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Aaron Rodgers Drama Returns (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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June 11, 2024 5:03 pm

Aaron Rodgers Drama Returns (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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June 11, 2024 5:03 pm

Aaron Rodgers skips camp l Lakers Reporter Anthony Irwin joins the show l Will Jay Wright coach again?


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For trusted protection, trust Pampers, the number one pediatrician recommended brand. Yo, yo, hour number two of our radio program, that's right. It is the Zach Gelb show. Anthony Irwin gonna stop by coming up 20 minutes from now.

He's a Lakers reporter for Lakers Daily, and he's the host of Lakers Lounge on Odyssey. And coming up at 5.20 p.m. Eastern Time, 2.20 p.m. Pacific today. We'll do a little college football fix with Neil Brown, the head football coach at West Virginia. But first, I was not anticipating today when I did wake up that we'd have to talk about Aaron Rodgers. And the Jets are a fascinating team to me this year. They have a great defense. They have tinkered with their offensive line. We'll see if the offensive line can stay healthy.

You know, Breece Hall is an exceptional running back and Garrett Wilson is a really damn good wide receiver. But with all of those things being said, you take a look at the Jets and when you're dealing with the Jets, you always just anticipate that something is going to go wrong. And that's what people feel like always ends up happening with the Jets. You know, there was so much optimism with the Jets last year. And then three, four plays into the season on Monday Night Football. He ends up getting hurt. And you see the Achilles injury and you have Aaron Rodgers done for the season and the Jets season was over right there. So you go from that to then.

All right. You got to deal with the entire rest of the season knowing you don't got a quarterback, but you got a solid team. And then this off season for the Jets, it's like, just get you to the season, see if Aaron Rodgers can be healthy. And then you go from there where the Jets on paper have a damn good team. But with that being said, you play in a loaded AFC.

You know, just look at your own division. You got the Miami Dolphins. You got the Buffalo Bills. You go through the rest of the AFC. Every team in the AFC North can make the playoffs. And the AFC South from top to bottom, that's a heck of a division with the Texans and the Jaguars, the Colts. You know, Tennessee even made a bunch of improvements this off season. And you take a glance them at Kansas City.

They're the standard. The Chargers have Harbaugh and I can't really expect much with the Raiders or the Broncos. So this AFC is loaded. I think the Jets can be anywhere of just missing out on the playoffs, but being like a 9-8 team or winning like 11-12 games.

That's how large of a range it is. The farthest I can absolutely see the Jets going this year, just to my mind, is maybe getting to an AFC championship game. And Rogers able to get to a bunch of NFC championship games towards the end in Green Bay, but he wasn't able to elevate.

Right. And get to that next Super Bowl and get to that second Super Bowl of his career. So this offseason for the Jets, it's been just getting to the regular season. But it's funny to me how the offseason really did start with Aaron Rodgers doing an interview. And he talked to the Jets last season and he basically said now they have to cut out all the distractions. Rodgers said the bowl bleep that has nothing to do with winning has to get out of the building. And this entire offseason has been pretty much a bunch of bowl bleep dealing with Aaron Rodgers.

Is he going to run for vice president with RFK Jr.? You know, all the comments that he makes on the 9000 podcast that he goes on. So Rodgers creates a lot of distractions and he'll kind of scoff at all that and he'll go, I'm just being me. I'm just giving my opinion. But he knows what he's doing when he does this stuff. And I've said this about Rodgers before. He's an attention whore.

He is. There's no other way around it. Now, if you're a Jet fan, what else are you going to do? You made the deal for Aaron Rodgers. I wouldn't regret making that deal.

It was worth the gamble for the potential reward. It's just so unfortunate that a year ago that idea of seeing him play for an entire season in the Jets uniform and seeing what this team could be went right out the window. So now he's coming off an Achilles and there's a lot of drama surrounding Aaron Rodgers. But I will come to the defense of Aaron Rodgers for a little bit.

And I've said this before, these offseason workouts or these workouts to get you ready for the season, they're monotonous. I don't think Aaron Rodgers needs them to be the best version of himself on the field this upcoming year. But him not being there today to start Jets mandatory minicamp, it is a distraction because it becomes a talking point. Now, in reality, do I think it impacts the Jets season one way or another? I do not.

Are people looking for content this time of the year? Absolutely. But it is weird to me or just like funny to me that Aaron Rodgers went to almost all the voluntary workouts. But then when it's the mandatory start of the other portion of the schedule, he's not there. So Robert Salah was at the podium today and there were two issues with the Jets. One Hassan Redick, who was disgruntled with this contract in Philadelphia, got traded to the Jets. I guess they haven't had a ton of communication, Salah and him. They talked briefly, I guess, over the weekend is my understanding from the way that it's been talked about. He wants a new contract. He hasn't got that new contract.

I guess the Jets thought he was going to show up. He did not show up today. So he did have a charity event.

I know Hassan, you know, being a Temple guy and going to school at the same time. I think it's like a play day each and every year, a charity event. And that was over this weekend. You had a reporter out there. I think it was Ryan Dunleavy who tried to get a comment asking if he was going to show up. And Hassan Redick gave no comment. So you could kind of assume that Redick wasn't going to show up.

But Redick is under contract, so he's subjected under the CBA to get fined. But here is the part about Aaron Rodgers missing the workout and the practices today that were mandatory. And this is what Robert Salah had to say to try to give some clarity. He's been very good in communication. He's been here the entire time. It's an excuse, but he had an event that was very important to him, which he communicated.

So here's my question. It's an inexcused absence, but Rodgers has been in constant contact with the team and it's an event that's important to him. So if you're going to say it's an inexcused absence, it kind of gives me off the feeling and just the read of the room when you say it's an event that's important to him, that Robert Salah thinks Aaron Rodgers should be there. And it feels like Robert Salah is not happy that Aaron Rodgers isn't there for whatever the reason is with the team. And I don't know, to be fair, because the Jets didn't say it and no one has reported it, what the event is that is important to him. And could there be something that is important enough that you could miss this monotonous kind of practice?

I think the answer is yes. But wouldn't the Jets try to get in front of this when they know how the New York media works and they know how Aaron Rodgers, right, gets covered in the NFL where everything he does is a story? So wouldn't you try to put the flames out here on this mini fire?

And I don't want to, because this will come off sounding strong. It's not like Robert Salah threw gasoline on the fire and this is like a big now crazy fire. But Robert Salah was given a fire extinguisher and had the option to put out the small fire and he didn't like to do so. Because, yes, it's in an excuse absence, but when you say it's an event that's important to him, it just makes me think that you don't view it's a valid reason for him not being there. And I don't know about you, Samter, I'm trying to think, what could Rodgers be at? Like, is there something going on now even though he's not going to be RFK Junior's vice president?

What a statement still. Could it be some event to support his friend RFK Junior? I guess that's plausible. Could he be speaking at some ayahuasca convention?

I guess that's possible. Could he maybe say, oh, I want to get away and go on one of those darkness retreats again before I get ready for the season? I guess that is possible, but whatever the reason is, it's clear Robert Salah isn't happy that he's not there and Robert Salah, who says it's an event that's important to him, the Jets head coach doesn't think the reason why he's not there is satisfactory enough for him to not be in the building.

You got to turn your mic on. There's just so much noise around the Jets, like whether it's Salah being the sexiest coach or Rodgers. There's just so much nonsense around the Jets. At the end of the day, like, the Jets have been held hostage in a sense by Aaron Rodgers. They've allowed him to do whatever he wants to do.

Because they have no other choice. Sure, but they had an opportunity to put their foot down, tell him you can't do this. He's under contract. And that means nothing.

It means nothing. It's the same thing as the Brooklyn Nets. They had opportunities to tell Kevin Durant and Kyrie, we're going to take the organization back. But when you commit to someone like Aaron Rodgers, you know you're handing your organization over to Aaron Rodgers. It's not like the Jets innocently got into the Aaron Rodgers business and didn't know what to expect. We saw it was playing out in Green Bay.

But there's a difference, right? Like when Tom Brady went to the Bucs, the Bucs knew they were handing the keys to Brady. But they weren't giving Brady carte blanche do and say and be whatever he wanted to do. Yeah, because Brady's a reasonable quarterback and Brady's a much better leader than Aaron Rodgers and Brady knows what it takes to go win.

So the problem is... But he was able to get it. Brady basically ran the entire Bucs organization. He knows how to work with a big name coach before because he did it with Bill Belichick even though it was a bad end.

But remember, it happened with you guys when it was Tiki and Tierney. Bruce Arians came on and said Antonio Brown's not going to be on this team. Brady wanted him. Brady ended up winning. Brady ended up getting Antonio Brown.

How'd that work out? They won a Super Bowl. Well, yeah, but then... They caught a touchdown on a Super Bowl.

It was worth it. I know the Nets react like a jackass running off the field, taking his shirt off and leaving the pads on the sidelines. But they won a Super Bowl. They would have been fine without Antonio Brown. Antonio Clown, I can't stand him. Don't get me wrong.

I can't stand him. But that era for the Bucs ended up working with Antonio Brown. But the difference was that Tom Brady wasn't doing things that was sabotaging the team. The problem is that Aaron Rodgers is doing all this off-field nonsense. Whether it's RFK Jr. and the political stuff or all the different podcast stuff or all the BS he's saying needs to exit the building or not showing up to different camps. All these things that are distracting the team, he's doing. So they gave him the keys and now they're realizing they handed it to a guy who has a suspended license, doesn't know how to drive a car, and is going to smash the car into a brick wall.

No, I'm sorry. And the Jets are starting to say, you know, we're sick of this. I disagree with that.

The Jets are starting to say, we're sick of this. That the juice might not be worth the squeeze. This guy's more of a pain in the ass than he's worth. I vehemently disagree with that.

Don't get me wrong. Aaron Rodgers does a lot of things that I don't like. But name me the better quarterback the Jets were going to get than Aaron Rodgers. They weren't going to be able to. The Jets are screwed without Aaron Rodgers because we've seen it before.

This is an incompetent organization. And Robert Salah could be annoyed at Aaron Rodgers. But without Aaron Rodgers, guess what? You would have been fired. You would have been fired after last season. But Rodgers was more than fine with you coming back.

And that's the only reason why he is back. And guess what happens? At least the Jets are relevant right now. I know it's a low bar, but the moment Rodgers leaves, guess what happens? The Jets don't have a quarterback.

And the Jets go from being one of those teams that we've seen in the league that have a good roster, but they never get the quarterback position right. So, yes, are there headaches? Yes, can there be distractions? Can there be some icy moments with the media? Absolutely.

But the juice is still worth the squeeze, in my opinion. Because if Aaron Rodgers isn't there, what are we talking about? We're talking about the Jets having a loaded defense. We're talking about the Jets having a good young wide receiver in Garrett Wilson. They're having a phenomenal young running back in Breece Hall.

And it's going to be the same thing that it was the last few years. Oh, but the Jets don't have a quarterback. Sam Darnold was a bust. Zach Wilson was a bust.

You know, whoever they bring in, it doesn't work out. You know, Rodgers is still a great player. Even when Aaron Rodgers isn't at his best, he's still a top ten quarterback easily in this league. And this is why Jet fans so passionately defend Aaron Rodgers.

It's because it gives them at least hope that they can get the job done. And I don't think Aaron Rodgers wins a Super Bowl in New York. I think there's a chance the Jets miss the playoffs this year.

I do. I don't think they're going to win a Super Bowl. I don't think they're going to get to a Super Bowl. They're probably not going to get to an AFC title game.

But the Jet fan has been tortured for so long, you would know, you left being a Jet fan to go root for the Kansas City Chiefs, Sam Darnold, that at least the name Aaron Rodgers with his greatness gives them hope. And we'll see if it works. But Rodgers missing this practice, is it a distraction? Yeah, sure. But is it going to impact anything that happens during the season?

I don't believe so. Now, it is hypocritical when you're saying, oh, we've got to cut out all the BS, and then you're continuously providing BS after BS. But I would love to know what he is missing this event for, like what event he is missing this practice for, when he was there for all the voluntary stuff.

Because if it was something that, and maybe this is bad media training by Robert Sala, but if Robert Sala actually thought it was a valid reason, he's not saying, oh, it's an inexcus absence, and this is something that's important to him. You know, it's kind of like Sean McDermott a little bit. When you had the whole Stefan Diggs thing last year, McDermott was obviously frustrated with Diggs. And then he goes, yeah, obviously it's concerning.

And then they tried to put the toothpaste back in the tube once they dig it out. Alrighty, this is Zach Gelb's show on the Infinity Sports Network. We will talk more about the Los Angeles Lakers when we come on back, who's going to be coaching their team next season. And also, should LeBron, who in all likelihood will opt out and then re-sign with the Lakers, should he rethink that, and should he leave L.A. this offseason?

Anthony Irwin, who covers the Lakers for Lakers Daily, and is also the host of Odyssey's Lakers Lounge, will join us next. Just download the Thumbtack app. You can search for what you need done and find tons of highly rated pros right in your neighborhood.

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And say hello to caring for your home the easier way. Download Thumbtack and start a project today. Whatever you love, hear it right here on TuneIn. Go to or download the TuneIn app to start listening. All right, it is the Infinity Sports Network.

It is the Zach Gelb show. We'll be joined momentarily, hopefully, with Anthony Irwin, who covers the Lakers, as a reporter for Lakers Daily, and he's the host of Lakers Lounge right here on Odyssey. As a lot's going on with the L.A. Lakers right now, as the expectation is LeBron is going to be back with them for this upcoming season.

We'll opt out, and then we'll re-sign with them. But we don't know who's going to be coaching the Los Angeles Lakers. Earlier in the week, maybe it was going to be Dan Hurley. You know, that started to funnel out last week, and then Hurley announces yesterday.

Nope, I'm going to end up staying with the UConn Huskies. So, a lot of questions surrounding the Lakers right now. So, let's welcome in the Lakers reporter for Lakers Daily and the host of Lakers Lounge on Odyssey. He's Anthony Irwin. He's kind enough to join us on the Zach Gelb show on the Infinity Sports Network.

Anthony, appreciate you doing this. How you been? For having me, you know, nice quiet week or so here for the Lakers.

There's nothing really going on. Yeah, let me start you off with Hurley. So, right when it first came out, I thought to myself, not a fit, don't think it's going to happen. Then, as I started to think about it more, I'm like, he's going to be the next coach of the Lakers just because it came out of nowhere. When it was announced yesterday, he was staying with UConn. What was the initial reaction when the Lakers didn't get Dan Hurley? So, the Lakers were pretty surprised. They really thought that they had a chance here at getting him.

They were really impressed. The Lakers were impressed with their meetings is shocking, I know. But the Lakers thought that they made a compelling offer. They were confident walking out of those meetings that they had a chance at Hurley. The offer has been very polarizing in league circles where some people are saying they were getting ready to pay a rookie head coach more than everybody but a handful of other coaches in the NBA. If you're optimistic about that offer and others have pointed out that you got across the Monty Williams bar in that threshold to convince somebody to leave a potential three-peat the way that the Lakers were asking Hurley to leave there. So, the Lakers as recently or in that run-up to his decision, they were somewhat in the dark on Monday morning. And they were waiting just like the rest of us.

They found out, I think, a little earlier than everybody did. But they thought they had a chance and now they're really kind of left scrambling. Yeah, when I was spitballing on Thursday, I thought, like you said, the Monty Williams kind of situation, you know, get him a little bit past that, go 80 million over six years. The offer, according to Adrian Rojanowski, ended up being 70 million over six years. It's like, OK, the Lakers could say they wanted to go get Dan Hurley.

But to me, that's not a godfather offer. And it feels like the Lakers dropped the ball on this one. Yeah, so there were reports out there that the Lakers were, you know, the offer that was being expected, that was pretty clearly being leaked by, I thought, Hurley's side of things was that $100 million threshold. And I reached out to the people that I've spoken to or that I normally lean on for Lakers information. And when I asked them, this is pretty clearly him saying what he's expecting from you. How confident are you that the Lakers will get to that level? And the people that I was talking to gave me like a cautiously optimistic yes, that they think that they thought that they were prepared to go that high.

And that's what I reported before the weekend. And, you know, so when I found out that the offer was only six years, 70 million bucks, I thought that the Lakers didn't use their full budget at their disposal for this thing. And I don't know, given that the Lakers just don't seem to have a plan B here, you really have to make that Godfather offer. You have to get your guy if you are left scrambling the way that the Lakers have been left scrambling here. This is just really seemed to me to be a very disorganized process.

Anthony Irwin here with us. So then it makes me ask, why? Why didn't the Lakers make that above and beyond offer to make sure that they get Dan Hurley? They think that it's an honor to coach the Los Angeles Lakers. They think that there has to there should be kind of an inherent discount to coaching the Lakers because it raises your awareness elsewhere whenever it is that you leave.

And I just I'm finding out and I think the Lakers are finding out that that just is the wrong way to go about this. They lowballed Tyloo a few years back. He actually is on the record saying that he felt lowballed in that offer.

And here again, at the very least, whether you want to call it lowballing, lowball adjacent, whatever term you want to use for this. The Lakers, I think, thought that they could get this guy for a little bit less than the Godfather offer because they're the Lakers. There's this sentiment around Lakers Twitter and Lakers fans of Lakers exceptionalism. And for a long time, essentially, the Lakers Lakers exceptionalism meant that the Lakers had opportunities afforded to them because they are the Lakers and because of past greatness and stuff like that. LeBron came to the Lakers as an example of that Lakers exceptionalism. And where I think it can kind of become a negative or a pejorative term is in cases like this with the Lakers, where they think they are exceptional because they are the Lakers.

Whereas, you know, with Dr. Bus, they were held to an exceptional standard because you work for the Lakers. And I think this offer, the one to Ty Lue before and then just their general sentiment towards coaching, it kind of screams to me of that negative version of Lakers exceptionalism.

My question is, when do they learn? Because I was right when you said Ty Lue, I was about to bring that up because they right. They wanted to give him a three year deal. He wanted a four year deal. It didn't happen. That would have went down.

They're never in this mess to begin with. And now with Dan Hurley, like, yeah, you could make it out to be that 70 million dollars over six years is a fair offer a guy that's ever coached the NBA. But I thought that number needed to be 13 to 16 million dollars a season when Kentucky offered him 11 million dollars a season.

He said no. And the Lakers just go 11.7 million dollars a season. So will they ever learn or will continue to just be the arrogance of, hey, we're the Lakers and people should want to be with us. And if they're not, we'll find the way to eventually make them regret it. Yeah, I learning usually comes through accountability, right?

Like we as kids learn that we shouldn't climb up the side of our bed or the wrong side of our bed because gravity teaches us, OK, that was dumb. And with Rob Polinka, he's never held accountable. He's Teflon. He can make whatever series of mistakes that he wants. And he knows that he could just go to Jeannie and say, oh, Dan Hurley just didn't understand what it meant to be a Laker.

And then Jeannie will buy it. So I don't know that they'll learn. I you know, they made the same mistake with Ty.

They come right back. They make the same mistake again. It's the same leadership.

It's the same group of people who are making all these decisions. It would indicate to me that there is no learning process here unless, you know, minority owners start kind of asking some tough questions of Jeannie where it starts where she starts facing some accountability from shareholders of the Lakers who were saying, hey, we have watched the Golden State Warriors. We have watched the Clippers leapfrog us in terms of franchise value. We're just kind of stuck in this place right now and we're seen as cheap. And now it's now publicly out there that we made a cheap offer to somebody that we were looking as the central identity to our organization, organization moving forward.

And now it's really out there that we're cheap. So like that's not going to help our our standing with those evaluations either. I don't know that you'll see any real accountability or any real change or learning process until it's Jeannie with her feet to the fire. Anthony Irwin here with us is great job Lakers reporter for Lakers Daily, also the host of Odyssey's Lakers Lounge. Here's the multimillion dollar question. Who do you think right now is going to be the next coach of the Los Angeles Lakers with it not being Danny Hurley?

Man, I could be you interested. I do have a media career and I'm less arrogant than J.J. Redick, so maybe. But no, I I would say if I had had a gun to my head, I would say it's between Borrego and Cassell.

Borrego's name has come up basically throughout this entire process as kind of that Frank Bogle safety valve break glass in case of emergency type of candidate. Problem there, though, is that he is interested and is a leading candidate for the Cleveland Cavaliers job. So the Lakers have some competition there. I can't believe that the Cleveland Cavaliers are competition. They're seen as competition to hire a head coach against the Lakers.

So they really a sign of the times. And then with Cassell, right? He has the opportunity to move up the bench there in Boston with Charles Lee going to Charlotte. Boston looks like they're about to win a championship, so maybe he'll get a promotion that way as well. So I don't think he'll be as cheap as maybe the Lakers are hoping. But the one thing is is for sure here in terms of their options right now. You mentioned J.J. Redick.

It's not nearly as simple as, well, that didn't work out with Dan. Let's go back to J.J. I've heard that he has called on the Lakers and I've heard that the Lakers during the process leading up to Dan Hurley had somewhat called on on J.J. Those conversations would have to be productive to get back to where things felt before all of this Dan Hurley mess. It'd be one thing if the Lakers have called on J.J. Why is J.J. called on the Lakers? This guy hasn't been a head coach in the NBA.

He should be fortunate that they're maybe interested in him. That doesn't make sense to me, but it goes back to the arrogance of J.J. Redick if that's true. I think there's certainly ego at play there. He's a Duke guy. For a long time he was THE Duke guy. That screams ego and arrogance. It's built into the fibers of that university and the players that come from it. My answer is why would J.J. feel cool on the Lakers?

Waves generally at everything. It's just kind of a mess over there right now. You have too many Rambuses involved.

Rob Palink is never going to face accountability. Eric Pincus just wrote up a great piece for Bleacher Report talking about the ways that the Lakers don't spend compared to other teams. So you have a coach. Whoever takes this job is going to be walking into an extremely volatile situation where you have two years to wow everybody.

And even if you wow people in those two years, there's a chance you're going to lose your job. Frank Vogel won a championship. He's gone.

Darvin Ham got to the Western Conference, won more games the following season. He's also gone. I don't know if J.J. has soured on the notion of coaching. I think it's just that the Lakers are such a mess right now that J.J. Redick, being the smart guy that he is, he could always go back to ESPN and the longer that he says smart things on ESPN's airwaves, he's going to keep on getting opportunities. And a better one is probably going to come along than the Lakers currently right now. Two more for Anthony Irwin who joins us right now on the Infinity Sports Network.

It is the Zach Gelb show. The future, actually, before we get to the future, LeBron James, why was Darvin Ham let go? And if the Lakers knew the search was going to play out this way, do you think they just would not have got rid of Darvin Ham to begin with?

That's a great question. It's one that I've been going back and forth on a bunch. I think things had gotten pretty untenable in that locker room between Darvin and the players all year. I was doing a bunch of reporting on basically a situation that was getting worse and worse and worse. The reports, as the Lakers were looking for a head coach, is that they were looking for somebody who is really prepared, communicates well, holds players accountable. Essentially reading between the lines there, they're saying that Darvin Ham was ill-prepared, poor communicator, didn't hold guys accountable in the way that the Lakers wanted him to and the way that the guys wanted to, too. There are a lot of things that you hear from that locker room where everybody was just kind of waiting for him to stop doing the whole run harder, you know, try faster, all of those things like a grit grittier. Those things, you know, they're okay for a little while, but eventually when you start to see that your coach is kind of outmatched on a nightly basis, you lose the locker room. And I think that that's what happened there.

Now, in terms of whether the Lakers, given how all of this played out, would have just kept Darvin, I want to say no because... It says in the embarrassment, at least. It would indicate to... What's that? It says in the embarrassment, at least, you know?

It does. It's just been embarrassing what happened. But it's also like it would just be a different version of embarrassment. Fair. It would speak to poor process, you know, so I want to say no that they would still have probably fired Darvin because things had gotten so untenable there, but you're absolutely right to prove that all this process has done is put in bright gold letters that the Lakers, who were once this vaunted, prestigious organization, the show about them was called Winning Time, is now cheap. Yeah.

They're gold plated. Last thing I'll ask you, Anthony Irwin, I led the show talking, and I've said this before, that LeBron, I fully expect him to be back with the Lakers next season, but he should leave. And he should go somewhere else, however many more years he's going to play to try to go win a championship, one more championship. I know he responded on Twitter yesterday, this notion that he doesn't want to win anymore, and he, like, laughed at that, but, like, he should leave, right?

But no one thinks he will. Is that kind of your view as well? I mean, he could take his co-host device. His co-host looked at what the Lakers are doing.

He's like, yeah, I think I'm good, as it stands right now, that is. But I've thought about this a lot, too, where if the focus for LeBron James is winning a championship, it's not, like, even set the Lakers aside. It's not in the Western Conference.

You see what, like, Dallas had to go through to get, just to even have the opportunity to play Boston in the finals and the conference next year. I know he won't go back to Miami, but Miami could be in play. The Knicks, the Sixers, the Sixers would be sensational for him. Yeah, Philly, yeah, any, you know, Cleveland.

Think about it. Anthony Davis is an injured big man. Joel Embiid is a better injured big man. And you already have the other piece there in Maxey, who the Lakers are trying to get another piece this year. I think Philly would be perfect for him. And we know that Daryl Morey is going to pull out all the stops to try to convince LeBron. So I heading into this offseason, I would have said LeBron leaving is completely off the table. There is zero chance whatsoever that he was going to leave this, like, last 48 hours or so is the first time that I've thought to myself that, yeah, he he could, if not should. You know, I obviously I, you learn things like never meet your heroes, never cover your favorite franchise because you learn things about them. You find out how you find out how the sausage is made and you're like, yeah, this is tough.

I think I'll wait for the salad. The other name that gets thrown out there for coaching this team and I laugh at it, Jay Wright, like if the Lakers called Jay Wright, how quickly do you think he hangs up the phone and says no thanks? I don't think he would insult them, but I certainly think he loves doing TV. He loves that, you know, he did his time, he did his winning and he exits the sport looking like an absolute genius. And, you know, now he gets to just sit there and analyze everybody else who were fighting for their lives in this industry. I think once you kind of once you lose that desire for the competition, it's over for you, you know, so maybe the Lakers make some kind of crazy offer or whatever. But I'd be pretty surprised if Jay Wright leaves television from everything that you hear.

He loves it there too much. He's the host of Odyssey's Lakers Lounge, also Lakers reporter for Lakers Daily. He's Anthony Irwin. Anthony, good deal. Appreciate you doing this. Thank you guys for having me. There you go, Anthony Irwin joining us. We will react to that when we come on back. Also get into this Jay Wright stuff because I keep on seeing Jay Wright's name thrown out there and I keep on laughing for one big reason. We'll get to that next.

All right, it is the Infinity Sports Network. Real quickly, Jay Wright, he's not being the next coach of the Lakers. And here's why. They just offered Danny Hurley $70 million over six years. To get Jay Wright to be the coach of the Lakers, you have to significantly improve that offer.

Why wouldn't you just give that offer to Danny Hurley in the first place, who you wanted? Jay Wright's not going to be interested. I actually believe that Jay Wright has coached his final game. When he left Villanova, I said he was never returning back to college basketball. I thought the avenue would be open for the NBA, but we've seen that Sixers job open up.

He lives in that area, didn't take it, didn't pursue it. If the Knicks open up, that could be a possibility, especially if you keep on having Jalen Brunson and Dante DiVincenzo and Josh Hart on the team as Villanova guys. But he's not going all the way out to LA like, just the idea of Jay Wright being the coach of the Lakers? Yeah, of course it's a fit. Right?

It's kind of like Showtime-like. So I could see that in terms of just the image, but he's not taking the job. So this idea and people throwing out Jay Wright, they could call him.

I think Anthony Irwin's right. He'll politely say, thanks, but no thanks. But I am very much so now fascinated with this Joey Chestnut story, Santer. So I just went to the bathroom during the break, and in the bathroom they have WFAM playing on the speaker. And I overheard Marash getting into a debate with the caller about what you put on a hot dog. I'll get to the Joey Chestnut controversy in just a second. He's out of the 2024 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating contest as...

I'll save the reasoning why. But Marash is now on WFAM down the hall, legendary radio station, making the case that he should stop being shamed for wanting to put ketchup on a hot dog. Because there's a lot of hot dog snobs that go, oh, you can't put ketchup and you got to put mustard. So Santer, you're a little bit of a food snob, I would say. You have a pretty damn good palate. When you have a hot dog, what do you put on your hot dog?

Just wondering. I do mustard, like a spicy mustard, sauerkraut, and sometimes some diced onions. I used to be a ketchup and mustard mix kind of guy. I'm not anti-ketchup on a hot dog, but I haven't put ketchup on a hot dog in decades. So I'm not anti-ketchup, but I also am not interested at all in ketchup.

I don't think it's sacrilege to do it, but I also don't think that it's the right way to go. You said something, and I think we share a similar belief. I'll get to that in just a second.

But Chris Hess, where are you at? What do you put on your hot dog? I'm not really one that eats hot dogs. You don't eat hot dogs at all? I don't eat them at all.

They're just not my go-to, and I can't even tell you the last time I had one. You're not vegan, right? No, no, no, no.

No, no. I'm just not. No judgment, by the way, if you are, but you just didn't come up to me as someone that doesn't eat meat. I prefer the steak and burger department over a hot dog. If a hot dog's there, I'll probably eat it. What will you put on it, though? Like, your dad says, son, for Father's Day, we're having hot dogs. What do you put on your hot dog this weekend? Ketchup, a little mustard, and relish that's pickle relish. Gotcha.

All righty. Here's where I stand, Sam, to run it. And I don't know if we're exactly in the same line, but you said when you were younger, you liked ketchup on a hot dog. When I was younger, I hated the taste of mustard.

Hated it. But now, when I've been older, I love mustard. And I think if you're getting like a traditional hot dog, not like a pig in a blanket, but a traditional hot dog, I will still put ketchup on it. But when I get a pig in a blanket, and I could go eat like a ton of pigs in the blanket, and then you get the little hot dogs, and you're just dipping them in sauces, I prefer ketchup. But if you're going to dress up the hot dog, I'll put a little ketchup on it. You know, when I was younger, I would only go ketchup, but now I do dabble more so in mustard. So I think as I've gotten older and my palate has matured, I would say I'm more of a mustard guy than a ketchup, but I will not shame people. That's the one food debate I don't get when people shame people for putting ketchup on a hot dog.

Well, here's the only time I will shame someone for doing that. If you put only ketchup on a hot dog, you have to have ketchup and mustard combo. You can't go just straight ketchup.

It makes no sense. And if you are going to do straight ketchup, you have to have some other condiment, whether it's onions or relish or my favorite sauerkraut. But you can't just like have a dog, a bun, and ketchup on it. That's disgusting. Well, you know what? I actually have to take back one thing I said. The preeminent hot dog place in America is Yankee Stadium.

That's totally wrong. I was just at Yankee Stadium. Their hot dogs are actually trash at Yankee Stadium is a place I think it's called Clifton, New Jersey, called Rut's Hut. They call their hot dogs the ripper.

And the last time I got a ripper, two rippers, let's be fair, you know, just get them on. I put ketchup, I put mustard on it. Spicy mustard.

And they almost have like a paintbrush that you paint the mustard onto the hot dog. So yeah, I guess now I am more of a mustard guy than a ketchup guy. If I'm just getting a traditional hot dog, I am leaning spicy mustard.

And I like his spicy mustard. Yeah, like a regular yellow mustard is fine, but a good spicy mustard, oh yeah, there's nothing better. But I do take a little of the regular light mustard. I'm not a big fan of spicy mustard. Yeah, like a light French mustard.

It's not my favorite, but I would make do with it. But like a good golden brown spicy mustard, I love it. But I do take offense to you knocking the Yankee Stadium hot dogs. I used to serve those hot dogs. Yankee Stadium food sucks. I used to serve those hot dogs up and down aisles. At old Yankee Stadium, not new Yankee Stadium.

Okay. New Yankee Stadium's food is not good. Okay, so as long as you're okay with the old Yankee Stadium, because I used to go up and down the aisles of that big gigantic tray with boiling water on one side and the buns on the other side. And I would come up to your place, I would take the bun out, I would take the hot dog out of the boiling gross disgusting hot dog water. I'd put the hot dog on the bun, I'd smather on whatever we wanted. I'd put on, you know, give you a little package of mustard and ketchup, get the sauerkraut, wrap it up in tinfoil and hand it down the aisle. How many hands touched that hot dog before it got to the guy who was eating it?

I don't know, I don't care, but it was amazing. That is my favorite type of hot dog, ballpark boiled franks is the way to go. You do very well with wieners in your hand, some tell me. You know, you had to take it that way, Zachary. I'm just hearing you talk about all these wieners that you put in your hand and how you pass them down the aisle.

There's so many ways you could have gone with that story, but you went this way. I heard he's got that dog in him. Oh, that's a little too far. No, I'm just kidding. It is the Zach Gelb Show on the Infinity Sports Network. We will get to Joey Chestnut and why he is out of the 2024 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest coming up later in the show.

Think about it. Kaitlyn Clark, not on the USA women's basketball team. Joey Chestnut, not in the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest. What is going on in the sports world right now when the hot dog eating contest is out on Joey Chestnut and Team USA's women's basketball team is out on Kaitlyn Clark? Do you want the stars? Do you want the viewership?

Do you want the attention or do you just want to be irrelevant? Team USA women's basketball becoming irrelevant. The hot dog eating contest about to become irrelevant. We need to cater to our stars. We need to genuflect to the great Joey Chestnut and the excellent Kaitlyn Clark coming on back. Tune in is the audio platform with something for everyone.

News in order to secure convictions in a court of law is essential that we conclusively sports. The clock at four. Doncic.

The step back three. Music. And even podcasts. Whatever you love, hear it right here on Tune In.

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