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This QB or That QB? (Hour 4)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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October 6, 2022 10:07 pm

This QB or That QB? (Hour 4)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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October 6, 2022 10:07 pm

This or That QB for Week 5 l Jim Kelly on Josh Allen's greatness l Closing Bell

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JR Sport Brief

You thought that the Broncos came up against the 49ers was bad? This Broncos cults game sucks. This is the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. We're coming to you live from the Rocket Mortgage Studios.

Whether you're looking to purchase a new home or refinance yours, Rocket Mortgage can help you get there for home loan solutions that fit your life while Rocket can. It's 3-0 early on in the second quarter between the Broncos and the Colts. Now the Broncos right now are moving the football.

They're at Indianapolis' 36-yard line right now. Hickey, you were on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being no confidence, 10 being extremely confident. You had a confidence level of a 6 tonight in the Indianapolis Colts. With what you've seen through a quarter and now 2 or 3 minutes, where's your confidence level at now? From a scale of 1 to 10? It's going to stay at a 6, but I'm going to change the measurement here. I'm going to say I feel at a 6 out of 10 that they'll get a first down in this game.

Just one first down. Have you started drinking yet, just wondering? No, I'm on the air, working.

Or producing, excuse me. I'll make an exception. Really? Okay, you know what? I saw yesterday there was a handle of vodka in the newsroom. Where?

At one of the desks. You could crack open, I would allow you to crack open a beer. You know what? Thank you, Zach. I appreciate that. You could start chugging vodka, let's be real.

I can't get any worse in that producing spot than where we're already at. Maybe the alcohol would enhance you. Maybe. It helped definitely ease the pain of watching this. Now, I was a little bit confused with something yesterday. So, I got a tweet, the pre-show tweet that you put out, I was off yesterday. What was this topic about knowing when you were going to die yesterday that I saw when Andy Gresh was filling in? Which, by the way, I heard how Gresh, I was told I had to listen to the way Gresh opened up the show yesterday. I loved the way that Gresh opened up the show yesterday. Just taking shots left and right at Miraz.

It was almost as if he was trying to get mentioned by the TA show the next day. So, I thought that was a job well done by Andy Gresh as, is that a 60? Oh, it would've been good from 61 yards out. So, that's a good kick from one Brandon McManus.

Kicking with McManus as it is now 6-0 Denver on top of the Indianapolis Colts. But anyway, I saw a tweet yesterday and it said, would you want to know when you want to die? What the heck were you guys talking about yesterday? Gresh is probably going to have a story where Dana White, I guess, went to some… Friend of show Dana White. Friend of show. Supposed to be joining us in studio from what his camp told me when the UFC is coming back to New York next month in November. We'll see if that ends up happening, but they said we think we'll be able to get him in studio.

So, I hope that happens. You can then ask Dana yourself this question because apparently he went to, I don't know what you would call it, a biologist? I don't even know what the right definition or title would be. He saw some doctor that I guess is very accurate in determining how much longer you will live. And I guess the doctor, based on health, maybe habits, everything… Dana? Yes, Dana White did. Oh.

And I guess he was given, let's say, 10 years and 4 months to live. That's it? Yes. I don't buy that.

I guess that scared him straight. I don't know if there's, you know, I guess eating better, getting, you know, working out more, whatever it was. But apparently this doctor is very accurate in his diagnosis, if you want to call it that, or predictions of when people will pass away. So… So, why was the question then, would you want to know when you want to die? Well, it was a bad wording by me, but basically Gresh was asking would you want to know… Would you want to know when you were going to die? Yeah.

That's a good question, actually. If I have now, I'm only 28, so if I only have 10 more years left, yeah, no. I do not want to know that. But did they tell me I got like 50 left? And I would hope to live past 78. But then you could start to, nah, actually, you know what? I think I would want to know when I'm going to die. Even though that answer would scare the crap out of me if it was only, I don't know, 10 more years. And then you could try to do all these things and then you end up living for another 50 and the doctor is just a dope, which I don't trust the doctor to begin with.

That's just me. But I think I would have, well, I think I would want to know. Because then, let's be real. If I was told I only have 10 years to live, as much as I love this job, I'm not spending 10 more years doing this job. I love this job. I'll do this job for five more years and then I want to go enjoy the final five years of my life.

Where'd you stand on this, by the way, Ry? Oh, 100% want to know. Yeah, because I got to make sure if I have three years left, let's say I'm living my life the best I can. You're telling me you wouldn't stay as the producer of the Zach Gelb show if you only had three more years to live? I have a lot to do between now and whenever, you know, I leave this earth and I want to make sure I fit it all in. So whether that, again, that's three months or 300 years.

Not to make this very morbid. If you were told you have three more years to live, you get married in the next three years? It's a tough question for you. You've had a girlfriend of, what, six years now? Four years?

About to be five years and a few weeks. Mm hmm. Good question. I don't know. Oh, that's a bad answer. But you got to say yes. I don't know. You got three years to live.

I don't think so. Your girlfriend's not going to like that. But OK, if we spin it on the other way to get me out of this predicament.

I can understand your mentality, why you would not want any commitments, but if you've been with someone for five years and you're trending in that direction, the ball is already in the red zone of you guys getting married. Right. But why would my girlfriend want to get married to someone who's going to die in three years out of love? Then what? Then I'm going to die.

And then she'd have to just start the whole process over again. So I'll just I'll save her some of the sadness and I'll say, you know what? Get out now while you can save. You know, I also need extra money. I'm not going to spend it on a ring that I'm going to need for three years. I'm just going to save the money. You can only live for three more years and make sure I do whatever I can. If I need an extra, I don't know, 10 grand to go sit front row in a Mets game. I'm going to use that instead of buying a ring. Hold on. If you have three years left, that's what you want to go sit front row at a Mets game.

Well, one day for for one of the days. Yeah, absolutely. You want to like travel the rest of the world? Of course. I'm not going to travel for three years.

The first thing you say is sit front row in a Mets game. I'm just saying like, you know, do things I normally wouldn't do if I'm to spend a ton of money. You know, I'm going to need that that extra cash that I would otherwise spend on a ring. So that's why I would say no to that answer.

I don't know that. I love how Michael Pittman caught the football and you go extra cash. You got very excited there. First down. So I got the Colts. I was confident they get one first down. They got a first down.

Who were in the second quarter taking the second quarter to get a first down. But here we are. You would have to put some pressure on Jim if he only had three more years to live.

Jim or say to get this team back to a competent level. I would do a lot of things. That's for sure. In three years, I would be yelling at a lot of different people. Here's part of the why I wouldn't want to know. Like, I'm conflicted. I would want to know, but I wouldn't want to know. Who knows that this doctor has any actual accuracy with this?

I think you have to play along in this hypothetical. You have to assume he's pretty accurate. I love Dana White. Does Dana White actually think he's going to die within 10 years?

No shot. You can ask him. And I think that's more of a burden on him now that he thinks he may only. Is this doctor right? Is it not right? He may only live for 10 more years.

What aggressor? He would want to know. He would want to know. I don't feel like I don't see the downside of knowing. The downside is you have to worry. Leading up to your death.

You got to work. If they say you have five months to live. Or five years to live, let's just say. Yeah, the first year, second year, but then you get to that final year or two. It's all you get to do a lot of things, but there's probably a lot of stress, stress and agita on if it's actually going to happen or not.

And then imagine you throw a parade. Oh, yeah, it was the doctor was wrong. And the next day, bam. Thumbs up.

I think they'd be quick acceptance. Yeah, unless you want to change your, you know, your eating habits and say, you know what? Screw you, Doc.

I'm going to outlive you and just live my life normally. Use those little motivation, right? A little kick in the behind.

Kind of be like change your habits. Can he pick it? We're not the underdog. We're going to look past you, Doc. We're going to be top dog. Don't you worry.

All right. Anyway, you got some quarterbacks for me this weekend? Yes, a little this quarterback or that quarterback. There's some bad matchups here, but some interesting quarterback matchups for sure. Let's start. Let's start in New York.

Note to a tongue below. Obviously, it's gonna be Teddy Bridgewater taking on Zach Wilson, making his second start of the year. Who'd you rather have for this game only? Teddy or Zach? Zach. More upside.

And I know you say it's for this game only. I just think there is more life to that arm of Zach Wilson. And I think Zach Wilson, even though he's not more accomplished than Teddy Bridgewater at this stage of both their careers, he's a better playmaker. So I would take Zach Wilson over Teddy Bridgewater just for this weekend. Andy Dalton, I believe from last I've seen it will start this week or at least presumed to be the start of this week as the Saints take on the red hot Seahawks. Would you rather have Geno Smith for this game or Andy Dalton?

I can't believe I'm going to say this. Even if it is Jamis Winston. I'd rather have the guy that leads the league in completion percentage. And through the first four games in the history of the NFL, he has the highest completion percentage in the history of the league for a guy starting his first four games of the year.

I think it's like a minimum of 150 passes from ESPN stats and info. Did you see the exchange of Geno Smith with the reporter today? I did. Got a little cocky. Do you have that audio?

We do. Oh, look at that. I was surprised. I wasn't on the cut sheet.

Play me that audio real quickly then. This is Geno Smith with the reporter. You're in the midst of doing something that we've practically never really seen before. The guy was a backup for seven years and now you're in the top of the league and passed your rating. You just got off as player of the week. You surprised by that? Am I?

Yeah. If you told me before the season, I'd be a little surprised. It's because you haven't watched him throw. How many opportunities in the last few years have we really had for Geno Smith to watch him throw?

I know you started a few games last year and you played okay. But it's not as if there's a lot of tape on Geno Smith, recent tape on Geno Smith leading into this year. I like that though from Geno. Geno's done a good job this year. It's only four games, but restoring his image, he's done a good job. He's definitely a lot of receipts.

I guess he's ready to send back. In terms of on the field. Let me be clear. In terms of on the field matters.

Like you said, he's a historian. Oh my God, what a terrible pick. Is that Carson Wentz back at quarterback?

Oh wait, it's Matt Ryan. That was horrible. That could be one of the worst interceptions, unless that ball got deflected. That is one of the worst interceptions I've ever seen.

Oh my God, it wasn't even deflected. Turn out the lights. The party's over.

Oh, sorry. Some large lady just ran into the studio and started singing. In a game that's only six nothing, why would a large lady just come into the studio and start singing? Oh, she's coming back.

Wow, isn't that a little heart shaky that that large lady just came into the studio? It's only six nothing? Matt Ryan just threw a pick? They're down six nothing and she's saying that the game is over? This team stinks, but I would not be saying that. You just said the Colts stink. I thought they were a good team and they're beating themselves in all these games.

Stop. The Colts suck. Even if they come back and win this game, they suck. Say it with me. The Colts suck this year. Can you say it?

Can you say it, Hickey? They stink. You feel better about yourself, right?

No, I don't. I feel better if they scored a touchdown. I feel better if they actually had a competent drive or didn't wait to get down double digit points all of a sudden with an offensive drive that actually looks somewhat decent together. You do this to yourself, though, because you actually thought that they were going to win this game tonight.

Okay, it's six nothing. They suck. The Broncos offense is literally doing nothing. But why would you even tell yourself that they were going to win this game? The Broncos stink, too. But why would you even think that you were going to win this game? Because this was a game that to me felt like going in.

Why center yourself up for the rejection? Everyone was on the Broncos. To Frank Reich's credit, I know you don't like him.

He stinks. The one thing he has done consistently in his era in Indianapolis is anytime there's a lot of... I just saw the next Thursday Night game.

Yeah, Commander's Bears. That one's going to be better than this game. It's going to be a rough watch.

Anyway, anytime there's always some thought of, oh, this team has no chance, that's usually when they win the game. Wait, how'd you guys get the ball back? No, they're just doing a replay. Oh, they're doing a replay? What the heck?

They're promoting their other platforms that they have. And they show a Colts highlight Amazon? Well, there's not many highlights on the team. After a pick six.

What are you going to do? I mean... That was very confusing. That was what, a 15-yard completion they just had that they showed? And it wasn't a straight-up complete... It wasn't as if the ball went 15 yards in the air.

It was some yak that did occur there. That is probably the best play of the game for either side. No, the best play of the game was an interception. That was awesome. I don't know what that was. Give me... Your football team stinks.

And the Broncos stink too. If they lose this game, Frank Wright getting fired? They leaving him on the runway?

I don't think so. I think it's... For Frank Wright to get fired in season, I think it's going to take two and ten. Oh, you know what? Actually, you know what? You know what? Could do it. Could do it. Here, I'll tell you this. If they get their doors blown off in Tennessee in two weeks... Jim Mercy hates the Titans more than I hate the Titans.

If they lose 31-3, they lose 34-10, that could be a game, watch out, where Frank does not make the triple. Do you know where he's going to have to fire him? Before? If this continues to go this way? Where?

Where or when? And I'm saying it could happen within the next three weeks. And that Tennessee game, you may be 100% right. Maybe the first right thing you said about the Titans all year. I mean the Colts all year. Here's why.

You don't... Have you looked ahead to who the opponent is the week after that game against Tennessee? No. Is it Philly? No, it's the commanders. Oh, jeez.

No. If Matt Ryan plays poorly up against Carson Wentz, and Wentz plays good in that game, Frank writes you to say, well, that's my guy. That's the guy I wanted to keep, and Jim made me get rid of Carson Wentz. So it delays the firing for a few more weeks.

So if they lose this game tonight to the Broncos... Well, hold on. The fat lady's coming in again. Can you go away?

This is just not nice to Hickey. All right. If you must. So they lose that game to the Broncos tonight. Go away, fat lady.

We don't need you anymore. And then they lose to the Jaguars, and then lose to Tennessee. Even if they go one and two in the stretch of these next three games. But let's say they get embarrassed by Tennessee. You can't let Frank coach up against the commanders.

You just can't. I'd agree with that. I think the Tennessee game would be the one to circle. It's not going to happen this week. It's not going to happen next week.

All right. Give me some more of these quarterback matchups. Speaking of Tennessee... Oh, that's real misleading. The Broncos just fumbled, but the play was blown dead. There was a flag, and it looks like the Colts are running down the sideline to make it 6-6. Melvin Gordon.

One of the reasons why I thought the Colts were going to win this game. Budgeted at least two Melvin Gordon fumbles. There was one. Did you budget a Matt Ryan fumble?

About seven of them? He was down anyway. That's why. That's a penalty. All right.

Continue. Ryan Tannehill is taking on Carson Wentz. Which Kordak wedge out for this week? Logan Woodside.

Isn't that the back of Kordak? Malik Willis. Where's Logan Woodside at these days?

I think he might be practice squad for the Titans. Oh, okay. Taylor Heinecky.

You know what? I can't believe I'm going to say this. No, you're not. Because Tannehill is the better quarterback. I don't like this spread. This spread is only Tennessee a one and a half point favorite.

The Commanders stink, though. You really going to do what I think you're going to do? Carson Wentz.

Yeah, don't like it. I almost didn't include this, because I just figured you're going to just... Even with Ryan Tannehill being Ryan Tannehill, he's still... Tannehill is a better quarterback. Wow. He's more trustworthy.

I don't know. I just get a feel that the Commanders are going to win this week. Wow. For this week... I hope Carson Wentz is listening. Robert Rivera looks lost right now. He sounds lost right now.

This guy's got to... If they still care for that coach, which I think they do, they got to show a little bit of a fight this week. I did not see that coming.

Okay. Let's talk about another quarterback battle that's very interesting. 49ers Panthers. Who would you rather have... Jimmy G. Don't even ask him. Jimmy G. Baker Mayfield stinks right now.

Jimmy... You know me. I do not love... You've made me in this segment pick Jimmy G and Carson Wentz. But Baker Mayfield stinks right now.

And he's getting chippy with the media when they ask him if there's anything to do to try to avoid getting the football batted down the line of scrimmage. Baker... Terrible this year. Awful. Putrid. Okay.

Let's move on. Let's go to a big matchup here in the NFC. Cowboys-Rams. You saw Matthew Stafford struggle mightily against the 49ers on Monday Night Football. You know Cooper Rush undefeated as a starter in his career. Who would you rather have this week only? Cooper Rush or Matthew Stafford? Rush is playing the better football, but I still go Stafford. Stafford coming off a bad performance. I'll take Matthew Stafford. He's the better player.

Very similar style of players. Jalen Hurts or Kyler Murray? Jalen Hurts.

Here's a great one. Great quarterback. Here's why I'll take Jalen Hurts. They asked Kyler Murray to do so much that it's all on him. Not that Jalen Hurts is just simply a facilitator because that would be disrespectful to Jalen Hurts. Tremendous leader. That team really does believe in him. But I think Jalen Hurts is set up in a better position to succeed.

than Kyler Murray is. Sunday Night Football. Bengals-Ravens.

Oh, this is the best one. Who would you rather have for this week specifically? Lamar Jackson or Joe Burrow? Lamar. I know it can contradict my Kyler Murray answer because Lamar is asked to do so much. That Bengals offensive line, though, scares me. And Lamar is at home. I'll give the edge to Lamar. And finally, Raiders Chiefs, Derek Carr or Patrick Mahomes? I don't even ask that. Well, the only reason why I did is because you shocked me as taking Carson Wentz over Ryan Tanos.

I figured I want to give you the opportunity. Yeah, I want Derek Carr. And the 1% chance that you were feeling frisky today to take care of Derek Carr. That's all. Yeah, give me Derek Carr over Patrick Mahomes.

Jane Alaska, line one. Yeah, I'll take Derek Carr. Yeah, come on. Okay, give me Stidham.

Oh, what'd he ask me? Stidham next too? He's on the Raiders? Yeah, obviously, Patrick Mahomes. Zach Gelb's show, CBS Sports Radio.

You're listening to The Zach Gelb Show. So the other day I got an opportunity to chat with the Pro Football Hall of Famer and legendary Bills QB in Jim Kelly. I want to play back two things for you right here. This is Jim Kelly and why he believes that Josh Allen will become the best quarterback in the history of the Bills franchise.

You know it in Buffalo. For years they were saying, please get us the next Jim Kelly. Get us the next Jim Kelly. And those prayers were finally answered. What is it like for you to not only see the way that Josh Allen's career has really developed, but now has taken off to where he's one of the best quarterbacks, if not the best quarterback in the NFL?

Well, I love seeing it. Yeah, I've heard that for so many years and I think they finally got a guy not only probably just as good, but he keeps going the way he's going to be. He's going to shatter all my records. I won't even have any. He'll be halfway through his career.

He'll be probably already by mine. But it's good to see it. He's a good kid. He's great for the community. He's a great leader. Everything that a franchise would love to have. Everybody that would love to have a guy like that in your community go and run.

Helping foundations and charities and all these. You found it in Josh Allen. So it's good to see you and I love watching it. So you think he's going to go down as the greatest quarterback in Bill's history? Who me? No. Josh Allen. Yeah, your opinion on it. It's a pretty important one. I mean, your bottom line is if he continues to do what he has done and been doing, he's going to shatter all my records.

All without a doubt, he'll be the greatest ever. I hope it happens. I mean, that's what I would love to have.

I live here. My kids, my two daughters are huge Bill fans and they would love to be able to see all my records. Maybe not be shattered, but broken. They probably will. But the thing that comes with that is wins. All those victories. And of course, you don't want to talk too much about that Lombardi trophy.

It's not here yet. But to be able to keep fighting and get back and hopefully at least get to the game and try to get one and pull one off and win one. That would be awesome. So I'm excited about what I see with what we've got behind the center. That's got to be such an awesome feeling when you have your guy and you've been a franchise that ever since that guy that just said that in Jim Kelly was no longer part of the Bill's organization. You were looking for that next great quarterback and it took forever to find it.

But now the only thing that could impact that guy being the guy are injuries. And Josh Allen, we all know, is a wonderful, magnificent quarterback like Hickey. I hate to go to you on this because yes, you had Peyton Manning and you had Andrew Luck, but your team is now in that mess of trying to find the next guy. Hey, my team had Tom Brady.

No one's going to play a small violin for me. And you're trying to find that next guy now to be able to have that guy and have one of your franchise legends say it. If you're a Bill's fan, it's almost put you in a spot where you don't know how to kind of deal with the success just because you've never won a championship. Yes, you've been to four Super Bowls in a row and you lost all of them.

We all know that. But to hear how positively people associated with the organization, people not with the organization are now talking about your team. And it's been that way all offseason. And even though they've lost that one game to Miami, it still kind of has felt that way all throughout that everyone is so high on the Buffalo Bills. And it took the Kansas City Chiefs who have been this great team for the last five years to remind everyone this year, hey, we're still pretty damn good for it really to now become a two team race in the way that we're looking at. These two teams play each other in a few weeks where it's Buffalo, Kansas City and everybody else in the AFC. I would love to know the feeling again, but like you mentioned, it's just almost like there's so much weight taken off your shoulders when you have such a great quarterback like Josh Allen is that solves so many problems where you see it, even if you have a hole or deficiency, doesn't matter.

He's an eraser and very few teams have it. And to have that now for another decade, you think right with Josh Allen being so young. It has to be a great feeling for the Bills fans and their few areas of weakness on this team. The only two things that Jim Kelly talked about in the interview, and one's in a negative way, the other is just an obvious statement is you just hope they stay healthy. And you already saw, right, the Mica Hyde injury, which was a concern.

There's no doubt about that. And you look at the only feeling that really could derail this team is really probably what, three things? Tom Brady beating in a big spot, Mahomes beating in a big spot. And then I would say injuries. Now, Jim did bring up the run game and taking some things off of Josh's plate, and he's not wrong.

We've talked about that. And that's why if I'm Brandon Bean, you kind of in a copycat league, channel your inner Les Snead and go F those picks, I'd be on the phone right now with the Raiders. And I know the Raiders just had a good game, and they won, and they're 1-3, but they're playing the Broncos, the Broncos stinking, but the Broncos beating your Colts who also stink in this 6-0 game so far, which is setting offense back about 2,000 years.

But if you are the Bills, you don't leave any stone unturned. You got a good offense line. You got a good tight end. You got good wide receivers. You got a great quarterback.

You got a No. 1 defense at Adebon Miller. The only thing that you look at where you go, okay, that offense has a little bit of an area weakness, and maybe James Cook turns out to be really solid. Devon Motor Singletary, he always goes on a 4-5 week stretch where he plays really well out of FAU, but I would call up the Raiders and see if they'd be interested in parting ways with Josh Jacobs, who they did not pick up his fifth-year option. And I don't usually advocate giving up high draft picks for running backs unless you are a team that that running back is the missing piece. And for the Bills, the only area you could go, I don't love their roster, is at the running back spot. So I have no problem, even though his deal is expiring, if I am the Bills and calling up Josh and Dave with the Raiders and saying, second-round pick?

You didn't have to start there. But I'd be willing to give up a second-round pick if I'm the Bills to go get Josh Jacobs. Especially when it's twofold. Like you mentioned, it helps shore up the one big weakness they have, which is running game. But also, too, it helps protect your star quarterback and Josh Allen because he's been the one to supplement the running game, and now you take carries away from him.

Leading rusher three out of four weeks. And preserve his body, so it's almost like a double benefit in getting a running back. Like you mentioned, it's boost a running game and save Josh Allen.

And Boomer Esiason, it was last week, he advocated for maybe Saquon Barkley getting traded to the Bills. If you are a new regime right now in Joe Shane and Brian Deball, when you're off to a three-in-one start, I think right now the timing, even though you have a new regime in Las Vegas but you're not winning, the timing right now to trade Saquon when this team is three-in-one and they're playing well, I know they'll probably lose to the Packers this week and fall to three-in-two, it is a tough sell to some of those guys in the locker room that you're trying to get to buy-in. If you're the Giants, you may just have to, and this could get contentious, you may just have to franchise tag Saquon Barkley at the end of the year. It would be tough to trade him now because whatever you're preaching is working and you're asking for a buy-in, if you trade one of the more popular players in the locker room and the best player on your roster, even though I would be concerned with his lack of being able to stay on the field of giving him a big long-term deal, I think you may need to franchise tag Saquon Barkley and probably not trade him to the Bills.

I get the optics would not be great right now at three-in-one. What I will say, if the Bills come knocking for a first-round pick... That's different. You have a price then. I know players don't think this way, but you came in with very low expectations, there's not a lot expected of this team, and the teams they've beaten outside of the Titans, who are again kind of borderline okay anyway, it's not like they're beating great teams. No, that's fair.

No, you're not wrong on that front. Jim Kelly, by the way, I'll play you one more here. He explains why he's rooting for Kenny Pickett, just not this weekend.

You go into Miami and then still following probably closely the ACC. Kenny Pickett, who won the ACC Player of the Year last year, coming into town this weekend for his first career start in front of those Buffalo fans. What do you kind of expect out of Kenny Pickett?

Good luck. I like what I saw, I like what I see. I think he's going to be a good quarterback in the near future. He's young, he's going against a very good defense, a defense that he likes to put a lot of pressure on. And we'll see what happens.

I wouldn't want to be him this time, but you know what, you have to start somewhere and we'll see what happens. But I wish him nothing but the best of luck because you know what, throughout this year, I grew up in Pittsburgh. I've been a Steelers fan. Of course, I'm a Bills fan now, but Steelers are my second choice.

And you always wish nothing but the best for your young kids. You hope he does well this year. Yeah, I would find it very hard to believe that this is going to be a nice game for Kenny Pickett this weekend. Here's one just betting number early. Bills laying 14 this weekend. 14 points a lot in the NFL. And you could be trailing by like three scores in your back door cover and all that.

Marco, you've been around a lot of years. Bills laying 14 this weekend in Buffalo, rookie QB, first career start. I'd stay away. It's a lot of points. You got to do it.

If you have to do it, I would probably take the Bills. That's why we go to you for the voice of reason because you're right. That is the ultimate stay away game. Look, there's games that you look at and you go, I don't have to do this. There's no reason that I have to pick this game. So let me pick the other game that I feel better about. You pick games that you feel good about.

That's not one of them that I would feel good about. If I had to, I would still take Buffalo. Ryan, if you had to pick that game, Bills and Steelers, would you lay the fourth team with the Bills?

I would. Zach Wilson, the Jets, scored a good amount of points. Buffalo should put up a lot. Here's my number one rule. If I think a team's going to win and I feel really confident about them winning, I usually lay the points on a big number. But like that big number is just like eight or nine. Fourteen.

Yeah, it's not college. It's a lot of points. I would hate to plus the team that I think is going to lose and get blown out and then plus the 14. I would probably plus the 14 and then about it the third quarter hate myself for plussing the 14 when it's 38 to nothing.

It is the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. We'll ring the closing bell next. Matt Ryan is 12 of 19 for 140 yards. No touchdown. One interception. Russell Wilson 9 of 17, 69 yards. Twenty-three rushing yards. Is that the Broncos leading rusher Russell Wilson or the Colts leading rusher in this game, Phillip Lindsay?

Twenty-three. I would go Russell Wilson. You would be correct. Phillip Lindsay is 34 yards. Fifty-five yards receiving. Melvin Gordon or Michael Pittman Jr.?

Michael Pittman Jr. You are correct. That's the leading receiver. Fifty-five yards for Michael Pittman. Twenty-five yards for Melvin Gordon. Leading tackler.

Seven. Is that the leading tackler for the Broncos or the Colts? There's been a lot of sacks on the Denver side, so I think that's split up. I will say Colts leading tackler seven. No, Kenny Moore is the leading tackler for the Colts of four. Josie Jewell is the leading tackler for the Broncos with seven.

Why oh God there? He's an Iowa guy. He gave me plenty of agita, intense Iowa rivalry games back in the day. Okay. He's a tackling machine.

Gotcha. Yeah, four sacks that the Broncos had in the first half. One for the vaunted Indianapolis Colts defense.

Colts rookie left tackle. Three holding calls in the first half. I don't know if that's a record, but boy he's close.

Yeah, someone's got to be worse. Only three. In the first half alone.

That's a lot, but you have a bad drive or two I can see someone getting like four or five. What? Holdy calls. Elias Sports Bureau. Looked up at halftime here. All right, let's get to the closing bell. Another day is in the books and we're taking stock of the sports world. It's time to find out who's up and who's down. Let's end the day right and hit the closing bell.

Only on the Zach Gelb show. Let's start you off. This is a call from ESPN. Listen up to the name of this basketball player.

A song curling off the screen driving baseline. Oh, you fat with a three. Yes, I just said that.

I don't want to tweet from anybody. Steve Ho you fat. I get that audio clip one more time. I thought I was envisioning something or heard something that can't actually be the person's name. One more time.

Curling off the screen driving baseline. Oh, you fat. Yes, I just said that. I don't want to tweet from anybody.

If I got on the radio today, Hickey and said ho you fat, I'd probably get fired. That's that person's last name, though. Thing is God given.

Or do you change it? I don't know how you get that last name and it's all it's not one word. Yeah, I have no clue. I don't know where the guy's from.

I have no clue any of the information on this story. All I heard, though, was ho you fat. And I was like, come again.

What did you say? Oh, you fat. But that is the name.

Is it spelled out? It sounds. Oh, yeah. To the letter.

Really? I got to do a little googling here. H.O. pretty sure it's Y.O.U. F.A.T. Do we know about the now, Steve?

Oh, you fat family lineage. No, I cannot say we know much outside of Steve, who interestingly French spelled with two E's in the in the front for Steve. S.T.E.E.V.E. Yeah. To add to that.

Yeah, I have no clue. But anyway, it's a it's a great name. So give a stock up to Steve. Ho, you fat stock up to Quinn.

You were making his return for Red River, Texas, Oklahoma. Stock up, stock down to Thursday night football. It's six three at the half. I have zero interest of watching this game in the second half.

I have to go for work. Stock down to Thursday night football. Draymond Green reportedly threw a punch at Jordan Poole. Bob Myers doesn't believe that contracts feud the arguments between Jordan Poole and Draymond Green, both looking for new deals. I don't think this was related to who's getting paid and who isn't. I don't sense that. Make your own conclusions.

Probably more important what players think on that than what I think. But I don't see it. I've actually seen a really good group.

I've really seen for people that were in Japan with us. That's just one of the best vibes that we've had in my 12 years here as far as camp and health, mental health, camaraderie. But it's unfortunate and I'm not going to deny it.

It'll take some time to move through, but we'll move through it. I don't. Maybe there's something that Jordan Poole could have said, but I don't give the benefit of the doubt to Draymond Green. And you're punching a teammate like, well, what are you doing? You're not Michael Jordan and Steve Kerr, right?

Come on. Stockdown Draymond Green. Max Johnson, broken bone in his throwing hand. The quarterback at Texas A&M. They may go back to Haynes King. I know that they play Alabama. I think it's time for Connerwood.

Stockdown Max Johnson. Shame too, because I was curious what he was going to do at LSU. And then at A&M, a little excitement. And then this happens. Let's hear Baker Mayfield talk to the media earlier today.

If you have a drill for me, you can let me know. I mean, it's like staying in the pocket. It's finding windows to throw, getting their hands out quicker. It's the same things I keep saying. Now Baker's getting a little chippy with the media. Some attitude.

Stockdown. He's not a good quarterback. And finally, remember Mike Golick joined us last week and I told him the story how we saw Mike Greenberg, his former radio partner in the airport, ordering a bagel with butter and then getting a slice of cheese on it. Golick out of nowhere said, oh yeah, greenie once or multiple times he eats wings with a fork and knife.

I thought that was like a throwaway joke. Mike Greenberg was on a podcast and he admitted that he does eat wings with a fork and knife and pizza. It was on the Kevin Clark's Slow News Day podcast. I guess it was a slow news day, but we'll talk more about this tomorrow. Why is Mike Greenberg eating wings with a fork and a knife?

That annoys me, Stockdown. Fun show today. Big thank you to Kevin Harlan and Will Middlebrook stopping by. We'll do it again all tomorrow on a football Friday at 6 p.m. Eastern, 3 Pacific. That's the Zac Gelchowy out. Bye bye and peace.
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