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Initial Success (Hour 2)

Zach Gleb Show / Zach Gleb
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August 24, 2022 8:55 pm

Initial Success (Hour 2)

Zach Gleb Show / Zach Gleb

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August 24, 2022 8:55 pm

Ariel Epstein, Yahoo Sports betting analyst l Rich Rod accuses Stephen F. Austin of cheating l Which first year NFL head coach will have the most success in 2022?

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Hour number two of our radio program, that's right.

It is Zach Gelb's show Coast to Coast on CBS Sports Radio. We're coming to you Rocket Mortgage Studios. Whether you're looking to purchase a new home or refinance yours, Rocket Mortgage could help you get there.

For home loan solutions that fit your life, yes, your life, Rocket can. Now joining us in studio, I've known her for I think like a decade and now she's a mega, mega, mega star. They call her the Prop Queen. She's a sports betting host and analyst for the Yahoo Sports Book. You could also watch her all the time.

On MLB Network and NBA TV. And that's Arielle Epstein. Arielle, how are you? I'm so great. Thank you for having me on in person nonetheless. First time ever that we're doing a show in person together.

Yes, that's right. I have seen you in person before back at the Barrett Sports Media Summit where Arielle was a big star and everyone wants to talk to you about the betting world. Oh please, you're hyping me up too much. Because now all this is is just how can I win money? All these betting companies, good time to be in it.

I had the wrong career choice, but they're throwing this ridiculous amount of cash out to all these people. The sports betting world blew up in the pandemic. I knew getting into it in 2019 that sports betting would blow up in the next 10 years, especially in New York. It was going to be so strict. I said 10 years probably is what we have.

It was almost not that the pandemic was a good thing, but everyone being at home, everyone just let their guard down. All right, we could embrace marijuana, legalize that in a bunch of states and then let's just embrace betting too. Everyone's doing it anyway.

Approve, approve, approve. People need to make money somehow. You have to be able to bet in New York because Connecticut and New Jersey were both legalizing it. I was driving from my parents house in New York, in Rockland County. We were driving across the border 20 minutes down the street to go to New Jersey and placing bets.

That's how desperate we were for entertainment. Yeah, my friends Sunday mornings would take the path train from my New York City apartment in financial district. You'd have to get in New Jersey. You'd have to walk up the platform.

They would go right outside the platform, place their bets, then walk right back down, take the train back, and they made it back for the one o'clock games. All righty, I got to get to some over unders. I picked out like six or seven right here that are just intriguing to me. The Cardinals, I'm on the fence if they're going to make the playoffs this year. No DeAndre Hopkins the first six games of the season. They just got the deal done with Kyler Murray. They're over under, when I just checked a few moments ago, eight and a half. That seems low to me, but I'm like an idiot.

I say it seems low and then I go, okay, I should hit the over and then the under will end up hitting. Eight and a half is that limbo area because Arizona is a team that they have so much promise with such great receivers. You've got DeAndre Hopkins.

You have Hollywood Brown. Now you're facing suspensions with most of your receivers too. How is the quarterback of the Cardinals Kyler Murray going to adjust throughout the season? Having to distribute the ball to other weapons while he's figuring out the situation with his receivers who are suspended. I really like James Connor at running back the second half of the season. He really showed up in the in the passing game and in the rushing game. He was great. He was a dynamic running back.

He could really help Kyler Murray out if he stays healthy. I like Arizona. The problem is it's a stay away from me in the win total because of the uncertainty at receiver because of the uncertainty of the health at defense. In addition to being in one of the toughest divisions in the league in the NFC West, when you have to go up against teams like the Rams who are going to be fully loaded, you have just a lot of really tough teams to go up against throughout the year that it's a stay away from me.

I'll give you another one. Now this team last year and we're on in Charlotte, the Panthers. They started three and oh, then all the quarterbacks that they were playing got hurt.

It was a disaster. You bring in Baker. McCaffrey's only played in 10 games the last two years. This team last year.

Games they have a better offensive line. I'm not saying they're going to be great, but this could be a seven win team. The over under is at six and a half.

It's right there in that range. If everything goes right for the Panthers, they could be a nine and a football team, but history is kind of shown not everything goes right for the Panthers. I don't mind the over of six and a half wins. Their quarterback situation could be worse. At least they have two quarterbacks that have started in the NFL before. It's not like you're thinking about San Francisco where if you switch over to Trey Williams, now you're questioning how he's transitioning to the NFL. I'm not concerned for the Panthers if they do have to make a quarterback switch because you have veteran leadership on the team. I also love Christian McCaffrey. He's up there at the top of the list for Comeback Player of the Year.

I think it's the second shortest odds. The Panthers, they have their coaching staff back and now it's OK. We have some consistency under head coach Matt Rule. Carolina over six and a half isn't a bad play. Plus, I mean week one you're going to get a revenge spot between Baker Mayfield and his former team, the Cleveland Browns, who don't have a quarterback. Sorry, Jacoby Brissett. Sorry, Josh Dobbs, but I'm just not relying. Big take, Gary Epstein does not like Jacoby Brissett and you're not wrong. He started games in this league.

He started games in the league. If I have to take a quarterback, I really would rather take Baker Mayfield to be honest. Yeah, no doubt. So you bring up the Browns. They're so tough to bet if we were talking about this a few weeks ago. Now we know Watson's out the first 11 games and if he stays healthy and goes to all of his counseling and all that for the despicable things he's accused of off the field, he'll get back. I think they have a bye so that it's week 13 up against the Texans. They're over under is eight and a half. Are you crazy?

Isn't this like to stay away? They're swapping off quarterbacks throughout the year. No, no. And you know that you wouldn't bet a period. You take the under it's eight.

No, I'm not here. If you want to bet this bet the under if you hate the Browns like most of NFL fans do bet the under for fun. I did it last year with the Jacksonville Jaguars, which I did actually really like their under of six and a half. It was my biggest preseason bet last year.

I have to admit it's a lot of fun to bet an under on a team that everyone in football is going to be picking on throughout the season. And that could be the Cleveland Browns this year while they don't know who they're putting it under center until Deshaun Watson comes back. And even when Deshaun Watson comes back, people are going to hate on Cleveland. He's not going to have enough time to help this team get over the win total. He hasn't played in over a year. Stay away or if you really want to bash the Browns, go bet the under and have some fun with it.

So I'm learning something about Ariel Epstein. And I think you're exactly right to hate Deshaun Watson. I think you were exactly right a year ago to dislike Urban Meyer. You like to bet the teams that you just don't like and go, all right.

Let's see them really suffer and let's have them get the unders this year. You have to look at the chemistry in the locker room, a team like Urban Meyer with the Jaguars last year. Yeah, he got off to a bad start when he was kicking the kicker, supposedly bad start in the preseason already. Nobody seemed to like him.

Then week one, which I already, of course, had the bed in week one. Urban Meyer doesn't use the running back James Robinson at all. He was my favorite running back through the first half of the season.

Yes. Didn't use James Robinson at all. I think he had 78 rushing yards max or 78 combined yards total yards in the first game. That was and they were up against the worst run defense in football from the year before. It was a slam dunk bet on James Robinson to go over his total yardage.

Urban Meyer didn't use him. And at that point, I was so excited. I bet that under six and a half because I was ready to root against the Jaguars and for the rest of the year. Is there one bet still to this day that everyone had as that bet? I know where you're going with this and I'll say yes that they made and it obviously should have happened or a fantasy bad beat like I always reference.

I had no offense a few years ago when they were going up. I think it was Tennessee. They were going up against and that idiot Pat Shermer stopped getting the football to know we had no fan on Super Bowl and I brought this up to him and he was like, yeah, I don't know what you want me to do. He looked like Gronk in the first half of the second half. They didn't target him until the end of the game. Is there one bed all these years later that was a bad beat that you thought was just so avoided? The best bet I have ever placed and didn't hit for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers line Super Bowl.

Do you know where I'm going with this? This is it has to be a defensive player. Yep. Was this a defensive player for MVP?

Yep. Because I had I think I had a better neither Shaq Barrett or JPP one of them. You probably did JPP like a lot of other people. I didn't have either of those 100 to one Shaq Barrett because he came on the show, but it was one of maybe 100 to one. Devin White to win Super Bowl MVP, the linebacker for the Bucks. I loved him. He had at least 10 total tackles in every playoff game. He played in that year.

He had 12 tackles. I'm pretty sure in the Super Bowl that year had the game ceiling interception to end the game and the Super Bowl. They gave it to Tom Brady. Oh yeah, well the first half Brady have a good Super Bowl.

He had a good first half that game was over at halftime. Tom Brady should have had three interceptions in that game. They called back just hating, hating, hating on Tom Brady. Nothing to do with Ravens fan.

It has everything to do with the hundred junior. This is 100 to one ticket on Devin White to win Super Bowl MVP. I had 100 Bucks on that thing. I was so in the CLV.

It moved to I think 70 to one. I was so pumped about it. He's so when he when he got that interception. Yeah, you probably had a chance, right? I didn't necessarily think I won, but I thought I had a chance.

No, and then it just didn't happen. Zach Gilchon CBS Sports Radio. Ariel Epstein here with us. Here's one that I think is so low. This team is one back to back to back 13 game seasons. I know they don't have Davante Adams anymore, but the Packers at only 10 and a half.

Yeah, I'll hammer the over on that one. I don't mind that over for Green Bay. It's one of those that they're going to be considering Davante Adams loss as a big one, but great quarterback. Like Aaron Rodgers, who's back to back MVP, makes great receivers out of anybody. You have to look at all the Tom Brady teams in New England, and I'm not saying that obviously he hasn't played with some Hall of Famers.

Of course he had. There are some receivers that played with Tom Brady or Drew Brees that would have never been who they were without those quarterbacks. Aaron Rodgers is going to do the same thing. Alan Lazard was really good last year. Alan Lazard is someone that Aaron Rodgers really liked.

Oh, he loves him for a few years now. When I was working at NFL Radio, there was a few games earlier. On where Lazard would join us after games that he would have and he and they just kept on talking about the chemistry. This was a few years ago, so he's not going to be Davante Adams, but in that division and also in that conference. If Green Bay doesn't win 11 games, something had to happen. Aaron Rodgers.

I 100% it wasn't like a Pancha Karma cleanse again or just bunch of psychedelics again and or the League suspended him for something. Yeah, Kansas City 10 and a half. Is impossible, but they should win 11 games. You're saying they should win 11 game under.

No, I'm not saying I like the under. I'm just not fading a team like the Chiefs who continuously shows up each year having 12 win seasons. People are looking at Derek Carr as a potential candidate for MVP as a sleeper pick. There's really good teams right now in the AFC West and I just have and the Chargers obviously too. I don't want to leave them out because you have another year under your quarterback.

Justin Herbert is second year under your head coach. I just want to see this. I want to see how this AFC West plays out because right now I just have too many question marks when I get to the Baltimore Ravens and I hear a big Ravens fan and I'm not just saying this because you're here. I'm thinking about taking Lamar to win the MVP because I believe the Ravens are going to be in the playoffs and if they're in the playoffs, we know that offense is all about Lamar Jackson and I just saw that he's plus 2000 to win the MVP. I'll put some money down on that. I've heard people ask me about Lamar Jackson winning MVP.

He obviously wanted a few years ago. If the Ravens win the division, you've got to think he's up there on the list where I'm looking though because I'm not going to give you all my Ravens Homer picks because I've never bet the Ravens before in my life. Not one time.

Not one time. This is the first year and it's not Lamar Jackson MVP. I'll tell you what I bet for the Ravens. However, my MVP would have to go to the person that nearly beat Lamar Jackson out for it. Lamar Jackson's MVP year and that was Russell Wilson. Now Russell Wilson going over Denver 14 to 1 to win MVP. If the Broncos somehow beat the Chiefs for the AFC West, how do you not give Russell Wilson that award knocking off the Chiefs for the first time in what, five years? I mean this division, Russell Wilson's shaking it up. He's an amazing quarterback. He can air the ball out to receivers like Courtland Sutton, Jerry Judy, KJ Hamler.

Plus he has one of the best up and coming running backs in the league in Javonte Williams. I covered him in high school by the way. He went to Wallace Rose Hill High School. Nobody was recruiting him.

Not one person. His head coach, Kevin Motzinger, one of the greatest coaches I've ever met in the high school level. He went to all the different colleges in North Carolina, begged them to come watch Javonte Williams play. They watched him in the semis and then the state championship game. UNC in the state championship game was watching. Javonte Williams scored four touchdowns. At that point Larry Fedora, the head coach at the time of UNC says, okay we're going to take you on a visit.

Stay in the Raleigh area. They kept Javonte there and they offered him on the spot. Javonte Williams, he was able to graduate the semester early and go to UNC to practice in the spring.

If memory serves me right too, I always ask these bizarre questions around draft time. Tell me something that no one knows about you. I think he's a big piano player too. Javonte Williams.

So valedictorian and then a big piano player. He also loves horses. Apparently he just spent his big money from the NFL on buying a horse. So yeah, saw that one. Maybe on the Kentucky Derby one.

Maybe. What's your Ravens bet? I just get a sense with you sitting here and this did cross my mind because everyone's going to pick the Bills. People are going to love the Rams, the Bucks. Is it Ravens Super Bowl?

Is that your pick? Ravens Super Bowl at 22 to 1 is my fun pick. If I wanted to give it out to people, what I think really can win, it would be plus 145 Ravens to win the AFC North. There's no value anymore on the minus 170 over nine and a half wins. The Ravens were at 24 to 1 at one point to win the Super Bowl.

It went down to 22 to 1 when I grabbed it. Now in Vegas, where I was just in Vegas all weekend, 16 to 1 in some books for the Ravens to win the Super Bowl. This is a team that... Big push.

Big push. This is a team two years ago that was top three, top four in the odds for winning the Super Bowl. They were really good with all those injuries until Lamar got hurt and Harbaugh went for two like every game. Well Harbaugh went for two for every game because everyone talks about Lamar Jackson being hurt. No one talks about the entire secondary being hurt, including their interceptions leader Marcus Peters, who didn't even make it to game one. Now the Ravens had to go for two because... They had no bodies. They had no left tackle. They had no running backs. It was a disaster last year. When the coach admits it after the game that he didn't trust his secondary to go to overtime, you know that there's no other option but to send your offense led by Tyler Huntley at quarterback out there.

This team was still in the second to last game of the year in the playoff hunt. Ariel Epstein here with us. Coach of the Year.

I looked at this book and I was surprised this was the answer because this was my thought and I thought I was ahead of the game because for these bets I look at everyone that's getting bashed and I go okay if everyone's bashing one person that guy usually has a good year. I think this team's winning the AFC West. I like Brandon Staley a plus 1400 for Coach of the Year. They win that division. Just like you said Russ wins the MVP wins that division. You have to give them MVP. The Chargers win that division. He's got to be Coach of the Year.

Yes, for sure. However, I looked even further down the list at someone who's a Hall of Fame head coach. 40 to 1. Mr. Bill Belichick. Really? Mr. Mumbles is 40 to 1?

40 to 1. Now you know me even though I'm wearing purple today. I'm not a Ravens fan. I'm a crazy Patriot fan. I knew you would like it.

No, I don't. Here's why. That offense. I like Mac Jones. I think the receivers are okay.

The line's good. Like they have pieces on the offense that I like. Yeah, the Matt Patricia call in the plays and then if that doesn't work out, it's Joe Judge.

That's a concern to me. It's worked out in the past for them. They had Tom Brady. They don't got Tom Brady anymore. You're talking about a Patriots team that last year finished one game behind the Buffalo Bills in the division with a rookie quarterback.

They had the top. They were top 10 in points scored top five in points allowed. But the defense was still good.

The offense stayed in games. You guys first game between. I shouldn't say you guys.

You're not part of the team. Patriots and Bills. Patriots and Bills. The Patriots were right in there with the Bills in that first game.

And I just see you're number two. Another year in the system. Mac Jones wasn't even supposed to start last year. It was supposed to be Cam Newton. Forty to one for a future Hall of Fame coach who hasn't won the award in 12 years.

If he beats the Buffalo Bills for the division in some miraculous way and they have a great season. It's not bad. I just I'm not going to bet the coach of the year market to be honest.

That's why I'm having a little fun with this. I'm the rookie of the year. I like Crystal Lave at plus 800. And then that move. It's so tough to better running back because especially when you have other running backs on the roster too and you never know how the carries you to guys a fumble week one that doesn't play for three more weeks.

James Cook and Buffalo plus 1400. A lot of weapons there but I really like the Lave pick at 8 to 1. A lot of going to New Orleans has an arm and James Winston who is going to throw the ball. I mean this is a quarterback that threw the ball more than anybody else when he was healthy. Just to the wrong team. So yeah but he still threw the ball more. He had the most passing yards and the most interceptions. Same thing. Michael Thomas is a wild card.

Sure. I would love for him to be comeback player of the year. There's decent odds passed.

It was longer than 10 to 1. However he's a wild card. I don't know what his brain tells him to do. Does he want to play. Does he not want to play.

I have no clue. I'm not trying to guess if there's no Michael Thomas Crystal Lave has a chip on his shoulder. He was the one on all the magazines for college football heading into last year. Then this year gets drafted second out of the Ohio statewide receivers. He's so fast. I mean he's broken a million records at Ohio State.

He was one of the touchdown leaders at Ohio State. I really like a lot of 8 to 1. Alright let me get your thoughts on two more teams. Raiders at 8 and a half.

You take the over. Why do you love the AFC West so much? Because that's the division that everyone's going to be talking about and all those teams.

I look at it and I go they're going to be really good and one of those teams are not going to be as good as what we think. One of those teams is going 7 and 10. I actually would rather go to the Cincinnati Bengals.

Can we go there? I want to go to the Cincinnati Bengals. I'm not touching any of the win totals in the AFC West.

I want to go to the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC North because there's a trend with all these Super Bowl runner ups. The Super Bowl runner ups in 9 of the last 10 seasons have had at least one less win than the year before. That means that the Bengals go down from 10 wins to 9 this year. Only one team has ever had in the last 10 years more wins than the season before after they were Super runner up and that's the New England Patriots with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.

Scratch them. Every other team who's an average team, a normal team that wasn't the New England dynasty has had at least one less win and the average is three less wins. Cincinnati Regression spot, sign me up for the trend. I'm going under 9 and a half wins.

I'll get to a team that you hate but I know you don't hate in terms of making money. Steelers, 7 and a half. We don't know who's even starting so it's tough.

It should be Kenny Pickett and I think it will be Kenny Pickett but everyone talks about this Mitch Trubusky fellow who I just can't absolutely stand. Steelers at 7 and a half, do you touch that yet? No, again, I'm not going to bet anything that's uncertain. I'm not betting on teams that I don't know who's quarterback. Especially quarterback.

Other positions, sure. When I don't know who your quarterback is, especially if I feel like you're going to switch your quarterback, it's why I'm not looking at San Francisco. I thought San Francisco's number was low too. Except there's a good chance if Jimmy Garoppolo doesn't look good because if you look at his stats for each season, every other year Jimmy Garoppolo flops. So last year was good year, this could be a bad year. If you're going to switch to Trey Lantz or if he's going to have in the back of his mind Garoppolo that Trey Lantz is coming in, I don't want to touch that win total. Now you're throwing a rookie in?

Same thing in Pittsburgh. Now you're throwing a rookie in? The only trend that you could back with Pittsburgh is that there's been many times where Ben Roethlisberger has not played majority of the season, yet the Steelers still finished above.500 under their head coach Mike Tomlin. He's got that streak of what, 15 straight years or something?

He's never had a below.500 season. Right. If you want to back that trend, then you bet the over 7 and a half. Otherwise for me as a smart bettor, I stay away from uncertainty.

Okay. Now one thing we know that you're very good at is giving out props. I know I can't ask you for any props right now. We don't even, well maybe you probably look ahead at the props already for week one. But what's your advice on props to NFL fans this season?

Props to NFL fans, especially early in the season. You probably can look for the rosters. See if the rosters on defense are about the same as last year. Take some of those teams that were really bad. Take those bottom five teams.

The teams bottom five against the run, bottom five against the pass. Go find those receivers and running backs and go back those. Also stay away from passing yards props.

Those are so sharp. Go to pass attempts props. Pass attempts props are a lot more fun to bet on. Pass attempt props. I don't think I've ever betted pass attempt props, but that's why we go to you. Pass attempt props.

I love those. Players like Ben Roethlisberger, Tom Brady, Jameis Winston, the players that you know. Obviously I know Big Ben retired. I'm not dumb.

Just those kinds of players always tend to throw the football, especially if they don't trust their run game. You can look for those. Make sure you follow her on Twitter, at arielupsy. Is that the same on Instagram too, at arielupsy? I'm at arielupsy on Instagram where I can't get verified.

Thank you very much. Come on Instagram. I could sit here and bitch about not being verified on Instagram.

I don't really care. Arielupsy needs to be verified on Instagram. I've got to wait 30 more days now. You could attach this segment as a link to give my endorsement, which they'll probably say, who's this bozo on the radio? Wait another 60 days now.

I'll tell you to wait three years. So give her a follow on Twitter and Instagram. She's the prop queen arielupsy. Ariel, great to have you in. Thanks so much. Thanks so much, Zach. Take your time out.

Come on back right after these short messages. I would think about doing a live remote from down in Jersey, even though the game is nowhere close to being played in Jersey, to just hype up Jacksonville State and Stephen F. Austin. Rich Rodriguez. Rich Rod went from being at West Virginia to then being the head football coach at Michigan, where he probably wants to forget that other than the paycheck, and then was at Arizona. He's now the head football coach at Jacksonville State, and he's bringing the fire in year number one to Jacksonville State for Rich Rod because their game up against Stephen F. Austin. He would have never even talked about this at all this week until Rich Rod opened up his big fat mouth, and this is what he had to say about Stephen F. Austin spying on Jacksonville State's spring game and practices.

Listen up. A pretty good source was true that they had a couple staff members at our spring game, which is kind of like that's not really supposed to happen, but we're making plans accordingly. So if they're over there thinking they have our plays or what have you or signals or something like that, we've changed things since the spring. We caught somebody trying to film something the other day, and first my daughter caught him. Raquel saw him, and then we caught him again, saw him, you know, spearing through there with his camera, and I sent the biggest guy in our program, his crew, one of our assistant strength coaches, she's about like 6'7", 350, probably benches like 1,000 pounds or something, sent him up to bleachers to run him out, and that guy disappeared pretty quick.

How about that? Do you buy that story? Do you think Stephen F. Austin actually sent a spy or sent some coaches just dressed up as regular people to go to the spring game and practices? Do you buy that story?

I do. That's genius. Especially for the spring game, that's genius.

You're talking about for Stephen F. Austin. Had they identified, because if you're going to record things, I'm not assuming you're sending anyone that's really recognizable in your program. I really would love to know how Jacksonville State knew that it was, I don't know, a quality control coach, some intern, or some guy in video ops that was sent to go record the practice. Oh, easily. No disrespect to Jacksonville State.

It's Jacksonville State. How many people are truly going to the spring game? That's a good point.

A few hundred? That's why you're the producer of this show. And when you see one guy with his- That could be the best point you've ever made. Well, I hope not.

You just earned your paycheck for the year. One guy, even with an iPhone camera, just like fixated on the sideline for three hours, something may tip off to, hey, this is not right. Sir, who are you? Okay, I'm just going to leave.

And then they come back again, someone else, and they go, we haven't seen that person at all. Let's send the largest guy we have in the program, the 6'7", 350 pounder, to go stand in front of his camera. Now, I think I know who the coach is of Stephen F. Austin. Isn't it- I'm hoping I say his last name correctly. Kobe Carthal or Carthal?

Look that up, Hickey, because that was the guy- the only reason I remember this guy's name, I think he's a bald guy. He had some crazy introductory press conference, I think last year was his first year at the program. So he's playing a little bit dirty there, trying to get an advantage. Is that who the coach is at Stephen F. Austin? Kobe Carthal. So this is now his second year, right?

Yes. Okay, so now he's spying on Jacksonville State. And this is what Rich Rod's career has turned out to be.

Rich Rod's career, you go from being the head football coach, standing on the sidelines in Ann Arbor, to now you're at Jacksonville State and saying, I see you, Stephen F. Austin, trying to get our plays, trying to get our signals and all that. Kind of pathetic? Why? He's doing the right thing, calling it out. Yes, he's doing the right thing. I hate to say it, very patriotic of you. No, but it's- Opening his big fat mouth, reporting, calling out people that are cheating.

No, I don't have a problem with him talking about it. I find it very entertaining. But to know that's what your career has become, you're Rich Rod, you were at West Virginia, you were at Michigan, and now your career has turned out to be, oh, I caught Stephen F. Austin spying at us at Jacksonville State. I have no clue who's supposed to win this game. Oh, that could be a fun week zero game to bet on. You know, we have to ask Mayor Nick, one of our 7,000 bosses here, because he always bets these bizarre, and I mean bizarre college football games. I have interests, and I don't know how much of this game I'm going to watch, but I'm going to be checking the box score the next day.

There's no doubt about that. I have interests in the postgame handshake. Oh, could we get a little Harbaugh-Schwartz?

I hope so. Who recently had a really bad handshake? Do you remember? Urban, when he deadfished Mike Vrabel? Yes!

That was a dead man walking right there. I don't think you'll get that. Can we maybe intensify this game beforehand and just have Karthil and Rich Rod just drop the mitts beforehand and fight before the game? Or maybe do a little halftime entertainment instead of speaking to your team at halftime, you just go fight at the 50-yard line? Or maybe do a little Oklahoma drill?

I'd be good for that between those two guys. Yeah, that's going to be a... Has this guy, have you seen any acknowledgement from Kobe Karthil about this? Has he addressed this?

Not that I've seen. Book him. Let's get him on tomorrow. And this is the Zach Gelb Show on CBS Sports Radio. We will take a timeout. When we come on back, we will do our draft of the first-year head coaches.

There's 10 of them this year in the NFL, coaches in new spots. You're listening to the Zach Gelb Show. And you can think of O'Reilly Auto Parts where your car care needs get guaranteed low, low, low, low, low prices and excellent customer service from the professional parts people at O'Reilly Auto Parts.

O-O-O-O'Reilly Auto Parts. Time to hit a little NFL music. Look at you fading that up, Hickey. Was that a mistake that you just ended up being real smooth there? That was a good fade. You don't usually do that.

You just go right to the music and it's... No, I think I do that more times than not. I thought my fading skills are not bad. Pretty good.

You're really earning your money today. Jeez. I mean, good to know your opinion of me is very low.

You made a good point on Rich Rod and then you made an even better transition with the music. Well, it's not just me. Our boss today, Spike Eskin, was killing you in the newsroom. He said you had the dumbest opinion he's ever heard when you said that you needed $500,000 to use a hot dog as a straw to drink a beer.

And you needed $500,000, which is just idiotic. Like Leroy Hord went after you today. He went after you last night. He's wrong too. He called you an idiot producer. Some guy tweeted me yesterday saying you're the biggest moron he's ever met, that even though you've never met him before. And then Spike was killing you today.

Love Spike. Couldn't have been more wrong. What an idiot he was today. I thought he was right.

I wouldn't go there. I always like to disagree with management. I don't have to, but I think it's fun to disagree with management. Management was right today. The suits were right today. Spike was right.

You were wrong. It was a bad look for you around the newsroom. And Spike, he's active on Twitter, but I don't usually see him talking to other producers or talent at the radio station and going after them for their takes. That's not something that he normally does. He went after you big time last night. Big time. I stand by what I said.

$500,000 a bust. Not drinking beer. I'm not being known as a guy. And just for clarity. And Spike also said he would give you $100 and bring it in cash in the studio and he thinks that you would go drink that beer with a hot dog. It's also different doing it now as a copycat than being the original guy that goes viral. That's what I'm talking about. Not talking about a copycat. I get what you're saying.

I feel like you're an idiot. Just so the record is clear. So $499,000.99, you would still say I need $500,000.

Sorry. One more penny. Up the ante. Let's go. Can you bring this up to your girlfriend tonight?

Bring that up to your girlfriend. Sure. Okay. Because she would say take $20,000 and shut your mouth. Of course you would.

Yeah. She'd tell you to take probably $500 and shut your mouth. Most people would.

I'm not like most people. Then you would listen. I would not listen. Oh, yes, you would.

I would not. You think you're a big tough guy. No, stop it. See, I've created this animal here and now you're feeding into it. You're really feeding into it. I didn't have buy-in from you originally. I'm like a new head football coach.

I didn't get buy-in from you originally, but now you're really feeding into it. And now since you got a show, the Hot Take Kiki Show on CBS Sports Radio, you've become cocky, you've become arrogant, and you've become douchey. That's what you want to be. That's your career call. That's your career suicide.

I don't know about that. Alrighty, let's do a little draft here. New coaches in the NFL in new spots. We got 10.

Mike McDaniel, Lovie Smith, Doug Peterson, Josh McDaniels, Nathaniel Hackett, Brian Dabel, Kevin O'Connell, Matt Eberfluse, Dennis Allen, and Todd Volz. Who will have the most success in year number one? First pick. Actually, you want heads or tails here? Let's go. Heads. You said heads? Heads. Let me turn that coin over.

Ah, it's tails. I'm going Todd Volz. Really? Yeah. Todd Volz number one.

Once again, the exercise and the purpose of this exercise is only for this year. Out of all the teams that are there, the Bucks are the best team on this list. So I'm not saying Todd Volz is this great head coach, but he's got Tom Brady as his quarterback. Tom Brady's playing, right? Didn't retire like you said he was going to? We'll see.

I don't know. Week one still so far away. I'm taking Todd Volz with the Bucks. I will go then Nathaniel Hackett winning the Super Bowl.

Winning the Super Bowl. Come on. Okay. I will then stay.

Yeah. See, you're not going to take Josh McDaniels if I pass on him because you hate Josh McDaniels. I'm in a giving mood though today. I'll take Josh McDaniels. I'll stay in the AFC West.

I think McDaniels gets to the playoffs this year. Give me the Raiders. This is tough.

This is actually really tough. Because I know who you want to take, but you don't like that team. I will go. You like that?

You like that? Come on. You've been telling me all season long I'm an idiot for picking this team to go to the playoffs. And this would be your second pick.

You know it's a smart thing, but you won't have the guts to do it. I'll take Kevin O'Connell. They're not making the playoffs, but I'll take them. All the rest of the coaches.

Who's making the playoffs out of this group? See now, I miscalculated there. You did? Because I've been saying you would not have taken Kevin O'Connell if I didn't bait you, right?

No, I would have. I would hate to say it, but you look at this group. I have not been a fan of this. You know how you say you're different?

I'm different. I've not been a fan of this media darling Mike McDaniel. For one of those shows that were going after me today, I think it was Jonathan Zaslow, who I do know him. And I heard Zaslow say this when I went and listened to the segment that got sent to me.

Zaslow I'm familiar with. The other guy, Brendan Tobin, I literally did not know who he was. I thought he was the beast down there who I guess doesn't even work there anymore. And then I was told that that was not him. So I didn't know who Brendan Tobin was even though Jonathan Zaslow was saying, oh, Gelb knew who Tobin was. I did not know who Brendan Tobin was until he fired back. And I say fire very lightly.

It was like he tried to poke the bear and he couldn't even poke me when he was mad that I didn't like his hour number two a song. But anyway, I'm a company guy, so I'm happy to provide him that content. But I'm in a similar spot here. I could pick Mike McDaniel, but I don't believe in Mike McDaniel. So I'm going to hold my nose here.

I'm going to let my ego get to me, which is fine. I think this is a safe play rather than the Dolphins because both these teams are similar. They have a lot of talent. We'll see if they can make the playoffs. But the difference is one team plays in the NFC, one team plays in the AFC. Give me Dennis Allen with the Saints.

I just set this one up for you nicely. Yeah, I'll take Mike McDaniel. I'm a believer in Tua bounce back here.

They won't make the playoffs, but they will be viable. I think Tua will show he will be back in Miami in 2023. So you call yourself a Tuanon, right? Not myself. That is the group that is believing in Tua.

Tuanon. I'm a very outside casual member. There's a lot of diehards in there.

That's the extreme, extreme group. Now we get to Texans suck. Jaguars suck. Giants suck. Bears suck. The best coach on this list is Doug Peterson.

He's won a Super Bowl. So give me Dougie P. That's a good one. I was going to take him. Um, fine. I will go...

I'm so happy that I get the pick after this and I don't get the last pick. Fine. So I'll circle Matt Eberfluss. You're taking Matt Eberfluss? No, no, no. For the last pick.

Oh, yeah. I'm not taking Eberfluss. You can pay me $100,000. I'm going to kick you and tell him no. I actually like Dennis Davis-Mills, but I will go Brian Dabel getting the most out of this banged up bad roster for the Giants in a weak NFC. You go Brian Dabel.

He's not Joe Judge. He's not McAdoo. Give me Lovey Smith. And then finally you get Matt Eberfluss. I will inherit my former DC, Matt Eberfluss, with arguably maybe the worst roster in football. So out of these new coaches, I get Bowles, McDaniels, Allen, Peterson, Lovey.

You get Nathaniel Hackett, Kevin O'Connell, media darling Mike McDaniel, Brian Dabel, and Matt Eberfluss. And make sure to emphasize the S in McDaniels. Confusing. McDaniel versus McDaniels. Easily confused. Oh, for Mike McDaniel and then Josh McDaniels. Man, I wonder if they play this here. That's getting confusing.

So I saw that Barstool Sports, and you can fade the music here. They were interviewing Sean McDermott. And Sean McDermott says he would beat any coach in the NFL.

I guess he used to be a wrestler in a fight. So he talked about Vrabel. McDermott was in the conversation. Dan Campbell was in the conversation. I'm thinking the top five coaches fighting wise in the NFL.

Mike Tomlin would have to be the conversation. Those are the first four that come to mind. A fifth one is tough. Really tough. Dabel is kind of short, stocky, young-ish. And little Buffalo.

Being in Buffalo could throw some people through tables. Right, tough guy. I would never have said this person, but I saw a photo of him today, and he looked like he was in better shape.

Maybe black is slimming. And Michael McDaniel's there. And he has no problem stabbing someone in the back. He's scrappy.

That's a pretty boy. Kyle Shanahan will be the corner. Ah, no! Don't fight! Don't fight! Someone else, please! Fight, fight, fight!
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