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Celtic Credit (Hour 1)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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June 13, 2024 6:03 pm

Celtic Credit (Hour 1)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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June 13, 2024 6:03 pm

Boston showed why patience is important I Luka is unwatchable I Who will be Mahomes’ biggest rival?

Zach Gelb Show
Zach Gelb

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Talk to your pediatrician or visit brought to you by Merck. Live from the Play Show, yet not over, the ostentatious studios of the Infinity Sports Network here in beautiful New York City, sitting on top of the 10th floor, 345 Hudson Street. Welcome on in to a Thursday edition of the Zach Gelb show across all the great local Infinity Sports Network affiliates, Sirius XM, Channel 158, the free Odyssey app, and of course streaming live on YouTube. 855-212-4227 is the number to jump on in. 855-212-4227. And you could also get at me on Instagram where I'm straight flexing or via the good old cesspool of Twitter X at Zach Gelb.

That's Z-A-C-H-G-E-L-P. For a second I thought I forgot the phone number. But Carlos with the K is here with us, CK. Also we got Moist Mike. We are rocking and rolling all the way up until 6 p.m. Eastern, 3 p.m. Pacific. Just you and me today. I could start the show off today crushing Luka Doncic. I could start the show off today when the Dallas Mavericks were on a 20-2 run crushing Jason Kidd for taking a time out when his team was on the prowl. I could start today with the Dallas Mavericks being down 0-3 in the NBA Finals and not even giving us an NBA Finals. But I'm going to start the show today praising Brad Stevens, Jalen Brown, and Jason Tatum. It is very tough in the sports world for organizations to have patience.

It's very tough. It's also extremely tough for organizations to have patience when you are in a big city like Boston and you are running a team or playing for a team that's as prestigious as the Boston Celtics are who have won 17 NBA championships. And if you look at the road of the Boston Celtics, early on this dynamic duo of Jason Tatum and Jalen Brown, they overachieved. They got to the Easter Conference Finals a few times before any of us actually expected them to.

But when you get somewhere earlier than expected, that increases expectations and the expectations become, can you get to an NBA Finals and can you take home the Larry O'Brien Trophy and can you raise banner number 18? And up until this point, entering this season, the Boston Celtics have come up short. Now, in most of those years, when people said they got to break up either Jason Tatum or Jalen Brown, usually the person that would be getting traded in that scenario always was Jalen Brown. And I never thought there was a possibility of Jalen Brown getting traded until last offseason. And the reason why I thought there was a miniscule chance he could have got traded last offseason is because Damian Lillard was available. Now, it was unlikely Damian Lillard was going to land in Boston because most of the people were saying Miami, Miami, Miami, Miami.

It was a foregone conclusion. Damian Lillard was going to Miami. We know he ended up going to the Milwaukee Bucks.

But Brad Stevens, who could have bowed down to the public pressure, could have listened to the local and national radio hosts, could have heard the noise and had the noise impact him, remained patient. Understood that Jason Tatum is 26. Understood that Jalen Brown is 27.

You have two stars under the age of 30 years old. You've had a team that has been so close yet so far. And what did Brad Stevens elect to do? After, let me remind you, Jalen Brown had a no-show of a performance last year in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals. On Eastern Conference Finals, where Boston originally was down 3-0 to Miami, came all the way back to force a Game 7. Jason Tatum rolls his ankle, and Jalen Brown, who, right, there's this thought, he wants to be the star. There's this poor relationship between Brown and Tatum, and they get caught up on who's going to be the number one player. Jalen Brown was a turnover machine in that blowout loss to the Miami Heat in Game 7. And what did Brad Stevens do?

When I remember I was filling in with Perloff, we had Antoine Walker on, and that was a hot topic. Do you trade Jalen Brown for Damian Lillard? Antoine Walker said, no way. He goes, nothing against Dame. I love Damian Lillard, but you got to trust this core because this core is so damn close and they'll get the job done. And Antoine Walker was right. And I know Brad Stevens for most of us, because we remember him at the coach at Butler. They got to the two national championships, and then he was the coach of the Celtics, where he got so close, yet so far, from winning an NBA championship. And when Brad Stevens, however you want to say it, got forced out of coaching, got promoted to president of Basketball of Operations, however you want to phrase that, when Brad Stevens went from the sideline to a luxury box, a sideline to an office, not many thought that Brad Stevens was going to last long in that role. Not that he was incapable of doing that role, but because you thought that fire was going to be burning in his tummy to coach another NBA team or make a triumphant return to college.

And patience is so key in sports, and Brad Stevens displays an exemplary amount of patience. I just butchered that word. What was I trying to say there? Exemplary. Yeah, what did I say? You said exemplary. Eh, whatever. You get what I'm saying. But Brad Stevens displayed an unbelievable amount of patience.

Does that work for you? It's like Porky Pig. And not only did Brad Stevens display an unbelievable amount of patience, he doubled down. He gave Jalen Brown the largest NBA contract ever.

Ever! And look where we are now a year later. Jalen Brown goes from the GOAT, and I'm not talking about greatest of all time, in that game seven. He goes from the guy that let them down, the biggest reason why they lost that game seven, to now, a year later, the Boston Celtics are one win away, up 3-0 from Jason Tatum and Jalen Brown being NBA champions. This duo working, Brad Stevens bringing a championship to Boston, and the Celtics with some ceremony sometime in the fall, raising Banner 18. And last night, after the Dallas Mavericks got off to a good start, the Celtics punched back. The Celtics withstood the early punch that the Dallas Mavericks were throwing. And Jason Tatum, who I said, need to give you a 30-point game last night. Jason Tatum did that.

Jason Tatum early on was phenomenal in that game. And it kind of mirrored a little bit the feeling I had with the Mavericks in game two that did carry over into game three. It felt like at halftime, with the way the Mavericks played, that the Mavericks should have been up by more.

But they weren't. They threw a nice little punch right out of the gate. But when the bell did ring and you went into your corner, the Celtics were not only standing. They were more than within striking distance and you knew that they were getting their legs and they were going to be ready to counter punch back in the rest of the fight. And going into halftime, the Mavericks only led by one point.

And that felt like a great spot. I even tweeted out, the Celtics are in a great spot. And what you saw in that third quarter last night, that was a Boston Celtics team that said, I'm sick and tired of this nonsense that we don't know how to put away an opponent. I'm sick and tired of everyone discrediting them in the entirety of the season and never saying the Celtics were a great team, even though they were by far and away better than every other team in the league. You know, Jalen Brown and Jason Tatum were sick and tired of hearing the noise. And the punch that they delivered in the third quarter and the thunderous slam that Jalen Brown threw down. We were all ready to say it was over.

Everyone tweeted on social media. That's it. That's the series. That's the game.

But sometimes to become a champion, you have to get scared right before you're about to become a champion. And all those things that we started to apologize and issue me a cult was about with the Boston Celtics and take back after that performance in the third quarter, they all started to pop back up again in the fourth. And it looked like the Celtics were on the verge of choking that game away. And if they choke that game away today, what would the conversation have been?

It's 2-1. Porzingis is hurt. And oh, here are the same old Boston Celtics with Jalen Brown and Jason Tatum.

I'm sure a lot of you thought that way. So my uncle and my cousin are massive Boston Celtics fans. I'm not a fan of the Celtics. I don't hate the Celtics, but I'm not a fan of them.

I didn't grow up rooting for them. But I texted my cousin and my uncle at the end of the third quarter and I said, congratulations, this game is over, this series is over. And in the fourth quarter, and they are very paranoid sports fans, right, they are very, the game is not over until it's over, even if they're bludgeoning a team. But I was very confident in that fourth quarter. Even when the Celtics looked like they were going to throw the game away, I never thought to myself that when the game ended, the Celtics weren't going to be victorious. And when relied upon, when needed, Jalen Brown stepped up in a big way.

And I get it. It was a 20 to 2 run. Kid calls a time out.

Luke is bitching at the officials. He fouls out. But I never thought the Celtics were actually going to lose that game because it was so apparent early on in this series one thing. And I said this after game one. The Mavericks are not mentally tougher than the Boston Celtics.

Go look at it. Jason Kidd at halftime at game one, begging his team, have fun, have fun. That's what he's saying to his team. Then after game one, he's trying to play mind games with Jalen Brown and Jason Tatum. Kyrie Irving tries to tell you, oh, the Boston crowd doesn't impact me.

I may have acted like a jerk a few years ago, but this is different. And then think of Kyrie after game one. It comes out that he was fighting with fans in the stands right from the stands.

What Mike Gorman revealed. And then after game two, after he was a no show again, when he said the fans needed to be louder going into the game and he still didn't show up. Kyrie Irving's walking back to the Celtics fans and he's putting five fingers up like we'll see in game five. I'm not taking anything away from the Mavericks. They got there.

No one thought they would get there. But it looks like Luca Doncic is more concerned about bitching to the officials. Kyrie Irving is more concerned about bitching to his fans or the fans in Boston. And Jason Kidd looks like he's more concerned about playing mind games with the Boston Celtics.

Can they focus on their job? Can they focus on trying to win a game in the NBA Finals instead of having to do all that other stuff? And that was the sign early on in this series right after game one where some Mavericks fans who did they come after me after game one when I got on this show. And I said, Kyrie Irving doesn't have the mental toughness.

And I was I said in the clip, I get it. He hit one of the biggest shots in NBA Finals history. But he does have the mental toughness to beat this Boston Celtics team.

And this wasn't even a fight. This is 3-0. I don't care if the Mavericks win game four. There is no way. And I'm rarely a guy that's a zero percent chance, but there is a zero percent chance that this Mavericks team has the mental toughness to come on back and win four games. They just don't.

But what do we need to get back into? It's praising the Celtics because this Celtics team the entire year, even though their record was great and they were that much better by so many games against every team in the Easter Conference of the best team in the league. We didn't give the Celtics praise because they haven't done it yet when it mattered the most. And we've seen them get so close before.

But now I don't want to hear from people. Oh, this is a boring NBA Finals. Or, oh, this will be the least remembered NBA Finals ever. After dismissing the Celtics all year and not giving them their praise, you can't take away from this moment. And it goes back to the toughest thing in sports, and that's having patience, especially in a big market, in a big passionate city like Boston, where they love their sports and they demand excellence. Because if it was up to a lot of other people, Jalen Brown wouldn't be on this team. And Jalen Brown is the highest paid player now in NBA history on one contract. Jalen Brown is about to become a Finals MVP. Brad Stevens is about to become a world champion executive. Jason Tatum is about to become a champion. Drew Holly is about to become a two-time champion. Al Horford has probably solidified his spot in the Basketball Hall of Fame because you factor in the two college championships that he won. Derek White is getting a ton of national recognition now and a bunch of praise. And Kristaps Porzingis, he won the Celtics Game 1 of this series.

I don't even care if he doesn't return for the rest of the series. And Joe Mazzola, give him credit too. Because I thought it was a ridiculous conversation last year when people were saying Joe Mazzola needed to get fired. You know, there was a conversation maybe Brad Stevens should have coached a team over Joe Mazzola in the aftermath of the Emu Doka situation, but saying Joe Mazzola needed to get fired after last year was just flat out ridiculous. So, don't tell me, boring. Don't tell me, oh who cares.

No, no, no. That's disrespectful to the Celtics. The Celtics have waited so long to get praise and now when they win that championship, whether it's in Game 4 or Game 5 and have the Duck Bowl parade, you've got to compliment this team.

So it would have been very easy for me today and it would have been easy radio for me to get on there and slam Luka, slam Kid and slam the Mavericks. Don't get me wrong, we will do that, but we have to start the show today praising the patience of the Boston Celtics who elected to add to that 1-2 punch, not break up the 1-2 punch. And it goes back to Brad Stevens. Brad Stevens kept those two together. Brad Stevens turned Marcus Smart, a fan favorite, not easy to trade, into Kristaps Verzingis and one of the picks he got back for Kristaps Verzingis, he then moved to Portland to go get Drew Holliday.

That's patience. That's knowing your team's capable and that's giving those two guys that are excellent in Tatum and Brown enough to then go win a championship and getting the right players in there after coming up short after getting so close. And I think out of anyone in this series, the player that's going to get the most national recognition is Jaylen Brown and I'll be the first one to say it. I thought Jaylen Brown was a very, very, very, very, very, very, very good player. I called him one of the better two-way players in the league.

I didn't know he had this in him. Because we've seen it before, him not be able to go left, him come up small in the big game, but Jaylen Brown has taken that all personally. And Jason Kidd, you know what's funny in the mind game he's playing? And this is not a slight of Jason Tatum, I think Jason Tatum is a top 10 player in the league, but right now Jaylen Brown's playing like he's the best player in the Boston Celtics. And good for him, he'll win the Finals MVP. It is the Zach Gelb Show on the Infinity Sports Network. We'll take a break when we come on back. I can't watch Luka Doncic anymore.

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For more details request your appointment at And then in the third quarter, they got smacked in the mouth. And not only did they get smacked in the mouth, you thought they would pack it up and go home. Like, I'm not going to give them praise for showing up in the fourth and giving a little bit of a fight in the fourth and making me think that this was actually going to be a game for like a second in the fourth, even though I never thought the Celtics were going to end up losing the game. But I'm not praising the Dallas Mavericks because they went on a 20-2 run and then Jason Kidd basically took a knife to that 20-2 run by calling a timeout. And the reason why I'm not praising the Dallas Mavericks is because these are the NBA Finals.

You're down 3-0. I saw some video. I don't know if it's true or not. I don't know if they ended up making it on the court, but they had these open media availabilities in the Finals. There was no Dallas Mavericks players on the court to practice. So is this just okay? We need a mental day and we'll eventually talk to the media?

And I think they ended up talking to the media because I saw a few clips. But did you not even practice? Is this just okay to show up for Game 4 tomorrow night and see if you'll be able to send this baby back to Boston?

Is that what this is? Is that the last-ditch effort from the Dallas Mavericks? Because it looks like the Dallas Mavericks are focused on so many other things than just beating the Boston Celtics.

And I've talked about this, right? Kyrie's antics in the first two games, Jason Kidd with his comments, but I look at the Dallas Mavericks and you knew that Luca and Kyrie were going to have to give you four out-of-this-world efforts. And I know you can talk about the other teammates not showing up, but you knew Luca and Kyrie were both going to have to give you 30-something points four times in this series to at least have a chance. And Luca in Game 2 had 23 points in the first half, didn't show up in the fourth quarter.

Kyrie showed up last night. Luca Doncic is more concerned about complaining to the officials and not getting back on defense. And I said this going into the series that a lot of people are going to be annoyed with Luca Doncic at the end of this series.

Because after the Western Conference Finals, a lot of people had the take of, oh look how great Luca Doncic is, oh look at this Mavericks team, they're in the NBA Finals, and you should have that take. But Luca Doncic, when things don't go his way, even when things do go his way, he's constantly bitching to the officials. And you can't be bitching to the officials when it costs you from getting your ass back on defense and we know you're going to give a lethargic putrid effort anyway on defense. And I know Dallas fans, they're a bunch of crybabies, and I know Dallas fans, they always look to make excuses and do the woe is me, we got screwed. If you look at the officiating last night, and if that's in your top three reasons why your team lost the game, you lost. You really are. And I was surprised Luca fouled out.

I was. I thought they were going to overturn that call, even though they shouldn't have, and they didn't. But Luca Doncic, for someone who barely plays an ounce of defense, he's still got six fouls. And I give him credit because he's playing hurt, and I give him credit for that, and I respect him for that, but there is no reason for Luca Doncic on every possession it feels like to be having a fight with the officials. Are you trying to play the officials? Are you trying to fight the officials? Are you trying to go up against the Boston Celtics? Because he can't do both.

But he's trying to do both. And we know the Mavericks are failing up against the Celtics, but when you are that distracted by the officials, and the officials have not been bad in this series. Like there are some times when we look at championship games, and I hate to do this radio, but I do.

It pains me when we have to do it. And the officials are a big conversation. The only reason the officials are a big conversation in this finals is because Luca Doncic is making excuses. He's being a crybaby, and he's making excuses. How about you stop exerting your energy trying to fight the officials and cry your way to calls, and you go out there and try to beat the Celtics one time?

How about you do that? And don't tell me there's this big discrepancy with the officiating. That's a bunch of nonsense. Last night Dallas players were called for 17 personal fouls. Celtics players were called for 19 personal fouls. The free throws. Dallas got to the line 16 times in the game last night. Boston got to the line 14 times in the game last night. This is not one sided officiating.

It's not. And I know earlier in the playoffs when things didn't go well for Luca, and I get it. He's legitimately hurt in multiple ways.

It looked like he was doing the Urban Meyer falling on the floor and pretending like he was dying. But now Luca Doncic is just getting into long conversations with the officials, where it's taking away from his defense, which he barely plays anyway, but also it's taking away from his focus. And it's kind of crazy because we talked about this before, how the Mavericks who have exceeded expectations, the Mavericks who are in the NBA Finals, how right now this team is just looking mentally soft. They are mentally soft right now up against the Celtics. And the Celtics have this desire and this drive because they've been there before. They've been so close.

They haven't got the job done. And Boston doesn't care about all this other nonsense. And I know a lot of players bitch about the officiating. I don't see Boston complaining about the officials that much. You see Luca doing it every trip up and down the court. I see Boston giving max effort on the defensive end.

Luca's given no effort on the defensive end. Jason Kidd's trying to play mind games with the Celtics. Kyrie's getting into fights over the crowd. It's like crazy because I understand the Mavericks have exceeded expectations this year, but they're blowing an opportunity.

You are there right now. And through the first three games, the Dallas Mavericks have acted like a bunch of clowns. And Boston looks like the team that has like won seven championships. And we know this group hasn't won a championship yet. And I get Boston has the experience, and outside of Kyrie, Dallas doesn't have experience, and Jason Kidd too, but Jason Kidd's coaching. But it's crazy the discrepancy between these two teams when one team is locked in and one team's doing whatever it takes to win, and the other team, whether it's talking about the fans in Boston, whether it's talking about who's the best player on the other team, or it's Luca Doncic just crying, crying over and over again about the officials and arguing with them in the game, and he's not getting his ass back on defense. Here is Luca Doncic, by the way, on his thoughts on fouling out of Game 3 of the NBA Finals. I don't know.

We couldn't play physical, so I don't know. I don't want to say nothing, but, you know, sixth foul in the NBA Finals, where I basically am like this. Come on, man. Better than that. No, you're better than that.

You should be better than that, Luca. This officiating's not one-sided. But you've been lazy in this series. That's the bottom line. Luca Doncic has been lazy in this series.

And I get it. These injuries have played a big factor probably into some of the up-and-down play, but you know what isn't acceptable? You sitting there and yelling at an official for 30 seconds when your teammates are getting back and playing their ass off on defense. This isn't hockey. This isn't a power play. This isn't five on four. Get your ass back and play defense. Six fouls in the NBA Finals. Oh, come on. Dude, what were the illegitimate fouls on Luca Doncic?

What were they? What is Luca so upset about? How about you say, hey, we suck tonight. Hey, we got to be better.

We're going to give our best effort in Game 4 instead of, well, the officials. Geez, Luis. He's been insufferable in this series. And he's a great player. I'm not taking anything away from him. He is a great player. But in the NBA Finals, his attitude, and I know it's been more than just the NBA Finals. I know, right, when Luca's got there, he's complained about the officials. We know that.

This happens all the time. I can't stand it. Two things I can't stand when I watch the NBA. How many dumb three-point shots they take. Like, even the Celtics who won last night, and that game got close, they were chucking up some stupid three-pointers. So the three-point shooting, I get it. Shoot the ball, okay? I'm not saying don't shoot the ball.

But can you take, actually, a smart shot before you shoot the ball? And then, it's the constant bitching about the officials. Alright, we've seen it with LeBron, and now we're seeing it with Luca Doncic. Alrighty, this is the Zach Yelp show on the Infinity Sports Network.

We'll come on back. Tom Brady was inducted into the Patriots Hall of Fame last night. Peyton Manning made a surprise appearance, and that was some awesome football back and forth between TB12 and Peyton Manning. Will we ever see a Brady-Peyton type of rivalry again in the NFL? Who's going to be Patrick Mahomes' biggest rival moving forward? 8-5-5, 2-1-2, 42-27.

8-5-5, 2-1-2, 42-27. This is Zach Yelp's show on the Infinity Sports Network. Here is Zach. Alrighty, Zach Yelp's show on the Infinity Sports Network. This portion of the show is sponsored by the new Hyundai Tucson, available with complimentary class-leading Gooling Plus.

Now it's easy to use your phone to control your Tucson. I'm sure we were all locked in last night to the Tom Brady Patriots Hall of Fame ceremony, right? Carlos, you definitely watched that entirety of the great Tom Brady getting inducted into the Patriots Hall of Fame. Not one second.

Oh, that's disappointing. Samter, I know that you respect history. I know that you respect the greatness of Tom Brady. I'm sure that you were all tuned in to the Patriot Hall of Fame ceremony, the great Tom Brady. Oh, 100% didn't turn it on. Well, that's stupid of you. Can you turn my camera on, by the way, on YouTube, if you don't mind one of you guys.

That would be helpful, too. How can I trust your two opinion when you can't even get the camera up on YouTube, and then also you guys didn't watch the great Tom Brady inductions? What else were you watching last night?

First of all, it's like driving a spaceship back here, alright? Sometimes the camera gets forgotten about. Camera's on now. Hi, camera. You look at my face.

You should be wanting to see more of it, honestly. The less of your face while we're talking about Tom Brady, the better. Everything I said about your wings yesterday, I was lying. They were below average at best.

That's a low blow even for you. They were actually pretty good. That ceremony was very cool, though. Like, even if you're not a Patriot hunk, I'm not saying I expect Carlos and Santer to tune in, but if your team could ever dream about having a player like Tom Brady, the Patriots had the perfect kind of ceremony for TB12, where you had all the fans fill out Gillette Stadium, and you had all the former players come back, and it was very neat because Randy Moss got a standing ovation, which literally moved him to tears and brought him to tears, but I thought the coolest part of it, honestly, was a few things.

Three things really stood out to me from this. Randy Moss, the ovation he got, and him crying, I thought that was just pretty damn cool. The respect, we always know Brady Manning respect, but Peyton Manning showing up, surprising Tom Brady, and then just hearing their football knowledge.

Torico did the event. I would say it was probably at least 15 minutes of Brady and Manning on the stage, if not more than that. It was pretty damn cool. It was a long ceremony. I thought this was going to be a 90-minute, two-hour ceremony. The third quarter was going on in the finals, and this ceremony got underway at seventh, and the third quarter was going on right when it was wrapping up. But I thought the best part, and it has nothing really to do with Brady, but because Belichick is there, and there was a big thought that Belichick wasn't going to show up, but Belichick does show up, and Bill Belichick, he gives this speech, and it wasn't even the speech, and I find it so funny how awkward Belichick is, but the fans were able to say goodbye. Not that he's dying, but the fans were able to say goodbye to Bill Belichick and give him a standing ovation, because it was such a flat ending in New England and such a contentious ending in New England. Talk about Belichick with Kraft and how that's been portrayed recently, and it was very cool. Obviously, the fans should have his back, but the fans giving him a standing ovation and hearing Bill basically shake at the microphone and go, all righty, thank you, guys, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. But the fans were like, Bill, sit there and take the rounds of applause here. So I thought those were the three best moments, and then also Brady's mom with the health issues that she had to fight through throughout the years to be able to see that moment and how often she was crying during the whole thing.

I thought that was emotionally moving as well. But based off of Tom Brady and Peyton Manning reuniting on stage, I got very nostalgic, and the reason why I got very nostalgic, now hold on, before I get to the nostalgic point, people have been giving Jay-Z a lot of heat for showing up to this ceremony. I don't understand why. Like, I saw Brian just part of the YouTube chat. I lose all respect for Jay-Z for being a sellout and doing a concert there. Tom Brady ran out onto the field for years to PSA, Public Service Announcement.

We'll do the Zach Yelp Show PSA coming up later in the show, by the way. So Brady and Jay-Z have hung out a bunch before, and Michael Rubin's tight with Jay-Z, Michael Rubin's tight with Tom Brady, so that's why Jay-Z was there last night. And how the heck is Jay-Z a sellout and doing a concert there? Because he's in New York?

Like, that's what people are freaking out about? I love Brian, and Brian, let me be clear, I'm not calling you a loser, and I would never. I like Brian, but there's so many loser takes from this Brady ceremony last night. That may be the biggest loser take, and there was one person in particular. It wasn't Brian. It was this guy Alex who does, like, this Knicks podcast, and I know Alex.

He's a good dude. But he's like, I can't believe Jay-Z is there. I can't believe it. And I had to respond to him like, Hey, jackass, the reason Jay-Z is there is because Brady ran out to that song, and that's how they opened up the ceremony. So that's the bottom line with that. But Jay-Z's now a sellout?

I thought that was pretty damn cool. You think Jay-Z, you honestly, Santa, I see you shake your stupid little head over there. You think Jay-Z's a sellout? 100%.

Why? The guy has made, he has a song called New York. He talks about being more important than the Yankees for the Yankee hat. He owned the Brooklyn Nets. He is New York through and through.

His identity is a New Yorker. You can be friends with Tom Brady all you want. Don't show up to a Tom Brady Patriots Hall of Fame induction. You want to go to Tom Brady's birthday? Cool. You want to go to Tom Brady's Hall of Fame induction? Cool. You know you're a hypocrite, right?

Performing at Tom Brady's Patriot Hall of Fame induction is a sellout move. You know you are. Thank you.

Turn the music up. You know you're a hypocrite, right, Santa? You're a hypocrite, you're a phony, and you're a fraud for everything you just said.

In what way? You're a sellout. You are a Jets fan. You were a Jets fan.

And now you're a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs? That's not a sellout. Yes, it is. No, sellout is turning your back on your team for financial reasons. You did that.

For financial reasons. That's a sellout. Oh, please. Come on. Me leaving the Jets to become a Chiefs fan means I just change allegiances.

You're a fraud. Now if Jay-Z's going to say, I'm a Patriots fan now, I renounce all things New York, then he's not a sellout. So he can't show up to play at the greatest quarterback of all time ceremony for a song that Brady ran out to?

Nope. Because you are a dopey, dopey sports fan. You're like, oh, he's from New York. Is he going to show up to every player's Hall of Fame induction? No, because it's Tom freaking Brady. Any baseball player who comes up to Jay-Z's songs, Jay-Z's got to be there to perform live. It's Tom Brady.

There's only a handful of people that Jay-Z would do it for and one of them's Tom Brady because it's a goat respected a goat. And he's the enemy. He's the enemy. What are you talking about, enemy?

Patriots are the enemy of all things New York. Sellout, Jay-Z. Sellout. You don't actually believe that.

100% sellout. Carlos, so like, I sometimes think you are a sane person. You definitely have to be the logical person here. Do you have a problem with Jay-Z showing up and playing one song last night to a song that Brady ran out to for like 15 plus years and Brady and Jay-Z having a relationship in the past? No, not one second because they were giving credence to like Jay-Z being this ultimate New York fanboy. I never see him rock anything other than a Yankee cap. Like, I don't look at him as like some sports fan.

There was some photo from like 20 years ago. The Nets are irrelevant. The Nets are like, come on. Irrelevant or not, he owned them and they're in Brooklyn.

He owned less than 1% of them. You really are calling Jay-Z a sellout. I think it's great that Jay-Z was on stage last night. I thought it was great and it's a GOAT respect and a GOAT. And if you have an issue about that, it's just because, you know what I'm going to say? It's a loser mentality. It is a loser pathetic mentality.

And it's a dumb dopey sport fan mentality. Territorial! Jay-Z! You know, you're a Jet fan. You grew up and you had Jet gear on.

You've worn Jet gear before. So how dare you play a Tom Brady's concert? You know, Tom Brady's ceremony honoring him into the Patriots Hall of Fame. Come on. Come on.

Nonsense. Now, I will say off the ceremony, it was very cool getting Brady and Peyton back together. I just want to ask this question. And just give me the name here, Carlos.

And give me the name here, Samter. Who will be Patrick Mahomes' biggest rival when it's all said and done? Because Mahomes is the Brady of this equation. So who's going to be the Peyton Manning to Mahomes the way that Brady and Peyton did battle for all those years?

I don't know if we'll ever see something like that again. Because for a while, people thought those were the two greatest quarterbacks of all time. When you look in the annals of NFL history, you've got to have Brady 1, Montanas 2. Quite frankly, I think Mahomes has already done enough to move past Peyton Manning in the all-time rankings because he's had the MVPs and the Super Bowls. But if we look at it just from the Mahomes standpoint and say Mahomes is Brady, who will be the Peyton Manning of this era? I'll start with Carlos.

Go ahead. I think we already have it. The parallels are similar with how their careers have started. Patrick Mahomes has beaten up on Josh Allen right now. So I think Josh Allen will be Mahomes' rival akin to Brady and Mahomes. I'm sorry, Brady and Manning. Manning.

Samter, who's yours? Josh Allen. Don't make me laugh. Wait, hold on.

When you turn on this microphone, you are representing our network. Don't make me laugh. You would dream for your jet team to have a quarterback like Josh Allen. He's great. He's not a Mahomes rival by any means.

But they have all these great classic games. It's very similar to Manning and Brady early on when Brady kicked the crap out of all those Colts team and he was the one guy standing in his way. You know, Josh Allen's kind of Peyton Manning-liked is the way that I would say it. Peyton Manning had two MVPs in his first seven years, led the league in like nine different categories during those times. Josh Allen's led the league in nothing, 1-0 MVPs. Josh Allen's not anywhere close in the first six, seven years of his career to Peyton Manning. Now, you just heard what I just said. Peyton Manning-liked. Josh, shut up for a second.

Shut up for a second. Thirty-seven touchdowns in 2020 throwing. Thirty-six in 2021. Twenty-twenty-two, thirty-five.

Twenty-twenty-three, twenty-nine. Plus, you can't just stop there. You got to go into the rushing touchdowns as well for Josh Allen.

And when you take a look at that from, where did I start off at? From 2020? From 2020, he also had an additional eight, six, seven, and fifteen when you look at rushing touchdowns per year. And Josh Allen would have won a Super Bowl by now if it wasn't for Patrick Mahomes.

And he's gone toe-to-toe with Mahomes and his defense continues to let him down. Yeah, it's not Josh Allen. Josh Allen will be like fourth on this list. I put Joe Burrow ahead of him and Lamar Jackson. Before this year, I would have said Joe Burrow. This year, now that Lamar Jackson has his second MVP, he wins one Super Bowl. He starts becoming into that conversation with Patrick Mahomes. I know Mahomes is still ahead of him. But will Lamar Jackson, how long is he going to be able to play?

Because that was the other thing. Both these guys played for such a long, long time. This is true. But Lamar has stayed a lot more healthy than we thought that he would with the amount that he runs. He does get hurt.

He avoids taking hits, but up until this year, the last two years, he was on the sideline at the end of the season. I think it's only two people that you could consider that have already accomplished stuff in the league, and it's Josh Allen and it's Joe Burrow right in the AFC. I'm not disputing the two MVPs that Lamar did win. But then if you want to look at the future, like CJ Shroud, you know, got a long ways to go. You know, Caleb Williams in a different conference, so tough. But if Caleb Williams can be all that, maybe you see them go up against each other a few times in the Super Bowl.

But I'm with Carlos. Like, I'd rather have Joe Burrow over Josh Allen. I think the three best quarterbacks in the NFL in order.

One Mahomes, two Joe Burrow, three Josh Allen. But with how many times those teams have played, and I get it, the Bengals have actually defeated the Chiefs in an AFC championship game. But those are some classic games between the Bills and the Chiefs. And forever, Brady dominated Manning, and then Manning finally got through in that 2006 AFC championship game on that comeback to beat Brady and go on to win the Super Bowl. Mahomes, Allen, it does feel like Brady, Manning. Not to the same level, because nothing will ever top Brady and Manning again. But that's what it feels like now, the last few years, with it being Patrick Mahomes going up against Josh Allen.

It's amazing. Santer, a Jet fan, known as a loser, as a football fan. He holds his head up high and his nose up high whenever talking about Josh Allen. He thinks he's above Josh Allen, and I will not tolerate that.

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