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Amazing Righteousness

Worship & The Word / Pastor Robert Morris
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June 9, 2019 8:00 am

Amazing Righteousness

Worship & The Word / Pastor Robert Morris

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June 9, 2019 8:00 am

Pastor Robert explains what righteousness is and how we need God’s grace to have it.

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Welcome to worship inwardly.

Pastor Robert continuing his theory amazing Grace with the message that what righteousness is and how God deposits his righteousness when we believe in him. Thank you so much for joining us.

I'm your host Jenae and I'm here with my cohost Patrick hey what's up I'm excited for today's message because Pastor Robert is taking concepts like grace and righteousness, which can sometimes be a little difficult to grasp and he makes them so relatable and simple.

I'm looking forward to hearing him break it down and tell us what righteousness truly is. You know, I completely agree. And you know the word. Righteousness is not a word we often use in our everyday conversation.

Sometimes the word righteousness can have a religious or churchy connotation, but when I heard this message. It totally changed what I thought about it and give me more of an understanding of what it really means. Let's join Pastor Robert now and hear what he has to say about the amazing gift of righteousness. So this week we'll talk about amazing righteousness, amazing righteousness, and you may not be amazed yet about righteousness, but hopefully a few minutes you will be role in chapter 4 verse one what then shall we say that Abraham our father has filed accordingly to the flesh for Abraham was justified by works, he has something to boast about, but not before God when we talked about this last week you want to boast to have a report that in Texan.

There ain't gonna be no bread in heaven. Verse three for what is the Scripture say Abraham believed God, and it was accounted to him for righteousness. Now to him who works for wages are not counted as grace, but is that but to him who does not work but believes on him who justifies the ungodly, his faith is a talented for righteousness telling thing about amazing this passage is if the world doesn't know anything about this. Those who don't know Christ there will understand this because if they did they want except Christ that you can believe in Jesus and sin is taken out of your account and righteousness is put in your account.

It's accounted for righteousness. It's amazing to think about if you if you go out on the street and to the mall or sports game or something and you just interviewed some people that don't go to church. It had never been taught the Bible and you said of them. What you have to do to go to heaven. But what what are you going to hear what's answered be good very good person, right then and some will say like this more good than bad. Hopefully at the end of your life you have more good in your account than you do bad and and then you get to go to heaven. Well it follow that yes is a God standard is not good. It's perfect. So how I really get that I'm asking this. I know when I know no one will raise her hands on this first question elastically, but no one raise your hands in the first when I know that because is there anyone here that has broken every law, every law well let him read your scriptures elementary love that the living Bible. I know this is a paraphrase in the God wrote it for his children to bid on able to understand the Bible, but I think it helps us understand the Scripture little bit like the way the wording is James two verse 10 says, and the person who keeps every law of God, but makes one little slip is just as guilty as the person who has broken every law that there is okay, here's the second question see if anyone raises your hands, how many of you have made at least one little slip up that's collected. That's right about hundred percent the will shock you bunch of sinners the church for singers Pastor David new King James says it same way whoever shall keep the whole law and yet stumble in one point is guilty of all. Okay so is God standard is perfect, and none of us have been perfect. How do we have go to heaven.

Really simple simple. We believe in the perfect one, the one who did keep the whole law. Jesus Christ now back in verse three because we want to key in on the Scripture for the whole message right. It says for what is the Scripture say Abraham believed God, that's one part that I will talk about you know I am alike three point B. One of the ports. Abraham believed God, and it was accounted to him. There's the second part that will talk about for righteousness. And that's the third part the ring, but I want to flip. I want to start with righteousness and and and work backward.

Alright, so here is point number one what is righteousness so righteousness is unexplained. I asked the question what is righteousness. Righteousness is right standing with God that that's the easiest definition of righteousness. Righteousness is the state of being right with God right standing with God. Okay, now can a righteous man doing unrighteous deed will if you have any wonderment about that look in the mirror because you got a lot of unrighteous things right even sent you believe in Jesus day so righteous person can do unrighteous things tenant unrighteous person do a righteously unrighteous person who's has been saved yet can do right things but does the righteous deed that the unrighteous person does make him righteous living illustration but say there's a guy who he's not a believer not a Christian does not believe in Jesus not in church anywhere and he goes out of town on a business trip and he has a really good day and he he signs up along the accounts in one account that he signs up. That is the largest counties ever signed and so he eats dinner and then he he decides to take a walk and is feeling really good about himself and his day and is walking by this playground and a ball comes over the fence from the kids and he picks the ball up any throws that and then he gets to the corner street corner and there's a little lady to great big sacks of groceries so we carry the groceries for help serve across the street you know and then and gets those a few blocks weathering takes the groceries to your house and then on his way back from there he sees a homeless man single straight and he pulls his wallet out some so sorry but your plan understanding that when you locked in and all and I've had good fortune so I won't help you. Somebody gives him some money. Those are good things which are great for the right things about another man.

He's a believer. He loves Lord he attends Gateway church that will really give them a few extra points and so he goes out of town on business trip and he has a bad day, he loses several accounts, even his biggest account. And so after dinner. He takes a walk and he's walking beside a playground and the ball comes over the fence and he kicks the ball and straighten on a bus runs over and he gets to the corner was a little late and she's asked for help and he said later when Tom and Kelly just shoves her out of the way she falls down breaks her eggs and falls in a month, but my portal and then on his way back until he sees the homeless man asking for some money.

Any kicks him and and says you want to get a job and even says a coursework that okay this guy doesn't go to Gateway church. Okay, let's let's let's take that out, but he is a Christian guy is a Christian as I know none of you would never do anything like that so okay now let's go back unrighteous. A righteous man does the righteous deed that the unrighteous man does. Does that make him righteous. Does that make human right standing with God does it because he doesn't right now you except Jesus Christ and listening does the unrighteous deed that the righteous man does. Does that make him unrighteous. No, because unrighteous by my position, not by my performance know it's wrong to doand I'll suffer consequences from doing those things and I can go down the road to work I could actually destroy my life if I allow anger to stay in my life is like, but I put in right standing with God by the blood of Jesus, listening to worship and word. Pastor Robert Morris before we get back into the rest of his message on righteousness. We want to let you know that you missed the first message in this amazing place.

You can listen to it and I benefited online.

Pastor, you know, for so many that we first accepted Christ.

We were so maybe I got three. I wonder how many of you know, that's a really good question.

I think the enemy tries to get believers caught up in doing things to become righteous start serving in the church we start reading our Bibles and start praying and we don't do as many overtly bad things and we lose that, wonder, and that initially allowed us and I really love when he failed to find the right time by my position as a child of God.

Neither is what makes a minivan well I can't wait to hear so let's dive back in. Pastor Robert has more great insight for us about how God sees okay so righteousness is here.

Question number did Abraham Billyard well when you go like Romans four, verse two says if Abraham was justified by works, he has something to boast about, but not before God for what is the Scriptures like Abraham believed God, and it was accounted it over and talk like this to him for righteousness.

Now to him who works the wages are not counted as grace, but is that in this word counted accounting means to keep records of credits and debits it's it's advocates accounting is the class you did not like in college. Okay some of you did but you know, this did not mean okay alright so that's a means keeping records of debits and credits are.

So here's what it says that he works. It's not counted as grace, but is that okay here's what that means it doesn't mean that it's it's bad for you to work do good work because were safe to good works to do good works is what Ephesians is not saved by good works were safe to do good works okay so doesn't mean we shouldn't do good works, not counted against us what it's talking about God saying if Abraham had done works, then God would have owed him. It would've been a debt to God.owed him payment for his good works. In other words, like if someone came to the job at your house, landscaping, or some like that after they do the job you owed. You owe them. It's a debt to you owe them for their what they get. So what he says if Abraham.didn't like him.

He did not owe him and God doesn't know anyone, so what's he going to hell am I going to go to heaven when I have seen in my account.

Debbie had seen in her account. Abraham had seen in his account and you have CN in your account how I got to go to heaven and Jesus has righteousness in his count, but here's what happened 2000 years ago God took the righteousness out of his own sons account and God put the sentence of the whole world, and his sons account and that's why his son was condemned to death because the Bible says God took the one who knew no sin and made him sin that we might be made the righteousness of God. So Jesus died for sins yet understand something happen very amazing what real realizes Jesus shed his blood and the blood of Jesus erased our sense completely and not only are senseless and the blood of Jesus erased the sins of the whole world will realize this Jesus died for the world it said God was in Jesus reconciling the world to himself Not imputing. This is the same word for accounting nonaccounting nurses not counting their sins against them. God took away the sin of the whole. And I know I you think what I don't understand that because I know some people are going to have it, that's correct because God gave you a will and you have to choose what you see what Jesus did for your but here I want like a shocking statement. People don't go to hell for sin because Jesus already paid for their simply go to hell for unbelief is want to go to.

So God put all of my sins in Jesus's death and he erased the race marked out sooner Micah but is also the righteousness, but when I was 19 I believed in Jesus.

I got put righteousness in my When Debbie was nine, she believed in Jesus.the righteousness and that when Abraham was 75.

He believed in it.put righteousness in his account. When the Jubilee had you believed. And here's what James tells us about Abraham. It says Abraham put works to his faith. In other words, his faith was active because faith is not active as they had the Bible says. In other words, when God said move. Abraham moved he started obeying so it's not enough to believe he would just remind is a whole lot of people do that but they still do what they wanted to. When you really believe you start following Jesus Christ. Well come back if you just kidding any care listening to worship and the word with Pastor Robert Lori you know it's interesting to think of ourselves as having spiritual account.

I know if I want to see other things showing up on my mean either, but it's crazy how no matter how many good or bad things we've added to our account. If we don't believe in Jesus and his sacrifice. It all looks the same to God not perfect. Isaiah 63 fixed even says that our individual acts of righteousness like filthy rags.

You know that's not exactly what you want in your ideal spiritual account, but that's what makes Jesus's sacrifice and God's grace really hit home. No matter how hard we try. None of us can be perfect.

It's impossible. We all have sent right. Jesus was the only perfect person enter his account with now get back to the stage. Pastor Robert tells a compelling story about his wife, Debbie shows us what we need to to the right.

Here's port number three how did Abraham get it what it Abraham have to do what you have to do you believe John chapter 6 verses 28, 29 then they said to him, what shall we do that we may work the works. Notice plural of God. Jesus answering said, then this is the work of God, that you believe in him whom he sent this is this only after you leave but has to be in your heart by just ahead and try some other story that a lot of people don't get we read about Abraham and we think Abraham was a really good guy and we read about people in the Bible and somehow we make them superhuman that that they're not there.

Not like we are that you go through what we go through and you know that they release superhumans that God chose read your Bible closer that regular people and they had esses in their accounts and to let you help you will belabor him. God shows up in Genesis 12. That's when God spoke to him. That's when Abraham believed and it was a righteousness of putting stuff accounting about Abraham before Genesis 12 Abraham that is going shock you.

Abraham was a heathen AC that he was a part of a heathen nation, we help you understand the survey how much I see that he was after he believed after he believed he is going to the city and his wife is real pretty and so he will use about his wife and says she's my sister so that the king could take his wife and make her one of his harem and abuse her sexually and by the way, Abram did this. Abraham did this twice. You know he got chewed out the first time about this, and he does it again.

He does this after he believes they solicited after he believed he sleeps with the housekeeper he sleeps with his wife's made and has a child out of wedlock after he did this after he believed what was he like before he believed. So God shows up one day Abraham has no concept of God. None. And he just shows up to talk about was about 200 what would happen if God said to him the day before tomorrow. I want to talk to you. How well would he have slept that night.

How well would you have slept, if God said he wanted to talk to you before you were a believer, and what would you think God wanted to talk to you about. So God shows up and in essence this is what he says Abraham.

Abraham this is really hard for you to believe considering what you've heard about me. What I write about me in the media and the secular papers is really hard for you to believe I must tell you, but I did not come today to judge. I didn't come to condemn you.

I didn't come to clean your clock and I could I came today for one reason I came to bless you errata Genesis 12 stories I can.

God says came to bless you and Abraham believed and when he believed God took CN out of Abraham's account and put righteousness in his account in Romans four says that's what God does for you. When you believe now you heard my story when he hears a little bit Debbie story boy. Debbie got saved is that her grandmother planned a sleepover for a week during the summer for all the grandkids and grandmothers real godly woman but she planned it for a specific week jet all the grandkids over house they played. They had fun but after dinner. She had all of them sit down and she turned the TV on. Because that was the week that the Billy Graham Crusade was on TV and she planned it at all and what now, a tell you this because it dates me, but back then this will be shocking to many of you. We only had three channels.

I remember because if the and if the president was speaking out your whole night was shot when he was on every channel. You know, you couldn't go to something else and so Billy Graham though did something really brilliant. He rented one of the channels from seven date. The other channel from 8 to 9 and the other channel from 9 to 10, so Debbie said.

We sat there and watched Billy Graham from 7 AM when it finishes top. My grandmother got up and flipped the channel and very once again and we watched him three nights three times every bike for the whole week and then she said at the end the week.

Her grandmother gathered all the grandkids and she said to I'm not going to be here forever. Kids like mobile resource forever more than anything in the world. I want all of you to come to heaven so we can be together forever.

About a year later she passed away from cancer and Debbie remembered she thought I want to be with my grandmother and and I believe what she told me.

I believe Jesus is the son of God.

I believe he died on the cross for my sins. I believe that nine years old.

She gave her life to Jesus Christ in the same grace that got me out of all the sin that I was in My beautiful wife from ever going to the same parents. It's amazing wow think belief is the only thing we need to be counted as righteous and on no matter when or the circumstances that led you to believe in Jesus, God's grace and the righteousness he deposited into your account changes absolutely everything changes everything. Well, we hope you've enjoyed Pastor Robert today. If you would like to get a copy of this message or any of the messages and amazing Grace theories visit Pastor or call 833933 where you can get to complete for yourself a friend or seeming to be sure to visit Pastor or call 833933 where you can also follow Pastor Robert on faith that Instagram or twitter picture to join us next time. Is Pastor Robert continues this series on amazing grace with the message about God's unchanging nature. Thanks for listening and your support of the station.

We pray you have a blessed week

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