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College Football Preview (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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September 1, 2022 9:14 pm

College Football Preview (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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September 1, 2022 9:14 pm

News Brief l 1st & Goal: Travis Rodgers, Los Angeles Rams pre/postgame host l Week 1 CFB preview

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We continue this Zach Gelb show coast to coast on CBS Sports Radio, and we're coming to you live from the Rocket Mortgage Studios. Whether you're looking to purchase a new home or refinance yours, Rocket Mortgage can help you get there for home loan solutions that fit your life, yes, your life. Rocket can 855-2124 CBS.

I'm going to jump on in 855-212-4227. And make sure you always follow us on social media, Twitter, Instagram. We're on the cesspool of Twitter.

We're on Instagram, and we're straight flexing at Zach Gelb, Z-A-C-H-G-E-L-B. So I got to get into Derek Henry and this whole situation right now. He is today not given a new contract in terms of extra length added onto the contract. He was just given extra money.

So Derek Henry got more money today when they fine-tuned the contract, restructured the contract, gave him a bump in pay, but he's still a free agent after the 2023 season. Now, when I look at the state of the Tennessee Titans, I don't think they're making the playoffs this year. Now, is it inconceivable for them to make the playoffs this year?

No, it's like they can't make the playoffs. It's either going to be them or it's going to be the Indianapolis Colts. I personally, and you guys know me, I do not like the Colts. I don't want to root for the Colts. The Colts haven't won this division since 2014, but the Colts, when I look at now the injury to Harold Landry, now he's going to be out for the year.

You don't have A.J. Brown anymore. I don't know what Traylon Burks is going to be. Robert Woods is good, but he's coming off an injury. I don't trust Ryan Tannehill. I look at that Tennessee team and I see flaws. Now, are the Colts this unbelievable product? Are the Colts this great football team? No, they're a good football team. They got a good defense. They got a really good offensive line. They have a great running back, wide receivers iffy. I like Michael Pittman Jr., but he's got to show me he can be number one wide receiver in this league.

He hasn't shown me that yet. And then you have a quarterback in Matt Ryan, who I trust a lot more, where he was in a dreadful situation last few years, but I trust him a lot more, not only in Indianapolis, but a lot more than the last quarterback in Carson Wentz, where if Carson Wentz would have just had a pulse in that game up against Jacksonville, the Colts could have gone to the playoffs last year and should have gone to the playoffs last year. So I am giving the slight edge, holding my nose when I do so, because I don't like to pick the Indianapolis Colts because they stink. And I'm going to tell you the Colts are going to win the division.

And I look at Tennessee and I think there's flaws on this football team. And they had a great team last year. You lose Derrick Henry on October 31st and you're still the number one seed in the AFC.

That's impressive, but come playoff time, you choked. Your quarterback wasn't good enough. Your quarterback was throwing interceptions like Oprah Winfrey when she throws out Christmas presents during the holiday season. That was Ryan Tannehill.

You got to pick, you got to pick, you got to pick. It was ugly. It was horrific.

It was horrible. Any word you want to say when talking about Ryan Tannehill in that playoff game that puts him in a negative light, you could use because he sucked in that postseason game up against Cincinnati Bengals. So now this year I look at their best player. It's still King Henry. It's still, we know how great Derrick Henry is with Tennessee. But if I'm Derrick Henry and I have two years left on my contract, they got more money today. This year and the next year, what makes me want to stay there long-term or a better question, what makes me want to stay there after this season?

And we know that our player empowerment now, just cause you asked for a trade, you don't get it. But if I'm Derrick Henry and you feel like Tennessee's going where they're going down a path and a road where their best football is now going to be behind them instead of in front of them. And you're eventually going to have to get rid of Tannehill. We'll see what Malik Willis can develop into. I'm not going to want to be a part of this retooling and rebuilding of Tennessee if I'm Derrick Henry. Cause what do we say about running backs all the time? The shelf life of running back in this league is not long.

And Derrick Henry is a physical, bruising, unbelievable force. So that's why if I'm Derrick Henry, I'm going into this season thinking that this could be my last in Tennessee, even though I'll be under contract for another year. Because if I can't go out there and win a Super Bowl, why would I want to stay in Tennessee?

And I don't think Tennessee is close to winning a Super Bowl. And I think they've taken a massive step back this off season. And if they don't make the playoffs, if I'm Derrick Henry, I'm going right to John Robinson and Mike Vrabel and saying it's time to end this partnership. And even though you could say Zach, it's crazy to get rid of Derrick Henry. If you're Tennessee, wouldn't you rather get something back for Derrick Henry?

If it's going to take you two, three years maybe to get back into that mode where you feel like you have a really great team? Because two, three years from now, we don't know what Derrick Henry is going to be like. And we don't know how quickly Malik Willis is going to develop, but we don't even know if Malik Willis is going to be a guy that's going to get a significant opportunity, look good in the preseason. But there was a reason he was drafted in the third round. So what about that theory there, Ryan, that this could potentially be Derrick Henry's final year with Tennessee?

I get it from Derrick Henry's perspective. And obviously it's a little dependent on how this season goes, but if we are both right in the midst of playoffs, it's, you're going to start looking at the future a lot quicker than you were like, let's say last year. If you're Tennessee though, what's the incentive? Well, you get some draft capital back. I don't know if you get a first round pick. Derrick Henry is a great player, but you get a second round pick back. You think for a guy one year left on his deal?

I got it. Now, if he runs for 1500 yards this season, great. He's also older. He's has, there's a lot of wear and tear on that body. The question is how long, you know, you have a second round pick for a guy who's unsure if you can hold up.

I don't know. Well, why are you unsure if he can hold up? He just had an injury last year. If that doesn't happen again this year, if he plays 17 games this year, I don't think there's going to be concerns about his longevity. No, he plays a full season this year.

No, but is that a guarantee? I guess the running back position ever, you know, everyone gets worn down. So it's a Kyle Shanahan.

We could all be dead tomorrow. Right. But I'm just saying he missed eight games last year or nine games last year. I should say, I want to see him, see how he comes back and bounces back. And you also got to remember, cause you say, what would be the incentive for Tennessee?

You try to make it up that there's not going to be that much of a market. This is a copycat league. Less needs said, F those picks. If you think you're a team that is one player away from winning a Superbowl, I would easily give up a second round pick for Derrick Henry. If that's what the return would be. And I would even make it a conditional second round pick depending on how much success he had. I guess we'll see how this season goes, right? Obviously that's going to dictate it. If I'm Tennessee, at least right now where I am, I would rather this year, next year, kind of go all in on a Superbowl, see what you can get with Derrick Henry. And if it doesn't work out, I'd rather just try for two years and risk losing it for nothing.

Wait, time out. When you say all in on a Superbowl, you're saying this season or next season? This season, next season. You think this team has any shot of winning a Superbowl this year?

No, but you go try for one. I'm saying you don't, you know. So this off season, that means you have to go get a new quarterback because Malik was not walking in first year winning a Superbowl.

I would agree. So you didn't have to go get a quarterback. You're probably stuck. Maybe call Tom Brady again and try to get him.

Maybe 10 times the charm if you can. I think also changes the calculus. Yeah, I don't think that's likely by the way, especially when you read some things about Tom Brady in page six where Giselle is now upset with him and she's gone somewhere else. And that's why Brady stepped away from the team when I was reading in page six.

And I said this from the start, not to do the whole, I told you so, but when Brady retired and came back, he said, why do you think that's the case? I think I said to you that I believe he had to retire to push Giselle off a little bit. And then eventually Giselle would get on board or say, Tom, do what you want.

And then he was going to come on back. And now there seems like there's some friction in that household. Now, couples fight all the time. I'm not saying they're going to go get a divorce, but that was talked about in an article today, how Giselle and Tom Brady are having some friction in the household right now. And she may not even be in the household right now from that article on page six.

So maybe Brady at the end of this year to see if his marriage goes as my final season and I'll go take all the money from Fox, but still they have to put some dedication into that craft for the Fox job as well. So can't wait to see really what happens there and what's the resolution. All right, let's get up to the biggest stories of the day right now and we'll play some audio. Let's get to the news brief.

Let's roll time for your daily news brief. We get you caught up on the rumors, reports and reconnaissance from the day in sports. Now locked into the Denver Broncos for seven seasons, had a two year deal and did sign a five year extension today, five years, two hundred forty five million dollars, one hundred and sixty five million guaranteed. Russell Wilson and why he didn't try to test the QB market a few years from now. To me what it's really about is being able to win championships and being able to have enough space in the salary caps so George can make his magic and we can get guys like Randy Gregory when he comes on the team or other great players, you know, and I think that we want to make this a destination location. I think that it's one of those things we have amazing tradition or amazing football team.

Russell Wilson and why he wanted to stay in Denver long term. Now this team is really special. As I mentioned at the very beginning, this team is unique. It's dedicated to the craft. We have an amazing journey ahead of us.

I can't wait for it. I don't know about you, Ryan. This is so bizarre because he got traded there. He had a no trade, trade, trade clause, so he had to clearly waive it. And yes, he only had two years left on his deal, but did anyone doubt that this deal was actually to get done?

I know you have to go through your press conference, you have to speak to the media and do all that stuff, but I never even thought this was a talking point. The moment he got traded there, two years left of the deal, they'll get a contract done. Eventually, it wasn't a matter of if they'll get a deal done, just when. And today was the day that they said, okay, let's cross all the T's, dot all the I's and put the pen to paper and sign it for Russell Wilson.

Right, which is why it really wasn't a discussion point, right? Quarterback contracts, it's Lamar, Lamar, Lamar. Russ, I don't think we brought up once or so she's about, you know, a new contract.

Honestly, I just assumed that he got the, like, I know he didn't get an extension done, but in my line of thinking, I'm like, all right, he's locked in there for the rest of his career. When they get the deal done, they get the deal done. Mike McDaniel, he named to a tongue of my law captain today. He explains how much to his teammates respect him. The players vote for who they want to represent them as captain and seeing how, you know, it was a, it was a point system and, um, the resounding highest point winner was, um, was to a, I think it says everything. I think that's incredibly important, um, when it's, uh, done with the right reasons, with the right intent.

And that was, um, you know, the only, the only thing that I gave the players was like, who do you want representing you each and every game? Who do you want to wear the seat and understand what that seat means on your Jersey? Um, and you know that I think it speaks volumes on where he's at with the team. So I do believe Mike McDaniel's effusive praise this off season for two, a tongue of Iowa is genuine Tyreke.

I question because I think at first he was trying to hype up his guy and then the measures that he went to, it's just not believable to me. At least, even though I'm not a huge fan of saying Mike McDaniel is going to be a great coach. McDaniel actually makes you believe what he says about Tua. When it comes to Tyreke, when you start comparing the things that Patrick Mahomes does, you just totally lose me.

There are no excuses though, this year for Tua. You have the support of your coach for now your star wide receiver believes in you. They got your Tyreke kill.

You also have a good relationship with Jalen Waddle. You got a good defense. You improve your offensive line. They're going to commit to running the football. I know you're a Tua believer Ryan, but if Tua doesn't play well this year, then that's it for him in Miami, right? That's when you jump off the bandwagon you go, okay, I got fooled a few times. I'm not going to get fooled like three or four times. Oh, a hundred percent.

Yeah, this is all or nothing. Let's go to A-Rod. This has to be marinated in sarcasm.

Would you agree with that? I have not heard this yet, but I would assume when I read the slug line of Alex Rodriguez teases a comeback to the MLB to race Albert Pujols to 700 home runs. And this is via A-Rod's Twitter. Is this marinated in sarcasm?

Yes or no? You would think, but I will caveat with it's A-Rod. Okay, let's hear A-Rod. My main man, Albert Pujols. You're two home runs shy of tying me for 696 home runs.

You see me rocking my pinstripes and now that 13 is available back with the Yankees, I may have to make a little comeback and race you to 700. What do you say? That's trying to be funny. That's A-Rod always trying to be in the news. That was cringe-worthy audio. I cringe when I hear that rhyme and I haven't even seen the video just hearing that.

You could tell how fake it is and just sarcastic it is and oh, let's have a little playful challenge and make this story about me. That's the way it comes off to me. I mean, Yankees do need a bet. One month to go. It's an A-bomb from A-Rod. John, out of all the dramatic things I've ever seen, Alex Rodriguez is back in the Bronx to help the Yankees and get him 700 home runs. Oh my God, John. We thought the Maguire Sosa race was intense 20 years ago. How about the A-Rod pool host race to 700 for two guys that, well, A-Rod definitely washed up. Like two snails now. Yeah, holy.

We're once a great product, but now it'd be like two snails, two old guys just crawling to the finish line. And finally, Joe Buck reveals what Tony Romo told him after a golf tournament, this courtesy of the New York Post. All I know is I saw Romo at the Tahoe Golf Tournament and he's eating dinner with the guy that I brought there to caddy.

He walks by and all he says is you're welcome. Everyone should give Romo a cut with these ridiculous salaries for Aikman for Buck. I guess you could say Kirk Herb Street too. Now, wherever you go with these salaries and broadcasting, I bet you Collins worth makes a fortune too. Tony reds the Tony Romo effect. He was the quarterback that got paid so much in broadcasting.

And now everyone else has the price that they gotta be. It is the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. We're gonna talk some Rams next. We'll do a little first and goal. Got two teams remaining. We will knock it down to one as we preview all 32 teams before the season starts. Travis Rogers joins us next to talk some Rams. Whose house?

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Virtua Health. Here for good. You're listening to the Zach Gelb show. The NFL season is inching closer and closer. Who are the contenders and who are the pretenders? We have four downs to figure out your team's future. It's time now for first and goal on the Zach Gelb show.

All right. Only two teams remaining. We hit on all 32 teams in the NFL before the season does get underway. Let's take a stop out in LA as we have to chat about the defending Super Bowl champions. And that, of course, is Travis Rogers who joins us right now. Does a great job hosting pre and post for Rams football on 710 ESPN LA. Travis, as we preview right now the Rams with Travis Rogers. He does a great job once again Rams pre and post. How have you been, Travis? Thanks for doing this.

Well, it's my pleasure. I've been great. I'm excited for the season to start. So we had a little run in with Aaron Donald yesterday and his PR person came on and he wouldn't answer or really wouldn't give us a lot of clarity on what happened in joint practices. You being out there in LA, have you got any understanding about what really happened between Aaron Donald and the Bengals and then how the team handled it? Well, I think that, you know, as far as what happened, I think football practice happened and guys spent two days hitting each other and they got a little frustrated that got a little out of hand as far as how they're disciplining him. No, they've kept that pretty tight-lipped that Sean McVay talked about it in the final preseason that it was handled internally and clearly Aaron Donald doesn't want to talk about it. So as far as what they did to him, I think that it will remain a mystery. Yeah, and from afar and I probably told my guy go take one lap around the practice field.

That was probably it. But from afar, we got some questions about this. Do you guys know locally at all? Has there been any buzz on who the player he may have hit with the helmet? Like do you guys know who that is with the Bengals or no clue whatsoever?

I don't know. No, I haven't heard too much about it. The Rams, like as you well know, we're not really interested in getting into it too much. The Bengals didn't seem to be all that interested in discussing it either. I think everybody was pretty happy to have that thing go by the side and thankfully for everybody involved, it happened during a practice so the NFL could look the other way because if that happened in a exhibition game or regular game, we know that we'd be looking at a pretty long suspension. Yeah, no doubt about that. Let's get to the next down.

Travis Rogers here with us. So a lot of years when a team wins a Super Bowl, clearly the next year, people go, oh, they could win it again. They're looking to repeat and be the first team to do so since the Patriots in 2004.

And some years you say that and you go, I really don't see the path that it happens. For this Rams team, I don't see why they won't repeat. That NFC is not strong and they're still the best team, in my opinion, in the NFC and the NFC West. Give me a read on this team and just the task, the tough task of repeating.

Yeah, I think you mentioned the most important part to repeating, as silly as it sounds, is that you got to get there first, right? And their path to get there is a lot easier than if they were in the other half of the draw. The NFC, as far as I see it, it's the Rams, it's the Bucks, and it's Green Bay as the three teams. And then there's a gap and then maybe San Francisco, Philly, Dallas, Minnesota, you can throw in however you want after that. But the Rams have had a great deal of success against Tampa, so I like that potential matchup. And Green Bay always seems to find a way to kind of shoot themselves in the foot at one point or another.

So I like it from that respect. The other part is their best players are coming back. Their best players are still in the prime of their career, whether it's Jalen Ramsey or Cooper Cupp or Aaron Donald, certainly Matthew Stafford was terrific for them last year. Throw in to Bobby Wagner, who's still playing at a really high level. Their best players are still some of the best players in the league, which is a really good place to start.

There's a couple of questions. Losing Von Miller, I think, is a reasonably big deal. Their offensive line depth, which is always an issue for every NFL team, is you're not going to have those five guys play every single game all season long, and they're already pretty thin there to start the season.

So I think if there's a soft spot, it's probably on that O-line, but they're going to be really good again, I think. When you take a look at Matthew Stafford, I know he was dealing with the injury, and that raised an eyebrow from everyone. I'd have to imagine your confidence level heading into the season with him is still at an all-time high also, because you look at the comfortability level. Everything was new to him last year in LA, and now he has a year experience underneath his belt.

Yeah, I think you're exactly right, and I don't think that's been said nearly enough. This was him showing up last year, getting a chance to do it in the preseason, or at least the camp part of the preseason, and then kind of having to hit the ground running. Well, he's got an entire year under his belt, and even though he's a very experienced player, even though Sean McVay is an experienced NFL coach, I expect him to be better in year two than they were in year one. I think if you're looking for a statistical regression, I think that's Cooper Cupp for no other reason than you can't do better than he did last year, right?

When you're talking about leading the league in touchdowns, receptions, and yardage, I think Alan Robinson showing up, maybe he'll get a few targets along the way. But yeah, Matthew Stafford was the difference between them winning the Super Bowl or not. We've seen the Rams be really good under Sean McVay, but they were a different team last year. They had quarterbacks who could win games or at least extend drives for no other reason than he could just make a play in that moment.

Let's get to the next down. Travis Rogers here with us. You mentioned Alan Robinson.

I feel like that's another move that's not getting talked about enough. I know you lose Robert Woods. He got hurt last year. He was a phenomenal player for that football team, but just like how we felt good about Stafford going to the Rams last year from Detroit, Alan Robinson, he may be one of the more underrated, rated wide receivers in the league, and he's never really had a good quarterback in his career. Yeah, well, not only did not have a good quarterback, I don't even know if he's had an average one. You're looking at Dick Foles and Andy Dalton and a very green Justin Fields and Mitch Trubisky.

So he put up numbers with those dudes. So if all of a sudden you give him somebody like Matthew Stafford and you give him somebody like Sean McVay, you give him somebody like Cooper Cuff, who's going to draw a ton of attention to begin with. I think he could have a monster season. I'm incredibly bullish on Alan Robinson and, you know, and whoever that third guy may be, Van Jefferson, he's coming back from an injury in camp, but he's expected to be ready to go or whoever they fly. Maybe OBJ rejoined the team at some point this season, but the Rams, like I mentioned, the offensive line depth is probably a soft spot for them. Wide receiver depth is definitely a strength. Do you get a sense that it's likely that Odell goes back to LA?

I know you had the whole wedding thing with McVay and they had a bunch of conversation there. Do you feel like it's likely Odell's back with the Rams? I think it's extremely likely, you know, never say never, but it seems like the Rams are very excited about doing it.

It seems like they have done everything they can to get it done. It seems like Odell is doing everything he can. The one wild card in all of this is if somebody gets hurt and needs to do something quickly and then they're willing to pay Odell for time when he's not playing, I think that that's the one thing that could jump up, but if this thing goes, you know, relatively according to plan, I'd be really surprised if OBJ wasn't a Ram sometime in October-ish. Travis Rogers here with us.

Let's get to the final down. All right, so we know Aaron Donald's the best defensive player in football. Jalen Ramsey was top 10 on that NFL 100 list as well.

You're bringing Bobby Wagner now for the Rams. What have been the early impressions for someone that has been a great player in this league for a long time in that NFC West, but with Seattle? Yeah, it's a really good question, and I don't know if anybody as far as media and fans really have a great sense of that because we've seen him in some camp situations, but we haven't seen him play. You know, you're just kind of going on what we saw when he was in Seattle, like you mentioned, and obviously he was, I want to say, maybe a five-time All-Pro. He's a terrific player. The Rams, you know, they paced our players. He's a star player.

They decided to go get him. They gave him a long-term deal, and hearing him talk about things, I know that he's very anxious to show the rest of the division that he can still play, and that's been the one spot that the Rams over the last few years under Sean McVay have kind of skipped over, for lack of a better term. The defensive line has been great, Aaron Donald, whether it's A'Shawn Robinson or Greg Gaines or, you know, a guy like Sebastian Joseph Day, who's now with the Chargers.

That's always been really good. Their secondary with Jalen Ramsey has always been pretty good, but that middle linebacker role that they've had, they've had undrafted guys. They've had seventh-round guys. They played with Troy Reeder there last year, but now they don't have just a better player there. They might have one of the best in the business. How much longer do you think Sean McVay is going to be coaching the Rams if you had to give it a guess?

You know, I tend to skew to the long side. I've been asked that before. I think Sean McVay's a lifer. I know that the money that they're throwing around in television is astronomical, but I don't think Sean McVay is going to be really charged up to go call a Tennessee Titan Indianapolis Colt game on a Thursday night. I just don't see him getting the juice from that like he would doing, you know, coaching a team that could go win a Super Bowl. I think he looks at his competition as Bill Walsh and Chuck Noll and Bill Belichick and Mike Shanahan and these guys that have won multiple Super Bowls. I think he's in it for the long haul. I think he's going to be here for a while.

Well, here's the thing too. I think he's there as long as Stafford is there, but then based off what you said, him being a life for him, being a student of the game and still at such a young age. I feel as if he would feel kind of intrigued to go get that quarterback in the draft and develop that quarterback with whatever and whenever life after Stafford is. Yeah, I think that's an interesting, that's an interesting way to look at it because he didn't pick golf. He was, he got saddled with golf. He came in after golf, had already been here during the Jeff Fisher regime. So yeah, I think he's intrigued by all of it. I think that he is one of those guys that loves football, that loves trying to figure out that puzzle, that gets juice from the misery of trying to coach football and the losses. He is a, he is a very unique individual and he is an unbelievable football coach. And I have a really hard time imagining him playing a bunch of golf and sitting in a TV booth.

I just, I just can't see it. And as for Donald, he's been open about it. He talked about it yesterday. It seems two more years max, I would think for Aaron Donald to the NFL. Yeah. You know, that's when it's a little different. I put, you know, playing football is painful. And even if you're Aaron Donald, if you probably don't want to, you know, put yourself through that all the time, I know that he's anxious to get back to his home in Pittsburgh, but you know, I, I always have a hard time when these guys, and I know that there are examples here or there, whether it's Barry Sanders or Calvin Johnson or something like that, but if he's still anything close to Aaron Donald in a couple of years, I think he's going to want to play.

You can only do that for so long. Last one for Travis Rogers. When we get inside that division clearly, and you even said it, the Rams are the best team in the NFC West. Who's the second best team forget Seattle. Do you go the Cardinals or do you take a look at the 49ers?

I think it's San Francisco. If Trey Lance is anywhere between average to maybe a little bit better than that. I think it's them. I'm not a big believer in Arizona and Kyler Murray. They're, they're fun to watch occasionally, but that's not a team that really scares you when it comes time to big games and big plays the Rams have beat them like a drum over the last five years. And the Niners are, if the Rams have a kryptonite, if Sean McVay has any, it's Kyle Shanahan that when Sean McVay gets a second look at somebody almost never doesn't figure it out, but the 49ers has been a really tough puzzle for him. Shanahan does a good job with them.

So I would expect that to continue. I think if Lance is somewhere between okay to better than that, I think it's San Francisco. He's Travis Rogers. Make sure you check him out in the mid days and also Rams pre and post on ESPN seven 10 out in LA. And also check out the podcast host locked on Rams and locked on podcast network. Travis. Thanks so much.

Thanks guys. There's Travis. You're listening to the Zach Gelb show. Zach Gelb shows CBS sports radio watching Purdue Penn state right now. This is a classic big 10 game as it's three nothing. One minute left in the first quarter, but Penn state is on the move. Oh, hate to see it. Receiver would have had a nice little catch. Who's that hickey of Penn state?

Keondre Lambert Smith. Yeah. He had the ball right in his bread basket.

Good. Oh, throw. Oh, what right through his fingertips would have put them inside the red zone for the Nittany lions. And then we have the backyard brawl in Pittsburgh at the stadium formerly named Heinz field Pittsburgh up 10 to seven, but West Virginia with four seconds left in the second and the second quarter in the first half here is facing a fourth and one. And this is JT Daniels going up against Keaton slovis. They're going to kick a field goal here. I would imagine for West Virginia to get to go for it here.

Now. I don't think they have any timeouts. I don't see any timeouts at 12 play 74 yard drive in three minutes and 19 seconds. Let's see what the decision is going to be here with four seconds left in the first half. And yet they are lining up to kick the field goal.

So assuming that the kicker can nail a 24 yard field goal attempt, but you know what happens when you assume, especially with college kickers, this will go into halftime at 10, 10 in the backyard brawl. Now, Pac-Man Jones, we heard yesterday, Keenan slovis, the new quarterback of Pitt said bleep, West Virginia, Pac-Man Jones, the former mountaineer of West Virginia, and did play in the NFL for the bangles and Tennessee as well. And a few other teams out of Pac-Man Jones had some choice words for Pitt fans when doing an interview in Pittsburgh on the morning show in 93.7, the fan. Now, you know, between playing at West Virginia and then playing for the bangles, there's a lot of people in Pittsburgh that they don't like you as a sports fan.

I know you have, that's okay. But I know, I know you got people that you do like, you like Vaughn rivers and Eric wicks and all that. There's guys from Pittsburgh you're tight with, right? But take me through, you seem to have become one of the, I don't want to say enemy number one, but a lot of people in Pittsburgh don't like you.

Does that bother you at all, man? Pittsburgh. Oh boy. He's gone.

Cause I dumped him twice. That's awesome. Now, heck yeah. I got to ask you a question.

Cause usually when a guest curse, my eyes like light up and, and I make sure we dump it, you dump it and you kind of freak out a little bit. I may need to alter my approach after hearing two things happen this week. So DA, and I'm, I was on with DA this morning as I am now being the picker in season up against Meraz as it's going to be Gelb up against Meraz for NFL picks this year. And we're going to pin the tail on the pig, AKA pin the tail on the donkey. If Meraz loses picks to me, which he will, and we will do so at Bob's bar this year for their big Memorial day weekend show, and we'll have Meraz eat some cat food. Yeah. That's what we agreed upon. And if I lose, I have to dress up as Matt Ruhl and just park cars and be the valet guy at Bob's bar, just parking the cars.

But anyway, I brought this up to DA off the air. He looks so calm when he had two fighters, Bellator fighters in studio, and all they did was just curse left and right. And DA looks so calm. So I'm starting to learn in this business, when a guest curse, the host just needs to be calm and keep it going.

Like Colin Dunlap there, he's laughing, having a good time. And it's really you behind the glass who has to worry. Oh yeah, it's producer's job. Yeah, but I have a dump button right next to me. So I feel obligated to hit the dump button if someone curse.

It's never been done before. It's never a bad thing to hit it twice and be double assured. Yeah, be safe there.

Rather be safe than sorry. Like, let me ask you this. If let's just say we had someone on this show, Adam Pacpan Jones, and he said bleep pit. And that was our show. And I didn't dump it. And you're the producer of this show and also operating the board, and you didn't dump it either.

Do you think management would approach me with the problem if someone complained and let's say we had an FCC violation or would they just put that on you? Probably on me. On you. They wouldn't say, okay, Zach has a dump button next to him. He should have dumped it. It would just be on you.

No, it's assumed on the producer slash board opera. All right. So now I can be comfortable. Now I'm not going to curse. But if someone else called in and curse or did something like that, it's on you, not me.

Now I trust you. There'd be other producers that I would not trust. I'd be some guys that would be operating the board that I would right away still dump and still dump the call because I just necessarily not sure if they would be all there when filling in. Guys get distracted.

I think they're listening, but they're not. That could be a little problematic as well. You think that's a safe policy? I mean, look, it never hurts because that FCC violation is going to come in and someone's getting yelled at.

Yeah. It's probably going to be you then. Better be safe than sorry. Curse on the show anyway. No, no, we don't. We're not a big cursing show anyway.

And we'd get fired if we did so. Anyway, college football this weekend, Oregon and Georgia. I'm intrigued by this game. I don't think Oregon's going to win.

And George is clearly the better team. There's just a lot of unknown with a really good program right now for Oregon. We don't know what conference are going to be playing in a few years.

It's a debut for Dan Lanning. Bo Nix, he's an inconsistent quarterback. I don't think Bo Nix is all that. And he's the long guy at Auburn now at Oregon.

This is really tough. Georgia though, they lost so much this year, but they're still loaded. Defensively, they're still great.

Stetson Bennett, I think is a very good quarterback. George is going to win the game. I'm just wondering how this game is going to play out. Give me your college football mind, Terry.

You think it's going to play out? I think the, I believe the spread is 16 and a half points in favor of Georgia. I think Oregon's covering. They have a better defense than anyone is really getting right now.

So it's right in that area, right around the Ohio State Notre Dame spread, but Oregon's defense still is loaded. I know, you know, we look at head coach and, you know, you look at the kind of the offense last year, not being great losers of guys, their defense is still really good, really aggressive. Dan Lending has a lot of familiarity, both what Georgia's defense does well and what Georgia's offense does well.

And Bo Nix is one of those guys, you're right. He's so inconsistent. He's really more, more frustrating and bad than, let's say, good. He had that big moment against Oregon. He did absolutely at Auburn. And this, I feel like is a game where he's not going to play good enough to win.

I think he's going to blow, play good enough to where Oregon will be within 10 points for most of the game. You know what my play is on this one? I would not touch the line of 17, 16 and a half. If I had to, like right now, I may have put down a few shekels on it the other day.

I'm quickly now turning my opinion around on this. I would not touch, if I'm advising you today, I would not touch the, the 17 point spread. I take the under 53 points. I don't love betting unders, but this seems like this is going to be a lower scoring game. Come on, man.

I think that's smart money, but no one wants to root for less points, more points, more touchdowns. You're the guy at the bar screaming. No, get down, get down. Take a knee. It doesn't make sense for you to take a knee, but take a knee. Coach, punt the ball.

Don't go for it. Put the ball in midfield, punt, punt position, Cincinnati, Arkansas. We still don't know who's going to be at quarterback for Cincinnati. Luke fickle's not telling anyone. We're going to see if it's ice tea.

If it's going to be vodka, what they bring to the party. It's senior Ben Bryan or sophomore Evan Prater. That's going to be one of the, the, the potential starting quarterback in this.

Those are the two options. This is a big game for Arkansas because Cincinnati, really it's gravy. Whatever happens this year, you just made the college football playoff. Everyone loves Luke fickle.

We feel as if he's eventually going to take a job somewhere else. Now they're going to the big 12, but for Arkansas, Sam Pittman had a good year last year. And I like Sam Pittman. They not to run the football that Evan usually have a good, good offensive line. I think there's a lot of pressure on Arkansas in this game, especially with all the unknown of who's going to be playing at quarterback for Cincinnati, Arkansas should win this game at home physical KJ Jefferson. Now back again, this I like this Arkansas team a lot.

They'll win. Let's go to Utah, Florida. Is this upset brewing here? You're all over Utah all over.

That means there could be a potential upset. I think Utah is a phenomenal defense. I love Kyle Whittingham. When he joined us, he talked about how much of a leader cam rising is now cam rising's back.

He has everything in front of him. Good running back room to Florida though. You have a new head coach. I like what Billy Napier did at Louisiana. You got a heck of a quarterback and Anthony Richardson needs to be a fun player to watch this year. I'll take Utah, but I think this could be a close game. I don't think Florida is going to have a bad showing.

Oh, I feel the other way. I think this is like a two and a half point spread. I am all over Utah, very balanced. What was that? Sorry. Hammer in the Utes.

Yes. Hammer in the Utes. I think they're going to win handily, which you know that this is going to be weird. What I'm about to say, I don't want to say it's a bad thing if Florida wins, but it actually wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if you just had a close game and you lose.

Cause you know how Florida fans could get. If you win the first game and you're Billy Napier, you're the savior. You're the guy. You're unbelievable.

You're going to be fantastic. And then it's going to be tough to deliver after that potential. And oh, it's Utah first game, though, big opponent, you get the win, man.

Then expectations get all out of sync and all out of whack. I just something I think. So you're saying Billy Napier is going to throw the game. Hammer the Utes folks even more hammer hammering, keep hammering away.

I just know how this works. Now, Florida hasn't been like down in the dumps. This is not like Florida state. This is not Miami. This is not Texas. Dan Mullen did an okay job there.

Solid job there. They were in the SC championship game two years ago with Kyle Pitts and Kyle Trask. But you go win this first game. You'd have the Florida fan goes, Oh, you're going to be unbelievable. We're going to be great.

Billy Napier. He's going to be the next Urban Meyer and minus all the off the field stuff in Florida. All we're going to do is win, win, win, win, win.

You know how that works. Notre Dame, Ohio state, 17 points to spread. I think Ohio state's going to win by two touchdowns.

That's not 17. Tyler Buckner in that quarterback for Notre Dame. The big question is for Ohio state, are you gonna have another early loss? They lost early on last year to Oregon.

I don't think that happens. This is close. It's respectable, but Ohio state's going to show the better team. They win by two touchdowns.

First half. I think it'll be close. Notre Dame shows a lot of talent. I think Ohio state will cover the spread. Best team in the country, according to the AP poll, but how much stock you have.

And then finally, here's the game that I'm just looking at. Clemson's offense was horrible last year. There's a lot surrounding Clemson and last year, I think it was like 13 to eight or 14 to eight, something like that. They lost to Georgia Tech, Georgia Tech stinks, but they played them close last year. If you're Clemson, you better blow out Georgia Tech or else there's just things that, not that it goes away, but it just starts to creep back up and intensifies if DJ doesn't look good again up against a Georgia Tech team. You need DJ Wengole to go put up five, six touchdowns this weekend and just absolutely destroy Georgia Tech. And that's a close game. Yikes. It's going to be a lot of conversation if you win about Clemson. This will come next week.
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