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Is Rory's Choke the Worst in Sports (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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June 17, 2024 4:59 pm

Is Rory's Choke the Worst in Sports (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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June 17, 2024 4:59 pm

What sports moment was the biggest choke in history? A NewsBrief. What is Klay's future looking like?

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For trusted protection, trust Pampers, the number one pediatrician recommended brand. And Rory had four birdies in five holes. You had Rory McIlroy with the two shot lead. And even though no one after Rory really had four birdies in five holes up until the DeChambeau shot out of the trap on 18. No one was running away with this US Open. But the way that Rory lost it, and bare minimum didn't even get to a playoff, it's a choke job.

And I don't know why. I feel like in every other sport, maybe because golf it's talked about in a classier way. Like every host around the country today would be saying Rory choke, Rory choke, Rory choke.

I think a lot are. But some people with golf, they're like skeptical to because how tough golf is to use the word choke. But if that was like LeBron in the NBA yesterday, if that was I don't know, Shoei Ohtani in baseball, whatever the equivalent would be. That was Patrick Mahomes in football. That was Connor McDavid in hockey.

Everyone would be saying choke job, choke job, choke job. And the way that Rory failed to get the little things done on 16 and 18. And after birdie in four times in five holes on 15 bogeys, 16 bogeys, 17 saves par, then 18 bogey. It's just a terrible, terrible job by Rory McIlroy, who has not won a major championship, by the way, since 2014. And from Justin Ray golf, up until that putt that he missed with inside three feet where it lipped out on 16, Rory McIlroy was 496 for 496 on putts inside three feet this season. So he missed that putt inside three feet on 16. And then on 18, it was about a four foot putt, he, that one wasn't even close. Like at least on 16, right, that was just bad luck it felt like. On 18, I don't even think three quarters of the bowl, of the ball even was close to going in the hole. Like 16 was just a terrible lip out. On 18, it was just a mental, mental blunder.

It was, it was tough to watch. And I know some people like Rory, some people dislike Rory. I felt bad for Rory McIlroy yesterday, because I was, let me be clear, I was never a big Rory fan. And maybe it was because when Rory was really having the height of his success, that was during Tiger's like worst moments. And I am a huge Tiger Woods fan, huge.

Like a lot of people are that watch golf. And since Rory was being tagged as that next guy, just naturally, since I was a Tiger guy, I despise Rory. But when Rory really tried to be the face of golf during what ended up being a bunch of nonsense between live golf and the PGA Tour with how it came to an end or we think it's come to an end.

Rory was the guy that said, no, I'm not going to take the money. And I'm not going to go to live golf. And he really carried the flag for the PGA Tour, which I respected. Now, ultimately, we all know that the PGA Tour ended up being just as hungry for the money as, as the live golf guys. My big gripe, though, with the live golf guys, they just weren't honest. Like just say you're taking the money.

And we all knew why you were taking the money. It's not because what Phil Mickelson tried to sell us on, they're trying to change golf and they're trying to make big impact and a big change on the PGA Tour. Like that was a bunch of bull crap from the start. He got offered a big bag of cash.

So Rory ends up walking away from that, looking like he got played because of his loyalty. And here we are yesterday with him not winning a major championship since 2014. And after he finished up on 13 with the birdie and Bryson bogeyed on 12, his two-stroke lead.

It was eight under and Bryson was six under. And then on 15, 16, 18, bad club selection, couldn't finish the job with the putter. It was just a terrible, terrible finish for Rory McIlroy.

So off of that, let's discuss, we'll go around the room. Yours truly, Zach Gelb. We got Moist Mike and Ryan Botcher here with us today on this very busy Monday. Let's go through the worst choke job in sports history. It may be my favorite moment as a sports fan, but if you're an Atlanta Falcons fan, you hate this. And this was the 28 to 3 epic choke job of the Atlanta Falcons where I'm at that game. I was, I was, I rarely go to a game by myself, but with the price of a Super Bowl ticket and how it's tough to get your hands on a Super Bowl ticket. I was only able to get my hands on one Super Bowl ticket that year. And I'm in NRG Stadium and I'm sitting in the upper deck, 50 yard line, like very happy with my seat.

That's why I love to watch football. Upper deck, anywhere 50 to 40 yard line, you see everything develop. So I'm there by myself and I think it was Lady Gaga who did the halftime show that year.

And she like came into the building like it made it look like she was jumping in from outside. And I was like thinking to myself when the Patriots are down at half, I think it was 21 to 3 at half. Or was it 28 to 3 at halftime? I forget what the score was.

No, no, because they allowed that touchdown where Nikovic looked like he was a thousand years old to make it 28 to 3. So it was 21 to 3 at halftime. And I was thinking to myself, well, Lady Gaga is coming into the stadium. Can I just get, you know, grab onto that string and then jump out of the stadium? And it was like, when you're in attendance for a Super Bowl, the halftime show in attendance, it usually stinks because it's made for people on TV. So during halftime, I walked in to get a popcorn, spent like 20 bucks on a popcorn. And I remember like tweeting out, wasted all this money on a Super Bowl ticket, wasted all this money on a popcorn. And then Evan Roberts down the hall at WFM was like, I don't feel bad for you whatsoever because he's a jet fan. And here's like the tough moment for me after my team has won four championships in my lifetime, having to sit through them, just getting humiliated on the big stage. So, second half starts. That was never a thought in my mind of leaving. You don't leave the Super Bowl.

Like, come on, that would be the weakest moment. Who was the actor? Was it Wahlberg? I think it was Wahlberg who left the Super Bowl early. There was some big Boston actor who left the Super Bowl early, claimed his kids were like sick or whatever. I just, I don't like, hey, Santa, you have a young child. Even if your young child was throwing up at the Super Bowl, you know, especially I'm assuming it was Wahlberg. He's in a suite.

You know, find the way for the kid to suck it up in the second half. All right. Even if he's throwing up over everybody. It was Marky Mark. Yeah. And the funky bunch. Yeah. So I guess his kids were sick and he left.

That's a bad job out of Mark Wahlberg. But for some reason, when the second half started, there was a group that was like a family. It's like four or five guys. They all came to the Super Bowl together. You know, there was a grandpa there, you know, you know, dad, uncles, all that stuff and a few grandchildren.

And they were all from Boston and my uncle's from Framingham. So we're talking about that. And for whatever reason, it's like you go to the game, you know, I'm by myself and I'm sitting next to four or five people. We just start talking. And as you start to see this comeback, like you got a touchdown, make it 28 to 9.

All right. No one's believing. Then when they hit a field goal and the drive stalled at 28 to 12, I'm like, that's actually a big field goal because it makes it a two score game. And either a few years before, it was like the year before that, no, it must have been a few years before that because the Patriots, they maybe it was the year before that. The Patriots lost an AFC Championship game to the Broncos and they failed to take a field goal late.

And they were driving at the end. They needed a two point conversion and they would have taken that field goal earlier than they wouldn't have had to go for two. They could have just been driving for the score for the win. For whatever reason, I always thought that's a part of the comeback that doesn't get enough credit was that field goal at 28 to 12 because it makes it a two score game.

And the moment when Dante Hightower forces that fumble, the guys next to me and I, like, we start like going nuts, ball, ball, ball. Like, did they recover? Did they recover it? And they did. So that's when like the vibes of us started to think there was a belief. But it was it didn't need to be spoken, but it was clear that the guys sitting next to us, no one was thinking that this was actually like we were thinking about it.

We wouldn't say that maybe this was going to happen. Then the Patriots marched down the field off the fumble. They quickly get the touchdown. It's like in two, three minutes, they do the Kevin Faulk direct snap play that they did up against the Panthers in the Super Bowl. Now with James White up against the Falcons. So it's a one score game here.

And there's a greater belief now that this is possible. And I'll never forget on that next drive, Matt Ryan finds Julio Jones. It's one of the greatest catches in Super Bowl history, but no one ever will talk about it because the Falcons didn't win the game. When that play happened, for whatever the vantage point was for my seat, I think it was Eric Rowe who he made the catch over. I thought Eric Rowe picked off the football.

I did. And not only did he not pick it off, Julio Jones makes a great catch. Then Kyle Shanahan, all time choke artist in the Super Bowl, for whatever reason, doesn't run, run, run the ball. Penalties, you know, all that. And the Patriots end up getting the ball back.

They marched down the field. They scored. They did the two point conversion play to Danny Amendola.

And it's a tie game going into overtime. The moment the Patriots won the toss, that's the first time I said to myself, OK, this game is over. Because you knew Brady was marching down the field. Now, I thought Martellus Bennett actually caught what would have been the game winning touchdown. And he got mauled and it was pass interference. Sets it up at the one yard line. The Pats almost are a pick.

A little after that. But then it was this play on the Patriots radio network where the Patriots walked it off. As Brady pitches the ball to James White and the Patriots complete the 28 to 3 comeback.

And a silver trophy is coming back to New England. That was awesome. And the family that was sitting next to me, we're going nuts. It was we were going crazy. It was like I was I went to the game with them. I was part of their family.

No clue what ever happened to that family. But we shared a moment at that game. And then Roger Goodell gets introduced and everyone's booing him.

And the grandfather of the group, who must have been like 80 something years old. I can't repeat what he said on the radio, but he said a lot of not so nice things in a Bostonian accent. Directed to Roger Goodell, which I found to be very hilarious. So that to me is one of the biggest choke jobs ever. It's the Atlanta Falcons being up 28 to 3 in a Super Bowl. And even after it looked like they were off the hook.

Matt Ryan to Julio Jones when it was a one score game. They still find a way to gag up what would have been a victory for them. So that's my biggest choke job.

Samantha, how about you? That was a good one. But the part that was hard for me on that one is because that was a team choking. Right. So like you don't know, was it Matt Ryan who choked? Was it the defense who choked? Was it Kyle Shanahan who choked? Was it Dan Quinn who choked? So it's hard to say a team choked in that moment. So for me, that's why they definitely did choke.

No, I understand what I'm saying. When I'm thinking of choking, I'm thinking of an individual person who in that moment, that's why golf is so easy to find chokers because it's like one guy making a choke job. But there was this one moment back in the 90s, one of the most popular famous groups of young athletes in college basketball, maybe ever. And finally, this team was close to capturing a title or at least attempting to, even though they were down in the game against North Carolina. And then Chris Webber did this. A two to tie.

Michigan would have to bring it. Oh, he walked. He walked in. The referee missed it. Webber brings it into the front court. They have no timeouts remaining. Oh, he causes too many timeouts. That's a technical foul. He called a timeout. Michigan doesn't have any. He got by with a walk and Jimmy calls a time out. He doesn't realize that's Michigan's too many. And so it'll be a technical foul.

North Carolina shooting and the ball. A huge mental mistake. And that was part of it. What he said at the end, a huge mental mistake. To me, a choke job is up here, right? Like having an error or playing poorly isn't necessarily choking. Choking is when you let your mind overtake your body and then you can't perform at your highest level. Chris Webber in that moment choked twice in the biggest moment of his life.

He traveled. They didn't call it. Then he called the time out. Granted, there was somebody on the bench. Oh, there's definitely someone on the bench saying timeout. But a player of his magnitude needs to know the situation, needs to know they don't have timeouts. The coach also needs to inform them, hey guys, if you get the rebound, just bring it up and we don't have any timeouts. That's on the coach too. But at the end of the day, that to me was the biggest choke job I have ever seen. Now two-tone Tony brings up a good point in the YouTube chat.

There's nothing to do what we're talking about. I wore purple today. You wore purple today. Ryan Botcher, I don't think you're wearing purple today. You're just wearing an ACDC shirt, right? It's black.

Oh, yeah. Yeah, it's ACDC. Anytime you wear ACDC, you can wear whatever color you want.

ACDC rocks. You know what, I changed my answer. Ryan Botcher's the biggest choke job artist in the history of sports. Was this coordinated? He wears purple. I wear purple. No, it wasn't coordinated. You just dropped the ball. That's a bad job out of you. You don't have the mental awareness to realize you needed to wear purple today.

You've been telepathic. What's your biggest choke job in sports? So you mentioned individual players in an individual game. You don't mention multiple games to where a team can blow a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals.

Yeah. Never happened before on top of the fact that they were the best regular-season team in history. 73-9. On top of that, they were cruising through the playoffs. You get to the Finals and LeBron James and Kyrie Irving do this. Iguodala to Curry.

Back to Iguodala. Up to the layup. Oh, blocked by James. LeBron James with the rejection.

Wow. His third block of the game. A minute remaining. And they're putting Curry in the pick-and-roll, trying to get him on Irving. Irving and Curry, one-on-one. Irving puts it up.

It's good. Kyrie Irving from downtown. So you can understand the fact that, OK, they lost Draymond Green to suspension. You still have injuries going throughout the team.

There's no way that a team should blow a 3-1 lead. You have... Draymond decided to kick a bunch of people, too. Yeah. OK.

In the Cajones. Was it three times in one playoff run? I'm just saying. He decided to be a knucklehead. But either way, you were healthy.

That sparked it. He was healthy for more than three games in that series he was playing. On top of the fact that 73-9, best regular-season record better than the Bulls. There's no way the Cavs should have had any chance coming back. You had all the momentum. Klay Thompson went MIA. Curry went MIA in Game 7.

And that is why it's the biggest... Let me ask this question, too. What's the individual moment in sports that made you jump out of your chair the most? Because, like, with my personal fandom, it was when Malcolm Butler picked off the ball.

But if I took my sports fandom out of it, like, just a natural moment when you don't have a dog in the fight. When LeBron James made that block, I was watching the game in my Philadelphia apartment. And I was living in a lower-ceiling room at that time in my apartment complex. I jumped off my couch in my living room, and I thought I was about to hit my head on the ceiling. That was an unbelievable block. It's a great one that you bring up down 3-1. What was the moment in sports that made you just jump out of your chair and go crazy about your... As a New York sports fan, there's not memorable ones, but that entire series, it wasn't just that game. Just everything in that series, you could jump out of your chair for.

Game 6 was awesome with what LeBron and Kyrie did. Samter, is there one moment where you just jumped out? Oh, yeah, yeah. Meadow, meadow, meadow. I just remember jumping up, and I jumped off... We had one of those massage chairs from Brookstone that we still actually have to this day, like, 20 years later.

Oh, really? I did a full head-first dive from the arm of that chair onto my couch, and I rolled around like a little monkey. It was crazy.

Yeah, that moment was, to me, nothing better. Other choke job in sports, so Samter brings up Chris Webber. I bring up the Atlanta Falcons. Botcher brings up the Golden State Warriors. Greg Norman, in the 1996 Masters, up six strokes, entering the last round on Sunday, and he ends up losing by five.

It's one thing to gag that away. To end up losing the tournament by five is crazy. Yankees, Red Sox. Yankees in the 0-4 ALCS up 3-0. Red Sox not only come on back, they end up breaking the curse. The following, a few weeks later, beating the Cardinals in the World Series, coming back from down 3-0. In my lifetime, the Mets, they were up seven with 17 to play in 2007.

They choked it up. And then the Philadelphia Phillies in the fold of 64. And back then, you win and you're in the World Series.

You win the pennant. And they were leading the entire way. And I think they were up six and a half games with 12 to play. And they lost 10 straight games. And they ended up not winning. They even had the program ready to go.

The Phillies in the World Series, in the fall classic, and obviously never got there as the fold of 64 did occur. So, those are some memories. I did have the Cavs-Warriors jotted down, but since Botcher did it, you know, that was a good answer. I like that answer from Ryan Botcher. All right, we'll take a break here on the Zach Gelb Show on the Infinity Sports Network. We come on back, we'll update you on some of the biggest stories in the world of sports with some audio. We'll get to a News Brief next.

All righty, News Brief time. It is the Zach Gelb Show on the Infinity Sports Network. Let's start off here and Tom Brady on Fox yesterday making his debut in the Fox Broadcast booth for the UFL title game. Listen up, TB12. Bringing a little instant offense.

You know him, you love him. Tom Brady, legendary quarterback, just had his number retired. I can't go down there on the field anymore.

You can't play anymore? He's joining us here at Fox Sports. I'm sure you have heard his analyst this fall.

Can't wait to see him. So far, what are your impressions of this early going championship game? Sometimes teams can be a little bit tight.

It looks like it may be right here. They're all a little different. You get into these games and there's a lot of defense out there right now. You see defense go out there and play with a lot of energy. But someone's got to get the ball down the field and try to open this field up a little. It's a lot of horizontal passes and the defense is swarming and trying to punch the ball out.

So make them defend every blade of grass. That's what we said. Now, I'm not going to pretend like I'm an expert for the UFL. I'm not going to tell you I really tuned into this.

But the clips that I saw, I don't think there's any like monster takeaway from this. But Brady sounded smooth and comfortable in the booth. And also when you saw Brady in the booth, he kind of looked larger than life. And it just felt like it was a big time feel for a game that I give a rat's ass about.

And I don't know about you, Samter. I kind of looked at Tom Brady and was like, kind of looks very presidential. Like what a president should look like instead of some of the options that we've had over the last few years, let's just say. No, he definitely has like a very, he's a very classy guy. He's got a very classy demeanor about him.

But I think as we've seen since he's retired, he's opened up a little bit. Cursing a little bit more at the roast, having fun, telling jokes. I want to see some of that come out, not the cursing part, but just like the fun Tom Brady. You want to be cursed on a broadcast? Yeah, sure. I think it makes a good, fun moment. I don't know if the executives will love it. Yeah, that'd be fine.

That'd be great. Especially when, you know, when he sees the next tuck play, the next tuck play where a team gets screwed by a terrible call that the rules need to be changed just for that rule. You know who you are? He can curse. You know who you are? Can I make a comparison between you and an athlete? Tell me. You're Kyrie Irving.

Uh huh. What the Celtics have meant to Kyrie Irving is what the Patriots have meant to you. Where their success and things that have happened with both those teams own a lot of real estate in your cabasa, just like the Celtics own a lot of real estate in the cabasa of Kyrie Irving. I mean, when you cheat multiple times and then you win your first Super Bowl because a rule was terrible. They actually have to change the rule because it was so bad and you benefited from the bad part of the rule.

Yeah, I mean, of course, I'm going to complain a little bit. I mean, I did enjoy being at that game that Tom Brady first came in when Mo Lewis smashed Drew Brees out of bounds. That was awesome.

You enjoyed that? Yeah, I enjoyed that because I was at that game and I got to really enjoy Drew Brees just getting smashed by Mo Lewis. You mean Drew Bledsoe? Drew Bledsoe.

What did I say? Drew Brees. Drew Brees, like six times. Drew Bledsoe.

Yeah. See, that's how much real estate the Patriots own in Santer's head. He then thinks it was Drew Brees that got hit instead of Drew Bledsoe. See, there's something about the Patriots that overtake the body of Michael Santer that he just can't formulate sentences and he can't make any sense when he talks about the Patriots and he just keeps on digging himself in a deeper, deeper, deeper hole.

Okay, let's continue. We go to Sir Charles, Charles Barkley. This is after Game 4 of the NBA Finals. The Mavs finally got on the board and now they're down three games to one.

We'll have Game 5 tonight. This is courtesy of NBA TV. This is Charles Barkley announcing his retirement from television at the end of next year. No matter what happens, next year is going to be my last year on television. And I just want to say thank you to my NBA family. You guys have been great to me. My heart is full with joy and gratitude. But I'm going to pass the baton at the end of next year.

I hope the NBA stays with TNT. But for me personally, I wanted you guys to hear from me. I'm going to pass the baton to either Jamal Crawford or Vince Carter or you, Steve. But next year, I'm going to just retire after 25 years and I just want to say thank you.

And I wanted y'all to hear from me first. Yes or no, we'll go around the room. Just give me a yes or no. Batra, do you believe that Charles Barkley is going to retire at the end of next year? Yes. Samter, do you believe it? From doing game broadcast, yes. I don't know. I thought the same thing when I saw that after game five.

I'm OK. He doesn't want to go work for another network. I don't think TNT is going to retain the NBA. If they did, though, I still think he's doing inside the NBA. But this could be a negotiation tactic where he likes what he's hearing so far, but he wants someone to make him a godfather offer. Now, I do agree with some point with Samter said from doing the studio show, being on before and after the games, maybe.

Like, I do believe Charles will resurface summer and get a mega podcast deal. Let's go to Kyrie Irving. He calls out Celtics, this Boston Celtics franchise and expectations.

You have to show your respects here. And I think that's what I struggled with initially was figuring out how I'm going to be a great player here while winning championships, while also leading a team and selflessly joining the Celtics organization or the cult that they have here. And that's what they expect you to do as a player.

They expect you to seamlessly buy into the Celtics pride, buy into everything Celtics. And if you don't, then you'll be outed. And I'm one of the people that's on the outs.

I'm perfectly fine with that. I mean, I did it to myself. They don't welcome me in with warm embrace, even though I know a lot of people in the organization. Oh, because you acted like a jackass when you were in Boston. You lied all through your teeth.

That's why. It's not like Celtics fans wanted you to stay. Celtics fans wanted you. You were there and then you messed up your opportunity and you blame everybody else. This shows you Kyrie Irving really has had no growth.

None. He tells you how much he changed before the finals. He tried to issue a mea culpa with how everything went down. He controls emotions better. After game one, he acted in a stupid way. After game two, he acted in a stupid way.

And after game four, you finally win. He acted in a stupid way as well. The Celtics just own real estate in his cabeza. And it's amazing how much real estate the Celtics own in his head. He just can't say that he was wrong. He's incapable of doing it. He's incapable of saying, oh, I got this wrong. The cult of the Celtics, man, every fan base has a passionate fan base.

All right. That's what makes sports fun. You have a passionate fan base. They demand championships. And it's not like they hated you because you didn't win a championship there. They hated you because you said, oh, I'll stay here as long as you guys want me here.

And then you tried to stab that team in the back because you were insecure. Here's Kyrie on handling the Boston crowd. I think in order to silence even the self-doubt, let alone the crowd doubt, but the self-doubt, when you make or miss shots, that's just as important as making sure that I'm leading the team in the right way and being human through this experience, too, and telling them how I feel. I try to pay attention to the positive things that got us wins here early in my career and then also thinking about the things I can learn from throughout the performances that I've had here where I didn't play up to par.

So just being honest about it and then also breathing through the experience and having fun with it. How can anyone take his answer serious on how he handles the Boston crowd? He fails to handle the Boston crowd. Every turn he goes. That's amazing.

It really is. That would be like me when I was a crappy math student trying to say, this is how you handle to try to find something with triangles or whatever math equation or things like that. I got to be the last person to try to give advice on that.

I sucked at math. Kyrie, you suck at handling the Boston crowd. Stop trying to give advice. Geez, Louise. Here is Kaitlyn Clark on Angel Reese's flagrant foul yesterday where Angel Reese was trying to block Kaitlyn Clark and ended up swiping Kaitlyn Clark's head. She's a part of basketball.

It is what it is. You know, she's trying to make a play on the ball and get the block. But yeah, I mean, it happens.

And those those free throws when you have to shoot him with nobody at the line are kind of hard. So she answers every question just the right way. And she has tried to not make this about Kaitlyn and Angel. Naturally, that's just going to happen anyway. But here is Angel Reese on her foul on Kaitlyn Clark.

And she actually said Kaitlyn Clark's getting pretty much some preferential treatment. Listen up. So basketball player, I can't control the rough state. Affected the game, obviously, a lot tonight. So, I mean, I'm always going for the ball.

I'm going to play that clip 20 times before Monday, so it's cool. I think we went up really strong a lot of times and we didn't get a lot of calls. And going back and looking at the film, I've seen a lot of calls that weren't made.

I guess some people got a special whistle. But just being able to play hard as best as we can. So she committed a foul. That was a flagrant foul. It's not every time something like that happens, we have to have like this serious conversation.

That happens all the time in basketball where a player commits a flagrant foul. But then the audacity of Angel Reese afterwards to basically say some people get a special whistle. And we all know she's talking about Kaitlyn Clark.

Angel Reese, she tries to play like she's always getting the short end of the stick. Like she's always getting screwed over in these cases. Like, give me a break. Seriously, give me a break. You can't have it both ways. She loves when she gets praised, but then she hates when she gets criticized.

And she can't handle when she does get criticized. Here's Tristan Casas of the Red Sox. Listen to this last night. This was some interview. Usually these in-game interviews on Sunday Day Baseball are a waste of time. Especially because Carl Ravitch has like no personality.

But I will say they did a good job with this one. And listen to what the Red Sox player had to say. So I'm in coach pitch.

And you know, I'm so young, I don't really know what's going on at this point still. I'm still just playing baseball just to burn calories and get out there and get some sun. Right.

Right. And you know, I get out one day and I come back to the dugout crying. Pissed. And you know, that's what a six-year-old does. He sits on the bench and he cries and he doesn't want to go out there when his team's playing defense. So my dad, you know, being the dad that he is, trying to teach me the lessons that he did in his own special way, came into the dugout. He actually grabbed me by my shirt, dragged me to the line, and Looney Tunes style kicked me out onto the field. And actually had one of my best friends that I went to high school with later. He ended up playing pro ball.

His mom actually called child services on my dad. No way. At the field. No, no, no. For real. This is no joke.

At the field. I see my dad go away in the cop car, gets arrested, send the nice to Joe. You're kidding. But that day, my dad taught me a super valuable lesson that not a lot of people know. And it's that I had a responsibility to my teammates. I had a responsibility to my coaches, to the parents that showed up that day, all the fans who were at that little league game, whatever it may be, to go out there and give my best effort, no matter how I was feeling on the bench, no matter what I was going through that day or whatever little hardship that I was feeling when I got out, that I still apply every single time. Because sometimes I just want to sit down on this bench after I get out and I want to weep and I want to cry.

But that's not how baseball is. So yeah, I love my dad to death. I wouldn't have this opportunity without him. But yeah, funny little excerpt. That's the type of guy my dad is.

So we'll play a new game here on the show. Karen or not a Karen? Was the lady in the stands at that little league game, was she a Karen and maybe overreacted a little bit, Samson? I mean, I guess it depends on how the kick was. But yeah, that sounds Karen-ish to me.

Botcher? Depends on how much air time Casa's got going back to the field. And if it's over two seconds, yes, you call it cops. But if it's just like a little love talk. If it was like, hey, get your ass out there and you give like a gentle kind of push.

Okay, I'm fine with it. If he was dragging him by the back of the shirt, like through the mud and the dirt on the baseball diamond and yelling in his face, a little bit different. But it seems like he didn't really have a big problem. He was going out to left field from the first base dugout.

That's a big issue, but it doesn't seem like it was. Hey dad, I'm a first baseman, not a right fielder. Why'd you throw me out there in right field?

Yeah, okay, then I can understand. Finally, here's Bryson DeChambeau and Rory McIlroy choking things up at the US Open film to win his first major championship since 2014. Rory's one of the best to ever play. And being able to fight against a great like that is pretty special. For him to miss that putt, I'd never wish it on anybody.

It just happened to play out that way. He'll win multiple more major championships, there's no doubt. And I think that fire in him is going to continue to grow. And I have nothing but respect for how he plays the game of golf. Because to be honest, when he was climbing up the leaderboard and he was two ahead, I was like, uh-oh, uh-oh. But luckily, things went my way today.

Alrighty, there you go. Bryson DeChambeau wins the US Open yesterday. Rory McIlroy, after he finished up 13, was up two strokes. And you also had Bryson Bogie in on 12. Then he was eight under and Bryson was six under.

And we know Rory collapsed on 16 and 18, just missing two putts that you just cannot afford to miss if you're trying to win a major championship. Take a break when we come on back. Klay Thompson has unfollowed the Golden State Warriors on social media. Will Klay Thompson be back in the Bay Area? I'll give you my answer when we return. We'll leave time first. Here he is, the act man, Rich Ackerman. We'll see you next time.

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Go to or download the TuneIn app to start listening. You're listening to the Zach Geld show. Santa, by the way, was yesterday your first Father's Day? Second, but first Father's Day cookout at my new place. Okay.

I remember we were talking about the big Father's Day weekend that you were supposed to have. I approve of what you cooked yesterday. I thought your burgers look good. What were those, skirt steaks?

London broil. Okay. They look good. I couldn't tell. The only thing I was confused about, the two critiques I have, and I also don't like criticism of food pictures because there's a lot of times people post things that don't look good, but like it tastes delicious. I thought your French fries could have been a little bit more well done, if I'm being honest. I thought they were undercooked. Was that chicken that was involved? It was chicken. It was chicken. It was very thinly sliced. Yeah. I think we may have gotten chicken cutlets that were a little bit too thin.

Oh, okay. I like it a little bit thicker and then I can filet it and then marinate it from there, but we got the pre-thin slices. They were so thin it was like paper. I thought it was fish at first. I'm not going to lie. You thought it was what?

I thought it was fish. Yeah, it honestly kind of looked, I mean, it tasted good, but it was just too thin. You don't get any kind of flavor to it. It was good. It was good flavor, but I like a little bit more thickness than what we had.

The thin slice is just a little bit too thin for me. Was it your wife or your idea? Adorable photo I saw of you and your baby gal. You were dressed up in, how would you describe the outfits you were wearing?

Yeah, like a black and blue Hawaiian. Yeah, it was cute. Yeah, all three of us had the same outfit on. Whose idea was it?

I mean, come on. I think it was your idea. I don't think it's your wife's idea. No, it wasn't my idea, but I 100% signed off on it without begrudgingly or without any kind of complaint.

I had no issue. And then we went, we went to a restaurant downtown. We had some crepes, sat outside, had some ice cream, and she's just too cute. I thought it was an announcement that you were having another kid. Because when I first saw the photo, it was like me and my girls, and there was like no other girl in the photo.

And I realized that you meant your wife had it as well, but I was like investigating the photo at first. And I'm like, is he holding a picture maybe or something? Like, is there another kid on the way, you know, baby number two? That's what I assumed at first. Well, it was a picture of my daughter hugging me and it looked like she was holding my stomach. So maybe, who knows? Maybe, maybe I got something brewing down here.

He's going to be a soccer player, he's going to be a soccer player. I thought, I'm like, is Santa's dog a girl? Like I was trying to see like in the photo where the other girl was, and I'm like, oh, he definitely means that it was his wife. Why didn't you guys take like a family selfie or have someone take a picture of you? We did.

I have about 250 pictures from yesterday, but that picture of my daughter sitting on the chair next to me at the restaurant and just hugging me for like 10 minutes, I couldn't not post that. So you guys did cookout and then you went to another restaurant? No we did. Just dessert? No, we did a restaurant for lunch. We did cookout actually for dinner. So we did restaurant around noon, hung out there for like an hour, had some crepes, had some brunch, got some ice cream, walked around town, went to the park, and then later on after the day was done, we cooked out. I had a good gluttonous weekend. So I golfed on Saturday and then afterwards, my buddy's house has a pool, so we were all drinking, had a bunch of people over, man, a barbecue.

Pasta pesto season is back. Oh, I had great pasta pesto, had a hot dog. There was burgers, all different kinds of burgers. They were like delicious. Then there was some chicken as well. And then the dessert, I forget what kind of cake it was, but that was a scrumptious, I will say. And then yesterday, pigs in the blanket, my mom and my dad cooked up, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

And then we had filet mignon wrapped in bacon and they made some like home fries like, you know, they made these like the homemade home fries, which were pretty damn good. I don't even remember what we had for dessert yesterday. Oh, my uncle wanted a pound cake. So we had a pound cake with strawberries and homemade whipped cream, which was definitely delicious. So. So you went to pound town.

Why do you have to make everything? I'm sorry. Pound cake. Pound cake. Yeah, pound cake. Why do you have to ruin Father's Day here? You're the one who went to went went that route.

I was just saying. Pound town. Come on. Botcher, what did you have yesterday? Any good food? We went to Applebee's. I had Cajun. Half off apps?

No, it wasn't. I'm not going to 10 o'clock at night. Why not? On Father's Day. Not yet. That's true. That's crazy. I had Cajun grilled chicken with some shrimp. Ooh. Applebee's underrated. Love me. I've been to Applebee's a long time.

Me neither. Man, I love me some Applebee's. That was like a high school spot.

Half off apps. That was always big when you were in high school. That was like once when you were like younger, when you're like middle school, maybe ninth grade.

It would always be like like movies or something. Eventually going to half off apps at Applebee's. That was always a big time I think. But you know what? Where I grew up, you want to hear something crazy? I didn't know this until afterwards I was in college. Right next to the childhood Applebee's in the same parking lot, about, I don't know, about 25 feet away, there's a strip club on Long Island.

I never knew that when I was in high school. And then in college we realized that there was a gentleman's club. So no wonder why all the parents enjoyed, all the dads enjoyed driving their kids on Friday night to half off apps and then they probably all went missing for a while from their significant others. Man, dad's been in the bathroom for like 45 minutes. What's going on? Where'd he go?

It happens all the time at home, but never at the restaurant. He went across the street with the $20 bill. He had about five minutes left. Anyway, Clay Thompson unfollowed the Golden State Warriors on social media. Clay Thompson's about to be a free agent and he took a bunch of pictures down of him on the Warriors. Here's Draymond Green and the Draymond Green show via the volume on Clay unfollowing the Golden State Warriors. I know all of you were probably looking forward to me talking about Clay unfollowing the Warriors and deleting some IG posts or something. I had no idea that happened. I think it's hilarious. Just so y'all know, I laugh when Jackson, I logged on here and Jackson's like, yo, so what about Clay? I'm like, what? Like what happened? He's like, oh, yeah, unfollowed the Warriors. I think that's comical.

I know you all be wanting like somebody's feelings to be heard or something. It ain't that ain't never going to be that. That's hilarious. I think it's sad. I don't think it's hilarious. I think Clay Thompson unfollowing the Golden State Warriors is petulant and really unnecessary.

Even if this is a divorce that's happening, it doesn't need to be contentious. Everyone loves Clay. Clay is a four-time NBA champion, but the Warriors need to learn from their mistake because they could have got out of business with Draymond Green last year.

They elected not to do so. Instead, they reward him with a four-year contract worth $100 million and they paid a player based off his past and not what he'll do in the future, and that's already a mistake. And Golden State this time around, they can't overpay just for the memory's sake of Clay Thompson.

If Clay wants to take a significant discount, then there's a spot for him in the Bay Area. But if he's all about getting the most money and that's his right and he's allowed to do so and I won't fault him for that, then Golden State has to have the cojones to say, Clay, we're not going to bring you back because you can't afford to waste the rest of Steph Curry's career. Draymond Green's no longer a championship player at the price tag that he gets. Clay Thompson, if he gets a mega deal, he's no longer a championship player. The Warriors and what is affecting them from not trying to be competitive to go win another title, and it's a reason why Bob Myers retired because he didn't have the heart to say goodbye to guys that won for him. But this new regime and even still the Lakeup family, they got to make difficult decisions and you can't pay people based off the past.

You have to pay people based off the future and people that pay off the past don't end up continuing their winning ways. It is Zach Gelb Show on the Infinity Sports Network. Steve Stans will join us 25 minutes from now, talk about everything that happened to the U.S. Open over the weekend, but when we come on back, athletes who were loved and also hated in their careers off Bryson DeChambeau yesterday winning the U.S. Lock it for Doncic, the step back three music and even podcasts.

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