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NFL Picks (Hour 4)

Zach Gleb Show / Zach Gleb
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October 7, 2022 10:10 pm

NFL Picks (Hour 4)

Zach Gleb Show / Zach Gleb

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October 7, 2022 10:10 pm

1 thought on each Week 5 game l NFL picks w/ Jersey Jerry l Closing Bell

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It is that Gelb Show Coast to Coast on CBS Sports Radio and we're coming to you live from The Rock from The Rockin' Mortgage Studios. Whether you're looking to purchase a new home or refinance yours, Rockin' Mortgage can help you get there for home loan solutions that fit your life.

Well, Rock can. Jersey Jerry from Barstool Sports good to stop by 20 minutes from now as we'll continue our weekly pick segment in the NFL season. But first up, let's give you one thought in each game for all the games upcoming this weekend.

Music por favor. Giants at the Packers in London 9 30 a.m. Eastern Time kick. Daniel Jones is gonna play in this one. This is a game to me though where I think it's a reminder that yes, Brian Deball, Joe Shane and the Giants have done a good job so far in moving the Giants in the right direction. But you have a team in Green Bay that did not play well last week. You know they're gonna be hungry to bounce back even though they did win. I think this is a separation where Green Bay shows we're not as bad as what people are saying we are because we're 3-1 and the Giants aren't a 3-1 team that is really reflecting the reality of their record.

They're still building. I think the Packers win this game big and I think they show that that okay, we could still find a way up against an inferior team to really take them to work and show them who's boss. What's your thought? I think it's key on the margin of victory for the Packers because they've played down to their competition almost really the entire year so far. This should be a game where you win and you win by 14-17 points kind of for the first time all your kind of put it together and beat up what is an inferior opponent. Pittsburgh at Buffalo. I want to see what Kenny Pickett does.

And I've been thinking about this all week. What's a good performance by Kenny Pickett? Now they're a 14-point underdog even though Von Miller doesn't want to admit that the Bills are the favorite and he's trying to say no one's calling the Steelers an underdog. I want to see Kenny Pickett just make this a game in the fourth quarter. I don't think it will be a game in the fourth quarter but if he's able to make this a game in the fourth heading into the fourth the final 15 minutes of football and you go okay it's within a score. He hasn't fallen flat on his face and throw like two or three interceptions and fumble the ball a time or two.

Then I think that's a win. Like my bar's so low for this one because the Steelers offense aligns not good. Their offense hasn't clicked at all. He did give them a jolt of energy last week but it was up against the Jets and they ended up losing the game. Just keep this one from not spiraling out of control entering the fourth quarter.

I think that's then what I would consider a success for Kenny Pickett this week. I want to see if the Bills can establish a run game for the first time. The Steelers defense... Other than Josh Allen.

Right, right. Someone not named Josh Allen. The three running backs you have. Anyone to kind of tote the rock and just take some pressure off.

Please. Also for Buffalo the last two weeks they've been sloppy. They should have won the game up against Miami and they had to pull a rabbit out of their hat once they were down 20-3 to take care of business up against the Baltimore Ravens. You should have a clean game this weekend. This should be an easy game that you coast. So in one breath I want to see the Steelers keep it close but the Bills really should just roll the Steelers team. Chargers at the Browns.

It's very simple. Justin Herbert. You just gotta have it this week. You want to talk about a must win. This is just a you gotta have it for Justin Herbert and the Los Angeles Chargers. Cleveland's a good team. They're a respectable opponent. I know they were dealing with a lot of injuries last week on that defensive line. They got a good run game.

And Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt will see how improved that Chargers run defense is from where they were a year ago. But if you're Herbert you just can't lose to Jacoby Bressett. You're the best player. Best offensive player on the field.

You just gotta have this game. I don't know Keenen Allen in this one. Big spot with them going on the road but my attention is on Justin Herbert. I want my attention on Austin Eckler. Really good game last week against the Texans.

Three touchdowns. Kind of really the first game all season where he actually looked like kind of let's say vintage Austin Eckler. Last year Austin Eckler? Yeah last year Austin Eckler was a touchdown machine. No Keenen Allen again.

Like that's a guy that's a great weapon that you should be able to utilize in a game like this. The running back storylines are actually good on this one. Chubb is great.

Kareem Hunt is very explosive and we know Austin Eckler is a stud in this league. Detroit at New England. We'll see if Eman Ross St. Brown is going to play. He's questionable. No DeAndre Swift once again for the Detroit Lions. Mac Jones is doubtful.

Bailey Zappi most likely getting the start for the Patriots because now Hoyer is on IR and he'll be designated to return at some point in the season. My thought is the Lions have the number one offense in the league. Now do I think they have the best offense in football?

No but statistically they do. Can you actually win though? What does it mean if you're putting up all these points and you only have one win on the season and you're getting outscored? So this is a winnable game. Can the Lions number one offense start to reflect in wins? That's my thought on this game going up against a banged up Patriots team who showed a lot of grit and fight last week.

I get Bailey Zappi is going to be under center so it's a little tougher to I guess maybe break out all the tricks you want. I'm excited to see Matt Patricia has in store against his old team. I thought you were saying the Patriots are winning the game which personally I would love for them to win the game but you saying that. The Matt Patricia revenge game. Let's see if Matt can really know. Revenge game. He did it to himself.

Well you're right but you know in his mind no he got wrong so I'm excited to see what he kind of breaks out in like oh yeah you want to break out with me I'll show you. After the game they interview Matt Patricia. They wrote me off. I didn't write back. I hope I hope that or sit up.

No slot. I see I leave and you say back to your same old tricks. The Detroit media going to this game when they see Matt Patricia you think Matt Patricia. It's like oh like when there's a former coach that comes in town there's some relationship there. You think the Detroit media is like oh Matt good to see you or is it. He's got nothing to do with that bozo.

I think it's the wall of silence. Gino Smith right now the most accurate quarterback in football going up against Andy Dalton in the New Orleans Saints. Jamis Winston will not get the start. We don't know if Michael Thomas is going to play Alvin Kamara is questionable for the game.

I don't know if Seattle is going to win the game but I think they're going to keep this close. And my thought on this one is let Gino cook baby. Gino Smith right now is looking better than Russell Wilson testing 1 2 3 testing 1 2 3.

I didn't take any of those Rogers drugs I don't think before this show. I can't believe we live in a world right now where Gino Smith has the highest completion percentage in the league. And now the highest completion percentage the league the highest in NFL history through the first four games of any NFL regular season with a bare minimum 150 passing attempts Gino over Ross. My thoughts just Gino Smith this week.

That's it. I'll go other side quarterback Andy Dalton. I'm pushing for him to be the starter if he is to win the job. This has to be a game where you play well against this defense when you got to put points. Does it matter who's quarterbacking this team. I know Andy Dalton played well last week against a bad Minnesota defense. But when we talk about quarterback competitions do you give a rat's ass who's playing week in and week out between Jamis Winston and Andy Dalton.

I do because I don't think these Saints are totally right. Oh stop that one in three one in three. Oh no. But Dennis Allen stinks. They're never healthy. You have garbage at the quarterback position. They're never healthy.

That's the killer. They have talent though like they have talent on the defense. You have a solid old line. You have a good running back. You have a good receiver.

He's out there like this is a team that's still I think is going to be capable of making some noise. And if I have a car let's just say a Lamborghini but it doesn't have wheels on the car. Do I have a nice car. No that'd be a problem.

Same thing. That's a fixable issue which I wonder if Andy Dalton is the four tires that you're looking for. He could be we're not I'm not saying this to me twelve and team eight nine wins get in that range. No you have to do a lot. No. You know what. Let me look at the schedule here because on paper with what I've actually with what I've seen so far through the first few weeks of the season I'm going to go out on a limb here. This is a bad football team.

So you're trying to talk them back into a world where that they can make a fight out of this is what you're kind of saying. Just yeah I just give you give yourself a fighter's chance down the stretch. That's all I'm not saying number two seed. Can you pull up their schedule for me.

Yes. For some reason my phone just won't load it. But I'm very curious what the rest of their schedule looks like because just what I've seen so far from that team that that's a bad football team. Well I'll say the Seahawks this week then you're home against Cincinnati on the road at Arizona on a short week loss home against the Raiders home against the Ravens at the Steelers. Okay home against the Rams loss at the forty niners boss at the Bucks loss by week in week 14 the final four games are this Falcons Browns with the Sean Watson back at that point at the Eagles home against the Panthers to finish things off. They have one win right now. They are one in three first one in the year gets fucked the most. And this is being benevolent thinking at a seven the most. Okay.

It's awful. Now I said the most I think they're going to be closer to a five or six win football team. Miami at the Jets no to a tongue of eye low. This is Teddy Bridgewater against Zach Wilson. I want to see some continuity from Zach Wilson was hurt played his first game last week. Did a nice job in the fourth quarter. I want to see up against a good defense in Miami.

Zach Wilson lead back to back winning efforts for the New York Jets. That's my thought. This is like a game. What do you got. You know no to see how can you scheme an offense I could still put up enough points when a game Atlanta at Tampa.

Very simple. I want to see Tampa have life on offense and Tampa blow them out. I believe I'm not mistaken the Falcons the only team that have covered the spread in all four games. Is that right against the spread.

So that's something it ends this week. I think Falcons are going to get blown out Tennessee at the commanders. I'm looking forward to which quarterback is going to mess it up. Tannehill stinks went stinks.

Don't trust either. That to me is what's going to determine this game. Henry probably run through runs through that defense. But which quarterback messes up this game and the limited opportunities that they'll get. You know me the Titans. I'm not a big believer in them every year.

That said they should. You cannot lose this game. You are so much better than the commanders.

You can't. Carson went stinks. Carson wins is so bad right now.

You did this has to be a win. And Rivera is even doubting the team with how annoyed he's getting with the media. But let's be real. If they lose this game they could still win the division.

Oh no absolutely. But this is this should be a gimme Texans at the Jaguars. Here's my thought. If Doug Peterson and Trevor Lawrence have all the answers are moving in the right direction. You win this game and it's not even close. I know Houston has given some gritty efforts this year. They don't have a win. You can't let Davis Mills beat you if the Peterson Lawrence train is getting back on track. They'll take care of the Texans easily this week.

I agree. It's like a building block kind of game coming off a tough loss against the Eagles bounce back and win a game in which you are playing a very inferior opponent. San Francisco and Carolina all hope is lost with Baker Mayfield.

Here's my thought. What Jimmy G are we getting. Two weeks ago he looked like he couldn't play the position then last week he was competent. Will Jimmy G just be serviceable or are we going back to being bad Jimmy G. That's my thought on this game. My thought is when you get the real Christian McCaffrey. Now I guess some is part of Baker Mayfield but like nothing on the ground receiving the ball. Baker wants to get his crew back on track.

Please look at twenty two. Yeah but Baker stinks. I don't even know if he could see Christian McCaffrey might not.

Maybe that's part of the issue on the screen. He doesn't know Baker stinks. He's been very bad. Dallas at the Rams. Is Cooper going to continue to cook. That's the question. That's the thought on the game.

I think the Rams win this week especially with how bad the Rams were. Why is Alex Cora at this game. Alex Cora is that Padres Mets send a front row to the Celtics hat on.

Yeah I don't know. I know I manage an entire baseball season and maybe he's there for cause so if he is I apologize but I just manage a whole baseball season. My team was a good I want no part of being a baseball game. You don't want to go to a baseball game literally two days after your season and is he still in science for next year. Is that what he's doing.

Maybe scouting. But yeah the Rams just have to win this game. I know Dallas is good defense.

I know Dallas their defense has been phenomenal and Cooper rush has been a good story. The Rams lost last week. Their offensive line has been horrible. This is just a game that you must bounce back to the Rams. I think this game we won on a defensive touchdown because both quarterbacks right now are kind of well not both. That's unfair to Cooper rush. Both defenses are opportunistic in terms of the Rams defense. Matthew Stafford knows been you know given few gimmes out there doesn't look like a Hall of Famer.

No he does not. It's swarming angle with this game will come down to which do you have to make a splash play Eagles at the Cardinals one man versus an entire team. That's what this is. This is Kyler Murray against an entire Philadelphia Eagles team. The Cardinals are a singular person right now. The Eagles are a team. I want to see if the magic of Philadelphia can continue.

I think it does. And Philly has struggled in Arizona. I love the birds this week in terms of the Eagles. Give me the Eagles over the Cardinals. What you just said is so stupid with the Cardinals like how this is a playoff team last year.

I know there's no Deidre Hopkins. This team stinks. Well I'm laughing.

But you just said it's so stupid about the Cardinals. It's just right. What are we doing.

It's one guy. Even Kurt Warner said it. He goes they are giving the ball to Kyler Murray and saying witness the game go make a play. We paid Joe the money.

You've got to fix all of our problems. I mean anyone step up Bengals at the Ravens what Ravens defense are we getting because this defense has looked horrible early on when they've had leaves they've not been able to hold it. That's my thought. What Ravens defense are you getting this week. I'm excited to see if Joe Burke continues dominance last year nine hundred forty one passing yards seven touchdowns against the Ravens dominant in both games. Can you pick up been slow to start even like said last week wasn't great against the Dolphins. This kind of the first game this year he actually does step up and play a Joe Burrow game like we saw last year. And finally Monday night Raiders chiefs.

We a lot of points in this game at least. There's some bad primetime games. Here's some of the Raiders two years ago those games were great Raiders and chiefs and last year horrible. I'm trying to give you some optimism on the Raiders I got nothing. Car stinks Josh Jacobs is good but he's then useless if you're down three four touchdowns because you've got to throw throw throw wall has got to just get more looks like what has happened to him. This Raiders. Here's the problem.

Here's the thought. This Raiders defense going to do anything up against Patrick Mahomes you don't have to worry about Tyra Kelly is no longer there but this Raiders defense has been brutal. I just think Mahomes is I haven't looked at the spread on this one whatever it is I don't think it's enough in Kansas City right. Yeah how about they try a touchdown at least in a visual game so you're probably not going to have it like you know 10 or 11. I would love for this to be a thirty four thirty one game same. I don't have confidence that it is run the ball. The Raiders one win is up against the Broncos who shows you how bad the Broncos are your Super Bowl pick.

Yeah and they lost the two in four days lost to the Colts and the Raiders as they need to know about the Broncos sheesh. It is Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio we do NFL picks next with Jersey Jerry of Barstool Sports. You're listening to the Zach Gelb show. It was always Zach Gelb and Jersey Jerry but Zach just didn't know it. Jerry in New Jersey Jerry what part of Jersey are you calling from.

I'm from North Jersey I'm a blue collar union guy. And now they're friends. It was always Jersey Jerry it was always Zach Gelb.

This has never happened before and I'm man enough to share it I don't I'm man enough. And now it's time to respect their NFL picks only on the Zach Gelb show. Alright the NFL picks time with Jersey Jerry from Barstool Sports and this is Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio.

Think O'Reilly Auto Parts for all your car care needs get guaranteed low prices at excellent customer service from the professional parts people at O'Reilly Auto Parts. For the first time all year I have a lead it's not by much I'm only up a half game because Jersey Jerry did get a push last week on that Ravens game. But Jersey Jerry back from Pittsburgh after I don't know was that like a good day for you. I know you got to see Kenny Pickett he brought some life that offense but it was still a loss at the end of the day. I'll tell you what Zach I think I think that was one of the better days I have parked as a late Pittsburgh Steelers fan.

I just had a feeling that's why I got the tickets and went out there. I just had a feeling something would happen mid game. I knew Trubisky was going to start but I said to myself you know I think he's going to struggle and I think they're going to pull Mitch and I think Kenny's going to go in.

I'm happy he did. Listen you know a lot of people look at the box score three interceptions it's tough I will say this I will say this I'm a real fan. Kenny's one interception pretty much costed us the game for sure there's no way around that.

But I've seen a spark and I don't know if you've seen a little spark I've seen a spark. I actually saw hope you know that offensive line is not good the offense hasn't looked good all season and I've been saying this throughout. Yeah you're right it wasn't as bad as what the three interceptions would suggest. But there's actually a reason to watch the Steelers because with Trubisky it was he's playing but you know he's not going to be the guy for the entire season or next year. Yeah and you know what's what I what I found really interesting about about Kenny is you know I went to a preseason game I pretty much you know I think I told the story here somewhere else. I went to a preseason game and during the game he snapped and he screamed at Tomlin let me throw the effing ball and I said to myself this guy he's a gamer this guy's a gamer and then you watch him.

He commands the huddle the wide receivers love playing for him you know the stuff they're saying in the press conferences he's a confident guy. You know brighter days ahead as a Steelers fan I think brighter days ahead you know you got TJ coming back hopefully week six that's what the word is right now. Listen we got a tough tough one in Buffalo that's for sure but you know Mitch Mitch played like a quarterback who just did enough to just stay relevant for the first two or three weeks.

And then you know you listen okay I can understand you know you're not making mistakes you're not turning the ball over really that much but you're not doing enough to win the game by no means. Jersey Jerry here with us let's get to the picks I'll start things off it's the first time I could do so this year because I have that half game lead now we'll see how much longer that does last. I'm taking the Packers Jersey Jerry lay an eight in London up against the Giants. Giants have been a good team this year day ball and Shane I like that regime there is some optimism Green Bay came off that ugly game last week where they found the way to beat the Pats. But I think this is a reminder that the Packers even though they're three and one people aren't high on them they're still a good team and they'll take advantage of a team that just doesn't have a lot of talent right now and the Giants give me the pack minus eight. Awesome yeah I'm gonna go with an underdog play I'm gonna go with the Cardinals plus five and a half listen Eagles are hot they really are defense number one defense pretty much across the board right now they're playing well they're winning games they're covering spread.

But this is just what the Cardinals do they look like crap and then they get into these games with better better opponents and they just somehow either find a way to win or just barely barely lose. And I think they're going to cover the five and a half this week give me the Cardinals. All right we're going head to head then on this one because I got the Eagles at five but I'll use your number for the sake of this segment. I will do the Eagles minus five and a half. This is why I'm going Philly and I hear what you're saying. The Eagles are a team.

The Cardinals are one player and I think they've been playing with fire way too much this year. I'll trust the better team I know Philadelphia struggled in Arizona but I'm going with the birds of Philadelphia minus five and a half this week. So two picks for me. What is your second pick there Jersey Jerry. My second pick is going to be the New Orleans Saints minus five against Seattle at home. I'm not sure who the starter is going to be probably Andy Dalton but I'll take the Saints at home.

Tough place to play. I think the defense they step up to the plate and and get the job done here. Give me the Saints minus five. OK. Wow we're going head to head again. This is a big week.

Yeah. I like Seattle Jersey Jerry this week. I can't believe what I'm seeing out of Geno Smith. I'm not a believer in Geno Smith but he leads the league in completion percentage. Seattle's been a gritty team in the Saints. It's going to be Dalton. I don't know what's going to happen with Thomas and Kamara but I think this is a field goal game.

I don't know who's going to win it but I think Seattle finds a way to keep it close. I'm getting five points so I'm going to take it there. All right.

All right. My my last pick is going to be hear me out. Hear me out. This the bills are banged up. I don't know if anybody's been reading the news. The bills are playing with third stringers on defense especially in the secondary. They're banged up. They're missing some receivers. They're missing some key people especially on defense.

Listen healers went into into Buffalo last year week one upset beat them. The last quarterback to make a start right and beat beat the number one passing defense in the league was Ben Roethlisberger back in 2004. Kenny Pickett makes his start against the number one pass defense in the NFL in 2022. The signs are pointing to the Pittsburgh Steelers covering his spread.

Not only will Steelers cover his spread. Hear me on the show. Play this tape back. I want this tape to be played back after the after after this game on Sunday. Sprinkle the money line.

Sprinkle the money line. Wow. Now we're on in Buffalo right now.

That's one of our affiliates in this 9 p.m. Eastern Time Hour. Jersey Jerry I. You think the Steelers are going to have a shot to win this game is what you're saying. Listen the last time a rookie Carter quarterback made a start and beat the number one pass defense was Big Ben Roethlisberger back in 2004.

Kenny Pickett is in that same situation making his first ever start going against the number one pass defense history repeats itself. You notice that come on, you notice this is what this is what the Steelers do. They beat good teams and they lose to crappy team. That's just what they've been doing the last decade. This is how Tomlin runs this organization. He beats good teams and he loses games he's not supposed to lose. This game is going to be tough for the built.

I'm telling you it's going to be very very tough. The book is not given no respect on the over 15 and a half points for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Kenny's putting up a 24 spot. No question about it.

I like the confidence. So here are my picks. I'm taking Green Bay Lion 8. The Eagles minus five and a half. Saints plus five. Jersey Jerry's on the reverse of the Eagles and the Saints. The Seahawks plus five I should say for me. Jersey Jerry's are the opposite. He's taking the Saints minus the points and he's taking Arizona plus the points. Then you get the Steelers plus the 14 points right there.

Jersey Jerry from Barstool Sports. Appreciate it as always. Do it again next week. Do it again next week.

I'll see you later brother. There we go. Cut that clip Picky. He wants it out there. He wants us to replay it next week. He's liking the Steelers.

Now let me ask you this right. We know Jersey Jerry is a big time Steelers fan but he's a fair fan. You know he doesn't just say crazy things when it comes to Steelers just to say crazy things.

Is that him drinking a little bit too much of the Kool-Aid let's just say from being in Pittsburgh last week. You see your guy get on the field. Kenny texts you. Your boy's with Kenny. You saw a little bit of a spark. Now you get a full 60 minutes of it.

You know if you want to tell me they're going to cover that's fine but sprinkle the money lie a little bit. It's a pretty big time claim by Jersey Jerry. And guaranteeing 24 points from a rookie quarterback making his first start.

Whereas you look at you know what he saw last week for the Ravens with arguably the best quarterback in the NFL. Only put up 20 points. Big stretch.

Don't look to the left. I saw. Yeah.

Max Scherzer sticks. You did this. You did this.

This is your fault. You said the Mets are going to win tonight. They're going to win tomorrow. I was to see a clinching win tomorrow. Jersey just allowed another home run and they're down 6 to nothing.

And we got some jackass Padres fan at the game celebrating. Wonderful. And I was in a good mood Friday. Good week.

Great week of shows. I was really looking forward to after the show tonight sitting on down maybe cracking open a beer. Ordering something maybe like a late night snack.

Maybe like some ice cream. And just enjoying a nice little playoff game. Can't even enjoy it now. Nothing to watch. This game's over at 6 nothing.

But what's the reason to watch this crap anymore. I got to watch it because I'm a fan and because I'm a. I'm a sucker for the Mets and I guess I just enjoy pain. But would you wave the white flag now is this game over. You're going to give me optimism here Hickey and tell me they're coming on back and anytime that they faced adversity this year they respond to adversity. You give me a pep talk now you just tell me that this is over and they're losing tonight. I think we know who will be pitching tomorrow.

So that's you saying to get the ground is pitching tomorrow and the Mets are losing this game. Wonderful. 6 nothing. 6 nothing.

We won 101 games. It's the Mets team. 6 nothing.

6 nothing. At home. Had a playoff game since 2016 at Citi Field. Wildcard game I was there. Syndergaard. Bumgarner. Gillespie. Max Scherzer.

Way to go Max. Home run after home run in Atlanta. Now home run after home run in Queens. Man this must be a big game pitcher.

I know DeGrom is great but this is the guy with the World Series experience. This is Mad Max. What a disaster. Alright closing bill next. Whose stock is booming.

Whose stock is dooming. You're listening to the Zach Gelb Show. This season for the first time you can hear every Weston One NFL broadcast stream live for free. Mondays, Thursdays, Sunday nights, the International Series, holiday triple headers in every post season game. Catch all the action on the Odyssey app on via Westwood One station streams or by asking Alexa to open Westwood One Sports all sponsored by AutoZone. It's time to say goodnight to the Mets season. I mean it's time to say goodnight to that check engine light with the free AutoZone fix finder service.

It will help troubleshoot the likely cause of your life for free. Restrictions apply. Get in the zone. AutoZone. Hicks, their Mets are now down 7 to nothing.

Shares are pulled from the game. I just got a text from our pal Steve Sparky Pfeiffer who does a great job running 1250 The Fan in Milwaukee. One of our great affiliates and I love Steve Sparky Pfeiffer. You want to know what he texted me about? Any idea what he texted me about? Hot day kicky? Sure it's something not very nice about the Mets.

Um I don't think he was being disrespectful but this was his exact text. Hickey did his jinx magic on this one. Anything you got to say for yourself? No.

Nothing. Hickey's taking the L. That's what he's doing. Let's go to David in Buffalo 855-2124 CBS. David what's happening?

Hey Zach, appreciate you taking my call tonight man. You know as a bill stander I just heard you talking with that gambling expert about the games. And I'll tell you one thing, I think the Steelers definitely keep this game a little closer than what people think. I heard some national people think this is going to be a blowout. I think it's probably a 10 point game. I like the Bills to win but I think they've got a lot of injuries with the secondary.

The receivers are banged up. And to me the biggest thing I want to see with this team going forward is I want to see them generate more of a running game. I feel like the pressure is all on Josh Allen. I feel like James Cook, the draft pick that a lot of people are touting saying he's going to come in and really make a big impact.

He hasn't done a lot yet. And Singletary and Moss I think you've got to get them involved in the screen game. And just take some pressure off of Allen and Diggs because to me defenses are going to key on that. It's going to be tough to succeed being one dimensional going forward and trying to win a championship with this team.

Yeah David I appreciate it. They definitely need to take some of the burden off of Josh Allen. That's why I advocated yesterday maybe they should call up the Raiders and go trade for Josh Jacobs. But they should take care of the Steelers.

I don't know if they cover. That's a stay away game for me just because the number is so big and I think Buffalo is clearly the better team. I could see them keeping it close. Yeah that's not out of the realm of possibilities as an NFL team. But if the Bills lose to the Steelers then that would be brutal.

That would be absolutely brutal. The Bills should beat the Steelers. They should beat them by two touchdowns. But can I see it being a 10 point game maybe this is like 30 to 20.

Yeah I could definitely see that. But the bottom line is for Buffalo long term the only blemish on that resume and we talked about this with Jim Kelly. Health or the run game and just having Josh Allen being your leading rusher three out of the four weeks is not a formula that is sustainable.

So they're going to have to find a way to develop something else on the ground. But the Bills they're a top three team in the league. So you should beat a team like the Steelers and you should be able to take care of a young quarterback and a Kenny Pickett. All right let's get to the closing bell. Another day is in the books and we're taking stock of the sports world. It's time to find out who's up and who's down. Let's end the day right and hit the closing bell.

Only on the Zach Gelb show. Let's hear Tom Hamilton on the Guardians radio network. This was the Jose Ramirez two run home run. This made it to one in the six as the Guardians did get these victory today to take game one of Guardians and raised by that two to one score. One nothing raised the pitch swing and a high fly ball deep right center field Siri at the wall and it's gone. How many times can he come through.

The answer is infinite. Give a stock up to Jose Ramirez. All Cal does is go deep. Let's listen up to Cal rally to run home run to make it three nothing Mariners in the first. This is the Mariners radio network. Three two on the way to Cal swing and a drive into right field.

This one is going it is going it is gone. Goodbye baseball Cal rally a two run home run has just shocked the fans here at Rogers Center. Good for the good for the Seattle Mariners to take care of the Toronto Blue Jays by a score of four nothing they take game one.

So give a stock up to Cal rally. What a comeback by the Phils. Fightings were up. We're down two nothing going into that final inning and they end up putting up a 6-3 victory against the Cardinals. Let's listen up to Jean Segura two run single in the ninth. This gave the Phillies the lead 3-2. Here's Scott Fransky on the Phillies radio network. Swing and a ground ball right side.

It's under the club. The game is tied. Here comes Castellanos. He'll score and the Phillies lead it in the ninth. Jean Segura has come through and the Phillies have scored three times to take the lead on the Cardinals.

Give a stock up to the Fightings. Jean Segura. All right, Hickey. I'll give you a positive from the football game last night. What do you think my positive is from the football game last night? I think there's one player that is deserving of praise from the game last night and only one player. Stephon Gilmore.

Yes, that would be accurate. Stephon Gilmore gilly locks still showed when healthy how dominant of a corner that he could be. I had the big interception play at the end of the game. Stephon Gilmore helping the Colts get a much-needed dub if you're still believing that this Colts team could go make the playoffs and do something.

They're not. They could still win this division. I think Tennessee's better. I give the slight edge to Jacksonville as well. If you're a Colts fan, you should be rooting for them to lose as many games as possible so you could go put yourself in a position, an easier position to go get your next franchise quarterback. That was a heck of a performance with Mr. Gilly Locks last night and Stephon Gilmore stock up.

Alright, now to the negative. Russell Wilson. Russell Wilson is trying to be someone that he's not. Russell Wilson was so caught up in being the guy, being the man. You know, I got to be the franchise quarterback.

I got to be the reason a team wins the Super Bowl. I kind of lost this way. And Russ just seems like the last few years, a different person. And now you're seeing it start to impact this play.

The last year and a half, the thought was, oh, it's Pete holding him back. Oh, it's more Seattle, bad offensive line. What happened last night? Late in that fourth quarter, you elect, your coach elects to throw the football. He puts the ball in your hands right before the two-minute warning.

You had nothing. You could have ran the football yourself because you easily would have been able to get the few yards to get the first down. And you may have potentially have gotten a touchdown. Instead you throw a pick. Then in overtime, first down they run, second down they run, third down they run. Fourth and one, all those timeouts, I think they should have ran the football, but they put the ball in Russell Wilson's hands. And Russ had a wide open KJ Hamlin.

Didn't even look to the right side of the field. Pass is incomplete, Colts win. Russell Wilson, you're not living up to that contract. You're not living up to that hype. And right now, forget about being a top 5 quarterback, you're not even looking like a top 10 quarterback. Right now you're not even looking like a top 15 quarterback.

And that's crazy. Because Russell Wilson is a good quarterback, but he has lost his way. And this Broncos team is screwed.

Stockdown. Let's hear Russell Wilson from last night. You know this let's ride thing? Broncos country, let's ride.

You can't say that last night after the game, but Russ did. I'm grateful for them battling for every moment, every play, and they kept believing until the last play. That belief is a powerful thing, and that's what I'm going to keep believing in. Thank you guys. Broncos country, let's ride. You know, I'm going to keep believing, and we're going to try to be a good team. All we have left is the belief, okay?

Thanks guys. Broncos country, let's ride. You can't say Broncos country, let's ride there. Stockdown once again to Russell Wilson. Let's hear Frank Reich. We saw how frustrated Matt Ryan was.

I know they find the way to get the victory. I don't really think that's all, let's go praise Matt Ryan from last night's effort. But Frank Reich, who's a dead man walking anyway, he says he really loves how Matt Ryan plays in the fourth quarter. I wish you guys could have seen him up close. I love this guy in the fourth quarter. The look in his eyes, the short conversations that we have, the determination, I just feel like we're going to go down the field and score. I mean, I really do. He's going to make it work.

So a credit to Matt. I mean, you see all these things that have been said about him. What he does in the fourth quarter is impressive. Why does Frank Reich play that song, I'm Falling For You? Look into my eyes, cause I'm falling for you.

Like what are we doing? I wish you could just look into his eyes. I wish you could see what he's doing.

But we all saw that game last night. Matt Ryan didn't look happy. Stockdown, Frank Reich, what are you talking about? And finally, this romantic decomo covers the Mets. Max Scherzer allowed seven earned runs and is getting booed at Citi Field. It's the most earned runs he's ever allowed in any of his 27 career playoff appearances. Scherzer final line, four and two thirds, seven hits, seven earned runs, no walks, four Ks, four home runs, 80 pitches. Welcome to the Mets, Max Scherzer.

Stockdown. That game's 7-1. San Diego up on New York. Hickey, real quickly, what's the one game that in a weird way you're excited about this weekend? For me, it's Tennessee and the Commanders, cause I just can't wait to see which quarterback messes up between Ryan Tannehill and Carson Wentz. I'm gonna go your boys. Lions-Patriots. Best offense in the NFL, points for game-wise, against what could be a revenge game for Matty P. Yeah, revenge game, my ass. Big thanks to Derek Wolfe for joining us. Also, gotta thank Jersey Jerry as well. I'll be on ION Football Sunday, noon Eastern.
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