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QB Predictions (Hour 3)

Zach Gleb Show / Zach Gleb
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December 23, 2022 9:29 pm

QB Predictions (Hour 3)

Zach Gleb Show / Zach Gleb

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December 23, 2022 9:29 pm

QB predictions for 5 teams l Zach gives Hot Take Hickey his Christmas gifts l Onsides/Offsides


What's the strangest thing you're afraid of? Tails without fur on them, such as rats or opossums. I'm Larry Mullins, host of the podcast Your Weirdest Fears, where we dig into the crazy things you're afraid of. Everything from animal people hybrids, you know people who get surgeries to look like an animal, to giant statues. If I ever saw one of those giant statues, I probably would poop my pants.

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And learn how to manage them. Listen and subscribe to Your Weirdest Fears on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts. Yo, yo! It is the Zach Gelb show coast to coast on CBS Sports Radio. We're coming to you live from the Rocket Mortgage Studios.

Need to know what it takes for a home to fit your budget and your family? Well, Rocket Can could always follow along on social media at Zach Gelb, Z-A-C-H-G-E-L-B, on Instagram and Twitter. And Hickey, I'm gonna say 20 minutes from now. 20 minutes from now we will give you your holiday gift to wrap up the year of 2022. And Hickey got me a very nice gift card, even though he owed me a few dinners anyway, from some bets that he lost. But I will let him get away with that with that gift card. And I appreciate the gift that Hickey got me. But do you want any hints, by the way, on what I got you?

Not at all. I love being surprised. So you just want to open up... It's in a bag. It's in a brown paper bag. I didn't get you a card.

I didn't write like a mushy note, lovey-dovey note. I just put the three items in a bag. You just want to see what they are. Yeah, that's fine. Okay.

That's no problem. No big reveal, no hints. No hints. I like being surprised.

I don't want to, you know, feel weird just kind of knowing the gift before I open it. Okay, I'm gonna give you two hints. Okay. It wasn't really a question.

That was a, that was a rhetorical question, Woodcock. One is food. Well, two things in the bag are food, but it's it's pretty much the same thing.

Just maybe different brands of food. And then the other thing is a clothing item. That's all I'll give you. So two food items and then clothing. That will be it.

That's all you got. What do you think it is? Yeah, take a guess. Well, I know the clothing is some sort of Jersey because you asked what my Jersey size is. That's right, it is a Jersey.

So I was kind of figured that. Food, I actually have no idea. I'm sure it's like something with wings. I don't think you actually made wings. No, you will have to make this. I'll have to make it? Yes.

Is it an easy-bake oven? Because, you know, it's like, you know, kind of right up my alley for appetite-wise and like I can bake a little cupcake or... I got you a Fisher-Price kitchen set. There we go. Now we're talking. I can have a little dessert for Christmas Eve.

Some of those easy-bake oven cupcakes. Now we're cooking. Coming up 20 minutes from now, Hickey will get his Christmas gift. Alrighty, we gotta make some predictions right now. So there's a lot of teams that are sitting there and they're saying, we don't have our guy. But then there's some teams that are saying, okay, we may bring that guy back next year, but we don't believe in him long term. I'm gonna throw a few teams out there, Hickey, and you tell me who's starting for these teams next year in the NFL.

Because I have an answer written down. The New York Jets. We know Zach Wilson won't be starting next year.

Mike White could be, but I don't think that's option number one. Who is your guy for the New York Jets to be starting week one in 2023? I will go with Aaron Rodgers. I'm gonna triple down on my Aaron Rodgers prediction of him getting traded and I think the Jets will be desperate enough when you watch Zach Wilson how bad he is to capitalize on a roster right now that is playoff caliber.

I think they'll make a big splash. I'm going to say, as I've been saying for the last two years and now make this three years, that Aaron Rodgers will be on the Green Bay Packers next year and Aaron Rodgers will be playing, I'll say, his final season next year for the Green Bay Packers and then he could be traded somewhere else. But I do think he'll be in Green Bay because of the finances on that contract of the dead cap for next year. The name that I will give you is Jimmy Garoppolo.

Connections to Salah and Lafleur. Jimmy G has that familiarity with that staff and I don't think the Jets are gonna trade for Aaron Rodgers because I don't think he's gonna be available. Derek Carr could be an option, but the Raiders could be viewed as a team of, do we go and bring back Derek Carr or do you go bring in a veteran? And the two veterans they would consider would be Brady or Rodgers and if neither of those, if Rodgers didn't get traded, Brady doesn't sign there, then I think the Raiders are SOL and they'll be running out, back out with Derek Carr.

So I will go Jimmy G with the Jets. Let me ask you this then, what about the Raiders? Because I think Carr is gonna be starting week one for the for the Raiders next year. So do I. I just, we've heard Derek Carr's future now like three years in a row, kind of talking about... Remember when he lived right next door to Gruden? Everyone's like, oh that's gonna be awkward when Gruden cuts him and Gruden never had the chance to cut him.

So we never see that happen. I like it. I've been advocating, everyone's been advocating for Josh Daniels to get fired. It doesn't look like he's going to, so if you're not gonna fire Joshua Daniels, I don't think they'll get rid of Derek Carr just because I think there's patience with Mark Davis, but also too, where's the upgrade? I think Tom Brady isn't up, like for sure.

I'm still not sold to go to the Raiders. Well it would be Brady or Rodgers. I think those are the only two options because if it's not one of those two... Like who else are you gonna bring in? You get him into Derek Carr to go to Jimmy G. Right. You could even argue that's a downgrade in terms of the individual play. Jimmy G has had a lot more wins in this league and he's had more team success, but I would think that you would think Derek Carr is a better quarterback if you just look at the skills than Jimmy Garoppolo. I would agree.

So yeah, like I said, I think there's not a lot of upgrades out there actually. The Titans, who's starting for Tennessee next year? Not Ryan Tannehill, not Malik Willis.

I'm trying to think, like this is the tough part of trying to find a guy to come in. Like they're not gonna go Carson Wentz. Brady, Carson Wentz. If that dude's starting next year in the NFL as a designed starting quarterback, not because injuries, not because someone else stunk and he's the too deep. Whoever hires him, and I know they just fired their GM and John Robinson, but whoever brings in Carson Wentz to start next year, which I don't think will happen, they should fire their general manager for doing that. That is a fireable offense on the moment that move is made.

I agree. The tough one right now is like, I think they're gonna try to make a splash. I think when you fire John Robinson, I think they're gonna go big game hunting. They'll try for Brady. I don't think they're getting Brady though. I would agree. Yeah, I think Brady would consider them, but I don't think that's where Brady's going. And then if you swing and say you go all in on Brady or all in on Rodgers and you go 0 for 2 and those guys, then all of a sudden you look around that, you know, there's not many chips around. I think we've seen the last Ryan Tannehill in Tennessee. I would agree.

Now let me ask you this. What happens if, let's just say they don't make the playoffs, which is definitely on the table in Tennessee, can you see them maybe trying to capitalize off not making the playoffs and right now they're sitting at 20th in the draft. Now you look at some of the teams that are in front of them, the Titans have seven wins, Tampa's in front of them with six, Detroit's in front of them with seven, Patriots seven, Seahawks seven, Jets seven, Jaguars seven. Yeah, they could be moving up assuming Jacksonville wins this division, which I think is gonna happen. You think Jacksonville's gonna win this division, right?

Yes. So they could be moving into the top 15. It makes it easier to catapult your way potentially inside the top 10 to get one of these quarterbacks if they do love one of these quarterbacks. And it helps if a team like the Lions or a team like the Seahawks believe Geno or Jairgof's their guy and they're sitting there in the top five, they don't want to draft a quarterback. Or even Chicago at two.

Right. If Chicago says we have Justin Fields and they know Justin Fields is our guy, we don't. Chicago has so many holes, don't you got to take it? They do, but if you're given an extra first-round pick or two or an extra first, extra second, I think it does benefit to get the extra draft picks to have extra ammo to boost this roster up. But let's assume a quarterback goes one and it's Bryce Young. Or if it's someone else then you'll be just so obnoxious because I know you really want Bryce Young going to the Colts and then it makes way for the Colts to maybe trade up. Like if let's just say you have, even if Bryce Young goes one and that Chicago pick becomes trade bait and Indianapolis likes someone, you're gonna trade with Indianapolis over Tennessee because then you'd be falling potentially to 14 or 15 if you're Chicago compared to falling to six.

Right. You still get a premium pick at, you know, like I said, inside the top five, inside the top seven. That's why even though it could be an extra pick and that extra pick could benefit them a year from now if let's say it's still, if Tennessee is not able with the rookie quarterback to go back to the postseason, I don't think Tennessee is ever gonna be bad enough under variable where they're gonna be back at number two, let's just say. So with how many holes I have on the roster from Chicago, I would take the best defensive player, best offensive, best non-quarterback on the board there at two unless it's okay at teams coming up from inside the top ten where you would still just fall back to keep that original. What if you get a San Francisco offer like Miami did? Three first-round picks, now obviously one of them is just swapping. So two extra first-round picks? It's fair. That's fair.

You'd have to give something like that to go back to 17 or 15, let's just say, right? It has to be a big offer, but again, I think I'm with you. I think Tennessee's gonna try to swing big this offseason. Yeah, I guess it depends where you're coming up from determines how many first-round picks you're gonna have to give in addition to that. It's gonna be definitely one additional pick, maybe even two additional first-round picks. They make it three first-round picks total because that's what San Francisco did. They swapped picks and then they had to attack on two more from there to go get Trey Lance.

So the team that we were on was Tennessee. Who's starting week one for them? I think it's gonna be Malik Willis, I do. I don't think Tannehill's coming back. They drafted Malik Willis in the third round. I think he's gonna be starting for them week one next year. And it'll be someone else brought in. Like, could you bring in Baker Mayfield there?

Not that you're thinking Baker Mayfield's gonna be any good, but you bring in, you intend to start Malik Willis and you make him have a competition against someone that's had had some success in this league. That's a good one. I like that one because, yeah, I just I think they'll try to swing.

I don't think they'll hit and now all of a sudden you kind of pick out the pieces. And I can see Baker's a good one. I can see the personality of Rabil and Mayfield kind of connecting together. And I think Baker beat out Malik Willis right now.

That I don't know. I like that. I'll just say Baker Mayfield week one. Titans. Commanders. Who's starting for the commanders? I'm gonna say Jimmy G. I think this is his landing spot.

Yeah, that's a good one. Safe with the ball. You know, we've seen Taylor Heineck.

He's fun, but he's also a little careless. You got to think, and I know I predicted Jimmy G to the Jets and I said that the Raiders are probably gonna keep Carr. If you're the commanders, don't you feel as if you have to go get either Jimmy G or Derek Carr this offseason? You're not gonna get Rodgers. If Rodgers becomes available, if I'm the commanders, I would go get him.

Brady's not going to the commanders. So if those are your main, main options, maybe they move up to go draft a quarterback. Because Rivera said we're gonna build the team, then go get the quarterback. And they just selected the wrong quarterback with Carson Wentz. You always have the fallback of Taylor Ham Heinecky, but I don't think you want to go into the season with Taylor Ham Heinecky as your starting quarterback.

Even though he's winning games, you've seen there's been a lot of 50-50 balls that, fortunately for him, have gone his way. I would not be relying on Taylor Ham Heinecky as my starting quarterback. Nice playoff game in 2020. They brought in Ryan Fitzpatrick. You filled in, we'll say decently, not admirably, but decently to bring in Carson Wentz. So at this point, it's kind of like a broken record to kind of think that this is third time the charm for Heinecky to be the week one starter. So yeah, it does get that feel it's gonna be Jimmy G or Derek Carr with the commanders. Seahawks. I think it's gonna be Geno Smith.

I'm with you. I think they're in on Geno. It's just how much is that contract gonna be? Is that a four or five-year deal? If it is, I'm not feeling good about four or five-year deal. If you get a favorable team-friendly deal or you give them money but then you have outs in that contract for two or three years, okay. Doesn't it benefit them to just play it safe and go, we're gonna franchise tag you? Where I know it's a lot of money, but let's see if you could do this again. And then if you can, then we will reward you or let you walk.

I like that option because even though it's a lot of money, I'd rather pay a lot of money in a short time and be able to be free. Like I said, if things go south compared to five-year deal, I don't know. Let's just five for 130.

I don't know. Like those are some numbers being thrown around a few weeks ago. Five for 130. Like I wouldn't, I would not feel good about that because like I said, if he tanks it, well at least you have, even though you're paying a lot of money next year on a one-year franchise deal, at least you have the flexibility to move off of it scot-free. So that'd be $26 million a year.

Five for 130. Paying a quarterback $26 million a year is favorable. Right. But you are running a risk that Geno Smith is not worth $26 million a year after this year that he's had even though he's gonna be a Pro Bowl quarterback. You know what I would do?

Right. I would call Geno Smith up because you got to think about it this way. I wonder in Geno's mind, is he just looking to get the biggest contract and then just not care what he does on the field?

You got your payday after not being the guy for so many years and people wrote you off, you didn't write back and then you cash in the check and all that and who cares what happens? I wonder how much the environment in Seattle matters to him. Where Pete believed in him, he had success there this year. Do you want to run that risk of going back even though you would be a wealthier man back to the irrelevant guy, back to a guy that's not good if you go somewhere else and it's not Seattle and let's say they don't have a Tyler Locket, let's say they don't have a DK Metcalf, let's say they don't have a young emerging Kenneth Walker.

I wonder, and Pete Cowell we all know is a Hall of Fame coach, I wonder how much being in Seattle matters to him because this is where he's had success this year. I also wonder like how many suitors will there be for Geno? Like how much can the market be driven up these next three games?

I just, I know it only takes one team but... If I call you up, you're Geno Smith and I say Geno, two for 60, fully guaranteed. Do you take that? Two for 60, fully guaranteed, that way you don't have to go the franchise tag route.

I mean yeah just cuz like I don't, are you getting much better? 60 million fully guaranteed on Geno Smith and I think that's the best of both worlds. Geno gets a stay in Seattle, he gets compensated heavily. 60 million, if I would have told Geno Smith this year you'd be in a position to get 60 million dollars fully guaranteed, you would have never believed it. You said what was that a 40 million, a 40 year deal? Not a two year deal. So two year deal, 60 million dollars fully guaranteed and even if it goes south at the end of one year, you only owe him an extra 30 million dollars after that.

You know 30 this year, 30 next year. If you're Geno, maybe you're looking at a longer term deal because you made the Pro Bowl thing, oh I played my way into you know being the guy and you know four or five year deal but I just don't know if that's gonna be out there. Like you say, you could say no and risk like oh I'll get more money for different from another team but I... What about Geno with the commanders?

No. It's a good roster. I get it, I just, if you're the commanders you need more of a sure thing. I know Jimmy G is still a question mark but Ryan Fitzpatrick, Taylor Heineke, Carson Wentz. Sure but it's also the same organization as much as I love Ron Rivera, they thought Carson Wentz was gonna be good and they gave up draft capital that no one else was gonna give up to go. Well Daniel Snyder thought Carson Wentz was the answer. If he's not there or... Ron Rivera clapped back at a lot of those reports, now what else is he gonna do but he was very emotional about it, almost emotional to a point where he walked out it was believable that he wanted Carson Wentz so I don't know how much of that is authentic or just being phony. And finally about the 49ers, are we in agreement here Brady? I think Brady's going to the Bay, going back home to the Bay. I will agree.

I think Tom Brady's gonna be the guy. Gotcha. It is the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. We will take a five-minute timeout, we will come on back when we do return five questions, five answers, we'll do a little onsides offside and also we will give Hickey his holiday gift this season. I'm hyping this up way too much. I'm gonna set low expectations, this gift is not that good.

It's a solid gift. I've given you better gifts before but you kind of been on the naughty list this year. You have been. You mushed so many teams in college football, Oklahoma, Clemson. Who was the other team that you mushed in college football? Utah. Utah, that was the other one.

You then said the Denver Broncos were going to the Super Bowl and Russell Wilson was gonna win a Super Bowl MVP, Nathaniel Hackett was gonna be a top three coach of the year. You've been on the naughty list this year, hot day, Hickey. And Santa.

We get things wrong, you know, happens. Santa keeps on writing letters to me. Usually I should be writing letters to Santa but Santa keeps on writing letters to me and is like, dude, this is like on brand for your boy now.

He's on the naughty list each and every year. So he told me to get your coal, I said, Santa, we shouldn't get him coal, you got to send me something better. So Santa sent me a few gifts. Santa's telling you what, you know, usually tell me right now, this is really roles-reversed, huh? I had to negotiate with Santa. Santa wanted to send you just a lump of coal? Santa, he knows, he's watching, he knows, I've been good. He wanted to just send you an ESPN analyst off the desk. Oh wait, that's what your football team did. Thank you for that gift, Santa.

That could result in bright sign, maybe. Thank you. Alrighty, this is Zach Yeltsch on CBS Sports Radio. Throughout the 60s and 70s, cops hunted down key figures of the Dixie Mafia, including its enigmatic ringleader, Kirksey Nix. 15 years into Kirksey's life sentence, the Dixie Mafia was practically folklore, but that would soon change. I'm Jed Lipinski. This is Gone South, a documentary podcast from C-13 Originals, a Cadence 13 studio. Season 2, The Dixie Mafia.

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Think of rally out of parts where your car care needs get guaranteed low prices and excellent customer service from the professional parts people at O'Reilly Auto Parts. Before we allow Hickey to open up his presence this year that I got him and Santa told me what to get or what I could approve for hot take Hickey to get from Santa because he's been on the naughty list this year with all of his takes. So Hickey has a family of 40 people. 40 people!

Which is just wild to me. Is there any food that's left over after you're making food for 40 people? Do you get a lot of leftovers that you get to bring home afterwards? Um yeah my uncle will try to kind of you know pawn it off not pawn it off but yeah try to give us some or hey please take this he'll probably come over the next day so maybe he'll bring a few things left over as well but yeah there's always you know extra food lying around and kind of give me the the spread here the the basics it's pretty generic I'll say like you know there's like chicken there's ham I'm sure I'll probably be a Christmas ham potatoes um I really I don't know it's just like I think it's just a normal food day I'm more there for the drinking oh so oh like I eat you know but it's just like you know yeah give me the naughty lights you know like I don't make this big thing about food no so it's just like you don't lame so like it's just a no like I can't remember what we had last year and just park is just like oh it's just a normal menu is your girlfriend coming yes first year Oh first year now your girlfriend's been in the family for four or five oh yeah she yeah she's not so she's met everyone oh yeah she knows oh so it's not like a little initiation or anything like that where not that they're picking on your girlfriend but they're they're making jokes at your expense and making her baby feel on no you know those those those days are all gone long gone just does your girlfriend make anything for Christmas uh yeah I'm gonna make some cookies that's what I was gonna ask thank you I have one request from your for your Christmas sure if you just so happen in your in the kindness out of your heart when the Tupperware is getting passed out and you guys are getting all the leftovers you could snag a few Christmas cookies for me and bring them on a Monday or well you're not here Monday and Tuesday I am NOT so they're probably gonna be bad by then and also oh yes yeah okay yeah I was gonna say maybe freeze them I haven't had enough Christmas cookies yet this year I think your family doesn't don't they go big with Christmas cookies or you yourself no no no no no no no we were not a big Christmas cookie we like we celebrate Christmas like every other year um really yeah um I'm Jewish first off well right but we have thank you every you talk about dressing up as Santa Claus so there's a complications there but but that side of the family someone got divorced so the young kids that we see my young cousins it's you see them every other year now ah okay so just gotta go dad is this Gelb Claus here or no was that last year uh no so well what do you mean Gelb Claus like are you gonna see your cousin are you gonna dress up no no no no no no no no this is my dad is making a bunch of cheese steaks oh some pigs in the blankets as well a little charcuterie and a bunch of desserts so that's what I'm doing maybe doing on a better piece than I will I come on well and that's also layup that really is that really surprising cheese steak that is delicious yeah so that's what we're doing so we're gonna have a little fun but I was really looking for some Christmas cookies I saw d-ben on on Rome the other day and anytime I see d-ben who used to be my board op and also Amy Lawrence's and now is producing Jim Rome why me Lawrence's producer producer Tom oh you're right he was sorry but last name D Benedetto right yes yeah I think I was the only host ever calling by his last name but anyway when I see Tom D Benedetto producer Tom now the producer the Jim Rome's show which is a big step up from being a board up on the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio gonna work with one of the legendary figures in the history of sports media every time I see d-ben and I saw him two or three days ago I saw him two or three days ago on on the Rome show all I could think about is are they married yet Gigi and Tom I think engage I'm not a hundred percent sure but I'm not sure about marriage making it legal I'm not sure oh okay making it legal what is this like well that's just the way that you said that I found that to be funny anytime I see Tom I just think of his fiance Gigi because she made the best Christmas cookies her Christmas cookies all she'd bring him in studio they were to die for a little pinioli cookie which was delicious mmm she made delicious cookies anyway you ready for me to give you my Christmas gift to you um not really I can't lie I'm a little nervous okay that's fine I think here's what I'll say it's in a brown paper bag don't open it yet don't open it yet keep the bag where it is I think two of the things you will get great use out of the other thing I think it's funny I think it's a nice gift because of the way that you have talked about this person but I just don't know if you are gonna actually wear this that's what I don't know so do me a favor can you turn on your microphone and pick the brown paper bag off the floor and just put it in front of you okay everyone here is the brown paper bag now open up the brown paper bag okay there is a white bag on top do you see the white bag on top white bag on top set that aside set it aside now take out the other two bags and tell me if you will get great use out of this I've seen what it is and he is laughing already this is funny pasta cuz every night all hot take hickey does is make pasta so I got you some very fine pasta some penne yes product of Italy and I believe elbows and for folly which I will say I'm half Italian so yes well that's what that means for folly butterflies oh thank you I didn't know now I bought another yo now elbows I'm gonna be honest here is Greg Asserta sitting in studio I got another bag of pasta and I was gonna give you three but then I said I could go for some pasta very good for you I kept one for myself but it was the worst brand the pasta that is you know what a guy right they don't have pasta today but next time I see you so January whatever that is yeah I'll make sure to cook up some pasta and enjoy it in your honor so that's the gift that I think you'll really like because all you do is eat pasta every night Greg Asserta he brings pasta pasta pasta and my pasta and the one night a car below pasta he doesn't have pasta to eat so you needed that which makes me kind of want even more now which is perfect now this gift the next one I don't know if you're gonna like it I think you'll laugh and if it was me I would be conflicted on if I'm going to wear it but you like this person so much with the way that you've talked about this person you should wear it and it's very nice it's dry fit very nice I don't know they made jerseys like this is like a dry fit Jersey I think you can wear this out casually I think you can work out in this this is not a traditional Jersey I'm glad Greg's here to witness this because you know this is not gonna be a very nice and very nice one I'm I'm thinking the same thing but I just don't know who it's gonna be I don't know Andrew luck like rip something like that or like I'd oh you know I know it was stop don't guess it there was a custom option for this but to customize hot take hickey on this Jersey cheese they want an extra hundred seventy-five dollars that's a lot of that's a lot of letters as much as I love hickey hot take hickey customize on a Jersey for an extra buck seventy five now I thought I was the coincident I love the man but he's not worth that much money that's my trademark right there already TM that bad boy it's your brand you should anyway you could open up the way I take one guess what it is or now um I have the guess you know me I'm an honest man so if this is right I'll let you know but if it's wrong I also tell you what I think it's gonna be gotcha I gave you a lot of hints so I think you should be able to figure this out because you are I sure are no idea because this could be a talk about what would you be sarcastic give me the initials on who you think it is p.m. no right ballpark not paid him in I thought you're gonna go pay manning Broncos Jersey honestly I thought that way this is gonna get funny you said that it did come up on this you mentioned same way and I'm very close I think I know okay anyway I think I know Greg don't I'm not saying anything but I'm gonna see if I'm more intelligent to take that I want to do from right on this one and in the bag that hot take hickey is opening right now is it what I think it is it is a Denver Broncos oh I got him a nice bright orange Wow so Wilson Jersey it looks sharp it does look nice it's really sharp right it isn't that like I've never seen a Jersey like that hickey but look at the inside it says it says dry fit this is interesting ride a bike in that like what that's nice though even the other ones that are non-sit you're gonna iron on for the numbers this is fully one piece dry fit I think I gotta wear this I will say you have to now he's got to turn it around but you know your guy Sunday right same ballpark I knew exactly who you were talking about the big fella Santa Claus he goes huh you boys I even though he's been naughty with all his bad takes he does love Russell Wilson so much man he loves him so much not really sweeter cuz I'm not you know Broncos fan but can I this would age a lot better if he's you know twelve and four so what I wanted to do was I was gonna get a three and then have hot take hickey on the back that's what I was going to do but I'm gonna be honest I wasn't spending extra hundred and orange is a hard color to pull off but he could do it Wow it was also the cheapest option yeah the blue ones yeah more expensive really more expensive well now you're nitpicking cuz you didn't get a blue one no I'm just saying that the blue ones are fresh I'm just talking about I like the Denver uniform I also thought the color scheme orange is like a hotter color your hot take so that that's the way that I like the Sun now I told one person one person that makes a lot more sense now and I told Anthony Gallo about this gift and he was laughing gala big guy behind the scenes I hope he doesn't like it so I could wear it and I didn't have it in me and I even think Gallo look like he lost a few pounds but I don't think Gallo is is squeezing into a large no I'm also shocked to you to want to wear Russ I think he's done with Russ so I would say he like I don't I think he wouldn't want any part of that but but he's also kind of a masochist so I also think that he would like the abuse that he would get for wearing one no not only that he he'll take anything that's free mm-hmm let's just call it how it is we have a few people like that in these parts oh yeah like the guys right the guy that usually sits in the update anchor chair and his may go by the name of Peter Schwartz you sarcastic bastard I forget what I said Peter tweeted something the other night I was like give it a rest please just stop just thought was another restaurant that kicked him out no oh you know who it was it actually wasn't anything Peter tweeted now you know Randy Levine yeah the president Yankees when he went to the press conference with the glasses crooked I thought that looked like Peter Schwartz oh I got a look at that picture now I gotta check that I may have sent it to a few people in the office and a few of them did agree that they look like they can he is at home on Long Island right now and his ears are tingling because whenever somebody mentions him on this network he knows what does he knows it's amazing and every show he's gotten into the discussion it seems like on every show this year I love Peter it's an unbelievable redemption story yeah anyway you like you guess I do I will actually I will wear the Russell Wilson Jersey probably the summer at some point maybe you know I do think yeah when you go in like a boat or something like yeah you know people are a knee-breathing they don't really realize how bad your topsiders you know nice pink shorts and some white Sperry's it weren't pink shorts and an orange jersey some bright ugly colors thank you sometimes a lot of pastels but when you went to the draft in those in those salmon looking shorts I don't know I thought I thought you were trying to I was trying to make the Zach elb show look good right represent a good way making us look professional but also stylish also I'm gonna I'm gonna be honest here oh I don't lie to you when you got me the gift card I felt compelled to get you something else why because you got me something I wasn't expecting you to get something and I only ordered the Russell Wilson Jersey so then I went to the supermarket I'm like I let me get him some pasta oh the pasta was an afterthought I actually would have felt better if the pasta was the first gift you got Russell Wilson Jersey was yeah honestly that show I couldn't as the host of the show I couldn't allow it to be a one-off where I give you gift you give me a gift I had to do a good job with his gift yeah got me a ball you have another update right yeah you know what we could get this here and then we'll take a break so he owed me dinner two dinners because he lost one dinner no no be quiet there so he owed me two dinners mm-hmm I allowed him to wipe one of the dinners off with a very easy easy question on this show okay so one dinner was off every time I said where my dinner where my dinner circle just let me know when you want it just let me know when you want it I don't think I should have to beg for the end of the bet that I want now would it have been squared up if one night here he just ordered some takeout for the two of you that would have been that would have been it yeah this isn't like a fancy sit-down thing this is okay no okay he could have got me burger a burger and fries you'd have been happy Shaq and and I wouldn't I would have asked her much I would not have been a pig other people I would have been a pig with my producer I would not be a pig because that's not good for show camaraderie with the guy that busts his ass each and every day even though we'd love to make fun of him because he gives easy material he puts the ball on the tee and then tells me to hit a home run every day so I get a Westville right next to us Westville gift card from Mickey and on the Westville gift card it goes now I don't know your dinner anymore nice dinner on me so I like that killing two birds with one stone he never really got me the dinner but he didn't have to get me a gift so I'll let him pass this is very Costanza of you the way you're breaking it down Costanza he never got me the dinner it's not the amount was more than one dinner it wasn't just like you know hey I have only gone there once so I'm just throwing you know it wasn't like I just paid for the dinner itself and also by the way happy holidays it was sure there was like part of it was the dinner oh yeah also part was a Christmas gift who knew that Westville gave out gift cards online brother I didn't really look everyone now it is nowadays right it was happy holidays is the message mm-hmm now you can finally get your dinner that's funny the end yeah enjoy your food love you help the animal I next I don't know how to spell Hanukkah Hickey I don't I don't sometimes there's a C at the front yeah sometimes there isn't a C yeah no it's fun anyway it is the next time I write love you happy holidays love you you know what concertos are saying right now he's jealous on sides offside next so my biggest fear is there's going to be sneaks in the toilet we're all afraid of that one strange thing I'm Larry Mullins the host of a new short 10-minute podcast called your weirdest fears we unpack where these fears come from a rat climbed into my toilet and learn how to manage them listen and subscribe to your weirdest fears on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts throughout the 60s and 70s cops hunted down key figures of the Dixie Mafia including its enigmatic ringleader Kirksey Nix 15 years into Kirksey's life sentence the Dixie Mafia was practically folklore but that would soon change I'm Jed Lipinski this is gone south a documentary podcast from c13 originals a cadence 13 studio season 2 the Dixie Mafia available now on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts your trusted local radio stations coverage of your favorite teams live news from your hometown and millions of podcasts on demand best of all you can completely customize your listening experience follow topics you care about like leagues and teams pause or rewind your local sports and news and add shows to your queue to catch up later there's a lot to listen to so get started and download the free Odyssey app today drop everything and hurry to the Xfinity hello 2023 sale now through January 10th learn how to get $500 back with Xfinity internet and two lines of Xfinity mobile visit Xfinity comm slash hello 2023 today restrictions apply Xfinity internet required you're listening to the Zach Gelb show Zach's taking on the most polarizing issues in sports which side of the line of scrimmage will he end up on it's on sides off sides with Zach Gelb on CBS Sports Radio on-site off-site time on CBS Sports Radio it is the Zach Gelb show and right now this season for the first time you could hear every what's the one info broadcast stream live for free mondays thursday sunday nights holiday triple headers at every postseason game catch all the action on the Odyssey app and what's one sports calm via westwood one station streams are by asking Alexa to open what's one sports it's all sponsored by AutoZone the free AutoZone fix find their service could help troubleshoot the likely cause of your pesky check engine light for free and get you back on the road restrictions apply get in the zone AutoZone Zach the Jaguars are peaking at the right time they are winners of five out of last seven games they did beat the Jets on Thursday 19 to 3 don't look now Jacksonville 7 and 8 on the season they are one Titans lost away from moving into first place in the AFC South Trevor Lawrence has played the best football his career so far during this stretch totaling 16 touchdowns is one interception on to draw sides the Jaguars are the most dangerous team in the AFC outside of the Bills Chiefs and Bengals oh no like I think the Jaguars are gonna win their division but they're not a lock to win their division I look at the Dolphins I think they're in that conversation I think the Chargers are more dangerous than Jacksonville so this is just for this season correct just this season yes sir yeah I'm not I think the Jaguars can make the playoffs I'm not ready to start to say that they're gonna start to contend against the bills the Chiefs and the Bengals in terms of in a meaningful game in the postseason so I will go offsides when you ask me the Jaguars are they the most dangerous team in the AFC outside of the Bill Chiefs and Bengals sticking wet that game it was another awful one for Zach Wilson he completed you just say that oh yeah nine of 18 passes 92 yards one interception in that 1903 loss the Jets fans booed the second year core rack all game long until he was pulled late in the third quarter for CFL legend Chris Streveller now earlier today head coach Robert Salah was non-committal but the former number two overall pick started next Sunday gets Seahawks even if Mike White isn't clear to play still left that one up in the air I don't know Mike White's gonna be cleared to play let me close I mean fractured ribs does not sound very very comfortable that is for sure onsides or offsides Zach Wilson has started his last game as a jet I think he'll start one of these final three games our final two games I do think there there's a chance there so I'll go offsides offside all righty let's go to a pivotal NFC East matchup on Saturday as the Cowboys are hosting the Eagles Philadelphia be without Kordak Jalen hurts as Gardnerman she will get the start but on the other side for Dallas Dak Prescott's placement under the microscope he's thrown nine touchdowns to seven interceptions in his last four games are early this week Jerry Jones did back up Dak's play see that the quarterback has been outstanding this year and in this recent slide odds are offside Zach this is the biggest regular season game of Dak Prescott's career yeah because it hasn't been a long career and you look at this situation it will keep you alive for the NFC East even though I I don't think they're gonna win that division but more importantly you're going up against Gardner Minshew and really there's only ways it feels like you could lose this game if you are Dak Prescott and Dallas Cowboys because even if you win it's gonna be expected but if you lose then you're gonna just get clowned coming up on Monday or Sunday whenever because the game is on Saturday whenever people are gonna react to that so I know that they're they're not going to win the division because even they lose this to Philadelphia would have two losses and they would have to then lose out but with that being said I think there's a lot to lose here for Dak Prescott because if they lose this game to the Eagles with Gardner Minshew then anyone that's still giving him a chance to get the Super Bowl I think would totally then just jump off that bandwagon ESPN reporter later today that the are they for reported on I should say the dysfunction within the Arizona Cardinals very important everything right that he could quit that he could stay or he could get fired they tried reporting riveting reporting and they kind of covered all their bases for sure they did highlight frustration between Cliff Kingsbury and Kyler Murray they highlighted tension between the owner Michael Bidwell and Kingsbury amongst plenty of other issues as well now the resources in this article close to Kingsbury that said that the coach could walk away after the season due to frustration with how the team is run so on sides are offside Zach Cliff Kingsbury will not be back with the Cardinals next season and some of these pain will cover all our bases he could be fired and or quit where is he going if he was to walk away on his own power where are you going I said I think it'd be to take a year off he needs to recharge the guy looks exhausted how does that affect his contract not like they fired him resigning as he just I think just cuts clean right if you resign I don't think you get any money yeah I don't know how that works contractually and what the language is in that deal I think there's a good shot and especially with the uncertainty around Steve Keim and if he'll ever come back in the health situation I think they may just clean house here and find someone else to then inherit Kyler Murray who's gonna be out to start next year because of the ACL injury yeah I'm gonna say he's out so quick Kings where I would not be back with the Cardinals next season I was leaning more offsides but now go on sides finally week 16 features a lot of must-win games for playoff teams or a possible playoff teams dolphins look to break their three-game losing streak they host the Packers Buccaneers try to get off the snide they host or play excuse me trace McSorley and the Cardinals the charge look to cement their playoff race or their place in the playoff race against the law against the Colts line travel to the Panthers both teams firmly in their respective playoff races as well so on sides are offside Zach the Buccaneers have the most pressure on them to win in week 16 even though it feels like there's a ton of pressure on the Cowboys this weekend now guard him into Lisa's had some success in this league if the Buccaneers who you couldn't see the Panthers lose to the Lions but the Buccaneers and in terms of that division if the Buccaneers lose to trace McSorley that is not their year so I would agree with that I will go on side to the Bucks to the most pressure on them to win in week 16 it is a Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio one thought on every game for the slate that started last night will continue tomorrow in the NFL will carry through Sunday with the triple header on Christmas Day and then we'll conclude on Monday night chargers and Colts we give you one thought on all those games next what makes your skin crawl no matter how absurd I want to know tails without fur on them such as rats or possums I'm Larry Mullins the host of a new podcast called your weirdest fears you send me your fear I'm just so weirded out about the texture and how they can just move around and flop and then I go to the experts to learn how to overcome them listen and subscribe to your weirdest fears on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcast from throughout the 60s and 70s cops hunted down key figures of the Dixie Mafia including its enigmatic ringleader Kirksey Nix 15 years into Kirksey's life sentence the Dixie Mafia was practically folklore but that would soon change I'm Jed Lipinski this is gone south a documentary podcast from c-13 originals a cadence 13 studio season 2 the Dixie Mafia available now on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts what's the strangest thing you're afraid of tails without fur on them such as rats or possums I'm Larry Mullins host of the podcast your weirdest fears where we dig into the crazy things you're afraid of everything from animal people hybrids you know people who get surgeries to look like an animal to giant statues if I ever saw one of those giant statues I probably would poop my pants listen and subscribe on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcast from if you take CBD and want to learn how to get the best results listen up next evo naturals has developed new CBD technology that your body absorbs four times better than regular CBD oils most CBD oils only achieve between two and ten percent absorption so at least ninety percent of what you think you're getting is wasted next evo is different their products are scientifically formulated to deliver more CBD in a way your body can use it is the only brand clinically proven to deliver 30 times faster absorption 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