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One Thought on Each Week 2 Matchup (Hour 4)

Zach Gleb Show / Zach Gleb
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September 16, 2022 10:17 pm

One Thought on Each Week 2 Matchup (Hour 4)

Zach Gleb Show / Zach Gleb

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September 16, 2022 10:17 pm

Zach gives one thought on each matchup in Week 2 | NFL Picks Battle: Zach Gelb vs. Jersey Jerry | Plus, The Closing Bell

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Zach Gleb Show
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And away we go. Fourth and final hour on a football Friday. It is the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio and we're coming to you live from the Rocket Mortgage Studios.

Whether you're looking to purchase a new home or refinance yours, Rocket Mortgage can help you get there for home-owned solutions that fit your life well, Rocket can. Alrighty, coming up 20 minutes from now, Jersey Jerry from Barstool Sports in his weekly spot, as we'll do a little NFL pick segment all throughout the National Football League season. Jersey Jerry got the best of me last week.

He is one game up and we'll see how it will go the rest of the way. Connor Green, can I get some NFL music? Poor football.

Oh, wow. A little blast from the pass. I can't believe it is already week two in the NFL, in the league where they play for pay. Mike Francesca is the reason why this is my favorite NFL film song.

I just always remember this, Sundays listening to this as a kid all the time. It's week three, can't believe soon it'll be week four. Alright, there's some leaves on the ground and it's week four and then comes week five and then week six and then seven and eight and nine and ten. And then I can't believe it's week 11. Alright, I can't believe folks we've got here at the Super Bowl. I've never heard you this excited. That's one of my, you know, old school shows every Sunday I'd listen to that Francesca football show.

It sounds like you're on the verge of tears. Hey, it's great. I mean, this is a great old school song. Remake memories of the great Francesca shows. Can't beat that.

I don't know if they could deal with this song for 15 minutes. I really don't. We do have some other ones in here too. Yeah. Okay. Let's pause this.

That was a good effort. Do we have anything else? Okay. I could go with this.

That works. Jets and Browns first up. One thought in each of these games. Why is Joe Flacco starting? Mike White should be starting for the JTS jets, jets, jets. For the Browns, they nickname of, I got to say this carefully, Chunked.

If I missed the letter that could have been really, really ugly. Kareem Hunt. And also Nick Chubb, that nickname that I just said that I'm going to try to say again, that's what's going to lead the Browns to a victory this week. And to make Browns fans saying, here we go.

And I said, here we go again. It's a Cleveland Browns and it's first and 10. You know, it's so weird last week. I saw Ken Carmen, our pal who used to work here at CBS sports radio and host morning drive in Cleveland, 92, three, the fan, he posted a photo of a cup of scotch and he goes, let's raise our glass to the brownies being one to know. And I was like, there want to know, I know I just watched the Panthers game, but because Baker Mayfield loss, even though it's Panthers up against the Browns, like my brain just registered that, Oh, Baker loss.

I'm so used to seeing Ken Carmen talk about Baker. He lost so that the Browns are over one, but they did win that game up against the Carolina Panthers. So the Browns are going to be two and L next game commanders at the lions.

I love the commanders this week. Let me wash out my mouth because their quarterbacks Carson Wentz. I don't usually trust Carson Wentz, but this is Carson Wentz up against Jared Goff.

See how these two careers have fallen. Jared Goff was drafted by the Rams. He got to a Superbowl. Now he's quarterbacking for the lions as a stopgap quarterback. And Carson Wentz is now believed to be the guy with the commanders. And this is third team Eagles gave up on him. And then the Indianapolis Colts gave up on him as well. But I do like the commanders this week on the road to start off the year two and Oh, Browns and commanders starting off the year two and Oh, interesting Buccaneers at the Saints.

Health. I saw Evan Kamara's on the injury report. Chris Godwin not going to play. Mike Evans on the injury report. Saints offensive line stinks. Bucks offensive line is banged up. Both these teams have very good defenses. It could come down to who's healthy and who's able to give their quarterback a second or two to think.

Saints have dominated Brady other than that playoff game when ever since Brady's been a member of the Tampa Bay, Tampa Bay and maybe soon to be once again, Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This is going to be a game that comes down to health and offensive line play. Panthers at the Giants must win.

This is a must win for the Carolina Panthers. You go into the year you thought you had a solid defense. Defense failed you last week up against the Browns. You go into the year Christian McCaffrey is back.

Christian McCaffrey was not used the way that I would have used him. You go into the year with the new quarterback in Baker Mayfield. Baker Mayfield slow start then got things going with the big Robbie Anderson touchdown. You cannot start off the year for the Carolina Panthers 0-2. You cannot lose to Jacoby Bressett and then the man that is called Danny Dimes even though he doesn't throw many dimes unless if they're to the other team. Must win for the Carolina Panthers that's my thought in this game.

Patriots and the Steelers. Najee Harris going to play. TJ Watt we know is out. Mac Jones was on the injury report.

Back problems, back spasms this week and then he had a illness but it wasn't COVID and now he's off the injury report. This is a huge spot for the Pats. Steelers thought of a great defense. I got to see what this offense is for New England.

I like Mac. I just don't like everything that's around Mac and the way that the plays are being called. For Pittsburgh you last week you up big then you should have lost then you find a way to win. New England and Belichick has absolutely owned you. Tomlin is 3-8 up against Belichick. This is a spot where maybe you could put the nail in the coffin for the thought that maybe the Patriots are going to make the playoffs this year even though we're only two games in but that's how big I think this game is for the Pats this weekend since they're on the road. Colts and the Jaguars.

The clown show site last year where Jaguar fans dressed up as clowns and they thought we were going to try to get Trent Baalke fired. Well it backfired as Carson Wentz did with Carson Wentz did best and does best and he lost the game that he should have won going into it. Last week the Colts down 20-3 come back get to overtime they lose they cut their kicker Rodrigo Blankenship.

Hot Rod. And now the Colts go back to Jacksonville where they haven't won in oh the longest time. If Frank Reich loses this game I don't even know if Jim Irsay lets him back on the private jet. Colts have to win this week. Dolphins and the Ravens. It's the quarterback matchup.

Chiwetonga Vailoa up against Lamar Jackson. This is a huge statement for the Dolphins. They don't have to win this game.

You lose though 27-23-2 it plays well. It's a good first two weeks for Mike McDaniel with Chiwetonga Vailoa they just beat the snot out of the Patriots last week defense played really well. I think this could be a close game I think this game could come right down to the wire. I do lean towards picking Lamar Jackson and the Ravens to winning this game.

Just because I trust the quarterback more in Baltimore than I do with the Dolphins. Falcons and the Rams. Next Rams will destroy the Atlanta Falcons. Seahawks and the 49ers. All eyes on Trey Lance.

That's the thought for this game. Trey Lance last week you could barely even see that game because of how much rain was coming on down. They lost to the Bears.

Here's the analysis of the year. The Bears suck. And the 49ers lost to the Bears after being spotted 10 points right out of the gate. You cannot lose this week if you're Trey Lance. Because if you do lose this week then we live in a world where Geno Smith and the Seattle Seahawks are 2-0. But more importantly for your sake Trey Lance you then have the Broncos and the Rams after that.

So if you lose this week you're gonna start 0-4. This is a huge moment for Trey Lance as you just have to kind of have everyone settle down a little bit and not give someone something to rip you apart for and demand to see Jimmy Garoppolo. Bengals and the Cowboys. No Dak Prescott. And you got a lot of problems in Dallas even though I don't think Dak is a great quarterback I just think he's a very good quarterback.

Joe Burrow. Cooper Rush. Clear advantage to the Bengals. Bengals all fence a line they got to be better than what they were last week I don't think you could be worse. I know Dallas has a good pass rush led by Micah Parsons and Dan Quinn has done a nice job there the last two seasons. Bengals though they just have too much talent for Dallas and Cooper Rush to lose this game. Texans and the Broncos.

Nathaniel Hackett. Here's the good news. This game's not going to come down to a 64 yard field goal. And if it does maybe you'll get booed out of the stadium.

That was one of the worst coaching decisions I've ever seen where he just simply didn't take a time out. This sets up for the Broncos to have a big bounce back performance get their first win on the year and blow out the Texans. Cardinals and the Raiders. Connor this game has a lot of intrigue. No DeAndre Hopkins out the first six games because of the suspension. Raiders last week their offensive line was horrible Derek Carr wasn't really able to move.

Devante Adams we know he's great they're going to force feed him you have Waller you have Hunter Renfro Renfro was a non-factor last week for the Raiders up against the Chargers. Derek Carr threw three picks last week and they still almost had a chance at the end to go win the game. I like the Raiders this week but the loser of this game is going to start off 0-2. And think about that if the Raiders start off 0-2 in the AFC West that's problematic and for the Cardinals you just got to weather the storm until DeAndre Hopkins comes back. These are two teams that were in the playoffs last year both of them and one of them's gonna start the yard 0-2 unless you have a tie which we got a tie last week we almost had two ties last week.

I don't think we'll see a tie this weekend in football. Yeah I don't think so and the Cardinals this goes back to like last season down the stretch they were terrible got smoked in the playoff game. Last three years they were horrible down the stretch with Cliff Kingsman. Yeah and then the week one this year they get absolutely smoked so I have questions as to how good this team really is when they went 9-1 last year I thought that was a little bit of a fluke and to fall completely off a cliff get smoked in the playoff game smoked week one by the Chiefs. The Chiefs are a good team you should not have allowed Patrick Mahomes with a new group of receivers to dominate the way he did and if they go to 0-2 that's a long time before DeAndre Hopkins is coming back you got to stay in the hunt it's a big game for both teams the Raiders can't really afford to go to 0-2 playing in that division and the Cardinals you go to 0-2 in that division it's the same kind of thing and you start to lose confidence in yourself because last year you collapsed you look terrible last week the worst thing in the world is to go 0-2 and lose that confidence again. Next week for the Cardinals if they lose this game they get the Rams yikes and then for the Raiders listen to this schedule right out of the gate Chargers Cardinals Titans Broncos and the Chiefs oh that's brutal brutal for both teams okay we get to the Sunday night football game Bears and the Packers. The Bears stink Aaron Rodgers my receiver's got to catch the football Christian Watson could probably drop four passes this weekend and you'll still win because why? Aaron Rodgers owns the Bears and we got two games on Monday night Tennessee at the Bills this was a game last year if you recall Josh Allen and company got stuffed inside the own five yard their own five-year-old and that defense really made a big stand for Tennessee I think Tennessee started off the year 0-2 we'll talk more about this on Monday I think you'd be crazy at this point to predict the Bills loss just because the way the Bills played in week one I know Buffalo's struggle a little bit against Tennessee but it's gonna be tough to pick against the Bills this year with Josh Allen Gabe Davis Stefan Diggs Dawson Knox just so many playmakers on that offensive side of the ball and this game could be the game most excited about this week Connor Vikings and Eagles Vikings week one victory destroyed the Packers Eagles week one victory up against the Lions questions if Jalen Hurts is the guy Jalen Hurts got you to the playoffs last year you have a good team around him and AJ Brown you got Devante Smith Miles Sanders did a good job last week you got a solid defensive for the Vikings not a great defense but Zadarius Smith he was awesome awesome last week and Kirk Cousins looked like he had new life where the coach actually supports him and you got the best wide receiver in the NFL and Justin Jefferson I'll give you my official pick on this game on Monday but right now I'm leaning towards the Minnesota Vikings going into Philadelphia where Kirk Cousins usually plays well up against the Eagles and finding a way to get a victory and start the year off 2-0 all right this was the only song you really lost me at you know like this is a classic I don't know what the heck this is classic NFL films the final quest oh yeah yeah yeah you're right is it when the trophy comes on out or you're going right to the Super Bowl you have the team like they were down in the first half but here they come in the second half with the optimistic positive music believed in them they had no shot before the year people thought they would win four games and then in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl they had a lead and Cinderella saw midnight as Aaron Donald threw Joe burrow around like a ragdoll and Matthew Stafford won his first ever Super Bowl Aaron Donald jumped up and down like a fat kid in a candy store soon to only toss a helmet at a player on another team and basically say he's only here to talk about Dr. Teals and then you had Cooper cup look at Cooper he's unbelievable Super Bowl MVP two touchdowns in the Super Bowl and one of the greatest regular seasons you'll ever see from an NFL wide receiver winning the Triple Crown the Bengals an unbelievable story but the Rams an even better story and they're your Super Bowl champion.

And then there's Sean McVay comes from a great football family last time he was in the Super Bowl his offense was horrible now he's a world champion. Zach Gelb shows CBS Sports Radio once you said the name of the song and you told me when this song is used I'm like yeah I've heard this 9,000 times that's exactly how it would be used to break down the Super Bowl champion it is a football Friday on CBS Sports Radio Jersey Jerry from Barstool Sports joins us next. Chris pro sandwich artist amateur spokesperson rolling new subway delivery order only on the subway app and get special deals like zero dollar delivery fee. Chris are you ordering on the subway app right now uh maybe ooh could I get in on that eat fresh refresh from the top please freshly prepared for your order limited time of participating shops terms taxes and other fees still apply cut it was always Zach Gelb and Jersey Jerry but Zach just didn't know it. Jerry what part of Jersey are you calling from I'm from North Jersey I'm a blue collar union guy and now they're friends it was always Jersey Jerry it was always Zach Gelb this has never happened before and I'm man enough to share it I don't I'm man enough and now it's time to respect their NFL picks only on the Zach Gelb show. And two NFL picks on a football Friday Zach Gelb along with Jersey Jerry from Barstool Sports it is the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio last week yikes it was oh and three I guess the good news is you could only go up from here Jersey Jerry was one and two but he guaranteed the Steelers plus the points plus six and a half that was a big time win if you listen to Jersey Jerry's guarantee last week right in the same segment. So Jersey Jerry we've made it to another week how you been my friend. Good good yeah you're right only only up from here you know I just felt something at that game last week you know after the call with you I felt really good about the Steelers pick. Like I said Mike Tomlin he that you get the boys ready in the off season man and I think I think it showed especially on defense and you know unfortunate news with T.J. Watt it was a real bummer to start the week but as the week went on you know we got some good news looking at about six weeks so end of October so we're ready to go over here. I think you may become an NFL insider I saw T.J. Watt slide into your D.M. and tell and tell you that he's not going to be out for the season yeah yeah I mean that it was always the comeback that's absolutely great that Steelers game last week though Jersey Jerry I know you're probably going through it during that game it looked like you're going to blow out the bangles then it looks like you're going to lose Minka Fitzpatrick made a heck of a play I hate tying in the NFL look like we're going to tie in the next thing you know boom you guys win that was incredible yeah that was a very weird game now like the first half was excellent you know defensively at least but you know you've seen the Pittsburgh Steelers of the last two years offense just has a very very very hard time converting third downs running the ball throwing the ball downfield the play calling I will say looks a lot better than last year so shout out to Matt Canada for that but I'll tell you what you know defense is going to have to be at this year it seems like you know offensive line struggled Mitch Mitch made a couple plays which which I'm happy about he made a few plays I could respect that he you know he helped us win that game so no shade at Mitch but yeah dude just a weird just a weird game I'll tell you what Minka Fitzpatrick pretty much won that game stud I got a chance to talk to him on the ion football show that I host on Sunday and we started things off you have the pick six and then I thought very underrated he had that unnecessary roughness penalty right before the the punt block to be able to block that out of his mind and go save the game was very tough and I think this is a three-year anniversary today of that trade that I thought was a dumb trade the Steelers are going to be giving away what was a I thought a top ten pick but ended up working out perfectly yeah I did you know yeah actually today is definitely the third year anniversary um but I'll tell you what Zach I hope that you might be able to agree with me on this the NFL has gotten very very very soft with these some of these calls that wasn't even close you know to a personal I mean it's just you know it's just you know it sucks when you watch a game and and the refs almost take it from you yeah no doubt about that hey before we get to our picks Jersey Jerry from Barstool Sports what was your takeaway from the game last night between the Chargers and the Chiefs yeah man hey listen it was a it was a really good game you know I was on the under and I had to sweat it out a little bit in the fourth quarter um but I'll tell you what you know Herbert gets a lot of gets a lot of shade man the kid gets a lot of shade he's hurt back there he's trying to move he's trying to make plays I like Justin Herbert it's gonna be very very tough to beat the Chiefs this year man Mahomes is just he's just different man he's just different even though they didn't cover it doesn't matter you know they want another football game they're all their offense is is gonna be great as always defense was a little skeptical early on but I'll tell you what they held it together you know that six six really really changed the game around for that it really did but yeah dude I think I think Herbert gets a lot of shade man and you know he's a competitor and he's and he's up there you know top top seven top eight quarterbacks in the league I think yeah he's a phenomenal quarterback but they better make the playoffs this year else Brandon Staley is probably going to be out of a job and Sean Payton will be coaching that team next year I could I could I could see that or Sean Payton to Dallas I could see that too yeah or maybe Denver because I'd fire Nathaniel Hackett after that first game what a bleep show that was oh I was that that cost me 14 grand you seen that oh yeah that's right I was texting you about that with the live stream Jersey Jerry had a big parlay and what was it seven or eight legs you just needed Denver on the money line and they just basically projectile vomited up for you yeah yeah yeah um I just didn't know what was going through his head you know you you pay a guy all this money he's your starting quarterback he's a winner he's a proven winner and you know fourth and five you you know they were they were getting they were getting fuck excuse my language a 65-yard field goal is just crazy you know I will say Jersey Jerry I set the over on a on a half week for the first curse to happen I'm surprised you got the week too I don't know I don't know if that gets bleeped out but yeah no we dumped it don't worry you know I'm not the most professional guy on the planet I'll say that that is true Jersey Jerry here with us all righty let's get to the picks this week um you won so maybe polite you could go first what do you got what's your first pick yeah so we're doing we're doing at least one underdog right yeah that's the way we do it here you get three picks one underdog yep okay perfect for my underdog I'm gonna take the Washington commanders plus one and a half against the Detroit Lions um I really like what I saw at a dachshund from from from Penn State to rookie wide receiver man he made some big plays um he got mcclaurin went through a couple nice passes had a few picks but uh yeah I like their chances against the Lions so I'm gonna I'm gonna have to ride with commanders plus one and a half yeah that I have that game as well going up against Detroit Detroit's a favorite for the first time in 24 games which is wild but it just also shows you how bad of a team Detroit's been for like it seems like forever I love the commanders this week I can't stand Carson Wentz but he's a better quarterback than Jared Goff I think the commanders win the game outright but I'm definitely taking them plus a point and a half game number two what do you got Zach before we get to game number two what quarterback do you like because you're not a fan of turbisky you're not a fan of Carson Wentz who do you like I like Joe Burrow I like Tom Brady Patrick Mahomes the good the great quarterbacks those are the ones that I like but Carson Wentz I used to really like him he was in Philadelphia I was covering the Eagles and everything I thought he was he ended up being an absolute fraud about yeah that that's accurate for my game two I'm gonna go with the Raiders at minus five and a half home opener against the Cardinals Cardinals defensive suspect they struggle to even score on offense they didn't score really till late in the game in the fourth quarter I think they got exposed last week I think they'll get exposed again I see like a 31 20 score here I'm gonna take the Raiders man I love that pick I was thinking about the Raiders the Cardinals I don't have a good feeling about them no DeAndre Hopkins they were just awful last week up against Kansas City yeah I think that's a winner there Jersey Jerry but I'm gonna go with another underdog I trusted this team last week they burned me I'm gonna go back to the well for week number two if they can't find a way to get the job done this week I will not bet them the rest of the way this is a must win in week two Panthers going to the Giants they lost to the Giants last year I gotta think Baker Mayfield and Christian McCaffrey get off to a better start than they did last week I like the Panthers plus the two points I like it I like it I like it a lot my third my last pick is gonna be Rogers and the Packers minus 10 against the Bears you know the sloppy game the Bears game against against the Niners the really crappy weather I thought they were gonna get some bad weather over in Lambeau but I checked the weather looks like the storm might pass I would have liked the Bears plus 10 in a in a in like some really bad conditions but it looks like the storm is gonna pass so you know Aaron Rodgers is gonna come back mad you know he is after after after losing that game so I'm gonna I'm gonna go with Rogers and and and the Packers minus 10 yeah I would not be able to to bet the Bears and feel good about the Bears after they had a victory last week I don't care what the weather is anytime it's Rogers up against the Bears if I think the Bears have a shot then I'll just stay away from that game because we usually know how that game does play on out last picked for me this guy may not be allowed on the plane ride back if he loses we all know how the cult season was just destroyed at the end of the year losing in Jacksonville this is a must win game for Frank Reich I'm not a big must win guy even though I'm giving you two must win games in week two at this point but I'm taking the Colts laying the three points against the Jaguars I may be a sucker on this one because it seems like everyone in Indianapolis is hurt but I'm just not gonna trust the Jaguars that Matt Ryan has to win this game for his football coach Frank Reich give me the Indianapolis Colts minus the three points Jersey Jerry I like it I like it Zach I like it I do alrighty so there's week two Jersey Jerry by the way great interview that you did with Mike the situation very good conversation on addiction and the way that both of you have battled I really did enjoy that conversation on your podcast hey thanks thanks so much for supporting it Zach I really appreciate it I look forward I look forward to next week hopefully you'll get on the board this week because if you don't get on the board they might have to turn this into the Jersey Jerry show with CBS yeah that may be the case that may be the case I may be begging you for work soon Jersey Jerry thanks Jersey Jerry we'll talk next week that would go on brother bye there you go it was always Jersey Jerry right there on the Zach guilt show on CBS Sports Radio so the picks once again Jersey Jerry takes the commanders plus a point and a half Raiders minus five and a half Packers minus ten I go commanders plus a point and a half Panthers plus the two and the Colts minus the three points those are week two picks let me come on back we will get into the closing bell tell you whose stock is booming whose stock is dooming but first up with the latest CBS Sports Radio update here is Pete McCarthy hey this is Howie and this is Nick and you're listening to the Zach gulp show on CBS Sports Radio and guess what Zach is back all right he's live he's nationwide on CBS Sports Radio this is the Zach gulp show oh my god we're back again and you can think of all the other parts for your car care needs get guaranteed low prices and excellent customer service from the professional parts people at O'Reilly auto parts at the half Louisville 21 Florida State 14 Seminoles trying to go three and oh under Mike Norvell what is a big season for him they have to do some work here in the second half a lot of points in that first quarter each team had 14 points and then in the second quarter Louisville was able to get seven Florida State with nothing Travis the quarterback Jordan Travis for Florida State 13 of 17 157 yards two touchdowns and an interception and Malik Cunningham 13 of 18 for a touchdown in that one Louisville was able to run the ball very effectively you know in the first half they ran the football 29 times that's kind of crazy and I know Cunningham is a dual-threat quarterback and he had 10 of those carries of 42 time for 42 yards and a touchdown rushing touchdown but they had 29 rushing attempts in the first half for 142 yards so they're often running for Louisville we'll see if they keep it up in the second half but without further ado I'm not talking about Freddie ado let's end the show out in style with the closing bell another day is in the books and we're taking stock of the sports world it's time to find out who's up and who's down let's end the day right and hit the closing bell only on the Zach Gelb show you know what I'm gonna go back to on Fridays ending out on a positive usually we do the positive first and then we get to the negative so on Fridays moving forward because I want to go into the weekend feeling upbeat not just ripping people so I will go negatives first and then we'll end the show out with the positives now I'm gonna bring up a colleague of mine and this colleague may need to alter his approach on Twitter so I'm on Twitter last night perusing during the game and I see a certain tweet by Jack Stern Jack Stern does some behind the scene work here at CBS Sports Radio Jack Stern has trained on this show before Jack Stern is now being given more responsibilities here and is doing some updates so this is the tweet that I see last night Kurt Herbstreit is one of the best football broadcasters in the business been a true pleasure listening to him on Thursday Night Football on Prime TV poised excellent analysis has laid back likable personality now Connor there's a few mistakes here number one his name is Kirk Herbstreit it's not Kurt Herbstreit that's not what it is you're annoyed on this tweet no I'm not annoyed but it isn't yes so that's number one number two Jack's a big college football fan or so he claims this is what the first time he's ever heard of Kirk Herbstreit well Jack has a tendency on Twitter to tweet things of that nature where it's it's more of like a he's just seeing something reacting to it and tweeting about it as opposed to like I'll be on Twitter and I just tweet the most ridiculous nonsense I can think of yeah but you're funny Jack will tweet like just literal things that he's seen that used to be me Zach Gelb and I created a Twitter in high school and this is how crazy I was I created Twitter a Twitter account to try to get Kurt Warner on my high school radio show now it actually worked but that's why I joined Twitter because someone said Oh Kurt Warner respond to me on Twitter that was in my high school and I go oh that'd be pretty cool to get him our high school radio show so I made a Twitter account tweeted him and then he came on but anyway when I first was on Twitter I would tweet the obvious like oh Kirk Herbstreit I get the name right it's doing the game he's awesome he's great something like that or like the Chiefs played really well tonight yeah it's not sustainable like everyone has to have an obvious tweet here and there but it just gets boring and tiresome but for Jack Stern who claims to be this mega college football fan like he talks crap to me in the newsroom about Colorado football like what he's still annoyed that Mel Tucker's no longer the head coach of Colorado and he went to Michigan State those are things that I remember when Jack Stern first got here he wouldn't shut up about and now you're basically tweeting as if this is the first time Kirk Herbstreit has ever called the game and you call him Kurt Herbstreit and then I saw Mraz and DA responded and I jumped in as well because DA said oh let's just call him Herbie and I go oh Jack Stern would call him Herb and then Jack responded to me spell check got the best of me come on it's possible it's possibly got spell checked maybe yeah the first name probably not the last name he could have gotten the spell check the first name I feel like if you type in Kurt you know it's it's not or you type in Kirk it's not gonna change to Kurt maybe there's just a chance that Jack Stern for his entire life thought Kirk Herbstreit was Kurt Herbstreit and then he's blaming spell check on the last name which is tough to believe when Kirk Herbstreit who is right now doing a Pizza Hut commercial on the television in front of me eating some pepperoni pizza who's on every ESPN show college game day has called Monday night football games before does the ABC game each and every week and oh yeah by the way now is on Amazon Prime it's tough to not know who he is sometimes you just get screwed by the aggressive spell check or just tweeting things that we could live without on Twitter stock down Jack Stern we have another sound effect for stock down there Connor any chance you have it just one I do yeah yeah you could play that one it's funny I went to hit that first and I was like oh that's a little mean and then you paused and I know this is not your first time this is not your I probably can't sit on the radio so I'm gonna avoid saying that especially because I don't want to get a phone call late at night for management on a Friday when I'm trying to sit back and watch television and not have to listen to management but I did see some pause from you and I go is Connor not prepared here I was like we can maybe I'll hit the other one you know we'll do that instead because you were most prepared people around here at CBS Sports Radio and one of the more well respected people when you make a mistake it's usually someone else's fault like spell checks fault or something like that not Connor Green's fault all right I read this story that Mike McDaniel said this week that the biggest difference between being an assistant and a head coach is he actually has to shower and he was an assistant coach he went like three or four days without showering what's the longest you've ever gone without showering Connor Green I mean if I'm sick like maybe I'll go a couple days but other than that I'm I'm showering once a day I usually shower twice a day one in the morning and the one after work when I come home yeah you gotta shower once a day at least at least now has there been a day where you skip I think we've all had that where you just skip a day you were sale I'll get home and I'll shower then you really tired you go to sleep we've all had those days you were out drinking late the night before you're just laying in bed you're like I'm not getting up at all today yeah I was gonna say usually if you're going out drinking or partying you would shower before and then that would count for one day but you are right if you're a little hung over the next day you order some food bacon egg and cheese and then you don't move the rest of the day you may skip a day but this Mike McDaniel that he was working so hard and that he didn't shower for three to four days first off that's disgusting you gotta work on your hygiene when you're an assistant coach and also I just don't believe it I don't I feel like Mike McDaniel knows that this is a game and he just says ridiculous things to say ridiculous things and I think he stretches the truth a little bit maybe this happened one time I don't think this happened regularly stock down Mike McDaniel don't call me an idiot only say that for Jack Stern Justin Herbert who chargers who now Herbert is a stunt I know they blame the pick six on Everett afterwards though he did have a three now when his team was down seven but the charges are up ten two different times in that game up ten nothing right out the gate up 17 to seven and you had an opportunity to send an early message to Kansas City yeah we beat the Raiders then we beat you you have to respect us a little bit more to lose that game in the way that they did it's a tough that's a tough pill to swallow giving a stock down to the Los Angeles Chargers Max Johnson is gonna get the start tomorrow for the Aggies of A&M the former LSU quarterback going up against Miami Texas A&M is a six six and a half point favorite they just lost to App State last week but for Max Johnson it's the start of a new era Haynes King only had 97 yards passing up against App State Jimbo Fisher doesn't want to give up play calling duties just yet so you'll throw in the new guy in Max Johnson good luck on your next opportunity kind of like the you this weekend even though they're without their wide receiver Restrepo but give a stock up to Max Johnson and finally Patrick Mahomes you've reminded everyone how great Kansas City can be first game five passing touchdowns up against the Cardinals last night down ten twice you find a way to get the job done that one touchdown pass was just absolutely insane where he had that big strike right down the middle of the field big throw that's just one of those throws where Twitter was just buzzing left and right last night you know I thought last night was a really good night for Twitter there wasn't too much negativity from what I saw about the broadcast and that was one of those fun games like those are one of the nights where you just love being on Twitter but that throw from Mahomes to Justin Watson was just sick absolutely sick so Mahomes and the Chiefs they're 2-0 give them a stock up and that's the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio on a football Friday big thanks to Jersey Jerry from Barstool Sports for joining us if you did not get enough of me this week don't worry you got a chance to get more of the Zach Gelb show action on Sunday for ION football we have reporters in every stadium pregame analysis give you all the weather updates all the fantasy football advice all the betting advice and then once one o'clock gets rolling we go from game to game as the action happens instant analysis live lines in game we have a fantasy five and then here's a nice little wrinkle that we've added since reporters are now actually allowed back in the locker room we give you press conferences your postgame sound but we usually get two or three players on after the games last week we had Menka Fitzpatrick we had Brandon Jones from the Dolphins and Chris Olave from the Saints so make sure you tune in ION football if you got to be around if you got to be driving around in the car if you listen in on the Odyssey app oh look at Connor Green that was cool that got me all excited now for Sunday week two and we'll keep you covered all throughout the eight hours and then we'll be back obviously on Monday at 6 p.m. Eastern 3 Pacific Connor Green big thank you big thank you to each and every one of you for calling listening and tweeting you could always follow along Instagram at Zach Gelb Twitter at Zach Gelb follow go to our podcast page rate subscribe all that talk to you Sunday then talk to you back on this show on Monday we out bye bye Peace have a good weekend. Peace be with you.
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