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The Autumn Wind Blows In (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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June 12, 2024 6:06 pm

The Autumn Wind Blows In (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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June 12, 2024 6:06 pm

Tim Brown, Raiders Hall of Fame Wide Receiver I Who wins the AFC East? I News Brief

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The Rich Eisen Show
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Zach Gelb Show
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Download Thumbtack and start a project today. Alrighty, rock and roll in our number three of our radio program. That's right, it is the Zach Gelb show coast to coast on the Infinity Sports Network. We've got a whole lot to do in this hour before we say goodbye to you. You have game three of the NBA Finals later this evening. Will the Dallas Mavericks show a pulse and will they find a way to get game three to make this a series?

Or will we see Jason Tatum show up and have a big point production game and take a 3-0 series lead and inch the Celtics closer and closer to raising banner number 18? So we'll talk more about the NBA Finals before we do get off the air at the top of the hour. And we got some football in the news as well with Aaron Rodgers not attending Jets minicamp.

I think the story is kind of blown out of proportion. He had something that I guess he scheduled and everyone's freaking out because there's not a lot to really talk about right now in the sports world. So we'll see what does transpire with Aaron Rodgers and the Jets as everyone's been opining their opinions on the gang green quarterback with him obviously right at the forefront of potentially being the comeback player of the year. And I would say he's the first guy I think of when you're talking about comeback player of the year this season and how it was such a big storyline with Aaron Rodgers last three, four years. And when he was going to leave Green Bay and all of that and then he finally does leave Green Bay finds a new home with the New York Jets and then a few plays into the season had the unfortunate Achilles injury. Jets they have revamped their offensive line.

I don't know how much better they're going to be. There's those guys need to be healthy first and foremost. But you look at the offensive line and you look at Aaron Rodgers at the quarterback and those two guys could say healthy. Sure the AFC East is loaded. We'll get into that conversation later on who's going to win the AFC East. But the AFC East is loaded on the AFC East.

The entire AFC is loaded as it's just really, really crowded right now in the NFL especially the AFC. By the way, the 35th annual championship of celebrity golf is about to get underway. The tournament has raised almost eight million dollars for charity. You could watch it with coverage on the Golf Channel Peacock at NBC from July 12th to July 14th. So in a month from now, $750,000 in prize money is at stake.

Galleries of up to 50,000 people are expected again to attend. And you could check out the American Century Fantasy Golf Contest at The Hall of Famer, the Heisman Trophy winner, Tim Brown is kind enough to join us right now on the Zach Gelb show. Tim, always appreciate when you jump on board with us. Thanks for doing this and how you been, my friend? I'm good, Zach.

And I heard you talk about that money. I just wish I was playing for the big prize. I'll be playing for the little prize, little prize, Zach. How's your golf game, by the way? You good golfer these days still? Oh, God, it's all over the place, man. You know, one day I can putt, the next day I can't, you know, so I'm getting all kinds of help, man. But hopefully you'll be ready when I tee it up in a couple, in about three weeks.

Yeah, so we'll get back to the golf tournament in just a bit. Let me start you off with your Raiders. Last year, Antonio Pierce did take over, did a nice job. We were wondering if he was going to get the full-time gig.

Clearly he has now. Your thoughts on Antonio Pierce and what he could do this season going into his first full season as the head coach of the Raiders. Well, look, you know, the one thing we do know is that this team is going to, they're going to play tough, hard football.

And what that means as far as wins, I don't know. But I think watching them play the last seven, eight games of the year, it was quite intriguing, man. Because you saw a football team that was really, you know, getting after it, trying their best to win games, man.

And really, that's all you can ask for, man. And I think that we're going to see a lot more of that. Hopefully, you know, the young quarterback or whoever's going to play that position is going to be able to take the next step. Yeah, it feels like the quarterback of the future is not on the roster. I know Aiden O'Connell got some time last year. We'll see if he's the starter this year or if it's going to be Gardner Minshew.

Do you have a preference, one or the other, to start week one for the Raiders? Well, I think that because Gardner is used to coming off the bench and, you know, that's sort of been his career, that they may give the young kid a chance first to go out there to see what he can do for a couple games. And if he can't handle it, then they know what they have in Gardner and they'll go with him.

So that's what I see, but I have no idea what they're going to do for sure. You know, you look at the Raiders. Obviously, it was positive in the offseason, making Antonio Pierce, the head coach, Devante Adams, staying with the team. There was always some rumors about if he was maybe going to force his way out of the organization. Josh Jacobs, who was a really good Raider for a while, now off to Green Bay.

Definitely disappointing, I would have to imagine, to see him depart the silver and black. Yeah, it was, no doubt about it, you know, but I saw that come in the last couple of games of the year. He didn't play and the running game didn't suffer, you know, and that's never a good situation to be in.

You know, if you're not there, you don't want that guy behind you. If he plays well, it's a problem. And with all the contract issues they've had with him, it's sad to see him go because he's a great player. But, you know, in today's football, you know, the way they value running backs, you're really not surprised by it. Yeah, and in one breath, right? The running backs, that's always been at the forefront of the conversation, how they're not getting paid enough.

Wide receivers, Tim, I think you wish you played nowadays, right? The price is just booming for these guys. Boy, it's unreal, man.

You know, it's really unreal. I got a cousin, a young cousin who's up on all this stuff, man. He knows everybody's contracts and he wants to keep running them by me.

He's like, bro, I don't need to see this stuff, all right? I'm good. And usually it'd be like one 1,000-yard wide receiver. Now a bunch of these teams have two 1,000-yard wide receivers. Yeah, well, you know, the way they're throwing the ball around and the new rules on defense and everything, you know, why not throw the ball 40 times a game, you know? Because guys can't get hit for the most part and, you know, and all the rules the sport's covering is very favorable for the receivers.

So it's a very, you know, Jerry and I almost did it back in 2000, 2001 or whatever. I think I had 900-some yards and he was over 1,000. But to do it in today's football, if you don't have that, you know, it probably means that you have a very antiquated offense. And you always wonder, right, like when you were playing, how would the egos mesh because they weren't throwing the ball as much. That's still a concern now, but with how much they're throwing, you know, I don't think it's a big concern to have two big-time wide receivers.

They're both going to get their touches. No doubt. No doubt about it. You know, I mean, especially if you have guys who play the game differently, like Jerry and I, we played the game totally different, right? You know, I was the guy in the middle bouncing off of linebackers and safeties, and he was out there with his long, pretty towel, catching all the easy passes.

That's why he used to tell them all the time. So, you know, I think if you have guys who are willing to work with each other and play this game at the highest level, man, you can do it forever. Clearly, Josh McDaniels and the Raiders were very toxic. Ever since Devante Adams got there and then Carr departed, there's always been this question of, will Devante Adams still want to be a Raider? I know he's all in now, but after the season, he has two years left on the contract. There's uncertainty on the quarterback spot right now. Do you feel like Devante Adams is here for the next few years, or is there a chance after the season he forces his way out?

Boy, I tell you, I think things would have to go really, really bad for that to happen. You know, I think being that this is a team he, you know, drifted a plan for, to have this opportunity and to give it up, for what reason? You know, you're never guaranteed that you can go to anybody's team and you don't know what's going to happen.

So something really, really bad would have to happen for him to make that decision, and I just don't see that happening at this particular point. Now, let me get to the defensive side of the ball with your Raiders. Max Crosby, we all know he's great, but I feel like he still deserves more attention. What do you see in him as a football player? Because he's phenomenal. Yeah, you know, and, you know, I said to him, you know, I think on Twitter or something that, man, this is why you have to be in the playoffs. Because the year you had, you should have been, you know, one or two for player, defensive player of the year. But, you know, they're looking for these guys who are playing extra weeks, man, and, you know, it's all a part of it.

I know they say they're not, but let's be real about it, right? So I think from that standpoint, man, you know, this guy, I hope he can just keep this thing going. Because if he can, man, when it's all done, you know, he'll be sitting next to me up in Canton with that gold jacket, for sure. And I'll tell you, inside that division, I think it's fascinating because we know the Chiefs are the kings, right? Back-to-back Super Bowl championships. But you look at fighting for that two spot, Chargers now bringing in Harbaugh. You have Herbert, the Broncos now second year with Sean Payton.

They just drafted Bo Nix, 12th overall in the draft. And then you have the Raiders, who we think have their head coach in Antonio Pierce, but Salida quarterback. I think that's going to be a fascinating race this year to see who's going to be able to snag that second spot in the division. Well, no doubt about it, you know, and the Raiders think that they have the answer to Mahone.

So we'll see about that. You know, they were the last team to beat them before they went on their run to win the Super Bowl. So they're not going to be fighting for second.

They're going to be fighting for number one, for sure. But I hear what you're saying because you can't, when you look at the Chiefs, you got to be realistic about what's ahead when you face them. But it's going to be, you know, look, I always thought the AFC West was the best division in football, you know, back in, you know, scoring back to 88.

So, you know, I don't think really anything has changed. I think now it's to the point where you have four good teams that are going to be going after each other. You're in that Heisman fraternity being a Heisman Trophy winner to finally see Reggie Bush get his trophy back. What did that mean to you? It meant a lot. You know, I think we always refer to him as a Heisman Trophy winner when we had that opportunity. But I think for him to actually have the trophy back is a great thing. And I don't know how much the NCAA had to do with that or the Heisman buzz or whoever it was, but whoever it was, they did the right thing.

We will talk about the or you can find out more information in just a second. But before we talk about the golf tournament, I have to ask you, Aaron Rodgers, the last two days, he told the Jets a while ago he wasn't showing up for mandatory minicamps. He had some trip planned. You know, people are freaking out, especially with the New York media market.

I look at this, I think it's really a non-story. Show up when the season starts, make sure your offensive line is healthy, make sure you're healthy, and we'll see what the Jets could do. How do you react to all the coverage about Rodgers recently? Well, you know, being that he's the quarterback, you know, the one guy who probably needs to be there is the quarterback, you know, because that's the guy that everybody's going to rally around. And without him, you know, today's NFL, it's all about the quarterback, right? You know, and I think that for him not to be there in a mandatory, I didn't know it was mandatory.

I thought it was just a camp, but for him to miss a mandatory camp, that's a pretty big deal, no doubt about it. But, you know, hey, it's a different era, man. You know what I mean? That would have never happened 20 years ago. So, you know, these guys, man, they have more latitude than we could ever dream of.

We could ever dream of that back in the day. So that would annoy you if you were a teammate of his, that he didn't show up in, I guess, on vacation or doing something? Unless he was having a surgery or something was sick, somebody, you know, mom or daddy, you know, if there's an issue, then that's different. But a vacation, man, that would be, for my quarterback, that would be a tough deal. A mandatory camp, voluntary camps, I get it. I never went to voluntary camps, you know. You know, I guess when a new coach came, I had to go, but other than that, I never went to a voluntary camp.

So I only showed up one time during off-season. But, you know, you know what that week is, you know, you should be able to plan around that for sure. And last thing I'll ask you, just with the Jets, what do you kind of think they're going to do this year if Aaron could stay healthy? Look, if he could stay healthy, man, you know, they have talent. They have talent at the running back position, at the receiver position. So, I mean, if he's healthy, I mean, this is a threat, you know, for the AFC East, no doubt about it.

So, you know, anytime you have a guy who can sling the ball, you got a chance to win. Tell me about what you got cooking here coming off of this big golf tournament in July. Yeah, it's going to be great, man. You know, I think this is my 22nd year playing in the tournament. And, you know, if I could ever put three days together, I may be okay. But only, for some reason, I always have that one day where I go, I act like I can't play golf.

But it's going to be a fun event, and it's an event that we all look forward to for sure. Well, we got the U.S. Open this weekend. The third golf major championship of the year. We had Alex Myers on as a writer for Golf Digest, and he just had a hole-in-one about 48 hours ago. Have you ever hit a hole-in-one or come close? No, I have four.

I have four, man. So, I just played Augusta about a month ago, and I had a... On the par 3 course, I had a hole-in-one there. So, I got my little...that's my plaque, man. My Hall of Fame plaque right there. My Augusta plaque. So, yeah. So, you know, those things happen when you play golf, right?

I don't know. I would love to have a hole-in-one, Tim. You have four?

Are you serious? You have four hole-in-ones? Yeah, I had one at TPC Sawgrass a couple of years ago on the Island Hole. So, my name and everything is up there on the plaque. So, yeah. But before that, it was 22 years ago before I had one. So, you know, I didn't have another 22 years to wait for sure. So, we know you won a Heisman. We know you're a Hall of Famer in football.

You have four hole-in-ones. Is there any sport you just suck at? Maybe tennis, man.

I tried tennis when I was younger, but I wasn't that good at tennis. Make sure you check out Tim Brown, the Hall of Famer, in this great golf tournament, the 35th annual Championship of Celebrity Golf. More information, Tim, thanks for doing this. Appreciate it. Thank you, guys. Appreciate the time. There he is, the Hall of Famer, Tim Brown, joining us.

I want to react to what he said about Aaron Rodgers when we come on back and also who's going to win the AFC East for this upcoming year. So, we'll do more of that when we return in five minutes. Worried about letting someone else pick out the perfect avocado for your perfect Impress Them on the third date guacamole? Well, good thing Instacart shoppers are as picky as you are. They find ripe avocados like it's their guac on the line. They are milk expiration date detectives.

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For more details, request your appointment at Tune in is the audio platform with something for everyone. News.

In order to secure convictions in a court of law, it is essential that we conclusively. Sports. Back clock at four. Doncic.

The step back three. You bitch. Music. And even podcasts. Whatever you love, hear it right here on TuneIn.

Go to or download the TuneIn app to start listening. Yo, yo, Zach Gelb show on the Infinity Sports Network. What's the most impressive thing? Is it winning the Heisman? Is it being a Pro Football Hall of Famer? Or is it hitting four hole-in-ones in your life when you're known for being a great football player? Because Tim Brown just told us in the last segment that he has hit four hole-in-ones in his life.

So, Samter, what's the most important out of, what is the most impressive out of that? Heisman being a Hall of Famer in football? Or is it four hole-in-ones? I'm going to go Heisman. There's one Heisman Trophy winner a year. There's usually three to five Hall of Famer, four to five Hall of Famers announced every year. The five in the modern era.

Plus Veterans Committee and all that kind of stuff. So the odds of being a Heisman Trophy winner are smaller than anything else. If he's been playing golf for 40 years, four hole-in-ones is insanely impressive. But he's had 40 years to craft that. And my dad has a hole-in-one. Okay, but he doesn't have four. My dad doesn't have a Heisman. He doesn't have four, though.

No, no, no. Four is pretty damn impressive. Is there anything this guy can't do? Hey, what did he say he wasn't good at? There was one sport. Oh, tennis. He said he wasn't good at tennis.

He probably could smoke all of us if we got on the tennis court, though. Carlos, what's your answer on that one? Oh, no question. It's the Hall of Fame career. It's a big body of work over a course of several years.

The Heisman's, you know, listen, you can have one really, really good season and win the award. So give me the larger sample size. I don't give one belief about the hole-in-one. Why? None.

Zero. They could play the Masters in my backyard. I'm not tuning in. I'm not a golf dude. But four hole-in-ones. Other than your buddies that you're playing with, who cares? I care when the Hall of Famer walks into the room. You think I cared if some schmuck comes in with, like, six hole-in-ones?

No. If I ever hit a hole-in-one, I came close. I came, it was two feet or three feet from the hole. And then, yes, I did hit the birdie putt on a par three. But if I ever hit one hole-in-one, I would retire from the sport of golf. I suck at golf, and I keep on playing.

No, I know people would say, no, you finish out the round because of your score. I know I'm going to put the next shot in the water or the next shot in the woods. If I hit a hole-in-one, I am immediately picking up the golf ball, walking off the course, and I'm throwing a frickin' fiesta. I'm throwing the craziest party ever.

I am getting as drunk as a skunk if I ever get to hit a hole-in-one. You know what, Carlos? You could go like this. Like, you could yawn. Give me a break. I'd like to see your ass get out there on the golf course and try to hit a hole-in-one.

I'm not saying that I can't. I don't think it's overly impressive if you already won a Heisman in a hole-in-one. I don't think it's that impressive. A hole-in-one is impressive.

You get lucky, right? To get one hole-in-one. Four times?

Four times? I think it's the hole-in-one. Anyway, let me play you back, Tim Brown. This is the Hall of Famer with us talking about Aaron Rodgers missing mandatory minicamp. Being that he's the quarterback, the one guy who probably needs to be there is the quarterback, because that's the guy that everybody's gonna rally around. And without him, today's NFL, it's all about the quarterback, right? And I think that for him not to be there in a mandatory, I didn't know it was mandatory. I thought it was just a camp. But for him to miss a mandatory camp, that's a pretty big deal, no doubt about it. But hey, it's a different era, man. You know what I mean? That would have never happened 20 years ago. But these guys, man, they have more latitude than we could ever dream of.

We could ever dream of that back in the day. So that would annoy you if you were a teammate of his, that he didn't show up and I guess he's on vacation or doing something? Unless he was having a surgery or something was sick, somebody, you know, mom or daddy, you know, if there's an issue, then that's different. But a vacation, man, that would be for my quarterback, that would be a tough deal. A mandatory camp, voluntary camps, I get it. I never went to voluntary camps. You know, I guess when a new coach came, I had to go.

But other than that, I never went to a voluntary camp. So I only showed up one time during the offseason. But you know what that week is.

You know, you should be able to plan around that for sure. So let me just ask this. I don't have a problem with Aaron Rodgers missing this. Clearly, he communicated it with the team. I just saw from Adam Schefter that Salah spoke again. I thought Salah was wrong yesterday because if he really didn't have a problem with it, he should have just said that instead of getting up to the podium and saying, hey, it's an unexcused absence and it's something that's very important to him. When you say it's something that's very important to him, that implies that it's not important to you because there's a way to dress this up and make it seem like it's not a big deal and Salah left that open for interpretation. Now, Salah wouldn't have a job as a head coach still if it wasn't for Aaron Rodgers, but Salah had to talk about this again today and he said Aaron and I are on the same exact page. There's no issue between Aaron or his teammates, for that matter. We addressed it.

It's more of an issue for everyone outside of the building than it is inside. So let's just go around the room here real quickly. Will the Jets make the playoffs this year? Yes or no? Will they be one of the seven teams in the playoffs when the AFC does start their postseason in the early part of January?

Carlos, I'll start with you. No. Sampter, yes or no? Jets playoff team. Yes. Oh, I feel like you've been flip-flopping with the Jets this year. Yeah, no, I'm really down on the Bills. I think that the Jets finished second in that division. I think it goes Dolphins-Jets-Bills this year. Okay, so you're the Dolphins winning that division.

Yes. Right now, I have the Jets as a playoff team, but I have them as a wildcard team. I think Buffalo's going to win this division again because I took the bait last year thinking that Buffalo was going to fall off in that division, and I picked Miami. I did what Sampter is doing this year.

I did this last year. I picked Miami. You got Tyreke Kelly. You got Jalen Waddle. I thought Tuatunga Bailoa a season ago was going to stay healthy.

He did. And Miami was leading that division for most of the season, and in big games, they gagged those big games, especially at the end of the year, when they played Buffalo in Miami, and Josh Allen was trying to give them the game, and they couldn't capitalize. I think the Dolphins are in that spot of just being a good team, and good teams can win a division, but until someone takes the baton from Buffalo, even though they just lost to Fon Diggs, but they still have Dalton Ginkade.

They got James Cook. They drafted Keyon Coleman, and then you also have Josh Allen still as your quarterback, and I know that they lost some other pieces, too. I'm going to pick the Bills to win this division until they don't. You know, I changed on that last year.

I took Miami, and it ended up not working out. So Sampter goes. Jets make the playoffs, but they're a wild-card team, and you have them finishing second in that division.

Carlos goes. The Jets will miss the playoffs, and I have the Jets making the playoffs for now, and I do have the Jets. Oh, where are they finishing that division?

I'm going to say they've... Yeah, I'll say they've finished second in the division right now, and I'll put Miami in at third. You could have three AFC East teams that make the playoffs. You know, the Patriots have no shot, but the AFC right now, there's three potential playoff teams in the AFC East. In the AFC North, all four of them can make it. In the AFC South, I think there's three teams that could make it. The Texans, the Jaguars, and the Colts. Tennessee, they improved their roster, but I don't think they're ready to go make the playoffs. And then in the AFC West, you know, obviously the Chiefs, and I guess you could say the Chargers just because of the hardball curve, but I don't see the Raiders being a playoff team this year, and I don't see the Broncos being a playoff team, but you only get seven spots.

So, Carlos, you don't have the Jets making the playoffs, which is not a crazy thing. We can all acknowledge the Jets have a very talented roster. You know, they have a top-five, a top-ten, top-five roster in the NFL. Not top-three, they don't have the best roster in the NFL, like Sampda was trying to claim, but they do have a very good roster.

I didn't say they had the best, I said that they're up there as one of the... They have very good rosters. Top rosters in the NFL, yeah? Yeah, their line, their offensive line still concerns me because they're banking on those guys to be healthy.

We know Breece Hall's phenomenal, we know Garrett Wilson is phenomenal, and their defense is very good. But it's not crazy to say the Jets are gonna miss the playoffs. So, Carlos, you don't have the Jets making the playoffs. Correct. So, who do you then have winning the AFCs?

I also agree with Sam, sir. I believe it is gonna be Miami. I am a little down on Buffalo, but not all the way down. Buffalo snags one of the wild-card spots, Miami takes a division. So, you guys both have Miami winning a division. How far are you willing to go, then, with Miami?

Like, the Dolphins in 2024 are going to accomplish what outside of winning the AFCs? Like, what round do you think they're going home in? I think they go in the second round. Oh, so they win a playoff game, then? Win one playoff game, so a little bit better than last year, where they finished 11-6, but I still think they just need a little more to get over to hump. And, Sam, sir, you have the Dolphins going how far this year in the NFL postseason? Probably divisional, but, I mean, like you said, there's so many good teams in the north. I mean, if they go up against, like, the Bengals or the Steelers. And also, they don't have a good home field advantage. Like, I'm talking about, like, that crowd.

Is anyone intimidated? Like, you talk about going to Green Bay to go win a playoff game. That's tough. You know, if Chicago had a playoff game, that would be tough. But, you know, Pittsburgh, going in there and winning a playoff game would be tough. Is anyone intimidated going into Miami to go win a playoff game?

You know, I understand it's hot even in January in Miami, but is anyone going to be, well, people will be sweating, but you'll be really sweating about going up against the Miami Dolphins. I think the Dolphins are a good team. I'm not saying it's impossible for them to win the division, but the two things is I don't trust two in the big game. Two kind of reminds me a little bit like Dak. And then defensively, I got to see where those guys are going to be coming off injuries. Like, I love Jalen Phillips. I think Jalen Phillips is phenomenal, but he had that injury at the end of last season.

Bradley Chubb got hurt later on in the season. So those guys coming off big injuries and being relied upon in a big-time way on the defensive side, because one of their better defensive players, Christian Wilkins, is now off to the Raiders. That's something where I look at it and I'm like, all right, the Dolphins defense, it's not something that I'm in love with. Even with Seeler, who I think is a tremendously underrated defensive lineman, they got some players there, but you need Phillips and Chubb to be stars.

And coming off injuries, I don't know how much stardom they're going to have with some of the rest that they're going to have to knock off. I think the Dolphins are like a fantasy football team. I think they'll put up a lot of points.

I think they'll be flashy. There'll be moments when they make you to believe, but when push comes to shove, I don't think they're winning that AFC East. I'm going to go with the Buffalo Bills. And if they make the playoffs, I think they're going to lose Wild Card Weekend. So none of us think they're going to the AFC Championship Game. None of us think they're going to the Super Bowl. You guys who are pro-Dolphin are just saying, what, 11 wins, 10 wins?

They win the AFC East and then they win a Wild Card Game and then they're off their eliminated divisional round. Exactly. Okay, fair enough. It is Zach Gelb showing the Infinity Sports Network. Come on back. We'll update you to some of the biggest stories in the world of sports with some audio.

We call that segment the News Brief. But first up with the latest Infinity Sports Network update. Here he is, the act man, Rich Ackerman. Hey, this is Howie. And this is Nick. And you're listening to the Zach Gelb Show. And guess what? Zach is back.

All right. He's live. He's nationwide. This is the Zach Gelb Show.

It's time to answer Ask the Pros question of the day. It's brought to you by O'Reilly Auto Parts. CJ in Pittsburgh says Zach. Russell Wilson the other day said he felt like he's found the fountain of youth in Pittsburgh. Do you believe in Russ for this upcoming year? You could submit a question by tweeting at INF Sports Net or at Zach Gelb using the hashtag Ask the Pros. Think O'Reilly Auto Parts while your car care needs get guaranteed low prices and excellent customer service from the professional parts people at O'Reilly Auto Parts.

O'Reilly Auto Parts. I don't believe in Deshaun Watson. I mean, in Russell Wilson. I think Russell Wilson is someone that was better than how Sean Payton tried to say and portray he was last year.

But Russell Wilson, I think, is more focused on so many other things right now than football, where he got so caught up in the brand of Russell Wilson that I think it has significantly hampered his performance on the field. But he had that situation where he felt like it was time to leave Seattle. And he went to a place in Denver where his receivers weren't better. And at the end of year one, he did such a bad job relating to the locker room that they had to force players to basically speak out and support Russell Wilson. And last year he was fine, but the coach didn't like him. So I kind of look at Russell Wilson going to Pittsburgh where I think he will play fine. But is there really an excitement even with the Steelers having a good roster? They tried to fix the offensive line. You know, you have the two running backs in Jalen Warren and Najee Harris. Pickens is going to have a big season, you would anticipate. And their defense, if they could say healthy, is one of the better defenses in the NFL with Watt and Highsmith.

And you go on and on and on talking about their defense. But when I look at Russell Wilson, I'm almost in a spot where I kind of just want to see Justin Fields. You know, even though Russell Wilson has a chance to be a Hall of Famer and he may be playing himself out of the Hall of Fame, but he has a Hall of Fame type of resume, I don't think Russell Wilson's ever going to get back to that form that we saw in Seattle. So if he's not going to get back to that form, you're looking at just maybe of an apex of being an above average, a good quarterback. For Justin Fields, there was a big sentiment in Chicago that his career wasn't successful because the Bears messed him up. And what the Bears failed to do for Caleb or what they're doing right now for Caleb Williams, they failed to do for Justin Fields. Now, I don't know if Fields is going to be great, but he's in a good position right now in Pittsburgh. But is he ever going to get a chance to start?

It kind of mirrors, even though they're different. Like, I think Kirk Cousins is going to have a very good season for the Falcons. But even though I like Kirk Cousins, I think he's a good, solid quarterback.

Not great, good, solid. You know, even though I was excited when he signed with the Falcons, and I thought the Falcons could win that division, so I think they could win that division with him as the quarterback. I almost now want to see Michael Penix Jr., because the guy sitting in the QB two spot, I don't know what his ceiling will be.

Where for Russ, I know what his ceiling is at this point, and the apex isn't anything that makes me want to do somersaults in the street. And for Justin Fields, there's still that curiosity and that potential of what he could be. So no, I'm not excited about Russell Wilson, and Russell Wilson already having to say, oh, I found the fountain of youth in Pittsburgh.

Like, can you go win a few games first? Can you go play well first before you tell me how now you have found the fountain of youth and we're going to see the old Russell Wilson once again? It's always such a show now with Russell Wilson, and it kind of is a major turnoff to me. Now, I also did see that Deshaun Watson, who you want to talk about someone that is tone deaf, by the way. Deshaun Watson was talking to reporters, and I was reading this via Fox News.

On Tuesday, Watson appeared to embrace the chat around him and chalked it up to him being a good player. I don't look at it in a negative way. I don't look at it in a bad way, he said. You know, each and every fan, each and every media person, they want to see me at a level that I'm capable of doing, so that's a standard.

So I got to make sure I hold myself to it, so it's not a bad thing. It's not anything like that. I don't get involved with people trying to rate me places where they think I'm at the bottom of the list.

You know, it is what it is. If I was at the bottom, no one would talk about me. So obviously, if anyone is talking about me, continue to talk about me, then I must be pretty damn good. Does Deshaun Watson understand why people are talking about him is my question? Because the reason why we're talking about Deshaun Watson is, yes, I get it, initially when he wanted out of the Texans organization, that was because the organization was a circus, but then the conversation changed because of all the things he was accused of. So the last time we saw Deshaun Watson, who, by the way, the Browns gave you a fully guaranteed contract, and they traded a lot of picks for you, and they just went to the postseason when you were hurt for most of the season, and you've only played 12 games in your career for the Cleveland Browns, but the last time we saw you being a very good quarterback, you know, someone that looked like he could be an elite quarterback in this league, was 20-20. Now, you were out for all 2021, 2022, you were out for all of it but six games because of the suspension, and then last year, you never really played all that great right before. The only good game you had was the game right before you got hurt, and then we didn't see you again. So the reason why people are talking about you is because you used to be good. We don't know if you'll be good again, because right now you are an overpaid quarterback, and we haven't seen you be great since 2020. So the question isn't, oh, why do people dislike Deshaun Watson?

No, that's not the question. This is not people dislike you, even though there are a lot, I acknowledge a lot of people dislike Deshaun Watson, and deservedly so, but this isn't because people are disliking you and that's why they're asking the question, it's because you haven't been good in a while. You haven't been on the field consistently in a while. Your last full season was 20-20, and I know Deshaun Watson's still young, you know, he's only 28 years old, he turns 29 in September, but when you have basically missed three straight years, it's tough then to bounce back and be worthy of that contract, and be worthy of all those picks that you gave up. So the question now, when it comes to Deshaun Watson, isn't why are people asking this?

It's obvious. It's not because, oh, you're good, it's because you haven't been good in a long time. So, man, Russell Wilson and Deshaun Watson, two totally different conversations. But what they say right now, you know, Russ, I don't need to hear that you found the fountain of youth right now, and Deshaun Watson, I was at the bottom, if I was at the bottom, no one would talk about me, so obviously if anyone is talking about me, continue to talk about me, then I must be pretty good. When has Deshaun Watson been at the top as a football quarterback in the last three years?

Off the field, off the field, off the field, he's not been on the field. He was literally out all of 2021, 2022, 2023, for most of 2022 he was suspended, and last year played six games. So it's not because you're this great quarterback and you're at the top, it's because you have just, you have self-inflicted just terrible decisions and disgusting things that he's accused of, and you haven't been great since 2020. Think about everything that's gone on in the world since 2020. Think about 2020, that was the last time Watson was great.

2021 has happened, 2022 has happened, 2023 has happened, and now we're in 2024. And look where you're at. But it's all, it can't be because all you've actually are now considered a quarterback that's not good, it's because people just hate you. Come on, what are we doing here? Alrighty, let's end the shot and style update, just some of the biggest stories in the world of sports with some audio.

Here is the News Brief. Alright, let's hear that audio from Russell Wilson, he feels rejuvenated with the Steelers. I feel the fountain of youth, man, I feel revived in every way, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, I feel confident. I think at some point you got to know who you are, as a player, as a man, as a competitor, as somebody who's been unfortunate about playing this game, I don't doubt it, I just trust it. I felt really good last year playing, I felt really confident in the midst of everything. So I think right now I have all that confidence, too.

So just use it all, just use it all, just trust it. It's almost like he's trying to sell you a car that he knows it's broken down. That's what it sounds like. Here's Arthur Smith, the now offensive coordinator of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Is this an open QB competition between Russ and Justin Fields? Mike stated it on the record, Russ is in the pole position, it's a competition. Obviously we get to La Trobe, certainly I'm sure things will heat up, but both those guys knew that however they were acquired when they got here.

I think it's been pretty transparent, I know Mike said that on the record as well. And here is Terry McCorrin on Jaden Daniels, the young quarterback for the Washington Command, their second overall pick in the draft. He's very talented, but he's extremely humble as well, and I'm looking forward to see how he continues to grow. It's hard to pinpoint when you're around him more, you can really tell he's humble but he's confident in his ability. He's played at the highest level, he's played against really great competition, and he knows that he can make all the throws. He's not putting the cart before the horse, he's literally taking this thing day by day, and he's doing a really good job right now.

I don't know what the commanders will be, I have no expectation for the commanders this year, but I'm excited to see them this year. Because Jaden Daniels has been so fun to watch the last two years in college football. Here is Travis Kelce, has he considered retirement like his brother who just retired this past offseason? I know there's opportunities outside of football for me, and I think you've got to keep in perspective that I'm still a little kid when I come into this building. I know I'm 34 years old, about to be 35, but I have a love to do this right here. Middle of the heat in June, you know, I love coming to work every single day and doing this. So I'm going to do it until the wheels fall off, and hopefully that doesn't happen anytime soon. But I can definitely understand that it's towards the end of the road than it is the beginning of it.

And I just got to make sure I'm set up for after football as well. As long as he's dating Taylor Swift, with all this popularity, like he could retire tomorrow but it seems like he thinks it's better for him to keep on playing. Now, I know Travis Kelce is in his mid-thirties like he said, and I know he's about to turn 35. It doesn't feel like he is in his mid-thirties.

But you're in his mid-thirties at the end of your football career. It doesn't seem like he's in his mid-thirties, even though last year he was not great in the regular season. He dropped off a little bit, still had a very good season, and then picked it up in the postseason.

Here is the coach of the Cardinals, Jonathan Gannon. How was Marvin Harrison Jr. adapted to the NFL? Pretty seamless. What he will need to adjust to is the speed of the game, guys playing different techniques, different body types on him. When he's one-on-one with different corners because week one is going to look different than week two and all that stuff. So I think it would just be a constant growth and learning from his standpoint of what works, what do I need to do, where does the quarterback expect me, who I'm playing against, different ways to get open versus different body types. The more reps he gets, the better off he'll be, and he's doing a good job.

My expectation for him, he meets and exceeds it so far, so we'll keep it going like that. Marvin Harrison Jr., to me, is the best player from this past draft, and I can't wait to see how him and Kyler Murray connect, because that could be a really fun connection out in the desert. Here is Derrick Henry, the benefit of having a QB like Lamar Jackson with the two of them teaming up. Definitely a different aspect because he's a dual-threat quarterback, and he's dangerous with his legs, just as he is with his arm, and it's going to be fun and a breath of fresh air, not being the center of attention, knowing that eyes are going to be on him as well.

I'm just excited to get to work and put the work in out here and let it all come together when it's that time. Think about when you line up on the goal line and you've got a quarterback like Lamar Jackson and you have a big physical running back and a bruising running back like Derrick Henry. You get in the red zone, that's going to be so tough to stop those two in the red zone, especially when they're like five yards out from the end zone. Because you may think Lamar has it, and then you can pitch it out to Derrick Henry.

You may think Derrick Henry has it, and then Lamar could run it on the outside. And you look at Philadelphia, no different style back, but you have Jalen Hurts as the quarterback who's dual-threat, and then you have Saquon Barkley, who is so athletic and will definitely play in more than seven and a half games this year, so I win my dinner bet with Carlos with a K, C-K. Alrighty, that will do it for the Zach Gelb show on this Wednesday. Enjoy the NBA Finals tonight.

Game three, we'll see if we finally get a series with the Celtics up two games to none. Big thanks to Neil Brown, head coach at West Virginia for stopping by, Alex Myers previewing the U.S. Open, Bart Winkler on Winkler Wednesdays, and then the Pro Football Hall of Famer in Tim Brown. Carlos Ortiz, thank you. Moist Mike, great job with those chicken wings today. Thank you very much. And a big thanks to each and every one of you.

We will talk manana, everybody, on a Thursday at 3 p.m. Eastern, noon Pacific. I'm Zach Gelb, I'm out, everybody. Peace!

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