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NFL QB's Under Pressure (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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June 14, 2024 5:58 pm

NFL QB's Under Pressure (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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June 14, 2024 5:58 pm

Which NFL QB's are under the most pressure heading into 2024? l Aaron Bronstetter, MMA Reporter for Sportsnet joins the show l Breaking News!

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For trusted protection, trust Pampers, the number one pediatrician recommended brand. Yo, yo, how we doing? Welcome in. Our number two of our radio program on this beautiful Friday. This is Zach Yelb show on the Infinity Sports Network.

Aaron Bronstetter will join us coming up 20 minutes from now. We will chat to him about the big UFC news, and I hate to say it because I was right, but it's just the truth of the situation. What's that press conference got canceled in Ireland a few weeks ago where they were going to promote the McGregor-Chandler fight?

I said this fight's not going to happen. And there was a lot of pessimism after that. Then there was some optimism, and then there's been some social media out there that was like looking and making it look like the fight was going to happen. But I made it clear for the last two, two and a half weeks that until I see Conor McGregor step foot in that octagon, I was not anticipating that we were actually going to see that fight on June 29th.

And then it comes out yesterday. Dana White releases a video that McGregor's out because of an injury. Ariel Helwani was watching his YouTube chat late last night.

Great job, Ariel. And Ariel was saying that he won't disclose what the injury is, but he says it's not a severe injury. And that means that Conor McGregor, from what he was told, is out at least two months.

So we'll see when they reschedule it. Now, my question is, how legitimate is the injury, number one? And what I mean by that is, was the injury caused because McGregor wasn't in the best shape?

Are they maybe saying this is a minor injury and they're using that so we could take this fight more seriously? Because even though McGregor hasn't been in the octagon in quite some time, it didn't seem like from some of the videos and social media and sometimes social media is misleading that you were seeing Conor McGregor, that he really gave a rat's ass about this fight. So I have no expectations the rest of the way for McGregor. I also said that, though, and felt that way two years ago, like two Super Bowls ago when we had Dana White on the show live in person. And this was talked about how we were eventually going to see a McGregor Chandler fight. I said to Dana, I don't see how Conor is going to win that fight. And I'm not a UFC expert.

I'm a casual fan that has become more of a fan in the last few years. And I was really looking forward to, at the end of the month, UFC 303. And they're going to add Alex Pereira on the card, and he's just phenomenal no matter what weight class he fights in.

That dude is one of the craziest, most freakish athletes I've ever seen. But for Conor McGregor, I had no expectation from a few years ago, and I'm not going to have any more expectation now with how long of an absence it's been for the notorious Conor McGregor trying to make a return to the octagon. So Aaron Bronsetter will join us coming up in about 10 to 15 minutes from now. Let's get back into the quarterbacks though. This is with Trevor Lawrence getting a $275 million extension, $200 million guaranteed over five years. We've talked about the Tua angle of this, the Dak angle of this, the Jordan Love angle of this, and the Trevor Lawrence Shacksville Jaguars angle as well. When we just go division by division, who's the quarterback in the division with the most amount of pressure on them? So, Samter, I'll start off with the AFC East. You've got Josh Allen, you've got Tua Tonga by Loa, you've got Aaron Rodgers, and you've got Drake May, which I don't even think Drake May will start the first few weeks of the season.

I hope he doesn't start until November. Now, pressure could be determined in many different ways. The pressure to win this year, pressure to get the next contract, pressure because your career is winding down, but I think this one's easy.

To me, it's a conversation. You could argue there's pressure on Josh Allen because now people are out on his team, but we still know he's a top three quarterback in the league. This is between Tua and it's between Aaron Rodgers, and even though Tua is playing for that next contract, and maybe he'll get in the next few weeks, we'll see, it's definitely Aaron Rodgers here, because there's a short window, he had a year or two left. This guy is a top 10, top 15 quarterback of all time. He's going to Canton, Ohio. I get his legacy in that part is already established, and you could already start making his bust in Canton, Ohio, but only one Super Bowl win, how early in his career it came, and then all the other attention and drama that follows Aaron Rodgers, I think Rodgers is the quarterback under the most pressure in the AFC East.

Yourself? See, he might be under the most pressure from the outside world, but I don't think he's feeling the pressure. I think Aaron Rodgers' mind is halfway out the door.

I think the person feeling the most pressure is Tua. Let's go to the AFC North. Lamar Jackson, Deshaun Watson, Russell Wilson, and Joe Burrow. We could push Burrow aside. You could argue there's pressure to win while you have all your pieces there, but we know how great Joe Burrow is. Right now he's the second best quarterback in football.

This one's tough. There's a tremendous amount of pressure on Russell Wilson, because Russ could be playing himself out of the Hall of Fame, and you've got Justin Fields right behind you. Lamar Jackson, there's pressure to win a Super Bowl, but I think Lamar Jackson, no matter what he does in the regular season, is going to get the Giannis treatment, is going to get the Celtics treatment as well. Giannis won a few MVPs, that's why I use that example, and they were coming up short in the playoffs, and even when they had a great regular season, no one praised him for it until he got that championship. For the Celtic analogy, I think that fits just in the current state, where no one cared what the Celtics did this year in the regular season, or even early on in the postseason. It's until they get that Larry O'Brien trophy, and that could happen tonight with them being up 3-0. We know they're getting the Larry O'Brien trophy, whether it's in Game 4, Game 5, it doesn't matter to me.

The Celtics weren't going to get that universal praise until that happened. I think it's the same way with Lamar Jackson, so I think the most pressure is on Deshaun Watson. The team gave all those picks up for you, they gave you the fully guaranteed contract, and so far, Mike, you look at Deshaun Watson, the last time we saw him be great in a Top 7 conversation was 2020, he was out all of 2021, suspended for most of 2022, and last year only played six games. This is a major year for Deshaun Watson, so I think he is the quarterback in the AFC North under the most pressure.

You? I honestly think all four of those quarterbacks could be like Top 10 in the NFL with most pressure, if you're ranking all the quarterbacks in the league, every one of them has a lot of pressure. For me, I think it's Russell Wilson, because for him it's both legacy and starting job, because if he's on a one-year deal, basically, he's got Justin Fields right behind him, and he has his legacy on the line, so he's got pressure for a lot of different things, perception, legacy, all that, so I think it's Russell Wilson. And also, if he doesn't play well this year and keep the starting job, he can maybe latch on and start a few games somewhere, but he's not going to be the guy going in from the start ever again. AFC South, it's not Stroud coming up the year that he just had, there's, I wouldn't say pressure on Anthony Richardson, but intrigue, Will Levis, they've done enough where you have to go succeed, but it's on Trevor Lawrence now. I think this is Trevor Lawrence even before yesterday, but you just intensify the pressure when you give this guy 200 million guaranteed, 275 million overall on that contract in the five-year extension, when he's had a bad year, a good year, and then a disappointing year, so I don't even think this one's debatable, Mike.

Let's go to the AFC West. Mahomes, right? If he doesn't win a Super Bowl this year, bum.

Absolute bum. Rob, he does have pressure. Listen, if he wants to chase Brady, if he wants to catch Brady, it does matter, but no, no, no, he's probably the last on his list. I thought it was interesting, though, at the Brady ceremony. They had a bunch of videos that were recorded from other players in the league, so when they show Eli Manning, I expect Eli to get booed because he beat Brady twice in the Super Bowl.

I was a little surprised that Mahomes got very loud boos, because I guess that was just more of a support of Brady because that's now the new guy, and people are already saying he's better than Brady, which is crazy right now, but that was kind of the response from the Foxborough faithful. So, you got O'Connell with the Raiders, or Gardner Minshew, the Broncos, you got Bo Nix, the Chargers, you got Justin Herbert. See, I just don't have any expectation for the Raiders or Broncos quarterback, and clearly I was joking with Mahomes, it's Herbert, because you had the excuse for all those years with Staley, now you get a more than competent coach, a great coach in Jim Harbaugh. There is no more excuse to the coaching for Justin Herbert, so for me in the AFC West, the quarterback under the most pressure is Justin Herbert, Mike.

Agreed, 100 percent. NFC East, Jayden Daniels year one, Daniel Jones last year with the team probably, Jaylen Hurts and Dak Prescott. Mike, I'll let you go first on this one, because I really think this is a two-person conversation, I think it's fascinating to see, do you think there's more pressure on Jaylen Hurts, or do you think there's more pressure on Dak Prescott going into this season? This is a tough one.

I think this is the toughest one. Honestly, I think Daniel Jones is right out there too. But does anyone expect him to bounce back? This is his last chance, he's not going to be playing.

No, nobody expects it, but that's also part of it. We went through the list of highest paid quarterbacks and he's right in there, so obviously he has to perform. No one expects it, but I agree, it's still between Hurts and Dak. I think it has to be Dak, because Dak has the contract situation, and Hurts has more to play for, but I think Dak has the contract thing to worry about as well. See, it's funny, and this is why I say pressure is very ambiguous, I actually think it's Jaylen Hurts, because he already got paid, they had that great season two years ago, he individually outplayed Mahomes in the Super Bowl, even though they lost the game, he was the best player on the field that day, the following year they're 10-1, and then that locker room just crumbled and that team crumbled down the stretch. The Eagles, I have more of a belief in the Eagles than the Cowboys, so that intensifies the pressure for me on Jaylen Hurts. The NFC North, golf going for a Super Bowl, love showing that last year, the second half of the season is who he is, you got Sam Darnold or J.J. McCarthy in Minnesota, and then you got Caleb Williams with the Bears.

This is another tough one. And I hate to put pressure on the year one guy, but for me it is Caleb Williams, because he's that transcendent generational talent, he doesn't have to be a star this year, but you can't walk away this season having questions if he could be the guy for the Bears. You just have to be good, you gotta be serviceable, and if you're that, then people will say, okay, they can go and prove, but that's a team that has a legitimate case to go 9-8 to make the playoffs. They put him in an excellent position, which Chicago never does with their quarterbacks. Yeah, I think the expectations are high, and he has good receivers, but I honestly think that if they go 6-11, and he has... They were 7-10 last year.

And they got better. With Justin Fields, who's not a slouch. Yeah, but he's not Caleb Williams. And you don't have the wide receivers. It just takes time.

But timing is everything. And this is a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately league, and copycat league, and Shrout just had that season, and Williams supposed to be the dude. I don't think they could go 6 wins this year and people feel okay with that. See, as long as he comes in there and he's not Zach Wilson, then I think he's fine. As long as he walks away from the season and people see promise, I don't think it matters what the record is. Unless the team is just so...

But if the team is really bad, you can blame Iberflus, you can blame the defense, you can blame this or that. But if he comes in there and he looks competent and he shows promise... If you remember Peyton Manning, his first year, the team was pretty bad. And he set the rookie record for interceptions. But everyone saw that promise. Everyone saw how good he could be. So no one was freaking out that he set the rookie record.

So I think it's the same for Caleb Williams. So I see the pressure, but no, for me it's Jordan Love. And I think Jordan Love might be... Not Goff.

Goff is up there too, for sure. More because of the collapse, but I feel like Detroit, they're just happy with anything. Oh no, they expect to win a Super Bowl this year. And I was actually impressed with the Lions last year that Lomas Brown came on the show before the season started, and he said just making the playoffs isn't good enough. He said they gotta go win a playoff game. And I kind of raised my eyebrows and said, let's just make the playoffs. It's a success.

And he ended up being right. So I think they have a higher expectation now because they haven't done it than what we think just because, oh, they've been bad for so long. They're just happy to be there. Detroit's not just happy to be there.

They're going to bite off your kneecap, no pun intended. 100 percent. I see that for sure. But I feel like Jordan Love, again, has a multi-layered kind of pressure. Pressure to succeed, but he also has that contract pressure too. Now, it sounds like Gudenkunz is going to kind of maybe give him that deal before the season starts.

It really is no leverage. He's gotta have to. It feels like he's getting the deal no matter what. But a guy who sat for two years, now he's playing really well.

But again, we talk about this all the time. Kevin Harlan was on the show halfway through the year being like, we're not sure if this is going to be our guy as a Packer fan. And then he showed out that last half of the year and in the playoffs. But he's really only shown us anything for half a season. So he has pressure to show that last year wasn't a fluke. That he's legitimately that guy.

All right. Well, I gotta get through the next two divisions quickly because I gotta get to Aaron. NFC South, I think I would have said Kirk Cousins before they drafted Michael Penix Jr. But since they drafted Michael Penix Jr., we know Michael Penix Jr. is going to be their guy. It's just a question of when he's going to be the guy. I think it's Bryce Young because Bryce Young's number one overall pick.

They gave up all those resources to get him. Bryce Young's got to show me something here in your number two. Yeah, I would put Bryce Young right up there, but I think it's still Kirk Cousins. Because of Penix being there and coming off the injury and the weapons, it's Kirk Cousins. And then the NFC West.

Oh boy. I have no belief in Geno. Stafford already won a Super Bowl. This is a Brock Purdy, Kyler Murray situation. You could argue either or. I'll argue Brock Purdy. Just because that's a team that's been close, close, close, close, close. First two years have started, he gets into a Super Bowl.

Now you gotta finish the job. I agree. I think Kyler has pressure, but it's all about Purdy. Purdy has to go get over the hump. Now just give me the quarterback under the most pressure entering this season. Because mine's Deshaun Watson. To me it's either Love or Dak. I'm going to go Love. Jordan Love. Jordan Love.

After having a successful second half to the season, you're now saying he's under the most pressure and I go with Deshaun Watson, who hasn't been good since 2020. Alrighty, will Conor McGregor ever return to the Octagon? He was supposed to return at the end of the month.

That's not happening anymore. That fight has been postponed. They say they will reschedule it. Even if they do reschedule it, will he ever see Conor McGregor make his return?

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Talk to your pediatrician or visit Brought to you by Merck. So a few weeks ago I was in Newark, New Jersey at UFC 302 and Dana White reveals that he was going to Ireland for a Conor McGregor-Michael Chandler press conference to get everyone set for at the end of the month UFC 303. And then shortly after that we found out that that press conference wasn't going to happen and the moment that occurred I said on the air I hope I'm wrong about this but I'll believe Conor McGregor returns the octagon to fight Michael Chandler at the end of the month.

When I see it last night we find out that that fight is getting moved because Conor McGregor has an injury and I was listening to Ariel Helwani last night who said that Conor is going to be out for at least two months. So let's welcome in a great MMA reporter for Sportsnet and that's Aaron Bronsetter, kind enough to join us for a few minutes on the Zach Gelb show. Aaron, appreciate you doing this.

Thanks so much. How you been? Hey, my pleasure, Zach. Yeah, things are going great. I'm sorry that I have to do this portably today but, you know, I'm a very important guy. I got lots of stuff going on around town.

No, you are a big deal. There is no doubt about that and I'm elated that we were able to get you on the show today for a few minutes. So give me your reaction through all the ups and downs, through all the skepticism and then some optimism and then pessimism. When this was announced last night by Dana White that McGregor Chandler is getting moved and we'll find out eventually when that's going to be. What was your first thought? See, I thought I was only a big deal in my own mind.

I thought that other people were able to confirm my own biases. Yeah, so last night obviously we find out that the event is off. It had been trending that way for a couple of days leading up to yesterday and of course the UFC have to come up with contingencies. This wasn't an event that they could cancel. It's International Fight Week.

They've got their Hall of Fame inductions that week. They've got UFCX which is their fan conference. Just too many things at stake for them to just outright cancel the event. I think that based on the amount of time that they had to work with, I mean this is probably the best that they could have possibly done. Getting a guy as big as Alex Pereira on the event I think is just a huge coup for them and Yuri Prokhoshka is going to make for a great dance partner. We already saw that fight back in your neck of the woods in November at MSG and now we get to see it again.

I think that this is probably the best they could have done under those circumstances. But yeah, Conor McGregor nursing some sort of injury that's going to keep him out of action for at least a month or two until they can figure out where they're going to put him. It seems like they might even do an entirely new event centered around Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler, a fight that everybody's been waiting for for some time.

Personally, if it were me, I'd put it in this Las Vegas sphere. Is there an only time they're going to be doing an event that the sphere looks like one and done? Why not have your biggest star headline that fight and you can sink even more money into it. It seems like that's going to be a losing endeavor for them but something that they really want to do by holding an event in the sphere. And that event would come your way on September 14th, the sphere, if they elect to go that.

I was actually thinking, Aaron, and I know, hey, we had to wait long enough for this so what else is a few more months? UFC usually comes back to Madison Square Garden in November. What about throwing that fight together at the Garden? I think that would be a home run. You know what, wherever you have this fight, it's going to be a home run. I just think that they already have plans for MSG. It seems like that's going to be John Jones, Tipe Mijicic. They've been talking about that all year.

I don't think that they could load that card up to that kind of extent, although I'm sure it would be a blessing for the folks out your way and hey, I'm only an hour flight from New York myself. It would certainly be great to have that fight at MSG at the Mecca but if I had to guess, I don't think that's where it ends up. Do you actually think this fight will actually happen? Because until I see McGregor walk back into the Octagon, I just keep on thinking that this fight is just not going to happen, unfortunately. I think a lot of people are out of that belief. I tend to be more of an optimist than a pessimist.

I'm a glass half full guy. I think that this fight does happen in the next two or three months. I think they're going to put it back together and figure out a way to make this thing happen. Aaron Bronstetter here with Dust. He does a great job covering the UFC for Sportsnet. When we get to the Michael Chandler component of this, I feel so bad for the dude because I think this is the part that gets lost. We're all focusing on when McGregor returns. Michael Chandler has been waiting and waiting and waiting and not getting any other fights or taking any other fights. I kind of drew the parallels today on social media between the state of Alex Pereira's career and the state of Michael Chandler's career. If you look at the last time Michael Chandler fought, that was at MSG.

Two fights later, Alex Pereira wins the middleweight championship, goes on to then lose the middleweight championship, moves to light heavyweight, wins the light heavyweight championship, becoming a two-division champion. Headlines UFC 300, now headlining International Fight Week. All of that has happened in the time since Michael Chandler last fought.

It's not like he's been injured or anything. He's just been sitting around waiting for this Conor McGregor fight. I think that if I was advising Michael Chandler, I'd do the same. I'd say, hey, listen, this is the fight that we got to stick around and wait for and hold our breath that it's going to take place.

If it doesn't take place, we took a risk. We're kind of in the late stages of our career here, but I think that Michael Chandler has a very good chance of beating Conor McGregor. If that does happen from there, I think that there's so many more big fights ahead of him after that, even though he is in the latter stage of his career. Yeah, even when McGregor gets back to the Octagon.

I said this to Dana White two years ago, and I was talking to him at the Super Bowl. I have no expectation for him, and I think Chandler would win that fight, and he goes, that's why you end up having the fight, because he'll have other people tell him he thinks McGregor is going to win. What can you expect whenever McGregor finally does get back to the Octagon, if maybe it is in a few months? I was just asked the same question earlier today, and I don't really know what to expect, because so much has happened since he suffered pretty much a catastrophic injury in the cage. Since then, how much has he been training? He's been in movies.

He's been launching companies. I'm very curious to see, like we all are, what version of Conor McGregor we are going to see in that fight. I think that's what makes his return so intriguing, is that we don't really know. I mean, stylistically, I think he matches up well against Michael Chandler, if we're talking about the best version of those two guys. But what version of McGregor are we going to see? Because I know that Michael Chandler has been training pretty much non-stop the last year, year and a half, right? To get ready for this fight, so I think he's going to be the more prepared fighter, but Conor McGregor does have that great equalizer in that left hand. Do we have any clarity? Do you have any insight on what the actual injury is with McGregor?

I don't. I'm not really able to share what I do know in regards to the injury, and I think that's just in fairness to Conor and his team. They go into this fight without his opponent knowing where he might be compromised. But this is, from what you know, and I respect that answer, this is like a legitimate injury, it just wasn't because he was out of shape, and then maybe tweaked something, trying to ram up for this fight a little bit later than probably normal, which is a thought out there.

Yeah, and I'm sure, again, there's some speculation around that. It's hard to know why he got injured or how he got injured. Injuries happen all the time in MMA, right? People can tear their ACL sparring with somebody. Jamal Hill just had to pull out of the same fight card with an injury, who knows how he sustained it. Unless you're in the room, it's really hard to know, unless you're getting really good insight from someone in that camp, exactly why it happened or how it happened. But I don't really have any insight on whether or not that's the reason that it happened, and it would be hard to know either way.

The body works the way the body works. Wrapping up with Aaron Bronstetter, who joins us right now. There's a great job covering UFC MMA for Sportsnet. So, all these alterations to the UFC 303 card, I think the UFC always does a great job with crisis management.

Unfortunately, we have seen a lot of that throughout the year, just with the nature of the beast. What's your impressions now of this card, even though you have McGregor and Chandler out? Yeah, I mean, I think really kind of almost the best case scenario played out.

To put this kind of a card together in 10 days is not easy. I think that new headliner between Alex Pereira and Yuri Prokojis is going to be fireworks, just like the last fight was. I think it's a good matchup.

And I think that the Diego Lopez vs. Brian Ortega co-main event is a great co-main event. But the thing that we need to always be cognizant of in these situations is that you're getting a diminished product, so to speak. You're getting guys that are fighting with not as much training as they should be getting going into a fight. But at least in this situation, you're getting both fighters under those circumstances, right? There's not somebody coming in late notice to face somebody who's at a full training camp.

So you're going to get them kind of almost at even strength for that reason, which is what makes it kind of interesting. But I'm just hoping that the quality of fight doesn't diminish. I mean, I think one example of this was when Alexander Volkanovski stepped into the base of Islam Makhachev the second time around and got finished in the first round because he was coming off the couch. And that can happen. But I think in this circumstance, with both fighters essentially coming off the couch, that perhaps you get a little bit more of a level playing field than something like that, for example.

And I know you've got to run. Last thing I'll ask you, were you ever close to actually getting this fight on June 29th with McGregor and Chandler? Because I know there's been a lot of up and down and speculation since that press conference was canceled, and obviously yesterday we found out that the fight wasn't going to happen. Yeah, you know, the UFC were promoting it like crazy last weekend during their event, and I think that they would probably not do that if they didn't at least have some hope that it was still going to happen and they could keep it together. So yeah, I mean, the fight card almost happened, right?

You got injured. So now it's not happening, right? I think at some point in time it was pretty much a done deal, of course.

It's signed, you got posters, you got promos. I don't think that the UFC would be doing all of that if they thought that the fight was going to fall through. But hey, these things happen in mixed martial arts, and the problem with these fights that they build with Conor McGregor is they're not usually that loaded because you rely so much on Conor being that draw that the rest of the card doesn't end up being kind of on par with a fight like that. Usually when you have a championship fight at the top of an international fight week card, you'll have a second championship fight in the co-main event and you'll have kind of more of a stacked main card. With Conor events, historically they haven't really done that. So I think that at least in his recent fight, the ones against Poirier, they weren't the most stacked cards. It was just you had your big attraction at the top, almost like a boxing-style card.

And I think that they had to overcome that hurdle when they were putting this fight back together. He's Aaron Brown. He does a great job covering MMA for Sportsnet, and he is a big deal. Aaron, appreciate the time. Thanks so much for joining us. I appreciate your insight on who and who is not a big deal. So thank you, Zach, for having me. I appreciate it. Trust me, if you weren't a big deal, I would tell you you weren't a big deal. But I've been blown away by some of your interactions in these press conferences.

So I take notice even being a casual UFC guy. Thank you, Zach. I appreciate you.

You got it. There he is, Aaron Brownstetter joining us on the Zach Gelb show. You know, I'm disappointed.

I can't say I'm surprised. And I expected once that press conference was cancelled and I've been saying it in Sportsmen, I've been saying it on this show, I didn't think this fight was going to happen at the end of the month. It doesn't seem like, and he's right with what he said about the Stipe John Jones fight, which was happened last year at November at MSG. And then that fight did not happen because of an injury John Jones suffered. So if they're trying to bring that back in November at MSG, okay, you probably wouldn't double dip with someone like John Jones and Stipe Miocic and also have Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler on that card because you can make them the main event just on their own right and get two big events. But how about that if you put that in September, September 14th in the sphere and we'll see. I don't know what the injury is with Conor.

You know, Ariel Helani last night said it isn't severe. He come on back in two months. So that's more than two months on September 14th at the sphere. And that's the fight that Dana White always wanted to have like that venue at the sphere when it got created. All he did was obsess, obsess, obsess over the sphere, the sphere, the sphere, and it's probably gonna be a one time thing at the sphere.

I would think, you know, who knows, but just from some of the speculation that you hear, because it takes a lot to put on a fight there. But I think they're going to try to go big for that event. The only problem is if you do it at the sphere and then something happens to McGregor again or McGregor like has one foot in one foot out and you make that the big event at the sphere and that it doesn't happen, you get some egg on your face when you're trying to make this thing gold at the sphere on September 14th. See, Santa, you've been to the sphere.

So have I. We were about to the same concert, that YouTube concert, Super Bowl week, and I get the concerts at the sphere. Like I get going to see a movie there. How the heck are they going to do a fight there?

Like I think the fighters who are so locked in, they're probably going to get distracted by all the craziness that they put on in the sphere. You know, I said this before. This is the first time maybe since, well, I don't know if Pharrell would ever say it this way because he probably has, but I don't think the word acid has probably ever been said on the network unless Scott Pharrell is hosting a show.

Shake it up, CBS Sports Radio, it's Scotty Pharrell, Pharrell on the bench. But I've never done acid. But how you get to describe what you feel like if you do do acid? That's how I imagined it when we were at the sphere. And to be clear, the only thing we had in our system at the sphere were a few beers and a few shots.

But that was like the most trippiest thing I've ever been to, Santa. Yeah, I mean, I'd be surprised if they're playing the stuff while the guys are fighting, like maybe during the intros, like during the intros for sure. The UFC intros aren't that big of a deal.

Say it again. The UFC intros, it's not like wrestling. It's not like boxing, you know, outside of I think it's Michael Page.

I want to say his name was like he had like a big intro. Pereira has a cool intro, but they're usually rather quick, those introductions. Well, so I'm thinking the intros in between rounds, maybe they'll play a few like highlights from the round. They'll obviously play like the post fight interviews and things along those lines. And then there's always time between fights as well.

15, 20 minutes between fights. So they'll have some stuff there as well. But I would be surprised if while the fighters are fighting, you're going to have this whole sphere, you know, live action. I mean, maybe they would, but like that would be really distracting. Now, I don't know how they're going to do this, but you would think that they would have the fight that's going on, like on how you have it on a big screen on on the walls of the sphere. And I think that would be distracting just because how crazy that is. Now, I guess once you get in the Octagon, you try to rip someone's head off that the focus really isn't anything around you.

You're so locked in on what's in front of you. But it does feel like a little trippy when you're in there. And I want to feel trippy at a sporting event.

I will say that. So, yeah, like you got that same sense and you went the sphere. Oh, yeah, very trippy. It was it was very tough to concentrate. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.

You two was, you know, an all time great 80s band, 90s band. I was barely paying attention to what they were saying or doing. I was just staring at the wall.

Oh, that could be for multiple reasons. You were trying to get the Green Day. You were trying to make sure we got out of there.

So we went to the Green Day concert after that. So here's where I'm at with the McGregor Chandler fight. I will believe that fight's going to happen wherever it happens, when McGregor is walking out to fight Michael Chandler and he steps foot in that Octagon. I just I'm I keep on hearing this fight's going to happen. This fight's going to happen.

Then we get a date. Then there is an injury. You know, I know it sounds like I'm skeptical about the injury, but we don't know what the injury is.

I know they don't want to reveal that because they want to protect the fighters. But it seems like it's not a severe injury. So he just tweaked something and then I we waited this long.

So let's wait a few more months. You know, maybe that's a possibility. But my eyebrow was raised on this one. And you hate to question the legitimacy of an injury, especially with how intense these fighters are. But even when this fight does happen, I think you're gonna watch it and go, okay, Conor McGregor's caught. That's just the way I feel about it.

We'll do on-site, off-site. When we return, Santa's got some questions for me. I will give you some answers. Do we have some news for you? Earlier today, it was revealed, and this is not the news, that Gisele B√ľndchen and the Jiu Jitsu guy, no longer a couple. Because the guy that was teaching Gisele the Jiu Jitsu moves and then some other things, reportedly was a little sensitive to the spotlight from the Tom Brady roast.

And from there, they ended up splitting. Now, Sam, it doesn't really make sense to me when you're dating Gisele B√ľndchen and you're replacing Tom Brady in that dating department that you didn't want the spotlight. But there we are. Then I also saw that former Patriot Danny Amendola is reportedly dating a 23-year-old SI model, Zandra Powell. Oh, hello.

She is gorgeous. But here is the breaking, breaking big news. I guess everyone was talking or everyone was there with their significant others. Oh, Gisele and the Jiu Jitsu matches would not be at the Tom Brady whole situation. But Bill Belichick, according to TMZ, has a new love interest in his life. TMZ Sports has learned he's dating 24-year-old former competitive cheerleader Jordan Hudson. Sources close to the situation tell us the two have been romantic for a while now, becoming an item shortly after the ex-New England Patriots head coach called off his longtime relationship with Linda Holliday.

How about that, Santer? That dog, Billy B, Billy Belichick. You know, we're on to the next love of my life. He is no longer a couple. We knew that with Linda Holliday, his longtime girlfriend. And now he is moving on to a 24-year-old ex-cheerleader. According to one of Hudson's former cheerleading teammates, Hudson first met a 72-year-old on a flight from the Boston area bound for Florida way back in 2021 and bonded over a philosophy project. The student athlete had been working on.

Are you kidding me? We're told they swapped contact information after landing and stayed friendly through the ensuing months, discussed their schoolwork, and the X's of O's of her cheerleading routines. I'm sure they did a little bit more than that. One source said, though, that soon after Belichick split with Holliday, which we were told took privately during the 2022 season, they became more than just friends.

That's what TMZ said. The two kept things on the low, only briefly being spotted here and there. But our sources say Hudson quietly supported Belichick at his games at Gillette throughout the 2022 and 2023 season.

But just recently, they decided to become more public with things. Bill Belichick, I am disappointed in you. Not because of who you're dating. But you were with this mystery girl and keeping this relationship a secret through the 2022 and 2023 season. I don't think his biggest interest was football. And a guy who was the greatest coach of all time, or one of the greatest coaches of all time, missed the playoffs in 2022 and 2023. And there was some questionable decision making. He employed two bozos to run the offense, one who was a defensive coordinator and one who was known for a special teams coordinator when he was in New England, and Joe Judge and Matt Patricia. And obviously, Joe Judge was the coach of the Giants. I think, Samter, Bill Belichick, his main priority was not the Patriots. And if I'm being fair, it's kind of tough to blame him when you're 72 years old and you're dating a 24-year-old cheerleader.

Seemed like Bill had other interests there, Samter. You know, I was a little bit more intrigued when I thought that she was a Patriots cheerleader, but she's not. She wasn't a former Patriots cheerleader, she just was a cheerleader competition cheerleader. And apparently, back in March, he went to one of her cheerleading competitions. And I see on TMZ, Bill Belichick at Chen's cheerleading competition in DC for Go's NFL Combine, but at the time he was no longer a coach. And it's interesting that he went there.

Sources say there's no idea as to why he was at this competition. Now we know. You know, that's a pretty good handstand. I'd like to see more of that. Can we see the cartwheel in the bedroom? You know, we're on to the forward roll.

I don't need this. We're on to the forward roll. We're on to the forward roll. We're on to the forward roll.

How about TMZ? I think this is the best part of the story. That they originally bonded while passing what, in the airport, I was saying? And then they... Bill took a great interest into, like, a project? Like, what? This... Come on. Who wrote this article at TMZ?

Bill clearly knew what he was doing from the jump. Let me just make sure I read this correctly. According to one of Hudson's former cheerleading teammates, Hudson first met the 72-year-old on a flight from the Boston area bound for Florida way back in 2021 and bonded over a philosophy project the student-athlete had been working on. Oh, so they're bonded over philosophy?

This sounds like maybe one of those websites where, like, drawing up the script to this. You're telling me, Bill Belichick, it's bizarre enough for Bill to have interest in, like, a philosophy project, but the two of these... These two people first bonded over a philosophy project when... What was that?

Oh, some, like, noise that just played through the board. But you're telling me that the two of them bonded over a philosophy project? And that's how they first having this conversation? Bill clearly was in the airport, saw a good-looking girl. She was like, oh, that's Bill Belichick. They started talking. Oh, what do you do?

I have a philosophy project. And because Bill knows, like, about everything, he started talking about whatever philosophy project they were doing. And then he took a big interest in her cheerleading career, discussed her schoolwork and the X's and O's of her cheerleading career. So she's 24 now?

So, like, this is when she was 22. Geez, Louise, good for Bill Belichick. A little creepy, but good for Bill. Between this and seeing him sneaking out of someone's house after a one-nighter, Bill Belichick's got my respect.

Now, here's something... Well, obviously you don't know about some of the stories when he was with the Giants. It's a long history of Bill, let's just say, sleeping around. Wow, that's surprising to me, coming from a guy who seems so buttoned up. No, you gotta unbutton eventually. Yeah, this is true.

I don't want to think about him unbuttoning or buttoning anything, but I didn't realize this. I didn't really catch this at the roast of Tom Brady. But here's Gronk making reference.

No way. But coach, you used to talk about Foxboro High School when we sucked. But now I know why you were so obsessed with Foxboro High School. You were scouting your new girlfriend.

I didn't catch you at the time. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. That's hysterical. Now, I remember Bill would always say, you know, the guys at Foxboro High are gonna come take your job. They could run this play better than you idiots. That's what he would say to his players. And Julian Edelman gave that big passionate speech how Bill, you can't even get hired by Foxboro bleeping high. Gronk said, see, that's the beauty of Gronk. We're all like, oh, Gronk's a lot, a lot more smarter than what people think, a lot smarter than what people think.

But we look at Gronk as like this big meathead like dummy that's just happy to be there, like happy-go-lucky guy that can't get anything that he said serious. You know, he gives you the answer to the test there, and no one took that as, oh, is Bill dating someone a little bit younger? It's kind of crazy. Where'd you see that?

This isn't that same TMZ article. Oh, my God. That's wild.

Think about this. Giselle and the Jiu Jitsu guy, done. Danny Amendola dating an S.I.

model, not surprising. Bill Belichick dating a 24-year-old, and they met in an airport talking about a philosophy project. Geez Louise.

And Edelman isn't terrible either when it comes to the ladies. Uh, Julian? No. Good looking dude.

He does well for himself. Is he dating someone now? I don't know.

He's had a laundry list of high quality catches. Yeah. You want to talk about things that would never happen today that used to happen back in the day? You remember when ESPN Sports Center did the Derek Jeter dating diamond, and they put all the girls Jeter has dated, maybe sent home a baseball, and Jeter claims that's not true, on the diamond as if it was a death charm. Could you imagine tuning into sports?

I could hear, you know, the cancel culture and deadspin right now. Oh, Sports Center anchor makes an insensitive joke about Derek Jeter's girlfriends or ranks his girlfriends. That'd be crazy. Man, Bill Belichick. And Robert Kraft's married to someone who's really younger now.

I think she's like a doctor or something like that. Let's see. Yeah, Dana Blumberg. They got married in 2022.

So let's see. Dana Blumberg's age. She's 50 years old. She's 33 years younger than Robert Kraft. Man, you've got a good early bird special with Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick these days. I may start joining Bill and Robert for dinner just to see who they're talking to, for crying out loud.

Can you see those guys at the clubs, sitting at a table, getting bottle service? Kraft, yes. Bill, no. Party. Yo soy fiesta, right Gronk?

I'm dating some girl that graduated from Foxborough High like eight years ago. We're on to the forward roll. We're on to the cartwheel.

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