athlete. He can make plays both throwing the ball and running the football. However, the way this offense is set up and where they throw the ball, you know, I talked to a few quarterbacks and they say the most terrifying area to throw the football is in the middle of the field. And that's where the dolphins throw it. So if you bring somebody else in, he's got to be able to be as accurate as the guy you had in there.

Otherwise, you got to change your whole offense. Leroy Hoard, enjoy the game coming up tomorrow. Have a good 2023 and hopefully no one annoys you tomorrow. All right. Thanks, brother.

Happy New Year to everybody there. What's the strangest thing you're afraid of? Tails without fur on them, such as rats or possums. I'm Larry Mullins, host of the podcast Your Weirdest Fears, where we dig into the crazy things you're afraid of.

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I want to know. Tails without fur on them, such as rats or possums. I'm Larry Mullins, the host of a new podcast called Your Weirdest Fears. You send me your fear. I'm just so weirded out about the texture and how they can just move around and flop. And then I go to the experts to learn how to overcome them. Listen and subscribe to Your Weirdest Fears on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcast from.
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