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Billy Goat (Hour 4)

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December 19, 2022 10:06 pm

Billy Goat (Hour 4)

Zach Gleb Show / Zach Gleb

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December 19, 2022 10:06 pm

What's the future of Bill Belichick? l Onsides/Offsides l Closing Bell

Zach Gleb Show
Zach Gleb
Zach Gleb Show
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Zach Gleb Show
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Zach Gleb Show
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Zach Gleb Show
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We're coming to you live from the Rocket Mortgage Studios.

Need to know what it takes for a home to your budget and your family? Well, Rock, you can. Hickey's surviving on a Monday.

I'm surviving on a Monday as well. I'm surprised we're both still here because the Colts, historically bad, they blow a 33-0 lead against the Vikings and then my football team. It may be one of the dumbest plays for what has now been a stupid Patriots team this year that you'll ever see, with Romandre Stevenson as they're on the verge of going overtime lateraling it to Jacoby Myers and Jacoby Myers throwing it like 15-20 yards behind him, intended to Mac Jones. I still don't know what Mac was going to do with the football and Chandler Jones catches it, steamrolls Mac Jones and then runs right into the end zone 40-50 yards out for the Raiders to go win.

That's the the part to me, Hickey, that still probably annoys me the most. Forget the fact that it was just a stupid play. What is Mac Jones going to do if he catches the football in that spot? I know it's a game of hot potato when you're talking about Jacoby Myers and he catches the football, but when you're throwing it and you said you didn't see Chandler Jones and you're throwing it to Mac Jones, what did Jacoby Myers expect Mac Jones to do with the football there? I guess have a convoy of blockers and run 50 yards down the other sideline and get in the end zone?

I don't, I mean that's like, I will say. There's no way you think your quarterback's going to be able to run 50 yards against, I know the Raiders defense isn't good, but against any defense. Mac Jones is not Lamar Jackson when it comes to speed. I mean, I would agree with that.

I would 100% agree with that. I'm not even sure if Lamar, maybe Lamar, outside of him, Lamar, outside of him, no one's running that, in that instance, running for a touchdown. So I don't know what Jacoby was thinking, but.

He wasn't. Also, maybe throw a Hail Mary, but. You're exactly right. Throw a Hail Mary in that spot. Mac Jones could throw a football six ball. Maybe he can't.

He says he can't. And we've seen him before do so in Hail Mary situations, but they don't trust him to throw the ball deep down the field. They don't trust him to throw the football deep down the field at all. And in that spot, I don't get why you wouldn't just chuck it up or just take it in and go into overtime.

It's the whole thing was stupid. If you throw a Hail Mary, three things happen, two of them are positive. Number one, you catch it, touchdown, game over. Number two, flag, pass interference, you get untied down, field goal, win the game.

Three, it's not getting over time. Or even if they intercepted the odds of them running it back up 99, a hundred yards, even if he doesn't get it to the end zone, 95 yards are slim tonight, right? You got plenty of receivers on the field should be able to track it or ever caught the ball. It's it's full in theory, foolproof, but also so is handing the ball off.

Basically waving the white flag on the regulation is also foolproof. And as you know, not every time you think, Bill, do you think Bill could? Well, yeah, no, Bill definitely could have overturned it and said to Patricia, no, throw a Hail Mary there.

But he didn't elect to do that. As you know, Bill does it. Yeah. Mary, he's getting the Hail Mary.

I get that. But you know, Patricia is the one that is calling the plays. It's just stupid. All things don't like, what's the negative or downside like of throwing a Hail Mary?

I don't know. I honestly think Matt Patricia hates Mac Jones because if I know the offense line's not good, but if I have to watch another screen pass this season, like 15 screen passes and there were fewer screen passes in this game or early on, I'll, I'll just not watch. I mean, Oh, I didn't even tell you this. 13 completions and a game when you were trying the whole game is tough to do. I told you about my uncle who is diehard Patriots fan.

Yeah. Would go to games and he's seen them. I know everyone thinks all they do is win now, but he has seen them lose in almost every way possible. He was going to games where they could have four tickets and they had season tickets and they could bring 15 people into the stadium with them.

And no one would even care because that is how much there was just no fan base and just no one even was proud to be a Patriot fan. So my uncle is very old school and he very rarely texts. He's more of a, you got to call me. I don't believe in texting. He knew I was on the air yesterday. He texted me his exact texts at 7 34 PM Eastern. And this is how I knew he was mad that he was texting me about the game.

I never have seen anything so stupid. That's all he wrote to me. So it did 11 hours of radio yesterday. I didn't want to call him right after the game because I wanted to go home. I wanted to eat and I just wanted to just be miserable by myself. And I wanted to watch a Sunday night game too.

I called him today. He was furious with Belichick, furious. And he goes, this team is just, he said what I said is just so stupid. And then right as I was about to say, it was very jet-like. He goes, that was jet-like. He goes, and he's talking about this. If he was a jet fan, he goes that what happened yesterday puts the butt fumble to shame.

That is the way that my uncle and we were both at the butt fumble game together and we loved it. That is the way that he looked at that game because he goes, that was in his opinion, the dumbest play he's ever seen. It's fair characterization.

I gear. Yeah, you're right. But fumble is embarrassing, but it's also just wrong place, wrong timing.

That's just inexcusable. And I know where my uncle was going in the conversation. He goes, and bill we trust, but I'm sorry to lose trust in bill. That, that was his words. He goes, everything they've done this year has just been stupid. So my uncle who is a very proud man, he, he sounded demoralized, dejected, defeated today.

And then after we had a conversation, five minutes, he's like, got to get back to work. Tired of this team. This is going to be an interesting three games.

What if they, what if they fall off? You mean lose all three? What if they lose all three, continue to play the sloppy, stupid, if you want to call it, brand of football they've been playing for most of this year. They probably will lose all three, but unless that, that, uh, bill's game means like, are they going to beat the Bengals this week? No. Are they going to be the dolphins the following week?

Like maybe I would probably say no. In Miami, right? The heat.

No, no. That's games in Foxborough. They played Miami earlier in the year.

Okay. First week of the season or second, first or second week of the first game of the year. And then they play Buffalo. The only way that they win that game is if the game is off into Buffalo. I could see them losing out.

I do believe. And I think Ross Tucker put it the word it the best way when he joined us earlier. I don't think bill's going to get fired nor should here's the obvious statement. Nor should bill Belicheck get fired, but there will be a different tone conversation that bill Belicheck has ever had with Robert Kraft because of Robert Kraft is the owner that we love him for as Patriot fans. And he has control of that team, even though he gave a lot of the control to bill and Brady when they were there. But Robert Kraft, this off season doesn't have to say fire mat, Patricia, but he needs to make it clear to bill and bill should know this already. You would think Belicheck, the one of the greatest coaches of all time would know to do this, but he has to make it clear. Bill Mack can't be calling the place. We have to go get an offensive coordinator that actually has experience calling the place. And I just wonder Hickey, you know, how Belicheck is.

It's my way or the highway. Now he has a great relationship with Robert Kraft. We know how loyal Belicheck is to Robert Kraft. I had someone tell me six, seven years ago that until Jonathan takes over the team, bill will stay there until that is handed over. Not that bill is a bad relationship with Jonathan, but then he just, he felt like he was, he had needed to be loyal to Robert because he gave him that other opportunity.

And he really wanted him when he was at the jets and how that all story did go down and he traded what he did to go get him and look how it worked. But I just wonder with how great bill is, if bill gets told what to do with his staff, I just wonder how bill's going to take that. Especially when he, for some reason has this close relationship with Matt Patricia and you know, not that Matt needs to get fired, but he can't be calling the place next year. And that to me, if that conversation does happen, I would, I would love to be a fly on the wall for that conversation. Maybe we'll get Seth Wickersham to be scurrying around in Kraft's office and, and see if he will, give us any information on how that conversation goes down.

If that conversation happens. Maybe if it doesn't go well, maybe that's why Florio was talking about possible trade of bill Belicheck. He wants to continue coaching. You're not going to fire bill. No, I think once again, bill's going to be the coach of the team next year, because I even think craft will know, even if he tells him to do something, he doesn't do it.

And it could put a big dent in their relationship. I don't think he would make the hasty decision to just say, okay, we're going to fire or trade him. Do you remember in the off season? I think I believe that the owner's meetings, I could be wrong when Robert Kraft was talking and he was saying that basically there's a lot of pressure on bill come draft time.

He's kind of saying like, you know, he's made, you know, we made some decisions. Maybe it's Neil has been great. Now the irony is the last two years, you know, bill has done a good job in the draft. Well, let me talk about this team and the way the offense is built. Last year, the draft was good with Ramondre Stevenson with Christian Bauer, more with Mac Jones.

I thought they had a good draft this year. You could, you could question the drafting and Mac Jones. I mean, does bill like Mac Jones?

I have no idea. He hired a coach who doesn't like Mac Jones. And like you mentioned, it seems they don't trust Mac Jones for a reason.

Mac did make the playoffs last year. So if you're Robert Kraft and there's already a little bit of an onus put on bill Belicheck to kind of basically say and put all this money, you know, it's start, you know, hitting in the draft again and you're not doing that. And now you have a season where you're not going to make the playoffs after you went 10 and seven last year. I just wonder, but I don't think it's unacceptable with how, and I know I, I will, these are Robert, how long it's been since they won a playoff game. Robert has said that's, that's unacceptable. There's a lot of teams that will say, Robert, shut up. You don't know what it's actually like to go through losing as, as an order of the way other teams, but I gave it correct. That's how you prevent going into a spiral of complacency.

And then, so what's your question here with bringing this up? I know I just, I just wonder, like you said hasty. I don't know if it would like, I wouldn't say hasty. I just, I think, I don't know the day by day goes, I just wonder, do you think he would go to bill this off season and say, you have to hire a traditional GM and give up the GM powers? I, if I'm Robert Kraft, I think that's my first order of business.

Because then I think bill will walk if that's the case. I think he needs a GM. I think the one air you can get on bill, but all there's a few areas I would say, cause the player discipline this year has been sloppy. They've been poorly coached. I think the one air you can absolutely get on bill for is player selection. Yeah. Like we even, what do you even say about Mac Jones?

He's no one around recently and no one around him. Cause bill's one pick in the players. Tom Brady left in part because of the team or item was terrible.

Now again, you want to say you went all in for a super one. You got it. Okay.

Fair. The reality is the roster stunk when he left in 2019. It's not gotten really much better. And it's like, after how long are you going to go and continue to say, how long are you going to trust bill to try to get talent around a young quarterback before you say this ain't working. It's a deficit of insanity. You tried the draft didn't work. You tried freight into that big freight agency splurge with a bunch of marginal players.

It's not working. So, you know, something's got to give and you kind of have an easy out of you bill where you could still have a lot of that control, but give craft that wish John Robinson now becoming available. Like if Robinson comes back to the Patriot organization, which he's was there for a long time.

Yes. He entitled would be the GM and you could make that entitled, but you know, bill's still going to get his way. Cause that was one of his guys. So I wonder if bill will say, okay, I'll give you what you want, but it's gotta be John Robinson. It's gotta be someone that he trusts. You're not just gonna bring someone random off the street that has no ties to Bellatrix. I agree. And I think you have to have trust right in order that bills is there, but also too, they have to work together. Like you don't want to hire someone that they clash. And it's you're fighting Robinson has worked together before.

It's okay. You will give you the GM title, but you know how this works. Clearly John Robinson is a good eye for offensive talent. He's a worst eye for keeping it, but Hey, if you can get him in the building, you got me, AJ Brown, I'll be doing Robert craft. Maybe bill Bellas. I could convince him on maybe nuts, not trade this guy. Let's pay him.

But you know, I'm thinking is maybe more and more possibility or though I think they'll try it. I don't know if Brady would do it, but when you start to lose your way, maybe they go back to the X, maybe Robert Kraft goes, Tommy, we need you. We need you back. I treated you like a son. You're like a son to me.

You are my son. Maybe Brady walks back through that door. I'm just wondering they have a hundred million dollars in cap space. If you're Brady, why? And if you're even the Patriots, like, why you want a super next year with Tom Brady? No, you got a better chance than with this approach right now. If you have a hundred million dollars, let me ask you that.

I'm just saying this. You have a hundred million dollars and let's say you get the P Brady says, I'll come back, but you got to get me X, Y, and Z. And I know it doesn't really work this way, but you get X, Y, and Z. I'm not thinking that they're definitely going to win a super bowl, but you're telling me if Brady doesn't go back to New England, they won't at least be in that contending conversation. The Patriots spent a record afraid to see for guaranteed money two years ago.

Yes. Hunter Henry, John O'Smith, but you didn't have Tom Brady, Kendrick Bourne, Nelson Aguilar. Is he going to super bowl these guys at this age?

No, he's not. But that's the thing. You'd be bringing new players. I don't trust Bill to get good skill talent once. Who knows how Tom Brady's going to play this offensive line. I don't see either side working out once again.

I do not think it's going to happen because I don't think Brady would come back, but, but, but, but, but, but my statement was I do think the Patriots will try to make it happen this off season because even though I think they should trust Mac Jones, they have not trusted Mac Jones. They haven't. And it's almost just been to the definition of insanity with their approach this year. So even though I would like to see them get Max and talent, so we could actually evaluate him, like what has transpired with Jaylen Hertz, what has transpired with Tuatunga Vailoa, even to some extent years ago with Josh Allen. I don't think it's just coincidence when they got star players to throw the football to, and they got big time receivers. We've seen all those quarterbacks play their best football. That's what I like to see happen. But for whatever the reasons are, they're just making it look like they hate Mac Jones.

Isn't that the only way to kind of interpret it? They look like they don't like Mac Jones, which I don't get why with what he did last year. Well, I think, I wonder if it's also just Bill just not coming around to like dealing or knowing how to deal with life without an all-time great quarterback and Tom Brady, like you could have in terms of it's the same approach where you had like in 2006, you went with Reshay Caldwell and Doug Gabriel at wide receiver.

Right. And then we can't do that with a young quarterback that runs. I know Brady wasn't the greatest of all time yet, but at that time he won three Super Bowls in this league. And it's just like, oh, we did it with Tom Brady, who again was unheralded and you figured it out.

And like, you can get your spare parts. And Tom Brady made everyone else's kind of, you know, high tide rise on boats. And it's like, oh, Mac Jones did the same thing. It's like, no, that's not how it works.

And now you have to go get a number one wide receiver like Jacoby Myers can't be your number one wide receiver. That's why I feel he's almost frustrated where he doesn't understand. Like, that's not how not everyone is going to be Tom Brady.

That's not how every situation, that's how most situations work. And it's like, still on the, he's slow on the come around. Yeah. I'm just going to be honest. I think Matt Patricia's an a-hole.

Like there's no, I just, that guy. That's also, I think part of the stench, the stench around Patricia just bugs me. Like you could have put anyone in OC when Tom Brady was there. You could put anyone at receiver, anyone on the line, it would have worked. And Matt Jones knows a thing or two about being around good coaching. He was with Belichick last year. He was with McDaniel as an offensive coordinator last year, Nick Saban. And I think he wants a tough style of coaching. But when, if I'm Mac Jones, I don't respect Matt Patricia, but what are you going to tell me about playing quarterback? You're a slob defensive coordinator. Yeah. And that's, I think it's part of Bill's blindness where he's just like, oh yeah, I'll put anyone there. And it's still not realizing that's not how it works. Yeah.

It is a Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. Man, I wish the Patriots would have won yesterday. This would have been a lot more fun where I could have just ripped you apart.

Instead, it's, it's me taking the, the brunt of this today. Like I said, I think yesterday kind of opens your eyes about the true state of the Patriots. I know you're saying I've been the most fair, but I told you this team is going eight to nine before the start of the year and missing the playoffs. I'm just, I don't know.

I'm not saying you're, you are delusional. I mean, yesterday just serves as a reminder, like Patriots are kind of crashing down to the middle pretty fast here and going close to the bottom and the top go in the wrong direction. No crap, but they stay in a way.

See, this is the most frustrating part. They have seven wins with a bottom five roster, pretty much a very similar offset last year. They had 10 wins.

So as much as what Bella chick is doing is frustrating. And they've had stupid coaching this year. There has to be some good coaching there because they do have seven wins.

Now I think playing Zach Wilson twice does help Browns. Like it wasn't exactly the hardest schedule. We didn't know what the lines were going to be, but stuck in the middle. It's why they say it's the worst spot to be absolute worst spot to be. That's what I tried to tell you for all those years about your team.

And you weren't willing to listen to me. Well, they're in the playoff push playoff race. And now they're embracing the tank. The Colts in the last few years, never had a shot to win a Superbowl to the Patriots and now they should be taken too. And it's too late.

I agree. What did I, what did I say after the bears game? I put out a video and I said, I hope they lose as many games as possible.

So they go get Mac Jones, a weapon for next year, a wide receiver. That was the video I put out on the record. All right, we'll take a time out five questions, five answers next on sides offsides Zach Gil show CBS sports radio. What's the strangest thing you're afraid of tails without fur on them, such as rats or possums. I'm Larry Mullins, host of the podcast, your weirdest fears, where we dig into the crazy things you're afraid of everything from animal people, hybrids, you know, people who get surgeries to look like an animal to giant statues.

If I ever saw one of those giant statues, I probably would poop my pants. Listen and subscribe on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts from. You're listening to the Zach Gelb show. Zach's taking on the most polarizing issues in sports. Which side of the line of scrimmage will he end up on? Offside, defense number 69.

It's onsides offsides with Zach Gelb on CBS sports radio. And you can think of the parts where your car care needs get guaranteed low prices and excellent customer service from the professional parts people at O'Reilly Auto Parts. O O O O O O'Reilly Auto Parts. All right, hot take.

What do you got for me today? Zach, the Eagles got us scared today. The NFL network reported that Jalen Hurts suffered a sprained right shoulder during Sunday's win over the Bears. Now the third year quarter took a massive hit from Travis Gibson and stayed down for a second before popping up and finishing the game. Hurts' status for Saturday is in doubt, meaning that Gardner Minshew would be in line to start fulfilling against the Cowboys. Minshew Mania could be back in prime time nonetheless. Or not prime time, but you know the game everyone be watching there at 425 Eastern. One of the marquee games. Thank you, marquee game for sure.

Marquee Minshew. Onsides are offside Zach. The Eagles should sit Jalen Hurts for at least two regular season games. Oh, they're going to be the number one overall seed.

And they have such a good team that I think they could find a way to win one more game so they get the number one overall seed without Jalen Hurts. So you play the Cowboys this week. You have a sprained right throwing shoulder. I don't think he's playing this week.

I think it will be Gardner Minshew. Then a week after that you play the Saints. The Saints are pretty much playing a backup quarterback to begin with when you look at Andy Dalton at this stage of his career.

And that game is at the link. So yeah, I would say if he's not healthy, then yeah, you don't play him for the next two games because that's the luxury that you have of only having one loss on the season. So I will go onsides that the Eagles should sit Jalen Hurts for at least two games. Would you sit in the rest of the year? It'd be a month by the time they played the divisional round.

Because you also have the bye factored in. I think they said division round weekend is January 20th and 21st. That's the only thing that scares me. That's what concerns me with the roster. But a month off and then having a playoff game is a little, you know, nerve-wracking. Yeah, it kind of stinks that this happened too because he's having an MDP type of season with the Micah Parsons comments last week.

There was a lot of buzz for many reasons around this game, but a lot of ways that I look at it, I was like, okay, that really did get me a little extra excited for this game. What if Minshew throws like 300 yards, three touchdowns? Parsons, you see me sitting back there? I was right. System. Tough to say it in that spot.

If you get torched like that. That's also true. Hey, we lost, but I was right.

All right. That will be an emotional game though. Minshew is starting because remember he's going to be thrown into the spotlight. His connection with Mike Leach.

I just, I think that could be a really emotional moment for Gardner Minshew. Going back to week 15, we saw two just unbelievable finishes. The Colts rates out to a 30 lead. You can say that. Unbelievable. It was a game with what happened to the Patriots.

I want to take a knife and just stab my eyes out. And you could say the same thing about your football team up 33-0 and just choking. 33-0 at half.

The pathetic Patriots and the choking Colts. That's what our football teams have now become. That is for sure. We're a long ways away from 2004.

I'll go a four. We don't need to go with those six, but anyway, you get the point. The early 2000s, mid 2000s, we are a long ways away from the dominance of both those teams.

Yeah. That Brady Manning rivalry for India and really died and died fast. That's for sure because Minnesota. Hold on, hold on. Died fast for you. The Patriots just won a Superbowl, a Superbowl 53. That is not that long ago.

That's what I said. The rivalry died. And like I said, these two teams are nowhere near what we saw about 15 years ago in parks. We saw the Colts again, 33, nothing score. The highest point total season didn't matter because Minnesota went on a 39 to three second half run basketball to win the game. That's what it felt like watching this offense go up and down the field.

Holy cow. It was the largest comeback in NFL history. Congratulations to the Oilers who are now off the hook. And on Sunday, somehow if that was unbelievable, this was even maybe almost even more unbelievable. Patriots Raiders were going to go to overtime. Jacob Myers tried to be a hero as in his words, lateral the ball back to Mack Jones, about 50 yards of room. And instead the lateral, which is a good throw, and was headed by Chandler Jones. He took it to the house 48 yards for what was the eventual game. If it was a good throw, would have hit Mack Jones in the head.

Tight spiral. And that's about five yards too short too. And what the heck was Mack Jones going to do with that ball if he gets it? I think all the offensive line would have walled up. Yeah, it's like a punt return down the left side and he would have ran it in for sure with that 4-3 speed he has.

No. So onsides or offsides, Zach? He's such a jackass today. The Colts blow in a 33-0 lead in the second half is more embarrassing than the Patriots losing on what was a botched lateral.

It's offsides and here's why. The coaching season was over even though I didn't think the Patriots were going to be a playoff team entering the season. They still had their playoff hopes alive. I know they're not mathematically eliminated but after losing that game, you really feel like the season's over. So that's why I go with the Patriots. The AFC South. Well, it's becoming a lot more interesting now down the stretch here as the Jaguars beat the Cowboys in overtime. They moved to six and eight on the year. Don't be laughing. You would love to be six and eight and be in the playoff.

No, I would not want to be six and eight. That's right. I'll tell you that right now. You're telling me if the Colts had an opportunity to make the playoffs, you wouldn't be embracing it?

You thought this team was still good like five weeks ago. Stop. Stop. I'll say this. No, I'll say this right now. I would not trade places with the Jaguars.

Yeah, you would. You have Trevor Lawrence and a good coach. Record-wise. Sure, I'll take Trevor Lawrence. I'll take Doug Peterson. But record-wise, I would not trade right now with what could be a top-five pick after tonight. You would.

You'd be all jacked up today. Oh, here they come. The Colts.

Here they come. Reason to be jacked up if you're a Jaguars fan. Trevor Lawrence threw four touchdowns and they are now ancient closer to the Titans who lost their fourth straight game. Cameron Dicker for the Chargers kicked the go-ahead field goal just four seconds left. Titans lose 17-14.

Don't look now. Jacksonville just a game behind Tennessee. Three games to go right now. The Jaguars own the tiebreaker over the Titans.

They beat them early in the year. Week 18 in Jacksonville. Titans at Jaguars.

Onsides are offside Zach. The Jaguars will win the AFC South. We talked about how possible this is and I really want to take the Jaguars and really say that they're going to make the playoffs, but I'm still just going to give by the slimmest of margins like 51-49. I'm going to give this slight, slight, slight edge still to Tennessee. So I'll go offside.

Offside. But I really want to go Jaguars. Let's go from one great division in the AFC South to an even better one in the NFC South because that is really turning to a battle of the worst division I've ever seen.

I want to win this division. The Bucks, if you include a botched fake punt, turn the ball over five straight possessions in the second half as Tom Brady's team blew their first 17-point lead of his career. They were up 17-0, ended up losing to the Bengals 34-23. Tampa Bay is now 6-8 on the season. The Panthers had a chance to move into a tie for first place with the Buccaneers, but they lost to Mitch Trubisky and the Steelers. They are now 5-9. So you have the Bucks right now top the NFC South at 6-8. Panthers, Falcons, Saints, all one game back, all sitting at 5-9. No one's eliminated. This is unbelievable.

It's amazing. This division's awful. Onsides or offsides? Here's a tough one. The Buccaneers will win the NFC South. I don't even want to see any of these teams in the playoffs. But the Panthers quarterback is Sam Darnold. And I said yesterday, even going up against Mitch Trubisky, that there is no way Sam Darnold should ever be a favorite in the National Football League.

So I took the three points with the Steelers, thank you very much. The Falcons now have Desmond Ritter, who we don't know what he could be. And the Saints are still rolling with Andy Dalton and Taysom Hill. And then the Bucks have Tom Brady. Now this Bucks offensive line stinks. Mike Evans and Brady forgot that they used to have chemistry together, and the Bucks defense has been horrible. And Todd Bowles, he's showing why a lot of people were critical of him when he was the coach of the Jets. Tremendous defensive coordinator, just not a good head coach. Because they have Brady, I'll say that the Bucks win this division. For how bad Dennis Allen is, has a shot to win the division. That's unbelievable. Andy Dalton and Dennis Allen.

We were having a conversation last week. Todd Bowles and Dennis Allen should both be gone after this year. They're still alive. Still alive to win that division.

All right, final one, let's go. Giants and Lions recorded massive wins to bolster their playoff hopes on Sunday. New York went down to Washington 120 to 12 to basically cement their playoff bid. They are right now 8-5-1. Detroit moved to 7-7 on the season.

They scored a touchdown with just over two minutes left, or just under two minutes left I should say, and then benefited from bad clock management from Robert Sella and a Greg Zirla and missed field goal. They beat the Jets 20-17. Now, despite the loss on Sunday, the commanders do hold right now the seventh and final wildcard berth. They have a half game lead over the Seahawks and the Lions for that final playoff spot. Onside or offside, Zach, Lions and Giants will both make the playoffs. I said going into that Giants-Commanders game, whoever was going to win that game clearly was going to make the playoffs, so I will go now with the Giants, even though I thought the commanders were going to win last night, and I think the Lions are winning out. From 1-6 to then they would be, what, 10-7?

Yeah, I like them winning out the Detroit Lions, so I'll put the Lions and Giants in the playoffs on sides. This is Zach Gelb's show on CBS Sports Radio. We'll come on back with a closing bell.

We'll tell you whose stock is booming, whose stock is dooming. So my biggest fear is there's going to be snakes in the toilet. We're all afraid of that one strange thing. I'm Larry Mullins, the host of a new short 10-minute podcast called Your Weirdest Fears. We unpack where these fears come from. A rat climbed into my toilet.

And learn how to manage them. Listen and subscribe to Your Weirdest Fears on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts. You're listening to The Zach Gelb Show. Zach Gelb Show, CBS Sports Radio. Earlier on in the show, we had former NFL VP of officiating Dean Blandino join us, who now does a great job as an analyst for officiating calls on Fox, and I asked Dean Blandino about the crazy ending to that Commander's Giants game, and this is what he said. The illegal formation with Tyra McClure and the official after having to digest this for a little bit.

Give me your thoughts on that. Yeah, I just, you know, you always talk to the officials and you want to kind of give that player an opportunity. You show the player where the line of scrimmage is. You don't know what the formation calls for if that receiver is supposed to be on or off the ball, but you know where the line of scrimmage is.

Show, give the player that visual. If the player asks, we always talk about officials, and this is every level of football, you'll see receivers looking over at the line of scrimmage official to ask, hey, am I okay? And there's a visual confirmation.

So I just thought that happened. I thought McClure looked over and he did adjust. And at that point it looked like he and the official were on the same page. And then they throw the flag, which was, which to me, you know, that's too technical. I think, especially when you have that communication with the player, that's not a call that, you know, if I were the head of officiating, I would not want our officials to make that call. And I don't care if it's the first quarter or the fourth quarter, it's just, it's just being overly technical and not one that you want to make in that situation. I know not everything could be perfect when it comes to officiating. I usually don't like to bitch about the officials, but with that being said, you call something like that, that seems so insignificant. And then following very shortly afterwards, there was past interference in the end zone, that doesn't get call. It just seemed as if the approach was very inconsistent in that spot.

Yeah, that's, that's worst case scenario. I remember my time as head of officiating, and if I'm sitting there in our command center watching that game, it's the worst case scenario because you have a call that's made on a touchdown that appears to be very technical. And then one that appears to be just blatantly obvious and we don't call it.

And that's, that's the frustrating part. And look, it's not the same official, every official might have a different look. We do get the benefit of slow motion replay in different angles. And I think we'd sometimes lose sight of that, but that's a call that has to be made. That's past interference. And like whether it's first quarter, fourth quarter, doesn't matter. He's there early, he's restricting Samuel's ability to make a play on the ball. And you would hope in that situation, there should be not just one official looking at that, but there should be multiple officials and getting a flag down and, and it costs the commanders an opportunity, you know, to score a touchdown and, you know, they still have work to do. They got to get a touchdown, get the two point try. They didn't get that opportunity, but that's a frustrating part.

And I don't have a dog in the fight. We talked about the inconsistencies, but I feel as if that contact happened in the first quarter, it would have been called, but since it's in the final few moments of the game, then it doesn't get called. Yeah. And that's, it's a fair observation and you sit there and you think, and we always try to get into the mentality and the, and kind of the, just the thought process of the officials. And we'd always say, look, it doesn't, you can't change how you officiate the game because of the situation. If you're calling it in the first quarter, you've got to call it the same way in the fourth quarter, but there is right.

We're all human beings. And there's that, that thought of, I don't want to be the difference maker. I don't want to inject myself into this game at this critical moment. I want to let the players decide the game, but by not throwing a flag, you are injecting yourself into the game because the players, one player is gaining an unfair advantage in that situation. And so you always work with your officials to try to, to try to say, okay, are you going to step up in that situation? Or are you going to swallow the whistle and not make the call?

Because that's that you can't be consistent if you're officiating based on the situation versus, versus having a consistent standard throughout. Really did enjoy that conversation that we had with Dean Buendino. It is the Zach Gelb show on CBS sports radio. Let's get to the closing bell. Another day is in the books and we're taking stock of the sports world. It's time to find out who's up and who's down. Let's end the day right and hit the closing bell.

Only on the Zach Gelb show. All of you losers who say we got to put a roof on the new Bill's stadium. What we saw on Saturday night is the exact reason why there should never be a roof on the Bill's new stadium. The fans screaming, let it snow, just the theatrics of it as well. As the snow was intensifying in that fourth quarter, told all that it's going to snow, it's going to snow. And then it just started to snow in the fourth. And then it was a blizzard by the end of the game. You had the dolphins and the Bills going back and forth. It was awesome. I absolutely love that game.

And once again, it shows why you don't need a dome in Buffalo. So give that game a stock up. From one and six to seven and seven, and still very much alive for the playoffs. Bite off those kneecaps.

Give a stock up to Dan Campbell's. They beat the JTS jet jet jets. Ray Sean Jenkins, 18 tackles in the game. Two interceptions. The game winning pick six.

Give him a stock up. Josh McDaniels, you almost did it again. You should have lost. Would have been an embarrassing moment for you.

Pretend your whole team, they bail you out. And Hickey, I got to give him a stock up because he would have been clowned by everyone today. And now nobody's talking about him. So Josh McDaniels, you, my friend are a big winner from yesterday. Unfortunate news. It does not look like it's going to be a season ending injury, or they're saying it's not a serious injury, but you are dealing with a right shoulder sprain for one Jalen Hurts. And it's just unfortunate timing right before the Cowboys game that a lot of people are excited for.

His name was now the favorite to win the MVP. We'll see how that impacts that. But unfortunate when you start to not know when your quarterback's going to come back. So a stock down to the Jalen Hurts right shoulder injury. The Patriots. They are a stupid football team in 2022.

I think I've said that about 9,000 times today. But Ramondre Stevenson, laddering the ball to Jacoby Myers, and then Jacoby Myers chucking that ball 15, 20 yards behind him. That was maybe the dumbest play I've ever seen. So give a stock down to the Patriots. The Indianapolis Colts.

Yikes. Up 33 to nothing. The largest blown lead in the history of the NFL and the Minnesota Vikings not only win the NFC North, but they complete a crazy, crazy comeback. Give a stock down to the Indianapolis Colts. The Dallas Cowboys, or excuse me, check that. The drama Dallas choking Cowboys. We're up 27 to 10 against the Jaguars and Trevor Lawrence has been sensational in the second half of the season.

Leads that comeback. We talked about the great plays by Jenkins in that game, but Dallas after the dreadful lethargic effort a week ago against the Texans, you get out to that good start and then you blow the game. That's a miserable job by the drama Dallas choking Cowboys. Give the Cowboys a stock down. The Buccaneers are up 17 to nothing. Imagine if you took Tampa plus three and a half at 17 nothing, you feel like it's a lock. And then the Bengals 34 unanswered.

Give a stock down to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And finally the officiating in the NFL, the Keelan Cole, no reversal. When everyone knows he was out of bounds, the ending of that commander's giants game, you call the Tiki tack a legal formation, but then you don't call the defensive pass interference.

You take two touchdowns off the board for the Minnesota Vikings with the same player. There was just bad call after bad call on Sunday. And it just, it's a shame that those types of things that happen, I get it officiating is not going to be perfect, but when you're blowing the whistle early, when you're not calling obvious things and then calling things that are insignificant, the NFL in week 15, and there was a lot of bad football, but the officiating was just really a disaster. It was ugly. It was brutal. It was just rough to watch the officials Hickey. What do you think the worst officiating moment was in the week?

Wow. It has to be, I think it has to be the pass interference call that was not called the fourth down giants commander, just because like you wanted to say it's a technicality with Tara Mclaurin. Fine, stupid, but fine. The Keenan Cole, we never had a definitive angle. You know, it's one of those where you got to go with the call on the field.

I can't argue that too much. Although I got to look out of bounds. We don't have the law, the right angle for it. I looked out of bounds to me.

I mean, Darnay Holmes was month. You could get arrested on the street for assault with how much he was just pushing them, grabbing them, holding them back. Three different flags should have been thrown.

And instead zero were thrown on the biggest play of the game. And excusable and excusable. And it's also crazy how in a just organization that is worth billions and billions of dollars.

I know it's on the TV cruise, how they don't have the proper angles in the year of 2022 on the, on the, why is it on the TV cruise? Why shouldn't the NFL broadcast? Yeah, I get it. Like, you know, if they help the officials do their job, I would agree with you. And that's why I don't give the NFL pass for it, but that's like a lame job by the NFL. Give them a stock. Give them a that's like a lame job by the NFL.

Give them a stock down. Which one was the worst way to lose Colts blown a 33 to nothing lead. Jacoby Myers lateral. I went with Jacoby Myers lateral. That's 49% Colts blown at 33.

Nothing lead is 51%. Good job out of you on the phones today. And for listening and tweeting, obviously you can always get me on Twitter and Instagram at Zach Gelb, Z A C H G E L B. Big thanks to Dean Blandino and Ross Tucker for joining us. And we'll be back tomorrow at 6 PM Eastern three Pacific on the Zach Gelb show we out. Bye bye. Peace.
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